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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 31, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a police department in mourning after an off-duty officer died in a hit and run crash. ahead, how investigators tracked down the driver and the charges he could face today. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. right now we are awaiting word from philadelphia police if the suspect held in the fatal hit and run that killed an off-duty officer over the weekend will be remembering chaed. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at police headquarters in center city. you spoke to the tow truck driver when made sure the suspect didn't escape. tell us about it. >> reporter: rosemary, that's right. the tow truck driver is going by his initials instead of his
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name. he saw the accident happen and he felt compelled to make sure the suspected driver did not escape so he acted. he used his white pickup truck that has a tow on the back to chase down that motorist and that truck was parked outside d.j.'s tow yard in north philadelphia. he said the crash happened about two cars ahead of him on dev road. lamar poole was riding his motorcycle west and was hit when the driver of the blue toyota corolla turned left in front of him. the driver got out, walked over and saw how severely poole was injured and then got back in his car and sped away. that's when the tow truck driver and another motorist trailed the suspect for about two blocks over to harbison and they used their vehicles to box him in and make sure he didn't drive off and make sure he didn't drive away. he is quoting the suspect as saying, i can't believe this happened. i can't believe i did this, end of quotation. accident investigators say it appears the 58-year-old suspect
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now being held inside philadelphia police headquarters exhibited signs of driving under the influence. we are waiting right now to see if and when charges will be filed in this case and what these charges are and we'll have an update on this story at the bottom of the hour. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, jesse. we'll see you later on in the newscast. the death of officer poole comes as the police department is grieving the loss of another officer killed in a crash. rafael lee died after his truck crashed into a tree. he was spedding when he missed the curve. police are looking into whether sergeant ali fell asleep at the wheel. >> over the weekend in delaware county a officer had a brush with death. hear from the ridley park police officer who was saved by his bulletproof vest. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. talking weather now, let's take
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a live look outside over philadelphia, not much wind out there today and a humid and cloudy start to our monday as we a etch prothe possibility of a heat wave of the season. brittney shipp is tracking the changes in the forecast this morning. >> that's right. we saw temperatures at 91 so we're in the running for the possibility of a heat wave and we expect temperatures in the 90s again today. a closer view shows us stray showers and we are going to see cloudy skies to start off most of today and then as we push into the afternoon expect another hot day, plus our humidity is starting to rise. a hot and humid start to the workweek. 75 degrees in the poconos and 81 in allentown and 83 degrees in philadelphia, and temperatures are already at 81 degrees in wildwood. so it is a warm, early afternoon out there. city planner shows us by 1:00 p.m. temperatures at 86 degrees and a warm lurch hour and by
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4:00, 88. temperature at 7:00 p.m. 87 so it will be a warm evening. the wind speeds stay light, but we will continue to see warmer conditions here. we're calling for a high between 88 and 91 degrees and we are going to see more humidity especially as we head into tuesday and wednesday, as well. so the heat wave will stick around for the next couple of days here and hot and humid conditions and i'll let you know what to expect, and also an early look at your holiday forecast and i'll have that for you in just a bit. rosemary? >> thanks, britney. the victim of an overnight shooting in west philadelphia is still in critical condition this morning and right now the suspected shooter is behind bars. police arrested him at 11:30 last night moments after someone shot the victim near 52nd street and hazel avenue. philadelphia police are also looking into a shooting from overnight that damaged a car. officers say they found 20 shell
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casings on rising sun avenue in north philadelphia. at least one bullet hit the car. no word on whether anybody was hurt. no charges have been filed in the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl in north philadelphia. the child was eventually found, but police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. here's what we know. the babysitter reported her missing in philadelphia's somerset section. she left the girl in the care of another woman while she went to pick up school supplies and when she came back, both were gone. yesterday afternoon the woman and child were spotted walking on the street. no one could find the child's mother during the ordeal. today family and friends are remembering the photojournalist who was murdered on live television. adam ward's loved ones are gathering at his high school in southwestern virginia today. it's not far from where a gunman killed him and reporter alison parker during a live report last
