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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> it's not so much changing uniforms, but it's really about leaving the city that's given so much to me over the course of 12 or 13 years that i've been here. >> chase utley talking about his trade. the phillies made it official just minutes ago. this hometown hero is heading to los angeles. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> the trade rumors very swirling all day, the confirmation came less than 15 minutes ago with a fair well speech from one of the most popular in history. >> let's go to amy fedual. >> not because they're headed out to miami, chase utley was
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traded to the los angeles dodgers, literally 15 minutes ago as jim mentioned, it brings to the end a tenure of arguably the greatest second baseman in phillies history. here is utley addressing him live. we'll hear from him later in sports. philadelphia says good-bye to a true fan-favorite. chase utley, a man of few words always let his play do the talking. dating back to the first game he started. >> long drive, could it be? it is out of here! chase is going to keep going, and he's safe at home plate. >> wow. >> chase utley, you are the man. >> a center piece of a 2008 world series championship team, utley showcased a side seldom seen at the parade. >> world [ bleep ] champion! >> always beloved by the fans, utley's departure stings for some. >> really miserable. you know, favorite player. favorite player since i've been
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born, you know. >> something bigger for him. you know, maybe hollywood do better there, you never know. >> while others realize it's all part of rebuilding. >> excited for the future. it'll be neat to see all these guys grow together and be a team again and hopefully they can do what they did in 2008. >> you know, hopefully they can rebuild and do something better. >> of course, chase utley is going to the dodgers where jimmy rollins is, he was traded there in the offseason. we'll hear from the guy who harry dubbed the man later in sports. breaking news now, three firefighters are dead and several others injured while batting this wild fire in washington state. a sheriff says one of the injured firefighters is in critical condition. about 1300 people in nearby towns have been told to evacuate. 100 wild fires are burning throughout the west. nearly 30,000 firefighters are battling them. here at home, new at 11:00, sink holes in the street.
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neighbors say the problem is so bad they're afraid of getting swallowed up. >> and the sink holes have been there for months. nbc 10 kate jones reports from north philadelphia. >> reporter: best way to show you to use a gopro, i'm going to drop this bad boy into the ground right here. this is the hole, you can see how deep it is, and you can see why neighbors are so concerned. orange cones, and orange barriers outline an orange playground on the streets. underneath these kids small feet, a large, wide sink hole that stretches several feet deep. it's enough for this woman to stick to the sidewalks. >> i don't let my grandson play in the street. because i'm scared. >> reporter: she told me she frequently contacts the streets department. >> we call a long time ago, and they never showed up. >> reporter: and yet neighbors tell us these two have been open since june. he keeps a keen eye on the cones. >> old lady almost fell in
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there, if i didn't grab her, she would have fell. >> reporter: we called the street department ourselves and they showed up. he wouldn't answer questions, we watched the worker check the larger sink hole, go back to his car, and then leave. >> somebody going to get hurt. you know. they ain't doing their job. >> reporter: we pressed harder and a spokesperson for the street department told us, they're waiting on the water department to assess the dirty water at the bottom of the deep hole. neighbors with children say they can't wait any longer. >> what if the kids go over there? they're going to go all the way down. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> we reached out tonight, but we haven't received a response. power is back on after lightning hit a power pole in north philadelphia. nbc 10 here at wither can and wyoming where we found a crew making repairs right there. for a while, the traffic light was out and so were the lights at nearby businesses. no storms in sight tonight, nbc 10 on state street where we
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found people dining out. that doesn't mean we're done with the rain yet. >> let's see what we're going to expect tomorrow. this rain also means finally the end of our heat wave. >> yeah, and we've been talking about that too aside from the storms in the forecast, at least the heat, at least the 90-degree heat will come to an end. right now we're in nice and dry across most of the area. tomorrow, though, the rain chances come right back. so there is a cold front that's approaching, ahead of that, we still have this warm and humid air mass. a lot of moisture here to work with. that's why the rain chances will stay up, behind it we have dry air, that'll move in through the day on friday and also as we start off your weekend. now the heat wave has been continuing, it continued today as well, as temperatures in the low 90s. the advertised 85 degrees, so tomorrow, and even friday, we expect to be down closer to our average and that's going to really end the heat wave across the area. future weather here though keeps temperatures pretty warm overnight by early tomorrow
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morning for the morning commute, mostly in 70s around 80 degrees too, we're going to be surprised if we saw a stray shower around for the commute, but in the afternoon, that's when we expect to see the best chances for thunderstorms, especially later tomorrow night and early friday. coming up, we'll show you closer look at the timing on that and of course a check on the tropics. tonight, a delaware county judge attacks a man's heritage in the courtroom. he is now ordered a new hearing for the man who endured the anti-greek tirade. >> after george spencer asked questions, the judge says he regrets the language used. >> the head was down, she was crying. >> reporter: her mother brought him to the u.s. from greece when he was just three. she says her family almost never faced discrimination, until last month, here in the delaware county courthouse when judge michael cole launched into an anti-greek rant in the wake of that country's well publicized debt crisis. >> if you said that about us,
