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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley who told us it would be nice and cool like this again today. a nice repeat. >> why not do another. looks like the streak will continue into tomorrow this morning. a live view from the comcast center so we are cleared for a warm-up. at this hour the temperatures are still falling and 65 at pottstown and millville and 60 in fronttrenton. philadelphia at 64 degrees. at the airport in south philadelphia, 67. roxborough at 62. skies are clear so minutes away from sunrise. we will see brilliant sunshine during the day and like yesterday, the humidity stays low as the temperatures climb into the lower 80s. a look at the weekend forecast and there are changes ahead and i'll take you through that day-by-day when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic. >> schuylkill expressway around spring garden street total drive
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times here 13 minutes. eastbound from the blue route up toward vine street expressway and as you can see, heading eastbound right in here we are doing og akay. bridges are doing okay there. we are still on the scene of breaking news in francisville neighborhood. a man's body, an empty shell casing but no gun, the mystery police are trying to solve now after friends found a man dead inside his home. katy zachry is live on the scene. what is happening with this investigation now? >> reporter: in the last half hour, crime scene detectives have wrapped up their investigation out here and they have left. i am told they are interviewing the two friends who found the victim inside his third floor apartment you're looking at right now. those two friends told police they had stopped by the man's apartment right at the intersection of poplar and 15th
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street around 1:00 this morning and when they got inside they found him lying on the floor bleeding from the head and they called 911. when medics got on scene, they found a single gunshot wound to his head. >> we also did find one spent shell casing from a semiautomatic weapon just inches from the victim's body. so it appears that the weapon used was semiautomatic handgun. >> reporter: another piece of evidence police are telling us about when they walked in the apartment, investigators say they smelled an overwhelmingly strong smell of marijuana and found some marijuana residue on the counter so looking into this if this homicide could be drug-readily. reporting live in the francisville section of the city, katy zachry, nbc10 news. philadelphia is trying to build excitement for the pope's visit. the city is pushing its new campaign "i'll be there." matt delucia is live to tell us more about this campaign.
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>> reporter: this campaign comes on the heels of backlash from some business owners who are a little concerned over this papal visit and if they will be able to stay open. yesterday, the city unveiled new and updated plans to offer more comfort to those within the traffic box. reading market will stay open and the fairmount area and uber black cars have the same access as taxis and if you take septa you won't have to walk more than a mile to get to the festivities. the transit is up and running for those who have trouble walking and some businesses like kite and key tell us they plan to stay open but still a little bit uneasy. >> they understand they want to be open and make a plan and work out some details. >> reporter: a lot of the shared
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concerns surround issues like trash service and some worry it will pile up several days before it can be picked up because of the security around this area. also another concern is employees being able to get to work. you look at the parkway here right now. a hotline is set up for businesses and quite a few of them have been calling to get more information, but one month from today, if you can believe it, pope francis will be out here delivering his message to the masses out here more than a million people expected to pack this area. so imagine a very different scene than what you're looking at right now. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc10 news. can you prepare for the papal visit with the nbc10 news app. you'll find transportation and security information and a full papal itinerary. a free download at a local funeral director is telling her side of the story after a disturbing discovery in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. police found three bodies inside this garage on tuesday after
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neighbors complained of a strange odor. the bodies were under the care of the powell funeral home and janet powell says the bodies were only there six hours and two await ago cremation and a third buried yesterday. nbc10 was there at the family of the deceived, as they demanded answers. >> a point. >> i'm not lying on. i'm not lying. >> mother! ask my mother if she know! >> powell told us that the bodies were stored in the business-owned garage because it was easier to pick them all up from a single location. powell's funeral home right now is closed for renovations and investigators want to know more and they are looking into the finances including 17,000 of back taxes owed to the city. federal prosecutors now accuse indicted congressman chaka fattah trying to influence the jury pool. they filed a motion yesterday saying he should not be allowed to use his good works as a defense in court. nbc10's keith jones spoke with the congressman on the phone last night.
