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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tap. we're tracking rain for later in the week. right now 47 degrees. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. cooler, chillier out there today. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his forecast. good morning. >> good morning. the wind has shifted. that's going to keep temperatures a lot chillier this afternoon. you can see the northeasterly winds at 10 miles an hour, stronger now in wilmington. 16-mile-an-hour breeze. that wind will be persistent during the day. so keeping a lid on our temperatures which in some areas are running chillier. pottstown, trenton, low 40s. it's 47 in millville, that's warmer than yesterday. middle 40s for roxborough, south philadelphia and northeast philadelphia at the airport at 46 degrees. we'll see some sunshine but you'll notice high clouds and check it out, the wind. that's the key. northeasterly or east-northeast winds will be steady into the afternoon. so we won't see 60s today.
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won't reach 70 like yesterday. it will be low 50s at 11:00 and then 56 degrees at 2:00. when i come back we'll look at when rain will be moving in. you got the futurecast hour by hour but jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> like clock work, 95 starting to slow down on our drive times here. so our drive times are moving up. we have a disabled vehicle around girard avenue. that's what this is approaching. on the southbound side right in here you can see now we're at 18 minutes. even a few moments ago we had registered speeds around 65, down to 45 now so from woodhaven to the vine street expressway tacking on 5 to 7 minutes to your commute. we expect that to get worse. now we're at the beginning of where we see slowdowns on 95. we're not seeing slowdowns on the schuylkill expressway yet so eastbound to the vine street expressway, 12 minutes, 61 murp. for average speeds. we're still looking good there. if you're out the door in
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montgomery county this morning watch out we have lane restrictions with a broken down vehicle on barren hill road and center street. >> new air clik strikes. here's what we know. france says its latest round of air strikes in syria destroyed several isis locations, in the militant stronghold. in brussels police looking for terrorists made more than 100 raids, also the european union says transis demanding sill mary support from all of the member nations. and secretary of state john kerry said coalition forces must step up to hit isis at its core. katy zachry is monitoring developments. what else did secretary kerry say? >> reafifrmed the u.s. commitment to defeating isis. more on the progress the two countries have recently made in a minute first, here's video of secretary kerry greeting french
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president francois hollande. he thanked president hollande for the french people's courageous response following the brutal attacks friday. behind closed doors the men talked about the steps they will continue to take to counterisis. the french military carried out its third air strike over a stronghold in syria. destroying a training camp and command post. >> we gained more territory. we've taken out leaders, liberated significant communities tikrit, a refinery, communities in syria, three quarters of the border of northern syria is now under the control, is taken away from dash. >> as you heard secretary kerry refer to the organization as dash another word for isis. france is demanded that the european union provide security
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aid and assistance and a friendly soccer match in belgium has been canceled amid security concerns. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> also president soeb defending his military strategy in battling isis. the president vowed more air strikes in response to the attacks but he is not sending more ground troops. the president bristled at suggestions that his strategy isn't doing enough. >> 6:04. it's 47 degrees outside. you are looking live at the philadelphia skyline all lit up. because of the events in paris expect to see tighter security measures at major events in philadelphia. eagles fan experienced some of that on sunday in their game. you can expect more of the same for the eagles game this sunday and the marathon. police were in contact with the fbi during the paris attack and the dialogue will continue.
