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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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get ready for a wet ride to work. rain falling across the area right now including here on city avenue where this video was shot. and that rain will be with us for much of the day on this tuesday. breaking right now, uninvited guest. a robber took off with hundreds of dollars from a philadelphia motel and you'll hear why police think the suspect didn't go far. >> cops swarmed up, he bolted and the whole place turned chaos. >> people living in this south jersey neighborhood on edge after a violent home invasion. now police have an important clue as they search for the attackers. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today."
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a lot of news to get to but we begin with a rain falling outside. meteorologist bill henley told us yesterday that this would be happening in the overnight hours. a lot of green on the radar. >> yeah, it's coming down, a steady rain in the area is going to be with us probably through the morning. we could see breaks in the rainfall during the day but most of the day it is going to be falling and there will be some spots of more moderate showers and that's heading for delaware and south jersey. fortunately, it's warmer. nowhere near the cool temperatures yesterday. 55 degrees right now in philadelphia, and not looking for a warm-up thanks to the rain. 56 degrees at 6:00, 9:00, the rain in the area, 59 and low 60s as we go into the afternoon. add to that some wind, we've got a dreary day ahead. the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're getting ready for a slippery commute, on the vine street expressway around 24th street you can see ponding on
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the roadways here, westbound we are open though so we've been closed on the vine street expressway, not yesterday but all of last week and the week before for construction between broad and the schuylkill expressway. you can see we're back in business. drive times are okay, 95 and the schuylkill expressway, into center city okay, the blue route no problem in terms of volume, we have a 15-minute trip to 95. no problems or delays this morning with mass transit. i'll check with rainy cameras when i come back. >> this breaking news out of philadelphia's windfield heights neighborhood. a motel robber is trying to dodge police. a man walked into the north american motor lodge on city avenue, held up the clerk, he got away with about $400 in cash from the register, and police are still searching the motel property. they believe the guy may have ran up to the upper floors.
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they are searching for him there. >> from the south jersey bureau, tied up, pistol whipped and roped in his own home. right now police are looking for two men wanted for a violent home invasion. the attack happened sunday night at a home in franklin township. nbc 10's katy zachry joins us live where the suspects were last seen. >> reporter: yes, that's right, chris. sunday night was when the attack happened but it's having a serious ripple effect in this area. people are on edge. one of the two suspects was last seen at this wau wau in mala ga. so it did not take long for the suspect to get here. police do not know where he is now. coming up in the next half hour we'll have a picture of him taken from surveillance video inside this wawa. franklin township police say he and another man are wanted for tying up and beeth and robbing a middle-aged man in his home
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sunday night. that man lived in an apartment just .2 mile from where i'm standing. one neighbor described the cries she heard while that man, her neighbor, was getting beaten. she did call police. when police arrived they were able to corner one of the suspects. coming up we'll show you a picture caught on surveillance video of that suspect who nearly surrendered and you'll hear what neighbors are saying of the ordeal. reporting live in franklin township, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today pennsylvania's embattled attorney general kane will face a judge. this is all about the second set of perjury charges filed. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to a reporter and lying about it. a judge suspended her law license as she continues to fight the charges against her in court. yesterday a state senate committee met for the first time
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to determine whether or not kane canning act as attorney general without being able to practice law. again her law license is suspended. the committee could recommend that the senate vote to remove kane. the recommendation is due by thanksgiving. >> this morning there is a call to action in mercer county. trenton leaders trying to put an end to veteran homelessness. the mayor will announce that the city is taking part in first lady michelle obama's challenge to end veteran homelessness. it's a federal plan to take vets off the streets by the end of this year. some of the key strategies include educating the public on homelessness, getting citizens and the private sector involved, and creating opportunities for recognize and reward communities doing their part to give homes to veterans. arrest in a deadly hit-and-run from over the weekend. bethlehem police say a man confessed to hitting a 9-year-old boy with his car and then leaving the boy to die.
