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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  August 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. a wild story in south philadelphia involving a stolen car, a carjacking and a kidnapping and police say after crashing that stolen car, the suspect left behind an unbelievable piece of evidence. taking a live look outside this morning. look for sunshine and low humidity. it's cool again. 65 degrees at 4:30. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato.
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>> congratulations, you made it to friday. >> tgif. >> three days in a row, gorgeous weather, a nice, cool start this morning. skies are clear. the view from the mellon bank building in center city. just like the last few days, it's a view that will see lots of sunshine. right now, though, on the chilly side. 54 in pottstown, 56 in millville, toms river down to 52 degrees. while it's 67 in south philadelphia, roxborough may in fact you can probably count on that, northeast philadelphia will get close to the 50s as well. temperatures still falling under clear skies and just a gentle breeze. that's a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. stand by. you'll need your sunglasses. 64 degrees at 6:00. very low 70s at 9:00. by lunch time, really pleasant, 78 degrees. go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now let's get a check of your friday traffic.
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jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. bill, we're in new jersey right now on 295 through the work zone which is active at this time. as you can see, whether you're headed northbound or southbound, you'll be facing -- you can see work crews in the area. they're on the right-hand shoulder, hernd and underneath the upthe pass right there. you can see all traffic is moving through the area on either side. we have lane restrictions. these lanes are not allowed to travel through right here, same story. everybody is still moving you can see the brave time 13 minutes southbound from 38 up towards that point at the black horse pike. if you're heading out the door on 95, drive times haven't budged. southbound or northbound, no problems. 13 mondays at the most from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. watch out for this accident scene out there and active at glenside avenue and north avenue in shelton ham. police are on the hunt for a
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man wanted in a kidnapping and carjacking. he left a major clue behind. nbc 10's katy zachry has been following investigation. she's live in south philadelphia. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: well, tracy, a lot happened this morning in a short amount of time. fortunately, philadelphia police officers saw most of it and they tell us they know who they're looking for. the man believed to be behind this whole ordeal who was driving this black mustang, they say is a former prison inmate. they know this because they found what's believed to be his prison i.d. at one of the scenes. initially police pulledç over e man for driving erratically in south philadelphia. when officers walked up to the car, he took off. police followed in their cruiser only to see him crash the black mustang several blocks a wa. officers say their suspect carjacked another vehicle which was nearby and had people in it. he forced the driver and the passenger out and he drove off. police say two women were still sitting in the back seat.
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eventually the suspect pulled the car over, jumped out and ran. the two women did get control of of the car and were able to drive to a nearby officer on patrol. >> now, there will ab decisional charges of kidnapping. after carjacking the vehicle he took off with two female in the back seat. >> reporter: a wild ride for those two women. those two women and the two men who were forced out, are all right now behind me being interviewed by detectives here. coming up at 5:00, i'll tell you what some other detectives are doing right now to try and find this guy. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. at the same time they're thanking heroes. the vick was run down early monday morning. nbc 10 was with robbie scott's family last night when they
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thanked one of the off-duty firefighters who found him. the impact shattered almost every bone on the left side of his body. the family has put up $1,000 reward money for information leading to the driver who hit him. 4:35. a jewelry heist is caught on camera and we have the video. surveillance cameras captured these two burglars broking into trent jewelers in hamilton, mercer conte. the suspects broke into the store by smashing aside window. once they got in, they hit up the display cases, swiping thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. anyone with information is asked to call police. happening today, a local?x % restaurant is holding a fund-raiser for a fallen philadelphia police officer. sergeant raphafael ali died saturday night when his pickup truck crashed into a tree in roxborough. he went off duty several hours from the crash. bochi's will donate sales tonight and tomorrow to the
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fraternal order of police. if you'd like to buy tickets tap on our nbc 10 news app or go to for a link. 4:36 now. less than one month until pope francis comes to philadelphia. we're getting our first look at an exhibit that will be prominently featured during the papal visit. world renowned artist mag selegm selegman. this concept is inspired by a painting called "mary undoer of knots," which pope francis has made reference to. if you're planning to use air bnb, it's going to cost you. it's perfectly legal to do that in philadelphia but you have to pay an 8.5% hotel tax.
