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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 25, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. starting with this, more stock market trouble overseas. markets across asia opened down again, fueling concern that investors in the u.s. could be in for another day of significant losses. a gunman turned this philadelphia street into a shooting range. three people are in the hospital and police are looking for a man who may have firedç at random. and we are into a stretch of bought full weather, scattered showers and clouds moving out of the area, replacing them, lower humidity and temperature in the mid-80s. just ahead, we'll find out how long we may go without seeing rain again. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this tuesday. i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill, it's hard to find any
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complaints about the weather we'll having right now. >> it will be getting better during the day. i'm tracking some showers into south jersey. they won't last. a warmer morning, 76 at philadelphia, northeast philadelphia in the upper 70s. just about everybody is reporting 70s this morning, 71 in wrightstown, millville with scattered showers. 73 degrees, it's dropped into the upper 60s. roxborough is at 74 and right at 5th and wharton along the delaware river trail at 77 degrees right now. we will see clearing skies and improving conditions. your hour by hour future fast when i come back in ten minutes. right now, a check of traffic with jessica boyington and first alert traffic. >> we're starting things off with ongoing construction on the vine street expressway. this is our camera right around 24th street. on the eastbound side right in here is where you can see some of the road blockage there. it's actually not blocking off
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any of the lanes, just coming off the exit ramp. just something to watch out for. this westbound drive time is about a four-minute trip. westbound lanes are right in here, to the schuylkill expressway if you're headed to 30th street station. as for the drive times into the center city area, 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine, a 13-minute trip, the blue route is doing just fine. mass transit, currently f lly n problems for septa, new jersey transit or patco. tokyo's nikkei index fell to a six-month low. investors began selling off shares as soon as the market started trading today. now, the plungeç started yesterday over concerns about the chinese economy and that trend spread to the europe and the u.s. where the dow lost hundreds of points yesterday. we watched it tumble all day. nbc 10's tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center this morning monitoring the markets. tracy, with the asian markets
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starting down again, should we expect another rough day for the new york stock exchange? >> it sure looks that way. most economists and stock analysts are calling this downward slide a correction, saying things had been overvalued. investors around the world are we haven't seen for a while. shanghai plunged more than 7% in a third straight day of kleins, in japan, the nikkei rebounded but closed down 3.9%. here at home, wall street, again, could be headed for another rough day. the dow plummeted 588 points yesterday to close at 15871. it could have been worse. yesterday, at one point, the dow was down more than 1,000 points. >> usually don't spend that much
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time thinking about this, because it doesn't help. >> i think given the articles i read it should be bouncing back. >> if you're 100% invested that's probably a mistake. i do believe there's more down side. >> kramer says we should be be ready for more to the down side. 4:04. happening today, the next round of a school funding fight in delaware county that may have statewide implication. parents, teachers and administrators are upset about a plan to cut funding for the chester upland school district. katy zachry is live in media. >> the hearing began in courtç yesterday and it continues today. also happening today, a school board meeting around 6:00 tonight, that is expected to attract hundreds of parents. there's a lot of passion
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surrounding this issue, as we saw firsthand yesterday when skyforce 10 was above a large gathering of charter school parents and teachers who were outside the courthouse in media. inside, the chester upland school district is battling the state department of education over special education funding that directly affects charter school students here in chester. governor tom wolf recommended cutting the amount of money per student by more than half because the district is already $20 million in the red. >> letting the governor know this won't happen without people being wide awake and attentive and without people fighting back on behalf of their students and families and their community. >> reporter: more than half of the students in the chester upland school district attend charter schools. that gives you an idea of why this issue is so big. coming up in the next half hour, we'll look at if the start of school, the opening of school for the year could be delayed by this issue. reporting live in chester, katy