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week. ward's family is encouraging the community to show pride for adam and wear the colors of his alma mater, salem high school and virginia tech. ♪ ♪ yesterday family members, friends and coworkers gathered to remember both ward and parker. the general manager of the tv station where they worked spoke about the need to make mental health treatment a priority in this country. >> anger eats at you and the results we saw on wednesday can be catastrophic. if we get strategic, we have a goal and a possibility of positive action and that's what i'd like you to think about in memory of alison and adam. also in their memory there are now two scholarship funds set up for both of those victims. building energy and excitement for the pope's visit through word of mouth. that's the goal of philadelphia leaders who are sending out
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street teams throughout the city today. teams led by mayor michael nutter will deliver hundreds of marketing kits to businesses across the city. the kits contain things like signs with the #open and phl that businesses will be open during the papal visit. it's part of the campaign the city launched last week to focus on the excitement and not the restrictions surrounding the pope's visit. >> despite many reports to the contrary, there is still hotel availability in center city. staying at a hotel for this event puts you right in the heart of the francis festival. >> the francis festival fairgrounds area from south street north to gerard avenue and the delaware river to west 38th street. the nbc 10 news app has all of the information you need about pope francis' visit and the world meeting of families. just download the free nbc 10 news app to your smartphone or mobile device. right now it is back to school for students at the mass
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community charter school in philadelphia. more than 1300 kids started classes at the campus in summerton today and this year the school has a new studio space for science and design projects. in chester county students in the coastville area school district will start cracking the books. all schools will start the year with new laptop computers and other technology upgrades and a new math curriculum. today city and community leaders will dedicate a newly rebuilt park in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood and new basketball courts are just part of the revitalized park in 20 of course and tasker street. we first told you about the project two years ago and there will be gardens and murals and new playground. the half million dollar project is home to an all-pro summer basketball league. the time right now is 11:08 and 82 degrees on this monday and still ahead, closing the gaps
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and which presidential hopeful is gaining ground on democratic front-runner hillary clinton and is donald trump hitting a campaign slump? there is now another republican in striking distance. >> plus this is what's left of a plane that crashed and caught fire over the weekend. the couple onboard should not have made it, but they did. hear their story of survival after the break. the heat is back and so is the humidity. i'm tracking the possibility of a heat wave and i'll let you know how long this heat will last plus an early look at your labor day forecast. it's all coming up.
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this is a view of the sun coming up over houston, texas, today. a grim weekend there as the community is mourning the death of darren goforth. the man accused of shooting him is expected to appear in court today. shannon miles is the man accused of the execution-style killing and he is facing a capital murder charge. miles approached deputy goforth from behind while he was pumping gas in his patrol car. he was in uniform at the time. yesterday community members, as you just saw held a march in honor of the deputy. a family friend read a statement from the fallen deputy's wife. all of the language that i know is inadequate for what i want to express. my husband was an incredibly intricate blend of toughness and gentility. he was always loyal, fiercely so.
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>> police say deputy goforth had no previous contact with miles and the shooting appears to be unprovoked. in kansas today jurors in the jewish site shooting trial are set to hear closing arguments. frazier miller, a white supremacist charged with killing people in 2014. miller has pleaded not guilty because he says, and this is a quote, jewish people are committing genocide against the white race and it was his duty to stop them. thins appear to be back to normal this morning at newark liberty international airport last night. part of the airport was evacuated when a man got into a secure hallway. the man was stopped by customs and border protection agents and authorities did not find anything dangerous on him. we are learning more about a story survival for two passengers of a small airplane that crashed in florida yesterday and this is what's left of it.
