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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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from stalled to smashed. a woman had called for a tow truck when something else got to her car first a. story you'll only see on nbc 10 this morning. and kenney conquers. jim kenney is mayor-elect now. what's ahead for him as he prepares to take office. we have complete election results from tuesday. speaking of winners, it's hard to argue with the sun in mid-70s in november and that is what is ahead again. as we take a live look at boathouse row. enjoy the nice weather because there are changes ahead in the first alert forecast. always changes ahead seems like. job security for bill henley. i'm chris cato.
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let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. here he is and his first alert forecast. bill, it's warmer than it was yesterday morning. >> and the people have spoken. they want another day like yesterday. we're going to make that happen. temperatures are in the 40s for most spots. 51 but falling in philadelphia. chilly in pottstown. millville 41. we'll see some 30s. toms river at 39 and south philadelphia 42 degrees to start with. so the temperature is falling, we'll be at 51 at 6:00. by 9:00, 60, then in the 70s by lunch time and climbing. nothing but sunshine. some areas will get warmer. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back. jessica boyington is watching your post-election traffic. >> and bill, the biggest problem we have so far is ongoing construction on the vine street expressway where you can see not a car in sight. that's because it's closed between the schuylkill expressway and broad street on
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the east and westbound sides. so watch out for that. that should be out there until about 5:00 this morning. also construction on 95. southbound around street road, that exit will be closed until about 5:00. mass transit not a problem this were mooing. no problems or delays for septa, patco, dart and new jersey transit. >> someone did have a delay. a woman in montgomery county is probably still shaking after watching a train obliterate the car she had just gotten out of. this was the scene near fourth and depot streets in bridgeport. the woman was trying to cross the train tracks when her car stalled. she got out of the car, was on the phone with aaa when a freight train came along and, well, you see the results here. no one was hurt thankfully. the car was towed away and the train kept moving.
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>> i have been asked time and time again what i am going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight surrounded by you i'm reminded it's not what i am going to do it's what we are going to do together. >> he tweeted that too along with several parts of his acceptance speech there. philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney had a message of cooperation and collaboration last night. the former city councilman won in a landslide against challenger melissa murray bailey. the democratic mayoral-elect will turn his focus toward the future of philadelphia. kenney will tell us what's next in his official transition from candidate to mayor. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside city hall where there is an office soon occupied by mayor kenny. he will have a lot on his plate. >> the work begins today, the press conference later on this morning to announce that transition process. it was quite a victory for jim kenney, won with 85% of the vote
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yesterday. last night just down the road here on market street he thanked his parents and children for their support during the campaign. here is a look at a portion of that victory party last night at the national museum of american jewish history. jim kenny won with the largest margin since the early 1950s, up against republican melissa murray bailey and the democrats now retained control of the mayor's office since 1952. the new mayor-elect and former member of city council talked about education, making streets safe and breaking the cycle of poverty. we heard that sound bite from him, one of the highlights of his victory speech. take a listen again. >> throughout this campaign i have been asked time and time again what i am going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight surrounded by you i'm reminded it's not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> reporter: so what is next?
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mayor-elect kenney will be sworn in on january 4. until then, though, mayor nutter is still in power. i spoke with a political expert on what should be happening now in the next couple months. i'll have that when we see you in 30 minutes. live outside city hall, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> 4:05 now we go to the suburbs where montgomery county will have its first democratic district attorney kevin steele, the assistant d.a. beat former d.a. bruce castor, 55% to 45%. nbc 10 was at steele headquarters when the results came in. steele and caster sparred mostly about bill cosby and whether he should have been prosecuted for an alleged sex crime. that produced memorable ads and a lawsuit. in the end steele came out the
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winner. >> you have given me this opportunity to make a difference here in montgomery county and i will do my best every day. >> castor posted his concession on facebook saying quote i thank you all for entrusting me with the greatest responsibility a person can be entrusted with, trying to make lives better in an honest, ethical and moral way guided by the principles taught me by my parents, church and my wife. >> and in a historic shift democrats will now control the pennsylvania supreme court. voters chose kevin dougherty and david wecht and christine donohue over three republican candidates. democratic justices will now hold a 5-2 majority over the state's highest court. and we'll have more election results throughout the morning show this morning. they are available any time through the "nbc 10 news" app. >> 4:06, on to this now. a document deadline for attorney general kathleen kane expires in about six hours.
