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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, this secret service agent faces charge he is tried to solicit a teenaged girl for sex. governor romney, i'm vai sikahema. we just learned secret service agent lee robert moore did not appear in dover kent county this morning. let's get right to nbc 10 reporter monique braxton for what did happen in the courtroom in the last hour. the agent wasn't there but monique was. tell us what happened, monique. >> reporter: i was here in the courtroom as well as his attorney john barber. he did step before the judge and address the court. he said that his client is waiving his right to a preliminary hearing and we spoke
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with barber just moments ago outside. >> today was a day for the preliminary hearing and we waived the preliminary hearing and the case has been transferred to superior court jurisdiction and i have no further comment. >> reporter: did he -- was bail set for him? >> reporter: barber says he's only representing moore on state charges and we've learned moore has been released. bond set at $105,000. he's been turned over to the feds to continue the court proceedings. now, as you heard, barber declined further comment but the court document says a lot. the 37-year-old moore is accused of using the social media app kick to sent pictures of his genital area to someone thought was a 14-year-old girl we that teen moore chatted with online was a delaware state police investigator with the child predator task force. the married father of two allegedly asked the teen to meet him in dover near the air force base for sex. investigators say moore assigned the task of protecting the
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president sent messages while on duty. moore was stripped of his badge and gun last friday and since turning himself in on monday investigators say he has confessed to having a sexual interest in 14-year-olds and engaging them in online chats about sex. now we have reached out to the secret service and this is the agency's response. the secret service tells us, and we're quoting here, "it takes allegations of potential criminal activity extremely seriously." so once again we have just learned moore has been turned over to the feds to face further court proceedings. live in dover, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and jerry sandusky is getting his pension back. this morning a court panel ruled that the state should restore the pension worth about $4,900 a month. a state retirement board ended the pension on the day sandusky was sentenced to more than 30
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years in prison for sexually abusing young boys. according to this morning's ruling. the board wrongly concluded that sandusky was a penn state employee when he committed the crimes. we're following a developing story from delaware county. skyforce 10 was over the scene of a shooting on west ninth street in chester this morning. we're told at least one person was shot. no word on that person's condition. we're working to find out what led to the shooting. so far there have been no arrests. a murder suspect is still on the loose after a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. the victim was in his early 20s and was shot several times on midas place just after midnight. police arrived quickly. they arrested one man on the scene. authorities are still looking for a second gunman who may still be in the area. and philadelphia police are investigating after two people with gunshots showed up at the hospital early this morning. someone drove the victims to einstein medical center where they are listed in critical condition. police say they were shot in the
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area of fifth and rockland in logan but they had trouble finding a crime scene there. we found officer there is looking for any signs of a shooting. and police are investigating a shooting in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. the bullet grazed the man in his leg on east price street but he was apparently able to walk to a mcdonald's restaurant a few blocks away. police have not arrested anyone. and skyforce 10 was over a tractor-trailer accident near south dupont highway and lisa drive in wilmington manor. rescue crews rushed the driver to krchristiana hospital. a man lying in the middle of the street in full phil was hit by a car and died overnight. witnesses said they saw the victim of torresdale avenue. they tried to help him but then a car came down the street and hit the man.
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witnesses say the man had been groggy so police were trying to figure out if he was intoxicated. the driver stopped and authorities say that person will most likely not be charged. hold on to your hats. another windy day through our area at the air mark building in center city, philadelphia. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. hey, glenn. vai, yes, the wind is blowing here. we even have wake caps on lake wallenpaupack in the pocono mountains. it hasn't started bringing in the cold air yet but that is going to be happening by tonight. we're 59 degrees. already a little higher than the average high temperature for this time of the year but it won't warm up much beyond this. 54 in reading and lancaster. the wind is out of the west and it's pretty strong. these are the sustained winds. 29 mile an hour sustained winds in lancaster.
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we're seeing gusts up near 40 miles an hour. as we go in through the evening. look at what's going to happen. we'll be start to calculate the windchills. down to 39 degrees in reading by 7:00 tonight so if you're headed out this evening, take the heavier coat but it's not going to feel anything like it feels right now. and by 11:00, it's feeling like it's in the 30s across most of the area and down to freezing in reading. look at this. we have some windchills down into the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. even 31 degrees in philadelphia. so things will be changing pretty dramatically here and even by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow it's feeling like in the 30s north and west. we don't have any significant cloud cover until you get to the poconos. those are fair weather clouds and it will stay dry unless you're headed up toward the great lakes. so a lot of sunshine today.
