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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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on the offensive again. french warplanes took aim at isis targets in syria secretary of state john kerry meets face-to-face with france's president to talk about the terror in paris. >> police call it a drug operation all in the family. you'll hear who tipped off police to an alleged mother and son heroin and marijuana operation. >> cool and dry today, first alert radar shows heavy rain that will be with us later this week as we look at boathouse row. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we got up to 70 yesterday. >> it was incredible. sunshine, warm. i wanted to sit outside. >> i wanted to not sweat while raking leaves. that didn't happen. it would happen today you wouldn't sweat. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. >> 70-degree heat for you
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causing a sweat? >> i'm vigorously raking. you got to see me in action. >> never move to florida. that's all i can say. this morning it's a cool start. we're in the 30s and 40s. some spots in the 50s but that's going to cool off. millville at 50. 51 in dover. the cooler temperatures farther to the north and west the poconos down to 36 degrees right now. we will see sunshine some high clouds moving in during the day, and it's a northeast wind that's going to help keep things cooler. 49 at 9:00. by lunch time 54. not a lot warmer later today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your traffic. >> we're watching ongoing construction on the vine street expressway where we have both directions east and westbound closed in between the skooblg and broad street. you can see that reflected here on the 11th street camera. they do have lane restrictions. you can see them merge off all vehicles before the broad street
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exit. watch for that. you'll be detoured around the area. also on the p.a. turnpike watch for construction eastbound between valley forge and norristown. okay west or eastbound to valley forge and speeds are up. also until 5:00 this morning watch out on 95 intermittent closures around street road the off ramp open and close for the predominant part of the morning. and lane restrictions right around that area as well. more for you when i come back in the next ten. >> 4:32. on to the terror in paris. new this morning secretary of state john kerry is in paris meeting with french president francois hollande. >> and overnight french warplanes took aim on isis targets in syria. katy zachry is monitoring new developments. bring us up to speed. >> a lot of things happened in paris today so far and the day is still young. secretary kerry is there, he made his remarks last night outside the u.s. embassy.
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he said france is the united states's oldest ally. they are family. and after the blood shed waged by isis friday night he says the world is mourning with this family. secretary kerry is there when emotions are still so raw throughout the city at least 129 people were killed when a group of gun wielding attackers and suicide bombers hit six locations around the city. >> they pillaged and call it the will of god, they are in fact psychopathic monsters and there is nothing, nothing civilized about them. >> officials have identified some of the seven attackers killed during friday's wave of violence. the believed mastermind is still at large. coming up in the next half hour we'll look at some of the safety precautions taken around paris and secretary of state kerry finished his remarks and we'll have that for you coming up as well. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news."
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4:33. some french students at rider university have bittersweet emotions celebrating a soccer victory but aware of what's happening in their homeland. the mercer county school's men's soccer team was selected to play virginia in the ncaa tournament after winning the metro atlantic conference championship. the school held a pep rally. we talked to a member who says his family in and friends were in paris when the attacks happened. >> some of them they didn't know until the end, the end of the game. and a couple of friends were near the shooting in paris. they were pretty scared. they told me it was chaos. >> rider has 19 french foreign exchange students. school officials say grief counselors will be available this week. jim rosenfield continues his reporting from paris. in a few minutes hear from a tour guide with trenton roots and learn his special connection to those who survived the
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attacks. police say a radnor township woman also a local cub scout leader was moonlighting as a drug dealer. according to investigators it was a family affair. 53-year-old joann badey and her son george sold marijuana, heroin and other drugs to college kids on the main line. investigators tells us two ran their illegal business out of their home. police were tipped off by neighbors who say she is the ex-wife of a former commissioner. >> you come to radnor and sell those drugs to our students and residents you will be arrested regardless of who you are or who you are related to. period. >> police also arrested another woman who was inside the home at the time police served the search warrants. >> starting this week you'll have a new way to feed the meter in philadelphia. the philadelphia parking authority will launch a pay by phone parking app called meter up. it goes live on thursday morning, but the pta will unveil more information later today.
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here's what we do know. you pay with your phone, as soon as you park. the app alerts you when you run out of time and you can reload the meter from wherever you are with your phone. it will start in four zones for six months a big chunk of center city between fourth and 20th and arch and locust. also along columbus boulevard from spring garden to race and the ppa's eighth and chestnut parking lot. in northeast philadelphia it will be at the tours dale train station. >> even during the off season there's a lot of activity along the ocean city board walk. >> crews are busy ripping up section of that iconic board walk. why this is more than a face lift. they are rebuilding for the future. also ahead. >> this is a patty edition, honey. this is the on my own. >> you have to see more of this video. it's one sought after dessert. why philadelphia's own patti labelle owes a man on the
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internet more than a piece of the pie. >> a cool start and a chillier day today. the wind has shifted. that's going to make all the difference. there are changes ahead that will require an umbrella. right now 47 degrees at 4:37.
