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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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montgomery county this afternoon. there is a flash flood warning for this area. you can see some of the storms on the nbc10 first alert weather radar. some of these showers, they just aren't moving. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. these storms are spotty. some people seeing rain, others aren't. glenn hurricane schwartz is tracking where the trouble spots are right know. >> that is the problem, some places are getting a lot of rain. others get nothing. here's citizens bank park. phillies are back to play. may get through without any rain. there's nothing left from philadelphia down through delaware, practically nothing. we've had some really heavy rain, though, in some of the northern suburbs. we have a flash flood warning in effect for portions of lower montgomery county. and central bucks county until 7:30. some of the neighborhoods, including cheltenham and abington, wynnemore, maple glenn.
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there's a shower coming into that warning area. it has weakened in the last 10 minutes or so. you can see the heavy rain is going through cheltenham, about to go into abington, this is right in the flash flood warning area. further to the north, upper bucks county, you're seeing heavy rain near milford moving up toward parts of the poconos. we got into the 90s again today. extending the heat wave to five days. it's 89 in philadelphia now, 75 in dover, temperature knocked down by the rainfall. trenton's temperature down as well, it has felt as high as 96 degrees in philadelphia during the day today. the other thing we're watching out in the tropics, pretty far away, but it's peak of hurricane season, this is tropical storm danny, we'll have the latest forecast on that, along with when we're going to see more thunderstorms an here with the seven-day in a few minutes. speaking of that wet
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weather, here's what drivers in north jersey are seeing. the road flooded, drivers barely moving here. police want to remind drivers not to try to drive where you wouldn't walk from newark. keep your eye on the sky with the nbc10 news app, you can track the storms in your area. also get alerts sent right to your phone or tablet. download the free app at more about the accident that killed a little boy. they were hit by a car as they walked along bud town road in rural south hampton township last night. nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter tells us this is a dangerous stretch of road. >> 2-year-old martinez on the right had just played hard with three siblings and his cousin at the nearest park to his home. his stepsister pulled him in the wagon along what is nearly a two mile dark stretch of road.
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no street lamps, no shoulder, no walk. >> he would move and it would hurt, so he moved more. >> cheryl witnessed the aftermath of the bmw hit the children. >> the two kids that were in the wagon, they were the ones that ended up closest to my house. >> sky force 10 littered with debris tuesday night. >> this road is horrible. people use it as a speedway, because it's a long street. >> the driver stopped and was not speeding, drunk or otherwise impaired, he will not face charges. o'neil says the road is too dark, there are no reflectors and the children had no other means of walking home. >> you're either walking in the ditch or you're walking by that white line that's not even big enough for the width of your foot. >> we have people doing anywhere
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from 65 to 75 down the street. they tell us today they fear for the health of the three other young ones injured. and want somebody done to make the road safer for pedestrians. from south hampton, cydney long, nbc10 news much. >> the budget talks, republican lawmakers say they will boost money for public schools, even if it means a tax increase. but they're insisting on an end to the traditional pension benefit for future state government employees. the offer came during a meeting today, governor wolf has previously opposed changing the pension systems to a 401(k) style plan, he needs to study the offer before making a decision. a school counselor in coach in chester county, promised ivy league dreams to a student in exchange for sex. he turned her down, and now she's under arrest. randy gyllenhaal live at malvern prep where the woman used to work. the student did the right thing
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here. >> he didn't want anything to do with his teacher, these court documents highlight the messages that prosecutors say she sent. some of them were topless photos. prosecutors say this all points to a woman who used her position of power to harass one of her own students. >> she was a prep school counselor and a swim coach. now, emletter walks into the chester county courthouse. >> we don't have any comment right now. thanks. >> accused of repeatedly sending suggestive messages to one of her own students. >> this was extremely predatory behavior, by the director of college guidance and a swim coach. >> the college counselor focused her attention on the 16-year-old boy promising him admission to harvard, if only he agreed to her advances. >> if you don't, you are not getting into harvard, it's an extraordinary abuse of trust. >> tom hogan released some of the text messages.
