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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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by 9:00, the northwesterly winds that start things off today will increase as we go into the midmorning and afternoon hours. by lunch time, looking at a northwesterly wind at 91 miles an hour and 82 degrees. the humidity will be coming down. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. let's get a look at traffic. brittney shipp is in the house. >> along the schuylkill, things are moving nicely. a few cars out there, no accidents to report of. this is a tweet from septa out of thorndale, train 1502 is going to suburban station is running about 13 minutes late. so keep that in mine. factor that in as you're getting up and getting ready for work and about to head out the door. some of our drive times along route 1 from 76 to route 30 will take you about six minutes, average speed is 25 miles per hour and route 1, northbound
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route 30 to 76, average speed around 37 miles an hour.ç that will take you six minutes as well. i'll have another update in just a bit. chris? >> we know you're watching the bridges, too, brittney. so are a lot of people in this area. you may soon be paying twice as much to cross the river on two of those bridges. >> commissioners will decide the issue tonight. matt delucia is live in burlington county. matt? >> reporter: 77,000 vehicles pass over the tacony palmyra bridge here and the burlington bristol every day. those bridges are in need of repair. how much will this cost? the bridge commission says it needs $110 million to make these safety improvements. the commissioners held two public meetings earlier this week where drivers voiced their concerns about all this. when it comes down to it, what's the effect on i don't you? for cars, motorcycles, light
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trucks, the toll -- from $2 to $3 if you have e-z pass. >> this is only the second toll increase in 25 years. we don't raise tolls lightly. this is manage that we're compelled to do, unfortunately. >> reporter: increase later today, if it's approved you'll pay more starting september 15th. aaa men time is standing behind the drivers saying this is going too far. we'll have their thoughts coming up in 30 minutes. live in palmyra, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:02. new from overnight, a barrage of gunfire sends two men to the hospital and narrowly misses a pregnant woman. it happened on 30th street in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. police say two men in their 20s were sitting on a front porch when the gunman unloaded, firing two dozens bullets at the house. both men were hit multiple times, both in stable condition right now. the bullets just missed the vkt's sister who is six months
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pregnant and another woman was sleeping inside. police tell us someone shot three people, two men and a woman on crowson street around 1:00 this morning. two of them are in critical condition and police are still searching for the gunman in both shootings. 5:03. in just a few hours we'll hear from pennsylvania's attorney general, kathleen kane for the first time since having charges filed against her. kane scheduled a news conference for today in harrisburg. yesterday, the head of her security detail pleaded not guilty in norristown. patrick reese is accused of an e-mail snooping scheme to help his boss, kane, keep tabs on a grand jury investigation. prosecutors say kane leaked secret grand jury information and then lied about it under oath. she's refused calls to resign. septa's second lottery for special passes for the papal visit is under way. this time it's for the norristown high speed line and
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the trolley routes 101 and 102. customers have all day until midnight tonight to enter on septa's website. septa will notify winners on friday. check the nbc 10 news app for a breakdown. find a full rundown of events, including when and where you'll be able to see pope francis. camden residents should have had a say. that's the ruling from the new jersey supreme court on the dismantling of that city's police department a couple years ago. in 2013 the city eliminated its police department and replaced it with a county-run force. a group of activists petitioned for a vote to stop that changeover at the time. yesterday the court ruled there should have been a vote but the justices also said that it's too late to do anything about it now. camden county leaders say since u crime has gone down in camden. we have new information on the overdose death of a 2-year-old boy in bucks county. >> i didn't do nothing. why would i kill my own son? >> that was the toddler's
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father, cocoa wallace when he was arrested last november on charges of criminal homicide. we've learned his trial is now scheduled for this november. his son died of an overdose of prescription pain killers at their home in middletown township. authorities say wallace told a prison informant that he killed sebastian to get back at the boy's mother for an alleged affair. he said wallace later denied that story. 5:05. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. a tour bus driver said he had no idea he had hit someone. that's according to a co-worker. it happened yesterday morning, that bus was turning on to franklin street off of race street in philadelphia. this surveillance picture shows the bus -- that's the victim there. the surveillance photo that was seen earlier showed the bus that police believe hit and dragged joseph heard before it continued on to washington, d.c. with 12 passengers on board. heard died from his injuries. there's the surveillance photo. police say it is possible that the driver didn't know he had
