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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, a pre-season scorcher, live pictures show the field emptied out after fans braved real heat to cheer on the eagles as they dominated the colts this afternoon. for others, today was a good day to cool off in the poconos. this is camel beach water park showing the big crowds up there that we have seen all day. and good sunday evening. i'm george spencer this is the second day in a row that we have seen temperatures top 90 degrees in our area. michelle grossman has been
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tracking the heat and it is not going away. >> it is not going away. today we are up to 92, so a hot day today. that is day two, day three, our fifth one for the season, and we're going to see the 90s continuing at least through half of the workweek. taking a look outside we are looking at mostly sunny skies. bright sunshine warming up. we will see that over the next couple of days. another live look outside, kind of that hazy view. a little more hupd. that comes tomorrow. we will bring back more humidity. that's when it will feel pretty uncomfortable with temperatures into the mid 90s. we're tracking that heat waive and a chance for storms. we will do that in just a few minutes for your 7-day. >> well, the eagles spread their wings for the first reason season game of the year and fans liked what they saw at the link
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as the birds scored a big win over the colts. we've got complete team coverage of that game. we will start with john clark with highlights and reaction. john? >> reporter: yeah, george, they said it was 107 degrees on the field, but it didn't stop the eagles or slow them down. a complete team victory. three touchdowns on offense, one on special teams and the defense caused four turnovers and they beat the colts 36-10. not a bad day bout bradford, murray and others. mark sanchez was very shakey. he was only two for skpeceven ae was off. look at the great leaping catch. turns it into a 34 yard touchdown. then kenyon with a burner fielding the punt, spins away.
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92 yards for the touchdown. the eagles up 23-3 at the half. they were just rolling along. what time is it? it is tebow time. a big ovation coming in and he runs for a seven-yard touchdown. that's what tim tebow does. he started off 5-7 and then 1 for 5 the rest of the way but got it done on the ground this moment made tim tebow realize just how much he missed >> you know when you get to play it always feels good. i appreciated it. >> first thing we did is tell him to be quiet. >> you got to focus on trying to communicate with offensive line. for a lot of us, the first time we're really playing live snaps together, too. we got communicate. i appreciated it, though. >> reporter: yeah, you saw tim tebow there motioning for the crowd to quiet down because they were chanting tebow in the
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fourth quarter. it's pretty rare you see that much excitement. coming up we will hear from the other quarterbacks and how they did. live at the link, back to you. >> john, many thanks. lots of excitement. today's heat could not stop eagles' fans from coming out to cheer on their team. we continue team coverage with monique braxton talking to fans. and monique, they have got a lot to be happy about. >> reporter: as a matter of fact, the fans like those you see here arrived very happy. now we were with tailgaters who when they party and their tailgating heated up. the philadelphia eagles drum line heated up the party with a fan from mulenburg township. >> this is my first time. my wife is such a fan.
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>> the heat and humidity were not the only hot items outside the link. tacos and buffalo wings were sizzling. >> i walked into some season tickets. >> this first tailgate party falls at another heat wave begins in the delaware valley. philadelphia fire commissioner tweeted this alert for tailgating, urging fans to be cool and safe. >> so we have got her water bottle. i've got my water botle and we've got our spray bottles to stay hydrated and cool. >> reporter: hundreds of people filed out of the stadium despite its design which enhances a constant flow of air, it was unbarable for the most devoted eagles fans. >> we were able to get here early enough to take part in all the pre-game festivities so we're going to go cool off. >> are you ready to go because
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it's too hot? >> yep. >> but those who endured to the end tell us they had good reason. >> we wanted to see tim tebow. >> reporter: were you pleased with his performance? >> he could have done better but he scored. >> reporter: i did check with emergency personnel and they know of no heat related emergency calls. live at the link, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. thank you, monique. and next saturday, be sure to tune in to see the eagles take on the baltimore ravens in another pre-season match-up. our coverage begins at 6 welcome 30 p.m. we have new information about a hot air balloon crash last night that injured three people. we now know that one of those victims is from honeybrooke in chester county. investigators say the basket was just about to touch down when the deflating balloon fell on
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top of elect call wires. the pilot and two passengers are being treated for elect call burns. one of those passengers is in critical condition. there is also an update on last night's drowning in nanayunk. police were called out around 6:15 for a missing swimmer. a witness said a friend went into the river to cool off and that witness lost sight of him. someone called 911 about 25 minutes later and crews found the body. police have not released that man's identity. nbc 10 is counting down to the pope's visit to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. we are now just more than 40 days and 15 hours away. and tomorrow the catholic diocese will launch their 40 days of francis campaign. they want residents to take up
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the pontiff's challenge to hear the cry of the poor. it will award eight families with tickets to attend the world world meeting of families congress. if you are planning to take new jersey transit, there are still rail passes available after they went on sale yesterday. but you might want to get one sooner rather than later since no tickets will be sold the weekend that the pope is actually here. there is a long list of transportation changes for the papel visit. you can find them on our app or visit our special section preparing for the pope. it has everything you need to know about the papel visit including the pope's i-ten rare. tonight police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man outside a north philadelphia bar. it happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. outside the duhdrop inn bar. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died.
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police are hoping that surveillance video from that area will lead them to the shooter. in camden county, a pick up driver is in critical condition after crashing into a row of gas station pumps and his truck then caught on fire. witnesses say they saw the truck speeding along route 130. it hit a curb and then slid into the pumps at the speedway gas station. a plane that disappeared with dozens of people on board has now been found. why it crashed plus the latest on the desperate search for survivors. and mourning the loss of a major civil rights leader. we will take a look back at the life of julian and his connection to our area. temperatures into the 90s. we will talk about the 90s this week and tracking stormy weather by the end of the workweek. we will look at your seven day straight ahead.
