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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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traffic will be moving on that bridge. we are representing for a beautiful day and another great hair day as i like to say! it's just about 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. yeah, another winner. yesterday was nice. it looks like we are in for an each better day today. meteorologist bill henley is looking how the day is starting off. >> fyi, chris, i see that is $160 on ebay. if i could sell this weather, imagine the money we could raise with this? beautiful morning. 64 trenton and wilmington 76 degrees and dropped to 69 degrees in south philadelphia and roxborough 64 and 67 northeast philadelphia airport. brilliant sunshine minutes away. 70 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, 77. then low 80s with even lower humidity at 2:00 this afternoon. we will go through the humidity hour-by-hour when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, let's get a check of
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traffic. brittney shipp has your first alert traffic. >> good morning. let's take a look at your drive times this morning. 95 southbound, wood haven road to 676 take you about 15 minutes. nice and clear for you. average speed close to 60 miles per hour. 76 eastbound, the p.a. turnpike to 676 slow going. that will take you about 36 minutes with the average speed. right around 37 miles per hour. 476 northbound, 95, 276, the average speed in the six. so that drive time is only taking you about 15 minutes. here is a closer look at the schuylkill at girard avenue. moving nice. 676 is going to take you about five minutes. >> 6:01. we follow this breaking news coming out of iraq. isis is now claiming responsibility for a truck bomb that exploded in a crowded market in baghdad today, killing more than 60 people. officials say that market is especially crowded on thursdays
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because people come from other provinces to stock up on food for the weekend. the truck carrying the explosives was disguised as a refrigeration truck. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates throughout the morning. we are also following this breaking news from overnight. the ceiling of a concert venue in minneapolis partially collapsed during a show sending at least two people to the hospital with minor injuries. police other people were injured at the scene and they are investigating the cause of the collapse and overall structural integrity of the building. 6:0 2. we are preparing for the pope. a lot of people want to know exactly what is happening with the ben franklin bridge. monique braxton is live for us in camden on the other side of the bridge. what will we learn today, monique? >> reporter: at 10:00 this morning, new jersey transportation officials are going to outline plans for the ben franklin bridge as you see here over my shoulder.
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we are hearing the plans will include a walking demonstration, the route from here in camden to philadelphia. the delaware river port authority is still ironing out all of the security and operational plans and tell us they are not expecting to address those issues today. but they do tell us things are moving along smoothly. and we do know that officials will stop construction on the bridge during the papal visit. no doubt that is getting a lot of yea's this morning. there are about 60,000 special patco passes still available for the 2 1/2 days the pope will be in town. no doubt when those plans are announced, you'll be the first to know it. live in camden, monique braxton, nbc10 news. you can be the first to know about those plans if you use the nbc10 app. we have a full breakdown of all the transportation changes for the papal visit. load it down this morning before you leave the house and you'll
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the first to know about traffic and security plans when they are announced later today. spray of gunfire from two weapons left two men injured in west philadelphia. investigators say a pair of gunmen opened fire at a home on chancellor street after 11:00 last night. hitting two men in the feet. we don't know their condition and police have not found the shooters. police still have questions about an 8-year-old boy's gunshot wound. the boy said that he accidentally shot himself after finding a gun at a park in philadelphia yesterday. the boy said he found a handgun inside a plastic bag at a park in germandown after he picked it up he says it went off and hitting him in the leg. he was able to walk home and his parents took him hospital and he is expected to be okay. investigators, though, can't find the gun. it's not at the park where the boy says he left it. but parents at the playground which was crowded yesterday afternoon also told police they never heard a gunshot or saw the boy. >> that would be very unusual, since so many kids come through this park on a day-to-day basis.