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darius's older cousins say they saw the driver hit him and take off. they were able to give a description of the vehicle and 22-year-old royce atkins was driving that vehicle when he hit and killed the boy. that's in addition to the more than 100 tips police received that led them to atkins' home where they found his mazda. >> admitted to striking the boy and leaving the scene. >> i really hope he knows that he took a big part of our family i away from us. >> investigators say atkins could face 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. it was a scene of terror caught on video, you may recall this. this video got a lot of clicks online. a home invasion that nbc 10 showed you in september. the family now says that one of
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the gun men responsible for that home invasion used to be their neighbor. sources confirm to nbc 10 that police have issued an arrest warrant for a man rasheed holcome accused of breaking into that home, assaulting a woman and her grandmother. here is the suspect in this surveillance video. one of the victimings said that he was also a customer at her business. she told police several days after the crime he stopped by to make sure she knew that he didn't have anything to do with it. police say two men stormed into that home, ransacked the place, attacked the woman and left without taking anything. one victim who speaks spanish told us she fierce for her safety. >> translator: every time i open the door i feel they are coming toward me. i'm waiting for them to be captured because truly they were wrong. they thought they would find money and i have none. >> he does have a criminal
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history. police have not released the identity of the other suspect. a crime of passion. that's what police are calling a double murder in philadelphia's fairmount park neighborhood. a couple was found shot to death in the back seat of this suv on friday. authorities have identified the victims as lisa smith and shakoor arlis. both were in relationships with other people. investigators have spoken to one of the other partners and they are still looking to talk to the second. take a look at the video here. this is crazy. this is a temple police car going up in flames at a gas station in north philadelphia. a witness says the officer tried to pull away from the pump while the nozzle was still in the car's tank. that's when the gas pump fell over and caught fire. 4:08. happening today a meeting aimed at improving education for some of pennsylvania's youngest. the william penn foundation will
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host this later this morning. the foundation helps boost early learning plans for children of low income families. this meeting will focus on the state's rating system for child care and it could make possible changes to that. also today, we'll learn to tell what's called a major upgrade to enrolling students in camden county public schools. right now there are more than a dozen different applications that parents have to fill out and they all have different deadlines. officials tell us they are going to make improvements that make it easier for families to get into the schools they want. camden has more than three dozen schools. a sure sign that the holiday season is around the corner. dart is kicking off its food drive. and they need your goods. you can drop off donations in wilmington, dover and milford today through friday. the food bank of delaware will dole out items to local hunger relief agencies. for locations and more information check the nbc 10 app
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or log on to famed trumpetor and composer will be honored. tonight at the camel center in center city. he is expected to perform with his original septet. the first african-american woman named dancer at the american ballet theatre. 10 minutes after 4:00, it's a rainy start to the day. we're starting off with a steady rain. we may see a few breaks in the rainfall during the day but the chance of rain will stay with us right through this evening. and into early tomorrow morning. but then, we get a break for veterans day. it will be dry. but another round of rain before we get to the weekend will be moving into the area. moving out now you need your umbrella, the rain is coming down in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. the temperatures are nowhere
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near as cold as yesterday. 53 degrees in allentown, 60 at the shore for atlantic city. there you can see the rain coming down on 95 in south philadelphia, that's steady rain this morning. in spots we're getting moderate showers. mostly as light rain in philadelphia, but you can see it's coming down heavier in southern new castle county and salem county. this morning the best chance of the steadier heavier rainfall in delaware and south jersey. another round to the south. there is a break in this patch of rain so we could see some breaks during the day. but keep the umbrella handy. for most of the day the rain will be in the area. in the upper 50s near 60. the rain coming down in doylestown, trenton and mount holly and at the shore, 60s today. but not going to feel that warm with the rain and the wind coming in off the ocean. cape may, rehobeth, atlantic city will see rain, coulding up to an inch by the time it's
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done. west chester 59, low 60s for narberth and wilmington. a look at the forecast and how much rain to expect for the rest of the area when i come back with the futurecast. >> bill, it's 12 after 4. time to get you ready for your wet ride down the schuylkill expressway. something else that can slow you down. jessica boyington will let us know what to expect. >> we're going to do a run through of rainy shots to show you where the rain is affecting most of our area. right now we're looking at the schuylkill expressway around girard. so no problems really in any of the lanes, we're not seeing a lot of construction with the rain. they picked them up relatively early. you can see no problems other than wet conditions. you can see when cars move by rain spraying out from underneath so something to watch for. they moved this camera so i'll step out of the way. this is 422 around trooper road. we can't see the road work area right around trooper road because they moved the camera. eastbound no problem heading to the schuylkill.
