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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ago. this 2-year-old was last seen at arkansas and atlantic avenues. officers say the girl was taken from her mother by her father, who does not have custody of the child. the child was wearing orange shorts and a white teeshirt. also right now at 6:00, tracking storms. some people are seeing a lot of rain. the nbc 10 first alert weather radar shows where you the worst of it is and more heavy rain is expected tonight. there is already a flood watch for our area so be prepared if you are heading out this evening. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the storms for us and joins us now. glenn? >> some places had a lot of rain for a lot of hours and others have yet to see a drop. but there has been some rain in the philadelphia area. there will continue to be more threats overnight. that's why a flash flood watch is in effect for much of the area until 9:00 tomorrow morning. we think most of the rain will be over several hours before that time. it's sure not over now. you can see a large area of rain. the heaviest continues to be to
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the west of the philadelphia area. we have some really heavy rain coming into berks county, the western portion of berks just west of reading. this is an area that's already had probably more than two inches of rain in some spots so there could be flooding in that area. another batch just west of allentown right along i-78. this is moderate to heavy. it's headed up toward the pocono mountains. as you can see, there's more back to the west. some big storms in northeastern maryland and even bigger ones farther to the west. those are things we will have to watch through the evening hours because the future cast weather computers showing hour by hour that there will be more heavy showers and storms coming in later on this evening from that western area that we just showed you coming in perhaps even in the middle of the night. we did get up to 90 degrees just barely in philadelphia today, extending the heat wave, but it's down to 79 right now with
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that rain. we will talk more about when the rain moves out, what to expect for the weekend with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> stay on top of the storms tonight with the nbc 10 news app. it's a free download at you can track rain on the radar and get any weather alerts sent right to your phone. two sexual assaults at a philadelphia golf course have police warning women tonight. both times, the vick testimonies were walking by the cobbs creek golf course when they were attacked. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the crime scene. i know police are working on dna evidence. >> reporter: they are gathering dna evidence. they are also looking for surveillance video. right now they don't have access to any. both assaults happened out here on the golf course at nighttime so right now they will have to rely on physical descriptions that are very similar given to detectives by both of these victims. >> these are two sexual assaults including physical assault of
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two women. >> reporter: special victims detectives announcing a clear link between the two cases. both have similar suspect descriptions and both assaults happened on the cobbs creek golf course. an area usually known as a quiet place. >> just wild to think right here on this hole that something that, you know, terrifying can happen to somebody. it's a shame. i really hope that they find the suspect. >> reporter: both victims gave similar descriptions. a 5'5" clean-shaven muscular hispanic male likely in his mid 30s. his most recent assault happened friday when he knocked a 39-year-old woman unconscious. >> immediately approaches her and begins to pull at her clothing, attempting to pull her clothing off. >> reporter: the other case was back in july. police say the victim was literally dragged into the woods. >> he's pouncing on them. he just appears, pounces on them and attacks them. >> i don't travel at nighttime through the golf course. i really don't.
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like i said, i don't think it's safe at all. >> reporter: women are now being warned this area is not a safe place to the walk alone t golf course is often used as a shortcut for people getting to work. >> we ask them to be aware of their surroundings out there, for women to travel in pairs or have someone else with them. he we are looking for any information. >> reporter: police are asking the public for help. anyone with info asked to call the philadelphia police department. meantime, they do believe this suspect may still be in this area. on cobbs creek golf course, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new information on the accident that killed a little boy riding in a wagon and injured his family members. police now say the boy's 18-year-old stepsister has also died. the boy and three young family members were hit by a car as they walked in rural southampton township, burlington county. from the nbc 10 trenton news
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bureau, the american civil liberties union wants the names of the officers who shot a 14-year-old boy earlier this month. the group says the august 7 shooting raises concerns of excessive force by police. investigators tell us the boy pointed a gun at police. he was shot seven times as he want e.r.a. the attorney general's office says it does not release the names of people under investigation who are not charged with a crime. two bridgeton, new jersey police officers will not face charges for shooting and killing a man. it happened during a traffic stop last december. a grand jury decided not to indict the officers for killing 36-year-old jerome reed. the grand jury believed the officers knew reed had once fired on law enforcement and police said they found a gun in the glove box in the car. reed was not holding a gun when the officers shot him. the shooting led to protests in the community. one local activist says the grand jury got it wrong. >> we are outraged about it.
