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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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weshld through one another's eyes and every philadelphiian will be able to walk our streets safely and with dig any. >> it was a land slide victory. jim kenney is philadelphia's next mayor. a closer look at his victory and results from other races. >> and student porn charges. children in one local school district are accused of sharing graphic pictures of classmates. we'll explain how the scandal unfolded. >> and our luck of good november weather continues this morning. another beautiful day ahead as we take a live look at boathouse row. the 70s will be with us again today. we'll have to of course enjoy it while it lasts because there are some changes ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> 51 degrees, so i still think it's chilly at the bus stop but the warm sunshine meteorologist bill henley can't beat it. >> that 51 degrees, that's in the city, most of the rest of the area is chillier than that. and yes, we'll see plenty of sunshine today. our skies are clear right now.
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so the temperatures, they cooled off. it is still autumn and the temperatures cool off quickly overnight. 41 in allentown and mill vin, mount holly is 42 degrees, and 47 in northeast philadelphia. but we're going to see another nice sunny day and won't feel like november. we'll be at 51 at 7:00, by 10:00, 64 degrees. that's above the normal high for this time of year. we're headed to the 70s early this afternoon. 73 degrees. your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> and we're watching new jersey right now where we do have a major road closure in woolwich township due to an accident. we have downed poles and wires. around this area, there it goes, around this area in here. so your best bet for an alternate to get around, take high hill road, that runs parallel underneath and then you can also take oak grove road up here. so you can get above that north or southbound you'll have no
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problems, 295 is also a great alternate. no problems just checked my cameras around that scene as well. you're good to go. on the vine street expressway around 24th street these are our cameras, so in between schuylkill and broad street they reopened. and lifted the obstructions as you can see cars headed westbound and they are eastbound openings as well. watch for a crew in the area. a woman in montgomery county is probably still shaking after watching a train obliterate the car she just had gotten out of. this is 2:00 this morning near the intersection of fourth and depot streets in bridgeport. police say a woman was trying to cross the tracks, her car stalled, she gets out of the car, on the phone with aaa when a freight train came along. no one was hurt. the car was towed and the train kept moving. >> police want to find the person who stabbed someone on this septa bus in west philadelphia. it happened at 46 and market.
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the suspect slashed the victim and ran off of the bus. no word on why the attack happened or the victim's condition. >> a man is in critical condition after someone stabbed him during a bar fight. police say the fight started in a bar on lehigh avenue near thompson street in the city's port richmond neighborhood. the fight spilled onto the street and that's when the suspect pulled a knife. so far no arrests have been made. fresh off of his landslide victory, democratic mayoral-elect jim kenney is turning to philadelphia's future. what's next in his official transition from candidate to mayor. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside the building that mayor-elect kenny will soon occupy. more what the mayor had to say. >> reporter: jim kenney will have a new office here come january. he won 85% of the vote. and last night at his victory
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speech he thanked his parents, and children, for their support. take a look. this is some video from last night at the victory party at the national museum of american jewish history. jim kenney won with the largest margin since the early 1950s. he was up against republican melissa murray bailey and the democrats, they retained control of the mayor's office now since 1952. the new mayor-elect and former member of city council talked about education, making streets safe and breaking the cycle of poverty. >> behind this campaign we had environmentalist, feminists, teachers, working families, first responders, unions, public school parents, clergy, lgbt community, immigrants and so many more. together these did more than elect a new mayor, they proved that every neighborhood matters. >> reporter: i spoke with a political analyst what the mayor-elect should be doing
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right now. >> working closely with mayor nut here will still be our mayor for the next few months to lobby in harrisburg, work with our state legislators, to make sure that he can do whatever he can to help the philadelphia school district and whatever comes out of the state budget for philadelphians. >> reporter: so, what's next? mayor-elect kenney will be sworn in january 4 but he is launching his transition process later this morning. how was the turnout? it was expected to be low. i'm looking at those numbers when we see you again at 5:30. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now to the suburbs and did the bill cosby factor play a role in a close race in montgomery county. >> voters elected their first democratic district attorney. kevin steele. he beat republican commissioner and former d.a. bruce castor 55% to 45%.