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zachry, nbc 10 news. 4:05 now. pennsylvania's budget battle, wolf blasted lawmakers in a letter yesterday saying that gop leaders cannot negotiate in good faith while staging what he called an unconstitutional and unproductive move. now, pennsylvania has been operating without a budget for almost two months now. which has forced the shutdown of a number of safety net services. local parents and educators tired of waiting for a new budget will head to harrisburg for a rally today. that group plans to call on lawmakers to approve a spending plan containing more than $400 million in new funding for schools. the bus to harrisburg will board at the united way in center city at 7:45 this morning. right now, philadelphia police are looking for a gunman who shot three people and the thing that(h@s police concerned is the man did all of this through the sun roof of a moving
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mini van. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside temple hospital where the victims are being treated. matt? >> reporter: this is something that neighbors want justice for, they want answers about what was going on there. here's the scene. this was in broad daylight last evening, just after 6:00, the 2800 block of bogenof street. a 22-year-old woman was shot sever times in the abdomen, a 25-year-old man was shot in his foot and a 33-year-old man was shot in his leg. police tell us the victims were in front of a house at the time. here the thing. police say they're trying to figure out what this was all about since nine shots were fired from two different guns. >> the shooter was actually standing up and his upper body was coming out of a sun roof and he was firing an assault rifle in the direction of all three victims. >> reporter: despite all this gunfire, the police say that these three victims are expected
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to survive their injuries. they're stable right now. what witnesses describe as a gold van leaving the scene, police are still looking for that. also in kensington, an intersection is still close because of a big sinkhole that opened yesterday at the corner of tulip and huntington streets. they say a broken water pipe caused the sinkhole. you can see how big it is. at the time, crews were working to restore water service to the area. we'll working to find out how long it will take to repair that hole and re-open the intersection. 4:08 now. we are on strike watch in atlantic city today. the main casino workers union is threaten a walkout at the trump taj mahal.
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today itç will load a storage trail supplies needed for a strike and will train workers as strike captains. the union wants 9 t s the taj t restore benefits and pensions. the casino says it does have plans to stay open if a strike should occur. the trump taj mahal is the only one of the eight casinos that did not show a profit. they posted a combined 28% increase in operating profits and the golden nugget had the largest year-to-year increase and the borgata made the most. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds overhead, i'm tracking a few showers in the area. the big storms have taken a break. rain drops, we're seeing them in new jersey and a couple in philadelphia, too. other spots we're see lingering conditions. eventually we'll clear out and with low humidity, it will lead
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to nice cool mornings and afternoons that are not as hot. 78 degrees, 76 degrees, clouds for atlantic city. this is the view from the comcast center in center city. clouds overhead, no showers in this view but the radar is showing a few rain drops through center city. just some very light rainfall right now, making its way towards the delaware. it's going to be moving off towards the northeast. scattered showers barely coming down in delaware and you can see a few scattered showers in south jersey. the threat during the day for showers, not looking very impressive though clouds will be welcomering for delaware and south jersey. at 7:00, look how clear it is in allentown and reading. morning progresses, later in the morning, a few isolated showers, most of delaware and south jersey will be dry. the clouds clear at noontime, a few spotty showers possible. as we go through the afternoon, the showers will become less likely. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast call for
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sunshine for the pocono mountains. low 80s for allentown, quakertown and reading. as the day goes on, the humiditç will be dropping for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. at the shore, still scattered showers, an isolated thunderstorm is a possibility, even into the early afternoon hours for atlantic city, cape may, upper 80s, 86 for dover. clearing skies for wilmington, drexel hill and philadelphia. when i'm back in ten minutes, a look at the weekend forecast. first, here's chris cato to introduce jessica boyington. chris? >> how can i turn down that opportunity? thank, bill. i'll do just that. nbc 10's jessica boyington is standing by with a look at 295. hopefully everything is nice and smooth out there at 4:11 a.m. >> we have ongoing construction we've been facing over the summer months right now, just to watch out for with small lane restrictions. you can see right here, lane restrictions right in there on the north and southbound side. some flashing lights with work crews active or at this time.