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somebody would of said something. >> now police actually searched the boy's home last night but did not find the gun. they say it's not unusual for criminals to stash guns at public places like parks and playgrounds. happening today, a man accused in a deadly love triangle shooting faces arraignment. police charge zachary ludwig can first-degree murder in this case and happened last month in chester county. police say ludwig shot and killed nicholas maruza who was in a relationship with ludwig's ex. two of the four suspects who police say are responsible for a home invasion and robbery are expected in court today for a hearing. investigators say this man, jarmaine wallace and his brother forced their way into a home in june and pistol-whipped a child and demanded the mother unlock a safe. the third suspect in this case is a minor and police are still looking for the fourth suspect. 6:05. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says the charges against her are a result
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of a political conspiracy. she is accused of leaking secret grand jury information. yesterday, she said she uncovered pornographic and damaging racially insensitive information between judges and prosecutors. and claims her rivals manufactured the charges against her to get her out of office and make sure the e-mails are not released. >> at each step on this trail of concealment, they have been assisted wittingly or unwittingly, by judges and prosecutors. >> kane has called on a judge to order the release of all of those e-mails. and she says she has no plans to resign. tom wolf and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are expected to resume budget talks. governor wolf met with legislate leaders in harrisburg yesterday during a closed door meeting and focused on education funding and pension reforms. wolf and the lawmakers referred to the talks as productive. the budget stalemate is more than a month old. happening today.
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sugar house casino will celebrate the final expansion of its biggest projects. in fish town a topping off ceremony later on this morning. the expansion will double the size of the casino and that means added space for table games, a pork room and a new parking garage. sugar house expects to finish that project by the end of this year. happening today in montgomery county, the flourtown farmers market open in springfield township. the opening was delayed from last week to replace the dropped ceilings in the location of the market. dozens of vendors lost their leases in july. a local family and the county pitched in to help them find that new home there in springfield. 7 minutes after 6:00. three minutes away from sunrise this morning. we will see a cool start. but with bright sunshine, a quick warm-up into the 80s and low humidity will make for an
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even more comfortable day than what we saw yesterday. but this weekend, the temperatures are going the other direction and we are heading into the 90s. right now, 60 doylestown. a few scattered clouds in philadelphia and 70 millville in the clear. there is the view low clouds there but sunshine bright in the pocono mountains. will not make it into the 80s in the mountains today. it will warm into the 70s this afternoon. as we go through the day, the humidity will be dropping dramatically. hour-by-hour forecast shows at 2:00 this afternoon humidity down to 34% in philadelphia and goes a little bit lower late in the afternoon. heading into the evening hours making for a really pleasant evening this evening. as far as clouds are concerned, we have seen a few scattered clouds. they are quickly thing out in the philadelphia area. over south jersey right now cumberland and salem county see you a few clouds and not last. bright sunshine today. 80s for allentown, quaker town and reading up to 81 this afternoon. while 75 degrees for the mountains. 80 the high temperature in
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doylestown. a little bit warmer for trenton and mt. holly up to 84 degrees. that's where you'll find cape may and atlantic city this afternoon. 70s for rehoboth beach. delaware beaches see brilliant sunshine and same thing for wilmington and westchester and 80s this afternoon. the weekend looking for heat and the return of humidity. sunday, especially steamy. show you how long that is going to last with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. especially steamy for the eagles preseason opener on sunday. that will be fun for the players out there. 6:09. time for the check of the roads. >> accident on the schuylkill. brs b >> not great news since some of the lanes are restricted and this is a popular highway here. the schuylkill expressway. we don't want to see any backups but what we are dealing with an accident there. i'll show you another -- image -- there we go. the red lights and backup here. this is pretty close to the city line avenue. the exit there.
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but the actual accident happened closer to green lane and belmont. that is something to keep in mind if you take that way to work. as we take a closer look at more details on this accident, again, 76 westbound, green lane and belmont avenue, all lanes are closed. so, gerns if yif you take this leave the house early because it's a major backup. good news mix inside here. a few clearings. vehicle fire reported on u.s. 1 at roberts avenue is cleveland and same thing the road work between bridge and academy roads are cleared up. i'll monitor the accident on the schuylkill this morning. 10 after 6:00. 69 degrees outside. former president jimmy carter has announced he has cancer and it is spreading. we will have a live update in atlanta on his condition. the race is on between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders is now passing clinton
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in some polls. he says it's because people are saying enough is enough.
