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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today, we're looking good, right? >> we are in for great weather for today. things change a little bit by the weekend. this morning they have changed compared to yesterday morning. we're down 10 to 15 degrees in some areas, 59 in allentown and reading. mount holly dropped to 59 degrees. now 62 in wilmington and 63 in trenton. northeast philadelphia 67 degrees. a few thin clouds are moving through, they'll be out of here and sunshine, nice and bright. we will see a nice warmup, 75 degrees at 10:00 this morning with northerly winds, bringing in that dry air. 81 at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. some spots won't make it into the 80s today. if you're heading out the door, jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic. jessica? >> that's what i like to hear, no 80 degrees today. we head out the darr to the vine street expressway around 24th street. we have some ongoing road work right in here. that's actually on the eastbound side. so headed towards 95, you can
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still see your brave time unaffected by that. two minutes headed eastbound from the schuylkill up towards that point. this is just something to watch out for. you are headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway or 30th street station. heading out the door in the philadelphia area, if you're heading towards center city on 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway, 13-minute trip, the blue route is doing just fine. mass transit, we're okay for patco or understand under. a heads up, we are shuttle busing passengers for septa between west trenton and woodbourne station. we'll check in with the accident scene burlington township in a few minutes. fire burned through at least six apartments evernighd;hr' kig of prussia. and the flames are still going. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on scene. katy, tell us what's happening right now. >> well, tracy, in the last 30 sections those remaining flames have been extinguished. that is thanks to utility crews.
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these peco workers who are here at the scene who for the last hour or so have been working so quickly to dig down through the ground to get to a gas line that firefighters say was feeding the remaining flames. the flames that were beening over the last several hours or so were in the utility room of this building at the abrams run apartment complex. overall, the fire started around 1:30 this morning. it was pretty large scale. in total more than a dozen units as you said at the top of the show, about 16 units were destroyed. this apartment complex sits off of billy smith boulevard in king of prussia. families are being helped by the red cross and apartment managers with overnight accommodations. about 30 of them do not have a home to go to. no one was injured fortunately during the firefight. there were concerning moments for people living here. >> i came out to see what was going on. i saw the lights flashing on the
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wall inside. i just came out. and was amazed at how much equipment is out here. >> we have a lot of firemen here that are going to take care of this. they look like they know what they're doing, that's for sure. >> reporter: again, in just the last two minutes or so, the remaining portion of this fire that was still burning has been put out. many thanks go out to the peco utility crews for working in conjunction with the firefighters. those crews were trying to dig down to the gas line and turn it off. in the last few minutes they did so. the upper merion fire marshal is on scene, has been for the last few hours, looking into the cause of this fire. i'm going to check in with that fire marshal and have an update in half an hour. reporting live in king of prussia, cardinals consider, nbc 10 news. 5:33. another story we're following, police forces tell usç that th three bodies found in a garage in philadelphia yesterday came from nursing homes. authorities made that discovery yesterday in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. nbc 10's monique braxton is live
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outside police headquarters in center city. what's the late west this investigation this morning? >> hey, chris, sources here tell us now that they know where those bodies came from, the focus today will be getting those deceased people a proper burial. the three decomposing bodies were found in this garage used by a funeral home in strawberry mansion. people grew suspicious after a foul odor swept through the neighborhood. a source tells us the bodies came from two nursing homes, the three discovered in cardboard boxes and a casket were in their late 80s, they are not naming the funeral home because the owner hasn't been charged with a crime. those we spec to are astonished. >> they always took care of our people when they passed. so never had no reason to think of nothing like that. this is shocking.
