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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00. history in cuba. for the furs time in decades, an american flag is flying over the communist island. good morning. i'm chris cato. after decades of tension, just within the past half hour, the american flag went up for the first time since 1961. secretary of state john kerry was there to watch the stars and stripes rise above the u.s. embassy in havana. that embassy is now officially reopened. he's the first secretary of state to visit that country since 1945. and hundreds of cubans and americans gathered near that building to witness the history.
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many on the island are hoping the normalizing of relations between the two nations will bring social and economic benefits for cubans. back in this area, some people in central new jersey may have been shaken awake early this morning. a magnitude 2.7 earthquake rattled somerset county around 3:45 a.m. centered north of bernardsville. and people in four neighboring counties felt the quake. at this time we hear about 80 people reported feeling it. there was no damage, though, no injuries and the u.s. gee logical survey says smaller earthquakes like these happen in this region every two to three years. south philadelphia. a live look at lincoln financial field. this is our camera there. it shows the grounds crew has painted the field, put the markings on the field in preparation for the eagles' first preseason game against the
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colts. we expect to hear live from eagles' coach chip kelly. we'll take to you that. sunday, you can watch the game right here on nbc10. it will be a hot one for fans at the linc. nbc10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here. a nice day out there now. >> this is a beautiful day. this is a gorgeous continuation of the nice weather we've seen the last few days. we are running warmer than yesterday. after a cooler start this morning. look at the sunshine at boathouse row. less wind than we saw yesterday. the temperatures are already on the rise. 81 degrees in philadelphia. that's 3 degrees above yesterday. but look at the humidity. 35%. so nice today. it's going to stay low through today and into the evening. a light breeze out of the west at 7 miles an hour. a few scattered clouds. we saw cloudiness in the pocono mountains to start with. they thinned out. nothing for philadelphia, delaware, south jersey. the number, 84 degrees by 4:00.
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by 7:00 this evening, the numbers start coming down. and a little bit of a southwesterly wind. that will start the changing of the weather, the humidity returning for the weekend. i'll have the seven-day forecast when i come back later. 11:03. preparing for the pope, as the whole region prepares for the papal visit. you'll see a lot of this map. it shows the security zones around center city, philadelphia, for the last week of september. if you're in the green area, you can drive out. that's the traffic box. you won't be allowed to drive back in. the yellow area, no cars allowed at all. the red section will be fenced off entirely. you'll have to go through security screening to get inside that red zone there. there are a lot of businesses inside that zone that want to be open that weekend to capitalize on the influx of visitors. monique braxton live at
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independence mall. >> reporter: hi. mayor nutter tells us this will be a secure part of the city. as you know, pope francis will be speaking to thousands. we came down to talk to merchants in old city about their plans for their visit during the papal visit. most we spoke with are going to try to remain open. one even showed us where he's been told the security fence and suites will be placed. he also says they are determined to stay here. >> we've been talking to the management company of the building. from our understanding, they have a couple offices upstairs we may be able to use. >> reporter: to sleep over in. >> yeah. i know the maintenance company is also in the process of constructing a shower in the basement. >> right now, our plan is probably we're going to sleep over at the store or, you know yeah, friday night to saturday maybe, because we open saturday. >> reporter: are you open on sunday? >> no, we're not open on sunday.
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>> i don't know yet. it all depends. we might close. we might open. >> reporter: about the you've been told your vending stand can stay open? >> yeah. >> reporter: the mayor says food deliveries will be limited after thursday, which is the day before the pope arrives. but they will be allowed inside the zone during the overnight hours and only in drop-off locations. trash pickups are still being planned. the next half hour, we'll be talking to merchants who tell us, they are definitely not going to be open for business when the papal visit occurs. live now from along independence mall, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." if you're coming in from new jersey, here's what you need to know. 676 westbound will be closed from exit 3 to the ben franklin bridge, as will route 30 west to the circle bridge.