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first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp. here is a live look at the schuylkill and belmont and backups. a report of an accident, possibly a truck lost its load of drywall. we are going to see that this backup is going to continue. it's actually down to a crawl. we have reports of vehicles moving only right around 5 miles per hour. here is where the backup is along the schuylkill, in between belmont and also city line avenue. so if this is the way that you take to work, you are definitely going to be encountering lots of
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backup. now delays on both sides, probably due to people when they slow down and they try and look at the accident to see what is going on. right now, the schuylkill is backed up. we have traffic down to about 15 miles per hour. continue to update as the situation for you and let you know when it's going to clear up. to decision 2016. a new poll has hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders in the early voting state of new hampshire by seven points. sanders is from neighboring vermont. in the meantime, clinton turned over a private e-mail server to the fbi after being accused of illegally sending top-secret information on the private server while she was secretary of state. clinton denies any wrongdoing. just released poll finds voters believe that new jersey governor chris christie should resign while he is running for president but not if lawmakers force the history. here is how the survey breaks down. more than half want christie to step down but the pollsters spoke to a different group of
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people and they want to pass a law that forces christie and any future governor to resign when making a bid for president and half of those people said christie should be allowed to remain as governor. former president jimmy carter says he has cancer and it has spread. nbc correspondent halle jackson is live in atlanta where the president is getting treatment. >> reporter: here at emory is where carter is getting treatment. when news of his cancer came out, the outpouring of support was immediate and we have seen new reaction coming in overnight. president obama, for example, called president carter to wish him a speedy recovery. we have seen politicians from both sides of the aisles reaching out. he is one of the most active ex-presidents and just finished his 29th book and set to head to
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nepal with his wife later this year to help folks rebuild after earthquake to rebuild houses. they hope he can continue the humanitarian efforts that mean so much for him. more coming up on the "today" show. president carter is still very involved in habitat for humanity. today construction companies in philadelphia will build five homes for that project carter started. the goal is finish the houses by the end of saturday. because the builders are volunteering their time, habitat can keep the homes affordable when they sell them to low income families. this morning, evacuation orders are in place in northern california as the state's latest wildfire continues to grow. the jerusalem fire has now burned more than 16,000 acres. crews are battling the flames from the air and the ground. yesterday, officials said erratic winds made the fires
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difficult to fight. in the meantime, the governor of colorado drank a hardy gulp of a river this week to show concerned residents that the river has returned to precontamination conditions. a local newspaper there challenged him to backup his claim that the river is safe for humans after the environmental protection agency released three million gallons of mining waste into the water. >> i want to let you know that this water, the metals are free of extent event. you don't drink river water, but it's fine for rafting. >> he drank the water on tuesday and he governor says he remains in good health. time to check the roads g . again. backup on the schuylkill expressway, unfortunately. >> brittney shipp is watching her cameras and getting information. >> now we have both sides are going to be delayed. so you definitely want to leave the house early, especially if you take the skek skochuylkill
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to work. a truck has possible lost its load of drywall and that is leading to backups here. another view to show you and this is the schuylkill westbound. even the eastbound is starting to experience delays as three cameras to show you. switch it over and show you the flow of traffic which is really starting to be delayed here. at least 28-minute delay as we head into the rest of your morning commute. so i'll go over more details and let you know what to expect. a 28-minute delay for folks taking the schuylkill between belmont and city line avenue. no delay heading into a beautiful day here. sun is up. sunshine will be nice and bright. a few thin clouds you can see here from our studios, those are on the move and out of the picture for the rest of the day. and we will see a nice warm-up from 70 right now in
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philadelphia into the middle 80s but what is coming down is the human. it's also running lower than yesterday at this time and continue to drop as the day goes on. a beautiful sunny view from cape may there. in the 80s there at the shore this afternoon. 59 pottstown right now and trenton 64 and wilmington down to 67 and 50s for coatesville and westchester and west town. really nice start. look at the shore. cape may, atlantic city in the clear and no sign of clouds for the delaware becheds. a nice warm-up. even though warm this afternoon the dry air keeps flowing into the area. even less humid than what we saw yesterday. which means we are on our way to one of the nicest days of the entire summer. sunny skies. bright sunshine. you'll need your sunglasses. low humidity. no concern about getting too hot today not with temperatures in the lower 80s but the numbers start climbing. humidity low on friday still but that changes over the weekend.