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the winning results came in last night. steele and castor sparred mostly about bill cosby and whether he should be prosecuted for an alleged sex crime. the battle produced memorable tv ads but in the end steele came out the winner. >> you have given me this opportunity to make a difference here in montgomery county, and i will do my best every day. >> castor posted the concession on his face book page saying i thank you all for entrusting me with the greatest responsibility a person can be entrusted w trying to make lives better in an honest, ethical and moral way guided by the principles taught me by my parents, church and wife. >> in a historic shift democrats will control the pennsylvania supreme court. voters chose kevin dougherty and david wecht and christine donohue over three republican candidates yesterday. that means the democratic
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justices now have a 5-2 majority on the state's highest courts. we'll have more election results for you throughout the newscast this morning. they are also available any time you want to see them on the "nbc 10 news" app. 5:07. two chester county middle schools are rocked by a child pornography scandal. now several students are charged with distributing graphic images. katy zachry is live in berwyn. the students involved are young. >> reporter: they are young, tracy. the youngest involved police say, 11 years old. as you can imagine, parents are reeling after one arrest was made here at the middle school. two other arrests, one at valley forge middle school and conistoga high school. this is after a police investigation. officers learned some students were taking explicit or erotic selfies and sharing those over social media and online. some students tried to sell the pictures. pennsylvania is one of 21 states
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with sexting laws. >> it can affect you getting a job later. you really need to pause and think before you do this. because once you take it, once you send it, you can't undo it. >> reporter: coming up in the next hour we'll hear how parents are reacting to these arrests, plus advice from police for parents. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." 5:08. a document deadline for pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane expires in about five hours. she has until 10:00 this morning to release records related to the jerry sandusky case. kane claims that the judge that supervised the grand jury leaked secret information. at a court hearing for sandusky the judge ordered kane to produce any evidence supporting that claim. failure to meet today's deadline
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would result in a hearing for kane tomorrow. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sexual abuse. >> nine minutes after 5:00. the chill is back in the air though it's not as cool as yesterday. you'll still need the jacket. a day of sunshine, no clouds today. but that starts to change tonight. i'm tracking some showers for tomorrow. looks like the weekend could see some showers too. right now we're seeing temperatures in the 40s for most of the area, philadelphia at the airport is 51 degrees. but there are cool spots in the city. 44 now in reading and cape may. 45 degrees. and everybody is in the clear. very little wind, clear skies and another morning with dry air so the temperatures have been dropping steadily through the night. sunshine will be bright. you'll see clouds to the south where they are going to stay
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today. overnight they will move in and during the day tomorrow you might get a chance to use an umbrella. so the forecast is calling for a mild one today. 73 degrees tor allentown and quakertown and reading. bright sunny skies for trenton, we'll warm to 73 this afternoon. mount holly 75 degrees, and doylestown up to 72. look at norristown 74 degrees. sunshine will be bright, 70 for cape may, atlantic city and rehobeth. and vineland will warm to 75 degrees this afternoon. and up to 76 degrees for philadelphia and plenty of sunshine for drexel hill and swedesboro. 74 this afternoon for wilmington. what about the weekend you say? well, it will be turning cooler and a chance of showers on saturday. 62. but it's going to be sunshine and bright on sunday, the temperatures only will make into the upper 50s. the full seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. if you take route 202, you
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should be aware there is an accident. >> jessica boyington is getting information about it. where is it? >> well, it's impacting both lanes too. so don't miss out on that. right around 202 at route 30, so the accident scene is on the northbound side. taking out almost all lanes there. not a lot of traffic right now so that's the good news here but you can see police activity on the scene. and lane restrictions, there's people walking around so something to watch out for. we also have police activity on the southbound side and in the center median. watch for that around route 30. also some construction on the p.a. turnpike northeast extension northbound between mid county toll plaza and lansdale. watch for lane restrictions. bridges are great, no problems or openings on the tacony palmyra, the walt whitman bridge is great and construction westbound into philadelphia on the ben. tracy. we have election results that you need. next we'll look at the races in new jersey and the philadelphia
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suburbs, plus, public transportation tragedy. a new york city bus hits and kills a woman with a walker. the driver is under arrest. >> tracking the source. what health officials believe caused that e. coli outbreak out west.
