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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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why federal prosecutors are upset about how shaka fattah is defending himself against corruption charges. why did he do it? the search for a motive after a former reporter killed two former colleagues on live tv. i'm jacqueline london. and i'm keith jones. we're learning about the photojournalists. one of them is a former nbc 10 intern. sadly, she watched her fiance from the control room and she's
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publicly sharing her grief. >> our coverage begin with nbc's dave wagner live in moneta, virginia, tonight. dave? >> reporter: 16 hours after the shootings here, that tv live truck that's been surrounded by police tape all day long has been moved. it's a surreal crime that played out on social media and live tv. >> reporter: a routine early-morning interview on live tv turned violent. gunfire then a cut to the studio anchor, unsure of what just happened? >> okay, not sure what happened there. >> reporter: reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were shot and killed. vicki gardner, who was being interviewed, was hurt. the gunman turned out to be vester flanagan, seen here through the photograph's camera. he was disgruntled former employee known as bryce williams when he worked as a reporter at the station. when he was fired two years ago, he was so angry police were called and escorted him from the building. >> eventually after many
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incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. >> reporter: state troopers pursued flanagan into northern virginia where he crashed his car and turned the gun on himself. he died a short time later. in another shocking move, flanagan used his own video camera to record the shootings, posting it on social media which was quickly pulled. this is a freeze-frame of that video. abc news says it received a fax two hours after the shooting from someone claiming to be flanagan. the facts complained of racism, bullying and referenced the shootings at columbine, virginia tech, and, most recently, charleston. "the church shooting was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i've been a human powder keg for a while, just waiting to go boom." the two journalists he killed were a team. >> if i walked into the office in the morning and the first person i saw was either adam or alison, i got a smile on my face because they were always that
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way. >> reporter: both grew up in the area and both found love at the station. the shock and sadness of today still surrounds the station and the community. the head of the local chamber of commerce, vicki gardner, at last check remains in stable condition. she is expected to recover. in moneta, virginia, dave wagner, nbc news, back to you. >> as we mentioned, alison parker and adam ward were in relationships with colleagues. their significant others each have ties to our area. tonight, one of them issued a statement on social media. melissa ott posted on facebook earlier to want, ott was engaged to photographed a dr adam ward. she started her news career as an intern at nbc 10. her post reads "i'm not okay and i won't be for a long time but the enormous outpouring of love and support from some many of you near and a is so much
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appreciated." today her uncle told us melis melissa's parents left immediately for virginia to comfort their daughter. he says she and her fiance were looking forward to their future. >> loving girl, loving guy. a tragedy for the family. they were making plans for the wedding and it was going to be, like, a down in virginia p home style, you know? >> reporter: ott posted about her fiance an hour before he died. "adam brought balloons to work and co-workers brought flowers and a cake to celebrate her last day before starting new jobs together in north carolina." >> reporter alison parker's boyfriend also worked at the same tv station. she dated chris hurst who worked as an anchor. he went to conestoga high school in berwyn and attempted temple university for a year. hurst tweeted this photo saying in part "she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back."
