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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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another nosedive on wall street. stocks opened this morning with a 1,000-point plummet. 1,000 points. here is a live look at the big board of the new york stock exchange, and right now it has recovered since that opening plummet down 348 right now, and this is, of course, after the dow fell 531 points at the close of business on friday. cnbc's courtney reagan joins us live from cnbc headquarters with a look at what's causing this big sell-off, courtney? >> if your show would have started an hour before now things would have looked very, very different. we did open down 1,089 points on the dow and now we're down 350 points and i say only because
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that is significantly better than how we started the day. what's causing all of this? there are a number of things and not the least of which is a concern about global economic growth particularly in china. china is the world's second largest economy. that means consumers are very important both to their economy and ours and there have been carrier
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global demand for crude oil, and if you have an economy that's not necessarily function and growing you'll have less demand for crude oil and that's why we've seen crude oil prices fall. what's happening today is a lot of worry, but perhaps it was unnecessary panic at the start of trade because things have gotten significantly better. that being said, there have been a number of investors that have said that they think that a correction is due. correction basically means when we see stocks fall anywhere from 10 to 19.9% from their most recent highs, and many investors have thought that some of the stock prices were too high, meaning they were just valued much more than the company should have been valued, making it harder for folks to get in and buy those stocks. some level of a correction is good. when stock prices run up too far too fast. what we don't like to see is
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when stock prices fall very quickly the other direction and that's somewhat of what we saw this morning and again, it has since leveled out and things have gotten significantly better in just the last hour or so. >> we will watch to see if it continues to improve before the close of business today. cnbc's courtney reagan is joining us this morning to break down the activity on wall street and the huge plummet that has now recovered somewhat. courtney, thanks for your time. >> we'll be following the developments on wall street throughout the day until the close of business. you can follow those through the nbc 10 news app and it's a free download at nbc what else we're watching for you, two hours from now pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will appear in court in montgomery county standing in an unfamiliar side of the courtroom this time. katy joins us now. >> reporter: it begins at 1:00
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behind me. lawyers associated and close to the case tell us it should be wrapped up by the end of the day. during that time prosecutors will lay out all of the evidence they have against attorney general kathleen kane. earlier this month pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane was charged with leaking grand jury material to a philadelphia newspaper for lying about it under oath and for ordering top aides to illegally search computer files to keep tabs on the investigation into her. kane denies any wrongdoing and has refused to resign despite requests from fellow democrats and pennsylvania governor tom wolf. kane says this all stems from her review of the handling of the jerry sandusky sex abuse case and incriminating emails she uncovered during that time. >> it began with a group of state prosecutors and judges passing pornographic, racially offensive and religiously offensive emails amongst each other. my defense will not be that i'm the victim of an old boys network or otherwise.
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my defense will be that i broke no laws of this commonwealth. period. >> reporter: attorney general kane says her rivals manufactured the current charges against her to not just get her out of office, but also to make sure those incriminating emails she discovered never surface. reporting live, katy zachry. it happened around 3:30 a.m. at roebling avenue at washington street. police say robbers shot three men, hitting two of them in the back and two undergoing surgery and we don't know their conditions. investigators tell us they're looking for two suspects. fire destroyed a home in gloucester county this morning and late last night it broke out at 11:30 on holingbrook drive. it appears to have started on the second floor. no one was injured and the cause is still under investigation. with the health care
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looming, 13,000 students returned for fall semester at westchester university. the school found the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease in the hot water system in ten buildings on campus. a worker tested positive for that disease last month. over the weekend the school shut down the system and treated it with high levels of chlorine trying to kill the bacteria. testing will determine if that worked. meantime, the university says the situation will want curtail any activities on campus. >> well, in just 32 days pope francis will arrive in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. hard to believe it is upon us and in less than an hour event organizers will relief an online guide called the papal playbook. it's a website that promises to answer the questions about the papal visit and not only in philadelphia and also in surrounding counties in all three states. most people we talked to want to know more about the road
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closures. >> people traveling and how to get from one place to another. >> how we're going to get there, it's called patience. >> the papal playbook launches at noon today and we will immediately put up a link to that on nbc and the nbc 10 app. in fact, for everything you need to know about pope francis' visit and there is a lot of it out there go to the nbc 10 news app and there is already a wealth of information in the special section titled preparing for the pope. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. 11:07, a look that will make any of you watching this from an office or even home a bit jealous right now. if you're the lucky ones getting to enjoy a long weekend at the shore you're in for a great day. plenty of sunshine out there as we take a look at cape may. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. it will be warmer than it was over the weekend.