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she has until 10:00 this morning to release any records relating to the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. kane claims the judge supervising the grand jury leaked secret information. at a court hearing for sandusky the judge ordered kane to produce any evidence that supports that claim. failure to meet today's deadline will result in a hearing for kane. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sex abuse. now to the latest on a child porn scandal rocking one of the most prestigious school districts in chester county. three middle school students charged with distributing graphic images of themselves and classmates. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in berwin where there could be more charges. >> reporter: chris, they are spektsing to make more arrests. this story has gotten the attention of so many parents in the area. one of those arrests was made
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here, another arrest took place at valley forge middle school and another at conistoga high school. police say students as young as 11 years old were sharing erotic and explicit pictures of classmates on line. in most cases we're told the students were taking inappropriate self es and sharing or selling those pictures. in one instance a student downloaded an rerottic video and tried to pass it off as a classmate. coming up a local attorney weighs in on the consequences associated with these charges. kids may not think there is much harm in posting just the picture or a selfie but this attorney says that couldn't be farther from the truth. reporting live in berwin, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> today we'll hear from the patients of that 11-month-old boy repeatedly given overdoses of chemotherapy by a local
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hospital. doctors at saint chris ter diagnosed isaac with a rare form of cancer. doctors gave him 10 times the dols he was supposed to receive and we heard from the hospital apologizing for mistakes. the boy is nowing treated at chop. today his parents will discuss his battle with cancer and also discuss what impact the overdosing had on isaac's overall health and treatment. now to a health alert at penn state's main campus. three students have possible mumps. the university has issued a health warning and asking students and faculty to check with doctors to make sure they are up to date on vaccinations. >> another chilly morning though not as cool as yesterday. we'll see brilliant sunshine again today. but tomorrow is a different story. i'm tracking showers, the clouds
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will start moving in overnight tonight. right now moving out the door, 40 degrees in mount pocono, 48 in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city in the 40s at 44, the temperatures will come down a little bit more. very little wind and clear skies and very dry air. that's going to allow the temperatures to come down in some areas into the 30s this morning. but just like yesterday, skies are clear, we'll see brilliant sunshine. right now calm from the pocono mountains through wildwood, a light breeze in wilmington and dover at 6 miles per hour. satellite shows we're in the clear for today. so stand by for a pretty fast warm-up just like yesterday from the 40s into the upper 60s in mount pocono, 70s for allentown and quakertown. plenty of sunshine for mount holly. in the 70s at the shore, warmer than yesterday for cape may. 75 in vineland and look at dover at 71 degrees. brilliant sunshine for philadelphia, back up to 76 like
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yesterday. middle 70s for williamstown, 73 in west chester. and it is going to get a lot cloudier in the next 24 hours. we'll go through the futurecast, chris, hour by hour when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> thank you for that. 11 minutes after 4:00. time to get another check of your morning drive. nbc 10's jessica boyington has that. jessica told me she don't have a lot of graphics so i don't know what to expect here. we're not going to see the big arm i guess? >> no, that's not what i mean. we're having a little bit of computer problems, thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention by the way. we're going to look at the schuylkill expressway. we have cameras so that's the dp thing here. at montgomery drive no real problems you can see, east, westbound, we're doing great. if you're in the center city area or heading to king of prussia no problems there. for construction watch out for that out in center city on 19th street south that's closed
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between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. you will be fine. >> that was a graphic. not bad. more from her later. 12 minutes after 4. now that election day 2015 has come and gone it's time to look ahead to decision 2016. we know who is leading the race for the white house on both sides of the aisle. according to polls. but next, who would voters pick if hillary clinton took on ben carson today? much more than spare change. wait until you hear how much money toll violators cost the pennsylvania turnpike commission and why they just can't collect what's owed.