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it's disappointing but not surprising. >> in a statement, bridgeton's police chief says his department stands behind the actions of the officers. from the nbc 10 news delaware bureau, a lot of damage to this bus after it clipped a parked recreational vehicle in delaware city. check out what happened to their rv from this video sent to us by a viewer. the entire side of the camper is gone. new castle county authorities tell us they aren't aware of any injuries. philadelphia is putting the focus on residents and businesses as it finalizes plans for the pope's visit. mayor michael nutter today held a briefing with new information. here are the headlines. a papal playbook will be released monday. it will be an online source for people to get questions answered. a business hotline has fielded more than 100 calls since monday. trash and recycling will be picked up that thursday but suspended friday and monday. nbc 10's deanna durante has more
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on changes for septa riders. >> many of the septa bus routes will be detoured or suspended in the center city region. >> reporter: residents will begin seeing detours as early as the thursday night before the pope arrives so the secret service can begin constructing secure perimeters. beginning at 10:00 on september 24th, regional rail trains will be on the weekend schedule and won't stop at suburban station. subways and trolleys will not stop at 15th street or city hall. that will continue until the end of day on friday. limited service will be in place saturday and sunday. the city and world meeting of families announced the papal playbook will be on the world meeting of family website starting monday afternoon. it's designed to inform residents and provide resources for them. the city says it will be publishing maps on its website to inform residents of where convenience stores, grocery stores and hospitals are so they can find them easily. the mayor stressed those who will be in the restricted areas should plan and stock up on items they need because of the massive crowd. >> the city's 311 call center, philly 311, will move to 24 hour
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operation beginning on thursday, september 24th through monday, september 28th. >> reporter: for people who live in the red zone, the parkway area, it will be shut down and it will be a secure area during the papal mass and the celebration of families. the mayor says the secret service is working with the buildings to let residents know how they will be affected. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a decision on whether philadelphia public schools will be closed on thursday, september 24th is expected at any moment. the schools are already closed on wednesday, the 23rd, for yom kippur and on friday, the 25th, the day before the pope arrives. the school reform commission will vote tonight on whether to also close on thursday. when that school decision happens you will find out about it on the nbc 10 news app. check out other information like traffic and transportation changes with the free download of the app on new public housing is on the way in north philadelphia.
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the housing authority today broke ground on the first phase of the charswood lumber transformation plan. 57 rental units will go up on three parcels of vacant land. today's ceremony was at north 24th and bolton streets. that's next to the current norman lumber apartments. the housing authority is investing $22 million to build the units. some people who live there now are worried about moving. >> it's a sad thing to be here and get kicked out of your home this easy. just because there's money involved. >> the transformation plan has ten phases that will create more than 1200 total housing units. it will take about ten years to complete. it's back to school for students at philadelphia university. the class of 2019 was welcomed at the annual convocation ceremony in east falls.
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650 new students are part of the incoming class. four outstanding educators were given centennial medals. they were nominated by their own students. tens of thousands of people are packing the beach in atlantic city right now to watch the band rascal flatts perform. the band started playing just a few minutes ago. opening act, ashley monroe, warmed up the crowd. tonight's show comes just four days after more than 50,000 people packed this same concert venue to see maroon 5. the big attraction for some concert goers, the family-friendly atmosphere. >> we came here before to the blake shelton and we said we were going to bring the kids back. it's that kind of atmosphere. it was nice. we didn't let them know until we got here. they thought they were doing amusement park. when they got here, they were excit excited. >> the rascal flatts concert is part of atlantic city's concert on the beach series. with nowhere to turn, teens targeted. in the center of this lake by a
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man police say was impersonating a game warden. i'm cydney long. i'll have the details coming up. philadelphia city workers caught up in a sex website scandal. the new information and the investigation into what they may have done wrong. i'm watching storms impacting part of our area right now. fortunately, not atlantic city at the moment. more coming later tonight. the timing, next.