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>> it will be warmer and a bit more humid, but it's going to get a lot more comfortable after today. phillies are home tonight and it's going to be a little bit on the hot side, but otherwise you'll have some great weather for these games coming up this week. we have a few clouds that will move through and even more back to the west, but there's certainly nothing in the way of rain, at least not at this point. the futurecast showing things are quiet for at least a couple of hours and we could get isolated showers developing later this afternoon especially to the north and west as a front approaches. you can see it's not widespread. it's not especially heavy and not expected to be severe, but this is the one day of the week when we do have at least have some decent chance for some rain. it's already up to 81 degrees and it is warming up pretty nicely and in the 70s and the north and west, and it feels like same temperature, 81 in
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philadelphia and higher to the south where the humidity is higher. and so as we go through the rest of the day, it is going to heat up. it will be close to 90 degrees this afternoon and again with a little bit higher humidity and nothing too extreme and by late afternoon or so, the chance for a thunderstorm to the north and west, we'll see just how long the nicer weather that's coming in is going to last and the latest on the what may be a new tropical storm developing in the atlantic with the seven day in a few minutes. 11:09 right now. an indy car driver is still in a coma after a crash yesterday at pocono speedway. justin wilson was hit in the head by a large piece of debris during yesterday's lap during the race. he was airlifted from the raceway suffering a serious head injury. >> indy cars are inherently pretty dangerous with the open cockpit and it's one of the most dangerous forms of motor sorts and we know we take the risk
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with it exposed and the cone hit him in the head and that's a big piece of body work to hit somebody in the head. >> wilson remains in a coma this morning at lehigh valley hospital in allentown in critical condition. his wife flew from their home in colorado to be by his side. look at this. the owner of a cafe in chafter county is trying to track down his stolen giant mushroom. someone stole it from outside the sunrise cafe in kenneth square thursday night. the owner was going to enter this in a silent auction with plans to donate that money to local non-profits. if you see anyone with a giant mushroom in the yard like that, call police. from american tourists to national heroes, the three americans who foiled an attack on a paris-bound train received france's highest honor today. we'll take you to the ceremony and the speculation is growing.
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a new sign that vice president joe biden could throw his hat into the race for president. we're in for a stretch of fantastic summer weather. how long is that going to last? plus, a new storm could be forming in the atlantic. those details are just ahead.
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this morning president obama is promising a continued front against terrorism after three americans prevented a potential mass murder in france over the
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weekend. nbc 10 national correspondent edward lawrence is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: this morning it's actually three american, one french citizen and one british citizen all being heralded as national heros in france. the french president says he wants to reward bravery. the three american heroes arrived at the french president's residence this morning to receive the legion of honor after hearing firsthand how spencer stone tackled the gunman while on a high-speed train. >> i turn around, and i saw he had what looked to be an ak-47 and he looked like his jammer wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon and alek hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> reporter: two words that prevented a massacre according to the french president. for their role, stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler along with a french citizen and a british citizen received france's highest honor.
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something stone's dad was proud of. >> i think they took quick action and that made the difference. >> belgian authorities identified the suspect as ayoub el khazzani and he was on the watch list for radical beliefs and still allowed to board the train in brussels. el khazzani's lawyer says he was homeless and wanted to rob people on the train. >> it doesn't take eight magazines to rob a train. >> he looked like he was ready to fight to the end, so -- so were we. >> the gunman had nine magazine, an assault rifle, a handgun and box cutter. spencer stone's thumb was partially cut off. doctors were able to reattach that thumb. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. 11:15 now. happening right now, a judge is in the beginning process to formally impose a sentence on james holmes. this is a live look there at the courtroom in centennial colorado.