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temperature may be falling during the afternoon and the wind pretty strong, gusting to 40. we'll see how much colder it will get over the weekend and when the next rain is coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. mayor-elect jim kenney is set to announce more members of his administration. he will name make di beradinis as managing director. kenney is set to name a chief of staff and a chief education officer. and burlington county has reached a deal to buy two properties that nearly slid into the delaware river. the homeowners were forced to vacate after their backyards began to collapse. officials say the homes will likely be demolished. and the nfl is responding to malcolm jenkins' revelation that he hid his concussion. he says he suffered a concussion while tackling a cowboys running
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back during this play. the league says the eagles confirm no coaches or medical staff knew about jenkins' symptoms and did not detect them. the league also said players are constantly reminded that they share responsibility for managing this type of injury. meanwhile, jenkins returned to practice yesterday on a limited basis and says he expects to play on sunday when the eagles host the dolphins. jenkins was asked about this dangerous decision. >> probably something that looking back i should haven't done i know the coaching staff and medical staff weren't too happy. that was ill-advised. >> eagles head coach jim kelly says jhing -- jenkins' health is their number one priority. we'll have an exclusive interview on sunday with birds wart quarterback sam bradford and mike quick will break down what's revitalizing their run game.
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it starts at 10:00 with john clark sunday morning on nbc 10. happening now, philadelphia is going green. but not because of the eagles. it's part of the city's ongoing fight against litter and illegal dumping. the philadelphia streets department is celebrating america recycles day with the opening of its sixth sanitation convenience center. the newport/richmond facility is located at north delaware avenue between castor and lewis and it's designed to provide easy access for residents who want to disca discard recycleable trash like tires, mattresses, box springs and electronics. if you plan on riding septa, you need to hear this. septa is shutting down the center city tunnel that connects service between 30th street and university city stations. the reason is to make some track improvements and do general maintenance work. for a complete list of service changes, log on to our web site
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at or tap on the nbc 10 news app. speaking of septa, for the first time in 20 years a new station will begin operating on sunday. the ninth street station in lands dale will at a stop on the doylestown line. there are added features including weather-protected waiting shelters, a 78-space parking lot. all parking will be free while the existing landsdale parking garage is under construction. and we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning about the inmate who escaped from a new york prison this summer. plus, the donald strikes again. the presidential candidate goes on a tear and takes special aim at ben carson. plus, battle over a baby. a couple is fighting a judge's ruling to take away their foster child. why they say he's breaking the law. really windy weather for the weekend. at least the first day of it. i'm tracking colder air, too,
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and i'll let you know what you can expect for the eagles game as well.
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we have breaking news. a convicted killer who was the subject of a fierce manhunt after he and another prisoner escaped from a maximum security prison in new york earlier this year has pleaded guilty to his latest criminal charges. david sweat admitted to escaping and promoting prison contraband by possessing hacksaw blades. he was already serving a life
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sentence without parole and will now have another sentence tacked on in february. not a single vote has yet been cast in decision 2016 but former secretary of state hillary clinton is already -- already has a commanding lead among democratic convention delegates. mrs. clinton has locked up public support from half of the democratic insiders who cast ballots at the convention here in philadelphia next year. clinton has more than 350 superdelegates in her column. vermont senator bernie sanders is in single digits. meantime, donald trump uncensored. in true trump form, the republican presidential hopeful did not hold back during a campaign rally in iowa last night. the donald challenged those who questioned whether or not he had any real plan to stop isis. trump answered his critics and laid out his blueprint with a side of profanity. >> isis is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps, right? they have certain areas of oil