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there was a meeting to remind everyone about those rules yesterday. we checked airbnb's website and found some places are going for $1800 a night that weekend. $1800 a night. and of course philadelphia is not the only city preparing for the pope. in delaware county yesterday, the fbi led homeland security s.w.a.t. teams through a tactical drill . they simulated a response to rockets or bombs being launched. >> we want to make sure the pope is safe and beyond that, we want to make sure the residents of philadelphia and delaware county and anyone who wants to visit this particular area for the papal visit are protected.ç >> the teams also practiced responding to attacks on planes flying to and from philadelphia international airport. it has been ten years since hurricane katrina ravaged new orleans. >> the city spent the past decade rebuilding and recovering
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and getting stronger. today the man who was in the white house when katrina hit will be in new orleans. the school that president bush will visit. we'll tell you that and explain why he's going threre. >> and a farewell to a man survived world war ii's great escape. a move that was in this film. a couple spots are in the 40s this morning. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, just ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes before 5:00. you see the moon that's getting ready to set. it's nearly full. it will be full tomorrow. get a great view under clear skies this morning and sunshine will be bright during the day to turn the temperatures around. right now, 62 degrees. that's in northeast philadelphia, 2 degrees cooler than yesterday. the mortganortherly winds conti.
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those clouds will clear. we saw some scattered clouds like that yesterday. they're not going to bring any much needed rain to the area. in fact, no umbrellas for today. sunglasses back on duty. 74 this afternoon for the pocono mountains, 80 for quakertown, 81 in allentown. low humidity for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. bright sunshine for the shore. rehoboth 80 degrees. warmer for vineland and dover, dover up to 81 degrees. nothing but sunshine. low humidity. getting choked up about it. 81 degrees for westchester, wilmington 82 and 83 degrees in williamstown. the weekend is looking warmer, 88 on saturday and then into the low 90s sunday. perfect weather! now how does the traffic compare to the weather? that's what i'm wondering this morning. >> it's on. >> it's on. uxe competition is on. the weather is perfect. what about the ride to work?
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>> who can give people better news? it will be tough to beat that forecast. i hope jessica will tell us they're handing out free whoppers. >> it's not even 5:00 in the morning. i don't have much to talk about. i win right now. it will be hot this weekend. 422, right around trooper road, bringing tears to my eyes also. eight minutes 422 towards trooper road. heading out the door into the philadelphia area, 95, the schuylkill expressway, the blue route southbound from the schuylkill up towards 95 is about a 15-minute trip. in cheltenham, watch as that accident clears out of the way. mass transit, no problems. 4:4. new orleans is marking ten years since hurricane katrina. >> we'll tell you about one victim, a talented musician who made this area his home after
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katrina took his. plus, why a major labor union is calling for its members to boycott some atlantic city casinos. and a review finds a university in our area mishandled federal financial aid money. and may have to give back millions.
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in europe, the refugee crisis involving people fleeing north africa and the middle east is turning more deadly. a swedish navy ship carrying hundreds of immigrants arrived in italy yesterday. but not all of them were alive. authorities unloaded more than 50 bodies. officials said the crew rescued people from a wooden ship off the coast of libya and that's when they found the victims who suffocated below deck. german chancellor angela merkel says she's shaken when she learned that bodies were found in the body of a truck. officials made that discovery along a highway in austria. officials say that more than 70
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bodies were found. that's up from the 50 or so that originally were reported. european leaders met yesterday to tackleç the crisis involvin people who are desperate to escape war in syria, iraq and afghanistan. 4:46. happening today, president george w. bush and his wife laura are going back to new orleans. it's been ten years since hurricane katrina ravaged that city. today they're visiting a school that benefited from the gulf coast school library recovery initiative. it's a special fund of the laura bush foundation for america's libraries. it helps gulf coast schools damaged by the storms. a number of katrina survivors have been calling philadelphia home for the last ten years. one of them is well-known new orleans jazz drummer alvin jock. he lives in cheltenham. they managed to get his mother to the superdome but then they were separated and she didn't survive. >> i love my mother. i still love my mother like she's alive in my heart right now.