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and we're seeing intersections around 202, this is around allendale road, wet roadways there as well even through that intersection. 309 around the p.a. turnpike even covering our camera lenses here that we know we have a slippery commute and something to look forward to before we head out the door. >> look at this. talk about a split second decision here. >> stop. stop. >> an suv driver took aim at police officer who only was protected by his gun. wait until you see how this violent encounter ended. and talk about a wild bedroom scene. oh, my. imagine coming home to this. next, hear how this young buck got inside and then went back in the woods.
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a wild story out of south carolina where a campus police officer shot and killed a suspected burglar last night. investigators say officers caught two people trying to break into cars on campus. police arrested one suspect, they say the other drove a car straight toward an officer, the officer fired shots at the vehicle, killing the suspect. a police officer in oklahoma had only seconds to react. >> stop. stop. >> investigators say the officer was in the middle of a high-speed chase when he stopped to lay down one of those spike strips. that's when the suspect drove his suv straight at the officer reportedly at 50 miles per hour. police say the officer made the right decision after he fired several shots. in spite of the crash the officer still managed to get up and arrest the suspect. 41-year-old woman. >> she has the full western part
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of the roadway, two lanes she could have utilized to bypass the officer. there would have been no deadly force. >> there's the suspect there. she is charged with stealing a vehicle, assault and resisting arrest. the officer is out of the hospital and he's expected to be back on the job later this week. >> decision 2016 and tonight the republican candidates for president will square off in their fourth debate. the fox business network is running the event in milwaukee tonight. the main debate will feature the top eight gop hopefuls. now governor chris christie and other low polling candidates will be in an earlier debate. candidate ben carson is now fighting back against claims that he embellished or lied about his personal history. several gop rivals are now questioning carson's honesty. yesterday nbc news confirmed the existence of a 1997 magazine article that carson says proves his story about a high school stabbing incident. and a milwaukee stay at home mom
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who supports carson is standing behind him and his memory. >> we're hoping that we raise some ben carsons here one day. we've been watching him for years. he is a role model in our family. to me he has always been real. >> a group supporting carson is producing new ads to highlight his life saving work as a neurosurgeon. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is now suggesting a boycott of starbucks over you know, this red cup that stirred controversy. as you probably now know some people took to the internet to complain that the company didn't put any winter scenes or holiday decorations on the cups as it has in previous years, saying it's going away from christmas. well, trump told people at a rally in illinois, quote, maybe we should boycott star bucks, i don't know. he told supporters he doesn't like companies using the term happy holidays in place of merry christmas. he said if he becomes president everyone will be saying merry
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christmas. >> with some big shopping malls have moved away from traditional displays like trees but ahead at 4:30 the decorations they put up in their place left some shoppers outraged. we'll explain. >> and we have new information this morning involving the bill cosby rape allegations, another accuser is now joining the defamation lawsuit against the comedian. a woman in new hampshire filed a lawsuit yesterday claims cosby falsely accused her of lying after she said he raped her in 1965. dozens of women have accused cosby of assaulting them over the past decades. he has denied all of the accusations and has not been criminally charged. >> there are some introductions to stories i try to change to make them sell a little better. this one i didn't have to do any work on. here it is. we have video of a bedroom romp that you have to see to believe. here it is. hello. don't mind me, just taking a
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peek at your master bedroom. a deer wandered in. the family came home to find the young buck. just testing the mattress. police ushered the deer out. it got in they say by breaking in through another window. the intruder left a mess behind. 20 minutes after 4:00. i wouldn't be surprised if some critter is trying to get out of the rain this morning. it's coming down. you can see clouds hanging right over the buildings in center city where it's steady light rain. 55 degrees. up by 14 degrees. but it's not going to be seeing a big warm-up today at the airport or the rest of the area. and the rain is coming down at the shore. we could see an inch of rain in cape may. probably by lunch time today. steady rain in the area. and the east-northeasterly winds bringing in that moisture.
