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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  August 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. fingers crossed. let's find out with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> it's been such a success. we wouldn't want to change it at this point. a gentle breeze blowing, bringing in the dry air that will keep things nice and comfortable today. it's giving us a cooler start. look at the pocono mountains, 48 degrees, down to 55 in millville, atlantic city is in the 50s this morning. pottstown just dropped down to 54. that's the coolest philadelphia temperature we've seen all week. 64 at philadelphia international. we will see plenty of sunshine again today. low humidity, afternoon temperatures. those northwesterly winds from 5 to 10ç miles an hour. changes ahead for the weekend. i'll look went your weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has a look at your first alert traffic on a friday morning. and we're starting things
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off right now on 95. actually around cottman avenue. you can see right here, 13-minute drive time if you're headed southbound through the work summary here. all lanes open. watch out for the shoulder. average speed 62 miles per hour. no delays or problems. on the 42 freeway in new jersey, five minutes northbound or southbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. no problems on the walt and the rest of the area bridges are doing just fine. the tac pal, the ben, the betsy ross are all nice and clear. in cheltenham, an accident scene on east glenside avenue and north avenue. a wild story here. breaking news, a man fleeing from police carjacked a driver, taking two unwilling passengers on a ride. those passengers are safe. the man is it still on the run but he left behind an unbelievable clue. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in south philadelphia. all right, katy, lay this out for us. what happened there? >> reporter: chris, a lot
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happened this morning in south philadelphia in a very short amount of time. fortunately philadelphia police officers saw most of it. and they think they know who they're looking for. here is video of what unfolded this morning. the man behind the carjacking kidnapping and robbery was in this black husband tang, according to police. officers pulled him over initially for driving erratically. when officers walked up to the car, he took off. they followed into their cruiser only to see him crash the mustang several blocks away. officers say their suspect then carjacked another vehicle nearby with people in it. forcing the driver and passenger out of the car, then he drove off but police say two women were still in the car. eventually the suspect pulled it over, jumped out and ran away from officers. the two women were able to get o in the front seat and drive the car to a nearby officer on patrol. >> they say an inmate identification card in plain view. that inmate identification card
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picture did match the description of the person who the 17 district officers ateped to initially stop. >> so police who are investigating these scenes this morning, they spotted in that black mustang, that inmate identification card, leading them to believe that the suspect, the man who they're looking for, is a former prison inmate and also the four people now being questioned inside south detectives, those four victims positively i.d.'d the suspect as the person pictured on that inmate i.d. card. police have not released the name of who they're looking for but as soon as they do, we'll pass it on to you. reporting live in south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a plea for help. that's what the family of bucks county man are making. early monday morning, 23-year-old robbie scott was hit by a car on brown avenue in bensalem. the vehicle kept going.
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two off-duty firefighters found scott in the road and called for help. nbc 10 was with his family last night when they met and thanked one of those firefighters. scott is in critical but stable condition. the impact shattered just about every bone on the left side of his body. first responder ryan thompson described what he found. >> we were just driving up the street. there he was laying in the middle of the street screaming for help. >> thank god they found him. i don't know if he would have survived if he was there any longer. >> scott's family put up $1,000 of their own money as a reward for any information on the driver. police say the vehicle would have damage to its front hood fenders and maybe the windshield. happening today, a man accused of killing a baby has a court hearing in cumberland county. manuel mike faces murder and child endangerment charges. in march, his ç9-week-old stepdaughter died at a home in
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millville. the medical examiner discovered blunt force trauma to the back of the baby's head. the district attorney now says the sheriff's deputy injured was shot by another deputy. authorities say on tuesday, curtis smith ran into the courthouse with a knife, attacking a deputy, another deputy shot and killed him. originally the d.a. said the first deputy was wounded by smith's knife. yesterday, he said the injury to the deputy's fingers came from a bullet fired by the other deputy. prosecutors say smith had a history of bizarre behavior. secret service arrested him in march for scaling the white house fence. the deputy attacked by smith and shot in that altercation is still recovering this morning. the district attorney ruled the shooting was justified. in virginia, hundreds of people gathered outside the roanoke tv station, a day after two of its journalists were shot and killed on live tv. >> we celebrate and give thanks for the lives of those who were lost to gun violence.