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hit anyone. they're still investigate and at this point, no charges have been filed. nbc 10 found out that the bus is owned by yep tours incorporated. that's the same company that made headlines after this video surfaced showing a driver tapping a cell phone as he drove. that driver was fired. federal records show that yep had 25 unsafe driving violations in two years. yep's owner says those violations represent only a portion of the company's total trips. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for a man accused of murdering a drexel graduate. james harris broke into jasmine wright's apartment in west philadelphia last month. when she returned, they say he beat, strangled and sexually assaulted her. harris had been a maintenance worker in the building and when he was fired, he never returned the keys, giving him access to her apartment. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:07. we are about an hour away from
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sunrise this morning. we'll see lots of sunshine, the clouds have moved out. the wind, it's light right now, are calm for parts of the area here at the nbc 10 studios. there's no wind. we'll see a nice breeze develop. that will make for a beautiful day today as the humidity drops. 64 degrees, clear skies in allentown. northeast philadelphia, atlantic city also in the clear this morning. and a clear view across the delaware. there were a couple spots of fog to start with. they have since cleared thanks to the nice winds, bringing in the cooler air and allowing the temperatures to drop this morning. three degrees cooler compared to yesterday in wilmington, you'll notice the difference when you step out the door. you'll also notice there's nothing in the forecast for rain today. the showers and thunderstorms are completely out of the picture for us today. we'll need sunglasses as bright sunshine, warm readings into the 80s for allentown, quakertown and reading. low humidity this afternoon for trenton, mount holly and norristown. up to 84 degrees.
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plenty of sunshine for atlantic city, vineland and dover. each of those locations into the middle 80s this afternoon. sunshine, 81 for westchester, wilmington up to 83 and 85 in philadelphia. seven-day forecast does have changes for the weekend back in ten with that. >> hopefully nice changes. thanks, bill. time to get an early check of the roads before you leave the house this morning. >> nbc 10ç first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp is watching all of her cameras, checking twitter, checking in with the agencies to see what you should know before you walk out the door. >> i'm also checking your drive times. things are starting to back up a little bit here. near route 1, 74 to route 30, average speed 24 miles per hour. that will take you seven minutes. route 1 northbound, route 30 to 76, average speeds similar, 24 miles an hour, that will take you seven minutes as well.
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looks like things are moving nice from walt whitman. taking you five minutes. route 38 to 168 on 295, average speed is 64 miles per hour. a twitter update from septa for you, if you take 1502 heading to suburban station, this train is running about 13 minutes late. i'm monitoring lots of things for you. i'll have another update in just a bit. tracy? preparing for the pope. this monk we're taking you inside the seminary where the pope will be staying and the one thing the pope likes for lunch and it doesn't have anything to do with cheese steaks.
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5:12. new from overnight, travelers got quite a scare at orlando international airport. no passengers were on this plane because it was being moved from one hangar to another. the nose gear collapsed which made the plane immobile. an investigation continues. 5:12. new surveillance video from ferguson, missouri which police say helps explain why they shot a man during protests sunday night. this video shows 18-year-old tyrone harris grabbing a gun from his waistbanned before shooting at an unmarked police car. officers then returned fire. you can see the crowd scattering here in that surveillance footage when the shots are fired.
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that's what it sounded like. right now that teen, tyrone harris, is in critical condition. the shooting happened during protests to make the anniversary of the police shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. the texas police officer who shot and killed an unarmed college football player over the weekend no longer has his job. christian taylor was caught on surveillance cameras jumping on a car at a dealership and breaking the wind shield. the arlington police chief says miller did not have an arrest plan and should not have approached the teen alone. a grand jury will decide whether miller will face criminal charges. it's 5:13. you know the excitement you feel when someone special is coming to stay at your home? imagine that person is pope francis, which is exactly how they're feeling at saint charles borromeo seminary in wynnewood.