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you know he would have said it about anybody, blacks, hispanics. >> reporter: it claims that she was tens of thousands in the rears, are you of greek background, sir? >> yes, sir, gus replied. right, the greeks never pay taxes, then over attorney objections, he continued. that's why their country is in bankruptcy. the attorney objected again, but cole continued, so can i take judicial notice of the fact that the greeks are in bankruptcy as a nation, and one of the reasons the principle reason is because none of them ever pay taxes. for the mother, it was an unexpected attack. >> i never feel like this in my life. >> reporter: as the rant continued, the attorney said, your honor, i object to lumping my client in with the entire country of greece. the what the judge asked? i object. i object to the statements you're making, she said. well, i'm -- anesthesia are
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simply statements of fact, right? the judge replied. when we inquired today, judge cole had a different stance, saying quote, my language does not accurately reflect my feelings about the greek community and i regret the language i used during the hearing. >> i would love for him to apologize to me, face to face. you know, he did it -- he said it to me to my face, he can apologize to me to my face. >> reporter: in addition to the apology, he vacanted the order signed at that the hearing and requested a new hearing with a different judge. hardest will be back at this courthouse on the matter tomorrow morning. george spencer, nbc 10 news. two teens are recovering tonight after a shooting in philadelphia's section, it's the third shooting in the same area within the past four days. seven people have been shot, all of them within a three block raids you. this afternoon's shooting happened on rosslyn street, it's not clear if the gunfire is
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related. driver will not face charges for killing a toddler in burlington county. we first brought you this story last night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. a family was walking home from a park when the driver hit them on bud town road in southampton township. neighbors say there are no streetlights or sidewalks on that road. it was once one of the most recognizable fast food pitchman in the country, tonight, former subway spokesman jared fogle is on a path to prison. he had sex with minors, cameras swarmed him outside the federal court in indianapolis today. fogle will enter the plea at a later date. he'll be sentenced to five to 12 years in prison, he will also pay $100,000 to the 14 alleged victims the government has identified. fogle became the face of subway ads after shedding more than 200 pounds as a college student. he did it in part by eating subway sandwiches.
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he was the public face for more than 150 years before subway cut ties with him this week. >> jared fogle will go to prison, he will do his time, he expects to get well. he expects to continue to make amends to those people whose lives he has affected. >> the family members say they are shocked and disappointed. his wife issued a separate statement saying, she's now seeking a divorce. tonight, a mainline prep school guidance counselor is accused of trying to seduce a student by promising an ivy league education in exchange for sex. emily feeney has been fired. she surrendered today. she is suspected of sending hundreds of messages, including topless photos to a 16-year-old boy. prosecutors say she promised the boy admission to harvard, as long as he agreed to her advances. but they say the boy repeatedly declined. a federal judge has thrown out part of a lawsuit stemming from this train derailment in
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gloucester county nearly three years ago. seven con rail train cars derailed. 20,000 gallons of hazardous chemicals spilled. several residents sued. some sued bsx and norfolk which are connected. but this new ruling dismisses claims against bsx and norfolk southern. a trial is scheduled for next month. >> the ben franklin bridge will play a part in preparations for the papal visit and not just for pedestrians. here's a live look now. it's going to be closed to traffic while the pope is here, but the parking lots under it will be used as a stabling area for thousands of first responders. the area will include a mobile kitchen and canteen, the delaware river port authority approved the plan today. delaware was bracing far lot of tourists to stay in their state and commute to philadelphia for the popes visit, but so far, businesses say, its been kind of a bust. hotels we talked to say the demand is less than expected. the delaware hotel and lodging
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association says, even philadelphia hotels still have space. so delaware hotels aren't getting the boom they thought they might, that said, delaware hotel operators are still hoping for some last minute impulse road trippers. nbc 10 was the first local news station to visit the poem's homeland in argentina all this week we're sharing new stories from our trip where i learned about the culture and experiences that helped shape the papacy. reports all this week on nbc 10 news at 5:00. and tap on the nbc 10 news app to find details on all the transportation and security changes you can expect in philly that week. also find the pope's itinerary so you can plan your trip. heavy rain, the chance for flooding coming up when the strongest storms will hit our area. sexually explicit message printed on a receipt. >> i couldn't believe it. >> what happened when i showed up and asked questions. then this top mainline restaurant infested by roaches, new tonight, what else officials found inside after owners had
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days to clean.