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humidity starts moving back in as the temperatures climb into the 90s for saturday and sunday. especially steamy sunday for the preseason eagles game in the afternoon. that is going to be a steam bath. then even hotter for monday and tuesday. that heat and humidity leading to a chance of storms later wednesday. >> 6:21. this weekend you can save an animal's life and expand your family at the same time. an event called "clear the shelters." nbc10 is a partnership and telemundo and dozens of local animal shelters. on saturday you can reduce the adoption fees. join us on social media and use the #clear the shelters and send us pictures of your pets and come out on saturday. for shelter locations and details, tap on the nbc10 news app. a deadly disease is causing concern in new jersey and all because of these blood suckers.
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we have launched sky 4 to check out the traffic situation. a graphic showing you the traffic situation but we have launch our sky 4 to give you a good idea and there you have it. it's live over 76 westbound approaching belmont where the truck that you see there has overturned and we are told that is drywall. you see everything stopped there and slow going in the opposite direction. we will get an update from brittney shipp in minutes.
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good morning. breaking news to show you. the schuylkill. westbound lanes were closed but right now we are seeing that traffic is slowly starting to move through. what happened was is a truck lost its load of drywall, so sky force 10 is over the scene right now. you can see now we are starting to at least see traffic move a bit and in the eastbound lane we
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are seeing traffic picking up so that is good. this backup is stretching all the way back at least to city line avenue, this accident happened closer to belmont lane. so, again, this is creating at least a 30-minute delay. if you take this way to work, you want to leave the house at least 30 minutes earlier or call and say you're going to be about 30 minutes late. this backup is continuous and going to head back to city line avenue. this happening on the schuylkill westbound lane. the lanes were closed but now you're slowly starting to see a little bit more traffic move by that area here. i'll move out of the way to give you a better look what is happening. again, we showed you the truckload lost its load of drywall and it's going to take a while to clean up the mess on the schuylkill. >> a traffic mess of another kind is what we are trying to avoid when the pope comes to town. a bridge closed to cars but open to walkers. nbc10's monique braxton is live in camden this morning where we expect today to learn more about the plans there for the ben franklin bridge, right? >> reporter: that's right,
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chris. in a couple of hours, new jersey transportation officials, the river authority are going to lay out their plans and it includes a walking tour of sorts. we will have that for you after the break. looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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it is the last thing you want to see before you leave the house for your morning drive. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound, a huge backup. we see that at least now there is one lane of traffic getting by. it was completely closed a couple of minutes ago when we checked. schuylkill westbound and belmont near city avenue. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp will have much more on this in a moment. get your walking shoes ready. seeing the pope could mean hoofing it across the ben franklin bridge. >> maybe hoofing it on the schuylkill if you're in that backup. a beautiful morning for walking at least. we are on the way to another beautiful day out there.
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a great shot of center city from across the river from our camera at the adventure aquarium in camden. we will get you by this morning hour-by-hour with our forecast. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. i love when we have that beautiful view. 71 degrees outside. let's find out about the day with meteorologist bill henley with physician his alert forecast. >> i think we have got one of the nicest days of the entire summer ahead and you can thank the winds for bringing in some very low humidity. that wind is just at 5 miles an hour in philadelphia but like yesterday, will get stronger during the day. the temperatures are a little bit cooler this morning as a result of that drier air. 50s pottstown and pocono mountains and 62 millville and 67 for northeast philadelphia and wilmington. those clouds you see, they will be clearing out. sunny skies. 70 at 8:00. by 11:00, 77 degrees. humidity goes even lower at 2:00 this afternoon. 82 degrees. go through the day neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes.