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the solitude of saint charles borromeo seminary belies the excitement building among the future priests who will soon be back in these halls. >> we love the holy father. we're so excited by his leadership. >> reporter: pope francis will come to the seminary on september 26th. rector and auxiliary bishop says the hope is 130 seminarians will welcome pope francis with the kind of anthem. >> sing it three times. it's in latin. it will be addressed specifically to pope francis. it's a prayer but it's a little bit like a latin version of "for he's a jolly good fellow," that kind of thing. ♪ >> bishop senior sang that song as a seminarian himself in 1979 when saint charles welcomed another vip. >> october 3rd, 1979, pope st. john paul ii came to saint charles borromeo seminary after having celebrated mass on logan
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circle. >> reporter: pope francis will arrive at a papal mass at cathedral basilica of saints peter & paul. we do know of a food request. >> he generally likes not the food be served but he would go to a buffet and take what he wants. >> on sunday, the pope will likely walk this hall of archdiocese history. to the altar in st. martin's chapel to where he'll address hundreds of bishops around the world. knowing what he experienced in 1979, bishop senior knows it will be a life highlight for all those who will be here. >> it was an incredible night, one that we certainly as seminarians and anyone who was there that evening will never forget. >> theç seminarians return fro summer break next tuesday and they will continue to get details from the vatican and then preparation mode to welcome that very special visitor will be in high gear. we're learning more about
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how the pope's visit will affect traffic around the seam they'mi. you'll be able to use the sidewalks on city avenue, so businesses will be allowed to stay open. the restrictions could change when the pope is traveling to and from the seminary. for our complete and continuous coverage on the pope's visit to philadelphia, download our nbc 10 news app. this morning, we're hoping it's a little easier to get around than it will be in late september when pope francis is here. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp has that. >> i am tracking a few delays. here's a closer look at mass transit and new jersey transit, some trains running 25 minutes late. train 1502 running 20 minutes late on septa and patco not reporting any delays right now. here's a tweet from septa, train 1502 going to suburban station is now running 20 minutes late. before it was 13 minutes. now it's up to 20 minutes. if you are taking that train to
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get to work, you want to leave the house at least 20 minutes early. we have another twitter update from new jersey transit, train 0044 from otisville, up to a 25-minute late. you do want to be careful there. vine street expressway at 24th street, not too bad out there. it's moving nicely. so that's pretty good. this one always backs up. i'll have more updates for you coming up in another 15 minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the storms, the clouds, they moved out nicely overnight and we are in the clear this morning with sunshine in store for us. sun is coming up in 45 minutes. we'll see bright sunshine, this view from the comcast center. no sign of any fog. there were a few spots to begin with. they have since disappeared. cooling down at this hour. 70 degrees in philadelphia, the humidity at 78%. that number will come down dramatically during the day. thanks to a northwesterly wind,
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a hint a breeze so far. that wind will dry things out. even at the shore, a few puddles left from the storms yesterday on beach avenue. bright sunshine today. 64 degrees in doylestown, wilmington is 67. millville, saw a little bit of fog to start with. 07 degrees, the fog is done there. and numbers are down to 64 in blue bell. pleasant start. collegeville is 63 degrees and with less humid conditions, now 66 in pottstown, upper providence is 63. there go the showers, thunderstorms completely offshore out of the picture and the clouds are going offshore, too. just a few, thin clouds over cape may and right along the jersey coastline this morning. other than that we're in the clear for today, tomorrow and sunshine will be with us right on through the weekend. it's the temperatures we'll be watching. today into the low 80s with sunny skies and low humidity, winds northwesterly, up to 15 miles an hour. that's going to make for a cooler start tomorrow morning with less humid conditions thursday, a gornlous day
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thursday and another nice day friday. though it will be warmer friday afternoon, up to 89 degrees. for 90 with sunshine on saturday. the humidity starts to move back into the area on sunday. 91 the high temperature and hot weather ahead with sunshine for monday and tuesday. >> 5:19 now. from our jersey shore bureau, a 12-year-old boy continues to recover after a sand tunnel collapsed on him in ocean county. he was digging on the beach in surfç city on monday when the tunnel caved in. lifeguards dug him out and revived him with cpr thankfully. the accident brought back painful memories for former emt kimberly crowley. she says she'll never forget trying to save a teen 14 years ago. that teen did not survive. >> the more they dug, the more the sand kept falling in, paramedics were with us. they tried to intubate him. couldn't get the tube down him because he was so full of sand. >> following that tragedy,
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crowley launched an awareness campaign on long beach island. signs went up warning beachgoers of the danger of digging in the sand. the publication "new jersey watchdog" sued for access to the governor's expenses. a state superior judge's ruling will keep those records confidential. the fda is going after an unlikely suspect. we'll tell you why the agency is shaking a finger at kim kardashian. avoiding red lights. a carmaker is installing a new feature that will give you a heads up when the next light is going to turn red. plus -- >> this is the hardest thing i've ever had to deal with in my life. >> in an nbc 10 exclusive, irving fryar sat down with our own vai sikahema. you'll hear why he says he wasn't surprised when he was found guilty of mortgage fraud.