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>> good decisions very quickly and based on that, again, we adjust deployments, look at where the attacks occurred. we evaluate the similar venues here. >> the police department's homeland security team is studying the paris attacks in detail. it added advanced active shooter training including how to handle a coordinated attack. >> a flight from paris arrive it yesterday afternoon and many passengers were still shaken up. they described being in paris when friday's terror attack unfolded. >> people pretty scared of any loud sounds or scary moments right now because everybody is sensitized. >> hearing siren after siren watching all of the cars going by and it was alarming how many sirens there were and constant all night. >> despite that most say they won't let it stop them returning
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to paris in the future. we have more coverage including a live report from matt delucia. we'll tell you what u.s. governors had to say about president obama's plan to welcome syrian refugees. >> we don't to follow breaking news. the head of security service says it's clear that terrorists brought down the russian passenger plane last month. russia admitting this for the first time, russia confirmed that a bomb on board caused the plane to explaed in midair. this is what a lot of people speculated especially after hearing the cockpit voice recorder and the explosion. that's why the fuselage was over a large area. the explosives were produced outside of russia, russian officials gave no further details where they may have come from. all on board were killed. most of those russian tourists headed from the paens in egypt
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vladamir putin has vowed to hunt down those responsible. on the news from the egyptian government. philadelphia mayor nutter called on the u.s. attorney the threat abroad is as dangerous os our city streets. that was the message to loretta lynch. joined by mayors from several other cities, with a large number of homicides. filled if ha had more than 240 this year. >> philadelphia police looking for a driver after an suv crashed into a tree and caught hire in west philadelphia. police say the driver ran away from the scene while they were responding to the cash. no other cars were involved. police need your help finding an
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11-year-old girl missing since last week. she suffers from a mental health condition that requires her to take medication she doesn't have with her. she was last seen near 52nd and race. police say she may be near park side avenue where her biological mother lives. >> all in on plans for a young casino. developers plan to build the $450 million los angeles casino on packer avenue next to the sports complex. 2,000 slot machines, more than 100 gaming tables, luxury room and restaurants. >> eight minutes after 6:00. it's chilly outside this morning but completely dry. the chill in the air, unlike yesterday, is going to stay with us this afternoon. it will be a cooler day even
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though we'll see a good deal of sunshine. the sunshine fades later in the week. i'm tracking rain and early next week a possibility part of the area will see the first snowflakes of the season. it's close to where it was yesterday in reading. philadelphia 48 and cape may warmer, 54 degrees. nice clear view from the french manor. no sign of clouds in the mountains. might see high clouds but stays dry. high clouds in the philadelphia area into delaware and south jersey coming off of a system to the west and this is the one we're watching for rain. look at the heavy downpours. moving through the midwest. the futurecast shows that line stays to the west of us. until we get to thursday. so we'll see sunshine today, clouds on the increase on wednesday, but tomorrow morning that rainfall is way to the west moving into our area during the day today.
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we could see heavier downpours. not tad. 48 degrees. also need that jacket this afternoon. 54 degrees in allentown, quakertown 52. relding in the 50s. that's where doylestown, trenton and mount holly are headed. you'll see at the shore too, a little warmer, 58 degrees there. completely dry for wilmington, swedesboro and philadelphia. until we get to thursday and the weekend too, in fact, a chilly rain may be falling on sunday. it's sunday night that could bring us the first few snowflakes. the extended when i'm back in ten minutes. >> time to look at traffic and help for those commuting to salem and gloucester counties. >> jessica. >> we're on 55 right now, this is around deptford center roads.
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that would be headed to 42, 29 knife or philadelphia, this is what backs up but right now problems headed somebody. construction watch out on 322 around route 54. around 12th street watch for a traffic shift. a let leds up later this evening. just on the way home. the wells fargo center, that will be 7:00 so watch out for extra volume on the stadium area. >> it's 11 past 6. terror in paris. memorials continue to grew and as people try to adjust to a new normal. and life saver a. bucks county police officer has his general and what was attached to help him save his wife. we'll tell you about the close call. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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it's 6:15. in the u.s. law enforcement officials are beefing up security especially in d.c. after an alleged isis threat against the district was released yesterday on line. capital and transit police will continue to have increased patrols today. u.s. officials have yet to confirm the threat but metro police is expected to conduct canine sweeps and random explosives screenings at all metro stations. >> more than a dozen governors across the country say they are against letting syrian refugees into their states. in the region the reaction is mixed. chris christie says no way to the refugees not even the orphans. but the governors of pennsylvania and delaware are willing to welcome them. some fear terrorists posing as
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refugees will enter the u.s. a professor specializes in middle eastern politics. >> you will detect them and we'll be able to either stop them right there or put them under surveillance. >> he says the refugees entering the u.s. already undergo strict background checks. police in ontario are investigating a mosque fire as a hate crime. officials say it's the only mosque in petersboro and it was deliberatery set. it broke out saturday night. no one was inside at the time. officials say they never had a threat and had good relations with local community members. the mayor calls the act despicable. >> police say it was a gun that saved an officer's life. here's what happened. earlier this month police went to a motel room looking for a parole violator. he was there, so were two murder suspects from north carolina.
