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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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searching for clues oof a man was found shot to death, in the head in his apartment in the city's franceville section and we are live looking for answers as well. >> plus, why is the question in virginia again this morning as investigators look for a motive after a fired reporter killed two former colleagues on live television. look at the this view of industrial, approximately. headed into the 80s this afternoon and we will have details coming up. i'm chris cato. very comfortable when you walk outside this morning.
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you really will enjoy it. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with this first alert forecast. bill, am i right? >> hard not to like this, chris. the temperatures cooler than yesterday and skies clear. 58 degrees right now in military and pottstown. millville down to 56. philadelphia international at 67 degrees. the humidity is low. nice, career view over citizens panic park and sunshine today. start or in the 60s and 70 degrees at 9:00 and then upper 70s at noon time. much of the area is going to be running cooler this afternoon than we saw yesterday. we will go through the forecast neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's see what is happening on the roads. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting things off on the vine street expressway one of the few places we have some road construction. you can see on the eastbound side. these are our cameras right from
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24th street so you can see that right here. actually not block onning off any of the lanes and coming off of that exit ramp and something to watch out for if you're headed eastbound. if you're heading westbound right here a three hin drive ti -- three-minute drive ntime and no problems there. 95 southbound headed up the vine no problems. blue route is doing okay. mass transit no problems or delays for the following. a mystery unfolding this early hour. breaking news overnight. police on the scene of a deadly shooting in the city's francisville neighborhood and katy zachry is there where investigates are trying to figure out exactly how this young man died, right, katie? >> reporter: that's right. homicide detectives have been out here for sometime but crime scene detectives just arrived to building apartment building near
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15 and popullar. a 24-year-old man was found dead with a single gunshot wound to his head. here is what happened. police got a call around 1:15 this morning after two friends of the victim had shown up here and found him lying on the floor in an office space inside this apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head. when police got here, they did notice, they tell us, a strong odor of marijuana. an unusually strong odor in their words coming from inside the apartment. at this time, they are looking into the possibility that this homicide is drug-related. we were able to talk to the chief inspector when we got to the scene and he gave us some more thoughts and some more points about this investigation that they are entertaining right now and in the next half hour, we will share those with you you coming up around 4:30. reporting live in the
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francisville section of philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc10 news. 4:03. on to the tragedy in virginia. this morning the tv station in roanoke is back on the air after a reporter and cameraman was shot to death during a live broadcast yesterday morning. a shocking story to say the least. nbc10's tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center with the latest developments from virginia. >> reporter: tv viewers heard the first of 18 shots that killed alison parker and photographer adam ward. the gunman vester flanagan was a disgruntled correspond worker who authorities say may have been planning the attack for weeks. they say he bought the gun legally. in this reported manifesto flanagan decided to buy a gun affair the charleston church massacre. also known as bryce harper as a reporter and was fired two years
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ago and so angry, police were called to escort him out of the building. >> eventually, after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. >> flanagan recorded himself killing out the killings and posted that video on social media and quickly taken down. he died of a gunshot wound later. the woman injured yesterday is in stable condition and expected to recover. last night, president obama called the shooting heart breaking an added the gun violence in america dwarf's any deaths that happen through terrorism. tracy davidson, nbc10 news. at the time of his murder, adam ward was engaged to a colora coworker from gloucester county. melissa ott grew up in gibbsdown and she worked at a morning news producer at wdbj and was
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actually in the control room watching when the gunman shot her fiance. last night she posted this message on facebook reading in part, quote. yesterday, we spoke to her -- he said melissa was so excited about marrying adam. >> they were making plans for their wedding and it was going to be like down in virginia, home style. >> an hour before adam died, ott posted about her fiance and shared this photo. you see the balloons and the flowers there? yesterday was their last day working at wdbj in virginia and they were about to start new jobs together in north carolina. reporter alison parker's boyfriend is also from this area. chris hurst is an anchor there at wdbj. he attended temple university for a year and graduated from
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conestoga high school. he posted the following on social media. quote. he said she had just celebrated her 24th birthday and had recently moved in together. a cumberland county man accused of killing and dismembering his brother will appear in court today. police arrested david rotter in bridgeton yesterday and his brother steven disappeared in december 2011. authorities say this month they got information that led them to the missing man's remains. they say they found body parts buried all over vineland. the chef and co-owner of pitcher restaurant, capasso has been arrested on child porn charges last month. they say he sexually abused a 5-year-old girl and shared photos of her online. they also say he talked about his desire to abuse his own
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soon-to-be born daughter. two police-involved shootings in philadelphia within a 24-hour span and latest in germantown where police arrested five men. they say the officers fired several shots last night around 9:30. sky force 10 was over the scene after that gunfire. no one injured but five arrested there. yesterday morning, we brought this story as breaking news on "nbc 10 news today." an officer shot a suspect after responding to a robbery call in cobbs creek. investigators say the suspect refused to drop his gun and he is still in the hospital. china's major stock index closed overnight up 5.3% for the biggest one-day gain in eight weeks there. the downturn ended when the tokyo stock exchange, the nikkei
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closed yesterday higher. markets around the world suffered major setbacks after chinese stock markets collapsed. wall street soared more than 600 points at closing bell yesterday and breaking six straight days of losses. nascar and s&p also rose. in spite of that, analysts are warning more rough days lie ahead because of china's troubled economy which triggered that sell-off last week. almost two hours away from sunrise. another beautiful day ahead of us today. this morning, we are clear and cool. back in the 50s and 60s. another beautiful afternoon with bright sunshine and low humidity. the changes, they will be heading our way this weekend. we will see a warm-up. in fact, july-like heat will be back later in the weekend. right now, though, 60 degrees in
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doylestown and beach avenue is in the clear. another beautiful day at the shore. temperatures hovering right around the 80-degree mark for much of the coastline of new jersey and the delaware beaches, for that matter. radar, nothing to show you here. it's quiet. we will stay dry again today and likely dry through the weekend. the next chance of showers probably not arriving until next week. so the forecast for today, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, low 70s for the poconos mountains and allentown and quaker town and reading upper 70s. mt. holly up to 82. there it is 81 degrees at cape may in rehoboth. inland, plenty of sunshine today but like yesterday, the humidity stays low. westchester, a high of 79 degrees, into the low 80s for wilmington and williamstown on.
