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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dust just settling following the upset in the travers stakes. hardware being presented to the winn winners. javier castellano, five-time travers winner. keen ice in the travers. and next year, those colors you'll see of the canoe here at saratoga will be in green and yell yellow. some of the biggest upsets we've seen over the year, going back to man o war. secretariat defeated here. rachel alexandra. and today american pharoah. the next to join that dubious list. bob baffert told us that he didn't think pharoah brought his a game. as we look at some of the possibilities of american pharoah moving forward. remember, the long-term goal is the breeders' cup classic for
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the first time at keeneland october 31. those are some of the options, pennsylvania derby, awesome again in california, gold cup, finally halloween, breeders' cup classic here on nbc. so yeah, how does bob baffert know that pharoah wasn't at his best this afternoon? >> it's very hard. the better the horse, the harder to note. the good horses meet you at the front of the stall every morning, eager to train. and there's no way to simulate the strain on a horse in a morning exercise. the answer is, you don't know, you can't know. >> first of all, let's hope that american pharoah is okay and his failure to bring his a-game here wasn't a result of some sort of injury that they'll find when they get him back to the barn. we would like to see him run in the breeders' cup classic. second point, this was a very strenuous race for american pharoah. and it makes the spacing of races leading up to the breeders' cup classic very difficult. it's going to be tempting for baffert to use none of the above and train him up to the breeders' cup classic, knowing that only one winner has not
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raced in september or october. that was in 2006 because he got sick. >> you still have to tip a cap to baffert and zayat for bringing him here in the first place. it's what the fans wanted to see. maybe not the result the 50,000 wanted to see here at saratoga. a special chanks to equibase, the official database for thoroughbred information. saturday, the breeders' cup challenge series continues at saratoga with the spinaway stakes. and the winward handicap saturday at 5:00 eastern. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central, america ninja warrior, followed by an all new "hannibal." american pharoah late defeated in the traf traf by keen ice.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00. we are counting down to kickoff. in just under two hours, the eagles will take on the green
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bay packers at lambeau field. you're looking at video of the team getting off the bus for their third preseason game. good evening, i'm denise nakano. tonight, we have your team coverage of the game. we begin with comcast sports net john klaclark who is live in gr bay. how are the birds feeling up bout this matchup? >> they are treating this as the dress rehearsal for the regular season. you can see the birds out on the field here at legendary lambeau field getting ready for the mest important preseason game. this third game a lot of the time the starters will play most of the first half. that is what we're expecting tonight. they will not play in the forth game leading into the regular season. let's take a look at sam bradford warming up out here on the field and sam bradford is hoping to play more than that one series he did in his debut last week. of course, he led the eagles on a touchdown drive, but he wants to play more to get rhythm going with the offense. he can also travel on the road here and play in front of a road
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crowd for the first time as eagles quarterback. take a look at alonzo warming up earlier, as well. he was the first one out on the field and he will be excited and make his eagles debut tonight and, of course, he was traded in the mccoy deal. they got alonzo who could become one of the biggest playmakers on the eagles' defense. we'll have lot more coming up in sports. we'll be joined by comcast sports net derek and talk about the key points in the game. what we should be looking for in the most important pre-season game for the eagles this summer. i'm john clark, sending it back to you. >> now we continue our team coverage back here at home with a look at fans. we have xfintiy live and plenty of fans making their way in. >> always a good time at xfinity. we have a big crowd of people that should be watching the eagles take the field about 8:00 but also keeping an eye on the
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phillies' game happening across the street in about an hour and we just heard a bunch of cheers around after the pennsylvania little league team went into the world finals. so a lot of sports happening here at xfinity. look at the crowd below me. these guys will get ready for eagles pregame number three here. we were chatting with fans. most of them hoping to see more minutes and more play time for some of the eagles best, including sam bradford who you heard john mention play only about one drive last week. >> take him out there and get him into sync a little bit more. a lot of his fans were high and that's to be expected for not playing. i love to see him out there and throwing the ball. >> we're out here at xfinity for the last two games. huge crowd for the two home games and both were big wins at home and even though today's game is in green bay, we're seeing a lot of local support as we get closer to kickoff a lot of fans here.
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i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> let's check in with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. how are things looking for those who are heading out to watch the game tonight? >> things are looking great, once again. looking at weekend after weekend, dry conditions. sunny conditions. a little warmer than where we have been and upper 80s today. but a beautiful night. taking a look outdoors. looking at just a few clouds outside and a few clouds throughout the overnight hours. temperatures in the 0s. 84 in allentown and 86 right now in philadelphia. that's the hot spot. 79 in millvale and 77 in wildwood. for tonight, a nice one. by 7:00, 84 it grees and then drop into the 70s by 9:00. and a nice night today with a warm day and even hotter on monday or sunday. we're actually looking at the next heat wave. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks, michelle. watch today's game right here on nbc 10. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. our pregame coverage starts at
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7:30 and kickoff is at 8:00. also have your complete post-game coverage. in radner, delaware county, a gas station employee is in custody after police say he groped a woman while helping her make coffee. the police believe more victims could be out there. nbc 10 drew smith is live in radner where police just spoke about the suspect bijay kumar lama. what did they have to say? >> we just stepped out of the news conference and police are worried about other possible incidents involving this guy that worked at a gas station and based on what they heard from business owners who work around that area. they brought up at least two other women who had some sort of issue with their interaction with bijay lama. police played some surveillance video for us. you can see lama in the foreground making coffee. detectives explained he was having a conversation with the woman who came in to get some coffee. the video shows him approach and give her an unwanted hug.