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if you just stop fighting and let it happen, you would be a lot less update and much happier. >> the boy wanted nothing to do with her, responding, i'm not interested in you, i'm sorry. i'm 16, not into you. >> this case is especially troubling since there's so much pressure for high school students to get into a good college. >> put someone who is a sexual predator into a position as the director of college guidance. that is a recipe for disaster. >> feeney had previously worked at princeton and other elite campuses. she was fired from malvern prep when the accusations surfaced. >> our position is, we're going to look at the case, and we're going to make some decisions about what is appropriate to do here. >> miss feeney who is married with children. has long been affiliated with this school. officials do say that school is cooperating with the investigation. live in malvern, randy gillen
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hal, nbc10 news. joseph lindh iii and kenneth wood in coatesville. prosecutors say they found child porn on the men's home computers after investigating a file sharing service. >> a shooting in olney's section of philadelphia. an 18-year-old is in critical condition. a 15 yirld is stable. now to the cleanup of a pesky problem at a popular delaware county restaurant. roaches found at yang ming in bryn mawr, police were back to check on the cleanup. doug shimell joins us live with what they found this afternoon. doug? >> radnor township's manager said he told the owner of yang ming he needed to fire his entire management staff after what inspectors found here again
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today. the yang ming staff watched as inspectors found more of the same. >> they want to make sure everything is safe. they go to the basement, they find a lot of issues, electric is not updated or safe. >> workers were taking apart stained storage shelves as radnor crews found dead roaches and spoiled food five days after they were told to clean up. mold on products, there were still bugs in an around the area of food products. unsanitary conditions here. it's something that is very shocking for us. >> a remote camera also found kitchen greece leaking into the sewer system. >> when you walk into the restaurant, the tables are set with silverware and linens like they're ready to open. they're nowhere near ready to open. >> reopening may prove easier
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than regaining the dining public's trust. there are customers that continue to show up here at yang ming. you tell them why the restaurant is closed, almost all of them say they may not be back. >> a hospital in south jersey is treating a woman tonight for malaria. the patients in stratford, camden county. she recently came back to a trip from south africa. patients were diverted from the hospital in case the woman had ebola. a short time later she was diagnosed with malaria. we have new information this evening about the death of a local high school football player. due to natural causes stemming from a cardiac condition. st. joe's prep freshman
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collapsed from a spring training practice back in may. new at 6:00, septa's general manager is retiring. joseph casey announced today he's leaving septa on september 30th, right after the pope's visit. casey started at septa in 1982. the board hopes to name a replacement in september. preparing for the pope, miles from where he's actually going to visit. the new precautions officials say churches need to take now to be ready for any trouble later. i'm tracking rain and flooding concerns, the area is seeing the worst of it now, and how much more is coming tomorrow. could it be the latest beloved philly to be twraded? we're going to have the latest on trade talks involving second baseman chase utley, and where he could be headed all that coming up in sports. feeding the fans on game day. new menu you'll see at the linc this year.
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see why it takes a team of people to get the right mix of ingredients. we work weekends here.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at we are less than a month from the papal visit. four new security measures in the area.
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how montgomery county is preparing people. >> you're working hand in hand with all the intelligence community to make sure the residents are safe. >> some have come from as far as 50 miles from where the pope will be staying in september. all types of emergencies. >> we actually have been thinking quite a bit lately and preparing to share with our congregation about emergency preparedness at different levels. >> sponsored by the montgomery county of department safety, the topic is on the minds of many. >> people who may be coming in, who may want to do harm. no credible threat exists, but they are stressing people pay attention. >> let us check it out. >> extra police will be dispatched in philadelphia. also in montgomery county where he'll be staying. we last saw these portable security cameras. the cameras are developed and sold by a bucks county company, and learned today they will be
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used on both sides of the delaware river. >> all six trailers will be deployed for the papal visit. >> reporter: the cameras stream live video. >> the bridge is going to be closed, it's going to be foot traffic only. they're going to want to watch the traffic periodically so they can go on through their smart phone or on board computer in the car. >> something officials here are warning about. officials want residents to sign up for text alerts and follow social media for updates and warnings. deanna durante, nbc10 news. the eagles are getting ready for game two of the preseason against the ravens. a live look at the link from the camera in the eagles nest this evening. there's another team effort working behind the scenes for the fans. the team that puts together all the food sold at the stadium. we have a look today at the new dishes that will be offered this season. the aramark team feeds 70,000
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people on game day. >> a lot of people think we show up on sunday and we execute and feed 70,000 people. unfortunately, we put forth a lot of effort seven days out to make sure everything is made fresh, the quality is there. >> what's new on the menu? how about a beef brisket meet ball sandwich, or chipotle mac and cheese topped with pulled pork or cool ranch doritos. game number two against the ravens saturday night, game time 7:00, coverage begins at 6:30. the forecast for that game and the weekend overall may become a challenge. it will be more comfortable than the game we saw on sunday. we've been tracking showers for
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the last several hours. still some more on the radar, more downpours are coming, and that would generally be tomorrow and tomorrow night. we have some changes in what danny has done in the atlantic. the last 12 hours or so. a lot of parts of the philadelphia area nice and sunny right now. others were getting plenty of rain. 89 degrees, feels like 91. with a higher humidity. we got into the 90s once again, fine day in a row. 92 degrees for the official high. i don't think we're going to get there tomorrow or friday or saturday or sunday. some of the places cool down by the rain, like quakertown and doylestown, down into the 70s, 78 in trenton, it's 83 in wilmington. 84 in mt. holly. 78 in wrightstown, heavy rain down there too. the wind coming in off the ocean is just going to continue to feed in moisture.