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investigators say one of the suspects fired at police, but the officer couldn't fire back because his gun stopped the bullet coming at him. it got lodged in the flashlight under the barrel. it's a miracle the officer was hit. >> it was at such close proximity to one another we're probably talking less than a couple inches away from one another. >> the murder suspect who fired at police took his own life. the other two are behind bars. >> a much-needed makeover in cape may county. a stretch of ocean city's popular board hawk is undergoing demolition in the process of ripping out boards. this is the third phase after project to rebuild the board walk. the new sections handle more weight. the new decking is also an inch thicker making the board walk
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more resilient to storms. the demolition is helping to cut down the risk of future fires by exposing potentially corroded utility lines. >> we're able to remove all of the hazards we can't see. in some instances we're seeing tough 70 years old. a second chance for small businesses struggling after hurricane sandy. that's the idea behind a new bipartisan bill passed by the house yesterday. if the approved by the president it would give business owners another chance to apply for government assistance. the bail lays out new guidelines for disaster loans to make it easier and quicker to get their money. some owners could also be eligible. >> time to get a check on traffic in the 6:00 hour. >> jessica boyington is watching. >> woodhaven, no problem there
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is upper midwest. we're doing okay, all lanes open. so heading out the door the entire stretch pretty much clear. construction on 95 around the blue route, the off ramp is partly blocked with construngs that will be out there, until about december 1. we'll keep you updated there. no problems for dart but septa we have some 12 minute delays for the chestnut hill line. >> for the first time in 6 years the weather service issued a blizzard warning for denver. so far more than 200 flights have been canceled. you can see why. the snow there is -- snowstorm is powerful. forecasters predict as much as 18 inches in parts of the area. you do see movement with cars. >> doesn't look too bad in
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denver yet but they will get snow, part of the system that's going to bring us rain later this week. heading out the door it is dry, traffic is moving at 95 in south philadelphia not a problem there. 48 degrees. some high clouds are moving in. today the biggest change is the wind direction. it's out of the east-northeast. that's going to kep inches lower. yesterday we peeked at 70. here is a live view from center city. dry at the pus stop. temperatures in the 40s in 45 in the city. a chilly morning but the jacket you need probably need it again this afternoon. no umbrella necessary. the storm out west. look at the rain and thunderstorm activity ahead of it. this is a potential of a severe weather with that kin of storms tomorrow morning moving through. louisiana, mississippi and alabama and for our area it will
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be to our best early thursday morning. the rain will sweep through. we could see heavy downpours, a half to an inch of rain is not out of the question on thursday. then it clears out, then we get cooler air which sets the stage for that. it doesn't look like much. that could come together for us for sunday with rain during the day, but then sudden night as the temperatures drop, snow each in the allentown area could see light snow according to this model. a snowflake or two not out of the question for philadelphia if it comes together like the model suggests. we'll be watching that closely. you see mostly sunny skies. a chilly start tomorrow morning. we'll drop into the 40s. bought warm up.
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clothes increase. it will come with warmer weather for thursday. that changes friday and over the weekend it gets chill on sunday. there is that chilly rain and a possibility of no flakes by monday we're clearing out and it's told. a morning temperature. >> we're following this breaking news in the deadly russian plane crash. this just in. a new reward in the millions being offered to catch the people responsible for taking down that plane. >> lands a mom and son behind bars. the mother is responsible for shaping young mines. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help.
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getting closer to reaching $10 million campaign to clear its debt.
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officials reached a settlement deal after filing for bankruptcy. the museum is expected to announce a second commitment to help solidify a future that is financially stable. the details will be released later this morning. good morning everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're starting off on 95, these are around castor avenue. you see a southbound delay approaching an accident scene around the betsy ross bridge. southbound from wood havg tune the vine. adding on at least 15 minutes to the morning commute. we'll check in with this scene when we come back but for now a check on today's forecast. >> chilly breeze is blowing, that's the view from center city. 6:26 the time. 47 degrees. the wind feels chillier than that. do have high clouds that are moving through the area. but i think it's going to stay dry today. your neighborhood by
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neighborhood forecast coming up. >> i'm katy zachry. there is a lot of news coming out of france this morning. and we are covering it all from secretary of state john kerry's latest remarks to growing security concerns just north in belgium. i'll break it down for you. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town,
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we're following breaking news of a terror in paris new wave of air strikes struck raqqah, the de facto capital of the islamic state group. >> russian president vladamir putin vowing to punish whoever brought down a passenger plane. in the last minutes we have heard of more than $1 million,
