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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 29, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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it seemed like everything coached called we had a guy running free and i was fortunate enough to find him ten. >> ten for ten, three series, 18 plays, 12 yards and three touchdowns, it doesn't get any better than this. >> no. if we could somehow find a way to bottle that up and replicate that in the regular season i think we'll be all right. >> you had said a few days ago, the more reps you play the more comfortable you are in the season opening in atlanta. 18 games in this play, 32 total for the pre-season. is that enough for you. >> i felt good tonight. i feel like a good feel for the speed of the game and feeling the rush, stepping up, the guys did a great job protecting me and that is the reason i was able to get the ball out on time. >> sam, thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> welcome back out here live. malcolm jenkins joining us tonight. you are 3-0 in this pre-season and you just heard from your teammate sam bradford. him coming in here off the knee
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injury he got hit last week. and what you saw from him, how impressive was it from your point of view. >> he looked comfortable. he is making the throws and getting rid of the ball on time and getting out of his hands quick. he didn't get hit or anything tonight. and that is a good showing. and that encourages the team when you see that come out tonight and we look forward to that in the regular season. >> and the offense and the defense looking great. and walter thurmond, converting from cornerback to safety and he had a touchdown here. how impressed have you been with the way he made the transition. >> it is funny, in the game, this is the world's first time at his position and we've been seeing him there since the off season and since ota's and he's making this punching the ball out and getting the reception and making the big plays when we need it and it is good to see him step into that role and we're looking strong. we have guys on the outside
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playing well. and we have safeties, that was a big question coming into the season and playing like they are, it has become a strength. so it is exciting to see guys come in and play that well so early. >> and you have been preaching turnover this is season and you keep getting them. there was one whereby ron maxwell had a interception and its with negated by a penalty by you. i hate you to put on the spot. tell us about the conversation after a play like that takes place. >> it is simple. i tell him i owe you one. those are the plays, we got off the field and it is a crucial play and in the red zone if we can get that turnover, just technique and you come up with a penalty and they ended up scoring on the drive. the conversation is simple. we go back to the cards an see what happened. i owe you next time. good thing those don't count if the pre-season. >> you are right about that.
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eric rowe, the second round pick, steps in there. and nolan carroll saw time in the slot. how do you think derek did because it is -- eric did because it is tough stepping in there. do you agree. >> yes. especially the amount of time he was out on the field. played well and there was lapses of the details in the coverage but that is all stuff you expect out of rookie. like i said, it moves fast. so it is going to be a big week for him to look at the tape and look at what he did wrong and see improvement from this week to next week when he gets more playing time and on the field for longer. >> and that is something defensive coordinator bill davis will work through who can step into the role when there is more receivers on the field. >> the big thing now is we're trying who is the fifth defensive back, whether a safety or a corner coming in and that will determine how we perform our nickel package.
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because right now we are comfortable with me and nolan carroll and reinces but then who is the next best guy and then you might see myself or thurmond or eric rowe or another guy or biggers or somebody like that coming in on the fly. we are still trying to evaluate the best guys and we'll watch them play. >> and tonight a lot of players said this is the dress rehearsal, the one to get ready for the season and where do you think this team is heading into the regular season. because you can sit back and relax and watch game four of the pre-season like we are. >> yeah. i think we're at a spot where we want to be. when you look at the pre-season and all of the work that we've accumulated and the rest against different teams, i think we're still comfortable where we're at. a lot of things to get better at and start to fall and detailing. but the foundation we've laid, i think we're really confident in that. >> malcolm jenkins, appreciate
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you joining us very much. let's send it to sam bradford, he is speaking live at the podium. let's listen in. >> to work, before we go out and play atlanta, but i think tonight was a big step. i think we played well. but we're just going to look to build off of this. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> it's a great mismatch for us when we can find him on linebackers. even safeties at times. he has a great feel for the choice routes. especially inside. like the one down the side line, the wheel. we drew that up for that coverage. to get his matched up with a linebacker. he ran a great route and made a nice catch. >> [ inaudible question ].
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>> yeah. i mean we'll have to look at the tape. i'm sure a missed a few things tonight but just continue to work on timing and rhythm, and the passing game. i thought it was better than it was last week but by no means is it perfect. like i said, we have two weeks until we play atlanta and we have a lot of work to do and i'm sure there are things that we'll put in before we play in the season opener and still continue to work with the guys and the chemistry. >> sam, out of the catch and run -- [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. it's huge. i you talk to the defensive guys and it is frustrating when they take away everything down the field and we're able to throw a check down to sproles or demarco or ryan and they miss and it is a 12 yard pickup on a play they had good coverage on and the fact that all three of our backs can do that is huge. certain teams, you know that sproles is coming in the game but with our backs, we can throw
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it to any of them. sam bradford, four drives this pre-season and four touchdown drives. lambeau field emptying out tonight. it was a spectacle. evening offense rolling. more eagles pre-season final coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. the fourth pre-season game, the final one is this thursday night. take a look. it is right here on nbc 10. eagles and jets, coverage starting at 7:30. and i'll tell you what, the eagles are 3-0 this pre-season. you have to be excited with where they are going. i'm john clark. we appreciate you watching from lambeau field. nbc news is next.