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that they took away. they have some in syria, some in iraq. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. [ cheers and applause ] >> and trump didn't stop there. after isis, the donald moved on to a bigger rival in his race for the white house, ben carson, using carson's own words against him, trump kept calling carson pathological while questioning the doctor's life story. >> went after his mother with a hammer, he wanted to hit her on the head or he hit her on the head or he wanted to hit her on the head and i said wow, that's tough. man. did anybody in this audience ever go after your mother to hit her on the head with a hammer? >> carson has challenged trump for front-runner status in recent weeks and has taken the lead. about 45 minutes from now carson will speak at a town hall in
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south carolina and he's likely to address some of trump's comments. he made a campaign stop in greenville. we'll have his comments for you this afternoon on nbc 10. meanwhile, fellow candidate jeb bush is in new hampshire this morning. he held his own town hall meeting a little more than two hours ago. bush has lagged in the polls but he's still hoping to sway gop support before the new hampshire primary next february. donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live" drew one of the biggest television audiences in the show's history. saturday's edition averaged 9.3 million viewers. that's the most-watched episode of "saturday night live" since jimmy fallon hosted and justin timberlake was the musical guest. in utah, a same sex family is fighting after a judge ordered a foster child removed from their family because they're gay. >> we never thought that this would happen. >> reporter: during a routine court hearing for their foster daughter, a utah judge asked
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becky pierce and april hogland a simple question. >> he asked us what our relationship was. and we told him that we were legally married. >> reporter: what happened next they never saw coming. >> he just dropped the bomb that he needs to be removed to a heterosexual couple. >> reporter: juvenile court judge scott johansson ordered the child removed in seven days -- that would be this coming tuesday. >> he did say he had research that proves that children do better in heterosexual homes than they do in homosexual homes. >> reporter: becky and april, who were both raised mormon say the judge is making his legal decisions based on his own religious morality. >> that's one of the things that's super frustrating. he doesn't know anything about us. he doesn't know anything about our home, the dynamic. he doesn't know anything about our other children. >> reporter: this isn't the first time johansson has courted controversy. in 2012, he ordered a mother to cut off her own daughter's hair in exchange for a lighter
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sentence. the question now, is this decision legal? >> he's overstepped his bounds. >> reporter: brent plat, utah's director of child services says he doesn't think so. >> the child is doing well in the home. we're concerned his decision is based on something other than facts. >> reporter: even utah's governor is weighing in. >> the judge should not interject his own personal believes and feelings and supersede the law. so i expect this will be under review. >> reporter: april and becky say they'll fight in court to keep custody of their baby girl. >> dcfs, they have recommended the baby stay with us along with the biological mother and the only person standing in the way is judge johansson. >> reporter: the next hearing is scheduled for december, but meanwhile, the department of child services is standing behind the women, even filing a motion asking the judge to keep this family together. morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. beach and dune erosion is expected on the shores of lake
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michigan today. heavy winds set waves up to 16 feet high crashes on the beaches and over piers this morning. you can see the water hitting the camera here. forecasters say there will be more high winds in the area today. yes, that is part of the same system that is causing it to be so windy around here today. we've got gusty winds. they're already gusting near 40 miles an hour in parts of the area. that wind is eventually going to be bringing in colder air, setting us up for a chilly weekend but the warmth is going to be returning next week and may be up to near 70 degrees. we have a lot of sunshine out there now but it is pretty windy. it's 59 degrees. 15 miles an hour gusting to 28 miles an hour at philly international. it's a little bit warmer than it was this time yesterday because of the sunshine. we were raining, remember, at this time yesterday.
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54 in reading and lancaster, 53 in west chester. some of the cooler air starting to come in to some of the western suburbs and we're not going to be seeing the temperature go up much from where it is right now. if anything, it's going to be going down. so by tomorrow we've got temperatures only into the low 50s and then we rebound a little bit sunday afternoon. the current wind gusts are out of the west here, 30 miles an hour in atlantic city, 38 miles an hour in lancaster. 36 in mount pocono. and we have even stronger winds back in central and western pennsylvania. and what's back there? there's a lot colder air. while 59 in philly, 43 in detroit. 38 in minneapolis, 25 degrees in southern canada. so we do have some cold air coming in. it's going to be coldest tomorrow. by the time the eagles are playing on sunday it won't be quite as cold or quite as windy.