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holmes killed 12 people, injured dozens more when he opened fire inside a crowded theater in aurora in 2012, but surviving victims and the families of those killed will have a chance to address holmes in court over the next three days. now to decision 2016 and happening right now, democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is hosting a town hall meeting in new hampshire. this is a live picture from conway new hampshire and one of three meetings that they're expected to host in that state. the vermont senator is one of five candidates and right now is considered hillary clinton's closest competitor, but he may have more competition for that slot is vice president joe biden closer to announcing his candacy? well, a special meeting over the weekend is only adding fuel to the fire. nbc's peter alexander explains. >> reporter: neither vice president biden nor elizabeth warren had to be seen for the message to be loudly heard, an
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hour-long private lunch at the v.p.'s residence, the surest sign yet biden is seriously weighing the 2016 run. >> are you ready to get out there and fight? >> reporter: she may be the second most prominent woman, trailing hillary clinton and she's been lukewarm, at best, about clinton's campaign, most recently during an brew with wbz in boston. >> was it a mistake for your party to anoint her so early on. >> i don't think anybody has been anointed. >> people briefed on the conversation tell nbc newsed bien and warren discussed policy issues important to progressives and touched on both party's primary campaigns with biden making it clear he was seriously considering making a bid of his own and he did not directly ask warren for her support. >> it has nothing to do with me. >> reporter: with clinton fending off questions about her private email biden sees a potential opening, quinnipiac pole say only 37% find her
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honest and trustworthy, 57% don't. >> biden's numbers just the opposite with nearly six and ten saying they trust the v.p. some democrats think a biden challenge could benefit clinton. >> she's a terrible frontrunner, but she is a marvelous candidate when she gets into the middle of the race. >> reporter: while biden's aides said he will make a decision at the end of the summer that deadline could slide, still most agree if he chooses to run, biden would have to do it in time for the first democratic debate, october 13th. >> that's nbc's peter alexander reporting. >> we also now know that biden has chosen a top film industry official and a former spokeswoman for john edwards 2008 campaign to be his new communications director as vice president and both were expected to focus on biden's official activities as vice president and not preparations for a potential campaign. . now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we're cautious about the entire area and we have a lot of great weather this week, too. we've got one hot day and this is it where we're close to 90 degrees and some possible thunderstorms, but the rest of the week is looking very comfortable, unusually comfortable for this time of the year. we have a mix of clouds and sun out there now. 81 degrees and the humidity is up a little and it still only feels like 81 so not that humid, at least not yet. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in most of the area and we do have the 81 in philadelphia and 81 in glass borough and millville and 83 in atlantic city international and that's pretty warm for 11:00 in the morning and let's see what it's like at the beaches and we have a land breeze allowing it to be 83 at beach haven, but 80 in atlantic city international and
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not quite as warm as inland and those temperature, 75 degrees and pretty warm there. we have some clouds coming through the area, but the main area is in the western half of the state and this is a satellite and radar combined so there is nothing on the radar associated with that line in pennsylvania right now and once we go west of that we don't have much in the way of clouds other than wisconsin and up into canada. now today we're going to see a little bit more of a southeast wind. that's going to take the temperature up, the humidity up a bit so as the front comes in to this hot and relatively humid air mass, it may create a couple of showers or even a thunderstorm or two, but you can see, that is not very widespread at all, not especially heavy and then the west wind comes in as we go into tomorrow morning. if there's anything tomorrow morning it would be basically at
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the shore and then it's mild, nice and comfortable tomorrow afternoon and wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon and friday afternoon. we've got a lot. and we've got more going on in the tropical atlantic. this is danny, and this is the next system that's likely to develop. danny, as i told you last week was going to weaken because it's totally unfavorable conditions in the atlantic and the caribbean and now this is the last advisory on danny. danny will be gone, but they've got a bad drought in the caribbean so they can use some of this rain. this next system is starting to look better organized and that could easily become a depression even this afternoon and that would be named erica. more on that coming later. for the rest of the day, partly sunny skies and highs in the upper 80s and just a slight chance of a shower or storm, north and west and a better chance this evening in some of these places and then we start
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clearing out for tomorrow and that sets us up for a very comfortable rest of the week. highs in the 80s and lows in the low 60s and upper 50s there on friday in philadelphia and of course, cooler in the suburbs and no rain for the rest of the week. >> glenn, thanks. sounds good. going back to school may sound painful for a lot of student, but for many of them it actually is painful. ahead, what's causing tension headaches and migraines for some and how you can help prevent your child from getting them. different directions for one direction and new reports that the boy band may be taking a break. say it ain't so.