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>> we continue to plague our country and the world. >> supporters held a candle light vigil for reporter alison parker and adam ward. police say the shooter, vester flanagan had two glock 9 millimeter pistols with 6 magazine clips. they say he got that gun legally but that provides little comfort to the father of alison parker. he said he is still grieving but gearing up for a battle over guns in this country. >> the grief is still parent and will be that way for a while, it's turned to anger. i'm relentless and i'm not going to stop until something happens. >> as we said, parker was interviewing a chamber of commerce official when flanagan opened fire. meantime, police found flanagan
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had three licenseç plates an a wig, a possible clue he tried to escape before taking his own life. basketball fans, especially in this area are remembering darryl dawkins, the former 76ers star famous for his monster dunk died yesterday of a heart attack. dawkins passed away at lehigh valley hospital. he was only 58 years old. dawkins went by the nickname chocolate thunder. for good reason. look at this. dawkins pioneered the slam dunk, stunning crowds by smashing two backboards in 1979. after his playing days, he went on to coach at lehigh carbon community college. those who knew him best said dawkins wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. >> the talent and how kind he was in sharing that with our students. >> he really touched the lehigh valley. >> he was a family man first, loved his kids, janice, his wife, they're going to miss him a lot. >> he leave behind four
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children. the sixers released a statement calling dawkins an absolute legend. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> here we go again, another beautiful day, comfortable this morning. our skies are clear. it's a little chilly outside in some areas, a bit cooler this morning than it was yesterday morning. with bright sunshine, back into the 80s this afternoon. just like the last couple days, it will be nice and comfortable today. and we are still on track for a weekend warmup. we will reach into the 90s over the weekend. right now, 57 degrees in doylestown, 55 in millville and philadelphia, south philadelphia is 64 degrees. that's a live clear view of citizens bank park. it was a perfect night at the ballpark last night. nice and comfortable. it will be another great evening for baseball this evening. look at that clear view from the comcast center. going to the game tonight, padres in town. the temperatures will be warm to start with, 80 degrees at 7:05 but by 10:00, back to 74
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degrees, just like the last couple nights with the light breeze out of the we have at 4 miles an hour. few scattered clouds right çno. you can see them moving through berks county and upper montgomery and chester county. completely clear at the shore. everybody will wind up with sunshine today. low 80s for reading. the clouds will be gone during the day. 74 this afternoon for mt. pocono, allentown up to 81 degrees. 79 for doylestown. into the low 80s for trenton. sunny skies for cape may, rehoboth, atlantic city. bright sunshine for philadelphia. 84 is the normal high temperature. that's where we're heading today. narberth and williamstown at 83 degrees. cooler in westchester and wilmington. weekend forecast and beyond. an a tropical storm erika update when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:09. we always try to check the entire region when we look at traffic around there. we try to vary it and look at different areas each time we
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check in with jessica. >> jessica boyington is watching the cameras in the lehigh valley this morning. >> went through all of those cameras. no problems so far. right now we're looking live at 78 in the lehigh valley around lehigh street. back and forthwith this camera right here. on 202, you have the same story, all traffic green, moving, 11 minutes at the most. if you're headed southbound from the schuylkill up towards route 30. academy road on the southbound side, due to an accident, that's closed between calmly road and red lion road. take nice road to get by the area. it goes alongside of it. you will be just fine. updates for mass transit coming up in the next ten. breaking news, an update we've been following out of savannah, georgia. savannah state university just confirmed that a junior died after a shooting in the student building late last night.
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the school identified the victim was christopher starks. students say a fight broke out between several individuals in the cafeteria prior to theç shooting. the school was put on lockdown overnight. so far, there are no arrests. we'll tell you how teachers and staff are making it possible for students to go back to class in one district. and pondering as vice president joe biden is weighing a run for the white house. we'll tell you what he says is the biggest factor in his decision.