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the new jersey turnpike will remain open but exits in camden could close if there are serious backups. to those bridges. a live look at the ben. we already know this bridge will be closed for the weekend of the papal visit. closed to vehicular traffic. yesterday, though, it was confirmed all other bridges between new jersey and philadelphia will remain open. now, back to the ben, while you won't be able to drive over the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit, will you be able to walk. yesterday transportation officials showed us the route pedestrians will take. it's about a five-mile trek from the base of the bridge in camden to the ben franklin parkway. as for public transportation in new jersey, nj transit says the river line will operate on a 15-minute schedule on september 26th and 27th, but no service in downtown camden. special river line tickets will be required. those go on sale saturday and cost $5. the atlantic city line will run on an express schedule, which means no stops between a.c. and philadelphia's 30th street
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station. special tickets are required for this as well. those go on sale tomorrow at noon. round trip costs you $30. we found out philadelphia public schools will be closed for an extra day for the papal visit. classes are now canceled from wednesday, september 23rd, through friday, the 25th. the district may also cancel classes on that following monday. officials are expected to make that decision closer to the event. workers are cleaning up a lot of these ahead of the pope's visit. rounding up abandoned bicycles. this year it has special urgency because of the pope and so many people coming into the city. the bikes will be fixed up and donated to children. nbc10 was the first news station to visit the homeland of the pope. we're sharing stories from jim rosenfield's visit there. we have a half-hour special looking at the life of the pope.
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next tuesday, at 7:00 p.m. on nbc10. from south jersey to center city out to the suburbs, there are a ton of traffic changes for the pope's visit. we're here to make sure you get it all straight. there's a lot of information there. check the "nbc10 news" app to see the list of rules and restrictions you'll need to know. our special section there, preparing for the pope, has it all spelled out for you, including the pope's itinerary and where you can see him in philly. take a look at this new video. no, this guy is not lying down for a little nap. he back-crawled his way beneath a security gate at a south philadelphia bakery and police say, once inside, you'll see him slip up onto the counter. the thief took money from the cash register and tip jar. it happened a month ago but police just released the video and they hope you can help them identify this limber burglar. a shooting in camden took the life of a man in his early 20s this morning. police tell us the victim was shot had in the back of the head
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on south sixth street and chelton avenue. we have new information in the case of a 14-year-old boy shot by police officers in trenton last week. according to, congresswoman bonnie watson-coleman is calling for federal authorities to take over the investigation. a state trooper and sheriff's officer shot hearns seven times last friday night. they responded to a report of shots fired. the attorney general's office says hearns ran from the officers and witnesses say he reached for his waistband before the shooting. the family's lawyer, though, says hearns didn't have a gun. the a.g. says a handgun was found on the street. the teen is in stable condition. a second philadelphia-based chef is facing child pornography charges. police officers say taylor hecht uploaded explicit images of children. he works at south brigham restaurant. we told you about this chef, the
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co-owner of the crow and pitcher in center city. he was arrested on child porn charges. police i he abused a 5-year-old girl and sent photos of her and other girls to an undercover fbi agent. in new castle county, the town of elsmer that would have prevented people from openingly carrying guns inside municipal buildings. some council members pushed for the ban. he wanted them to follow the restrictions in wilmington and new castle county government buildings, which don't allow an open carry policy but council voted down that ban last night. from the nbc10 investigators now, this morning the status of the colwyn fire company remains up in the air. council members met last night for the first time since the district attorney's office raided that fire station looking for financial records. the discussion of that incident was not on the agenda last night. the council president tells us, there will not be a vote any time soon to decommission the
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fire company. like it or not, summer vacation for students is almost over. about a month of summer left in philadelphia. the school district today is hosting something called e-day or education day in the park side sections of the city. students can register for classes and parents can get information on a lot of subjects for the new school year. there are a lot of vendors involved and some games for the kids, too. last year more than 14,000 parents and students attended that same event. more than 50 soldiers are taking a huge stride in philadelphia today. this is part of a three-day event called the soldier ride. severely injured vets will cycle a 12-mile course that begins and ends at lincoln finl financial field. tomorrow the ride takes them to miles. it's put together by the wounded warrior project and helps rehabilitate injured soldiers to get them healthy and active again. tragedy at a popular
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amusement park. a man was killed when he got too close to a roller coaster. we now know why he was apparently in a restricted area of the park and what he was trying to find. that's coming up. and a terrifying sight for beachgoers. look at this. they saw a funnel cloud in the distance. we'll see where this happened on "nbc10 news." bill? >> won't see anything like that around here. nothing but sunshine. not a single cloud in the sky. there are changes ahead for the weekend. your seven-day forecast when we come back.
