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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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terrorists saved their lives. how police are vowing to keep philadelphia safe. and the pair tis attacks lead to a controversy on the home front. should we bring syrian refugees into pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> i'm in for jim rosenfield who is live from paris tonight. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you too. it is just about 57:00 in the morning. paris about to wake up to a new day but not from a nightmare that unfolded on friday night. but the french are seeing incredible support from around the globe. in new york, for example, at the united nations the security council held a moment ffr silence for the victims of the paris attacks and they also honored the victims of last week's suicide bombing in beirut.
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the secretary of state john kerry has arrived in paris to offer his condolences in person. today isis released a video vowing to attack washington, d.c. just as paris was attacked. investigators have identified a mastermind of the terror in france saying he's a man from belgium. french police have made 127 arrests since sunday night but none of those people thought to be directly related to the attacks. and to nith a glimpse into the who row that unfolded blocks from here at the concert venue shared by a woman who is friends by a couple who went to the concert and she told an unlikely group, a group of aspiring travel writers. >> so we've all seen the sights of the bataclan --
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>> for gary krout, once ordinary landmarks in paris take on new significance as he goes ahead with his routine teaching his latest students learning to write about travel. tonight's field trip takes them to a parisian wedding dress shop. these students can't help but note the contrast. >> it's difference between despair and hope. here people are starting a life and so many lives are ended. >> we learned this place in paris -- >> designer stephanie wolf was supposed to be with close friends at the bataclan but forgot to buy a ticket to friday's concert and didn't go. instead wolfe shares her friend's story of survival
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inside the concert hall. >> friend falls on the ground. >> a couple held for two hours on the second balcony instructed by the terrorists if they cooperated nothing would happen to them. just as one of the terrorists exploded his own suicide vests right in front of wolfe's friend. >> he was being held by them and then the terrorist must have seen something happen and he turns around like this. then when he sets off his device, her friend is behind him. >> saved, krout explained by the suicide bomber's quick turn in another direction. >> story of survival where we know how many people didn't survive. >> reporter: the designer stephanie wolfe told me her friends with understandably too traumatized to share their story publicly just yet. meantime, back home in the u.s., beefed up security that we're now see in the nation's capital,
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washington, d.c. this in the wake of the alleged isis threat on our nation's cap pal. capital and transit police stepping up patrols in and around d.c. after isis warned today in a video that washington is a target. metro police is expected to conduct k9 sweeps and random screenings a all metro stations. there are no specific threats to philadelphia itself but you're still going to notice extra security in and around the city of brotherly love especially as the city gets ready for big events coming up. nbc's drew smith has more of that from philadelphia. >> reporter: nfl teams across the country are on high alert. here we'll see temple on saturday, the eagles taking on sunday adding the philadelphia marathon and i'm told you can expect to see a show of force. you don't normally see this many
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officers with the words counterterrorism printed on their bullet proof test outside a regular season eagles game but the security jeff joe sullivan says it's a tense time across the world. >> we think it's a positive thing for them to see the extra philadelphia police out there to know that measures have been taken to ensure that they can enjoy the game safely. >> reporter: safely is at the top of people's minds, especially those who returned from paris to philadelphia today. >> 9/11 is quite a while back so people are all settled and comfortable and this kind of was a recollection of the events. >> passengers departing belgium, now the focus of an international manhunt, noted extra questioning. >> there was a woman with a tablet right after the kiosk where you collect your boarding pass and she was asking all of these questions. >> here at home a scare as
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people evacuated the philadelphia's district attorney's office because of a suspicious package. an intense response followed. a false alarm but sullivan did not mind. he said people reporting things that do not loo like is more important than ever. >> that type of low tech coordinated multipronged attack, that is what we train for here. >> reporter: and every office every in the city of philadelphia gets active shooter training now and they're building on that. there's now advanced training to deal with multiassault attacks, similar so what we saw happen in paris. live in south philadelphia, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. jim? >> reporter: all right, drew smith thank you. back here in france for more insight on the u.s. position and reaction to these attacks, tune in to "today" tomorrow morning. john kerry secretary of state will be joining the "today"
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show. that's the latest from paris. back to you. >> what kind of concern are you seeing about the impact that the attacks might have on tourism and the people whose livelihoods really rely on the visitors? >> reporter: one of those people are the gentleman you see. he's told me that he's already had clients from new york who have written to him saying we're supposed to come next week, what should we do, is it safe? and he told me honestly i don't know how to answer that just yet so i haven't responded. there's an expected impact that we're seeing. jacqueline, keith? >> a potential three-month state of emergency certainly will hinder things as well. jim rosen feld live for us in paris tonight. watch for more of his reports tomorrow. you can watch the previous stories online. now a shocking admission
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from a lehigh university football player arrested for assaulting another student. ryan givens was arraigned by if assault charges today. back on november 8th, he broke into a home and punched another student. but court documents note that gitens admitted that he went to the wrong house and got the wrong guy. additional arrests could be coming. tonight a local cub scout leader is under arrest accused to dealing to local college students nks students. denise, a mother and son are both facing charges tonight? >> reporter: well police say they were dealing drugs from their home, the same house she used as a cub scout leader to hold cub scout meetings. she was well known in the neighborhood by not necessarily for the right reasons. neighbors know jo anne as a sweet grandmother, a friendry neighbor and a long term scout master of pack 371 in radner.