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so the kickoff temperature about 55 degrees. really pretty good for football weather. we have that west wind with dry air any of the lake effect moisture goes straight to the east, doesn't really come down this way unless you get a northwest wind. so as long as that wind direction stays the way it is, we're going to stay dry and fairly sunny. you can see the temperature starts going down this afternoon and wait until you see how low it gets tonight into tomorrow morning. as we showed you earlier, we still have wind so it will feel cooler than this by tomorrow morning. so get the heavier coats out at least for a couple days. gusty winds and turning cooler, highs in the upper 50s to near 60 but winds 15 to 30 gusting to 40 miles an hour. seven-day forecast, the cold wind tomorrow and then a cold start to sunday but not quite as cold in the afternoon. it could get up close to 60
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degrees. and look what happens next week. temperatures way into the 60s and possibly near 70. autism stunner. the new numbers out this morning that show a big jump in the number of children diagnosed with autism. so what's behind the increase? we'll fill you in. first, a pajama party with a purpose. when you hit the stores this weekend, why you might want to pick up an extra pair of p.j.s for someone who can really use them.
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if you're getting a jump start on your holiday shopping, why not pick up something extra for someone in need. osborne family health center, which is part of the lord's health system, is collecting new pajamas in all styles and sizes for its second annual mom's pajama drive. crystal allen is one of the founder of mom's pajamas. she's here with the director of social services for lord's health center. christa, let's start with you. this is a labor of love for you. there's some personal connection here to mom's pajamas. tell us about it. >> so a long with my sister i started mom's pajamas last october and we started to keep our mom on our shopping list to keep the memory of our mom alive. >> who gets them. >> we deliver them to women in domestic violence shelters in the hopes that they will be
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given on their first night in the shelt sore they have something that has not been worn by anyone else, not a hand me down and brand new to provide comfort on their night of what can be a really scary night. >> tell us what the effect and impact these donations have had on the people that they serve. >> well, i can tell you on the end of referring into the shelters i know many times in the cases that i've served women counseling they often lead everything in their home. completely. so they're going there with no personal items. so isn't it wonderful to have something brand new instead of something used from the shelter the moment you entered enter so that you can start a new life. these are women literally arriving with just the shirtsen their backs. >> often times they're so concerned about getting the children's school clothes, backpacks, those things, that they don't worry about themselves and what they can pack for themselves. they might not even have time to
11:27 am
pack anything for anybody but if they have time they're packing for the kids. >> this is such a great thing. we appreciate all that you are doing and probably more so the women that receive these donations. you can find out more about mom's pajamas. head to our web site at or check out the nbc 10 app and we'll provide a link there for that information. crystal, thank you very much. debra, thank you very much for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. dead or alive. intelligence officials are trying to figure out if the isis militant known as jihadi john was indeed killed in yesterday's u.s. drone strike. and just how safe is the food you eat? the steps the government announced today to help prevent large scale outbreaks like the ones you've mean? the past few years.
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it's the later blunder for the secret service agency. this morning an officer is charged with trying to solicit sex with a teenaged girl. secret service agent lee robert moore was supposed to appear before a judge in dover this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us in the courtroom. monique, tell us what happened. >> reporter: i was in the courtroom and there are new developments we've learned about in the past 30 minutes. lee robert moore's bond was set on stage charges at $105,000 and he was released. but he's not totally free. the secret service agent, as vai just mentioned, did not appear before the judge. instead his attorney, john barber of wilmington, did appear addressing the judge and we spoke with him moments ago. >> today was a day for the preliminary hearing and we waived the preliminary hearing and the case has been transferred to superior court jurisdiction and i have no further comment. >> reporter: did he -- was bail set for him?
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>> reporter: barber also told us he is representing moore on the state charges and we've learn that since moore has been released he's been turned over to the feds for further court proceedings. the 37-year-old moore is accused of using the social media app kick to send naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. but instead that teen that moore had been chatting with was a delaware state police investigator with the child predator task force. now the married father of two allegedly asked that teen to meet him in dover near the air force base for sex. investigators say moore, assigned to the task of protecting the president, was sending these messages while he was on duty. he was stripped of his badge and gun last friday and since monday he had been in custody and he also allegedly confessed to investigators for having a thing for 14-year-olds, engaging them in online chats about sex. is we reached out to the secret service for comment and here's what they had to say to us.