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an investigation is under way to find out if philadelphia city employees used city computers to surf the ashley madison cheating website. a number of e-mail addresses with showed up in a list released by hackers. we spoke to the mayor's office. they say they are looking into the matter. it is against city policy for an employee to use work e-mail for personal use. new at 6:00, two teenagers are targeted by thieves on a local lake. they were robbed of their kayak and fishing gear. police say the bandits preyed on the boys' innocence. they were confronted as they paddled on newtown lake park in collingswood. the robbers said they were law enforcement. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long spoke to the police. >> reporter: it is that serene
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spot where friends jason and sean compete to catch fish every summer. >> i didn't know whether it was he real or not. i didn't want no trouble. i gave him my stuff. >> reporter: on monday while fishing from their kayak from newton creek, a man claiming to be a game warden bumped and bullied them. >> hit the side of my kayak with his. that's when he grabbed it to make sure i couldn't kayak away from it. >> reporter: the man was paddling a bright blue kayak decorated with monster energy and mystery tackle box stickers, they say in an agitated tone he accused them of bullying people on the bank. then he stole nearly $800 in their expensive reels and rods and threatened to take their fishing licenses. >> sean called his dad and i called the police right away. >> when somebody tells you they are an official, you kind of teach them respect the law. >> reporter: he had no badge or uniform. >> he had a little facial hair and he had tattoos on his legs,
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help camo shorts with a green shirt. >> reporter: the teens told police two men waiting on the bank one in a silver nissan, another in a black dodge dart with a rack on the roof helped pull off the creek heist. >> he's like don't call the cops. that's when i called them. then everything just picked up the pace and they all just got away fast as they could. >> reporter: police keeping an eye out for the crooks. >> i hope they're caught. when they do, i hope they throw the book at him. >> reporter: new jersey's division of fish and wildlife just told me they will interview the young men and plan to investigate this alleged crime which could carry additional charges for impersonating a game warden. cydney long, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016, a second lawmaker is running for pennsylvania attorney general. today republican state representative tom stephens announced he wants the job. he joins republican state senator john rafferty in the
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race. kathleen kane now holds that office. she has said she plans to run for a second term despite criminal charges that she leaked grand jury information, then lied about it under oath. kane says she is innocent. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> parts of the area have seen rain for hour after hour after hour with multiple inches. other areas have not seen anything yet. we are tracking those downpours because they are moving fortunately, if they are over one spot we would really be in trouble. a heat wave is ending, didn't quite end today but likely tomorrow. humidity relief. it won't be this sticky by this time tomorrow night, you should notice the difference. cloudy skies right now, down to 79 degrees. pretty humid. feels like 82. we did get up to 90 but that was before noon. now we're in the 70s in many of
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our pennsylvania areas except for northeast philly, bensalem area. in new jersey, there really hasn't been a whole lot of rain over much of the state as you'll see in a minute. right at the shore, temperatures near 80 with the wind coming in off of the ocean and a warmer ocean, at that. the radar estimated rainfall, just want to show you, this regular map color, they've got nothing. that's much of new jersey. closer you get to philadelphia, the better chance you have of some rain. the yellow areas are two inches or more and there's some red areas in parts of berks county near three inches of rain. so that's why there is a flash flood watch, because more is coming to some of those areas. that's until friday morning. we think the activity is going to be gone a little bit before then. you can still see plenty of rain in pennsylvania and in maryland. still not a whole lot in new jersey. the lehigh valley getting hit pretty hard now with some of