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13 minutes still if you're headed southbound from 38 up towards this point at the black horse pike. we're not dealing with i allot of traffic. it's early for that. if you're heading out the door on to the 42 freeway in new jersey northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge, that's a five-minute trip. the rest of the area bridges are doing just fine. if you have to head into philadelphia from the tac pal, the ben or the betsy, you'll have no problems. more firefighters from south jersey will join the battle out west. and the men and women on the front lines those wildfires are getting much-needed supplies, including cans of water that come from an unlikely source. we'll explain. an you know amazon planned to use drones to deliver packages to you but wait until you hear what a couple of guys planned to deliver with this drone and who they were sending it to.
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this morning, sad reaction is pouring in from theç racing world, following the death of an indy car driver. justin wilson was rushed to lehigh valley hospital and was in a coma until last night. the ceo of the company that operates indy car announced his death. >> justin's elite ability to drive a race car was matched by his unwavering kindness, character and humility which made him one of the most respected members of the paddock. >> justin wilson was 37. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. his brother, also a race car driver tweeted that justin never stopped caring for others and had chosen to donate his organs
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to help people in need. another group of firefighters from this area is headed out west to the front lines to help fight those raging wildfires there. firefighters with the new jersey forest fire service are traveling into a desperate situation in california. this is video of the first group who headed out west about two weeks ago. they joned the effort to stop fires that have burned more than 1 million acres. it's an all-out battle in several western states this morning. wildfires are burning in washington state, oregon, idaho, colorado and montana. conditions on the ground quickly deteriorate. crews have to watch out for pop-up fires and trees like that one that could breach the safe zones. >> if it were to fall across the line, it poses a throat to the containment line here. >> officials say crews are fighting fires 16 to 18 hours a day and they say they will likely be doing that all the way through the end of october.
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meantime, beermaker anheuser-busch is sending more than 2,100 cases of emergency drinking water to communities out west. company officials say firefighters and relief workers are in need of safe, clean drinking water and they are answering that call. check out this scene here, the driver of the casino bus that slammed into a building in queens yesterday is in critical condition this morning. police say the driver was trying to avoidç hitting a car when h crashed into that building, injuring four passengers on the bus and someone inside the building. they're all expected to be okay. police cited the driver of the car that the bus swerved to miss. family members of victims of the colorado movie theater shooting will speak again in court today as the sentencing phase for james holmes continues. a jury convicted holmes of killing 12 people and injuring dozens when he opened fire inside a crowded theater in 2012. the jury already determined that holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole. survivors along with the families, members of those
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killed will continue to have a chance to address holmes in court over the next few days. all right. listen to this one. as one prison official put it, you can't make this stuff up. a drone, poised to drop drugs, porn and tobacco inside a prison in maryland was intercepted before it ever took off from the ground with its contraband. police say two men planned to use that drone to make a special delivery into a prison in western maryland. investigators found the items, along with a gun in the suspect's car on saturday. they arrested the men who were under surveillance in connection with the contraband case near the prison. >> we have too many acronyms in our business but this one fits this one, ycmtsu, you can't make this stuff up. this is the first case in maryland where a drone is suspected in a contraband delivery plot. >> beats the old file in a cake, doesn't it? investigators say they are
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preparing to charge the prison inmate who was the intended recipient of this drone drop. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 4:00. still looking at cloudy skies. you can see them in this view from here at the nbc 10 studios. we're starting off with clouds. they're not going to last all day. they'll be clearing out. leave the umbrella at home for philadelphia and grab the sunglasses. a few sprinkles have just moved through and cleared philadelphia, 76 degrees, philadelphia international. the rest of the day wçill be sunnier and sunnier in philadelphia. but still a chance of some scattered showers in south jersey. see a few puddles on beach avenue this morning. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. meantime, it's a warmer morning. 70s, low 70s for horsham and trenton, 73 in washington township. north and west, the temperatures that were so nice and cool in the 50s yesterday morning at this time are the low 70s or pottstown and quakertown, blue bell is 75 degrees and low 70s in delaware, millville is at 72,
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77 in beach avenue. thunderstorms off to the northeast, those will not be affecting us but you might run into some of these isolated showers this morning and there's still a possibility during the late morning hours and into the afternoon that scattered showers in new jersey along with some clouds will still be around. but later on today, the clouds will be clearing out. clearing skies definitely warm, showers should be limited to just a few spots in south jersey, afternoon temperatures into the upper 80s today. it will be a warm one. the humidity dropping as the day goes on. and a warm weekend, too. low humidity for saturday, 89 degrees, up to 90 degrees sunday afternoon, partly sunny skies, a bit warmer on sunday. the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. first, chris, another intro? >> i have another one right now. i'm going to introduce none other than first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. there she is. >> it's like i have two intros.