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>> reporter: the director spoke with investigators. we did some digging and we're told the funeral director knew the bodies were there. her license as a director is valid through next year. but the business's license expired in 2012. and the next hour, we're working to bring you the proper protocol for burials from another mortician. live outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> 5:35. we have new information on a bizarre twist an a suspicious death investigation. we now know a man found dead inside a car in new castle county on monday night recently became a lawyer. we also know the victim 27-year-old shazim uppal graduated from temple university law school last month. skyforce 10 was over the parking lot of genesis health care in hockessin monday night where he was found shot to death inside his car. he lived closeç to where he wa found. yesterday police were combing the area around the scene. 5:35 and a warning,
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especially for college students near drexel university. police want you to know about a string of burglaries around campus over the past few das. police say since saturday thieves have broken into five homes in philadelphia's powelton village neighborhood. that's not far from drexel university's campus. thieves took things like electronics with be backpacks and jewelry. drexel police are stepping up patrols around the area and urging everyone to keep their windows and doors locked. the fate of a montgomery county elementary school won't be decided until december. the school board met to talk about the potential closing of audubon elementary in eagleville. the district's remaining four elementary schools would have to absorb more than 400 students. the board postponed any vote on closing the school until december. pennsylvania's no closer to a budget this morning after a public majority failed to convince democrats to override any part of governor tom wolf's
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budget veto. the house struck down all 14 proposals. republicans claimed there was legal authority to restore spending by individual line item vetoes. the state has been without a budget since june 30th. 5:37 now. pennsylvania lawmakers have introduced a bill aimed at protecting pets left in hot cars. the measures would ban confining dogs an cats in unattended vehicles when it's dangerous for the animal's health and safety. the bill would also allow a police officer to remove the pet from the vehicle. 5:37. eye popular delaware conte restaurant shut down by health inspectors is apologize to its customers via facebook. yangming in bryn mawr was recently cited after radnor township inspectors found dead roaches, mold and spoiled food inside. it was the second timeç
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inspectors found poor conditions in the restaurant. here's the message that was posted on facebook yesterday. it reads a sincere apology it our patrons. we are very, very sorry for the prorns which caused the township to temporarily close our unstrat. there are no excuses. going on to say, we owe you better we'll renovate, refurbish and refresh our establishment. hurricane katrina ten years later. we'll explain just what is happening today that will put the gulf coast under a federal microscope. plus, a tribute to heroes. we'll show you how officials in paris honored those three americans credited with stopping an attack on a train in france. cool start this morning. clear skies over cape may. it will be a beautiful day and not just at the shore either. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes before 6:00. a beautiful morning. look at the breeze blowing in center city. that's the dry air that's coming in. brought the humidity way down and the temperature has come down, too. northeast philadelphia running a good deal cooler than yesterday. down 10 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. 67. the humidity is down to 57%. that will go lower as the day goes on. showers way offshore. isolated stuff in western new york. we will stay dry during the day today. there are thin clouds in the area. they'll be out of here and sunshine. 72 degrees for the pocono mountains, 80 for allentown. look at reading and quakertown, topping out at 79 degrees today. upper 70s for doylestown, 82 for norristown and trenton. mostly sunny skies at the shore for atlantic city, 79 degrees. delaware beechz and cape may up to 81 degrees and 82 in dover. nothing but sunshine and low humidity for wilmington,
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philadelphia and williams sound. the seven-day when i'm back in ten. 18 minutes until 6:00. we're watching a couple things on the roads you should know about. >> let's get you updated. jessica boyington is watching a lot of cameras. >> we are out in new jersey, maple shade around route 73 and route 38. so you can see everything is moving along whether you're headed northbound or southbound right here. no lane restrictions or problems throughout the area. heading out into burlington township, we still have an accident investigation scene that's active right now on route 130 on the northbound side around beverly road. all lanes are close right now but they do have cars and det r detours set up in the area. you'll be just fine if you follow those. as for the schuylkill expressway, through the conshohocken curve, you can see in here, cars are green, moving east to westbound, no problems. if you're heading from the center city area from the blue route up toward the vine, a
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12-minute trip. coming up in the next ten minutes, we'll check in with mass transit. counterfeit cash is making its rounds across the area. we'll show you some of the men police believe are involved in the fake money ring and explain how they're pulling off that crime. plus, a seminarian calls philadelphia the capital of whining.