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let's find out the big traffic met on the schuylkill. brittney shipp is here with more. >> i don't have great news. if you take the schuylkill to work you are probably going to be at least 30 minutes late so maybe you want to call work right now. sky force 10, show you the scene. what we are seeing is a truck carrying drywall overturned and making a mess on the expressway. the truck is stalled on the side and trying to cleaning things up. now we are down to about one lane. before, it was a complete standstill. now traffic is slowly starting to move along there. this is the westbound lane but even the eastbound lane was suffering from delay. now the eastbound has picked up but the westbound lane is a mess. take a look at how far back that delay stretches. you are definitely going to experience some serious delays as you approach belmont avenue this morning. i'll have more details and i'll continue to update you how long you can expect the delays to last coming up in my next
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report. preparing for the pope. today, transportation officials are expected to release more information about what will happen on the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit. nbc10's monique braxton is live in camden. what can you tell us, monique? >> reporter: i request tell you in three and a half hour, the plans are going to be laid out. you could call it a walking tour from camden over to philadelphia. then to the parkway where pope francis will hold a sunday mass. we took our questions to the delaware river port authority. as you know, that organization, no doubt, is still ironing out security and operational plans, but they tell us things are moving smoothly, but not everything will be revealed. especially now that the key road closures in philadelphia have been released. one subject matter they won't address today, they tell us, is the complete security plan on the ben franklin bridge.
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>> we are still refining those plans and there are elements of those plans that simply are not ever going to be disclosed. >> reporter: while we don't know that, we can tell thaw there are about 60,000 passes for patco still on sale. they will not be sold during the two and a half days that the pope will be in town. and some good news for everybody. you're hearing the traffic woes this morning and that is all of the construction projects on the ben franklin bridge are going to cease while the pope is in town. live now from camden, monique braxton, nbc10 news. first responder in montgomery county are preparing for the papal visit by training to handle bombs. at arcadia university in glen side yesterday, officers practiced diffusing bombs as part of their training. the bomb squad played out a scenario in which a specific package is placed in a boobytrapped home. they say it should prevent mistakes should a real emergency occur.
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pope francis is scheduled to arrive in philadelphia next month but he is also popping up around town, at least a version of him is. cardboard cutout popes are waving to people on the streets of philadelphia. this is the world meeting of families. they are selling the pop-up pope online actually. you can buy it for $160! check out the nbc10 news app for a full breakdown of the pope's visit and that includes all of the transportation changes, a rundown of event and where you will be able to see pope francis. we continue to follow this breaking news from overnight. a live picture of tianjin, china, a couple of hours outside of beijing after several mass explosions killed at least 44 people. you can still see all of that smoke pouring into the area. right now we don't know what caused the explosion in that city. we do know the death toll is rising. here is a view from above. the thick black smoke as it was
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happening that caught everyone off-guard and knocking doors off buildings and shattering windows several miles away and happened at a container terminal in the city's warehouse section. people were warned to shut their doors and window because of the possibility of toxic gas. with we will continue to bring you developments throughout this morning. someone shot a man in the head at the counter of a water ice shop in philadelphia last night. sky force 10 flew over the scene on wood vine avenue in overbrook. they say a 19-year-old victim was standing at the counter with friends when someone came up and shot him in the head. he's in critical condition. we spoke to an employee who was at the business at the time. >> i was in the back taking care of some customers' orders and i heard two gunshots. one of them i heard. the second one i actually saw but i didn't see any faces or anything like that. i just seen a lot of people scattering around. >> investigators haven't found the gunman and believe the
6:37 am
shooting was retaliation from a fight that happened earlier in the day. a former principal at a chester county private school faces a preliminary hearing after police charged him with assaulting one of his students. george simmons is accused of the crime. they say it happened when he was head of the concept school in burnberry township. they say he told the alleged eighth grade victim to "not fight the love during the incidents." 6:37. a cooler start. the humidity has come down and allowing the temperatures to drop down. the low humidity we are experiencing this morning goes even lower this afternoon with bright sunny skies. warming into the 80s today. the weekend, though, will return to the 90s and the heat is on for saturday, sunday, and into next week. right now, though, 60 and comfortable in doylestown. 62 millville. a few scattered clouds in philadelphia and in the pocono