6:31 am
several million dollars offered as a reward. >> it's cool out there this morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out what's ahead. meteorologist bill henley in the first alert forecast. >> chilly this morning and chilly this afternoon. we're not going to see the quick warm-up we enjoyed yesterday. the temperatures have been falling, some areas colder than yesterday. the pocono mountains running 11 degrees colder than yesterday at 33. millville is up by 9 degrees compared to yesterday. philadelphia is in the 40s headed to the 50s this afternoon. it will dry on the roads, 48 at 8:00. an easterly wind. 53 degrees at 11:00 and 56 about as warm as it's going to get for most of the area at 2:00. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting things off with mass transit where we have
6:32 am
delays on septa's east line, 12 minutes and 14 minutes for the trenton line. no problems for new jersey transit and the patco speed line. if you are heading out on 76 this is in new jersey, before you approach the area bridges, around market street starting to approach philadelphia with a little bit of a delay. doing better in the opposite direction into new jersey. but on 422, right through montgomery county eastbound to the schuylkill expressway we're starting to see the delay. so you can see speeds at least doubled here, or the drive times doubled here. 15 minutes, speed decreasing. 34 miles per hour is your average speed there. the rest of the drive times we're seeing delays on 95, southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway at 34 minutes approaching an accident scene that we'll have live cameras for when i come back. stepping up to help. >> european partners of france
6:33 am
are offering aid to help fight isis after the terror in paris. minutes ago poland's defense minister announced his nation is read the discuss assistance france may need. the french say its latest air strikes overnight took out some isis key positions, command centers in syria. and in brussels police looking for terrorists made more than 100 raids. >> katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. what are you hearing about the police action in belgium. >> i'm following from both france and belgium. a soccer match in belgium has been canceled because of security concerns. the terrorist alert level has been up graded to a 3, that's out of 4. police raids continue to tear through brussels as you saw. french president francois hollande says the paris attacks were planned in syria but they were organized in belgium. this suspect you're looking at
6:34 am
may be in belgium after he was detained leaving france hours after the paris attacks but he was let no. he was not directly tied to a terrorist organization. the president wants to extend the state of emergency for three months. france overnight has carried out its third round of air strikes over syria. as you said taking ot a command post and a training center. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> shameful. that's president obama's take on the idea of the u.s. giving christian refugees reference when admitting people from war torn syria. the criticism after jeb bush told chuck todd while a majority of refugees should be kept in safe zones it's important to help syrian christians. the president dismissed that and near the end of the summit in turkey. >> that's not american.
6:35 am
it's not who we are. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> the president said some people who support idea of religious tests had families who benefitted from protection when they were fleeing political persecution. >> many governors said that they will not welcome serian refugees. m >> let's show you a map of the united states as of my last count, a few minutes ago, 27 states so far announced they are against or concerned about allowing more syrian refugees. those were the states in yellow. you see them there. and then nine states the ones in green, those are the ones that have said they still support allowing refugees to come into their state. the ones that are agree, how
6:36 am
about our area. start with delaware. governor markell is standing by the president's decision to offer asylum for the syrian refugees. the head of delaware's republican party is opposed to that idea. delaware by the way does not have any refugees living there now according to the state department. we move to pennsylvania. the governor says his administration will work to properly screen and resettle syrian refugees in the state so far. he is still in favor but oun oun 9 refugees reside in pennsylvania as of the beginning of the year. the om governor in the area against accepting ser yoon refugees is chris christie. on a radio show he shed opposed to nen of a.m. now entering the country. back in september christie said the u.s. should take in at least some refugees. new jersey has taken on refugees as of the beginning of the year.
6:37 am
immigration experts say whether states are for or against the refugees it doesn't matter. they say under the refugee act governors cannot legally block the refugees from residing in their state. >> thank you, matt. the memorials continue growing to honor the 129 men and people killed and the more than 300 wounded. thousands of candles were laid at every scene. visitors were leading messages in forecast offering their condolences. >> chris cato live where we continue to follow breaking news out of moscow. russian president vladamir putin is nowing to find and punish whoever planted the bomb on that passenger plane. now we have for you new video we're seeing this, a meeting
6:38 am
with his security counsels. and for the first time. they say that the test show that the bombing material was produced outside of russia, but they gave no further details where it may have come from. it's nowner-of-dleer it was a terrors act and he vowed to hunt those responsible. we need to know all of their names, we're going to look for them everywhere. we'll find them and any place on earth and punish them. he announced a $50 million reward for information on who created or planted that bomb. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was retaliation for russia's air campaign against isis and other groups in syria where moscow wants to approve the grool.