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sunny skies today. a nice, sunny view of center city from the adventure aquarium. temperatures will be climbing into the upper 80s this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. looks like sunshine will be sticking around for the weekend, too. what isn't sticking is the humidity. that's nice and low and it's going to stay low as the day goes on. we'll see the humidity come down even lower than what we started with this morning. we're looking although plenty of sunshine and a beautiful august day. typically this time of the day we'll warm into the middle 80s. just a bit warmer than that today and it's going to get hotter over the weekend, into the 90s saturday and sunday. and during the weekend, the humidity will start creeping up. next week, it's a heat wave with temperatures into the 90s and the humidity going even higher. right now, though, it's pretty pleasant outside. 73 degrees for the pocono
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mountains. northeast philadelphia is 83 degrees. and atlantic city, 82 right now. look at that clear view from the pocono mountains. just a few scattered, thin clouds. doing a little work on the pulley there. looks like a pretty good day for that. shouldn't have any problems with the strong, gusty winds. though they have picked up some in the pocono mountains. a lighter wind coming out of the west now. the winds are in the process of shifting over the next 24 hours, they'll become more southwester southwesterly, which will bring more humidity into the area. but not much in the way of a threat of showers. you can see some clouds well off to the north and west. that's a line of clouds that's going to try to move toward our area, but will fall short. not expecting to see any rainfall over the weekend. but we will see warmer temperatures. the warm-up starts today. 80 for the pocono mountains. 85 in allentown. reading, a high temperature of 87. lots of sunshine. 87 degrees for trenton. doylestown and mt. holly are in the middle 80s today. right along the coast, nothing but sunshine for cape may,
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atlantic city and rehoboth. 84 for philadelphia. the shore, we'll see the heat understand over the weekend. 80s for today and just a little bit warmer on saturday. but you'll feel the warmer conditions for sunday afternoon, up to 87. sunshine through the weekend. and that's the story for philadelphia and all areas inland as well. 91 degrees tomorrow. the humidity up to 93. the high temperature and the humidity will be building on sunday. and hot, humid conditions. we've got a heat wave for monday and tuesday. that's going to be the worst of it. with temperatures in the middle 90s during the afternoon. and enough humidity to make it feel like it's closer to 100 degrees. still, steamy on wednesday, 92. and into the 90s once again thursday. >> 11:17. investigators are still trying to determine what caused those
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explosions in philadelphia's sister city in china. this morning there was another small explosion in the port city of tianjin at the same site of wednesday's blast that tore through an industrial area. also this morning, rescue workers found a firefighter alive in the debris of those explosions more than 31 degrees after the disaster. he's in stable condition. this video captured the multiple blasts at the container warehouse there. at least 50 people were killed, including 17 firefighters. hundreds of people hurt and are still in the hospital. take a look at this video of a tornado off the coast of southern mexico. it lasted less than five minutes but it damaged several homes. witnesses said they heard the wind and rain and immediately ran to their homes for shelter. thankfully, no one was hurt. authorities say they're on alert for more tornadoes because similar weather is expected in southern mexico in the next few days. in ohio, a man at a cedar point amusement park there died after he was hit by a roller coaster.