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>> we're getting a look at video that shows a scene after deadly car crash during last year's south by southwest music festival, this is from a police dash cam in austin, texas.
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it was shown yesterday during the trial of the man there, charged with the crash. prosecutors say rashad owens drove his car into a crowd, killing four people, injuring dozens more. if convicted he faces life in prison with no parole. the new york city bus driver caught on video running over a woman and leaving the scene is behind bars. >> surveillance video shows the moment before the bus hit a woman crossing a brooklyn street. the driver pauses about three seconds before taking off leaving the woman in the middle of the road to die. witnesses describe a grisly scene and what appeared to be a confused bus driver. >> he stopped and then started going. i don't know what because hi was nervous or -- i have no idea. >> officials say the surveillance video of the crash will factor into the investigation. the driver has been suspended without pay pending results of the investigation. >> the update new york
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corrections officer accused of helping two killers escape prison is expected to appear in court today. palmer face as felony charge in connection to richard matt and david sweat's escape. matt was killed after a month long search in the woods, sweat was arrested and taken back to prison. >> lettuce, tomatoes and garnishes, investigators say that's the source of that e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants in the pacific northwest. it closed dozens of restaurants in oregon and washington state after 30 people got sick. federal investigators say they are working to trace the e. coli to its source. a washington woman who claims she fell ill after eating a burrito bowl is suing for tens of thousands of dollars in damages. >> voters in ohio made their choice clear. they are saying no to legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. many voters said no for moral
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reasons and though many others wanted to legalize marijuana they voted against it because they don't like the idea of a select group of wealthy investors controlling production of the drug. governor john kasich, a republican presidential nominee, praised voters for their no vote. marijuana supporters say they will try again to push for legalization. at 5:17 more election results from yesterday. decision 2015. >> three spots were open in montgomery county for judge on the court of common pleas. republican reese ferman and clan clifford and tanya eisenberg. >> and to south jersey where bob andrzejczak and his running mate beat the republican ticket in the first district. in 2 the incumbents held on, republican chris brown and mazzeo will return. >> cindy bass took the eighth district over michael garganski.
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for a look at the seven candidates with the most votes for at large council seats tap the nbc 10 app. you want me to go to the polls this morning but you'll have a smooth drive. actually, maybe not wherever you are. check that. >> check that. let's get details from jessica boyington about what's happening on 202. >> so accident on 202. not a smooth drive but not a lot of backup right now. on 2 a 2 around the 30 bypass. earlier we did have police activity over in the center median and even spilling over into the southbound side. but now that accident scene is taking out lanes headed northbound so you can see police activity there and vehicles involved. but traffic still allowed to move through to the shoulder. but not a lot of traffic moving by. that's the good news it happened so early in the morning. heading into new jersey in woolwich township, 322 from an earlier accident closed. downed poles and wires now
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taking out the area. well, your best bet now is take old oak grove road to get through, or you can take 295. that willble your best bet. drive times are up, we're good to go. 19 minutes after 5:00. skies are clear, we're set for another sunny;¿ beautiful day le we saw yesterday. nothing going on at center city except temperatures that are falling. 51 degrees. that's a little warmer than yesterday but you'll still need a jacket and you need sunglasses this afternoon. we'll see bright sunshine, not just in the city, it's an entire region that will be cloud-free again today. we're mainly wind free. a light breeze, northeast philadelphia, the wind is light, so with clear skies the temperature could come down a little more before we get that sunshine and a warm-up. to the south, some scattered showers, the chance of showers for us will arrive for tomorrow.