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the time is 5:46. happening today, the head of fema is heading to the gulf coast to check out the progress made since hurricane katrina. craig fugate willç visit sever schools that have been rebuilt. saturday marks ten years since hurricane katrina made landfall. new orleans was one of the hardest hit cities as you know. >> over the past decade, a lot of work has been done to repair new orleans and mac sure the storm can't do that kind of damage again. this is a look at some of that work. since katrina, billions of dollars worth of proj enects ha been built, including this new levee. they even created new land from sediment from the mississippi river and planted marshes and levees. there's never been a
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protection system as great, as good, as complicated as the one in place today. >> money from the bp oil settlement is being funneled into the hurricane and flood protection system. the alleged shooter in the france train attack foiled by three americans and a britt is now a suspected terrorist. authorities led the moroccan man barefoot and blindfolded into a courtroom yesterday. he's charge be with attempted mass murder and belonging to a terrorist group. police say suspect watched a jihadist vehicles moments before walking through the train on sunday. three americans helped subdue him. the three americans got a heroes tribute on their way out of paris. they received france's legion of honor award on monday. college student anthony saddler says he can't believe the public's response to what happened on the train. >> like i'm in a dream. this is unreal. two days ago we were just on a train and two days later, all
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this is happening. it's pretty crazy. >> saddler's two friends traveled to germany. as for saddler, he's back home in the u.s. a private jet owned by a sports ware ceo flew him from france to oregon yesterday. he'll soon be back with his family in sacramento and that city is planning a parade in his honor. it's 5:48 now. this morning, police want you no know about corporate fit cash and be aware because the fakeç bills were passed the aa lot of local stores and could wind up in your hands. look at this map we maed made for you. police say the ring includes more than a dozen stores in montgomery, bucks, lehigh and northampton counties. they say the crooks used the fake money to buy electronics at walmart, home depot and targets all over the area. they'd return the items at another store to get real money in their pocket. they want you to avoid being a
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victim in this scheme because the fake money -- the fake bills could end up in your wallet. >> if you're making a purchase of a couple hundred dollars and one bill is wrong, chances are somebody had a bill that didn't know they had it. >> police believe the four guys got away with about $10,000. a black labrador may have played a big role in the arrest of former subway pitchman jared fogle on child porn charges. this is bear. he's a black lab. he's one of only five dogs in the nation specifically trained to sniff out electronic devices like sd cards and flash drives. bear's trainer todd jordan confirms that the dog was used to find evidence at fogle's home in indianapolis. jordan explains how the lab does what he does. >> he will hit on sd card, a thumb drive, an ipad and whatever the components inside of that, it's just something with the canine's help we can find, say, some children with that. >> the local u.s. attorney told
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him just the other day it was indeed bear that was used in the fogle case. a local dog now also a black lab will get the surgery that he needs thanks to a generous fund-raising event. >> this is a sweet story. the 8-month-old dog named oswald cobblepot was born with a lobster claw deformity on his front paw just like the batman villain he's named for. street tails in northern liberty has been holiçe inine ining fu get the surgery he needs. they have reached that goal. preparing for the pope includes this message now, stop complaining. that's the message from a local seminarian. he has that for people concerned about the inconveniences surrounding the papal visit to philadelphia. in an article posted on the archdiocese of philadelphia's facebook page, it says the city has been the capital of whining.
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he says the same people that say the phillies never got any respect after winning the world series are the same ones whining about the long walk, the traffic boxes and the big crowds that they'll have to deal with during the pope's visit. >> part of that is just being able to man up in a sense and say this is a city, we want to be the next great american city. this is our student to do that. so let's do it. >> read the entire letter. it's pretty interesting on or the nbc 10 news app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> well, i think philadelphia is a great american city and it's on its way to some fantastic weather today, too. a really great start. look at that. nice and clear. that's a live view from center city from the comcast center. 70 degrees in the city, the humidity is down, the temperature lower than yesterday. we're looking at sunshine for the rest of the day.