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police say james young entered a restricted area near the rafter yesterday afternoon. they say he was trying to get his cell phone, which he had dropped when he was on the ride. emergency responders tried to revive him but he died. guests waiting in line for the ride describe a chaotic scene. >> people screaming and running around everywhere. it was really crazy. >> the raptor is an inverted roller coaster and reaches a maximum speed of 57 miles an hour, according to cedar point's website. the ride was closed for a time yesterday, but the park itself remained open. a vietnam vet in california is recovering after he fought off a bear that attacked him outside his home. according to police, the man stepped outside around 4:00 a.m. and the bear was there. and actually hit the man on the head and in the face, but the man managed to wrestle himself away from the bear and get back inside. officials are still searching for the bear, which will most likely be euthanized because of that attack there.
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20 minutes after 11:00. we're proud of this event, less than a day away. clear the shelters, a partnership between nbc10, telemundo 62 and dozens of animal shelters in the area tomorrow. you can add a fury friend to your family at a reduced or waived adoption fee. maybe you could bring home one of these guys here. check out kitty kam. you can watch it right now on the cats at the philadelphia animal welfare society are there waiting for you to adopt them. sometimes they're playing but right now it looks like they're taking a late morning nap possibly. can't blame them there. they're waiting for a good home. tons of people are looking at that web cam now on our website. a lot of people entertained by that. for more on clear the shelters day, we're joined by eva williams from the pennsylvania spca. and not cats but eva brought along a puppy. we have a puppy in the studio. everyone at the nbc10 studios
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are thrilled about cupid being here with us. >> right. >> a black lab. beautiful. >> yes. this is cupid. he is a 9-week-old black lab mix. he's one of many dogs that are going to be up for adoption tomorrow. >> i think people often have the misconception there aren't pure bred dogs looking for a home at a shelter but here we have cupid, and he's ready to go. >> actually, up to 25% of dogs can be pure bred in our shelters so we have a mix of everything. >> they all make great pets. this is proof there are some cute ones looking for a good home. now, your shelter is in north philadelphia on erie avenue? >> yes, 350 north erie -- east erie avenue, i'm sorry, and another location at 1546 frankfurt avenue in fishtown. >> those are two of the many shelters participating in clear the shelters tomorrow. what are you doing to make the adoption process easier?
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>> tomorrow, we'll be waiving our adoption fees. our dogs are all spayed and neutered, all vaccinated, all microchipped and all evaluated for their behavior. so, this is like a $500 value. and we're waiving all fees tomorrow between 10:00 and 4:00. it's a great opportunity to come out and get a new best friend. >> like cupid. >> he'll steal your heart. i don't think cupid will be there very long tomorrow. what time do you open tomorrow? >> 10:00. >> 10:00 a.m. more information on clear the shelters here. you can help us share it on social media. using #cleartheshelters. send us a picture of you and your favorite pet. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. several shelters are participating. all the information is right there on the "nbc10 news" app and a new study out about people who exhibit certain behaviors associated with autism. could those people also be more likely to have certain special
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abilities? we'll look at that possible connection coming up. and do fitness apps really have a positive affect on your health? well, the answer isn't so simple. you'll see why and what researchers are saying coming up.
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new research says people with high levels of autistic ability are more creative. they don't necessarily have autism but they show traits
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typical of that condition. they were asked to list uses for bricks or a paper clip. experts say this may help uncover how the autistic brain adapts to everyday problem-solving. well, you may have a diet or a fitness app on your device, or use a fitbit on your wrist, but do those things really help improve your health? researchers say they don't know. there's not enough scientific dat tashgs they say, to have a direct impact on cardiovascular health, but they say it can help you control risk factors that could lead to a heart attack. weight management apps and those that ask you to stop smoking had the most success. the psychology of political campaigns. what affect does a politician's voice have on voters and what kind of voice do voters prefer? we'll have the answer ahead. controversy over japan's new olympic emblem. the artist is being accused of plagiarism. we'll let you decide.
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at 11:30, a check of our top stories. this morning, history in cuba. the american flag is now flying over the u.s. embassy on that communist island for the first time since 1961. this is the next step in restoring diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. police are looking for this guy, who shimmied beneath a security gate to steal money from a bakery in south philadelphia. it happened about a month ago, but police just released the video and they hope you can identify this limber burglar there. a shooting in camden killed a young man this morning. police telt us the 20-something-victim was shot in the head. they haven't arrested anyone or discussed a possible motive.