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right now at 11:00, three in
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a row for the eagles. the birds took down the packers at lambeau field. the pre-season is raising big hopes for the birds this year. good evening, i'm dennis knack ano. only one game left on thursday. button was a key test for players. john is live at lambeau. another big night for the birds. >> you and eagles fans have to be excited with the offense chip kelly is running. sam bradford is looking unbelievable. he was perfect. ten for ten tonight. in there for three drives and he threw touchdown passes on all three drives. so four drives this pre-season and four touchdown drives. take a look at sam bradford. he was rolling. he was accurate, he made quick decisions. he gets the ball out real quick. and the running game, the running backs demarco murray, ryan mathews and darren sproles, they were explosive tonight. the eagles were up 25-0 after the first quarter. they go on to beat the packers
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39-26. the 3-0 in the pre-season. sam bradford talked with derrick gunn on the field about another good night for him. >> it was just another one of those days. we just got off to a good start. just everything coach called and we had a guy running free and i was fortunate enough to find him tonight. >> ten for ten, 18 plays, 211 yards, three touchdowns, it doesn't get any better than that. >> no. if we can bottle that up and lick ate that in the freese season, i think we'll be all right. >> yeah, i'll tell you what. this pre-season the eagles are scoring the most points and most yards per game in the nfl. the offense is rolling along. hopefully it continues into the regular season. i'm john clark live outside of the eagles locker room at lambeau field, back to you in philli. >> thanks john. our coverage continues from xfinity from randy gyllenhaal watched the game with excited
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fans. and randy, there has to be a lot of hope for the season after tonight. >> a lot of fans were watching this game on tv. they hadn't had much chance to see sam bradford play, maybe a set of downs and that all changed tonight and boy, was it worth the wait. if you had any doubts before tonight's game, they are gone now. sam bradford dominating the first quarter of football. >> sam bradford is showing up to play. >> he is. he's killing it man. he's doing good. oh, yeah. >> eagle fans and xfinity live going nuts after three touchdowns in a few minutes, hoping he stays healthy. >> we want him to stay together and play this way in the season. >> but notice missing was kiko alonso who wasn't even dressed to play. fans were hoping to see him for the first time. >> it is a shame. >> i wanted to see him come
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through for us. >> and big crowds even for an away game. another pre-season blowout, with the birds 3-. heading into next week. >> it is going to be next week and then we're going to win the super bowl. >> win the super bowl? >> yeah. >> and it was a busy night. the phillies were playing at home across the. and they took home a win. and fantasy fest, thousands of people drinking and having a good time before the game and they all watched it here inside of xfinity live. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. and don't miss the final game here on thursday at 7:30, the eagles and the jets. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. and pre-game coverage beginning at 7:30. and tonight police want to know if there are more victims by a gas station groperment a woman was grabbed a man as she made coffee. we talked to the owner of the
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radner township business. >> this gas station owner tells us he is fully cooperating in the investigation. he's handed over surveillance video. he said no one explained to him about the employee. complaints made to others are exactly what place are now investigating. >> this is mr. llama. and this is our female victim. >> reporter: police describe what started as a pleasant interaction between a woman getting coffee and the gas station employee llama. you see he is brewing a new pot, talking with the woman. 30 seconds later, he gives her an unwelcome hug. police stop the video there when he starts grabbing the woman's private parts. >> i've gone in and i bought gas and food if there and he's never given me a problem so i'm shocked. >> people who work nearby say the charges are disturbing, since someone called to complain about him last year and the business owner said two of the customers told him they were inappropriately touched. >> that stop and shop an extremely busy location with
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businesses, a very large college surrounding it so we are concerned that other people may have had this happen to them. >> reporter: the gas station owner did not want to go on camera but said llama is a good employee and didn't want to pass judgment without knowing llama's side of the story. >> he would say hi and that is it. but this time, he is trying to flirt with me. >> this frequent customer said he was a friendly guy to the point it made her uncomfortable. >> i guess he is nice but a little too nice. >> reporter: this victim was upset when she came running out of the gas station. her dad was pumping gas. two police officers were eating nearby and they began investigating quickly. investigators tell us that llama denies doing anything wrong. in radner township, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. a man and a woman are in the hospital after a house fire in the homesberg neighborhood of philadelphia. it happens on lorring street just after 8:00. investigators say the fire was started on purpose but they have not filed any charges. both of the victims are in stable condition.