6:39 am
all on board were tilled in that bamming. from the egyptian government in terms of security eighty the bomb was planted. chris nato, "nbc 10 news." >> police in radnor township say a woman there, a basically cub scout dealer. they say 53-year-old joann badey and her son sold drugs to college kids. investigators tell us the mother/son ran the business out of their home. these were pipped off by. >> if you come to radnor and try to sell those drugs to our students and residents you will be arrested regardless of who you are or related to. period. >> police also arrested another woman who was inside at the time
6:40 am
police searched the search warrant. 20 minutes before 7:00. about 10 minutes from sunritz this morning. it is a chilly morning and we'll see temperatures climb. compared to yesterday it's going to be a cooler day. the wind shifted. it's blowing out of the northeast. that's going to keep temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. tracking rain later this week and this weekend and some areas may see the first snowflakes. atlantic city is at 51 degrees. you see some scattered clouds over cape may. we'll get some clouds, filters sunshine during the day. we're seeing those high clouds move through. wilmington and south jersey. clouds coming from rain that is to the west that's going to be
6:41 am
in our area on thursday. today a cool day. 51 for camel back mountain. and you'll see high clouds in new hope and morristown. no sign of the quis. cape may and avalon, 57, filtered sunshine. you see the scattered high clouds. 57 degrees this afternoon. but it changes later this week. the possibility of snow or shid say frozen participation. >> doesn't sound so bad. >> freezen presipgs station later in the wand on the shefrn day. >> that's what that is. >> yeah. that's snow. we've got through south jersey and fine knife, trying to mount county.
6:42 am
>> a disabled vehicle around orchard road. you can see on city avenue no red or yellow so the vehicle is not causing too much of a disturbance. doesn't mean it won't but for now you'll be okay. as for the schuylkill expressway seeing delays, around city avenue these are westbound. we have 18 minutes west from the sign to the blue route. on 422 watch for construction. that's reduced to one lane. it's an ongoing project. something we're used to. 95 southbound, a few problems on 95, southbound we had a disabled vehicle, then we have an accident right around the betsy ross bridge. we're already in the wed from woodhaven, dubbing your -- i'll
6:43 am
have another check on traffic and we'll check in with these drive times. >> thank you. we'll continue to get you the latest in the terror attackses in paris with jim rosenfield. he is in paris with a trenton connection. we'll hear a tale of survival from inside the concert fall where 89 were killed in that deadly attack. ♪ on my own ♪ >> move over pumpkin pie. sweet potato is here causing this man to sing the praises of patti labelle.
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we're getting new information on the terror in paris. here's what we know.
6:47 am
france says its latest round of strikes in syria destroyed several isis locations including a command center in the militant stronghold. in brussels police looking for terrorists made more than 100 raids, also poland is now offering to discuss military support for france after france demanded help from all nations in the european union. stories of survival continue to come out. >> jim rosenfield is in paris and heard an account told by a friend of two survivors. >> so, we've all seen the sights of the bataclan. >> once ordinary land marks in paris take on new significance as he goes ahead with his routine teaching his latest group of students learning to write about travel. the field trip takes them to a tiny parisian wedding shop blocks from the scene of mass killings at the bataclan concert
6:48 am
hall. they can't help but note the contrast. >> it's the difference between -- here people are starting a life and there are so many lives ended. >> we love this place. >> stephanie was supposed to be with close friends at the bataclan but forgot to buy a ticket and didn't go. >> it was very traumatic. >> instead wolf shares her friend's story of survival inside the concert hall. >> fall on the ground, stay on the ground. >> a couple held hostage for two hours on the second floor balcony instructed by the terrorist. they cooperated nothing would happen to them. the husband and wife among those saved by anti-terror squads just as one of the terrorists exploded his suicide vest. >> he was being held by him, and
6:49 am
then the terrorist must have seen something happen and he turns around and when he sets off his device the friend is behind him. so -- >> pushed back. >> by the suicide bomber's quick turn in another direction. >> story of survival. we know how many didn't survive. >> stephanie wolf telling me her friends are understandably too traumatized yet to share their story publicly. >> jim rosenfield's live reports continue this afternoon on "nbc 10 news." remember, you can always tap the nbc 10 app. in the wake of the terror attacks u.s. lawmakers are taking a closer look at our own national security. the senate and house homeland security subcommittees will hold a joint hearing on national security today. they will examine recent and ongoing failures by the secret service and ways to improve communication with other federal
6:50 am