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i'm back with the seven-day forecast and that includes the weekend. may i interest you in that? >> you may and you will and you always do! thank you, sir. 11 minutes after 4:00. time to check the roads out there once again. hopefully, nothing will slow you down at this early hour on a thursday morning. jessica boyington has her cameras positioned everywhere. if there is a problem out there, she will see it. >> i will find it for you and that is confirmed. right now, we are doing okay aa. in here westbound, eastbound into the center city area right now is no problem. from the blue route up toward the vine street expressway a 12-minute trip. p.a. turnpike cars moving nicely and through the work zone, we don't have any delays. it will take you 23 minutes from there to valley forge. coming up next, i'll next in
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with mass transit. federa funeral director telr side of the story after a disturbing discovery in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. what she told us about finding bodies in a garage.
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4:14. federal prosecutors now accusing indicted congressman chaka fattah to influence a potential jury pool. they said fattah should not be allowed to use his good works in court. keith jones spoke with the congressman by phone last night. >> i would never do anything
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improperly illegal. >> reporter: congressman chaka fattah speaking directly to a camera. >> as it relates to these allegations, i'm innocent to each and every one j j. >> reporter: prosecutors call these statements inappropriate. in other words, prosecutors say the congressman is attempting to influence a jury. an indictment alleges he misused campaign money and taxpayer dollars and now faces charges of bribery, money laundering and conspira conspiracy. i talked to the congressman. he didn't mince words, calling this motion today almost laughable. >> what they want to do now is muzzle me and they don't want me to speak. >> reporter: congressman fattah told me the indictment is full of half truths and false
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statements. >> nbc's keith jones reporting there. the congressman said regardless of the charges he is facing, he plans to continue to work for his constituents in philadelphia. we also have to note here he is married to nbc10's renee chenault-fattah. she is mentioned in the complaint and labeled as an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the fed say she tried to fraudulently sell a car and pay closing costs on a vacation home. she not charged with a crime and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc10. the state supreme court yesterday released hundreds of documents containing
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pornographic images and e-mails, kane alleges those were sent and received by state employees from their state e-mail addresses. and she has claimed that the criminal charges against her stem from her office's investigation of those e-mails resulting in retaliation of those who circulated them. kane faces charges of leaki ini grand jury information and lying about it. 4:17. a local funeral director is telling her side of the story after that disturbing discovery in philadelphia strawberry mansion neighborhood the other day. three bodies were found inside this garage on wednesday after neighbors noticed a bad odor. they were under the care of the powell funeral home. the owner janet powell told us that the body were only there for six hours. two were awaiting cremation and a third was buried in the morning. nbc10 was there as the family of the deceived demanded answers. >> i'm not lying. i'm not lying. >> mother! ask my mother if she know! >> powell told us that the
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bodies were stored in the business-owned garage because it was easier to pick them all up from a single location. meanwhile, her funeral home is closed for renovations and investigators want to know more and they are looking into the finances including 17,000 of back tacxes owed to the city. that is the choir at st. charles seminary holding their first rehearsal last night and practiced a him they will sing to on welcome pope francis when he arrived in philadelphia on september 26th. we have learned that montgomery county will activate its emergency operations during the weekend that the pope is here. he will be staying in lower merion that saturday evening. the county has filed a request for help.