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5:23. the fda isn't very happy about kim kardashian's latest selfie. kardashian posted this photo and an endorsement for a morning sickness drug on instagram. as you know, she's pregnant. the fda warned the pharmaceutical company behind the drug that the posts are miswlemi misleading because they don't give facts or talk about risks
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or side effects. she has since removed those posts. automaker bmw is working with an oregon tech company to design a feature that would alert drivers when the next traffic signal is about to turn green or red. it would also suggest the best feed to having to avoid stopping. >> another app for that. >> 5:24. facebook is reportedly testing a new app that would notify you about breaking news alerts. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning. >> hey, tracy. that's right. facebook is reportedly working on a twitter-like app that lets media outlets send breaking news alerts. users would download the stand alone app and choose which publications and topics to follow. alerts would be sent out like tweets with links to articles, facebook is declining to
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comment. over on wall street they could be headed for more losses. futures are sharply lower ahead of the open. stocks got crushed on tuesday following a surprise move by china to reduce the value of its currency that was aimed at boosting the world's second biggest economy. it may be in worse shape than previously thought. shares of apple and yum brands fell 5% yesterday. they both do a lot of business in china. the dow falling 212 points to 17,402. its worst day in a month. the nasdaq losing 65 to 5,036. back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> temperatures are running lower this morning as skies have cleared out. just a few scattered clouds to show you this morning and they're not going to last. the clear view across the delaware. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. right now, 69 degrees. inching closer to 5:30 this
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morning. brittney shipp is in the first alert traffic center. >> i'm keeping a close eye on mass transit, watching delays from septa and new jersey transit. i'll let you know what to expect and how early you need to leave the house. that's all coming up in just a bit. morning, i'm matt delucia, live in palmyra, new jersey. your tolls could soon double if you take one of two area bridges. we'll explain when and what happens next.
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♪ at this is nbc 10 news. your commute might be getting twice as expensive. the bridge that might double its toll and the reason leaders are calling for it. two bridges may double their tolls. >> yes. >> look at this, beauty queen. will soon have a mug shot. all new this morning, a former miss pennsylvania faked having cancer. >> a live look at center city. it will be a nice sunny day, 69 degrees, 5:30. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. and i'm chris cato. we are off to a nice start out there this morning. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. not too bad out there. >> not bad at all. the storms from yesterday, completely out of the picture. with clearing skies the temperatures have cooled down into the 60s for most spots, 67
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in trenton and wilmington. pottstown is 64 and mount holly is 66 degrees. look at that, mainly clear skies. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. not much wind right now but that changes during the day. the wind will bring in the dry air so the humidity will be dropping. by 10:00, 76 with a nice northwesterly wind at 9 miles an hour. 82 at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll wind up in the middle 80s today with more niceç weather ahead. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast to show you which spots will stay in the 70s this afternoon. that's why i'm back in ten minutes. right now let's get a check of traffic. brittney shipp is in the house. brittney? >> i'm monitoring our network of cameras. 95 at columbus, everything is moving along nicely. that's what we like to see this early in the morning. i'm monitoring twitter for you and septa sent this update, probably about 15 minutes ago out of thorndale, train 1502 to


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