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that heavy rain. berks county continues to get it. meanwhile, chester county getting a whole lot more rain than montgomery county which is getting more rain than bucks county. here we are in the lehigh valley again and up toward the pocono mountains, there's pretty heavy rain there as well. there's more coming in from the west. that line of showers and storms has to get through before we can give you the all-clear. and as we go through the night tonight, finally, some showers and storms in new jersey and later on this evening, some of these showers and storms come through the philadelphia area. this latest computer model just in does not have anywhere near as much rain as the previous models. now, at the shore, it's going to be pretty good weekend, not as spectacular as it has been. saturday looks a little better than sunday. more clouds and a chance of showers on sunday. the poconos, gorgeous on saturday, just a chance of a couple showers on sunday. for the rest of the night
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tonight, we have those showers and storms. some of them heavy, moving into new jersey. if you haven't gotten rain yet, you will get some eventually. shore showers early, if anybody's going to get it tomorrow morning. then less humid in the afternoon. temperatures into the 80s. then the lower humidity lasts into saturday, giving a pretty nice day. more clouds coming in on sunday with a chance of a couple of showers, and then we dry out and get real comfortable next week. i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. coming up, chip kelly was noncommittal on whether sam bradford will play on saturday. plus more reaction to the chase utley trade. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid.
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i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. it is day one post-chase utley in philadelphia. the fan favorite second baseman traded to the dodgers late last night in exchange for a minor league outfielder and minor league pitcher. utley gave a tip of the cap to the fans as he left the field for the final time last night, before the trade was announced. he then held a press conference where he thanked the fans for all their support and talked about leaving philadelphia. >> it was a very very difficult decision for me and my family to go. it's not so much changing uniforms, but it's really about leaving the city that has given so much to me over the course of 12 or 13 years that i've been here. so it's definitely difficult but like everyone said, it's time. >> utley is reunited with jimmy
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rollins in l.a., his former double play partner here in philadelphia. rollins is happy for his former world series teammate. >> there will be some new excitement in the clubhouse. he has a chance to play some meaningful baseball late in the year again. that's what we all want. >> then there were two. >> yeah. it's crazy. he's been here ever since i first got called up to the big leagues. yeah, it's going to be different, looking over here and not seeing him there every day. to the eagles now. there was a scare at practice today when linebacker marcus smith was carted off the field. it is being called a hamstring injury. he will have an mri tomorrow. as for quarterback sam bradford, everyone is waiting. head coach chip kelly noncommittal about bradford playing but the quarterback is raring to go. >> our conversation last week, i'm going to play. but with coach, you never know.
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i'm hoping that he hasn't changed his mind. you never like to get hit but sometimes it gets you in the flow of a game. hopefully it doesn't happen. hopefully it's not a big shot. i wouldn't be -- i wouldn't hate going to the ground once and getting up knowing i'm going to be okay. >> eagles fans hoping he does not go to the ground. nbc 10 is your home for preseason game number two against baltimore saturday night, game time 7:00. coverage begins at 6:30. that does it for sports. we'll be right back.
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rascal flatts on the stage right now on the beach in atlantic city. it's what thousands of people have been wait foing for all da. some people got to the beach early this morning to get a good spot. >> lucky with the weather. >> not raining on them right there. >> it will rain there later tonight.
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for all of us, the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." tonight, the fight of his life, an extraordinary show of courage and candor from former president jimmy carter speaking openly about cancer. the hidden melanoma on his brain holding on to faith and family saying his future is in god's hands. wildfire tragedy, firefighters killed, a mystery crash and overcome by raging flames and smoke now surrounding entire towns. aggressive, erratic winds making it increasingly dangerous on the front lines. fighting words, donald trump and jeb bush caught in an uproar over birthright citizen ship and the use of a term people find offensive. gas below $2 in a dozen states. why experts say it's falling so fast, and


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