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imagine working without pay. that's what teachers and staff in the chester upland school district agreed to do yesterday. the district is operating under a $20 million deficit and does not have the money to meet payroll on september 9th. the staff said they didn't want to prevent students from attending school, so classes will star as scheduled next week while the district works to find funding. in the pennsylvania budget battling with a new poll shows most voters are split on who to blame for the stalemate. 54% hole td the legislature responsible, 46% blame governor tom wolf. you can now register online to vote in pennsylvania. governor wolf's administration launched that new system yesterday. it was one of the voting reforms that he promised when he ran for
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governor. officials say the move will save county voting offices time and money. he says he hopes it will get more pennsylvanians to register. you have until october 3rd to register for the november election. pennsylvania is the 23rd state to offer online voter registration. delaware does it, new jersey does not. k that's already strapped for cash is now on the hook for nearly $900,000 in legal bills to defend its embattled mayor. a law firm has billed reading city government for several cases involving mayor vaughn spencer dating back to 2012. in a pending ethics case, he's accused of awarding city contracts to members of his campaign without going through the normal bidding process .fbi searched the mayor's home in july and reading city hall. spencer has not been charged with a crime. there was a similar investigation happening in allentown. the fbi is looking into mayor ed pawlowski for the same type of
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misconduct. agents raided allentown city hall eight days before the raid in reading. pawlowski denies any wrong doing. we're hearing from vice president joe biden. just as new poll numbers suggest that his popularity is rising. biden is pondering a run for the white house. last night he broke his silence on that subject by saying his answer depends on his family. biden spoke during a conference call with democratic officials we described his struggle just months after the death of his son, beau. >> if i were to anuns to run, i have to be able to commit to all of you that i would be able to give it my whole heart and my whole soul and right now both are pretty well banged up. >> now the new poll numbers indicate the democrats may be ready for a biden presidential run. a new quinnipiac university poll phones the vice president's favorability is at 48%, 9 points higher than hillary clinton's and when you add republicans to the mix, biden's lead grows.
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the next closest republican, donald trump has 36% likability. as philadelphia prepares for the pope, septa wants us to pass along new information. first the transit agency says there are more than 100,000 rail passes to are that weekend still available. also, more parking spaces are opening up at stations and, septa will now keep running as long as it takes to get people back home after the weekend papal event. ìá points out all of their drop points are within a two-mile walk of logan circle. >> we're making it easy for you, running express service on the regional rail and on the trolley loans. it's easy. it's an easy commute. once you get downtown it's an easily walk to the event. >> you can also ride the airport line into center city. they're going to great efforts this week to de-emphasize the message that the mayor sent out a couple weeks ago saying expect to walk -- not just the mayor but
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other officials say saying you'll have to expect to do a lot of walking. now we're hearing a lot of, hey, it's not going to be that bad. >> but still, if you don't walk a lot, think about it before you head out for that trek. jessica boyington has a look at the roads. >> 202, everything empty. either direction, you'll be just fine. watch out if you're heading out the door in northeast philadelphia, academy road southbound is closed between calmly road and red lion road due to an accident. take knights road to get through the area. it runs along side that intersection where the accident occurred. in cheltenham, watch out there, montgomery county, east glenside avenue and north avenue, an accident there. no problems for patco, new jersey transit or septa. if you're out the darr on 422, you're moving along just feign. no problems on the eastbound
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side where we typically see that jam, eight-minute trip from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. we're about an hour away from sunrise. you don't need your sunglasses just yet. but you'll need them during the day. if you're outside at all, brilliant sunshine. again, lights are on, sun not up yet. we will see a clear day today and another warmup back into the 80s. this morning it's cooler than ç yesterday. 64 right now in philadelphia. with a little bit of a breeze at 5 miles an hour. the humidity is starting to drop at this hour. nice and clear in south philadelphia. low 80s this afternoon but it gets hotter over the weekend. we have a few scattered clouds this morning, no sign of any showers. last few mornings we've seen cloud cover like this. it clears, it moves out and the temperatures move up.