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an indonesian plane that disappeared with 5 5 4 people on board has now been found. rescuers are headed to the site of the crash to search for survivors. the plane crashed into a remote mountain region. it lost contact as it was flying into bad weather. and civil rights are mourning the loss of a leader. he was a major player in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. he served as chairman of the naacp with ties to our area. and his father was the first african-american president of lincoln university. bond died last night at his home
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in florida after a brief illness. president obama released a statement calling him a hero and a friend. bond was 75 years old. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
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this weekend more than 17,000 pets across the country found new homes because of nbc's clear the shelters campaign, and today we got updated adoption numbers. a total of 1,014 animals were adopted in our area. in pennsylvania, 560 dogs and cats have new homes. in new jersey 411 pets were adopted and down in delaware, 43. > . it was another hot day. temperatures back into the 90s. a little warmer than yesterday. we were a little warmer today
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and even warmer on monday. these 90s will last for a while. that will make it number five for the season and i'm sure we will have at least one more. not so much tomorrow. then we are tracking more storms in your forecast that will come later on in the week. 91 in philadelphia. those winds always have to bring up that warm air. so we are hot to the north and west. 90s still at this hour. 91 in philadelphia. same story to the south and east. 87 in atlantic city. it is very warm for your sunday evening. i love this shot. make mes want to jump in the car and go there. makes you want to go there. we are looking at coolerwetter in the poconos. if you can be in the water anywhere that is the place to be. a few showers you can see to the
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north and west, just a few but some of them aren't drenching if you saw them. tomorrow's highs, another hot one. 91 in quakertown. mostly sunny skies. mike see a shower or two in the afternoon. doylestown, 93. the shore looking good. 84 in atlantic city. and back closer to the city we're looking at temperatures mainly in the mid 90s. you factor in the humidity it will feel a couple degrees warmer. tuesday and wednesday we will feel warmer than the actual temperature. there is -- this will make it a heat wave tomorrow. hot and humid, 93. sunday's forecast, 94 tomorrow. tuesday still another hot one in the 90s. an isolated shower and thunderstorm mainly to the north
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and west. hot and humid. can't rule it out with all the humidity in place. better chance for storms on thursday, 87. friday 89, still warm. looking nice on sunday, just 86. i'm john clark. live at the link, how did the eagles quarterbacks do this afternoon? we will show you and we will hear from them coming up.
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first quarter, mark sanchez very inaccurate. but look at this, nelson aguilar makes an amazing play. and barkley floating it to boston. barkley to kenyon barner. barner touchdown there, eagles up 13-3. hass hass hassleback finding dorsett. the eagles recover. one of four turnovers for the eagles' defense. later in the second. barner with the burner here. look at the block by jordan hicks right here. barner spins away and he is gone. 92 yards for the touchdown, and your eagles are up 23-3 at the half. third quarter, what time is it? it is tebow time. fans could not wait to see him
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in his eagles debut. he goes 4 for 5 on his first drive connecting with come lynson, 15 yard gain. and on the next drive, tebow to rasheed bailey. nice grab there. he made an impression in this game. tebow calling his own number. scores a touchdown. he says this reminded him just how much he missed football. tebow is 6 for 12, eagles win 36-10. here are the quarterbacks on how they did. >> felt good to get out and play against another team, get a scoring drive going. i got to use my legs a little bit. that was fun. a couple throws i thought i could have completed. got a touchdown there. it was fun. good. i just wanted to play good football. if that didn't make a statement, so be it. i wanted to make plays, be
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consistent with the football. the important thing is to just get completions. then the drive starts going and the plays open up. i think we did that tonight. >> we did some things decent and things we got to work on. try to be more consistent and improve communication with line and receivers. that's a big key. it's never as good as it seems or as bad as it seems. we just have to try to improve. >> and tebow probably got all of the biggest cheers. how about nelson aguilar? begun caught up with him after the game. >> reporter: what were you just expecting? >> no real expect tagss. wanted to come out here and compete and put things on film.
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touchdown. tell me about the touchdown play in particular? >> great read. tried to finish the play. >> reporter: everybody talks about the speed of the game going from practice to an actual game. >> we prepare ourselves to simulate the speed of the game in practice. i thought that this was actually a little slower than the way we practice. we practice hard and we push ourselves through uncomfortable situations so we come out here today and have some fun. >> reporter: great sign out of the rookie there. on to the phillies. chase utley sitting out today. let's take you to milwaukee and boy the phillies ran into it today. ryan brawn is going to take heat in the fifth inning for a grand slam. so aaron leads with 14 losses. philliies lose 6-1.
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they have lost five of six. we're right back after this.
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another update today. temperatures into the low 90s. we will see temperatures continuing for the next few days. tomorrow is day three, an official heat wave. more humid, too. you're going to see the stickiness. mostly sunny. you may see an isolated shower. 90s still on wednesday. >> some welcome relief. >> thanks very much. that is nbc 10 news for now. for michelle, john, and all of us, i will see you back at 11:00. nbc nightly news is next.
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on this sunday night, firefight. thousands evacuated and hundreds of homes threatened as wildfires rage as firefighters from across the country join in the fight. what went wrong? more than 50 feared dead tonight after a plane apparently flies into a mountain. trump's agenda. his plan on immigration and other key issues laid out in our exclusive interview. fighting isis. not with guns and bombs but with positive words and images aimed at young muslims. and remembering julian bond. the civil rights leader, former head of the naacp, and passionate voice for equality. "nightly news" begins now.


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