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bobby brooks explains how the couple was able to walk away without injuries. if you can believe it, the rubble you're looking at was once an airplane and the people inside survived the crash. no one can believe that, want even ems crews. >> it's completely destroyed and the fact that anyone was able to get out is simply amazing. >> they got out of this thing out of their own power. >> there were two people standing on the levy inside the plane. >> the husband and wife took off this morning from fort lauderdale executive airport headed up to virginia. >> mrs. mackenzie said they had a drop in the engine oil pressure and engine failure. >> kenneth was the pilot and did a heck of a job landing fourth-seat plane. in fact, some people fishing near the crash site didn't even hear it land. >> i didn't hear no crash at all. >> the plane landed near canal a few hundred yards from wax hatchy road and immediately went up into flames. >> after we seen smoke and then
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i heard a pop and a little bit later another pop. >> the couple was lifted by bso and their injuries are non-life threatening and the incredible outcome largely due in part to quick thinking like ken. >> he like any good pilot, was looking for a place to put this plane down and chose an access road. they had a hard hit and the plane burst into flames, but they were able to both get out and they were bothççoç walking around and talking when our flight medics got there. fire in the hole, literally. this is video from shanghai when a fire started while workers were drilling under ground. the water was ignited by one of the workers who was lighting a cigarette. officials say there's no risk for an explosion there and that the fire will eventually extinguish on its own. now to decision 2016. there's a new poll out today and it's not good news for both the
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democratic and republican front-runners. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has the latest numbers from washington. >> reporter: in iowa, hillary clinton is seven points ahead. in may she had a 41-point lead. >> the gains that we are seeing and the enthusiasm and huge crowd weise are seeing, this is not anti-hillary clinton and this is pro-bernie sanders. >> vice president biden who hasn't announced yet is in double digits. >> donald trump still leads and he's only five point ahead of ben carson. trump says he may still run as an independent. >> we will make a decision very soon and i think a lot of people will be very happy. >> now it's donald. in three weeks it could be somebody else. >> all other republicans are in single digits. >> what the polls tell me is nobody has any real votes right now. >> people are fed up with washington. they're looking for someone who will stand up to washington.
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>> tracy potts, nbc news, washington. chris christie is headed back to "the tonight show." >> come on, jimmy. do you really think i'd come on this show to announce the presidential run? >> the governor christie has not presidency. the last time he visited jimmy fallon tonight will be his first late-night talk show appearance since throwing his hat into the ring. watch "the tonight show" on nbc 10 following the news at 11:00. a piece of history goes on sale today. the last lunch menu from the titanic is going to an auction. the menu was saved by a passenger who escaped from the ship before it sank back in 1912. historians say the menu is expected to sell for $50,000 to $70,000. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. you're taking a live look at the
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poconos where you can see just a few clouds and we are going to see a very warm day and each a hot day and it will be very warm during the poconos and hot conditions if you're going to be throughout the city or even closer to shore. here's a closer shore of what you can expect. muggy conditions expected for us today. i will have a tropics update and then the holiday forecast. we'll take an early look at that holiday forecast, but there is a live look outside right now where you are seeing conditions closer to the city right around 83 degrees and it's a mix of sun and clouds for us and as we go into the rest of today. what you can expect to see is hot and humid conditions for us. so if you take a closer look at your currents you will notice that our temperatures are starting off on the mild side. we are in the mid-70s for the poconos, but a closer look down the shore and temperatures of 83 degrees in millville and 84 degrees in atlantic city and again, it is going to be a warm day, similar to what we saw yesterday we're about one degree
