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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. that breaking news tonight, an off duty philadelphia police officer has died after a hit and run crash that happened shortly after 4:00 this afternoon in the city's oxford circle section. we're told the officer was riding a motorcycle at the time. the car that hit him was found about a block away. we arrived at the scene minute ace go. police now have a suspect in custo custody? >> reporter: exactly from what detectives tell us they are talking to the driver of the vehicle.
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the motorcycle was being ridden by an officer from the philadelphia police department in his 40s. the driver was brought in for questioning. the off duty police officer was take on the the hospital. we are told he did not survive his injuries. police are not confirming the id on that officer but we are told he is an officer in his 40s and trying to pin down whether he is stationed out of the 12th or 35th district. but of course, this stretch of the boulevard and the boulevard in general, notorious for accidents whether they be hit and run or other fatal one or two car accidents. right now investigators just uprighted the motorcycle and pick i picking evidence. and perhaps some of the questioning of that driver will determine just what exactly happened out of here.
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nbc 10 news. >> and we continue our team coverage with nbc 10's randy jill. >> reporter: we have been seeing a number of other officers coming here. this is northeast philadelphia. he was rushed here and then pronounced dead a short time after this accident on the boulevard. again there are a number of philadelphia police officers on the scene. this officer from the 12th or 35th district was taken here via ambulance. he was rushed here and pronounced dead a short time later. we are waiting for an update. of course a very tragic situation.
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>> this death comes months after another philadelphia police officer was murdered. he died back in march after interrupting a robbery. officers say wilson was shot six times while protecting customers and workers. two brothers are charged with his murder. they could face the death penalty if convicted. >> another police officer today is crediting his bullet proof vest with saving his life. the police officer is speaking pubically for the first time since he was shot by a man this morning. that suspect has now been charged. officer mark handily was released from the hospital this afternoon just hours after he was shot in the leg and chest overnight.
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county. we spoke to the officer. monique, it will be a while before he returns to work? >> reporter: that's right, denise. we talked to officer handily about 12 hours after he was shot. though he's out of the hospital, it will be weeks before he returns here to ridly park. ridly park police officer mark handily is welcomed home by family and fellow colleagues in blue. >> he was bruised when his bullet proof vest stopped one bullet. while they were attempting to talk, he allegedly opened fire.
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>> we don't know what will happen with that type of individual. >> we could walk out the door never to return. that went through my mind 100 times over. >> he is one of 18 full or part time officers here in ridly park. he admits he knows a gruelling physical therapy program is ahead but he's longing to be back in uniform. >> do you want to go back to work? >> absolutely. >> he is charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person and attempted first degree murder. his bond has been set at
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$500,000 cash. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> it is hot and humid out there as we gear up for a possible late summer heat waive. nbc 10 this afternoon where some people took a stroll along the delaware river. others are cooling off in the water. now this is a live look at the water park in the poconos where it's sure busy out there. you can see all of the crowded people. let's get a check of the weather with michelle grossman. did we hit that 90 degree mark to set us up for the possible heat wave in store for us we're going to have the breeze through the next couple of hours.
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88 in philadelphia. 83 in lancaster. 81 in millville and 81 in wildwood. it's going to be a wild night tonight. >> we have new information about a 5-year-old girl who went missing yesterday afternoon. she was found today. the 5-year-old went missing when she was left with a baby sitter when she said she left the toddler with yet another woman. fortunately officers spotted her walking with that second woman today. >> she appears to be in good condition at this time for safety purposes she was sent to
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the hospital and mom is en route to the hospital as well. >> they are questioning the woman they found walking with the girl. >> a man is dead and a woman is in the hospital after a suspected drunk driver rear ended their car. it happened in northeast philadelphia early this morning. officials say the car that was rear ended struck a median and then flipped over. the man died at the hospital. >> after a man was killed in a crash that happened late last night right by the cosmopolatin diner. nbc 10 is following breaking news tonight. an off duty police officer has died after a hit and run crash. it happened in circle neighborhood shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. police now have a suspect in
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custody. stay with us for updates.
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>> police say they have a suspect in custody for a deadly hit and run as we learn more about the suspect and officer we will bring that information to you. ♪ >> a memorial service today in roanoke, virginia, remember two television journalists murdered on the air last week. alison parker and adam ward were
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killed while on the air. parker and ward were interviewing a tourism official on live tv when they were ambushed wednesday. the gunman later killed himself. still ahead, one of the world's biggest comedians does something he's never done before. why the spotlight is especially bright for kevin hart's show in philly tonight. the heat is on. we officially made it to the 90s today. these 90s are sticking around for a while. we're also tracking a few showers. we will look at that and also your seven day coming up next.