agencies. joe clancey is expected to testify. police in minneapolis arrested people after protesters shut down a highway in response to an officer-involved shooting. police shot jamal clark after a report of domestic violence where clark was a suspect. clark was taken off life support last night. the officers involved were not wearing body cameras and so far dash cam video has not been released. >> one man is facing murder charges in texas after police discover the bodies of six people at a camp sight. william mitchell hudson was charged with murder on sunday police responded to a report of a shooting about 100 miles southeast of dallas where a man and woman were found said in a travel trailer. police learned four other had been at the camp and later scoffed for bodies in a pond. it's unclear what led deputies
6:51 am
to hudson but he was arrested at a residence near the camp sight. >> a live look from texas, a tornado watch sin effect for the north and central parts of that straight. in the midwest, weather whipped up more than a tdozen tornados. the twister hit several businesses including a plant in the town of pampa. officials said the storm caused a chemical leak. there were no reports of injuries. the complex was deemed safe. actor charlie sheen is to make an announcement. >> sheen's appearance will happen but it's not giving any other details about whas personal announcement will be. you can watch his interview withmal lauer here on nbc 10. >> apparently philadelphia native patti labelle's voice isn't the only thing that is sweet about her. >> this is the fun story of the
6:52 am
morning. good luck getting your hands on one of her sweet potato pies. >> this is the patty edition, petition. on my own. >> sing it. good luck getting your hands on one of the pies now. they are only sold at walmart and they have been selling out of stores across the country probably ever since this video went viral. >> shows singing the praises of the pies. walmart that sells the pies doesn't know when it will get another shipment. we'll keep you posted. >> sounds good. i find her music is lower >> than the pie. it's almostpy time. we're going to see that. there's a chill in the air this morning. it's completely dry, we're watching high clouds that have moved in overnight. 48 degrees right now. that's exactly where we were yesterday at this time.
6:53 am
the difference today, east-northeast wind. those will stay with us. that's going to keep temperatures lower. we won't get the warm-up. temperatures have dropped in the 30s in the mountains, colder there this morning. mount pocono 1 degree above breezing, 30s for allentown. in the upper 40s in philadelphia. it's 55 degrees right now. in cape may. look at the snow falling. this is part of the storm system that's coming our way later in the week. look at the snow in eastern colorado. pueblo. that storm system is prop duesing heavy rained an potential for severe weather. it will bring us rain. look at the prague over the next 24 hours. moving into the midwest. that will bring us rain on thursday. but, look what's going on behind it. see that little bit of snow that moves into that same area
6:54 am
getting snow. that is a potential rain and snowmaker for us sunday. the chance of snow comes later on sunday as the temperatures gol down, that's 9:00, potential for a light snow fall in the poconoings, might see a dusting. as this suggests might eveny is snowflakes sunday night in philadelphia. mainly a chilly rain. done of that tonight. cool, 50s today. tomorrow back down in the 30s and 40s, the cooler start, a big warm up in the afternoon. gusty winds on thursday and that will drop. look at sunday a chilly rain, potentially for our area. and possibly some snow dlaks. sunday night, all gone by monday september for the cold. >> where is that pie?
6:55 am
>> we'll have to see you come. >> i could use some now. >> let's get you updated on the ride to work. >> let's check in with jessica on the boulevard. >> we're on the boulevard now right around henry avenue, this guy on the southbound side. a disabled vehicle to watch for. i'll have a check on traffic when i come back in five minute it is. >> we continue to follow the terror in france. katy is live with new information. >> good morning. france is asking its european allies for security, 8 and assistance.
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>> france's carried out another air strike over the isis stronghold of raqqah in syria. a training camp and command post were destroyed. and secretary kerry met with francois hollande and vowed to continue the attacks on isis. a friendly soccer match in belgium has been canceled amid security concerns. grab that jacket. it's chilly out this morning and it's going to be chilly this afternoon. not the big warm-up we saw yesterday. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia, the northeasterly winds, that's the key to today's weather. that's going to keep us cooler. up to 15 miles an hour right now in wilmington. wilmington, 47 degrees at this
7:00 am
hour. >> turn on the heater in the car. >> today show is up next. good morning. breaking overnight, definitive proof it was a bomb. russia announces a homemade explosion brought down that passenger plane in egypt. russian president vladimir putin vowing to hunt down anyone who was responsible, and this morning two airport workers are being questioned. takingt to the terrorists. france unleashes another brutal assault on isis, targets in syria for a sec straight night and here in u.s. isis warnings for attacks in washington has many leaders on edge. >> i don't want to make everybody nervous, but i feel the same way i felt before 9/11. >> the latest developments and the controversial calls to have america close its borders to syrian refugees. tornado bout break.


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