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now to new information on a story where a deputy was shot and killed while filling his car with gas. police outside of houston arrested and charged the suspect responsible for the quote, senseless and cowardly act. darren go forth was ambushed as he was pumping gas. the gunman came up behind him and fired multiple shots killing him. he was a ten year veteran of the force. ten years ago tonight, hurricane katrina pounded the gulf coast. the storm made landfall on this day back in 2005 and a decade later many gathers in new orleans to remember the victims and to focus on recovery efforts. >> we honor on this night in a solemn way those who lost their lives and those who loved them. >> tonight former president bill clinton spoke at an event remembering more than 1800 lives lost in the storm. earlier today survivors and supporters gathered for a wreath
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laying ceremony. in the lower 9th ward there was a parade and red cross volunteers from our area talked about the impact ten years later. >> so many people are displaced and will never go back to their homes, still today. they may be in other cities, doing other things. but certainly they are not there. >> red cross volunteer janice winston has kept styrofoam containers with art drawn on the sides. they are gifts from katrina victims who she helped in the lower ninth ward after the hurricane struck. now to decision 2016. vice president joe biden made a surprise appearance at a political event in his home state of delaware today. he climbed on to a picnic table at the democratic jam orree in lewis and spoke for about ten minutes. biden did not discuss whether he will run for president. instead he thanks everybody for their support following the death of his son beau.
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and a smyrna teen-ager is charged with impersonating a police officer. the 17-year-old was arrested after he tried to pull over a woman with strobe lights on his win shield. anyone with problems with a tan chevy impala is asking to call police residents should be on alert after four burglaries in lannerch area. everybody should be vigilant and call 911 to report anything suspicious. police dogs shotted off their skills today in montgomery county. the cainine association held the field trials today in north wales. dogs were tested on skills lyko bead yens, evidence detention and suspect searches.
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it is a two-day event and it is open to the public and so check it out tomorrow at wendet straight park. thousands get up for a early morning run with a famous funny man. a run with real heart. >> and tieing a knot for the pope. the illusion creates -- created as a problem solver. >> tomorrow we crank up the heat back into the 90s. we'll look at that and your seven-day coming up.
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right now a woman is in critical condition in the hospital after a car struck her while she was riding her bicycle. we were on the scene at 22nd
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street in center city when the car hit the woman early this morning. she was later taken to the hospital where she had several broken bones. police say the driver did stay at the scene and was not arrested. in montgomery county, dozens of residents tore a new hall in landsdale. they held a dedication ceremony as part of the founder's day festivities. local residents checked out the new hall and meeting room. thousands came out with for a run with kevin hart. part of a free 5-k in the city. he's known to tweet follows to join him on the run. tomorrow he will break records when he brings his comedy tour to 53,000 fans at the link an the first time a comedian has sold out an nfl stadium. well tonight as we prepare for the pope's visit. a new sculpture is in place outside of the basila of st.
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peter and paul. the gatto allows people to leave their problems at the door. people write their struggles and problems on pieces of fabric. the fabric is then tied to the so structure and the pope will walk near and it the hope is he will bless that grotto. ♪ >> the 10th annual hispanic heritage mass took place today. it was a procession with people dressed in the traditional attire of their native country and then a mass was held at the church it is a way to celebrate the heritage and the university of the hispanic catholic community in the area. a good saturday night. we are warm today. temperatures into the upper 80s but even hotter through the workweek. 90s through six days of the seven day. so we'll look at that in a few minutes.
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the weather headlines on saturday evening, a warm day today. most of us reach the mid to upper 80s and then the potential for the next heat wave beginning on tuesday. the 90s begin tomorrow. three days of 90s or above. and erika has dissipated as of 9:30 this morning. 75 degrees in philadelphia. we're looking at some clouds out there. winds out of the south southwest at 8 miles per hour. temperatures across the region, comfortable but milder than the past few nights. 68 in town. 69 in lancaster. 75 in philadelphia. south and east looking for 70s as well. in millville, and 72 in atlanta city. another nice day in terms of august standards but hotter. a live look outside. just a few clouds out there and that is what we'll see throughout the overnight hours. a milder night tonight an then the 90s return tomorrow. it is hotter and more humid. and we so see more showers north and west later on sunday but very isolated. we'll keep our eye on them. later on tomorrow, most of us
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will not see any wet weather tomorrow. speaking of erika, again tropical storm as of 9:30 dissipating into a remnant low. and that is what we're looking at. heavy rainfall in cuba. we'll still see heavy rainfall in parts of south florida and rough surf in a lot of places that does not need rain. that would be the west coast of florida and that is what we're watching sunday through monday and also part of tuesday. and that is the big headline there. shores an beaches, a beautiful day tomorrow. we have been lucking out with nice weather at the beaches. we'll do that again tomorrow. sunday warm and 85. ocean water in the 70s. poconos, possibly a isolated shower and 85 degrees. so above normal for this time of of the year but not close to the 90 degree mark. partly cloudy and milder tonight. 69 in philadelphia. 61 north and west. winds light through the night. and tomorrow we crank up the heat. hot and humid. ms. skies. winds sought of the southwest at
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5-10 miles per hour an the winds bringing up the hot and humid air tomorrow. and the humidity kicks in on monday. so by tomorrow, more humid. and you'll feel it. 90 degrees. monday, more clouds. 92 and by wednesday 93 and 90 on friday. >> that is nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, i'm denise nakano.
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