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we're not saying what police say happened next. she ran out of the store and told her father, who was getting gas. police then arrived and arrested lama. >> these are the type of crimes that escalate and that type of behavior can go into much deeper or more sinister-stipe crimes. so, the small stuff can add up to the big stuff. >> and police are asking anyone who has gone to that gas station and recognized lama to think about any other possible incidents that happened there. if you have an issue you should call the radnor police. they are also planning interviews for monday on this case. live at the radnor police station, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. video that police hope will catch catch. they were seen running last night. 19-year-old jonathan simmons was found shot behind the building. he later died at the hospital.
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marking ten years, it has been a decade since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. we'll hear from people from our area who were affected by the natural disaster. plus, it's not every day you see this. philly native kevin hart ran through the streets of philadelphia with thousands of people today. we'll tell you why he spear headed the event.
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just 27 days left as we count down pope francis' visit to philadelphia. today a celebration of heritage. ♪ >> the tenth annual hispanic heritage mass took place at holy innocent church. there was a procession with people dressed in the traditional attire of their
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native countries. and then a mass was held at the church. it's a way to celebrate the heritage and diversity of the hispanic catholic community in the philadelphia area. all right. a warm start to the weekend. temperatures right around 87 degrees in philadelphia. even hotter on sunday. we're going to make it into the 90s, once again. a string of 90s for this workweek and talk more about that and look at your seven-day, coming up.
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honoring the victims of hurricane katrina. today marks the tenth anniversary of the day that hurricane slammed into the gulf coast. in new orleans, wreaths were placed at a memorial for the victims. the hurricane killed more than 1,800 people and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage. nbc 10 jesse gary spoke to people in our area who were personally affected by the
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disaster. >> when i first arrived, my first assignment was the lower ninth ward. >> janice winston still clutches styrofoam containers. gifts from grateful katrina victims as she handed out food in the lower ninth ward. a decade later, she is still haunted by the damage and the displacement. >> so many people are displaced and will never go back to their homes. still today they may be in other cities doing other things, but, certainly, they are not there. >> the last year i was in new orleans was one of the great years of my life. >> reporter: daniel has planted root in philadelphia, but only after katrina altered his life. a decade ago he was a college gro graduate in the big easy. the storm's flooding ensured he would never return. >> and my parents really pushed me to apply to grad school and i
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got into tyler school of art here in philadelphia. >> reporter: like many former new orleans he decided to live else where. the homes and communities they knew now only exist in videos and pictures. and the kind hearts of those who hope the city will one day shine again. >> i look back now and wish for a better new orleans for the people who are there and hope that those who left would be able to come back to their homes. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans recently issued a plea for the thousands of displaced residents to 32 states to come home. but that may not be possible for many people, including one member of our nbc 10 family. katrina's destruction has killed his desire to climb the high cost of relocation and rebuild, again. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. thousands of local runners spent the morning completing a 5k with comedian kevin hart. hart is known for spontaneously tweet followers to join him on a 5k run.
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originally from philadelphia and according to hart's twitter account, nearly 4,500 people came out to today's run. the 5k is meant to bring people together and that message resonated with runners. >> ran the philadelphia marathon last year and, unfortunately, i hadn't been consistent since. hopefully this starts to get back. >> hart has a jam-packed weekend while in town. tomorrow he brings his what now comedy tour to a record breaking crowd of 53,000 people at the link. it is the first time a comedian sold out an nfl stadium. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> man, it was a good day for a 5k. temperatures not too bad. warmer than average for this time of year. warmer than we have been, but not as hot as we will be on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. we have a streak of 90s coming up. the weather headlines on your
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saturday evening. warmer today right around 71 degrees and watching for the potential for our next heat wave and 90 degrees tomorrow and that kicks off our stretch of 90s. we're going to continue to watch as there might be some redevelopment. but right now looking at this remnant low and 86 degrees right now in philadelphia and winds out of the west, southwest at 16 miles per hour. looking at temperatures all across the area mainly in the 80s. 70s on the map. 76 in mt. pocono. very comfortable there and 81 in lancaster and 86 in philadelphia and 79 degrees in dover and 77 in wildwood, new jersey. another beautiful start to our weekend. we're lucking out with dry weekend. sunshine and, yeah, a little warmer today, but still nice for a late august day. a live look outside. we're looking at just a few clouds from our city skyline and we'll see a mild night tonight and temperatures right around 70 in philadelphia. low 60s north and west. but tomorrow where we're really going to bring and feel that
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humidity once again today. a tad more humid tomorrow but more humids at we go throughout the workweek. remnants of erika right over cuba and looking at thunderstorm activity. we don't know if this will redevelop until it passes over cuba. the national hurricane center and keep its eye on erika and see what happens over the next couple of days. either way tropical storm, once again or still remnant. we will bring heavy rain and also heavy surf to parts of southern florida and really parts of southern florida that really doesn't need rain. so, the west coast of florida, tampa already saturated with rain and make it additional rain and that's something we're really going to watch. back home at our beaches. another beautiful day today. and another beautiful day tomorrow. sunday 83 degrees and warmer and humid. and water temperatures still warm. the poconos looking great, as well. 85. may see a shower or thunderstorm developing. partly cloudy and mild tonight. 69 in philadelphia. 61 north and west and then get ready for the heat to return and hot and here humid 88 to 91 and wind out of the south at five to ten miles per hour.