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>> i would never do anything improperly illegal. >> reporter: congressman chaka fattah speaking directly to a camera. >> as it relates to these allegations, i'm innocent of each and every one. >> reporter: speaking directly to prospect jurors according to federal prosecutors who call these statements posted to youtube last week, inappropriate. they said the following. in other words, prosecutors say the congressman is attempting to influence a jury. an indictment alleges he misused campaign money and taxpayer dollars, and now faces charges of bribery, money laundering and conspiracy. i talked to the congressman. he didn't mince words, calling this motion almost laughable. >> what they want to do now is muzzle me and say they don't want me to speak. >> reporter: congressman fattah told me the indictment is full of half truths and false statements.
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>> reporter: keith jones, nbc10 news. keith asked the congressman what he plans to do moving forward. he said regardless of the charges he is facing, he plans to continue to work for his constituents in philadelphia as a congressman. we also have to note here he is married to nbc10's renee chenault-fattah. she is mentioned in the criminal complaint and labeled as an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the fed alleges she tried to fraudulently sell a car and pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged with anything and denies any wrongdo%bé÷4(pr(c renee is on leave from nbc10. 6:07 now. two and a half miles of broad street in philadelphia are about to get brighter.
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new lights will line the following streets. 41 decorative light towers are going up on broad street right now. there is one of them. they stand 55 feet tall and lights programmed to be on every night from dusk until dawn. we will see plenty of sunshine today. a cooler start this morning but with bright sunshine, those numbers will turn around and back in the 80s this afternoon. but just like yesterday, we are in store for another beautiful day with very low humidity. it's the weekend that we will see warmer temperatures. in fact, more july-like come sunday. heading out right now, 57 in doylestown and also in the 50s in millville. completely clear for philadelphia at 64 degrees. a few clouds offshore. this is a live view from the
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lafayette hotel in cape may. lots of sunshine and a really comfortable afternoon with temperatures near the 80-degree mark. or a bit above for cape may. no sign of any wet weather. it's try for today and tomorrow and for the weekend. for today, the temperatures climb only into the seventh for allentown, reading and quaker. close to the 80-degree mark but 70 degrees in the pocono mountains. upper 70s for doylestown at 78 degrees and low 80s with low humidity for trenton and mt. holly and cape may, atlantic city, lower 80s. 79 for the delaware beaches. rehoboth beach also. philadelphia 84 is the normal high for this time of the year. where center city will be. cooler for wilmington into the lower 80s. here comes the heat for the weekend. 89 on saturday. saturday, the human stays low but it starts creeping back into the area on sunday. it does look like that is going to lead to some showers and some
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thunderstorms. i'll show you when we will likely get the showers when i'm back in ten. always crowded every morning at 4:22 and picking up now. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching all of that for us. >> that is actually on the eastbound side we tend to see the volume morning. you can see the eastbound lanes in here starting to gather and a little bit of traffic. the westbound side doing better and through the work center so still moving along. 95 through delaware, you see all of the cars are still green. no increase at all on these drive times. ten minutes northbound or southbound from 295 towards 495. drive times in the philadelphia area 95 southbound not showing any increase. 15 minute trip. blue route southbound from the
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schuylkill expressway to 95 still 15 minute trip. check in with more drive times in ten minutes. the sidewalk problem that could land some people in court. next, the montgomery county town that wants homeowners to cough up thousands of dollars. getting a second chance. the ruling from new jersey's top court could change the fate of hundreds of immigrant children.
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a company is donating a million dollars would this of the heroin reversal doze drug narcane to delaware. it is coming from a virginia-base the pharmaceutical company and giving units of the drug to high school nurses and
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police and paramedics. heroin overdose has become an epidemic over the years because of how cheap the drug is. westchester university is almost done with their classes. the school wants to assure everyone is the school is safe even thorough more legionnaire bacteria is found on campus that can cause a severe form of pneumon pneumonia. they found bacteria in one of the on-campus villages and on monday the school told us the hot water systems and ten other buildings on campus. they were shut down and rechlorinated. they will test in a few weeks to make sure the bacteria is gone. the university says the health department says there is no reason to cancel activities. a ruling yesterday in new jersey's top court could help hundreds of immigrant children across the state. the supreme court ruled
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abuse and abandon many in their country only have to show one parent mistreated them and they can be granted legal residence. it could help 500 new jersey children who face deportation. a city says fix your sidewalk or else. that is exactly what happened to some homeowners in montgomery county and could happen you to too. the boro is needing to repave sidewalks and streets and homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks. it's a law commonly used across pennsylvania. residents we spoke with gave mixed opinions. >> i'm happy to do it because if you don't, then they are going to raise your taxes if they have to do this whole town. >> it's just unfair and for a lot of people it's creating a tremendous hardship. >> officials are giving people plenty of time to make the repairs and tp4 months left. a new report shows traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children ages 5 to 19 across the world. in fact, the study says an estimated 500 children are killed and tens of thousands hurt in car accidents every day.