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mountains but we are seeing more sunshine now. a view from the country inn. bright sunshine and 70s i'm expecting this afternoon for the pocono mountains. look at the humidity that will be dropping as the day goes on. we will see it drop down to 33% by 2:00 this afternoon and going even a little bit lower later on today. few scattered clouds in the area this morning, they won't be staying. they will be clearing out and so sunshine will lead to a nice warm-up. low 80s for allentown, reading and quaker town. brilliant sunshine for doylestown and trenton and mt. holly and along the coast, cape may and atlantic city at 84 this afternoon. while it tops out at 79 for rehoboth beach. inland nothing but sunshine for philadelphia and drexel hill. this weekend the heat and humidity return. your seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. not looking so good right now on the schuylkill expressway. >> backed up because of a huge truck dumped a load of drywall. let's get you updated with brittney shipp.
6:39 am
>> i want to show you a live picture from sky force 10 and show the mess it made here. schuylkill westbound. what you can see here is that at least one of the lanes is open again but one of the lanes is still restricted and we are seeing traffic pick up and move along here on the eastbound side. as we widen out the picture, show you how this backup is really bringing traffic to a standstill, so although one of the lanes is open, you can see some of these cars are not moving. the delay is anywhere between 25 to 30 minutes. if you're just about to leave the house, expect those delays. you can try and work around it by taking mlk drive or even kelly drive. you don't even want to be dealing with the schuylkill if you don't have to this morning. again, we are seeing traffic down to a standstill on the westbound lane of the schuylkill expressway. we will continue to update the situation but at least they have now one lane open, whereas, before, both lanes were shut down. chris? >> three more women, the list
6:40 am
that bill cosby accusers is growing again and they are enlisting the help of gloria allred. >> i knew i was not going to die there. >> out there is out in the water. his story is coming up.
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it's 6:43. a teen is back on dry ground after spending the night cling to go a buoy off the jersey shore. he disappeared tuesday afternoon and he wasn't rescued until nine hours late. 19-year-old dillon gowan's wave runner hit a rock and sank somewhere between grave sand bay and sandy hook. trapped in open water he has a life jacket on and sees a buoy but it's hard to swim in a life jacket so he take its off and
6:44 am
swims to the buoy and holds on all night. then decides to make an attempt to swim to dry land like eight miles away. that is when the coast guard spots him. >> i started yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs. i smiled. i was happy. i started, you know, waving my arms and making as much splashing as possible which they started to head right for me. >> dylan says his first words to the rescuers were, "i love you guys!" he is doing just fine this morning and he says he won't be leaving his mother's side for a few days. in new castle county, police made an arrest in that shooting that killed a woman and injured her 4-year-old daughter. officers arrested tyler carter yesterday and charged him with first-degree murder. investigators say he opened fire during an argument on seventh street in wilmington on monday afternoon. latrice blackshire died in the shooting and her 4-year-old daughter and another woman was injured in the shooting. the list of bill cosby
6:45 am
accusers continue to grow. three women came forward yesterday detailing allegations saying cosby sexually assaulted them. with these allegations, 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault and rape. cosby denies those allegations. a new charter school opening in wilmington will hold 220 eighth and nine graders and eventually go up to 12th grade. now school administrators are telling us that students will not be allowed to drive to this school. buses and parents will also not be able to pull down this street to drop off or pick up students even in bad weather. a fight is heating up surrounding foot trucks. online petition launched on monday has 1,500 signatures. the issue is that philadelphia
6:46 am
city council is considering a bill that limits the number of food trucks around drexel university. and charges owners of those on trucks a hefty fee. right now about 25 vendors. the bill lowered that number to 10 and it charges the owners $2,500 a year for parking. they say it would bring green revenue to the city. no word if the petition would save the food trucks. 69 degrees at 6:46. more mosquitoes in new jersey are testing positive for west nile virus. mosquito control worker step up their efforts to eliminate the breeding grounds and anything that holds water. some counties are seeing higher numbers of infected mosquitoes. so far this year, the state has two human cases of west nile. officials are urging people to get rid of the standing water on their property. >> this is particularly a problem. and somewhat dangerous because these mosquitoes hang out around people's homes.