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cooler in the poconos and we're up 2 degrees in allentown and up one degree in atlantic city and up about three degrees in millville. i am tracking the possibility of a heat wave number five. our average for this time of year, 84 degrees yesterday and yesterday we warmed into the low 90s and 92 degrees for today and as we head into tuesday and 93 degrees. so if we make it tomorrow we will officially have our fifth heat wave on our hands. a closer look at future temperatures, the hot air will stay in our region as we head into tuesday, wednesday, and pushing into thursday so high pressure stays in control for us and that's why we'll see these above-average temperatures and we'll see more moisture coming up from the south and that's where we will get our mugginess. so it will get more muggy as we head into tuesday and into wednesday. our satellite radar shot shows that we'll see a few stray sprinkles moving through, but those have been pretty much cleared up and we'll be left with cloudy skies as we head into the rest of today and hot temperatures. the futurecast shows us that
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we'll stay nice and dry. same thing on tuesday and maybe a few more stray showers headed into tuesday evening and the big story will be the hot and hume conditions as we wind down summer and push into the unofficial start of fall. >> a closer look at the hurricane threat and it's closer to 85 miles per hour and this will not affect anyone and it will continue to trek to the west here and it will stay strong and we're still dealing with wind speeds closer to 80 miles per hour and the best part of that is it's not going to affect anyone. a closer look for today as we head into the poconos and 81 degrees by this afternoon and 90 degrees for mount holly and we'll see warm temperatures again, but the warmest temperatures you can expect will be closer to philadelphia and we'll see a high of 92 degrees and 91 in drexel hill and a closer look at your labor day weekend. if you stay in the city it will
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be hot. closer to the poconos, you'll stay mainly in the 80s throughout the weekend and as we push into the shore for saturday, 78 and beautiful conditions and plenty of sunshine expected on the actual holiday on labor day, but your seven-day forecast shows before we get through the holiday, if you take a look, our temperatures will stay mainly in the mid-90s as we get into tuesday and wednesday, we'll drop out of the 90s by friday. the effort under way to keep your family safe from house fires. the philadelphia fire department and the american red cross are teaming up and making a big push for fire prevention and what they're doing to help dozens of families throughout the city and from the crazy costumes to a promise to run for president. the video music awards proved to be as entertaining as ever. we'll show you the highlights coming up.
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big win for the philadelphia eagles over the weekend. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. happening right now head coach chip kelly is addressing members of the media after that win over the packers. let's listen in. >> i think he's -- a year older. i think he's really made some plays and a couple of really big plays for us against the packers in the run game on saturday, but i think he's improved from a year ago, and i'm really happy where his development is right now. >> i've been watching the tape from saturday night and anything
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on the defensive end in the second, third quarter bother you at all in terms of coverage and things like that? >> i just think on their touchdown, the one thing that was concerning for all of us is we had three major penalties and one was an interception. we have to clean up that aspect of it and there were penalties on the defensive side and a lot of things he was doing in the second half was playing coverage and trying to see if guys can get home on one-on-one four-man rusher and just a chance to really good evaluation for us and that's kind of what we saw. >> how hard is the process for you to get down to 53 and how much time do you spend looking it over? >> chip kelly recapping highlights from saturday night's win against the packers. just a reminder, you can catch the finals pre-season game on nbc 10 on thursday night and it's the eagles and the jets and
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kickoff is at 7:00 and our pregame coverage begins at 6:30 and as i mentioned, nbc 10 is your official eagles station. in other news, the american red cross is joining forces with the philadelphia fire department to help eliminate fire-related deaths in the city. just this morning crews were called to a house fire in kensington and it start at 4:00 on arbor street. crews say they saw heavy smoke and flames when they first arrived on scene, but they knocked it down quickly and nobody was hurt. joining me now is judge rene corn wall hughes from the american red cross of pennsylvania. thanks for being with us, as always. >> it's a pleasure to see you, rosemary. >> a lot is happening in term of the american red cross along with the philadelphia fire department. >> we're partnering together to end fire fatalities in our community. we call it no more fire deaths. fire deaths are absolutely preventable. if you have a working smoke detector and you have an escape plan for you and your family customized to your home.