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in the u.s., pedestrian safety is among the biggest issues facing teens and preteens. in 2013, more than 400 kids were killed and 16,000 injured in pedestrian-related traffic crashes. hopefully, no crashes right now at 6:17. check your ride to work. specifically 42. >> see how things are shaping up with jessica boyington. >> no crashes right now on the 42 freeway. we are smooth sailing as you can see in our cameras here aned deptford. up into the philadelphia area. or to 295 so you'll have no problems.up into the philadelph. or to 295 so you'll have no problems. walt whitman bridge, good there. no problems on the ben or betsy and clear. mass transit are doing okay but all fs from the thorndale line from septa 15 minute delays due to signal problems.rom the thorm septa 15 minute delays due to
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signal problems. the next few minutes, sun will be coming up and getting ready for another beautiful day. so nice yesterday. here comes another winner with very low humidity. starting to see the glow of sunshine on some of the buildings in center city. that will spread across the area. the sun comes up, temperatures will climb from the six into the lower 80s this afternoon. 64 right now in philadelphia. that is actually 5 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. it's a cool start in the pocono mountains. back in the 50s again today. that's a live view from lake there. a nice breeze blowing past the mountains at 10 miles an hour and winds coming down into philadelphia with the dry air will make it feel comfortable through the day. in the 60s in philadelphia and 50s for wilmington. millville at 56 degrees. in montgomery county, blue bell at 55 and 55 in collegeville and
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50s for upper montgomery county. gilbertsville at 56 degrees right now. cool. you might need a jacket to begin with but you'll need sunglasses during the day. clouds will clear in allentown and sunshine the rest of the day. a warm one today but sunny skies and low humidity and so nice and comfortable today. northwesterly winds at 10 miles an hour. 84. the normal high temperature for this date. temperatures creeping up tomorrow. the good news the humidity stays low so another gorgeous day for friday and actually pretty nice on saturday too. just warmer with a high of 89. the humidity stays low on saturday but you'll notice the humidity starts to climb along with the temperature on sunday. 92 degrees sunday afternoon. another hot one on monday. then a chance we will get some scattered showers and thunderstorms tuesday. embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane gets her wish. a thousand documents with sexually explicit material have been unsealed and kane says the
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documents are key to waning her case. a live look at the schuylkill expressway as we tell you that many drivers in our area know too well the pain of dealing with traffic. but turn that upside down. the clogged roads are a good sign for the nation. really? we will explain.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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6:23. lee high valley a-treat sod is back in business. they closed down after almost a century in business. earlier this summer a developer announced a deal to bile the business. a-treat resumed production about a week ago at the coca-cola bottling plant in bethlehem. now their flavors are back on store shelves. a-treat lovers rejoice. a fact u.s. roads are more
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clogged than ever now that the recession is in our rearview mirrors. a new report found drivers are stuck in traffic 5% more than in 2007 at the peek of the pre-recession. a live look at schuylkill expressway. traffic is slowing down as it does this time this area. this is one of the main areas of frustration for drivers in the philadelphia area. according to this new study, maybe this isn't a bad thing. cities with the fastest growing economies and the most job growth are the most plagued by traffic. philadelphia ranked 22nd on that list with drivers spending an average 48 extra hours, two extra days in your car, due to delays and that adds up. it adds up to more than $1,100 in fuel costs. other cities have it worse than this. take a look at this. washington, d.c. drivers spend 82 extra hours in their cars every year.
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los angeles number two and followed by san francisco and new york metro area number four and san jose rounding out the top five. people in those areas spend a lot of time behind the wheel. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. good morning, everyone. we are watching 202 right now around 252 you can see either direction, we are free and in the clear. no problems at all. we are actually a little slow this morning but we will check in with areas that jam up first like 95 coming up at 6:30. for now, we get a check onned took's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> on our way to another beautiful day. there is the pocono mountains. sunshine nice and bright. 60s in philadelphia and 50s in the mountains. we will climb back in the 80s this afternoon. but just like yesterday, you'll need your sunglasses and the human stays nice and comfortable. thanks to the wind still coming out of the northwest. we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia's
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francisville neighborhood where some friends found a man shot to death inside of his apartment. katy zachry is live on the scene there. she tells us investigators have gathered some important information. >> reporter: yes. key evidence, chris, has been found. investigators tell me from inside the third floor apartment you're looking at right now. we are near the corner of poplar and 15th street. coming up we will break down for you what investigators have in their possession.
