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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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76 degrees. low clouds are moving back in just like the last couple of days. just like the last couple of days a southeasterly wind. 82 by noon. by lunch time see scattered showers and thunderstorms and continue into the early afternoon showers. neighbor-by-neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. but first a check of traffic with jessica boyington. >> out on 95 right now. around cottman avenue. 62 miles per hour is your average speed. southbound from wood haven road toward the vine street expressway so doing okay there. 42 freeway in new jersey you can see the cars moving along clean up towards the walt whitman bridge five minute trip there and northbound from 55 and no problems heading southbound as well. took a look at the walt whitman
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bridge and approaching that scene is doing okay. no problems with the rest of the bridges. it was expected but still going to be tough for a lot of fans to swallow. one of philadelphia's most beloved athletes is headed out west. chase utley arguably the greatest second baseman in phillies history is now a los angeles dodger. katy zachry, we heard from chase last night and it was pretty emotional. >> he really had some heartfelt remarks for the fans which you'll hear in a minute. first there was this classy good-bye. take a look at this video. tip of his cap, longtime phillies second baseman chase utley said good-bye to philadelphia. official word of his trade to the l.a. dodgers came out during last nice's game. in exchange they get two other players. utley has been playing very well since his return from the disabled list earlier this
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month. >> i'm not necessarily an emotional guy but the city has meant a lot to me over the years. and i don't mean to keep you guys, but coming up, being drafted by the phillies in 2000, i feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization. >> reporter: some nice remarks from him there. what do phillies and chase utley fans think? last night, they had a lot to say. this morning, they are not holding back as well and i'm working on that story for 5:30. reporting live in south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc10 news. overnight, investigators are trying to figure out exactly how a man died while running in ft. washington state park in montgomery county. a group of friends went for a run last night and the man got separated from the group. police think he got disoriented from the heat and he fell down a ravine.
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his body was found hours later. the coroner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. monique braxton will have a live report from the park coming up at 6:00 a.m. raging wildfires in washington state have been deadly. three firefighters were killed investigators say the three firefighters actually were involved in a crash and then the flames swallowed up the vehicle. this was in central washington state. four other firefighters were hurt. one is in critical condition. officials have ordered people in several nearby towns to evacuate as the flames continue to advance. 29,000 firefighters are battling about 100 wildfires burning throughout the west. the fast moving flames forced a television reporter to clear out of the area. gabe cohen from our nbc10 affiliate in spokane was in the middle of a live report when he said firefighters just ordered him to evacuate. 5:03. preparing for the pope. in case you didn't get those septa regional rail passes for the weekend of the papal visit
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earlier this month, you now have another chance to do so. tomorrow, septa will begin in-person sales for one-day regional passes and they are $10 each and riders can purchase up to ten passes each day until they sell out. this morning, we have learned that thousands of first responders will use parking lots under the ben franklin bridge as a staging area during the papal visit and that will include a mobile kitchen and canteen. a live look at the bridge this morning which will be closed to vehicular traffic while the pope is here but the span will be open to pedestrians. it was not open yet for nbc10's matt delucia earlier this morning because the pedestrian gate doesn't open until 6:00 a.m. normally but matt is on the philadelphia side of the bridge there. matt, walk us through your trek to the art museum this morning. >> we didn't have to walk the 1.8 miles over the ben franklin bridge because it is closed until 6:00 a.m. you got to figure tens of
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thousands of people will be making the trek over this bridge next month during that papal visit. people will come off the bridge, off the side here and walk into the city right up to eakins oval have the pope is giving that mass. 1.8 miles long, this bridge. remember you have to take the trip back into camden as well. camden, for the most part, will be shut down to cars and good luck if you think you're going to be able to park anywhere close. this was all laid out in a news conference last week and i'm told the plans have still rather fluid, at least as far as the jersey side. there have been meetings almost every day for the better part of a year on this issue. officers are being trained for specific areas especially around mass transit and this bridge. >> we take this very seriously. i think everybody has seen the want to come and see the pope and we have to look at that and take that very seriously. therefore, our main focus is going to be moving people into
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camden over to philadelphia, back into camden and out of camden each day. >> reporter: of course, this morning we are trying to give you a little bit of a glimpse what that journey is like. we are at the base of the ben franklin bridge here on the philadelphia side and we will be making the walk right now through the streets of philadelphia only up to eakins oval. this is about four miles from camden where the pope is giving that mass in about a month. you have a lot of planning you need to be doing as well, especially where you're going to park and pick up mass transit and hold out walking that is going to be required. we have got our news advance over here. we are going to park that there and start our walk and we will be periscoping this as well so follow me at matt delucia and chris and tracy will be following that as well and updating people on that progress as we make our way. this is something that is important because you got to