6:47 am
>> right now, most infected mosquitoes are feeding on birds but experts say the insects will likely switch over to humans and animals later in the season. so they are advising to you keep lots of bug spray handy. 6:47. a available painting by picasso is heading back to france today. it was painted in 1911 and stolen from a storage room in 1998 but no one realized it was missing until years later. the painting which is valid at $15 million was found earlier this year in a shipment to the u.s. and mislabeled as a 37 dollar art craft! in someone tweets in space, will they hear him? >> new jersey native spend ago year in space is giving us a unique picture of his hometown in new jersey.
6:48 am
he said, quote, after 300 days in space and 15 years i finally got a picture of my hometown. he is one of two astronauts on a year in space mission at the international space station studying the medical and psychological space effect on humans. his identical twin brother is being monitored on earth. let's see what is coming up on "today" show. >> good morning. >> guys, good morning to you. coming up on a thursday, the rising death toll from that massive explosion at a chinese warehouse. the fires is sparked now delay the search for more possible victims. we are at the scene. kelly rutherford slamming the judge who ordered her kids be returned to her father. her strong words and why it could hurt her chances of winning back custody. the new school year begins, will your children suffer from homework overload? why they probably will get more than they should. >> we get started on a thursday morning on "today." back to you. >> you know what it is today? >> what? >> taco thursday?
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>> no. it is veil's first birthday. >> take ha it been a year? >> one year. >> big plans? >> i'll all weepy about it! >> oh, sweet. >> my little girl is growing up! everybody says they grow up fast but you don't realize how true it is until you have one, then boom, they are grown. happy birthday to her. >> thank you. 11 minutes before 7:00. we have got a great day for birthday celebrations or any celebrations or any activity outside today. we have a few thin clouds moving through the area. live view forty-trom our studio. warm temperatures into the 80s this afternoon. 70 in philadelphia right now. the humidity is lower than it was yesterday. pretty comfortable yesterday afternoon. it will stay low this afternoon.
6:50 am
look at the sunshine at cape may. a live view of beach avenue. 80s this afternoon at the shore and a nice weekend ahead. friday afternoon we will see the temperatures be climbing into the low 80s and it goes warmer as we head into the weekend. winds will be picking up on saturday. sunshine nice and bright today. few clouds moving through the area will keep on going and humidity will keep coming down. sunshine, low humidity, low to mid-80s this afternoon. thanks to northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour and another comfortable start tomorrow morning. 88 in the afternoon but the morning temperatures is a key here. that temperature climbs, an indication that humidity starts moving back into the area. you can see the number will be going up this weekend. along with the afternoon temperatures, too, into the 90s. steamy on sunday for the eagles game. hot, 93 degrees. humid too. the humidity stays and so does the heat for monday and tuesday.