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kicking up hot and humid. 92 and steamy on monday. may see an afternoon isolated thunderstorm and tuesday 92 and by wednesday hot and humid and 93. 94 on thursday and friday. keep in mind, this is september at this point. 90 degrees and still very warm on saturday, temperatures in the upper 80s. we'll continue to get you ready for the eagles game in green bay tonight. how about the little cheese heads in the house getting ready for the action. john clark joins us live for all the top story lines to watch when we come back.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> danny pommells with you. we're less than two hours from
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kickoff between the eagles and packers. the third preseason game. for more on this matchup let's send it to the not so frozen tund tundra. hey, guys. >> yeah, the tundra is very nice. the eagles are out there warming up. derrick gunn is with me. in your past jim kelly would play the starters for the entire first half. we look at sam bradford warming up and how much dwru think he'll start with the defense tonight. >> get the first half and he only played 14 preseason in 14 total games. still trying to get used to the wide receivers and, more importantly, the offensive line is playing with and i think to get at least the first half and maybe into the third quarter, especially for the passing game for himself and his wide receivers. and green bay has a really good pass secondary and like to play man coverage and really good chance to find out for sam bradford and the young receivers against thiz green bay
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secondary. >> how good would it be to start the season on the road, a very loud georgia dome playing the falcons. he can probably work through some silent counts with his linemen and also the other players on offense. >> the unwritten language between quarterbacks and wide receivers in our offensive line and this place is as good as any to get some of that in because if you only play a couple series now, that means you will have more than three weeks before you get ready for the real thing which is going to be a very haasile environment down in atlanta. bradford needs to work today because you don't want him anywhere near the last preseason game next week against the jets. >> put him in a glass case. let's take a look real quick and he's got to be hyped otonight to make his debut. eagle fans out there. what should they expect from this guy? >> if he's anything close to what we saw a couple years ago the rookie, he is going to be a great addition to the interior of this eagles' defense and a
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great complement. the thing that is troubling is that a few days ago bill davis told us that he might not be ready for the start of the regular season. a lot of times when you go from the front line guy to the next line guy. now alonso is a great addition and comfortable with. >> we have some things flying around us, we have to go. >> what woo dee in the midwest. >> i'm john clark, let's send it back to you. >> tonight's game on nbc 10 at 8:00. our pregame coverage starts at 7:30 nbc 10 the official television station of the eagles. dragons to take on texas at little league world series and here's monae davis in the game. down 2-1 in the fourth and you hear that crack of the bat. hits one deep and gone to right. solo shot and we're tied at 2-2. bottom sixth. runners in the corners and
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that's the game winner. wins the u.s. title, 3-2. they'll play japan in the championship. that's it for sports, we'll be right back. >> all right, dannae thanks so much. a final check of the forecast. it's going to be heating up. >> end of august, beginning of september. 90s put away the winter school clothes. warm today and the upper 80s today, but by tomorrow 90 degrees and also more humid tomorrow. but really steamy on monday and up to 92. same story on tuesday. 92. now, we've reached 92 on tuesday or into the 90s will be our fifth heat wave for the season. wednesday, thursday, friday still in the 90s and mostly sunny skies and upper 90s. >> nbc 10 and michelle, danny and all of us here, i'm denise nakano and we'll see you back here tonight.
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night, captured, a party say they arrested the man guilty of a texas department. desperate journey. they're coming by the thousands. refugees in serarch of a bart life. doctor shortage, nurse practitioners filling the widening gap in health care. why there are new questions tonight about their training. ten years later, it was the deadliest hurricane in history. devastating new orleans and the gulf coast. why hardships remain years later, and see how man's best friend is teaching kids a new trick. it has something to do with


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