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plan for weather. if it's a little bit muggy out here this morning so you got to plan for that and what to wear. bring a lot of water with you. we will be helping you along the way on that account as well. live at the base of the bridge in philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> you stay safe out there and we will check in with him as he makes his journey the next couple of hours. how the pope's visit is sparking careers with the church. at 5:30 we look at how delaware is preparing for the crowds. 5:45 a look at security plans outside of philadelphia to make sure everyone is staying safe. happening today, a new york man will be sentenced for letting his underaged daughter drive a vehicle that crashed killing three teenagers from bucks county. the three teens died in a crash in the poconos last summer. they were all students at council rock high school south. michael ware admitted he let his 15-year-old daughter drive his
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daughter last suggest. it flipped several times on a road in wayne county. ware could face up to 21 years in prison. a main line prep school guidance counselor is accused of promising student admission to harvard in exchange for sex. she is suspected of sending hundreds of messages, including topless photos, to a 16-year-old boy. investigators say the boy repeatedly declined her advances. if you're driving in philadelphia today, get ready for extra traffic. it's move-in day for freshmen at penn. freshman starting this year will graduate in 2019. how about that? >> wow. 8 minutes after 5:00. another muggy warm start this morning. this morning, tracking some showers and thunderstorms. they are not in the area just yet. but later this morning, and this afternoon, you can count on some showers in the area. this evening, overnight tonight
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and into tomorrow morning, the potential for some heavy rainfall. we will see the rain come to an end and the weekend will be warm. the weekend rain, showers activity just slight chance for saturday and sunday. most of the time it will be dry. most of the area right now is dry. though, the clouds are back. 72 degrees in doylestown. philadelphia, 77. 75 right new in millville. look at the clouds. dramatic view from the nbc10 studios. a little bit of a breeze and warm, muggy breeze this morning. the showers to the southwest. thunderstorms to the south. these may be the first showers to move into the area. they are moving through eastern maryland right now heading into southern delaware. you can see some thunderstorm activity there. chance of some thunderstorms will be increasing during the afternoon. right now we are just spotting some very light showers in lancaster county as they try to move into southeastern pennsylvania. the temperatures will be moving up into the lower 80s for allentown and quaker town and showers and thunderstorms developing for the pocono
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mountains. 75 degrees today. storms this afternoon for doylestown and trenton and mt. holly and cape may 86 this afternoon. the showers and thunderstorms could be here as early as noon time. 84 degrees at dover this afternoon. no 90s here. wilmington a high of 85. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 10 minutes after 5:00. so far so good on the roads this morning. i don't want to jinx us. >> jessica boyington is watching the roads. >> on the vine street expressway right now moving along nicely if you're heading eastbound or westbound. road construction work but not blocking any lanes and coming off that ramp. part of the shoulder is blocked out there but heading eastbound toward 95. westbound toward the schuylkill expressway if you're heading to
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30th street station, about a two minute trip from 95 up towards the schuylkill so you can see we are moving. on the rest of our majors around the area 95 schuylkill expressway moving great if you're heading into the center city area from the blue route to the vine 13 minute trip there and blue route doing okay and 16 minute minute from the schuylkill to the 95. more drive times in ten. security screenings is not just for the airport any more. we will tell you about plans by one major movie theater to start searching your bags. plus this. >> i don't want anyone to go through what i went through. >> customer complaint. one woman found a message written on her restaurant receipt. it's so bad, we had to blur parts of it.
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we are following two international breaking news stories right now. this just coming in. there are reports that north and south korea have fired at each other. one fired and the other returned fire. we are monitoring this situation and see what develops there. an affiliate of isis says it's responsible for the car bomb that hit a security building in cairo. six police officers were injured in that blast. the isis affiliate says the bombing was to avenge the execution of six militants in may. the affiliate has carried out
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major attacks against security forces before. back here in the states. new this morning we are learning more about a shoot-out at a north carolina church between a suspect and police officers. investigators say the man was alone in the church when police got there. that is when they say he exchanged gunfire with the officers. the suspect is now in custody. no one was hurt during the shooting. in st. louis, a deadly officer-involved shooting is prompting residents to spill into the streets in protests. investigators say two suspects ran from officers who were search a search warrant. one of them shot and killed after pointing a handgun at the officers. tensions remain high in the city ten days after protests erupted on the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. the next time you check out a movie at a regal cinemas don't to search your bag. they will now search bags and backpacks as customerãbuilding.