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an update. a philadelphia police officer has died after a hit and run
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crash that happened shortly after 4:00 this afternoon in the city's oxford circle section. the officer was riding a motorcycle and the car that hit him was found about a block away. let's go to randy gyllenhaal. randy? >> this officer was rushed here to this hospital just after the accident which happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. the officer riding his motorcycle on the boulevard when police tell us he was hit by a hit and run driver who then took off. that officer again rushed here to the hospital, and then taken inside. he was pronounced dead a short time later. we got video of a number of philadelphia police officers rushing to the hospital here to be by his bedside. we are awaiting an update and more information about what exactly kind of injuries he suffered. but again police are telling us this was a hit and run accident. the officer hit on his
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motorcycle and police have told us they do have one suspect in custody. many more details to come as we sort this out live. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. and kevin hart will take the stage at lincoln financial field tonight. this is a live look from our eagles nest cam. an estimated 53,000 fans are expected to fill those seats this is a first for the comedian. he's bringing his what now tour to the linc. >> what better way to do it than a record breaking event. >> he was a life guard at your pool? >> in german town. i don't know if he going to remember that but yes he was. >> 53,000 people. he's selling out? >> yes, yes, that's awesome. i'm proud of him. >> our cameras caught hart arriving and that show starts t at
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8:00 tonight. >> and now your first alert weather. >> weather looking good for the show tonight. it will be a little warm. temperatures dropping back into the 80s and eventually the 70s. we made it into the 90s as promised. 88 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour but the big story are the temperatures. 91 degrees, that was a high today. that would give us our fifth heat wave. 93 on wednesday, 94 on thursday. we're going to keep the 90s in play. right now we're looking at
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temperatures back into the 80s. 81 in millville. 79 in wildwood. taking a look outdoors, we are looking at a nice night. it is a very warm night if you're going to be dining outdoors or just out and about. not too bad for late august. we're well above normal for this time of year. also tracking a few showers. just wanted to show you this, especially north and west. some of these will be drenching. especially mainly north and west in play over the next several hours. we will wake up to more clouds across the area but the big story will be heat and humidity once again. tuesday we will bring back a little more sunshine but we will keep heat in place and also humidity. it will be pretty uncomfortable. a warm night tonight. temperatures dropping back only into the low 70s.
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the thunderstorm icon just for the threat north and west. 88 to 92. i think we will top out right around 92 in philadelphia. seven day forecast, 92 tomorrow. 93 tuesday. chance of late storms on wednesday. still warm on thursday. finally back into the 80s. saturday 88. >> comcast sportsnet. was last night a sign of great things to come for the eagles. a wild one. see if the youngsters can capture the little league world series title.
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hey, danny pommells with you once again. it's been a lot of setting up and knocking them down. a slug fest massive crowd on hand. jump out quick. bases juiced. a grand slam puts pa 7-2. they were up 10-2 after one inning but japan comes all the way back. they take the lead on this 3-1 bomb. pa down 13-10. last chance for the kids from loo louisberry. slow roller. japan, your 2015 little league world series champs. we turn to the eagles who continue to shine in pre-season play. here is bradford. >> we just got off to a good
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start. we had a guy running free. >> 178 plays in this game, 32 total for the pre-season. is that enough for you? >> i felt like i had a good feel for the speed of the game. felt like i was feeling the rush and stepping up. our guys did a great job protecting me tonight. >> i thought he played well. i thought he was really having great plays out there. a good command for what he is doing. >> and the final pre-season game here. eagles and jets kick off. our pre-game coverage begins at 6:30. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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>> we're following breaking news tonight. an off-duty philadelphia police officer was killed by a hit and run driver. it happened on roosevelt boulevard around 4:00 this afternoon. police found the car that struck him about a block away and they have a suspect now in custody. stay with nbc for the latest information about the suspect and the officer. be not afraid. that is the message today from philadelphia arch bishop about the pope's visit. we are 26 days away. the arch bishop wrote an editorial saying mary joseph and jesus didn't worry about travel and security issues in bethlehem and visitors here shouldn't worry either. there will be plenty of transportation and easy walking for the pope's visit. he says there's a natural temptation to focus on the
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inconvenience and people can begin to wonder if the effort is worth the time and energy. he says, quote, i promise you that it is. this is a moment of grace. memories will be made. the world meeting of families will be spectacular. nothing can stop that except our own unwillingness to take part in something extraordinary. this weather, some would say it's extraordinary if you like the heat. >> and we're almost into september. 91 degrees. 93 for some thunderstorms. still steamy. it's not just hot. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we will see you back here tonight.
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on this sunday night, striking distance. hillary clinton suddenly with a major reason to worry in iowa as new polls show what many thought was unthinkable not so long ago, her nearest rival closing in. search for motive. the texas deputy killed in an ambush at a gas station. why was he targeted when there's no evidence he ever crossed paths before with his alleged executioner? paballpark tragedy. a man falls to his death from the upper deck of the stadium raising more questions about safety at america's favorite pastime. double threat. florida braces for flooding from killer storm erika while hawaii is hoping for a near miss from hurricane ignacio. and found alive. a hiker missing for


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