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he says the two just celebrated her 24th birthday and had just moved in together. new at 11:00, congressman shaka fattah accused of trying to influence the jury pool. today federal prosecutors filed a motion saying fatah shouldn't be allowed to use his good works as a defense in court. tonight i spoke with the congressman over the phone. >> i would never do anything improper or illegal. >> congressman fattah speaking to the camera. >> as it relates to these allegations, i'm innocent of each and every one. >> speaking directly to prospective jurors according to federal prosecutors who call these statements posted to youtube inappropriate. in a motion filed in federal court today, prosecutors allege fattah is attempting to argue "that he must be innocent of the charges against him because of purported good work." in other words, prosecutors say the congressman is attempting to influence a jury. an indictment alleges hi misused
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campaign money and taxpayer dollars and faces charges of bribery, money laundering and conspiracy. now, i talked to the congressman tonight. he didn't mince words, calling this motion today almost laughable. >> what they want to do now is muzzle me and say they don't want me to speak. i congressman fattah told me the indictment is full of half-truths and fall statements. >> so viewers can judge for themselves. the government can have -- not the government but these particular prosecutors who for eight years have had an investigation trying to spear me with leaks, now they come forward with an indictment which is absolutely going to be proven to be false. >> reporter: tonight, i asked the congressman when what he plans to do moving forward. he says regardless of the charges he faces he plans to continue to work for his constituents as a congressman. we want to note, of course, he's married to nbc anchor renee fattah. she's referenced in the criminal
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complaint against her husband. she's labelled as personal "e" and an affiliate of the fattah charges. she's not charged and denies wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. >> reporter: today the pennsylvania supreme court released hundreds of documents containing foreign graphic images sent and received by state employees at their state e-mail addresses. this is the latest move in the case involving attorney general kathleen kane. in one e-mail the subject reads "new office motivation policy posters." the attachments include pictures of women engaged in sex acts with captions underneath saying "devotion is making your boss happy." kane's office uncovered the scandal. she claims the criminal charges against her stem from her office's investigation into the e-mails and subsequent retaliation by those involved. earlier this month, she was indicted on charges she leaked grand jury information and lied
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about it. we're following a developing story in germantown where philadelphia police opened fire tonight. this comes hours after officers shot a suspect over a robbery call. sky force 10 was over the scene. police will only say officers fired several shots. no one was hit but police arrested five men. it was around 6:00 when police shot a suspect during a robbery call in cobbs creek. investigators say an officer shot the suspect after he refused to drop his gun. that suspect is in the hospital tonight. tonight, futures are higher after a welcome rebound on wall street. [ cheers and applause ] the dow finished up 619. it's the third-biggest point gain ever as the market breaks its losing streak. the nasdaq and the s&p also rose. today's bounceback ends a six-day slump that was driven by
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worries about the chinese economy. listen to that. sweet sounds in preparation for the pope's visit september 26. the choir at this seminary held its first rehearsal of the year tonight. they practiced a hymn that will be sung to welcome pope francis when he arrives at the seminary. by the way, philadelphia is trying to build excitement for the pope's visit. city officials debuted the "i'll be there" campaign today. they say security restrictions won't stop the fun for visitors. the world meeting of families has a new name for the so-called traffic box of closures. instead call it the francis festival grounds. there will be plenty of food and beverage vendors there and uber black cars will have the same access that taxis have. plus officials say you won't have to walk more than a mile. restaurants are making changes, too. >> we're limiting the menu.
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we'll shorten the menu up to make it just a small, concise menu to get through if t weekend. come one, come all. >> a good opportunity to make business, make money, make everybody happy. >> reporter: reading terminal market announced it will be open for the weekend of the pope's visit. prepare for the papal visit with the nbc 10 news app. you'll find transportation and security information plus a full papal itinerary. it's a full download on new at 11:00, the funeral director speaks out for the first time since three bodies were discovered in a garage yesterday. that funeral homeowner is telling her side. >> she says the bodies were stored there for just a matter of hours. it comes as critics of janet powell are coming out of the woodwork. >> nbc 10's george spencer talked with her tonight live at central detective. george? >> reporter: powell told me by phone that this public story has become one of assumptions, the kind of assumptions that people
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make right or wrong when dead bodies are discovered. but as detectives here continue their work, some of her critics are coming forward. >> i was happy, actually. it's like finally car. ma. >> reporter: derrian austin said he felt an unexpected relief yesterday when news broke of three bodies discovered in this strawberry mansion garage just around the corner from the powell funeral home. he's been fighting that same funeral home since his mother died late last spring, alleging that the owner never repaid a promised $8,000 deposit. >> how she explained it to me, why she didn't give me my money back was because she had several property damages to her funeral home last year during the winter and she used our money to fix her damages. >> reporter: speaking to us by phone tonight, owner janet powell said austin's case is a business dispute that will be handled by her attorney and for the first time she discussed the case's specifics, insisting that the three bodies were stored in
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the funeral home garage for no more than six hours -- two awaiting cremation, the third was buried this morning. and the family of the deceased demanded answer from powell. >> you're -- >> i'm not lying! i'm not like. >> mother! ask my mother did she know -- >> i've got to go. >> reporter: powell told us the bodies were briefly stored in the garage because it was easier to pick them up from a single location. police sources say they want to know more about her funeral home's closure for renovations and are looking into its finances, including this $17,000 in back taxes we found today. powell said by phone tonight the decomposition of those bodies was related more to their medical condition previously than to being left unattended. police sources say this investigation is far from over. we're live tonight in central detectives, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. put in jail, pleading guilty
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toll killing a teenager. now months later a judge is clearing her name. new tonight, the evidence found and how general motors is named in the case. >> it's just unfair. >> reporter: forced to pay thousands to fix their sidewalks. the warning to local homeowners when it comes to keeping up your property. >> reporter: summer heat and humidity coming back. when temperatures will hit 90 plus when tropical storm erika nears the u.s. coast.