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we are following breaking news in philadelphia after two men found their friend dead inside his apartment and investigators found something that has them looking for a matching weapon. this morning, a tv station's front door has turned into a tribute all in remembrance of the virginia reporter and photographer killed on live tv,
6:30 am
this as the shooter's checkered past comes to light. warmer weather is coming but this morning, we get to enjoy some nice cool temperatures as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. we will have your first alert forecast hour-by-hour coming up. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today," i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30 and cooler 64 degrees outside. let's find out what is ahead with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> sun is up now and see it the rest of the day. sun falling on the buildings of center city. a view from high atop the comcast center in center city. like yesterday a cooler start and the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we will warm into the 80s. right now, 63 in northeast philadelphia. you're seeing some sunshine on the buildings at center city. that sunshine stays. along with a nice breeze out of the north/northwest, the dry air coming into play. 67 at 8:00. by 11:00, 75, nice and comfortable and lots of sunshine at 81 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon.
6:31 am
the temperatures will still be climbing at 2:00. we will go through the forecast neighborhood-by-neighborhood. there's some areas that won't make it into the 80s. today, i'll show you where to expect that. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we are still quiet on this thursday morning. vine street expressway doing okay. around 24th street work zone picked up now. westbound is what we concentrate on. three minute drive time. headed toward the schuylkill expressway or 30th street station you'll be just fine. as we head out the door, 295 starting to see that typically slowdown. 20 minutes from wood haven road to the vine street expressway and northbound side a little bit of sun glare. schuylkill and blue route just fine. accident on 13 between highway 42 and one actually blocking out the north and southbound side
6:32 am
with police activity blocking traffic on the exit beforehand. this morning the tv station in roanoke, virginia, on the air a day after a reporter and cameraman were shot to death during a live broadcast. >> a grief counselor has joined the wdbj newscasts and anchors on for a segment on the show. it's 24 hours almost exactly now when a reporter and cameraman were shot by a former tv reporter who went by bryce williams when i worked there. he sent a 23-page suicide note describing himself as, quote, a human powder keg waiting to go boom. >> eventually, after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. >> flanagan recorded himself killing the two people and then
6:33 am
posting that video on social media. he took his own life a short time later. last night, president obama called the shootings heart breaking. he also said that the number of people who die from gun violence in american dwarfs any death that happens through terrorism. in the meantime, the atf says the gun that flanagan used was bought legally but they have not when or where it was purchased. alison parker and adam ward were both in relationships with colleagues and their significant others each have ties to our areas. last night one of them issued a statement on social media. melissa ott was engaged to adam ward and grew up in gloucester county and started her internship at nbc10 news. her post reads, in part, quote. the deadly shooting unfolded what was the last day of work
6:34 am
for melissa and adam. this picture was post by adam's fiancee an hour before he died. adam brought balloons to work and coworkers brought cake and flowers to celebrate the two as they were on their last day of work before they were to go to north carolina with jobs at another news channel. reporter alison parker's boyfriend is also from this area. chris hurst is an anchor there at wdbj. he attended temple university for a year and graduated from conestoga high school. he posted the following on social media. quote. he said the two had just celebrated her 24th birthday and had recently moved in together. 6:34. we have new nvergs on a mina man found shot to death in the francisville neighborhood. katy zachry is on the scene to
6:35 am
tell us about the important clues they have gathered. >> reporter: investigators tell me the victim was found by two friends who stopped by his apartment here at the corner of 15th and poplar earlier this morning. those friends told police they found the 24-year-old man lying inside his third floor apartment bleeding from the head. when homicide detectives arrived, they found a single gunshot wound to the victim's head and they say there was no sign of forced entry into the apartment. >> now what is interesting is with we did find what appears to be some residue on a countertop and the floor. the residue appears to be that of a green weed-like substance commonly found in marijuana. also there is a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment. >> reporter: police say they also found a single shell casing just inches away from the victim's body. a recent update i did get from one of the chief investigators, he tells me that they have still