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southern sudan. a cargo plaep crashed killing 23 people and we're told that children are among the dead. ite not clear why it went down. stay with us here on nbc 10 as we update that story on a deadly cargo plane crash in southern sudan. more election results to get to. three spots were open in montgomery county for judge on the court of common pleas. republican ferman and dan clifford and todd eisenberg are the winners for the three open slots. and to south jersey now. we'll see results here. where democratic assemblyman bob andrzejczak and bruce land beat the republican ticket in the first district. and in 2 the incumbents there held on, republican chris brown and vince mazzeo will return. and the race for philadelphia
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city council cindy bass took the eighth district over michael galganski. parker won over strickland. and the seven candidates with the most for at large council seats you can check the "nbc 10 news" app. >> to decision 2016 now. america is evenly split over a possible presidential match-up between democrat hillary clinton and republican ben carson. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll find as hypothetical race between the two is tied. both carson and clinton got 47%. carson's campaign explained. >> family people, younger christians, women usually the age 45 and up. and that is our core bails. but we have pretty broad appeal. >> the new poll shows that clinton beat every republican candidate except carson and
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chris christie is campaigning in new hampshire where he is down in the polls. christie is hoping to build off momentum he gained in last week's gop debate. the latest poll shows christie in a tie for sixth place in the republican field. later this morning, donald trump and martin o'malley will be in new hampshire. the first in the nation primary is set for february 9. the correction officer accused of helping two men escape prison earlier this year is expected to appear in court today. gene palmer face as felony in connection to the escape from clinton correctional facility. matt was killed after a month long search and sweat arrested and taken back to prison. >> we're now getting a look at video that shows the scene of a deadly car crash during last week's music festival. this is from police dash cam in
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austin. it was shown yesterday during the trial of the man charged. prosecutors say owens drove his car into a crowd, killing four people, injuring dozens. if convicted owens faces life in prison with no parole. the new york city bus driver shown on video running over an elderly woman and then leaving the scene is now behind bars. surveillance video shows the moments before the bus hit and dragged the woman who was crossing a street. you see her there. the driver paused for about three seconds, before taking off. leaving the woman there lying in the middle of the street. and she died. witnesses described a grisly scene and what appeared to be a confused bus driver. >> he stopped and then started going. i don't know, he was nervous or -- i have no idea. >> officials say surveillance video of that crash will be a factor in their investigation.
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obviously. the driver has been suspended without pay pending results of the investigation. it is now confirmed, a sunken cargo ship found near the bahamas is the missings el faro. you are looking at video of a navy crew lowering an unmanned sub. yesterday the ntsb visually confirmed the ship's name and hull number. the el faro was headed from florida to puerto rico when it disappeared. 33 people on board are dead. lettuce, tomatoes, garnishes, investigators say that's the source of an e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants in the northwest. they closed dozens of restaurants in oregon and washington state after 30 people got sick. investigators say they are working to trace the e. coli to its exact source. it may be a farm, may be a distribution center.
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a washington woman who claims that she got sick after eating a burrito bowl is suing for tens of thousands in damages. >> take a look at this. big boulders blocking a california highway after a rock slide. this is 178 in bakersfield which is already dealing with mudslides. the road is now shut down as crews try to use front-end loaders to clear the debris. the highway reopens after a few hours. >> 20 minutes after 4:00. we are going to see another nice sunny day today. this morning skies are clear so we've got the ground work laid for another beautiful day. 51 degrees at philadelphia i want national. a little bit of a chill in the air even at the shore though not as cool as yesterday. it is dry on beach avenue like yesterday it's going to be brilliant sunshine at the shore. 39 degrees at toms river. that's the cold spot.