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so tomorrow we're going to launch national preparedness month with the huge rally of thea 5100 block of kennes issing where we'll install smoke alarms. since june we've installed 4,000 smoke alarms. >> when we end up on fire scenes to cover what happened oftentimes, sometimes the same day we'll see the american red cross out there along with firefighters passing out smoke detectors and is that what you're seeing is that this is the cause of fires and that people aren't aware what's happening and they can't get out in time? it's more than that. we did a study with the philadelphia fire department over the course of the last five years. we're able to document each of the fire fatalities that occurred in the last five years and each one can be linked to not having a working smoke alarm. so we're very, very committed to
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having working smoke detectors in each of the homes in philadelphia. >> judge rene cardwell hughes chief of the american red cross of southeast pennsylvania. thank you for being with us. >> we'll take a quick break. we'll see you in just a moment.
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this is nbc 10 news. checking on our top stories right now. we are awaiting word from philadelphia police if the suspect held in a hit and run that killed an off-duty officer over the weekend will be charged. 42-year-old lamar poole was knocked from his motorcycle and killed in oxford circle. nbc 10's jesse gary will have a live update from police headquarters in the next five minutes. >> in north philadelphia no charges have been filed in the disappearance of a 5-year-old
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girl. she was eventually found, but police are investigating what happened. the girl's babysitter reported her missing early sunday morning after leaving her in the care of another woman. that woman and the child were spotted walking along the street yesterday afternoon. police say no one could find the girl's mother during the entire ordeal. let's take a live look down the shore in beach avenue in cape may. nice breeze happening. ocean breeze. we're expecting a hot and humid day across much of the area and the first-alert team is looking into the possibility of another heat wave. >> you'll see a little bit of a breakdown on the shore and it will still be a hot day no matter where you go. conditions throughout the region are at 83 degrees and 82 degrees in kenneth square. in wilmington, 84 degrees and cooler and mild start and closer to the poconos and temperatures in redding at 80 degrees, as well.
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millville, 83 and mid-80s in woodvine and temperatures in beach haven at 83 and it's an even spread with the wind speeds out of the west this morning and a radar shot shows there are a few sprinkles that moved through and for the most part all we're dealing with is mostly cloudy skies and just expect another hot and humid day as we head into your monday. so let's take a look at some of the temperatures and we will push into the 90s and yesterday we pushed to 91 and today we're in the 90s and by tomorrow we'll have an official heat wave on our hand and temperatures will stay in the low 80s for the poconos and closer to the shore we're in the high 80s and not much relief there. i am tracking how long the heat will stick around and i'll have the details in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you, britney. new developments in the deadly hit and run crash of an off-duty police officer yesterday. jesse gary is live just outside of police headquarters in center
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city where a suspect is being questioned. >> reporter: we have some new information. charges have not been filed yet, however, i am told by police when those charges are filed they will include leaving the scene of a fatal accident and dui. we heard police talking about the possibility of dui yesterday. now today we're learning that will be one of the charges. police are able to move forward with this case so quickly thanks to the quick action of a tow truck driver who used his pickup truck as a roadblock to make sure the suspected driver didn't escape. we talked to the tow truck operator and goes by his initials, d.j. the white pickup truck that he used was parked outside his tow yard. he says the crash happened a couple of cars in front of him near roosevelt boulevard. according to police lamar poole was riding his motorcycle west and was hit when the driver of this blue toyota corolla turned left in front of him. the driver got out, walked over and saw how severely pools
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injured and got back in his car and sped away. the tow driver and another mortist tailed the suspect for a couple of blocks over to harbison where they used his vehicles to box him in to make sure he didn't drive away or make sure he didn't get out and run away. the suspect is saying and i'm quoting here and i can't believe i did this and i can't believe this happened, end of quotation. as soon as charges are filed and we will let you know via mobile app, our website and of course, on air. we are live outside philadelphia police headquarters, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for the information, jesse. the police department is still grieving the loss of another officer involved in an off-duty crash. sergeant rafael ali died two weekends ago when his pickup truck crashed into a tree in philadelphia's rocksborough neighborhood. investigators say he was speeding on henry avenue when he missed the curve. he was a ten-year veteran of the force. a police officer in delaware county is recovering at home and he was shot in the line of duty over the weekend.