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we have that small area for a flash flood warning. it's a populated area, that goes until 7:30 tonight. that includes parts of the cheltenham township. abington, willow grove. maple glenn, warminster, up to doylesto doylestown. there's been some heavy rain in a few places. this is the radar estimates, where you don't see any green, there's no rain. a lot of places, but within to two to three inches of rain, and a few separate spots, and we're going to see more spots like that tomorrow and tomorrow night. you see the radar is getting more and more clear by the minute. delaware is clearing out. much of jersey, we have one shower coming through the flash flood area, fortunately that has weakened, but we are going to continue to see some showers develop toward morning. and then as we go through the day, we have some of the
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heating, we're going to see more and more of some of those heavy showers and thunderstorms. look at that, you can see that a lot of the activity is going to be north and west during the daytime hours tomorrow, and then tomorrow night, it comes across everywhere. and then it stalls right along the coast as we head to the weekend. in the meantime, danny is looking less organized and does not look like it's going to be strengthening for quite a while. showers and storms weakening. very humid tonight. tomorrow the showers and storms will come late in the afternoon and at night. temperatures in the mid-80s, there's a localized flood threat again tomorrow and friday morning. temporary grig as the front stalls along the coast. that leads to a chance of showers over the weekend, it will not be anywhere near 90, though. until we get into next week, where it starts to warm up
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again. ahead, the latest on a potential chase utley trade. one of the eagles top offensive weapon willings returns to practice.
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hi, i'm amy fadool from comcast sportsnet. the phillies and dodgers are working on a trade involving chase utley. it's yet to be finalized. it appears one of the most beloved phillies could be on his way out. here is chase utley on the field today. jim salisbury is reporting, the
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dodgers are the focal point of the trait talks regarding utley. utley would be reunited with former double play partner jimmy rollins who was traded there this past offseason. as for the eagles they were back at work today at the nova care complex. both running back demarco murray and de mika ryans. here's murray today participating in drills, the eagles have been very cautious with murray's practice time thus far. coming off a heavy work load thus far. he feels ready to play saturday if called upon. >> we'll see how it goes, i feel good, and like i said, it's obviously chip's decision what he wants to do, i feel good. i wouldn't put a number on him. obviously we're out here practicing, working. you definitely want a touch or two here in the preseason. >> you get a feel for it, hits in. >> legal's actually shared their practice field today.
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all leading up to the preseason game saturday night right here on nbc10 at 7:00. with the ravens in town, that means joe flacco in philadelphia today joining his ravens teammates at practice. eagles say it's a big difference to practice against another team. >> i can tired of going against lane and selleck. i have to go against a couple other guys, that's fun. >> it's fun to get a different look against quality phis. you have joe flacco, steve smith out there, they give quality looks. they're a good team we respect, it's a lot of good competition. >> nbc10 is your home for preseason game number two against the ravens. game time is 7:00, our coverage begins at 6:30. the latest on chase utley as well as plenty of eagles coverage tonight. amy, also tonight at 11:00, the judge links a man's money
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problems to his heritage. the courtroom outburst that has the judge apologizing.
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come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free.
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sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. the end of the extreme heat. >> it's going to end with a bang as the front comes in. the rain that we have today, i think it's going to become more widespread. localized flooding with that. around the front that's causing that may stall along the coast and affect us over the weekend. sheena will have a look at that at 11:00. we'll take a closer look at that tomorrow. it's the critical part of the forecast leer. you can see the temperatures are down. the heat wave is over after five days. 27th day of 90 degree temperatures here. it's about average for the whole year. >> for the whole year, we'll be looking forward to a little bit more comfortable temperatures. >> heavy showers coming late
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tomorrow and tomorrow night, and then things quiet down next week. >> for all of us here at nbc10, the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. have a great evening opinion tonight, feeling the heat. hillary clinton hunkers down as her team does damage control. new evidence that the e-mail investigation is taking a toll as new numbers reveal donald trump now closing in. pleading guilty. a stunning admission from the man whose life story so many came to follow as the face of subway. the dark secrets prosecutors say he's been hiding for years and what the company is saying tonight. desperate escape from isis. nbc news on the front lines of one of the biggest humanitarian crises in modern history. a harrowing mass exodus to get out alive. and targeting cancer. not by where it's located in your body. instead a whole new way of shrinking tumors. exciting results. you'll meet a woman who is living pr


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