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we acknowledge this procedure can cause some inconvenience and not without flaws and hope in minor to the increased safety. it comes on the heels of movie theaters in tennessee last month. one killed two people and injured nine others in lafayette. in cumberland county, a woman was shocked by the receipt that was attached to an order she placed last month at danny's pizza pizzazz. the receipt carried cooking instructions that were racial and sexually explicit. >> i was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt. >> the owner of danny's pizza pizzazz would not talk to us on
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camera but he says he cannot be entirely sure where that vulgar receive came from. inspectors said they found more dead roaches at yangming restaurant. five days after a customer reported finding roaches in her food. investigators gave them five days to clean up but when they went back yesterday, they found more bugs and containers of moldy food. a growing group of aspiring priests will greet the pope when he visits philadelphia next month. the archdiocese of philadelphia has announced a significant increase in the number of people being called to religious ceremonies. >> this is a three-fold increase over last year. and it is the highest number of in the archdiocese of philadelphia in more than ten years. >> the archdiocese also announced a new vocation program
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titled called by name. it asks parishioners to bring forward the name of potential candidates for religious life. the program will launch this fall. we have a traffic alert for drivers in delaware. route 10 will soon be down to one lane on a bridge over the st. joan's river and stay that way until december as workers build a pedestrian and bike path. it starts on monday so there is that heads-up. jessica boyington has a heads-up what is happening on 309 now. >> we are still a little bit empty so good news if you're heading out the door on 309 northbound or southbound. no problems right around the5 p.a. turnpike. barely even a car in sight and all lanes open. no construction in the area to good news across the board there. blue route everything is moving along there as well. 15 minutes in either direction. at the most take you about 15 minutes from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. currently mass transit doing great this morning with no
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delays for new jersey transit septa or the patco speed line. coming up more drive times for you at 5:25. the last couple of mornings we have seen clouds move into the area to start with and we are seeing it again today. this is a view from high top the comcast center looking towards city hall. &háhp &hc% the clouds are thickening up a little bit. no sign of showers in our area but that will be changing later this morning and this afternoon. 77 degrees right now. in the 80s today. about 10 degrees warmer than it is right now for a high temperature. dry at the shore but showers and thunderstorms a real possibility during the late morning and afternoon hours. through the day, there is that southeasterly breeze we have seen the last few days and bringing in the humidity so really muggy start this morning. showers are to our west. showers are heaviest to the west of baltimore but those storms will be on the move on. so will these.
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this line of showers coming through tonight with the potential for heavy rain. during the day today, mostly cloudy skies. showers develop later this morning and thunderstorms this afternoon and highánperatures in the 80s and heavy rainfall overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. then the storms will be clearing out in the afternoon and the humidity will start to come down as we good into the weekend. warm day. not a hot day. saturday up to 85. partly sunny skies on saturday and sunday a slight chance of a weekend shower. by monday partly sunny skies and up to 90 degrees and 80s for tuesday and wednesday. we are seeing fewer new businesses here in the u.s. but there is one exception. the experts at cnbc will explain why women-owned businesses are booming. impromptu picnic returns to philadelphia today and we will tell you what need to know about dinner enblayc and how to find
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leave the black tuxes at home. the dinner celebration in philadelphia. is it diner enblanc or dinner? they say it's dinner. 4,500 people will be dressed in white. they all dress in white and have dinner at a secret location and
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it's still secret and they won't know where it is until a few minutes before it happens. this is video of last year's event in center city. it's a chic picnic they say. we have a link at if you want to know more. >> fancy. >> do not get mustard on your white. if bacon is more your style, then today's south jersey bacon and beer festival is for you. >> that's you. >> i need to find this. you can taste a variety of dishes all featuring bacon. it starts at 5:00 this evening at the cloollinswood grand ballroom. a new data shows more women are starting their own companies. landon dowdy is here with that story in business news. good morning to you. the gross of new businesses in u.s. have stalled but new data says the number of women-owned
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companies is on rise. . it rose 27%. the number of self-employed women and those who own companies with employees has climbed to nearly 10 million. experts say women face challenges getting access to capital. wall street we could see more red arrows today after stocks fell sharply on wednesday. the meeting suggests the central bank is moving closer to raising interest rates but a slide in oil prices fueled the decline and now crude at 6 1/2 year lows. housing falling 162 points to 17349. nasdaq down 40 to 1519. back to you. >> we will see what happens today. thanks. low temperatures should be in the 60s this time of year. not the last few days and not this morning. a warm muggy start. mostly cloudy skies over center city.
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can you see the low clouds or start to see them now that skies are brightening a little bit. 76 degrees at 5:26. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> a quiet morning on the blue route. southbound no problems. coming up at 5:30 we are going to take live pictures of the schuylkill expressway and check out the drive times there. it is the end of an era for chase utley fans. last night was his final game at citizens bank park. find out where he is going next and why some fans say they are okay with it. i'm matt delucia. we are at tenth and arch where a lot of people are making that pilgrimage to camden during the papal visit next month. we are doing that walk for you live and back after the break.
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about leaving the city that has given so much to me over the course of the 12 or 13 years that i've been here. >> philadelphia fan favorite chase utley says farewell. we will live with the details on the trade and reaction from phillies fans. >> a walk tens of thousands of people will make to see the
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pope. look at this. matt delucia started part of that pilgrimage about a half an hour ago and he is walking and carefully crossing the street right now with his luggage or some type of equipment there. we will check in live with matt coming up. another hot and humid start today with storms on the way. already 76 degrees. we will have the forecast coming up. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. another muggy one out there. we will get storms this afternoon that may give us some relief. meteorologist bill henley. >> fingers crossed, maybe? >> it won't be as hot as the last few days. 77 degrees. we should be 10 degrees cooler at this hour this time of year. showers and some thunderstorms. they are lining up to our southwest. they are going to be slow to move in during the morning


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