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cool start this morning and we're not in for the big warm-up we saw yesterday. this morning completely dry in center city. that's not going to change during the day today. the temperature at this hour is falling. now 45 degrees, just a degree cooler than yesterday so very similar start. but with northeasterly winds we're not going to see the big warm-up that we enjoyed yesterday. 43 in doylestown wrightstown and atlantic city at the airport at 43 degrees. there are cool spots in camden county. hadden feed at 40.
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pennsauken 47. camden it's 50 degrees. so a range of temperatures and high clouds which we didn't see yesterday. the rain clouds are staying way to our west so high clouds sunshine, and the temperatures will climb only into the 50s for allentown, reading and quakertown. you'll see trenton warm to 53 degrees, high of 55 in mount holly and low 50s for doylestown at the shore sunshine clouds rehoboth beach will warm to 58 and 56 in dover. right in the middle 50s for vineland and sunshine and clouds in the northeasterly winds keeping temperatures lower for philadelphia drexel hill and wilmington. there is some rain on the horizon and i've updated the 7-day, you know i'm going to -- snow is on the seven-day forecast. >> you just waited to tell us that. >> i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back. >> we'll see you in ten minutes. >> why is he hesitant? >> he was afraid we would come
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over to him. >> and congratulating him on putting snow in the seven-day. well he'll keep us waiting for his next update. let's wait no longer to get a check of traffic. jessica boyington is looking at 295. no snow on 295 right now. >> i will say i like snow. i'm a fan. so. >> i'm a fan but not -- >> not yet. >> timing is everything. >> that's right. i like it on like during the holidays, december. wait until december until we get snow. 295, no snow here in mount laurel new jersey around route 38. everything looking great so far action all lanes clear, no problems southbound on 3 tight the black horse pike no increase there yet each through the work zone around the black horse pike area. also watch out in bellmawr 42 northbound to 295 northbound closed until about 5:00 a.m. for the next 20 minutes or so. watch for that and crews may clean it up early. when we move to the blue route you can see northbound
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southbound, no problems. 15 minutes southbound from the schuylkill to 95. i'll come back in the next ten minutes and check in with mass transit. >> thanks. 4:42. we continue to hear stories of survival after the terror attacks in paris. >> next nbc 10's jim rosenfield continues his reporting from france and introduce us to a man from mercer county giving tours of a much different city of lights now. >> next the "today" show exclusive. later this morning actor charlie sheen will be on the show to make what is being called a very personal announcement.
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here's what's new on the terror in paris this morning. france overnight launched a second round of air strikes on the isis strongholds in syria. the military says those strikes destroyed a command post and isis training camp. also secretary of state john kerry is in paris meeting with french president francois hollande. and the french authorities also have carried out more than 120
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police raids in search for terrorists, still looking for one of the believed bombers along with the alleged mastermind. and france's prime minister says some of the 129 victims from friday's attack still have not been identified. this morning for those not kill weird hearing amazing stories of survival. >> jim rosenfield is in paris and heard an account told by a friend of two survivors. >> we've all seen the sights. >> for trenton native and travel writer gary kraut land marks take on new significance as he goes ahead teaching his latest group learning to write about travel. tonight's field trip takes them to a tiny parisian wedding dress designer shop blocks from the scene of mass killings at the bataclan concert hall. >> it's the difference between
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despair and hope. here people are starting a life and there are so many lives ended. >> we love this place in paris. >> stephanie was supposed to be with close friends at the bataclan but didn't go. >> it was very traumatic. >> instead she shares her friend's story of survival inside the concert hall. >> the friend fall on the ground stay on the ground. >> reporter: a couple held hostage for two hours on the second floor instructed if they cooperated nothing would happen to them. the husband and wife among those saved by anti-terror squad who is took out the gun men. just as one of the terrorists exploded his own suicide vest in front of his friend. >> he was being held. the terrorist must have seen something happen and he turns
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around like this and he sets off his device the friend is behind him. >> and pushed back. >> he explained saved by the suicide bomber's quick turn in another direction. >> the story of survival whereas we know how many didn't survive. >> stephanie telling me her friends are understandably too traumatized yet to share their story publicly. mor more understanding on the u.s. reaction and response to the attacks here watch "today" coming up secretary john kerry will have a conversation. jim rosenfield "nbc 10 news." >> jim's reports from paris continue this afternoon on "nbc 10 news." ahead at 5:00 a.m. we'll check with katy zachry following new information on the paris terror attacks. you can tap the nbc 10 app when you're away from your tv. >> in the wake of the terror attacks in france u.s. lawmakers are taking a good hard look at