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those will continue during the day. that makes the rain feel like it's coming down heavy. it's very light in the lehigh valley, just beginning to fall. berks county getting light rain. you can see the steadier rainfall to the south. there is more on the way that will be coming into the region as the day progresses. so, futurecast rainfall shows close to an inch of rain, possibly a little bit more, by 9:00 this morning in cape may. while philadelphia will be less than a quarter inch at that time. the rain will be on and off so additional rainfall and potentially heavier downpours, that's later this morning for reading and lancaster. that is really going to be coming down at times. farther north and west. you can see reading could see close to an inch of rain by 6:00 this evening. and still rain coming down at the shore. another round of rain this evening for philadelphia before finally drys out overnight. so you'll need your rain gear, 56 degrees at 6:00, by 9:00, 59. and 61 degrees at noon time.
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the weekend, different story. rain taking a break and so will the 60s, in the 50s for saturday and sunday. typical of a late weekend in november. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> 4:22 now. green on the radar, but also some green on jessica's animated cars that spell out whether there are traffic jams out there. in spite of the rain, things are moving along well. >> so, a lot of the construction projects are picked up because of the rain so we're also dealing with a few less things. we'll check out the p.a. turnpike and see that everything as chris mentioned is still green, no work zones, really active or making a huge impact. westbound or eastbound, still 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. over to new jersey, we have major wet roadways, this is in deptford right around route 41 in here. these lanes are northbound, that's headed to 295 or to philadelphia and the surrounding
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area bridges. you can see the drive time is okay, northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. when i come back we'll check in with those area bridges and see if there are speed restrictions because of this rain. >> speaking of safe travel, new this morning, 20 of the newest child booster seats have earned the insurance institute for highway safety's highest rating. the remaining three seat models were rated as good. the institute's evaluation focuses on belt fit, which means the lap belt should lie flat across the child's upper thigh, the shoulder belt over the middle of the shoulder. the agency is calling on makers of older models to stop production due to low safety ratings. atlantic city's landscape has changed. only eight open casinos now and several closed buildings with unknown futures. ahead, why those remaining kags casses won't be getting a much-needed bailout from the state. and next. >> walker rolling right looking
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for the end zone. it is caught. touchdown. >> temple has proven that the owls can challenge the eagles. next we have new details about the team's quest for a field of their own.
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reminder to vote in our "high school blitz" game of the week. playoff edition. the choices -- frankford versus northeast, council rock, upper darby or overbrook versus west deptford. go to or call the number on the screen. 610-624-4111. text that too. you took it off the screen before i could read it all. so there you go. how about this. the president of temple university is on board with plans for a new on-campus
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football stadium. he wrote an editorial in the "inquirer" saying the $100 million project a logical next step for the school. his reasons, momentum at the university and the need for a new game day experience. right now the owls play home games at the linc. temple will work with homeowners in north philadelphia and city council to iron out issues but some neighbors we talked to aren't sold on the idea yet. >> they want it in front of their doors. that's all. they wouldn't want it across from them so why should we have to have it. >> temple plans to answer more questions about its plans at its board of trustees meeting next month. a rainy morning. 55 degrees at 4:27. heading out the door you'll need your umbrella. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. right now jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. some damp roads this morning.
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>> that's right. you can see that reflected in the cameras on route 309 at the intersection of route 202. look at the intersection, there is not a lot of traffic but you see some ponding that's going to slow you down. >> a special delivery, you know the area has fallen in love with devin and his daughter leah during her battle with cancer. why devin is coming back to the area today and who is benefiting from his visit. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. right now roads across the


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