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other areas are getting close to those numbers including in montgomery county, look at bluebell at 41. currently 51 in eagleville but collinsville is 40 and lower 40s for pottstown and upper providence at 42 degrees. so it's chilly to start with but like yesterday, a quick warm-up. satellite showing clouds are way to our south and there's not much to those. the spotty showers are in the carolinas this morning. the clouds will be heading our way for tomorrow. enjoy the sunshine. 3:00 this afternoon not a single cloud around. but late this evening you can see clouds developing, coastal clouds to begin with. and then tomorrow morning a chance we'll be starting with showers, mainly in pennsylvania to start with. in fact, that's where the main threat will be as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. not a lot of rainfall but a chance. wipers and umbrellas doing their job at some point tomorrow. for today you need sunglasses. sunny skies, a mild one, 74
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degrees, 77 this afternoon. and we've got more days in the 70s before we get to the weekend. chris, you won't be surprised to find out that things will be changing for the weekend. vile the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> always a change in bill henley's forecast. keeps us on the edge of our seats. thanks, bill. the pennsylvania turnpike commission admits that it's having trouble chasing down drivers who skip out on tolls. officials say their failure to punish violators cost the turnpike $33 million in uncollected tolls. many of those toll cheats just roll through easy pass lanes and unmanned the plazas in rural areas. pennsylvania does send a bill to violators but the enforcement of paying that bill can get bogged down with collection agencies. other states punish cheaters by suspending their registration, fining them or throwing them in jail. >> for most of us election day was pretty routine. but not in one small delaware
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county town. >> if you don't get out of here with that camera i will make your day -- >> ahead in our next half hour, trouble at the polls. we'll see why police had to be called to colwyn again and why the aftermath of the election is far from over. next, a wild scene in one delaware county town. one delaware town i should say. people victimized by vultures and they can't seem to gain the upper hand against the birds.
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4:25. and we have good news for eagles fans. linebacker kiko alonso will
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expect to return, he does expect to return, sunday night against the cowboys. he missed the last five games with an injured left knee. he knows it's a big deal to play in the big "d." >> it's very important. when you miss time it's never fun so i'm anxious to get back out and play. >> he and our producer have the same hair, by the way. i want to put that out there. same hair stylist. he injured, alonso did, the same knee that caused him to miss all of last season in buffalo. thank you for freezing that, too, so we can soak it in. >> it will be the birds and the boys on nbc sunday night football. you'll only see it here on nbc 10 your official eagles station. from eagles to another creature. our delaware news bureau, vultures we're talking. members of a community in kent county came together to say that they had enough.
4:27 am
residents of the chimney hill neighborhood used flashlights and blow horns trying to scare off the big birds. they say that hundreds of vultures made themselves a little too comfy over the past year. >> the buzzards have taken over the community, torn up houses, they have torn up decks and furniture. they are under tremendous amount of damage. >> neighbors have reached out to the federal government for help but say their recommendations, the federal recommendations, didn't work. so they are going to keep on making noise around chimney hill until the vultures find a new place to call home. next at 4:30, a different kind of all nighter. we'll tell you why some temple university students gave up their dorms for a night to sleep on the streets.
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this morning philadelphia has its next mayor. long time democratic councilman jim kenney won against republican melissa murray bailey. >> sleeping out on the pavement. some temple students to raise awareness of a problem. >> expect a day of sun and mid-70s. the weather team tracking wet weather ahead. we have you covered though. it's 4:30. this is "nbc 10 news" toxtd i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. if you liked yesterday's sunshine, 70s and you probably like today too. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. >> it is a safe bet. 4:30 now, chilly to start with, not as cold as yesterday and a pretty good warm-up as the day goes on. 51 at 6:00. sunny skies at 9:00


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