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but ore side job selling drugs out of her homelanded her behind bars. >> they were dealing all of the product they had at their fingertips. >> police arrested the 53-year-old on friday, along with her son. >> shocked. shocked. >> tips from the neighborhood alerted police who sent in undercover officer to buy drugs. >> the mother and son f that residents were selling to our officers undercover officers as well as several other residents in that area and local college students. we're very close to several colleges in that area. >> george beatty is the son of a former commissioner who is the current chair of the democrat party. joann is his ex-wife. >> if you were to come to radnor and seize those drugs to our students and residents, you will be arrested regardless of who you are or who you're related to. >> a search warrant turned up $4,000 in marijuana, heroin,
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cash and drug paraphernalia. mixed reaction from neighbors tonight who didn't see this coming. >> growing up on the street, we don't need this in our town. >> reporter: now police say the son was arrested several times for similar offenses in pennsylvania and maryland. reporting live, dime denise nakano, nbc 10 news. police in philadelphia need your help finding an 11-year-old girl missing since last week. police say adore ra wilson suffers from a mental health conditions that requires medication that she doesn't have. she was last seen around 3 o'clock last thursday. police say she may be in the area of the 4100 block of parkside avenue where her biological mother lives. we're learning more about a disturbing discovery in kensingt kensington. the bodies of two newborn bodies found near a used car lot were medical specimens. the bodies had been preserved.
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profession that autopsies had been done and the organs removed. investigators are trying to find out who did the procedures and why the bodies were dumped. more about a revealing personal announcement from charlie sheen. the secret that sources say he's expected to tell matt lauer on the "today" show tomorrow morning. plus, what you might be forced to do the next time you're pulled over by police. the one thing that will keep you from getting find next. and cooler temperatures tomorrow but there is one day this week of heavy rain. i'll show you the timen 0 it and what that means for you weekend coming up. i'm too busy for that. >> president obama says he won't play political games over isis but critics say the attacks in paris are a reason to stop his plan to bring syrian refugees to the united states. up next, will pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware open their doors. you're opening continuing
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coverage of the terror in paris.
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tonight, president obama a vowing more air strikes against isis in response to the attacks in paris. but he says he is not sending more troops on the ground. ed to he bris ld at suggestions that his strategy isn't enough. >> folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. >> and the criticism intensified after investigators found a syrian passport near one of the dead attacker. authorities are still trying to figure out if that passport is real. but republican lawmakers want president obama to abandon his plan to bring syrian refugees into the u.s. we're live at the philadelphia museum of art. some governors are refusing to
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allow syrian refugees into their state. >> reporter: that's right. the possible syrian link to the paris attacks have put some of governors on edge. the concern is that those can pose as refugees as enter this country. some say there's just an excuse to make a humanitarian crisis political. >> everybody hear that u.s. is the land of opportunity. we came to the opportunity that we can live free and at peace. >> for this man, the crisis in syria is not political, it's personal. he arrived in the united states from the now war torn country in the '80s and provides aid to thousands in refugee camps through his nonprofit foundation. >> i have houses, apartments, cars, they lost everything. now they're in the street and they never beg in their life. >> president obama wants to bring 10,000 syrians pleaing the brutal civil war to the united states. more than one dozen governors are saying they're not welcome in their states, including new
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jersey governor chris christie. he said during the radio show not even or fans under 5 would be let in. >> i do not trust this administration to effectively vet the people who are proposed to be coming in order to protect the safety and security of the american people. >> the concern is terrorists organizations can pose as refugees and enter the country. this man specializes in middle eastern politics. >> we will detect them and we will be able to stop them right there or put them under surveillance and use them as intelligence assets without them knowing it. >> he said because they already undergo the back checks. the united states would only admit a very small fraction of the hundreds of thousands displaced, fleeing in hopes of staying alive. >> reporter: pennsylvania and delaware will welcome senior refugee ps. refugees are fleeing the same