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a live look at people i'm very jealous of right now. a lot of people down the shore already today, shaping up to be a gorgeous day in cape may. will this great weather roll we've been on roll on. nbc10's first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with a look at that. >> looking for the pause button to keep it where it is. it's been beautiful. yesterday 84 in philadelphia. we're already up to 81. 83 in northeast philadelphia. 80 in millville. at the shore, that beautiful scene from cape may, a range of temperatures at harvard, and at the airport it's already 82 degrees. 81 for sea isle city. oceanview at 82 degrees. low 80s along the atlantic city marina. it's right at 80 degrees.
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already 80 degrees in north township. a really pretty day. humidity stays low. barely a cloud in the sky. this is the visible satellite. you can see a few high clouds north of williamsport. they aren't going to make it into our area. the sunshine bright today and it will stay for the weekend, which means a big warm-up. we're heading into a heat wave. seven-day forecast when i come back. chris? >> all right, bill. breaking news out of south philadelphia. listening in live now to a news conference from eagles' head coach chip kelly, where he just announced sam bradford will not play in the preseason opener on sunday. let's listen in. >> two weeks ago and going out against the team, my decision. we've been back and forth, but i made the final call. we're going to sit on this game and he'll be ready to play against the ravens. mark will start the game. that's the only position we have right now, just quarterbacks. the rest will all be determined based off today's training and
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tomorrow's training. mark will start. won't play very much. it will be a lot of matt and tim. we'll have a chance to see those guys in extended play. >> reporter: getting a guy out there that has not played a lot over the last two years, getting him comfortable in a pass rush and, of course, trying to make sure that he stays healthy? >> yeah, that's the decision i had to make. i think with the training sessions with the ravens next week will help because we'll get two good days in pads and then the ravens and packers. felt like we had more opportunities. >> reporter: is cromartie going to play and -- >> one more time. any other position besides quarterback won't be determined until after training. demarco will go today and tomorrow and then we'll make a decision. >> reporter: did sam try to talking out of not will heing him play? >> he didn't -- sam understands. i think he's disappointed but i think he understands.
11:34 am
it wasn't a debate. >> reporter: zach was announced yesterday? >> zach has a core muscle injury and he'll be out for a couple weeks now. >> reporter: he'll play week one? >> he'll be back week one but right now he's out. he's with the doctor today, so it will be a couple weeks with him, but he's not going to play in the preseason. >> reporter: the opportunities that tim gives you from a schematic standpoint because of his skill set, if you were to make the team, would it be fair to say that some of those things thaw might employ him to do we wouldn't necessarily see him in the preseason anyway? >> no. that's part of our offense and what we do. i think when tim gets in there, you'll see him run the ball a little bit. we have the ability to call plays, depending on who's in that. you'll see that. we're not trying to hide anything. the quarterback has the ability to carry quarterback. i don't think that would surprise anybody if we didn't do that in the preseason and all of a sudden tim had an opportunity
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to play in the season and we sprung it on him. [ inaudible ] >> tim isn't a gadget guy. he's a quarterback. he's proven that so far when he's been out here. for all those guys, i said to begin with, they're in red jerseys. it's a different game when i get to sunday. we want to see matt play a while and i want to see tim play a while. we'll see what happens to those guys. [ inaudible ] >> demarco will go. kendricks will go. the only guy who's not going is -- brandon has an ab, an abdominal, so he's out. i don't have the extension on brandon. d.j. mcbride hurt his foot, so he won't go. all those other guys will go. whoa, whoa, whoa. no, he's out. [ inaudible ] >> me. >> reporter: your call?
11:36 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: no injury? >> no. he's coming along, done different things. we're trying to get him acclimated. he carried the football more than anybody in the nfl so we're trying to get him into greated. we look at everybody, where they are from a body standpoint. we manage every individual player here in terms of where they are, what they are, and my job -- not my job. our entire coaching staff, training staff, sports science staff is to get those guys ready to play in week one. [ inaudible ] >> malcolm jenkins is busting people's chops. i was laughing because he said k we get them fans because they got a day off, but, again, every player is dealt with individually. so what works for player "a" may be different from player "b" and that's the way we've always done it [ inaudible ] >> he's fine. we know what type of football player he is.