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our own national security. the senate and house homeland security subcommittees will hold a joint hearing on national security today. they will focus on the u.s. secret service and evaluate its protection practices. secret service director is expected to testify about the current protections. >> this morning one man is charged with murder in texas after police found the bodies of six people at a campsite. william mitchell hudson was taken into custody and charged with one count of murder. police responded to a reported shooting 100 miles southeast of dallas. they found a man and a woman dead in a travel trailer. then police learned four other people had also been at the camp site and were missing and later found four bodies in a nearby pond. it's still unclear what led deputies to hudson. >> actor charlie sheen says he is ready to make a revealing personal announcement this morning on the "today" show. the network confirms sheen's
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appearance but not giving otter details about what his personal announcement will be. you can watch sheen's interview with matt lauer here on nbc 10. >> apparently philadelphia native patti labelle's voice isn't the only thing that is sweet about her. >> good luck getting your hands on one of her sweet potato pies now. >> sweet potato patti labelle this is the patty edition, the on my own. >> this man is now a youtube sensation sensation. james rooid is his name singing the praises of patty's pies. walmart stores have sold out ever since the video went vile. it needs 2 million pounds of sweet potatoes to get them back on the shelves. 11 minutes before 5:00. we have clouds moving into the area but we'll see nothing like
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this. this is a view from the rocky mountains where snow is coming down. what we will see high clouds during the day. you can see they are with us this morning but we'll get sunshine today. wet weather is well to our west. we'll not see rain today or for tomorrow. but come thursday, this storm system moving in. it's causing problems in the deep stout into oklahoma and kansas, that is coming to us with rain on thursday, i think the severe weather will avoid us. look at the snow in nebraska and kansas. the line of showers, the heaviest weather will stay to the south. this line will be arriving during the day on thursday stoxt you'll need your umbrella on thursday. then we'll be watching to the west just one patch of snow you see it right there. it's over wyoming and montana inching toward the dakotas. that's the storm system that may be coming together with some snow for parts of the area late
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on sunday. this is european model shows some accumulating snow possible in the pocono mountains by early monday morning, could see an inch of snow. could see light accumulation possibly a dusting in the allentown area. may even see snow in philadelphia but i'm not expecting accumulation with that for philadelphia. the seven-day forecast saying 55 degrees, completely dry today and tomorrow will be warmer we'll see clouds and sunshine 64 degrees. here comes the rain for thursday. 67 degrees, the high temperature on thursday. it starts to turn cooler as we clear out friday. wet and windy conditions take a break and 56 degrees the high temperature on friday. saturday clouds start moving in and it is a chilly rain falling on sunday. mainly rain it is sunday night that we could see some snowflakes mixing in especially north and west. temperature 45 on sunday and if it's on the ground it will stay on the ground monday morning as we drop down to freezing in
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philadelphia. >> not only is he saying it he's writing it and has snowflakes. >> that makes it official. when he breaks out the graphics. it's official. >> the roads including the lehigh valley. >> jessica boyington has that for us. >> right. we're starting on 78 in the lehigh valley around lehigh street no problems behind me whether you are traveling east or westbound, all traffic moving along nicely, and we're going to head over to delaware out the door there watch out for construction on 95. the northbound ramp to 896 northbound still closed for construction. but 95 through delaware still doing great. perfect. 11 minutes north or southbound from 295 to 495. when i come back we'll check in with mass transit. chris. >> we continue watching the developments in france. new this morningert round of french air strikes on isis. we'll tell you what warplanes are targeting and what secretary of state john kerry is doing
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with his meeting today with france's president. ahead in a live report we'll have the newest information on the terror in paris. >> if you are planning on a fall trip to ocean city beware the board walk is a work in progress. we'll tell you what's behind the board walk rebuild.
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so the only thing they see is that big, beautiful bird. "mmmmm" go ahead. let 'em judge. one in ten babies is born prematurely. the march of dimes is working to save babies and raise awareness as it marks world prematurity day. joining together to help prevent premature births. the march of dime says the complications of preterm birth outranked all other causes as the number one killer of young children. several buildings in philadelphia will be lit up in purple in recognition of world prematurity day. >> a much-needed makeover in cape may county. a stretch of ocean city's board walk is undergoing renovation.
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crews are in the process of ripping out more than a block of the
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