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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> new at 11:00, bridging the gap. why it could soon cost you twice as much to commute across the delaware river. >> plus, a family's court battle to let their daughter use marijuana at school. first, a bus hits and kills a pedestrian and keeps on going. tonight the driver under investigation says he didn't feel anything happen. and now we're learning new details about the bus company's checkered safety history. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we showed you video of another driver on his phone behind the wheel. now that company is facing questions from police tonight. george spencer is live in center
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city where this all happened. >> reporter: it happened in the crosswalk just behind me around 10:00 this morning. the lights of the philadelphia police department headquarters just on the other side of ray street, only steps away. investigators watched as that bus kept going up franklin street toward the i-95 entrance just beyond. late tonight family and investigators identified 46-year-old joseph herd as the pedestrian who was struck and killed by a tour bus. shortly before 4:00, a break in the case. we watched as investigators with flashlights studied the undercarriage of this bus that may have hit him. >> you've seen close calls in this area? >> yeah, i've seen close calls and car accidents. >> reporter: daily walk are kevin said it's little surprise. herd was walking eastbound when an all-white bus, likely the one captured in this surveillance
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still sfram turned left on franklin street striking and killing the man. but it is possible the driver never knew. >> about halfway through the crosswalk when the bus making the turn runs over the pedestrian. >> reporter: this bus is owned by yep tour incorporated. the bus's driver continued on his route to washington, d.c., with 19 passengers aboard and said he noticed nothing unusual as he left philly this morning. >> it appears authentic? >> yes. >> just six weeks ago nbc 10 interviewed yep's owner after this video of the driver tap og his cell phone while driving. it drew attention to yep's safety record. it shows 25 unsafe driving violations in two years putting the company in the bottom 2% of carriers. >> and at the time yep's owner
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told us those violations represent only a small portion of overall trips. tonight he told us his company is cooperating with this investigation. live in center city, george spencer, nbc 10 news. speed and driver fatigue. federal investigators are citing both in this crash along the new jersey turn dlrt pike that injured tracy morgan and killed his friend. the ntsb revealed that walmart truck driver kevin roper was awake for 28 hours prior to the accident. roper faces several charges, including death by auto. his truck hit a limo van carrying tracy morgan and several others on the turnpike last june. roper was driving 65 miles an hour. the ntsb released animation showing what happened during the crash. investigators said today roper was slow to react to lowering the speed limit to 45 in a
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construction zone. they also faulted morgan and the other passengers for not wearing seat belts. now to a developing story in the atlantic ocean. the coast guard is looking for a man missing from a freight trip. the search is taking place in a wide area from where the ship left in north jersey to ocean city, maryland. the freighter is on its way to norfolk, virginia. the coast guard responded this afternoon after getting word of the missing crew member. tomorrow pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane plans to publicly address the criminal charges against her. too her driver pleaded not guilty in that corruption case. patrick reese is accused of using an e-mail snooping scheme to help his boss keep tabs on a grand jury investigation. kane has denied any wrongdoing and has refused calls to step down. now to an nbc 10 exclusive.
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former ecostar's irving fryar is speaking now. he told vieú sikahema he's not giving up his fight. >> this is the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with in my life. >> irving fryar never saw the $1.2 million that the government says he and his aging mother duped from multiple banks in a mortgage scheme. according to fryar, it was the government's key witness barksdale who conned them and kept all the money. >> my mother thought she was applying for a loan to buy a house. he took her to multiple banks to apply. mr. barksdale told my mother, you got a loan. you got a mortgage for the house. is that beneficial? pay this mortgage at beneficial. she paid a mortgage to ben official for 2, 2 1/2 years.
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come to find out when all this went down the mortgage on the house is at cornerstone. cornerstone foreclosed on my mother's house. my mother lost her house. and she was paying the orange on one of his other houses. >> when the verdict was read, were you shocked? >> yes. the verdict should have been not geeltd, but i was not surprised. >> reporter: fryar says day after day of technical information and financial data was simply lost on the jury. >> when you take 12 people off the street, you interrupt their lives, they are people who don't necessarily know the law. they can't take notes. you bombard them with all this information and then put them in a room and ask them to make a decision. there's a chance it may not be the right decision. >> vai sikahema, nbc 10. >> lawyers for fryar and his mother are expected to file an appeal by the end of this week.