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>> eagles' head coach chip kelly speaking to the media, two takes ought from the preseason opener. big news off the top is he said quarterback sam bradford, acquired in the off-season from the st. louis rams, expected to be the starter for this season, will not play on sunday against the colts in that preseason opener. bradford, obviously, coming off two consecutive seasons where he has injured his right knee, his acl. and coach kelly wanting to allow him to recover and acclimate as much as possible to the offense and not expose him to injury, is holding him out of the season opener. he says there will be plenty of time to get him tuned in in other preseason games. we'll see a lot of mark sanchez, tim tebow and matt barkley on the field sunday. you'll see that right here on nbc10. we are your official eagles station. coverage begins at 12:30 with the pregame, kickoff at 1:00 and we have the postgame for you right here, too. at 11:37, as this region prepares for the papal visit, a
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lot of people are looking closely at this map. trying to figure out how it's going to impact them. this shows the security zones in center city philadelphia for the final weekend of september when the pope will be here. if you're in the green area, that's the so-called traffic box, that means you can drive out. you won't be allowed to drive back in, though. the yellow area, no cars at all. the red section will actually be fenced off. that's the area from art museum, to the right side of the screen, the independence mall area. you would have to walk through security to get inside that area. there are a lot of businesses inside that red zone that want to be open that weekend to capitalize on all the people in town. monique braxton spoke with some of this this morning. joins us live in old city. >> reporter: hey, chris, one of the reasons for the high security zone is because the archdiocese tells us pope francis will be speaking to thousands, likely a ticketed audience. before he arrives, that fencing
11:39 am
will be posted around the perimeter of the city. we spent the past few hours talking to merchants about their plans during the papal visit. most we spoke with are going to try to remain open, despite the city officials trying to calm their fears and reminding everyone philadelphia will be on an international stage. we found entrepreneurs who are saying, i'm out of here. >> there's going to be gates all over. no employees could get to work. the whole city's shutting down. i don't know how business is going to survive. we have to close for friday and saturday, the two biggest days of the week. >> reporter: how much money do you think you're going to lose? >> a lot. because how much business would we have had if we were open with walking traffic? so much. but if we can't get in here, what? am i going to sleep here? i don't have a bed here. i can't live here. >> for what i do with my clients, i think they'll
11:40 am
probably shy away. a lot of clients are actually going out of town. >> reporter: now, trash pickups are still being planned when the pontiff is in town. the city also tells us, they'll talk more in the coming days about taxi cab service and how they plan to accommodate the elderly and disabled. as we find out information, you'll be the first to know it. live along independence mall, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." philadelphia has plans to help people who can get close enough to see the pope in person that weekend. the president of the world meeting of families told us there will be 50 jumbotrons set up throughout the city that will be showing the papal mass live on that sunday. nbc10 was the first local news station to visit the pope's homeland of argentina and all next week we're sharing some new stories from jim rosenfield's trip there and we'll bring you an encore showing of "the people's pope," a half hour special looking at the deep roots of pope francis and how that shaped his papacy.