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moving to the puerto rico area with winds of 50 miles on hour, it is tropical storm erika. erika with tremendous rainfall will be on the move. past the dominican republic. it will be impacting the bahamas early sunday morning and now this just updated track has it heading into south florida by early monday morning as a tropical storm. not a hurricane. and then moving right up the peninsula into central florida by early tuesday morning as the winds drop. once it's over land it's cut off from its energy source. the warm water. we'll see that storm impact many people over the next several days. for us, it's sunshine today and low humidity, 80s this afternoon, completely dry this weekend. warmer saturday, 88 after a morning low of 63 degrees and then here comes the heat. back to july-like weather, 91 degrees on sunday after a morning low of 67 degrees.
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a little bit steamier on monday, up to 93 and we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday with temperatures in the 90s and still hot thursday with a high of 29. wall street is on a roll following that six-day slump. we'll take a closer look at the markets and the reason for the turnaround up next. plus, a police organization that helps young people just publiced up its biggest donation ever. we'll tell you who's behind a $3.5 million check.
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5:24. the asian stock markets are rebounding. the shanghai and tokyo exchanges were up today. the current rally follows a six-day slump driven by worries about the chinese economy. today on wall street, investors are hoping for a third straight day of gains. the dow climbed 359 points yesterday, leading to its biggest two-day point gain ever. landon dowdy is tracking the markets for us this morning. she joins us live with this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hey, tracy, good morning. the markets could take a breather following the two-day massive rally that saw the dow gain nearly 1,000 points. that's the biggest ever two-day gain for the index. the dow traveled more than 10,000 points up and down this week. stocks surging on positive economic data as gdp rose more than expected in the second quarter. as well as oil prices that jumped 10%.
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watch for data this morning on income and spending and consumer sentiment. the dow rising 369 to 16,654. the nasdaq up 115 to 4,812. back over to you. 5:25. it is being called the biggest donation in the history of the philadelphia police athletic league or p.a.l. sixers owner joshua harris donated $3.5 million to p.a.l., 3.5 million. he said it's his responsibility to give back. he hopes the money helps p.a.l. improve on the good work they've been doing for decades. >> improve some of the coaching and educational outcomes. >> this generous donation will go so far inç making a differee in the lives of young people here in philadelphia, it's hard to find the words to really describe it.
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>> and the police commissioner credits p.a.l. with helping to reduce crime among young people in the area. now your first alert weather. >> 64 degrees, 5:26. we're getting a really comfortable start again today with clear skies, the temperatures are dropping at this hour. but it's going to be a warm afternoon and a warmer weekend. look at hour hour-by-hour forecast just ahead. right new, jessica boyington has a look at first alert traffic. jessica? >> bill, we need somebody to clean this camera lens off right here. still, things are looking smooth on the blue route around county line road coming up at 5:0. we'll check in with the schuylkill. and overnight, philadelphia police chase a suspect throughout the city. they witness him carry out a carjacking. coming up, what key piece of evidence police say the suspect left behind at one of the scenes that could lead them directly to their guy.
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but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki. she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? nbc 10 breaking news. police are looking for a man that crashed a stolen car and carjacked another vehicle with two women inside. he left something behind that could lead police right to him. plus, a jewelry heist caught on camera. we have new video of a crime that police want you to see. it's shaping up to be a
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picture perfect friday. warmer weather is ofç the way. right now, 64 degrees. with a breeze you can see there. 5:30, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your first alert forecast. we've been on a real roll with the weather lately. >> it will continue today. if you enjoyed the last few days, i think you'll like it today as well. we're less than an hour away from unsunrise. at this hour, clear skies, the temperatures have really cooled off. 40s for the pocono mountains, trenton 55 degrees, mount holly at 55 and seeing 50s in delaware as well. 61 in northeast philadelphia. clearer skies with the view from center city. that view will see plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm from the 60s at 7:00 to 74 degrees at 10:00 this morning. north, northeasterly winds at 7


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