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tap on the nbc 10 news app to see vai's fuel interview with fryar. the ran has moved out and humidity has moved out, too. let's see what changes we can expect overnight from sheena parveen. >> some nice changes coming. you'll definitely notice them tomorrow. a lot of rain today. that's really moved offshore. we're seeing a lot of clearing take place. clouds are still hanging around. dry air will continue to move in and through the day tomorrow. one thing you'll notice tomorrow is the humidity dropping. it's going to feel a lot more comfortable. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, dry conditions, not like this morning. it will be around 70 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid-70s. by noon, you'll start to notice more in the afternoon that the humid ut is starting to drop. it looks pretty nice as we end out the week. those 90-degree temperatures are
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coming back in the forecast. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. you can soon pay twice as much to cross the delaware river. that's because the toll hike is in the works for the tacony-palmyra and burlington bristol bridge. >> they say this is about paying for safety improvements, but drew smith found out about how this is all being handled. >> reporter: people who live in new jersey but work in pennsylvania are used to having to spend money to get across the delaware river. news the toll to cross from burlington county could jump from $2 to $4 for cash cust oerms and $3 for ez pass users isn't going over too well. >> the way it's going to affect the families, it's wrong. >> reporter: rick yates usually finds himself among the 77,000 cars that pass over the tacony-palmyra and bristol bridges every day. >> doubling in a month. and how much notice?
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they didn't bother trying to contact the public. >> reporter: he vented his frustration to the people proposing the toll hike. >> don't tell me it's good financial management. >> reporter: the bridge argues it needs $100 million to make cristical safety improvements to the bridges. >> this is only the second toll increase in 25 years. we don't raise tolls lightly. this is something we're compelled to do. >> reporter: trace i nobel with aaa says this could have been rolled out differently. >> does not look good to the motorists that they are trying to protect. >> reporter: she would have preferred a gradual toll increase. >> that doubles their spending for a commute and that's unacceptable. >> reporter: if it approves the increase you'll start paying more september 15th. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. round two of septa's lottery begins at midnight for special
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passes to the papal visit. this time for the norristown high-speed line. customers have all day tomorrow to enter on septa's website. septa will notify winners friday, choosing the same lottery system it used for the lottery passes. tap on the nbc 10 news app for all the changes for the papal visit and a rundown of events on when you'll be able to see pope francis. now to decision 2016 coverage. hillary clinton's e-mail use as secretary of state is making headlines again. two of the four classified messages discovered in e-mails turned over by clinton were labeled top secret. that's according to the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. clinton has been under fire since it was revealed she used a private server in her home to send and receive messages when she was the nation's highest diplomat. today the clinton campaign
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announced the private server has been turned over to the justice department. donald trump spoke at a fund-raising dinner in michigan. despite his controversial comments about mexican immigrants and women, he'll get their support. trump also told the crowd his campaign is prepared to lay out specific policy plans over the next two weeks. here at home the preliminary results are in from the special election for the 195th legislative district in philadelphia. tarks peers that voters are saying democrat donna bullock to harrisburg. right now she has 85% as compared to republican adam lang's 14%. the winner will finish the term of a state representative who resigned after a corruption investigation. pennsylvania's governor is set to meet with house republicans tomorrow. the governor was in norristown today where he call on republicans to compromise.
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pennsylvania has been running without a budget for 40 days. wolf has vetoed a republican budget plan and today calls it a sham. a boy disappeared from this child care center in brooks county. where he was found that now has the state shutting down the business. why one new jersey girl's parents are fighting the school's decision to not let her use medical marijuana. and how long it will stay sunny and dry before temperatures climb into the 90s coming up on nbc 10 news.
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new surveillance video from ferguson, missouri, tonight. police released this tape. it shows tyrone harris grabbing a handgun from his waistband. officers shot harris after they say he opened fire on an unmarked police car. that exchange was caught on camera as well.
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harris is in critical condition tonight. the shooting happened during protests to mark the shooting death of michael brown. friends, family and neighbors gather to remember an innocent bystander killed by a man with a rifle in kensington. police are still looking for the killer. this video shows a man armed with a rifle storming out of a barber shop before opening fire. three people were shot. we spock to perez's cousin who was with him when it happened. >> we opened the hood again. he stepped on the street side of the hood and i'm on the other side. we hear gunshot and my cousin hit the ground. >> the other two victims survived. one of them was the intended
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target. we now know why the state shut down a ynca care center. a boy was left outside by himself after recess last month. he was found safe about 15 to 20 minutes later. they fired two workers right on the spot. they have 20 days to appeal the state's ruling. new at 11:00 -- should children be allowed to use medical marijuana at school? that's the question that sent a south jersey family to court. >> a court ruled that school nurses don't have to administer the drug but that won't keep it out of the school entirely. keith jones reports. >> reporter: this is genevieve barber with her mom. she has autism and the 16-year-old is a medical marijuana user. her parents say these are her lifelines. her father roger mixes 1 1/2
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ounces of cannabis oil and adds soda and -- >> they say this has to happen every day. they call just 1 1/2 ounces of cannabis oil magic because she suffers seizures. >> flopping, out of control, every muscle of her body seizing. >> that will go on for ten minutes. >> once a day. >> you have dreams for your children. >> breaks your heart. >> it breaks your heart. >> reporter: that's why they're fighting the larc school. they ruled a nurse can't administer medical marijuana to their daughter. >> it's working. it's the best medicine. it's what we have. >> there's hope in the judge's final decision about whether jenny's mom can come to campus to administer this cocktail herself. >> the judge ruled laura could
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do that. so to us, that's a win. >> reporter: even still they plan to file an appeal. it's not just about them. it's about caring for children like jenny. keith jones, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> finally we're seeing some clearing across the area. the rain is moving out. and we'll keep having gradual clearing overnight. a lot of clouds trying to move out. much better than today. and the humidity will be dropping, too. much less humid than today. hotter as we go into the weekend. in the seven-day forecast, a potential heat wave. i'll show you those numbers coming up. here are your 8:00 temperatures tomorrow morning. for the morning commute time, about the upper 60s. mix of sun and clouds. also potstown. philadelphia around 71 by 8:00 in the morning.
