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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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new this morning french warplanes take aim at more isis targets in syria. we'll tell what you those bombing raids reportedly destroyed. and look at this. saved by his gun. a bucks county police officer credits his pistol with saving his life in a recent shooting but he never fired a single shot. we'll explain. and we're waking up to a dry but cooler day out there this morning as we take a live look at cape may. first alert radar tracking heavy rain for later this week and it will be very -- you'll notice it will be a lot cooler than yesterday. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this tuesday. i'm chris cato. we begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. to say it will be cooler than
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yesterday, we got up to 70. >> yeah. to say this afternoon will be cooler, this morning we're about the same as yesterday. with temperatures right now in the 30s, the 40s in spots in the 50s. 49 in philadelphia, toms river is 50 along with millville, doylestown is in low 40s. look at upper 40s for roxborough and south philadelphia. start off in the 40s, we'll warm into the 50s this afternoon. that's it. 46 degrees at 6:00, by 9:00, near 50. and those winds up to 12 miles an hour at lunch time will help keep things cooler. 54 at noon time. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. >> we're watching the vine street expressway we have construction active right now. between the schuylkill expressway and broad street they have it closed down east and westbound, as you can see in here at 11th street they are starting to funnel off traffic. they do have road signs in the
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way, having everybody merge off and then they can get off at broad street. so, you can see that happening in here. traffic being stopped before that point. should be out there until about 5:00 so we'll keep you updated for cleanup. they have been cleaning it up earlier than 5:00. we're still doing great on 95 and the schuylkill expressway. no problems on the blue route. later on around the stadium area or to the flyers game. there will be extra volume around the stadium area at that time. new this morning, we continue to follow the terror in paris, the french military launched more air strikes on isis strongholds in the middle east following the deadly attacks on friday. katy zachry is live in our digital operations center keeping an eye on the developments. we know that a lot is changing hour by hour there in europe. >> a lot is happening overseas. now this new round of air
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strikes happened this morning, the isis strong hold of raqqah was attacked. we're working on video of that. let me give you the back story. this is the second time the french military attacked the syrian city in the last two days according to a military spokesperson a command post and a training camp were destroyed in those attacks. during an earlier round of attacks on sunday the french conducted sweeping raids on the ground, french president francois hollande has called for strengthened international coordination against isis after 129 people in paris were killed friday. 350 more injured. secretary of state john kerry is in paris. he had scathing words for those who carried out the attacks in paris. you'll hear from him. reporting live from the digital operations center, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> because of events in paris we can expect to see tighter security at major events in philadelphia for the foreseeable future. eagles fans experienced some of that heightened security at the
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linc on sunday for sunday's game. you can expect more of the same for the eagles game sunday and also for the philadelphia marath marathon. police were in contact with the fbi and said that will continue. >> that allows us to make good decisions quickly and based on that, again, we adjust deployments, look at where the attacks occurred, evaluate similar venues in our city. >> the philadelphia police department's homeland security team is studying the paris attacks in detail, it recently added advanced active shooter training for officers including how to handle a coordinate aid tack at the same time. which is the scenario we saw in paris on friday. nbc 10 was there last night as a flight arrived from paris to philadelphia. many of the passengers that got off the plane were still shaken up by what they lived through. they described the feeling of being in paris when friday's attacks unfolded. and they explained why they are
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still on edge. >> people are pretty scared of any loud sounds or any scary moments right now because everybody's sensitized to the event. >> hearing siren after siren watching all of the police cars going by and it was alarming how many sirens there were and just constant all night. >> in spite of that most of them say they will not let the attacks stop them from returning to paris in the future. >> president obama is defending his military strategy in battling isis. yesterday the president vowed more air strikes in response to the attacks in paris, but he also said he is not sending more ground troops to fight. the president also bristled at suggestions that his strategy is not enough. >> we know a syrian passport was found next to the body of one of the paris attackers. that touched off debate about allowing syrian refugees into america. ahead president obama, several
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presidential candidates and our local syrian community will all weigh in on the fallout from that syrian discovery. 4:06. breaking news overnight on an earthquake that hit the greek island of la cava. the quake was 6.1 on the richter scale. there are no reports at this time of injuries or damage. greece is one of the most seismically active. earthquakes like this are not uncommon. more breaking news from vorseas. the head of russia's security service says the crash of that passenger plane in egypt was the result of a terror attack. this is russia now saying what many others have said for some time. russian officials told president vladamir putin that a homemade explosive device blew up the plane. all on board were killed.
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on october 31. most of those were russian tourists. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter compared gun violence in america to internationalnality terrorism during a conference of mayors from several city plagued by homicide met with the distinction between the daily violence on city streets and acts of international terrorism. he and other leaders called on the attorney general to address american violence with the same priority given to global terrorism. >> in bucks county police say it was a gun that saved an officer's life but he didn't fire a single shot with that gun. here's what happened. earlier this month police went to a motel room in bensalem looking for a parole try later. he was there and with two murder suspects from north carolina. one of the suspects fired at police, but the officer couldn't fire back, that's because his gun actually stopped the bullet that had been fired at him.