6:36 am
not found a weapon. reporting live in the francisville section of the city, katy zachry, nbc10 news. now to the investigation of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. the state supreme court released hundreds of documents containing pornographic images. kane alleges they were sent and received by state employees at their state e-mail addresses and she has claimed the criminal charges against her stem from her office's investigation of those e-mails resulting in retaliation by those who circulated them. kane faces charges of leaking grand jury information and lying about it. 6:36. two police-involved shoot is in philadelphia within a 24-hour span. the latest of those in germantown last night. police arrested five men. they say the officers fired several shots last night around 9:30. sky force 10 was over the scene affair the gunfire. no one injured and no word on
6:37 am
what the five men were arrested for. yesterday morning, we brought this story as breaking news on "nbc 10 news today." an officer shot a suspect after responding to a robbery call in cobbs creek. investigators say the suspect refused to drop his gun and he is still in the hospital. still no arrests this morning in a shooting that injured a 10-year-old girl near a playground in west philadelphia. a girl was on a crowded playground when she was caught in crossfire. a bullet grazed her arm and currently in stable condition. police say the two men who were targeted in the shoot and were hit are also in stable condition. china's major stock index closed overnight up 5.3% for the biggest one-day gain in eight weeks there. the downturn ended when the tokyo stock change opened for trading. the nikkei closed yesterday higher.
6:38 am
wall street soared more than 600 points at closing bell yesterday and breaking six straight days of losses. nasdaq and s&p also rose. in spite of that, analysts are warning more rough days lie ahead because of china's troubled economy which triggered that global sell-off over the past week. no doubt people will be clapping for weather that we are going to enjoy today. a beautiful day yesterday. a little bit cooler start this morning but we are back in the lower 80s this afternoon. another beautiful day with low humidity. our changes ahead for the weekend, a warm-up that will have us in the 90s by the end of the weekend. we are a long way from those temperatures now. 58 degrees in allentown. atlantic city at 57. northeast philadelphia at 63 degrees. look at the sunshine over citizens bank park. the sun is up and we will enjoy it through the day today and
6:39 am
nice and sunny the beginning of the ball game. tonight, phillies and mets. the temperatures really comfortable with low humidity, 79 degrees at 7:05. clear this morning. we are watching for showers and not see it today or tomorrow. in fact, barely a cloud in the sky. so we will see enough sunshine to warm temperatures near 80 for allentown, quaker town and reading and stay short of that mark. 70 degrees in the pocono mountains and a few scattered clouds, that's it. doylestown 78 and 82 mt. holly and norris town and brilliant sunshine for the delaware beaches high 79 at rehoboth and 84 atlantic city and vine land at 82 this afternoon. humidity stays low and temperatures in the low 80s for westchester and wilmington and williamstown 82. you'll feel the warm weather on saturday. the good news the humidity stays
6:40 am
low on sat and humidity returns on sunday with high of 92. show you when you're likely to get showers and thunderstorms when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, beer -- >> beer? bill? >> weekend? >> that might have been a fraudian splfraud ian slip! your name is bill, not beer! in plymouth, a bridge is reopening that has been closed six months after a sinkhole opened there. they widened the road and replaced the bridge. 15,000 cars a day have detoured since that bridge closed. >> let's get all drivers updated if you're heading out the door at 20 minutes before 6:00. >> jessica boyington has that. >> jessica, there we go! i thought you were going to say vodka or something. right around cottman avenue, massive sun glare.
6:41 am
the northbound side you'll face that. southbound up towards the vine street expressway, 22 minute trip so tacking on 7 minutes or so to your morning commute. as for an accident out in dover, watch out for that closing 13 between 42 and highway 1. the north and southbound side are being blocked right now. so follow the due tours post posted -- detours posted through the area and you'll be fine there. yellow in the area on the schuylkill expressway which is typical this time of the morning. 16 minute trip from the blue route to the vine street expressway. mass transit, septa 15 minute delays due to amtrak signal problems. going but not forgotten. a county blown away by summer storms is getting some financial help now. we will explain from where. and these blue lights are making some neighbors see red in one south jersey town and there
6:42 am
is nothing they can do about it, at least not now.