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hundreds of immigrant churn in new jersey could be helped by a ruling from the state's top court. the supreme court ruled the children who fled abuse and abandonment in their home countries only need to show that one parent mistreated them. they can then be granted legal residency. this ruling could help at least 500 children in new jersey facing deportation. >> exciting to see this case come down because one of the things that we've been dealing with lately is sort of a lack of information or sometimes
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confusion on the part of family courts. >> reporter: today's ruling provides specific instructions on how state court judges can determine if a child is abuse ord neglected. she served time for killing a teenager in an accident near pittsburgh but today a judge overturned her kwirks after determining a faulty car part contributed to that crash. the judge ruled a defective gm ignition switch contributed to natasha ward green crashing into a school bus. her teenage passenger was killed in the accident five years ago. ward green pleaded guilty to manslaughter and she served three months in jail before her attorney appeal bid citing the gm defect. also new at 11:00. imagine getting a bill saying you need to pay thousands to fix your sidewalk or else. >> that's the exactly what happened, too, to some homeowners in montgomery county and it could happen to you, too. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal reports. >> reporter: the borough is
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undergoing a major facelift, repaving a number of roads and streets. however, the sidewalks are also being targeted. in some neighborhoods they have dangerous cracks. however, the cost for those repairs -- sometimes in the thousands of dollars -- is left completely up to the homeowner. as the old adage goes, if you step on a sidewalk crack, you'll break your mother's back. but in this case, it's just breaking your wallet. >> i think the law is crazy. >> reporter: dozens of neighbors in jenkins town cited to repair their sidewalks. >> this is cited because of cracks in the concrete. >> reporter: randy is toll if he doesn't make the repairs in front of his house he'll have to go to court and face a fine. >> it's a major hardship for us to do this. the bigger part is how is this getting paid? this is public property. >> reporter: but pennsylvania law requires the owner of the home, not the town or city, to pay for repairs. the borough says most have been cooperative.
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>> yeah, most people have. most people have. some people have had difficulties which i sympathize with. it's a lot of money. >> reporter: the mayor said this is part of a revitalization effort in jenkintown improving its image and infrastructure. >> it makes the town look so much for inviting. >> reporter: for some the law came as a surprise but many decided to eat the cost. >> i'm happy to do it because if you don't they'll raise your taxes. >> reporter: they'll get you either way. >> they will. and it keeps the town in good shape. >> it's unfair and for a lot of people it's creating a tremendous hardship. >> reporter: the borough says people have a few months left to make these repairs. meantime, a fair warning for any resident or homeowner in pennsylvania, a lot of similar towns and cities have laws like this on their book. in jenkintown, randy gyllenhaal. from our jersey shore bureau, one town is feeling blue. >> all because of one man's house. look at this home in margate.