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it airs next tuesday, 7:00 p.m., on nbc10. decision 2016 now. this morning republican presidential can daylight jeb bush is campaigning at the iowa state fair. he took "the des moines register" candidate soapbox and answered questions from the crowd. several other republican candidates did the same thing yesterday. tomorrow democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders will visit the iowa state fair. speculation is growing that a former vice president is thinking about jumping into the presidential race. this comes as some democrats are worried the party's current front-runner may be vulnerable. nbc's kristin welker has latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with ongoing questions about hillary clinton's private e-mail, new questions that al gore could be informally considering getting back into the game. buzzfeed reporting that gore, who lost to george w. bush in
11:42 am
2000, is having considerations with supporters to see if there's a palt financially and politically. but a high-level source tells nbc news nothing substantive is happening. according to two sources, vice president biden who is vacationing in south carolina has started to reach out to close friends and allies to discuss a possible run, including what it would take to start this late. still all of the quiet conversations aside, hillary clinton's e-mail issue has made some democrats jittery. martin o'malley, already in iowa for the iowa state fair, telling nbc's kelly o'donnell -- >> you think the e-mail issue provides -- >> i think people are hungry for an alternative. >> reporter: meanwhile, the republicans waste nod time capitalizing on speculation the democratic field could get bigger. >> there's a lot of disarray in the democratic party, i'm sure, that people like joe biden and al gore are seriously considering it.
11:43 am
>> reporter: for her part, hillary clinton will try to turn the page in iowa, and she'll have company with most candidates expected to turn out and perhaps enjoy some signature treats. kristin welker, "nbc10 news." when people finally do vote for real, they may choose the politician who has the deepest voice. in a new study, a group of people listen to men and women as they gave a speech and more than 50% of the group said they would vote for the deeper-voiced candidate, which they associated with strength and confidence. barry white for president. what did you do during your summer vacation or did you take one at all? if your answer is no, you're not alone. coming up, we'll tell you how many americans are not taking any vacation this season. bill? >> as prime weather for taking some time off, but it will be changing over the weekend. the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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breaking news out of lehigh valley. we just got on scene. skyforce10 over the scene of a small plane that crashed into a creek in allentown along fitch hatchery road. it went down in the water. the creek isn't very big there. again, near a landing strip, an airport. the pilot they just rescued. the pilot was alert and conscious, talking at the time. apparently the pilot may be okay. they just got the pilot out of the wreckage and transporting
11:47 am
him to a local hospital outside of queen city airport. we have a crew on the ground there. as soon as we get you more information, we'll bring it to you through the "nbc10 news" app. well, the designer of the 2020 tokyo olympic emblem is facing accusations of plagiarism. this is related to his work for a japanese beverage company. the company said it's pulling several tote bags off its website the artist designed. california-based artist says one of the withdrawn designs is very similar to one he made three years ago. >> yeah. it looks very similar. in my world, it's definitely something that's part of my work. >> now, a belgian designer alleges the same designer, the tokyo designer, plagiarized his work when he made the 2020 olympic's emblem. he says he plans to sue. have you gotten away for a vacation? a new poll finds more than half of american workers have not. in fact, the poll shows they haven't taken vacation in the past year.
11:48 am
a vacation is defined in this survey of at least a week to a place more than 100 miles from home. so the weekend trips to the shore doesn't count for this survey. i count it as a vacation anyway. well, this may be a vacation for a lot of you. for me a day on the golf course is. people teeing off for a big cause. big brothers/big sisters is holding its annual golf classic and auction on monday. here to tell us about it, marcus allen, ceo of big brothers/big sisters of southeastern pennsylvania. thank you for coming by. >> thanks for having me. >> fun to talk about golf a friday, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> you probably have your clubs in the car. tell us about big brothers/big sisters. most people know it provides mentoring but tell us more about what it does for young people in this community. >> thank you for having me here. we're celebrating our 100-year anniversary so we've been
11:49 am