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they said, and we're quoting, it takes allegations of potential criminal activity extremely seriously. we're going to be following the court proceedings involving moore and keep you posted on any developments in this case. in dover, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: philadelphia police hope surveillance video will help them catch the suspect in a deadly bus stop stabbing. police released images of the man they're looking for. they say he was captured on video in the subway before a confrontation add broad and arch streets in september. that's where 47-year-old william vaughan was stabbed to death. police say the suspect could be homeless. the victim's mother talked about the pain of her loss in an exclusive interview with nbc 10. >> i miss him period. everything about it. >> vaughn's family told us they believe he was stabbed because he tried to intervene between a suspect and someone else. there's a $20,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest. this morning, a pennsylvania court panel ruled to give jerry sandusky his pension back. the former penn state assistant football coach will once again get about $4,900 a month. a state retirement board ended the pension on the day sandusky was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison for sexually abusing young boys. according to this morning's ruling, the board wrongly concluded that sandusky was a penn state employee when he had committed the crimes. de ze the most dangerous place in the country for pedestrians. highway officials have reached out to educate the public about dangers. the national highway transportation administration says delaware is so dangerous because of its wide divided highways. 30 pedestrians have already been killed so far this year. now to our jersey shore bureau.
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the state filed eminent domain lawsuits against seven private property owners in brick township. new jersey wants to seize their beach front property to build protective sand dunes. it's also going after four property owners in mar gate and longport. homeowners and officials have resisted the dune project. governor chris christie vowed to build dunes along the state's entire shoreline following superstorm sandy. the winds are really whipping up out there. another windy day across our area. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> vai, it's a gusty day. tomorrow will be windy but not quite as windy as today. the flags are blowing pretty hard. we have a west wind coming in and it will be bringing in colder air as well.
11:36 am
it's not all that cold right now. 59 degrees. with the wind it will feel cooler but by tomorrow at this time it's going to be about 10 degrees colder than it is now. the current wind gusts up to 38 miles an hour in lancaster, over 30 miles an hour in allentown and trenton and mount pocono, wilmington, atlantic city 30 miles an hour wind gusts and that may actually may go up. but watch as we go into the afternoon by 7:00 the windchill will be 39 at reading so if you're headed out even for an earlier dinner you want to take a coat. and late dinner, late night, watch this, you'll be seeing by midnight it's feeling like it's in the 30s everywhere and close to the freezing mark in areas north and west. that's quite a change from what we've been seeing lately and tomorrow morning it will be feeling like it's down near 30
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degrees in allentown and not warming up a lot with temperatures in the 40s in most of the area for highs tomorrow. we'll see how much colder it will get after that when we'll be seeing a warmup and the next rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. u.s. officials confirm a u.s. drone strike targeted a vehicle in syria believed to be transporting the isis militant known as jihadi john. but his fate is still unknown. nbc's keir simmons reports from london. >> reporter: his voice is infamous, he's hooded and holding a knife in horrific hostage video. jihadi john, real name mohammed emwazi was the front man for a string of isis killings. >> western forces conducted an air strike targeting mohammed emwazi. >> reporter: now reports not yet confirmed by the pentagon says he has been killed by a u.s. drone overnight. an activist group from the isis stronghold of raqqa reporting
11:38 am
the death of jihadi john in a drone strike. his high-profile victims included american journalists james foley and steven sotloff, american aid worker peter kassig who game known as abdel-rahman while a hostage was another victim. mohammed emwazi was a computer science graduate turned gang member. freed hostages described him as zisic, one of four british isis guards they called the beatles. jihadi john was the leader. an early recruit to isis, the jihadist group whose reach extends from syria and northern iraq to north africa. the strike targeting jihadi john comes shortly after the latest isis attack in lebanon where at least 43 people died in a double suicide bombing. jihadi john's family live in london. no comment from their lawyer but the british prime minister just spoke calling jihadi john isis' lead executioner and saying if he has been killed by the u.s. it was an act of self-defense.