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ridley park officer marc hanly was released from the hospital yesterday. he was shot while he and his partner were handling a suicide call. they were trying to talk darrel burt when he opened fire. he was shot in the chest and leg. >> if i didn't have my vest on i wouldn't be here for this party and i'm alive and i'm thankful for that. burt faces attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges. no charges have been filed in the disappearance of of a 5-year-old girl in philadelphia. the child was eventually found, but police are still trying to put the pieces together to figure on the exactly what happened. the girl's babysitter reported her missing at 2:00 in the morning on sunday in philadelphia's somerset section. according to investigators the babysitter said she left the girl in the care of another woman when she went to pick up
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school supplies. both the woman and girl were gone. yesterday the woman and child were spotted walking down the street. police say no one could find the girl's mother during the entire ordeal. today three former philadelphia election officers will be in court. all four are accused of fraud. the officials conspired to fix a diskrcrepancy between the numbe of votes cast during the 2014 general election. they cast extra votes to balance their numbers at the hancock recreation center. happening now in the lehigh valley, bethlehem police and health department officials are hosting an event to bring awareness to pedestrian and back to school safety. officers are heavily enforcing pedestrian's safety laws near richmond middle school along west union boulevard in bethlehem. now to the eagles and the town is buzzing about the team's start to the preseason. one of the captains of the
11:38 am
team's defense is malcon jenkins who is nbc 10's official player correspondent before and after every game right now on nbc 10. every summer malcolm hosts a camp for 400 kids over two days. jacqueline london has your all-access pass. ♪ ♪ >> you have to keep your eyes up so you can see what you're hitting. >> the lessons of football apply to any age. >> there you go. >> reporter: that's why on this saturday in late june, during rare down time between mini camp and training camp, malcolm jenkins is sharing the game he loves. >> when you catch it, always catch it and turn on the field. you don't have to run super far, but catch it and get yards. >> just to see kids come out here and have fun with the same enthusiasm i had when i was a kid and just learning the fundamentals and really just come out here and have fun is fun for me, as well. >> good hit!
11:39 am
♪ >> over two days, 400 lucky youngsters travel to jenkins 'high school. >> football is my favorite sport. >> hard work on three. one, two, three! >> hard work! >> he has experience and he can teach me the stuff that he learns when he was in college and high school. >> same release. inside and then go hard left. set, go! ♪ ♪ >> a lot of the things that we talk to the kids about is that, you know, we were in the same shoes that they were when we were their age and that although we look like we're far off because we're in the nfl, they're really not that far off the same track that we took. >> reporter: the sport of football itself, especially at the high school level has taken hits lately, that's why for jenkins educating kids are not enough. >> the parents are in seminars as the kids are getting coached
11:40 am
and the parent goes inside the classrooms and we have local partners about how to diagnose concussions, how to keep their kids safe when playing sports because there's been a lot of growing concern about the safety of the game, but it's a game that we don't want it taken away. >> further through, finish through! >> way to finish strong. >> vinny curry was just one of former current teammates supporting jenkins and a man who has in a very short time developed into an eagles team leader. >> malcolm's great, man. he was one of our captains in new orleans when we were there and won a super bowl together and he's a great player on the feel and he was definitely a leader and it shows when the guys come out and support him. >> he has a friend, you know, and better yet, has a brother. so i'm just taking it in stride and i'm honored for him to have me here. >> people see the way i approach the game and it's something that
11:41 am
they look up to and so i don't mind that. >> jacqueline london, nbc 10. >> you can find out more information at the malcolm jenkins website and just a quick remind tore catch the final preseason games right here on nbc 10 on thursday night. it's the eagles and the jets and kickoff is at 7:00. our pregame coverage begins at 6:30 and nbc 10 is your official eagles station. the tallest mountain in north america gets a new name and we'll share that with you next and he entertained moviegoers and today hollywood says good-bye to wes craven. summer isn't over yet. i'm tracking the heat and the humidity. another heat wave on tap for us and i'll go over all of the details and what you can expect as we head into the start of this workweek.