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inspectors found more problems to the best chinese food in the nation. they returned and found more roaches and more containers of moldy, expired food. we first told you about the problems last night. manager says the restaurant is fixing the problems and hopes to reopen within the next few days. new at 11:00, food delivered with a side of vulgarity. south jersey woman was shocked to see what was written on a restaurant receipt. >> it's a message so explicit, we have to blur part of it. we have the story. >> reporter: a go-to restaurant for pizza and wings in bridgeton county is the last place you'll find loretta smith lane. >> i had to shake my head because i couldn't belief it. >> reporter: she placed an order for wings july 25th at danny's
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pizza pizazz in bridgeton. >> i ordered wings, fried hard. >> reporter: she was shocked by a receipt carrying more specific instructions. fried hard like a, and that's when the instructions turned racial and sexually explicit. >> i was very offended and upset. disrespected to get those words on a receipt. >> reporter: i went to danny's pizza where she placed her order. >> it's not us. >> reporter: the manager who lane says denied the receipt came from here and told me to speak to his father, owner danny. i just to want hear what you have to say about it. then i tried in person. this is your opportunity to speak to us and talk and tell your side. >> please get off my property. >> reporter: he had no on-camera comment, but in text messages, loretta shared with nbc 10, he apologized to her for his son's choice of words, saying he made a very bad decision, quote definitely not professional. but they have backtracked saying
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he can't be entirely sure where the receipt came from. >> he needs to realize what he's done. and it's not acceptable, not to me. and i wouldn't want anyone to go through what i went through. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. there is progress tonight in the effort to end pennsylvania's seven-week long budget stalemate. top republican lawmakers met with governor wolf in harrisburg today. they will meet a key demand to boost public school aid. there are still details that need to be ironed out. it's unclear when they'll meet next. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget for more than 40 days. ♪ ♪ you taste what you're made you have ♪ rascal flatts take the stage as the second on the beach this summer. the first with maroon 5 went well the casino redevelopment authority is considering building a permanent stage for future concerts.
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but a bill before the governor could stop that. dinner returns to philadelphia tomorrow. this is video of last year's event in center city. it's french for dinner in white. it is a picnic for participants find out the exact location of the feast minutes before it happens. some 4500 people have signed up for tomorrow's top of dinner. and they will to take their own tables and table cloths and food. so hopefully they won't be walking in the rain, let's hope not, sheena. we have rain in the forecast though, you want to at least have the radar our news app on your phone, check where the storms are, stay updated with us, but we expect more thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow, especially early friday. thunderstorms and humidity staying in the forecast until the dry air moves in late friday and early saturday. we could be seeing some locally heavy rain fall through the area and we saw the tropical storm out in the atlantic.