11:39 am
back to you. >> reporter: the federal government is laying out produce safety rules to prevent food born illnesses. under the rules, the government will soon have more oversight over farms. regulators will make sure workers are trained to wash their hands and that irrigation water is monitored for harmful bacteria growth and animals don't leave waste in fields. if cdc estimates 48 million americans are sickened each year from food-related diseases. that's roughly one in six people. katy zachry takes the closer look at the numbers in the rise behind autism. >> reporter: the national center for health statistics now says one in 45 u.s. kids has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. that's dramatically different from previous estimates of one in 68 children. however it's not because more kids are suddenly affected by
11:40 am
the disorder, rather, researchers have changed how they ask parents about their kids' developmental delays. >> what it suggests is we're asking questions better. and that people are aware of the diagnosis and using that label and perhaps this is a label or diagnosis that's being used instead of other diagnoses that may have been used in the past. >> it's now a much wider variety of children at all levels of intellectual functioning with different types of language skills and autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. >> and while more children are being diagnosed as autistic, the percentage of other developmental disabilities has fallen. >> money follows diagnosis and there's a lot money in the diagnosis of autism than developmental language disorder. >> reporter: reporting from university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. campbell's soup company is
11:41 am
recalling spaghetti-os. red blast frick the can lining have been found in some cans. the recall involves 355,000 of the cans. if yours has a product date of february 22, 2017 on the bottom of the can just return it to the store for a refund. it's become an annual tradition in our area enjoyed by dog lovers nationwide and we're getting set for the national dog show. who will be the best in show this year. octoberor john o'hurley is here in our studio. there he is. we'll talk about what's becoming a thanksgiving day tradition and the new breeds of dogs you can check out for yourself. glenn? chilly and windy weather this weekend. what it's looking like for the eagles game. i'm break down the weekend forecast just ahead.
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type two diabetes patients may want to add more leafy greens and bananas to their diets to help prevent kidney and heart problems. researchers say the key is extra potassium. they found potassium was linked to a slower decline in kidney function in diabetics. those patients also had fewer cardiovascular complications. squash and fish are other good sources of the mineral. african-american may also want to make changes to their diets to prevent yoeovarian can. researchers found a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and nuts could be beneficial. women who ate mostly those foods
11:45 am
lowered their risk of getting ovarian cancer by more than a third. having trouble getting enough exercise? personalized text messages good give you the boost to get moving. diss and apps are popular but researchers say being aware of your steps is not enough. they found people who got personalized texts with exercise reminders, challenges and encouragement walked farther than people who did not get texts. once again, thanksgiving has gone to the dogs. the national dog show has become a turkey day tradition in homes across the country, certainly here in philadelphia. this is 14th year for the show and it's happening here in our area. joining me now is entertainer and canine aficionado john o'hurley who once again is calling the paw by paw for the show. john, thank you for being here. >> great to see you. now out of camera range, i have a little guest. >> no, we can see him. tell us who you've brought and why this show keeps bringing you back year after year. >> well, it's 14 years.
11:46 am
i guess i haven't broken it yet so it's still there. this is one of our seven new breeds this year that they're introducing. this is the bergamosco. this is an italian sheepdog. if you look here, these are -- it's almost -- >> it looks like -- >> well, a little like a car wash. but these locks here actually are natural part of the dog and really kind of make it -- give it a unique look. it's one of the several corded dogs that we have as participants in the national dog show. one of the 190 breeds we'll have there. so it will be an exciting day. >> how many dogs roughly will be -- >> we'll have about 2,000 of the best dogs in the country. >> and all well behaved. >> listen, everybody gets along back there. it's wonderful to realize. it's possible for humankind to do the same, i think. but it's a great day out there. we love it because it's -- it's a bench show so everybody stays
11:47 am
around the whole day, the owners, the dogs, so if you want to walk up and down the aisles it's a great place to bring your kids. >> anything new we can expect in this year's show? people love to watch it. >> well, we have wonderful agility competitions that are going on all day long. it's kind of a three-ring atmosphere in addition to what's going on in the center ring when the group competition is going and, of course, finally for best in show. but it's -- there are millions of things to do with your family while you're there. we'll have seven new breeds. it will be a fun time. >> we're an nbc station so i can't let you go without asking you about j. peterman. i understand that you almost didn't go read for the story and when you did you weren't impressed, you didn't think it was that funny. >> i snowed to it because my series, a sitcom, had been canceled the day before by another network that just
11:48 am
coincidentally begins with an "a." [ laughter ] >> but you were reeling from that. >> i was licking my wounds so i didn't want to go and next day i went over there and they said "just go have fun. blow it out of your system." so i read the first script and i went "this is the number one show on television?" >> they cancel mid-show for this? >> i said this is not funny. that was the point of "seinfeld," the lines weren't funny, the scene was funny and that's what made it different than any other show on television. >> it was injected into the scene. >> the scene was funny. >> do people still ask you -- >> every single day 20 times a day. i love it, though. i was part of the -- i was fortunate enough to live in the shadow of some of the great people in television. >> john o'hurley, we thank you for coming in. the national dog show is happening tomorrow and sunday at the greater philadelphia expo center. doors open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and 8:30 a.m. on sunday proechlt seeds will benefit the kennel club of philadelphia.