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what happened, i didn't witness it. that was the stories way told. >> jock says he misses the new orleans clubs where he used to perform but playing music in philadelphia has helped him to heal. the scene of -- fate of a new hampshire prep school graduate is in the hands of a jury. this is a case that's gripped the country. he's accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman two days before he graduated last year. they both testified they agreed to meet for a tradition called the senior salute, which is a sexual conquest. >> this someone saw how vulnerable a 15-year-old freshman was and took advantage of it. this someone was going to get what he wanted. and not take no for an answer.
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>> labrie pleaded not guilty. we'll await the verdict. someone was shot near the studentç union building at savannah state university. a fight broke out between several people in the cafeteria. one man was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries. the lockdown has since been lifted. so far, no arrests. an elementary school teacher in north jersey will keep his job even after he was late for work over 100 times. an arbitrator rejected the new brunswick school district's attempt to find him. the teacher should receive progressive discipline but it's not clear what that would involve. this university could use financial aid of its own. it owes the department of education more than $29 million. the errors were found after the pennsylvania state system of higher education released a report that said the school
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messed up financial aid to 85% of students that it offered the money to. this is just the latest of many issues for chaeyney. fellow union members are urged to boycott casinos owned or about to be owned by carl icahn. the company terminated health insurance and pension plans for workers last fall. icahn said that the union-run health plan is unaffordable and excessive. distracted by free drinks and sexy servers. that's the defense a poker player is using as he and the borgata casino sue each other over his winnings. the atlantic city casino claims that phil ivy and a friend cheated it out of nearly $10 million. the borgata alleges that the players exploited a defect in
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cards while ivy credits skill and keen observations for the big payoff. an australian pilot that was part of the great escape during world war ii has died. hollywood made a movie based on that. paul royal was one of a dozen men who escaped to freedom in 1944. his death leaves only one survivor, a former squadron leader in britain. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 5:00. we're going to see a lot of sunshine. we are in the clear this morning. and the temperatures are still cooling down at this hour. 66 degrees in philadelphia. humidity on the low side will be going lower during the day, just like yesterday. we'll see the northwesterly winds develop. there goes the moon, just setting right now, bright sunshine will warm us into the 80s again this afternoon. likely be a little bit warmer than yesterday after a cooler morning, reading is 59 degrees.
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60 in wilmington. look at trenton at 59. toms river is 52 degrees. we're seeing 60s, lower 60s at the shore. cape may and cape may point at this hour yesterday were both in the 70s. look at cape may airport. 59 degrees. the pleasant air has reached woodbine and cape may courthouse. it's 63 at sea isle city and 66 at the marina in atlantic city. pleasant start across the board. a few scattered clouds here, no sign of any rain. in fact, it stays dry on through the weekend. can't say the same about, well, puerto rico and the bahamas. they'll be dealing with erika. erika has 50 mile-an-hour winds. it just increased again, back up to 50 miles an hour with movement to the west/northwest. that's at 17 miles an hour. that takes erika right past the dominican republic. that's by this time tomorrow morning. and then 24 hours later, early
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sunday morning, it will be impacting the bahamas passing just to the north of cuba. and then it looks like it's heading for south florida. the latest update, just updated information, keeps it as a tropical storm, not becoming a hurricane. once it reaches land in south florida, then it will weaken even more as it moves into interior florida. 60ç mile-an-hour winds early monday morning. by early tuesday morning it's down to 50 miles an hour. even though it's not going to be a hurricane, it still brings tremendous rainfall to those areas that it will hit. for us, sunshine, low humidity, back into the lower 80s today. tomorrow, a bit warmer. humidity stays low. 88 fwrez in the afternoon. then here comes the heat that jessica asked for, 91 on sunday, into the low 90s monday. 93 the high temperature. could see scattered showers and thunderstorms tuesday and again wednesday. let's check your ride to work. >> nbc 10's hot weather and
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loving traffic reporter jessica boyington apparently joins us now with a look at the roads. >> i'm ready for fall. let's leave it at that. the schuylkill expressway, good morning, everybody, is easy on this friday morning around montgomery drive. drive times hardly moved at all, 12 minutes from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. westbound, you're moving along great there as well. watch out for signs. you can see one in here over the shoulder. if you're on the blue route, you're doing okay also and the drive times haven't moved. 15 minute. all the cars are green, moving through northbound or southbound. southbound from the schuylkill up towards 95 as you can see, still 15 minutes. no problems or delays for mass transit, patco, new jersey transit and septa are all running on time. chris? the manhunt continue for a suspect in a carjacking and kidnapping in philadelphia overnight. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00 from south philadelphia where police say the man crashed a stolen car, carjacked another vehicle with two women inside but he left an
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unbelievable clue behind at the scene that should lead to his capture. and up next, drone dilemma. something flew a little too close to football players at a new jersey high school. we'll tell you why police say there's not much they can do about it.