6:51 am
in fact, it builds both days. that could lead to late day showers and thunderstorms wednesday. 9 minutes before 7:00. breaking news. sky force 10 over the scene of a fire in bucks county on merry street. crews arrived on the scene to find fire and smoke showing from a business there. we are not sure what kind of business. no word on any injuries. we can tell you that merry street is a busy road and see if that is affecting traffic coming up. all of the firefighters are on the scene. one very significant issue on the roads right now is on the schuylkill. >> nbc10's traffic reporting brittney shipp is updating us on that now. >> what we want to show you is that one of the ways you can try and get around this delay is to use ridge avenue but if you're just joining us, a truck lost its load of drywall, making a mess out of the westbound lane on 76 on the schuylkill
6:52 am
expressway near belmont. there is a 20 to 25-minute delay. we are still experiencing some cars at a standstill and so here is a closer look at the image. hopefully, get it back for you. this is the expressway where we are continuing to see this backup p.m. bo backup. the actual incident happened on the westbound lane but even the eastbound lane is starting to slow down. take a look how heavy the volume is there. you are going to be delayed. if you need to take the schuylkill expressway, you will be delayed. hopefully, you can get around by using ridge avenue. westbound lane happened near belmont and then as you get closer to city line avenue where the backup is the worst. eastbound lane is starting to move a little bit better. unfortunately, our cameras keep timing out but that is the gist there. expect 25 minute to on 30 minute delay. ♪ i'm monique braxton live in camden.
6:53 am
in a couple of hours, everyone who is on this side of the river when the pope comes to town will know how they are going to get on the other side of the river. details after the break.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
i'm monique braxton live in camden. in just three hours, new jersey residents are going to find out what the plans are for the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit. today, new jersey transportation officials will detail those plans and they are going to include the walking route from camden to philadelphia. the delaware river port authority is still ironing out all of the security plans and they are not expected to address those issues today, but they do
6:57 am
insist things are moving along. we do also know that officials are going to stop construction work on the bridge during the papal visit and we also can tell you that there are about 60,000 patco passes still up for grabs. they will not be on sale when the pontiff comes to town. we are going to be following that press conference and have details for you at 11:00. live now in camden, monique braxton, nbc10 news. two bridges that will most likely see more traffic during the papal visit because of the ben fraem's clonklin's closure e higher tolls next month. tolls will double from people who pay cash and ez will pay $3. it takes effect september 15th, in time for the pope's visit.
6:58 am
i'm first alert traffic reporter brittney shipp. a view from sky force 10. happened 50 minutes ago but a situation we are monitoring and you can see a truck spilled its drywall all over the road so it shut down at least one lane. now one lane is open. it shut down both lanes and one lane is now open. it's creating incredible delays. 20 to 25-minute delays we are seeing. if you take the schuylkill expressway, this is the westbound lane, you want to call your job and let them know you probably with going to be about 20 minutes late. the septa buses that schuylkill expressway are also delayed and here are the buses being delayed. basic layout jammed from montgomery to belmont on the schuylkill westbound lane and even the eastbound is now experiencing a little bit of backup. one thing we want to point out is that ridge avenue is available for you if you can get
6:59 am
on ridge avenue, hopefully, you're not stuck but if you know someone that is, maybe give them a call and tell them to get off. 20 to 25-minute delay due to the truck that lost its locate of drywall all over the schuylkill expressway westbound lanes. a beautiful day ahead. look at this lovely shot from sky force 10. a few scattered clouds but a good deal of sunshine. clouds on the move and clearing out and sunshine to wooarm thin up. 68 degrees right now in philadelphia and humidity at 70% but that number will drop significantly during the day thanks to the dry air riding in on the winds. not a lot of wind but it will pick up like yesterday afternoon. leading to humidity levels that will be in the lower 30s later on. 68 degrees at philadelphia international but look at the 50s now in doylestown. millville 62. and at the shore it's going to be a nice sunny day. right now 69 degrees at cape may
7:00 am
harbor. >> great beach day. >> we are out of time. "today" is next. back with local updates in a few minutes. >> get up-to-date information on the nbc10 news app. good morning. breaking overnight -- ♪ a terrifying ceiling collapse during a concert in minneapolis that leaves three people rushed to the hospital. death toll rising. 44 people killed hundreds injured after a massive warehouse explosion in china. the fire still burning this morning. shocking illegal and abusive kelly rutherford slams the judge who ordered her two children be returned to their father. will those words come back to haunt her as her custody battle rages on? and sketchy! the courtroom drawing of


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