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it was lodged in the flashlight under the barrel. police say it is a miracle the officer wasn't hit. >> it was at such close proximity to one another we're probably talking less than a couple inches away from one another. >> the murder suspect who allegedly fired at police lloyd wright took his own life. the other two suspects are behind bars. eight minutes after 4:00. we'll get more details about students coming to philadelphia to learn about politics during the democratic national convention next summer. temple university will host hundreds of students from across the country for two weeks next summer. the students will take courses and do field work with party officials to get the total convention experience. >> well, it's a second chance for small businesses still struggling three years after hurricane sandy. that's the idea behind a new bipartisan bill passed by the house yesterday. if approved by the president, it
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would give business owners another chance to apply for government assistance. some homeowners could also be eligible. nine minutes after 4:00. a cool start this morning. a little chiller in some areas, some of the northern and western suburbs dropped into the 30s. it's going to be a cooler day. yesterday we were in the 60s, topped out at 70. we'll see high clouds moving through today. the clouds will be increasing later this week. i'm tracking rain. looks like that will arrive on thursday. this morning heading out the door, 43 in doylestown, just shy of 50 in philadelphia and millville is 50 degrees right now. completely dry in boathouse row. a little bit of a breeze is blowing that's going to be with us on into this afternoon. help to keep things cooler coming out of the east-northeast. you see the high clouds have started to move in. nothing falling from these clouds. all wet weather is going to stay way to our west during the day
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today. so your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 50 this afternoon forp camelback, no sign of the 60s today for fleetwood, pennsburg and morgantown in the low 50s. 55 in moorestown. and also cooler at the shore, middle 50s for cape may, avalon and ventnor city. symrna will warm to 58. middle 50s for wilmington, philadelphia, only about 15 degrees cool s cooler than yest. we'll go through the futurecast to show you when the rain will be moving in. >> thank you, bill. ten minutes after 4. she is propped up by cold medicine and other products to keep her upright watching the traffic. nbc 10's first alert reporter jessica boyington battling through adversity. hopefully good news on 76. >> very accurate.
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i'm on a dayquil run. no problems right now. schuylkill eastbound, that's the drive time, we're still at 13 problems there. for you for this morning. watch out for construction on 95 southbound at street road that there are restrictions and closures. when i come back we're going to have another check on your traffic. >> thanks, jessica. the statue of liberty stands as a symbol of america's open arms to immigrants. >> don't have religious tests to our cam passion. that's not american. not who we are. >> but the terror is igniting debate over syrian refugees. hear who would close its borders to every syrian immigrant. still ahead, 'tis the season to welcome santa but one south jersey mall got parents in a
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christmas 'tissy. we'll have that story, plus the local kid who has a starring role in this block buster movie.
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we have new information this morning on the terror in paris. france has launched new air strikes on isis strongholds in syria. the french military says those destroyed an isis training cam. authorities say they carried out more than 120 police raids last night looking for the terrorists. still looking for two of the main perpetrators. secretary of state john kerry is in paris today meeting with french president francois hollande. and belgium called off a soccer
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match today. >> shameful. that's president obama's take on the idea of the giving christian refugees preference. the criticism after jeb bush told chuk todd a majority should be in safe zones, it's important to help syrian christians. president obama dismissed that notion near the end of the g 20 summit in turkey. >> that's not american. that's not who we are. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> criticism over refugees has intensified over investigators found a syrian passport next to the body of one of the paris attackers. authorities now believe that attacker came into europe with a group of syrian refugees. republican lawmakers want
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president obama to abandon his plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. >> nbc's tracy davidson is live in our center. this debate now a hot button issue on the campaign trail. >> it sure is. in a flash look no further than chris christie, he yesterday said because of security concerns he would not allow any syrian refugees into his state, not even orphans under the age of 5. ted cruz agreed, he told a town hall in south carolina it would be lunacy to allow any syrian refugees to come to the u.s. >> who in their right mind would want to bring over tens of thousands of syrian refugees when we cannot determine the administration cannot determine who is and who isn't a terrorist. >> in nashville donald trump took the refugee debate a step further with this idea. >> we don't even know who they
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are. there's no paperwork, there's no anything. and all you have to do is look at the website for obamacare to know that we're never going to figure it out. >> also former secretary of state condoleezza rice weighed in. she spoke in alabama where the governor said he would not allow syrian refugees to enter. >> i fundamentally understand that if you're in a position of authority like you are or people, the governor or others, you have to as a part of your compassion also be safety conscious for your people. >> candidate bernie sanders meantime said the u.s. must not give in to fears about radical islam by turning its back on refugees from syria. more than a dozen governors across the country say they are against letting syrian refugees into their state. our region the reaction is mixed. as we said new jersey governor chris christie says no way to allowing refugees. the governors are willing to
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welcome them. some fear terrorists will enter the u.s., and a professor specializes in middle eastern politics. >> will detect them and we will be able to either stop them right there or put them under surveillance and use them as intelligence assets without them even knowing it. >> he said refugees enter the u.s. already undergo strict background checks. governor wolf and markell say they will work with the federal government to ensure the background checks are completed and don't pose a risk to their citizens. live in the digital operations center, tracy davidson, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks. ahead in our next half hour jim rosenfield is in paris and at 4:45 he will introduce us to a trenton native now working as a tour guide in the city of lights. you'll see how his perspective of the city has changed. federal search teams are giving up on finding the data
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recorder of that sunken cargo ship el faro. it went down on october 1. 33 crew members were on board, all believed dead. a navy vessel found the wreckage and a search team has finished video documentation of the wreckage over the weekend but no sign of the data recorder. no further search missions are planned. look at this. in the midwest severe weather whipping up more than a dozen tornados including this one along the texas panhandle. yesterday storm chasers captured video of funnel clouds forming. officials said the storm caused a chemical leak at a plant. no reports of injuries, though, the complex has been determined to be safe. that same system producing that weather headed our way. what will it bring us? nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley is here. >> chris action later in the week it's going to give us rainfall. we'll get a warm-up ahead of that but not today. it's so well to the west.