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i'll show you updates in just a minutes as well. the forecast tomorrow morning, temperatures will be mostly in the mid-70s by that time around 7:00 a.m. even 8:00 in the morning too. but we will be expected to stay mostly dry in the morning hours. right now we're mostly dry on radar, the rain is expected, mainly tomorrow afternoon and evening, but especially as we go late into tomorrow night. if we look back off to the west and the south, we have a lot of moisture here, that's going to be moving in. so thunderstorms will be staying in the forecast, but at least they'll be breaking the heat wave that's been in place. here's tropical storm danny still out in the tropic, landing far away, winds 50 miles an hour, it is still a tropical storm, but it's moving to the west, northwest around ten miles an hour, here's the official track. the most updated track on tropical storm danny continues taking it west into the caribbean. possibly as a category one, but this is going to be sunday into monday. so, of course we'll have more updates over the weekend, but still very far away from the united states by then anyway.
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future weather for us though, mostly dry overnight, early tomorrow morning, can't rule out showers, but more cloud cover through today. that'll hold temperatures in the 80s within pretty much keeping us out of the heat wave, then through the afternoon, better chance of thunderstorms around tomorrow night by 11:00 p.m. to midnight, we could see a line of showers and storms approaching, some locally heavy, and into very early friday. most of it could be around before the morning commute, clearing through the afternoon, humidity drops off, so most of your friday's going to be really great, even saturday morning, we'll have to be watching for lingering rain over the weekend. the cold front approaches thursday and friday. that's why we have the showers around, clears as we go into the weekend, but this area of low pressure may very well keep that front just hanging offshore. so that's why we could keep some rain in the weekend forecast. we'll update that tomorrow as well. warm and humid temperatures, mid to low 70s, showers and storms mostly in the afternoon hours. we'll be in the mid-80s, then we
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go into friday, the morning showers around, we drive through the afternoon, humidity drops, saturday looks good for the eagles, but we'll have to watch the rain chances and temperatures stay in the 80s. i'm amy foould, the end of an era tonight as we told you within the past hour, the phillies announced the trade of chase utley to the dodgers. coming up, we're going to hear from chase as he says good-bye to philadelphia, that's next.
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tea? now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hi, i'm fadool from kprast sportsnet, it's the end of an era. chase utley is trade d to the
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dodgers. this was utley tonight tipping his hat to the fans. utley now joins former teammate and double play partner jimmy rollins in l.a. here is chase talking about leaving philadelphia. >> it was a very, very difficult decision for me and my family to go. it's not so much changing uniforms, but it's really about leaving the city that has, that has given so much to me over the course of 12 or 13 years that i've been here. so it's definitely difficult, like ruben said, it's time. >> as for tonight's game, kind of a waiting game, big night offensively for the phillies, rookie aaron altaire drives one left, gone. two-run shot for the first major league home run, phillies beat the blue jays 7-4, they split the two-game set. as for the eagles, back to work together joint practices with
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the baltimore ravens. both running backs murray and ryan practicing today after sitting out earlier in the week. here is murray today participating in drills, eeg lgs have been have been -- eagles have been cautious coming off a heavy workload with the cowboys. murray says he feels ready to play saturday, if called upon. >> we'll see thousand goes. i feel good, and like i said, it's, it's obviously chip's decision what he wants to do. i feel good and definitely hoping to play. i wouldn't put a number on it. so out here practicing, out here working and definitely want to get a touch or two here in the preseason. just a feel for. get a couple hits in and what not. >> nbc 10 is your home for preseason game number two against the baltimore ravens saturday night. game time at 7:00, our coverage begins at 6:30. that'll do it for sports, we're right back after this.
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couple near pittsburgh looking for someone knew to live in a home that might be familiar to horror movie fans. tloot e-story victorian was moved by the buffalo bill in the 1991 film of the silence of the lambs, the asking price is $300,000. the home's hollywood ties could make it more desirable, or could make it a little creepy, not sure which. >> hannibal lecter, no thanks. the tonight show is coming up next. >> let's check in with jimmy. >> thank you, and everyone in philadelphia, heidi klum is here. carly ray jepson develope not change the channel. >> all right. heidi klum still looking great. >> of course. of course. >> rain in the forecast tomorrow later in the day tomorrow night, beginning into very early friday. but the good news it's going to break us out of the heat wave, it'll still be humid, but then the weekend, humidity starts to
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drop off, so it'll feel much better by the end of the week. >> no more 90s and stuff. for a while anyway. >> thanks. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching, have a great night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- heidi klum. david oyelowo.


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