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11:25 now. getting back to the back to school routines could be stressful for children of all ages and for some that stress causes frequent headaches. nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards shows us why and how to ease the pain. >> homework could be enough to give any kid a headache, but for 15-year-old andrea hotbe migraines flare up in the fall. >> school does trigger them more often than typically. >> last year she had one so awful that it caused her to miss school for ten straight days. >> it was not good at all. i had a lot of catch-up homework to do and a lot of tests to make up and that just added to the
11:26 am
stress. >> reporter: adria is not alone. researchers at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, says emergency visits for headaches increase by more than a third after school starts in the fall. schoolchildren of all ages are affected and boys tend to get them before puberty while headaches in girls last into adulthood. academic stressors mri a significant role. ? they're playing sports and starting a job and they're getting involved with a band, football and it's a hectic time of year for them. >> tension headaches and migraines are the two most common types of headaches seen by physicians and migraines are can cause more severe symptoms which is nausea and vomiting and sensitivity to light and smell. >> you can help kid avoid headache, by givinging them a healthy diet, get enough sleep and plenty of liquids. it's time to have them evaluated by their doctor.
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erica edwards, nbc news. and we continue to follow this morning's breaking news on wall street. a day that some were already calling black monday and it certainly started out looking that way. at one point this morning the dow plunged more than 1,000 points and it has leveled off and made a slight recovery. we'll take a look at what's triggering a huge sell-off on wall street. plus, preparing for the pope. a local family has the job of helping hundreds of thousands of people celebrate the holy father's visit. why they believe they have history and faith on their side. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving, satisfaction by the spoonful, deliciously fruity, dinner feels a million years away, grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack
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yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news is another nosedive on wall street. stocks are down big once again after the dow took a major hit on friday. a live look here at big board of the new york stock exchange shows right now the dow down
11:31 am
483, but at the start of trading this morning it was down by more than 1,000 points so it has leveled off some and improved some. the huge sell-off comes after the dow fell 531 points on friday and closed the week with its worst week in four years and stocks tumbled and trading this morning thanks to a big sell-off on the asian markets following last week's plunge in new york. japan's nikkei index dipped to its lowest point in two years and china's stock market fell more than 8% and exchanges in south korea also sank. nbc 10 spoke with financial adviser robert wilson spoke about what this downturn means for your money. >> the market went down over 500 points and down 3% and this is nothing like black monday in 1987 which was a 22% drop, so i think everyone should take a breathe and realize it's not the end of the world, but do think about calling your adviser just to take a gut check. what's our next plan here? the only thing that can protect you in times of uncertainty and
11:32 am
let's face it, in the market, every day is uncertain. the only day that can protect you is your discipline. >> we'll keep watching the stock market all day for you until the close of trading at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. you can track any breaking developments on the nbc 10 news app, a free download at nbc >> checking out our other top stories right now at 11:32. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen cane will be back in court in montgomery county this afternoon. she's charged with leaking grand jury information to a reporter and lying about it. today prosecutors will lay out the case to find out why this should go to trial. kane insists she's innocent and refuses to step down. we're waiting to hear if a health scare is over. the school found bacteria in its hot water system. that bacteria causes legionnaires' disease. they treated it over the weekend with high levels of chlorine to kill the bacteria, but further testing has to be done to
11:33 am
determine if that worked and they started that testing last month after an employee became sick with legionnaires' disease. organizers for the world meeting of families will receive an online guide for papal playbook and it's for philadelphia and the surrounding area. we'll have a link to it on nbc and the nbc 10 app at soon as it goes live. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> hopefully your playbook today includes some activity outdoors. it's shaping up to be another nice summer day across the area. a live look here at boathouse row in philadelphia. of course, it will be warmer than it was over the weekend. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. any showers yet? >> no. we don't have any on the radar close by and there could be some later today and into the evening, but most of the area is seeing a mix of clouds and sun in the pocono mountains and nice fair weather clouds and it is
11:34 am
likely to be the warmest day of the week and some would describe it as hot as we go into the afternoon. 81 in philadelphia and 86 in wildwood. the warm spot right now is only 76 in pottstown, though. we have just a few clouds coming through now and thicker clouds in the western portion of pennsylvania, but no showers yet with that and we do expect a few to possibly break out, but that will be hours from now and will generally be very much isolated and not necessarily that heavy or severe near 6:00 and there's not a whole lot on the radar there and even at 8:00 at night and we're starting to see a little bit more to the north and west and if anything, this computer model tends to overestimate the showers and storms. >> as we go through the rest of the day and we'll see the temperature climb and some places could get to 90 degrees and the humidity up a little bit