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south jersey and delaware, low 70s in the morning. radar is looking dry. some of the cloud cover around, but the rain has pushed well offshore. it's just south of sussex county where the closest rain is in maryland. all the weather is out in the atlantic, and the clouds will keep trying to make their way out. dry air behind it moving in. even more improvements through the day tomorrow and into thursday. thursday will be a really nice day. here's future weather. clouds around now will try to clear out overnight. early tomorrow morning, nice dry conditions. wednesday, 9:00 in the morning looking dry. not like this morning. then humidity dropping through the day. this model trying to pick up on clouds blowing. maybe an isolated shower. a chance but it will be a small chance. into thursday, the skies sunny as we go into thursday and
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friday with the humidity lower. it's going to be nice as we end out the week. gradual clearing continuing. 68 for the low in philadelphia. 62 areas north and west. tomorrow partly cloudy skies. less humidity through the day. pretty comfortable, even more comfortable as we go through thursday, friday. we get warmer. 88 degrees. and then into the 90s into the weekend. possibly around 90 saturday and sunday. that's going to come with humidity, too. hot and humid even for the eagles on sunday. and then into monday and tuesday. so far looking like low 90s. could be talking about another heat wave in the forecast. john? >> sheena, thank you. will we see sam bradford sunday in the eagles first preseason game and why he wouldn't mind a visit with the pope. and a scare for the phillies young bright star.
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that's next.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark from comcast sports net. kelly has not decided if sam bradford will play, but he wants to. >> i need to get back on the field and get the reps. whether that happens in the first game, second game, fourth game, that's completely up to coach. it's definitely beneficial for me to get out there. >> here's sam today. he's been the best quarterback in camp. some eagles fans started a competition to try to get the
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pope to bless sam's knees while he's here. what do you think? >> i think if i got to meet the pope, that could be great. if he wanted to bless my knee, i'm all for it. >> with jacori shepherd lost for birds are a nickel shot. watkins took the reps today. the young guys are adjusting to this new role. >> it was a lot. but i think i ñzpe all right at the nickel spot. of course, i've got a lot more to learn. >> they're still learning the calls or how the position works. i've already played it here in the system. five days from the eagles preseason opener sunday against the colts. coverage starts at 12:30 here on nbc 10. jaw-dropping incident from jets camp. gino smith was sucker punched in their own locker room. and he had his jaw broken.
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ike enemkpali did it. chase utley cleared waivers today. ruben amaro believes chase will remain with the phillies. mikael franco hit by a pitch. he'd leave the game. x-rays negative. not a break. 11 runs given up in the second inning. he's the first phillies starter ever to give up 11 runs in less than two innings. phils getting lasted in arizona, 11-1 in the fifth. i'm john clark. we're right back after this. (plays throughout)
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look at that. this weekend could be the perfect time to save a life and add a new member to your family. it's called clear the shelters. it's a partnership between nbc 10 and telemundo and dozens of local animal shelters. you can adopt a pet without having to pay those adoption fees. >> join the conversation and help raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. use the #cleartheshelters. send pictures of your pets and stop by saturday. for shelter locations and details about reduced adoption fees, tap on the nbc 10 app. "the tonight show" is next. >> thank you. kristen stewart is my guest tonight. plus jim belushi and yolanda adams. it's a good show. do not miss it. >> warmer weather coming?
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>> yes, warmer weather, tomorrow pleas humid as we go into the weekend and we're all excited about clear the shelters. >> y yes, we are. >> see you tomorrow.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen stewart, jim belushi, si


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