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>> it's like someone planned this. here she is to tell us what's happening on the schuylkill. it looks like a ghost town out there. >> dealing with these guys in the morning, man. on the schuylkill expressway, that's right, around girard avenue. we're watching out for really nothing right now. it's moving along nicely. we have an eastbound drive time from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway, about a 12-minute trip, watching out for this right-hand shoulder on the eastbound side, there's leftover equipment in the area. watch out there but it's not setting anybody back. in montgomery county, in ç norristown, watch out for an accident scene there. if you're heading out the door on the pa turnpike, everything is moving along with all the cars being green, we have a 22, 25-minute trip at the most if you're headed westbound or eastbound. no delays from valley forge up to route 1. no problems for patco, septa and new jersey transit. coming up, we'll check in with 95.
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it's the start of a new project to make a park in camden more green. dana redd will join other city officials for a ribbon cutting this morning at roosevelt plaza park. this project is designed as a pop-up situation where people can learn more about water conservation and green infrastructure techniques to help reduce the impact of storm water runoff in the city of camden. nearly 50 million chickens nationwide have been killed over fears about the spread of bird flu. now, a farm in pennsylvania has a unique way for people who are concerned about that disease to get eggs. next, you'll see how rent a bird works. and building atlantic city's future, and this has nothing to do with casinos. next, you'll see how new boards are making a vital connection on the shore. if you've ever wanted to see what happens here behind the scenes at nbc 10 news today, maybe you have a burning question. you can do that, interact with us during commercial breaks and during the show on the news set.
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follow us on periscope. we usually have a pretty cool prize to give away, too. our address is nbc philadelphia. we'll see you there.
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4:25. nbc 10 was in ft. washington, montgomery county yesterday for the brad rayner memorial golf outing. legendary philadelphia eagles linebacker billç bergy was amo those there. eagles, this saturday night visiting the packers. watch that game only here on nbc 10. pregame show starts at 7:30, kickoff at 8:00. we'll have the complete postgame
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show as well with comments from coach kelly and some of the players. nbc 10 is the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. companies are offering a clever alternative to buying eggs at the supermarket, especially with fears over the bird flu driving up prices. how about renting a chicken? ever thought of that? several startup companies are renting out hens to consumers so that you can get fresh eggs straight to your backyard. companies like the give you the hutch, the chicken, i guess that's all you need, a hutch an a chicken. they include two hens, a large supply of food and a chicken coop. okay whitmer is the owner of a farm. >> we raise chickens for our customers to rent, four to six months, then we'll come pick them up so you don't have to keep them over the fall and
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winter. >> expect to pay about $400 for a four-month rental. the company says the bird flu has helped its business as egg prices continue to climb to record levels. 4:27 now from our jersey shore bureau. here's what a new sea wall connecting the atlantic city boardwalk to margate and ventnor will look like. construction crews started phase one last week. the sea wall will react the south enlet with the north inlet for the first time since 1944 when a hurricane damaged it. the $15 million project is expected to be done by the end of 2017. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 4:27. 74 degrees. clouds overhead and still some showers in the area. i'll show you which areas are more likely to see additional showers during theç day. we'll go through the forecast, hour by hour just ahead. all eyes were on kathleen kane at her preliminary hearing
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in montgomery county. you'll see why her court appearance left some people a bit confused.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> down again. right now, stock markets across asia are plunging. that is, again, fueling concern this morning among american investors about another day of losses here. clouds and isolated showers have moved on out of the area. behind them, a stretch of warm but dry weather. the big question now is how long will it last? good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is 74 degrees outside. let's find out the answer to


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