11:35 am
from what we saw over the weekend and still nothing horrible compared to what we can see in the summertime and the best chance of any showers that will be formed later today or into the evening. later we'll see how long the beautiful weather will last and talk about the next tropical storm that may be developing in the atlantic with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. >> today they'll remove the wreckage of a jet that crashed. a vintage fighter jet doing a loop in an air show crashed during the show. this crash and other air show disasters are raising questions about whether the stunts are just too dangerous. >> they're for thrills and looking for something that looks like oh, my goodness. how are they going to pull out of that and sometimes they don't. >> and on the hills of that british tragedy authorities in switzerland are looking into
11:36 am
another air show crash that happened sunday, killing the pilot and burning a building. just within the past hour we found out that the louisiana state trooper who was shot in the head while trying to help a stranded motorist yesterday has died. trooper steven benton was a 13-year member of the force. investigators say he responded to reports of an erratic driver and a pickup truck. once they found that truck, kevin bagel got out and opened fire with a sawed-off shotgun and taunted the trooper as he was on the ground. police arrested the accused shooter and he's expected to face a first-degree murder charge. authorities in new york city are looking for the person who shot a member of bill de blasio's security team with a pellet gun. it happened outside de blasio's home in new york city. the female security guard was shot in the back and taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. two people were questioned and no one has been arrested or charged. we should have said mayor there
11:37 am
instead of governor. investigators in kansas city are still looking into what caused a massive fire at this abandoned store overnight and the store was closed for 25 years and in the process of being demolished and they tried to keep the flames from spreading into neighboring businesses. >> no one was injured in this big sink hole that opened up yesterday in central florida up. the whole was 65 feet wide and 65 feet deep it caused a water main to burst before crews could fill it in last night. happening today, president obama is speaking at a clean energy conference in las vegas. he's announcing new efforts to make it easier for home owners and businesses to make it easier to invest. they are considering an affordable energy summit also happening today in vegas. all right. brace yourselves here, popular boy band one direction is taking
11:38 am
a year-long break in the coming months so all four members can pursue separate interests. the band had been reduce to four members from five. the concert will take place in england on halloween. a spokesman declined to comment on what he calls speculation that this is happening. one direction soared into the international spotlight after finishing third on the british version of the x factor. the band will perform at lincoln financial field next thursday, september 1st and better see them while you can. 11:38. this is a great story here. while a lot of families are getting excited about the pope's visit. one family in delaware county isn't just excited. they are extremely busy. as nbc 10's tracy davidson shows us their goal is to serve the faithful. all of them. >> what if your job was a spiritual calling. >> in 1965 norma decuoco and her
11:39 am
husband lewis opened the st. jude shop. now norma, their four sons and daughter run the store devoted to christian items. >> if we do nothing else than create a chap knell people's hearts this is so important. >> the shop has served countless people all over the delaware valley and two vip customers from the vatican. >> the director of the basilica brought the holy father over to me, and i asked him, did you like the chair? >> yes, very much. >> providing chairs for pope benedict and pope john paul ii. >> he held my hand and i kissed his ring. >> and now on the st. jude's shop anniversary they are preparing for what could be their biggest order yet. supplying the faithful with mementos from rosary beads to papal flags and bobbleheads and supplying religious items for the convention center and the papal mass on the parkway. >> this will be savoya that will
11:40 am
be used. >> the same number of umbrellas to designate the location of the communion during the mass. sure to boost the bottom line. >> focused and concentrated on that. ininstead they're focused on their vocation of service. >> pray as if everything depends on god and work as if everything depends on you. if we pray and work it will be okay. >> that was their father's motto and lived by it for 50 years and they think they'll be just fine come next month. >> tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. >> we have a lot of information for you on our nbc 10 news app about the pope's visit and the world meeting of families, from world transit changes to how locals are preparing for the visit and along with the papal playbook that's set to launch in 20 minutes and we'll have that for you on the nbc 10 news app and it's a free download. >> you can rent a car or an apartment, but what about a
11:41 am
chicken? find out who is taking a crack at this growing business venture and why people are interested in leasing poultry. glenn? >> well, we're in for a pretty hot summer day and then a stretch of truly spectacular weather, but i am keeping my eye on the tropics. could the next storm be brewing? that's just ahead.