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6:45. a fire hydrant near los angeles turned into a geyser after a car crashed into it yesterday. it took crews a while to turn off the water. no word on what caused the driver to slam into that hydrant. a busy day on the campaign trail as candidates make a push to get the votes they need to be the nominee. hillary clinton is campaigning in iowa. yesterday she picked up big endorsements from the former governor of iowa and current secretary of agriculture. marco rubio in new hampshire, he said he doesn't think donald trump will be the republican
6:46 am
nominee. and former governor jeb bush is in florida looking for common ground with pro choice voters. happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter is hitting the road again and going to minneapolis to attend the 2015 democratic science committee summer meeting that runs through saturday. philadelphia is hosting the democratic national committee convention next summer. also happening today, online voter registration is launching across pennsylvania. according to governor tom wolf, pennsylvania is the 23rd state to offer internet-based voter registration. delaware offers that service but new jersey does not. we have breaking news from the logan section of philadelphia. five cars crashed at wyoming avenue in and old york road. one person has been taken to the hospital. police say a pickup truck backing out of a driveway caused the train reaction crash and the driver of the truck left the scene and police are now looking for that person.
6:47 am
we have new information about disaster relief for parts of delaware county hit hard by a summer storm. county council announced yesterday that areas damaged by the june 23rd thunderstorm are eligible for state assistance. the storm knocked out power to some residents for days. damage estimates around the area 2.5 million. today, indy car drivers are hold ago tribute to fellow racer justin wilson who died monday from a crash he suffered in sunday's race at pocono. they will cross golden gate bridge in honor of him and then head so the race this weekend in sono sono sonoma. charges for a man killing a louisiana state trooper. louisiana state trooper steven vincent died on monday. the police saying daigle is tied
6:48 am
to another killing and he used the same gun in both. daigle is held on $1.5 million bail. walmart is no longer selling controversial military-style weapons in its stores. the reason? wmt says there is not enough people buying them is what walmart says and they say they will focus on selling other sporting and hunting firearms. twelve people behind bars in china for their suspected involvement in last year's massive warehouse explosions that killed 139 people and 11 officials have also than arrested accused of abandoning their duty and their authority. the municipal transportation director and the vice head of bureau of work and safety are included in the arrests. kurdish forces backed by u.s. forces. dozens of isis fighters were killed. an area about 110 miles north of baghdad it began. last night, kurdish forces had captured an area more than nine square miles and dozens of isis fighters were killed. the people in this region have become an important ally for the
6:49 am
u.s. and its aerial campaign against isis and, together, they have pushed the militants further north into iraq. president obama will be in new orleans ahead of the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. saturday marks ten years since hurricane katrina made landfall and nearly destroyed new orleans and other cities along the gulf coast. since then, the focus has been on rebuilding. and fortifying the city. estimates put the damage from katrina at more than $1 billion. more than 1,800 died as a result of that hurricane. a little boy who inspired a lot of people has a firm hold on his new life this morning. zion harvey left children's hospital philadelphia yesterday to go home to maryland. he is the youngest patient at the age of 8 to get a double hand transplant. harvey underwent an 11-hour operation in july and continue to get therapy on an outpatient basis. almost 10 before 7:00. one town in new jersey is feeling a little blue. >> all because of one man's house. a very blue house. take a look at this home in
6:50 am
margate covered in blue lights. the owner has added to his display over the years and some neighbors say the lights are too annoying and shining into their houses and say they are happy about traffic from onlookers coming by to see the display. >> people come by. they stop. you know? and -- >> thank me because -- got robbed. the lights don't go anywhere. they are on my house. if you look out your window you'll see them. they are on a timer and go off at 1:30. >> the city is unable to take action because margate has no laws regulating this kind of residential light. 10 minutes before 7:00. we have the glow of completely natural light. sunlight is nice and bright. look at the city hall towers glowing this morning. a great day to go into the talktower to the observation deck and 64
6:51 am
right now in philadelphia. 5 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. a little bit of a breeze that is dry air moving into the area. beautiful view from hones dale in the pocono mountains, northeast of scranton. look at the sunshine on the hills there. a beautiful day all around. the temperatures cooler north and west. pottstown and doylestown in the 50s. coatesville to 55 degrees and camdem county at 64 and camden there and hattenfield at 61 and 60 for glendora. a cool start and low humidity staying with us today and into tomorrow. as far as clouds are concerned, they are way off to the northwest and the thin clouds watching to the north of allentown are starting to disappear. however the cloud cover associated with erika, a tropical storm, has strengthened. not going to disappear and likely to strengthen the next couple of days and change direction. moving to the west 16 miles an hour and expected to take a turn that will take it past the
6:52 am
virgin islands and puerto rico during the day today and computer models take it past the turks and caicos into the bahamas by sunday at 10:00 and likely impacting that area and heading to the north and keep a close eye on erika while we enjoy shine around here and low humidity. a warm afternoon, into the lower 80s today. a little bit warmer tomorrow but another really nice one with low humidity. in fact, the humidity stays low as temperatures climb on saturday. high of 89 degrees saturday afternoon. but then you'll notice the stickiness increasing for sunday along with the temperature 92 sunday and back into the low 90s monday and tuesday when we could see some scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you take the blue route to work, you'll want to know about a slow-up happening right now. >> jessica boyington is watching it. what is that about? >> something to watch out for here on the blue route around germantown pike.