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this just in to the nbc 10 newsroom. the federal judge says he will likely rule later this week in the case between tom brady and the nfl. this is video of their arrival in new york this morning. brady is suing the league over his four-game suspension. it stems from his alleged role in the team's use of underinflated footballs in the patriots' win over the indianapolis colts in the championship game. it ended minutes ago and the judge says he will make a ruling later on this week.
11:45 am
let's head now to southern california where fire crews are battling yet another wildfire. this one scorched more than a dozen acres and firefighters launched a ground attack to snuff out the flames and helicopters dropped water on the fire that was close to nearby homes and there are no reports of any injuries or major damage. it's unclear exactly what started this one. president obama closes out an international conference on global leadership in the alaskan arctic today. the president is now the first sitting president of the arctic. he will wrap up a conference on global leadership and the conference focusses on climate change and high. s issues the arctic region is facing. scientists say the average glacier will release 30 inches of thickness. >> there are 35,000 glaciers in alaska and almost all of them are retreating, losing mass and shrinking. >> president obama says the state's god-given natural
11:46 am
treasures are now at risk. call it a show of solidarity with alaska natives. the obama administration will change the name of north america's tallest peak mount mckinley to denali. denali which means for great one had been named after former president william mckinley. alaska had been petitioning for a name change since 1975, but a bipartisan effort by ohio's congressional delegation has blocked the effort by introducing bills requiring that the mountain be named after mckinley who was born in ohio. today hollywood is remembering legendary filmmaker wes craven. he died after a long battle with brain cancer. he was best known for horror murphies like "nightmare on elm street" and "scream." he was a nature lover and avid bird conservationist. he was 76 years old. a sold-out crowd watched comedian kevin hart's philly
11:47 am
homecoming last night at lincoln financial field. he is the first comedian to ever sell it out. he described his what now tour as the comedic rock show. he's giving audiences his best material. >> i'm a city kid. i bleed philadelphia. i am who i am because of this city which means i will never turn my back on my city. >> hart brought more than 4,000 people for a free 5k run and he teamed up with nike to make his runs a nationwide phenomenon. first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. we are tracking a potential heat wave as we head into today and tomorrow. it will feel muggy out. a lot more humid than what we saw over the weekend. i'll have an update on the
11:48 am
tropics and also an early peek at your holiday forecast. a live look outside right now. you can see the philadelphia art museum and temperatures today expected to push back into the low 09s and today we'll do it again and if we do it tomorrow that's officially a heat wave. for philadelphia, 83 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds and humidity at 60% and wind speeds at 10 miles per hour and we will notice the feels like temperature will be higher than the actual temperature throughout today. across the rest of the weejon 81 degrees and cape may, 84 so you can see not a whole lot of relief down closer to the shore and we're seeing an even spread with our temperatures and our clouds are sticking around throughout the city, but our current temperatures throughout the rest of the region and the mid-70s in the poconos and 83 degrees in millville and 82 degrees in wildwood and temperatures at the atlantic city airport at 84 degrees and a closer look at our temperature trend shows the average for this
11:49 am
time of year is closer to 84 degrees and yesterday like i mentioned 91. today we expect to see temperatures warming into the low 90s and up to 92 and 93 degrees by tuesday. so by tuesday three consecutive days, temperatures at or above 90 degrees and that's the official heat wave this season and the clouds are hanging over philadelphia and starting to move right along the shore, as well and cloudy skies over dover and we did see a few stray sprinkles earlier about an hour ago and we are left with cloudy skies and humid conditions expected and the high pressure stays in control. we will see more of this moisture coming up from the south, and you notice the wind direction each as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we have the well-above average temperatures will warm 10 degrees above average for this time of year. we stay dry and we don't have another chance of thunderstorms until we get to friday so at least that's nice that we are going to stay dry and will stay