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11:43 am
this is nbc 10 news.
11:44 am
chicken for rent, anyone? it's a reality as the bird flu scare continues and companies are looking for different ways to buying eggs at the supermarket. farm fresh eggs in your backyard from chickens that are rented. several start-ups have been hatched that lease out hens and all of the necessary supplies in what's perhaps the quirkiest edition to the share economy. >> we are an affiliate farm and raise chickens for customers to rent for a four to six-month rental over the spring and summer and we'll come pick them up so you don't have to keep them over the winter. >> an affiliate 2-year-old start up rent the >> the majorist our customers are very interested in knowing where their food comes from. >> they fill the yard to table
11:45 am
desire, but without the desire of the investment and the longtime commitment since it could take six months for a young bird to begin laying. they get two hens laying eggs daily, a coop and 100 pounds of feed enough to last for the four-month period. maryland-based rent a coop operates in eight states offering $180 for a one-month coop. they have clients in nine states that rent two hens for up to $450 for six months. bird flu has been a boom for business, as well as egg prices have climbed to record levels after a devastating outbreak wiped out 10% of production. these companies say demand for backyard flocks has jumped, at $400 for four months that breaks down at $1.79 per egg and $21 per dozen, a sum three times higher than the priciest organic eggs in the store, but a growing
11:46 am
number are willing to pay just to know where breakfast came from. >> if you return the chick intact, do you get your deposit back? that was cnbc's morgan brennan reporting. renters are more interested in the yard to table lifestyle without a long-term investment. chipotle is hosting a nationwide hiring event early next month. company officials say on sent september 9th 4,000 workers will be added to its existing staff and the restaurant chain is opening restaurants three hours early that day to promote the event on social media. chipotle says high-performing recruits could earn a six-figure salary. how about that. target is testing a new in-store restaurant concept and target will replace the snack cafes with fast, casual restaurants and the change is happening at 14 stores. instead of popcorn and hot dogs the store will serve artisan-style pizzas and better
11:47 am
quality its cafes. eagles head coach chip kelly is getting set to talk to reporter after saturday's big preseason win over the baltimore ravens. the birds are back at practice today getting set for saturday night's preseason game number three visiting the green bay packers and it's a game, of course, you can see only here on nbc 10. a live look from our eagles nest camera here at lincoln financial field and they're doing some work on the stadium there. obviously the eagles will be practicing nearby at the novacare complex. fans are still basking in saturday night's big preseason win against the ravens and reflecting on this year's training camp. one of the highlights came off of the field. nbc 10's keith jones introduces us to a young man who will never forget one special moment during camp. ♪ ♪ >> what's up? >> nice to see you. >> talk about having the day of a lifetime. >> thank you so much. >> first of all, let me welcome
11:48 am
you to eagles nation. >> 15-year-old ryan woodhands received a special invitation to eagles training camp and scored exclusive interviews with sam bradford. >> do you think that's not going to be an issue. >> and tim tebow. >> how do you think your time is in florida has prepared you to running the up tempo offense like chip kelley runs here. >> he was born with spina bifida and doctors gave him a 20% chance to walk and he's denied the odds and lives his dream at training camp. >> how does it feel to know that you can go out on the field every sunday, thursday what have you and bea able to just play and know that the coach will design something to your strength and not having to worry about a whole new system. >> really good question. i think coach kelley really is an innovator. >> my dream is to work in media and to do this every day with the greatest organization in professional football which is this team, the philadelphia eagles.