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for today, sunny skies, mild, 74 to 77 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, won't be as cool in the morning as clouds move in late tonight and we'll start off with low clouds, maybe fog and a chance of scattered showers on thursday. 73, still warm in the afternoon and even warmer on friday in spite of mostly cloudy skies. then the cool weather arrives. saturday, 62 degrees, a chance of showers saturday. just a chance. a possibility they stay to our south. and the temperatures will be cool for sunday and monday. highs in the 50s. look at morning temperatures, monday and tuesday in the 30s. >> so the next time i check bill's twitter account to show my approval of one of his tweets it will be different out there. twitter has ditched a long time feature, next -- you don't like it? she's not giving a heart to the change of heart here. we'll tell you how the network is taking a page from facebook. air bag fallout. a major carmaker drops the
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company behind that scandal that put people at risk.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> takata will have to pay $70 million fine. it admitted that it knew there was a problem with the air bag inflators but failed to recall them in a timely manner.
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landon dowdy is here with business news including how one automaker is reacting to that. tell us more. >> that's right. good morning. honda is dropping air bag inflator maker takata after u.s. safety regulators fined the auto parts maker $70 million and ordered it to stop using a potentially dangerous chemical. honda is takata's biggest customers. there are eight deaths linked to the inflators which can explode with too much force. speaking in tokyo takata's ceo says the company will fatz out the chemical. on wall street stocks will try to extend winning ways. the markets rallied closing off the highs of the day, invest terse reacting to more earnings reports and look for data on private sector jobs, the trade deficit and the services sector. the dow raising 89 to 17918, the nasdaq up 18 to 5145.
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back over to you. >> thanks. so when you check out your twitter feed this morning, if you have updated your app you'll no longer be seeing stars. if you haven't you'll see the stars. but update your app and you'll see what the network has done. it's replaced the star with a heart icon. twitter made the change because the star could be confusing to new users. clicking the star meant you had favored, now clicking the heart means you like it. i retweeted jessica boyington, that hasn't changed, has it? that's good. she has an accident she tweeted. no accident here weather wise. we're in the clear. look at cape may. no signs of showers or clouds. another sunny day. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast coming up. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic.
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>> and this is that accident that everyone's retweeting now. get on board. route 202 around route 30 seeing some problems in the north and southbound side. you can see accident scene with heavy police activity there. more updates on your morning traffic and even this accident when i come back at 5:30. >> reporter: good morning. a new mayor has been elected. coming up how many people got out to the polls to vote yesterday? not yet. not yet. not yet! not yet. pull the peach!
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milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
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kenney wins. jim kenney is philadelphia's next mayor after a landslide victory. we'll tell you how voter turnout played a role in this year's election. >> election impact. how the bill cosby controversy influenced the outcome after local district attorney rails. >> we expect to soar into the 70s again today. change is not too far off. let's enjoy the morning and the sunshine to come today. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. much to the chagrin of my neighbors i broke out the shorts again yesterday. how about you know, the legs, the tan had gone and it was getting ugly. >> i thought your wife was hiding those. >> i could not help myself. meteorologist bill henley is
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wearing pants this morning. >> one of the reasons i'm recommending sunglasses for today. bright sunshine like yesterday. it is a chilly start this morning so glad to see you wearing the long pants this morning, though i had not seen you stand up today. 42 degrees now. i'm assuming they are there. 45 in wilmington. look at toms river at 39 degrees. it's getting chilly in south philadelphia at 42. roxborough is 46. at the airport also in the 40s. so a chill is in the air but like yesterday, we'll see brilliant sunshine that's going to make for a warm-up. sunny skies, mild, 74 to 77 degrees the this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching an accident out in woolwich township, new jersey, route 322 in both directions is closed right around meeting house road due to downed poles and wires and a jackknifed tractor-trailer from earlier this


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