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it wants 600 national guard troops to traffic and crowd control. the county is also increasing staffing at its 911 center and at activating its backup center. everyone has questions and want to know the plans and we have got you covered here. can you find any information you need to know through the nbc10 news app. it's all there for you, transportation, security information, all of the road closures, plus the pope's itinerary. a free download at 19 minutes after 4:00. it is 65 degrees right now. a cooler morning than what we saw yesterday and our skies are completely clear. we had some scattered clouds at this time yesterday and not happening this morning. sunshine is on the way. don't forget your sunglasses if you're leaving the house now. 67 degrees in philadelphia. that's a little cooler than yesterday. just like yesterday, the humidity is right in the comfortable zone.
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wind above building level, a little bit stronger. and that is that northwesterly wind bringing in the dry air again today. the flow continues. the streak of nice weather continues. look at the numbers. 62 degrees in trenton and wrights town and 50 pottstown andb8!m westchester 65 and wesn down to 53 right now. clouds off to the northwest. we are in the clear. so stand by for another beautiful day today. sunny skies. nice and comfortable. high temperatures in the lower 80s. some spots will be in the 70s this afternoon. but a warm-up is on the way. a little bit tomorrow. not by much. still nice and comfortable with low humidity for friday. the weekend turns warmer, near 90 on saturday. on saturday, the humidity stays low but it starts to creep back into the area sunday. sunday afternoon, 92 degrees and we will be in the lower 90s for monday and tuesday we could see some much-needed rainfall with scattered showers and some thunderstorms and the heat
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continues wednesday with a high of 91. >> starting september a little warmer, all right. thank you, bill. 4:20 now and starting out your morning drive with hopefully no problems this morning. let's check in with our traffic reporter jessica boyington. 95 around girard area, roadways relatively empty right now. wood haven road to vine street expressway 15 minute trip. 422 in montgomery county, if you're headed toward the schuylkill expressway you is see no problems. eastbound is where we see that delay usually as rush hour begins in a few hours. still an eight-minute trip and no problem from 29 up towards the schuylkill. mass transit no delays or problems so far. coming up at 4:30, we are going to check in with new jersey roads. it's being seen as a move that could make voting easier. what governor wolf's administration is getting ready to launch that could save you a trip to a government office.
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that is usually a good thing. plus, a new weapon in the fight against germs at schools. what a simple sticker can do to help keep kids from getting sick.
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a programming note. nbc10's tracy davidson loves football and wants you to know that the eagles are playing again saturday night in preseason action at lambeau field in green bay, playing the packers! you like that? that is my audition for the nfl. stand by for me not to get hired for that job. can you only watch this game on nbc10. pregame show at 7:30 and kickoff at 8:00 and your complete postgame show as well. nbc10 is your official home of the philadelphia eagles.
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it is gone! >> did you see this? pennsylvania's own red land little league is now headed to the u.s. championship at the little league world series. they blanked the team from perland, texas, last night beating then 11-0. they are from louis ferry in new york county. the u.s. championship game is saturday. online voter registration launches today across the state of pennsylvania. according to governor tom wolf, pennsylvania is the 23rd state to offer internet-based voter registration and delaware already offers that service and new jersey does not. students and faculty at westchester university are almost done with their first week of classes and the school wants to assure everyone the school is safe even though nmor
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legionnaire's bacteria is still found on the campus. it's found in a student housing area. on sunday, the school told you us the bacteria was found in hot water systems and ten other buildings on campus. they were shut down and rechlorinated. they will test in a few weeks to make sure the bacteria is gone. the university says the health department says there is no reason to cancel activities. a new germ killing product hopes to reduce the amount of bacteria that is spread among schoolchildren. it's a sticker that peels on to structures like door handles and researchers say that it's metal and silver and will not allow micro organisms to multiple. researchers say the product reduces the spread of staph infection by 99.9%. skies are nice and clear and
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nice breeze and dry air continues to move into the area. 65 degrees as we come up on 4:27. we are getting ready for another beautiful day today. jessica boyington is getting ready for the morning commute. what is it looking like out there? >> we are doing okay so far on this thursday morning. looking live at the blue route. right around mccain boulevard. southbound and northbound no problems in any of those lanes. at 4:30 we will check in with new jersey. good morning. i'm matt delucia live in center city with a month to go into the papal visit, the city wants a certain group of folks to be there. i'll explain coming up.
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just about 4:30.
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breaking news. philadelphia police looking for clues after friends find a man shot in the head in his apartment in the city's francisville section. the city of philadelphia wants to emphasize the excitement, not the restrictions surrounding the pope's visit. a new focus involving a name change and a new way to get around. enjoy another beauty today. clear skies. temperatures in the mid-80s. how much longer will the nice weather last? especially with the weekend coming up. >> yes. 65 degrees. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. never too early to look forward to the weekend. meteorologist bill henley is standing by. another nice morning out there and another one you might want to put the car windows down as you head to work. >> some people might neat a jacket. it's cooler. center city is running cooler than yesterday as well. the temperatures at this hour are still falling.


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