11:50 am
hot and humid and unfortunately the rain will not cool us down. >> we are tracking hurricane fred right over cape verde and we are seeing sustained ones closer to 85 miles per hour and you'll notice the direction here that continues to move off to the northwest heading into tuesday and into wednesday and it will lose some of its steam with wind speeds closer to 60 miles per hour turning into a tropical storm. a closer look at today's highs, you'll notice mostly cloudy skies throughout the pocono region and 81 will be the high and 87 degrees is to morristown and temperatures in mount holly at 90 degrees and we'll see conditions even along the shore and closer to the high 80s. 90 will be the high in vineland and expect temperatures in the low 90s and it will be another hot day today and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and mostly cloudy skies if you're closer to the city. an early look at your labor day weekend, holiday forecast and if you're staying in philadelphia
11:51 am
and it will be ho t side and expect temperatures in the 90s. by sunday, 87 degrees on labor day and if you take a look at the shore that will be the place to be if you like it more comfortable with temperatures on friday or saturday at 78, sunday, 83 and by monday, 84 degrees and that's a comfortable forecast for you and it looks to be rain-free as of right now. our seven-day forecast shows as we push into the rest of your workweek we stay hot and muggy and temperatures in the mid-90s by wednesday and we track a chance of storms and we head back into 90 degrees as we head into the holiday weekend. still ahead. kanye west for president? from the outlandish looks to a promise from kanye to run for president, the mtv video music awards did not disappoint. we'll show you the highlights next.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
cyrus hosted the mtv movie awards and had quite an array of costume changes and there was a pretty long speech by kanye west. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> yep! kanye west announced his plans
11:55 am
to run for president after receiving the video vanguard award. the award's presenter none other than taylor swift. you may remember back in 2009 when kanye infamously interrupted her acceptance speech. swift was the big winner of the night herself taking best video and best female video. ♪ ♪ >> cyrus closed last night's show with a tribute honoring the lgbt community. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's ellen with noah ritter and nicole kidman and it's nbc 10 news at 4:00 and this afternoon we have a new warning from doctors that may fall on a generation of deaf ears and the concern about ear buds and how the noise could be damaging your hearing and that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story and we are awaiting word from philadelphia police if the suspect held in a hit and run
11:56 am
that killed an off-duty officer over the weekend will be charged. yesterday afternoon 42-year-old lamar poole was knocked from his motorcycle and killed in oxford circle. before we leave you this morning we do want to get one last check of the weather and it's hazy out there and hot. >> hazy, hot and throw in the humidity and it will be a little uncomfortable out and on the sticky side and take a look at how crowded that shot is of cape may and that's the place to be although the temperatures will be similar to what we're seeing in the city. there's our range between 89 and 92 degrees and muggy and hot and winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. these hot conditions will continue and if we make it today and into tomorrow and the good news is we drop back to the 80s just in time for the holiday weekend. it looks like that should be a seven day for the first week in august and not the first week in september. >> summer is not quite gone yet.
11:57 am
>> i'm rosemary connors, for brittney shipp and everyone at nbc 10, have a good one and we'll see you back here starting at 4:00. . >> kayla: joey, oh, joey.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. are you all right? oh, my god, i was so scared. >> steve: hello, sweetness. >> kayla: oh, baby, are you all right? i--i was so afraid. i got--the school called me. >> joey: mom. >> kayla: oh, geez. >> steve: new rule, public displays of affection. >> kayla: don't give me tips on parenting. >> steve: sorry. >> kayla: are you all right? let me look at you. what happened? why--why aren't you at school? and what are you doing here? >> steve: i brought your boy back. >> aiden: every day i've fallen more and more in love with you. hope, i never want that to end.


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