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it's bathed in blue light with spinning and flashing lights. the owner added to the display over the past few years, too. some neighbors say the lights are shining into their houses and attracting extra traffic. get this, the city is unable to take action, too, because margate currently has no laws regulating this kind of residential lighting. hmm. >> i think we can agree everyone likes blue skies. >> that's right. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. sheena, how long will if streak of nice weather last. >> the next couple days but also through the weekend. over the weekend, things will heat up a bit more. more perfect days in the forecast if you thought today was perfect, tomorrow will be too, hoter into the weekend, 90 degree temperatures come back. and they're watching tropical storm ary car, we have the newest updates. it has shifted. it's cooling down north and west. 37 degrees in philadelphia, 65
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wilmington. so many of our suburbs feeling cool right now. 26 many millville and it will be cooler as we go into tomorrow morning. a lot like this morning. so by 7:00 tomorrow morning if you're north and west in lehigh valley, temperatures should be in in the upper 50s, philadelphia mid-60s, as well as new jersey and delaware with plenty of sunshine and low humidity. today we got to 83 degrees, tomorrow and friday very similar afternoon, low 80s. then we go into the weekend, 87 saturday, 92 sunday and that will come with more humidity. nice dry weather pattern for us, no rain to our west to move in, it's all just dry air. we expect that to stick around through the weekend. then our rain chances start to go up. now we look at erika, the tropical storm. it's approaching the lesser antilles right now. it's still a tropical storm as of the last update, 45 mile an hour sustained winds. max winds there moving west. around 16 miles an hour. so any decent pace but this is going to put it towards the bahamas as we go into the
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weekend. increasing intensity not expected before the weekend. that's because of atmospheric conditions unfavorable until it gets to the bahamas. now the track has shifted a little more east so now it's favoring much for eastern coast of florida and we could even see it slide up the atlantic at this point. that would be by monday night. it could become a category one hurricane so we expect some strengthening by that time. the computer models are agree, too. they're starting to curve to the north more than they did earlier today so we see that agreement that allows for more accurate forecasts and we'll have more updates as we go through the rest of the week. still too far out to see what happens as it continues to track north. for tonight, temperatures will be in the mid-50s north and west. mid-60s through the philadelphia area. tomorrow, is sunny, low humidity, low temperatures in -- temperatures in the low 80s. friday looking a lot like tomorrow, saturday looks good but warmer, humidity for sunday,
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storms come back by the beginning of next week. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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. i'm john boruk. phillies interim manager pete mccann nonsaid tl('s a good chance michel franco will play again this season. game three of their four-game set, phillies put themselves in a first inning hole already 1-0. michael c michael cuddyer makes it 4-0. the angels bartolo colon gets them swinging in the eighth and the mets just wearing out the upper check in this series. cuddyer another shot as the mets
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take down the phillies by a 9-4 final. now to the eagles who are getting set for their third preseason game which is the closest thing you'll get to the regular season. you can see the game saturday night, 8:00, against the packers here on nbc 10. running back demarco murray figures to be a big part of saturday's game plan. murray did not play in the pre-season opener against the colts. he had six touches in last week's game with the revenns. here's his thoughts on the team's approach to the packers game. >> i think we're approaching like a regular game. obviously you can't go out there with a pre-season mind-set but we're focusing on whether it's one snap or 40 snap we'll play hard and execute as much as we can. >> reporter: terrell suggs hit on bradford touches a nerve across the league. defensive end michael bennett was on espn radio in seattle and he took the side of the defense to say the least. >> there's some mediocre
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quarterbacks in the nfl that make a lot of money. you take a guy like sam bradford. he's never played really in the last three years but he's made more money than most of the guys in the nfl and then quarterbacks get protected more than any other player. he gets hit in his knees and he's about to cry. "they hit me in my legs." everybody gets hit in their legs. >> we'll see plenty of bradford as the eagles take on the packers saturday night. you can see the game right here on nbc 10 at 8:00. our pre-game coverage starts at 7:30. complete post-game coverage afterwards. nbc 10 is the official television station of the eagles. that is sports. we'll be right back. ♪
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs.
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we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. tomorrow will be cool start to the day. mid-60s, philadelphia, areas north and west mid-50s. by the afternoon, sunny, low humidity, perfect.
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28 degrees. even friday. over the weekend, though, we get hotter, more humid. low 90s by sunday then our thunderstorm chance comes back monday and tuesday. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm keith jones. have a great night.
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>> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vin diesel carl reiner kobe bryant musical guests, iggy azalea and


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