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we'll see a cooler day as the winds have shifted. skies mostly clear. you'll notice high clouds in the area. 49 degrees in philadelphia with a wind out of the northeast at 10 miles an hour. northeasterly winds, that will help to work to keep things cooler today. completely dry, though, even though we'll see more clouds during the day, we'll get enough sunshine to stay dry today and see the temperatures climb into the 50s. in fact, we're not far from that now. there are chiller spots, middle 40s for bluebell. look at collegeville at 34 degrees, it's dropped in the 30s in pottstown at 38 degrees right now so. there is a chill in the air. the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed yesterday, it's going to take a break at times today. won't be as warm this afternoon but will be completely dry. here's the storm. look at the snow in the rockies. and heavy downpours from kansas into oklahoma and texas. that's the system that will arrive here on thursday. it's got a ways to go before it
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moves in. during the day today it will be affecting the midwest, the heavy weather first thing tomorrow morning in the deep south, that's where severe weather can be expected. i'm just expecting rain from this one as it moves into the area on thursday. that may not be the only chance for precipitation. got the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> 4:21 now. it's time to see how things are moving or not moving out on route 422. jessica boyington has that. >> we're on 422 around trooper road. we're okay and through the work zone so that's good news. you can see lane restrictions off of the trooper road off ramp here and that even follows ahead of the eastbound toward the schuylkill expressway but we're schuylkill zwree 8 minutes, so for bellmawr, 295 northbound, this morning.
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so we'll update you if anything changes and that opens up a little bit earlier. mass transit, great this morning. no problems or delays so far for septa, new jersey transit, dart or the patco line. >> it may be the water cooler story of the day here. it may have you thinking twice about the water cooler in the corner of your office. the nbc 10 investigators learned that a bottling company is looking into claims that some of their containers were used improperly and then reused. reporter harry hairston has a preview of a story you'll see later today only on nbc 10. >> constantly it gives you a headache. >> airline workers claimed they were told to use empty water jugs to transport a toxic chemical used to clean airplane toilets and return the containers to be picked up for reuse. >> how many are you using? >> eight to nine a day. >> the airline tells us it's taking the allegations
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seriously. and has agreed to suspend the water service while they investigate. >> kind of shocked to see people would treat that the way. >> the bottling company started its own investigation to see if refilled contaminated bottles could have made to the new customers. >> we're investigating. there is more to learn. >> today find out why the company says it is confident no customers were affected. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." right now iconic ocean city board walk is in a state of disorder. because of that there. our next half hour we'll take you behind the scenes to see how crews are rebuilding for the future there in ocean city. >> next, getting to see the jolly old elf. santa irked some parents at a
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mall in south jersey. what they changed now in the holiday spirit of course.
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4:26. destination for so many families across the area. locals and tourists alike. the police touch museum is getting closer to reaching a 10 million campaign. really to save the museum itself. the museum is expected to announce the second seven-figure commitment to solidify its financial future and make it stable. details will be released later this morning. we'll keep you posted. >> traditional santa experience at the cherry hill mall is free again now. parents voiced concerns after the mall charged to see santa. for the first time.
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seeing the big guy was costing between $35 and $75 per person or family. yesterday the mall decided to boot the charge. you no longer have to buy the photo package to sit on santa's lap. 47 degrees the time. 4:27. cool start this morning. not going to see the warm-up we enjoyed yesterday. the hour by hour forecast ahead. >> next, france fights back. a new round of air strikes under way this morning. katy zachry is tracking the new developments.
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on the offensive again. french warplanes took aim at isis targets in syria secretary of state john kerry meets face-to-face with france's president to talk about the terror in paris. >> police call it a drug operation all in the family. you'll hear who tipped off police to an alleged mother and son heroin and marijuana operation. >> cool and dry today, first alert radar shows heavy rain that will be with us later this week as we look at boathouse row. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we got up to 70 yesterday. >> it was incredible. sunshine, warm. i wanted to sit outside. >> i wanted to not sweat while raking leaves. that didn't happen. it would happen today you wouldn't sweat. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. >> 70-degree


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