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no music? no inspirational eagles music? okay, we'll just start talking then. the eagles played their third preseason game tomorrow night at greene bay. we expect to learn frolç coach chip kelly if sam bradford will play. packers quarterback aaron rodgers will not play. you can see the birds and packers play here on nbc 10 tomorrow night. kick jf kickoff at 8:00. nbc 10 is your official television station of of the philadelphia eagles. major league baseball could soon be taking new steps to protect fans from flying bats and balls.
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those dangers ended up sending several fans to the hospital this season. the baseball commissioner denies a report of more netting being added. he says research on added netting is still being done. >> our goal is to put the commissioner's office in a position where we can make a complete recommend lgs ation to ownership in november and give people an opportunity to get ready to make changes. >> the nhl installed more safety netting in 2002 after a teenage fan was killed after being hit by a puck. from our jersey shore bureau, a close flyover by a drone prompted two cape may county football teams to stop playing in the middle of their game yesterday. the remote control drone buzzed become and forth over the field. they say it came about ten feet above players at the time. the referees delayed the game
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for about 20 minutes. officers say there's little they could have done about it anyway. >> there were times when it was very low, no more than ten feet above the players. >> we are waiting for the lawmakers to give us some unforcement powers to regulate the use of drones. >> people on ocean city's fifth street beach say they had a close encount with a drone last weekend. no one was hurt. the philadelphia zoo welcomed a new arrival. >> meet kayla, a sloth bear. ever heard of a sloth bear? >> i have not. >> cross that off your list. kayla the sloth bear made herç public debut. she's 2 years old, weighs nearly 200 pounds. she transferred from the san diego zoo in july. >> they're busy diggers. you will see kayla out digging around looking for bugs. >> that's right. bugs. think bears go after honey or salmon? sloth bears are different. they have a long snout and
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prefer to dig into the ground and dig out delicious bugs. kayla will be on display all weekend in the new bear country exhibit. i love going and taking my son to the philadelphia zoo. there's always something new to see. >> i would love to see kayla. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> a wild story, a man crashed a stolen car, carjacked another car with two women inside. he got away but he left something behind that has officers hot on his trail. grief, anger and guns. the father of one of the murdered journalists in virginia says he's taking a stand and he won't stop. we'll hear about his plans following his daughter's death. and bill henley called it again. another beautiful morning. we're waking up to clear skies over center city philadelphia. low humidity out there. we've had three days in a row. let's see if we can keep it rolling. welcome to nbc 10 news today.
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i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. fingers crossed. let's find out with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> it's been such a success. we wouldn't want to change it at this point. a gentle breeze blowing, bringing in the dry air that will keep things nice and comfortable today. it's giving us a cooler start. look at the pocono mountains, 48 degrees, down to 55 in millville, atlantic city is in the 50s this morning. pottstown just dropped down to 54. that's the coolest philadelphia temperature we've seen all week. 64 at philadelphia international. we will see plenty of sunshine again today. low humidity, afternoon temperatures. those northwesterly winds from 5 to 10ç miles an hour. changes ahead for the weekend. i'll look went your weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic on a friday morning.


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