11:49 am
>> the eagles connected with the determined young man after he raised $50,000 for the fight against pediatric cancer, a drive he began at age 6 all while dealing with his own serious health crisis. >> knowing the challenges that i've had i wanted to go out and help people. >> he doesn't see himself as disabled which i think is the coolest thing. he has what he has and he acknowledges it, but he doesn't walk around talking about it. he finds a path within his own limitations and his own safety which is i think amazing. >> his passion for sports and drive to succeed is a source of immense pride for his family. >> the experiences he's had at such a young age is exciting to watch. it's amazing. we're not sure where he'll go, but we're very happy to be on the ride. >> we're thrilled with how hard he has worked. >> i don't care what the odds are against. if i want something and i think it's something they want or something they think is right i'll push through until i see it happen.
11:50 am
>> it's like he know whats he's doing with that microphone, too. good job by ryan. nbc's keith jones reporting there. the eagles versus the packers this saturday night and you can watch it on nbc 10 and our pregame show starts at 7:30 and nbc is your home for the philadelphia eagle. if you picked up "the philadelphia daily news," you probably saw this by chase utley and he was treated by the los angeles dodgers. he thanked the people of philadelphia for their support and he will never forget 2008, the year he led the team to the world series title. >> your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and of course, we won't forget it either. we've had a number of terrific weekends in a row. we just finished another one and we've had clouds at the shore
11:51 am
points and part of the day yesterday and otherwise just a great day and we've got just one hot day this week with some possible thunderstorms and that's today and then days of comfort. we have some generally fair weather clouds out there now. 81 degrees and the wind south at 6. humidity is up a little bit, but it still feels like it's 81. nothing too extreme and only 76 in pottstown and here's 80 in west chester and it is warmer farther to the south and more humid, too, down in central and southern delaware and south jersey and 86 in wildwood right now as we showed you a few minutes ago. now at the beach e it's closer to 80 degrees and the wind is very light and so we should be getting the sea breeze pretty quickly by this afternoon and that wind will be coming down from the ocean and keeping things a little bit on the cooler side. this is the area of clouds representing the front that's approaching and certainly not
11:52 am
very impressive and it actually keeps getting lease and less oppre oppressive. there was a solid area of clouds. six hours ago there were some showers there and now we don't even have showers with the front until you get up into canada and there's just a huge area of dry air that is covering a good bit of the country and so that's going to be covering us later today and all of the way through the rest of the week. >> temperatures in the mid-80s with the subtle wind and cooling into the 70s at the beaches. a chance of a couple of showers, generally to the north and west before 6:00 and then after 6:00 then we start to get at least some slight chances in and around the philadelphia area, but again, this is a different computer model than we showed earlier and neither is impressive for any shower or storm threat and by tomorrow, the dryer air is starting to come in if there are any showers tomorrow it would be early and it would be near the shore.
11:53 am
this is danny. danny is pretty much done and countered too much dry air and too much wind and high levels. this is the next one and this could be erica developing today, but erica will run into similar problems that danny did and will probably not become too strong. >> partly sunny today and just a chance of a late day or evening thunderstorm and high temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 and then it gets sunny and it gets lower and lower on the humidity. the temperatures go down at night and it's just an amazing week that we'll be seeing once we get through today and that dry weather will last even into n weekend and we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen with victoria beckham, katie loews and the girl group the warning. then nbc 10 news at 4:00, a warning for parents out there, the childhood activity that doctors now say can lead to memory loss for your kids. how early experts say is too early for kids to play tackle football. that's all new this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. glenn, another warm one out there today, but not too bad. >> it should be the hottest day of the week and the most humid day of the week and that's not
11:57 am
saying a whole lot because the rest of the week will be uncomfortable. >> all of those ps are for pleasant. i'm chris cato. we'll see you at 4:00.
11:58 am
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>> xander: [sighs] can i help you? >> theresa: you're not supposed to be here, in the house. >> xander: no, i'm not. shall i run out and cower in the back hedges? >> theresa: if victor found you here-- >> xander: are you gonna rat me out? >> theresa: not if you do something for me. >> brady: hey. >> nicole: hey, yourself. is this a gorgeous day or what? >> brady: um, yeah, it is. >> nicole: where's your degenerate cousin? >> brady: little more specific, please. >> nicole: xander. >> brady: why would you want to see him? isn't he the last person you'd want to see?


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