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just a few thin clouds in the pocono mountains. look at that, bright sunshine is going to warm the temperatures into the 70s. just barely in the mountains. 10 degrees cooler this morning for allentown and reading. trenton, northeast philadelphia off by ten. it's 15 degrees cooler this morning in atlantic city. giving us readings in the 50s and 60s, 60 in pottstown and 61 in doylestown. wilmington is 62 and gloucester county, harrison township, mullica hill 57 degrees. 50s for washington township and turnersville as well. a pleasant start, great weather this afternoon will warm these readingsç into the 80s for mos of the area but not everyone. there you can see the thin clouds moving through the area right now. any showers are north and west and completely offshore. we will stay dry for today. need your sun glasses with lots of sunshine. nice and comfortable. lower 80s this afternoon and another cool start tomorrow morning. in fact, possibly cooler than this morning. 61 in center city, 50s in the
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suburbs, 84 tomorrow afternoon. nice and comfortable for thursday and again on friday. the humidity stays low again saturday. though the temperature will be closer to the 90 degree mark saturday afternoon as it was yesterday. up to 90 on sunday. sunshine is back tuesday. >> thanks for that. let's get you a check of mass transit. nbc 10's traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that and other things this morning. jessica? >> several delays for septa this morning. west trenton train 309 running ten minutes late, warminster train 402 running ten minutes late and we will be shuttle busing passengers between west trenton and woodbourne station again this morning. 95 along the vine street expressway, everything is moving along. southbound drive times still 14-minute trip from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. no real problems there. if you're heading out the door on 422, we done the see any
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delays yet on the eastbound side from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. we still have an eight-minute trip. six minutes before 6:00. ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 news today? see for yourself and talk to us. join the conversation. we've been having good conversations this morning. >> yes, interesting ones. jessica boyington is having a conversation with our many periscope followers right now. we have people who watch this feed from all over the country and all over the world. we're talking to people in england, australia and all over the place. they find it pretty fascinating what happens behind the scenes here. maybe they want to talk to jessica about kq)e she gets her manicures. i don't know what's going on over there. check us out, our periscope sa dress is nbc philadelphia. the phils and mets mixing it up at the bank last night. what got coach larry bowa all
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fired up in the game against their n.l. east rivals.
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how about this? things got heated last night at citizens bank park during the
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phils/mets game. larry bowa went on a tirade. phillies lost 6-5. we'll see what happens tonight when the teams meet again to wrap up the series or meet tomorrow and wrap up the series. 100% my fault, former philly curt schilling is owning up to a tweet that cost him a tv announcing job. espn dropped schilling from its coverage of little league world series. they made the move after schilling sent a tweet comparing muslim extremists to the nazis. schilling later said he understood and accepted his suspension. schilling's tweet had a picture of adolf hitler with the text, it said that only 5% to 10% of muslims are extremists in 1940 only 7% of germans were nazis. how'd thatç go? schilling then commented the math is staggering when you get to the numbers. today president obama is welcoming the w nba's phoenix
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mercury to the white house. they won the league's championship last year. this is video of the previous winning team who we've chosen not to identify apparently. the white house says president obama -- you got it, keisha? minnesota. minnesota lynx, our floor director and basketball coach keisha just saved us there. president obama will honor themarkry for giving back to their community today. very nice. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. we are following two breaking news stories for you this morning. first, a deadly crash in burlington shuts down route 130. we'll help you get around that crash. >> a live picture from the scene of an apartment fire, what was an apartment fire in montgomery county. 16 units destroyed, 30 people displaced and they just got the fire out within the past half hour. we're live on scene as the investigation into what caused
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the fire continues. we're off to a cooler start, lower humidity. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour to take a live look outside. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it's a beautiful morning shaping up out there. it feels just like fall. we'll see if that will change. first alert meteorologist bill henley has your forecast. >> inching closer to fall. today it's a nice cool start and a comfortable one, too. those northerly winds bringing in the dry air, the 7 mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. the wind has died down for allentown, pottstown, mount holly. a nice breeze develops in the morning hours. mount pocono, 51 degrees, 65 in wilmington. 62 in trenton and 50s in parts of new jersey. a few scattered clouds, no sign of any showers. the clouds will be thinning out, 8:00, 69 degrees.ç upper 70s by


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