6:53 am
difficult to see exactly what is going on right here but we have pedestrians out of their vehicles over on the left-hand lane. a few vehicles involved as well. you see it up here. you can see the tail end of another vehicle in front. a small accident scene there. this guy's hood is a little bit messed up and pedestrians walking around on the scene. police activity should be there shortly so something to watch out for. drive times are still doing okay there. 495 slowdowns in the usual spots. still watching the scene out in delaware. now the southbound side of 13 is closed. northbound open at south carter road. take route one and all traffic diverted at route 1 southbound to get by the scene. breaking news overnight. philadelphia police just finished combing through an apartment this morning, looking for clues in a homicide. nbc10's katy zachry is live in philadelphia's francisville neighborhood. >> reporter: a 24-year-old man is dead this morning after he was shot in the head.
6:54 am
he was found inside his apartment here. coming up, police tell us what they have in their possession now may help them solve the case.
6:55 am
the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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6:57 am
i'm katy zachry live in north philadelphia. behind me, police have spent the last few mornings combing an apartment on the third floor after a man was found killed inside, shot in the head. police say two friends found him inside his apartment near poplar and 15th street and police found marijuana and strong odor of the drug in the apartment and which leads them this killing could be drug-related and they found a
6:58 am
shell casing at the scene and believe the weapon was a semiautomatic hand weapon and police say there does not appear to be any forced entry. they are looking for the shooter. if you have any information, contact homicide detectives. katy zachry, nbc10 news. jessica boyington here with your first alert traffic. watching a problem on the blue route. cameras right around germantown pike. on the northbound side an accident involved here. police and crew just got to the scene to get it cleaned up and out of the way so watch out for that. also watch out for an accident out in delaware on 13 southbound which is closed at south carter road. you can use route 1 southbound to get through the area. a cool start this morning but look at that! we have got sunshine! my dear friend chris cato asked for another summer beauty and we are on track for that today! right now, 64 degrees.
6:59 am
doesn't center city look great this morning? the pocono mountains looking pretty sweet too. the hills are glowing in sunshine and that will warm the temperatures up. 50s and 60s right now and cooler than yesterday at this time for most of the area. that 65 in philadelphia will warm into the 80s this afternoon and the breeze is still coming out of the northwest or north/northwest, enough wind to bring in the dry air so 81 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. then we are on track for another gorgeous day tomorrow. make it three in a row! >> and the weekend? >> the weekend will be warmer. saturday night, 90 degrees and steamier on sunday and see a stretch of 90s and feel like july again for sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> thank you for that custom-ordered forecast. >> you're welcome, chris. anything for you. >> very good. look at this. great guy. "today" is up next. we will be back with local updates in 25 minutes. have a great day. thanks for watching.
7:00 am
good morning. in memory and in grief. that morning show in virginia returns to the air one day after the shocking murders of two colleagues during a live broadcast. alison parker and ward were a partf the family here. the killer described himself as a human powder keg. soul searching by joe biden speaking out for the first time about a possible white house run. i've given this a lot of thought and dealing internally in the family how we do this. >> as hillary clinton weighs in on her potential new challenger. >> he should have the space and the opportunity to decide what he wants to


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