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for more information, or to purchase tickets, go to our web site, we have a link there that will help you out, or check out the nbc 10 app. and you watch the national dog show presented by purina this thanksgiving day from noon to 2:00 p.m. only on nbc 10. john, thank you very much for coming many. >> the winds of change coming in here, it's not cold yet but it's going to be. gusty winds bringing in colder air setting us up for a chilly weekend. next week won't be chilly, that warm weather comes right back. the overall weather pattern is a relatively warm one. we just get interrupted occasionally by a cold blast. that's what we're starting to get right now. the flags blowing pretty hard. we have wind gusts to 28 miles an hour at philly international but it's even stronger in other
11:50 am
parts of the area. 59 degrees, so we're already right around the average high for this time of the year. it's just not going to warm up from where it is now. 354 in reading. the wind is out of the west as you can see with the arrows here gusting to 38 in lancaster at the moment. and the west wind prevents some of that great lakes moisture from coming in so it's a dry wind. and it's going to be dry for the eagles game sunday. there's zero chance of any kind of rain. the temperature 5r7bd degrees. it won't be as windy as saturday. so the weather won't be that much of a factor. pretty decent weather for a november game. you can see those west winds across the state so that
11:51 am
moisture in northern pennsylvania just goes straight to the east and it looks like it will go north of new york city and the snow flurries of course towards the great lakes don't get anywhere near us, either. as we go into this evening it gets colder by the hour. you add the wind on top of that, you're getting a windchill here and the windchill is going down into the 20s before tomorrow morning. if you get up early enough in play places like reading and allentown. during the day tomorrow it doesn't warm up a lot, either so it's going to be chilly all day and tomorrow night and into sunday morning and then the milder air starts to come back. there it is by tuesday. that cold air has really retreated. wednesday the warmer air is up here. thursday warm air.
11:52 am
then the cold air will start to come back. once in a while we'll get a cold blast but it's an overall warm pattern perhaps through the rest of the month of november and maybe beyond. high temperatures staying where they were, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. nowhere near that tomorrow. winds gusting 30 miles an hour at least. then the wind diminishes on sunday, a very cold start to the day. 20s in suburbs. and then the sunshine warms things up a little bit and warms it up a lot more on monday and just about all of next week, at least through thursday, looks quite mild and it could get up as high as 70 degrees next week. we'll be right back.
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happening today, ice skaters can hit the rink in center city. the rink opens for a second season at noon. that's a few minutes from now. guests can skate daily through february 28. hours are expanded because of how popular it was last year when close to 50,000 caseskatert the rink. a local police department says they put a child predator behind bars.
11:56 am
how a cell phone repair shop helped them make the bust this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz now, we had the shot of the turbines going at the link. it's been turning all day and then suddenly it stopped. >> and a return in the afternoon. the wind energy at the link is the great thing they have there. and the wind is really howling this afternoon. there it goes. that's what it's supposed to do. and that's what it's going to be doing all day today and tomorrow, not as much on sunday when the eagles are playing because the wind will be significantly less and a lot of sunshine for the eagles game. and next week we really warm up again. so this cold spell that we're getting here is pretty brief starting from tonight into sunday morning and then the warmup comes. >> our producer tina was bound
11:57 am
and determined to get those turbines moving. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us at nbc 10, have a great day and a terrific weekend.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> abigail: ahh, baby, please. no. no, no, no, no. not yet. please. [groans] [door opens] you're back. >> ben: got myself a beer. >> abigail: yeah, so i see. ben, listen to me. i know that you think you can't trust me right now, but you did once before. you trusted me before, and you can again. i swear. >> ben: i think we're a long way from trust, abigail. >> abigail: ben, didn't i do exactly as you wanted me to when we called chad together? [ben chuckles] i did! >> ben: yeah, i don't want to talk about chad. >> abigail: okay, ben, listen to me. there are other people in salem, and they're gonna start to wonder where i am. they're gonna have questions. they're gonna wonder why i left with you so suddenly, especially my mom. so i think i should call her. i think i should call her and just tell her that i'm fine. and that, way we won't have to worry about anybody bothering us ever again. >> ben: that's a nice try, but i'm way ahead of you.


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