working with kids for 100 years work with kids break cycle of poverty, keep them out of juvenile system. it's real simple, right? we find an adult who wants to make a difference in a kid's life. we pair them together. we really focus on making sure we support that with our staff and we found great success in that. >> i read that, i think, you have 1200 kids in queue wrait g i waiting for a big brother/big sister. there's a lot of need for this mentorship. people wonder, how involved are you in this child's life? what are you doing in terms of mentoring? how time intensive is this? >> i say a lot and my staff tell a lot of people who come to our office and want to volunteer that you don't have to change your life to change the life of a child. we ask minimally that you see a child at least twice a month. at least two hours each visit. you're spending four hours out
11:50 am
of your time a month to make a difference in a child's life. we can see two movies, go to a library or do any other task in our life and have the sort of impact you can have by spending time with a child. it's not a lot of time. it's not time intensive or scientific. we have staff there to help you to figure out activities to do with kids. we do activities such as taking kids to the 76ers game or sports -- any sort of sports event, to the art museum. it's a lot of events in the city of philadelphia and surrounding companies. so, we provide a lot of opportunities. >> maybe you take a child to play golf, like the golf outing you're having on monday. this is your big auction here. some photos of where this is taking place. >> yes. philadelphia cricket club. i think it's home of the nba pga championship. it's an opportunity for golfers to get their swings together,
11:51 am
come out and replicate or try to imitate a tiger woods. maybe not tiger woods. but it is an awesome event. we're sold out. 54 foursomes. a sponsor's pace. and as always, with all of our events, comcast and nbc10 is our national sponsor, so we're really excited about this year's golf outing. >> it's something to be proud of. 100 years serving young people in southeastern pennsylvania. marcus allen, thanks for coming by. here's the information. they're still looking for sponsorship. have you enough golfers, right? you're looking for sponsorship, anyone who wants to donate time and money? >> absolutely. we have some teaspoon sores that are left, which are $1,000 for a tee sponsor. at this time we're $18,000 away from our goal. that will serve another 333 kids this year. takes about $1500 a year to serve a kid. >> you can help another 300
11:52 am
children out there. the auction is also taking place after that golf outing on monday. they're auctioning some great prizes. our own sheena parveen will be there serving as auctioneer at post-golf reception and probably getting a lot of questions about the hot weather on that golf course on monday. for more information, you can always check out or our nbc10 mobile app. thanks for being here. have a good weekend. have fun on monday. >> thank you. >> bill? just before noon and we're enjoying lots of sunshine. not a single cloud. a little breeze blowing at the nbc10 studio. 77 in reading. in the low 80s for wilmington and philadelphia. it will be warmer this afternoon, upper 80s. no surprise, getting busy at camel beach in the pocono mountains. it's in the 70s there. low 80s this afternoon. we saw a few clouds to start with in the mountains but they have cleared out.
11:53 am
the rest of the area will stay clear today. it's looking pretty clear this weekend, too. that's going to lead to the warm-up. 80s today. humidity stays low today. you'll notice it increasing over the weekend. 91 tomorrow. a hot one tomorrow afternoon. then on sunday, that's when the humidity starts moving in. look at the heat and humidity for monday and tuesday. we'll be in the 90s through thursday.
11:54 am
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's "ellen" with jack black. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, oxycontin for kids. the fda is easing up on restrictions for the powerfully and frequently abused painkiller. we'll tell you about this rule change that's giving doctors and parents a new option for treating young patients. that's on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. it's a nice one outside again today. >> gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. beautiful sunshine from the city to the shore. temperatures in the 80s. that's where it is right now in cape may. look at that crowd. >> bundle of happy people there. >> no surprise. plenty pleased with the weekend forecast, too, for the shore and delaware beaches. 80s for today, tomorrow and sunday. sunday will be the warmer day, up to 87 degrees. we'll head into the 90s inland. >> shore won't see the humidity we'll see here in the city probably. >> yeah, it's a little on the humid side at the shore always
11:57 am
because of the proximity to the ocean. but the humidity that will be low today in philadelphia, climbs over the weekend. >> we all get sunshine. have a great day. >> enjoy.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> jj: i think you can tell the make on all of them. but either way, i remember the brands. i focused on getting pictures of the serial numbers, since that would be harder to remember. >> watts: kyle showed you these? >> jj: not exactly. he invited me over to his place. he went to the bathroom. i started looking around. i found these in a drawer. >> watts: the guy goes to take a leak, and you take a chance on-- >> jj: he didn't see anything. i left everything exactly the way he'd left it. >> watts: nice work. this will help a lot with tracking the product. >> roman: mind if i interrupt? >> watts: we're almost done here. >> roman: no. jj is done right now. you got to pull him off this case. and you know why. [cell phone rings] >> paige: hello?


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