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terrorism that the united states is trying to fight against. now they will work with the federal government to ensure that background checks are completed and do not pose a security risk to residents. reporting live, an andraya cline thomas. michael nutter is calling for gun violence offenders to be treated as terrorist. that's what he told a group of mayors today. he was joined by mayors from washington, and indiana. he says there's no difference in the everyday violence on american treats and international acts of terrorism. from our south jersey bureau, you may have to turn on the interior light of your car the next time you're stopped by police. a committee unanimously passed a bill, and would fine any driver $50 who refused to turn the light on when asked. the bill is intended to keep the
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police safe when making traffic stops. honor the fallen, support the survivors. that was the motto of the windows stand strong event in center city tonight. the widows of fallen police officers teamed up to guest bar tend for a good cause. philadelphia police officers daniel faulkner, chuck cassidy and john pa las ki all died in the line of duty. >> u thanksgiving coming, the holidays are coming. we wanted to bring everyone together. >> we always say it's a sister hood you never wanted to be a part of but you're glad that you are. >> 5,000 dollars are raised at tonight eats event will go to the fop survivors fund. charlie sheen says he's ready to make a revealing personal announcement. the actor will appear on nbc's "today" show tomorrow. the network confirms his appearance but does not hint at what his personal announcement
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will be. according to multiple reports, the 50-year-old will reveal a health related issue. you can tune in to the interview with matt lauer tomorrow morning right here on nbc 10. well, mild way to start the week. but tomorrow will be quite a bit cooler. we have cooler air moving in just in time for your tuesday. and then we have heavy rain coming one day this week. but we'll see a rainy day and that's going to lead us into a colder weekend. you will have another cold weekend in the forecast which is going to lead us up to a colder thanksgiving week. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40s around philadelphia, mostly sunny by 9 o'clock in the morning. we should be around 50 degrees. chilly and closer to lunchtime, mid to low 50s. yesterday we were in the low 60s. today we jump up to 70 for the high. tomorrow down around 57 degrees.
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the average high is 56. then on wednesday back in the low 60s. after the rain leaves later this week we're going to cool down more. we have a cold front up to the north. it's going to swing down to the south giving us cooler air tomorrow. then we'll see the rain getting close per. rain in the middle of the country, that's part of the next weather system moving in mostly thursday. that's when we expect the rain. the mild air here, that's going to the south once the cold front swings through and tomorrow will be cooler but we'll be on the sunny side. then on wednesday, more clouds start to move in, that's all ahead of some rain on friday -- thursday, i should say, thursday 9 o'clock in the morning, rain for the morning commute, through the middle of the day thursday and thursday evening. finally the cold front clears and for friday we'll start to dry up. this is going to set us. for another cold weekend with temperatures by sunday only in the 40s. tonight the areas dropping into
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the 30s. 44 degrees for the low temperature around the philadelphia area and much of new jersey and delaware. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny, 55 to 58 degrees. so a lot cooler than today with that high temperature around 70. there you see it on thursday, we have the rain moving in, some of it going to be heavy but temperatures near 70 degrees. friday, windy and colder, upper 50s. then going into the weekend it will be dry. 50 for saturday, 40s for sunday for a high temperature, morning lows in the 30s. and next week we're going to start off with highs in the 40s and it does look like a cooler week. stay tuned. sports is next. for the girl scout meeting...
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i'm john clark. chip kelly did know reveal how bad sam bradford's shoulder injury. some has a concussion as well. sam will probably miss sunday's gym and probably thanksgiving in detroit as well. sam got drilled yesterday by the dolphins. if he's healthy, he is the eagles starting quarterback. mark sanchez came in, threw an interception in the end zone. and in his ten games be the eagles, mark has 15 turnovers. >> i feel very confident in mark sanchez. >> you got to be ready to go every week. you never want the see a teammate go down. that's never the circumstance in which you want to play. but when you do get a chance to play, you got to make the most of it. >> and former eagle nick folds has been benched. coach switching things up. now shen is moving to the top line. sixers tonight hosting the
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mays, d.j. mcconnell, draining the jumper. mark cuban, not happy. robert covington beats the buzzer. let's check in on mark cuban again. we're tied at 79. thompson, there's noel. we're tied at 81. then it's mcconnell to ogle for, 19 points, 11 pords but then it's dirk with the dagger. novice ki drains the three, sixers lose 92-86. they're now 0-1, still the only winless team in the nba. >> we go back to the locker room after you say 27 turnovers. it's too big. you're not going to win any basketballs with 27 turnovers.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- cate blanchett, anthony mackie, musical guest tinashe,


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