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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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millville drop independent the 30s and in philadelphia, roxborough is 39, south philadelphia is 41, 38 now at northeast philadelphia airport, so grab the winter coat and plan on more clouds than yesterday. they will be on the increase but in spite of clouds we will see the temperature respect climb. 45 at 7:00, 56 by 10:00. then it's in the 60s at 1:00 this afternoon. then we've got to get ready for rain for tomorrow. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> right. bill, so a few updates if you're heading out the door now. we were talking earlier about the ramp from 42 northbound to 295 northbound. that was closed until about 5:00 this morning and it's 5:00 right now, just out of the way. watch for crew in the area. still an active work zone. here is the schuylkill expressway facing the vine street expressway on ramp. i checked my cameras on the vine around 24th street i saw cars moving through so there are some areas they are lifting the
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closure on the vine and between the schuylkill and broad street. you can see there is a vehicle blocking off the on ramp to get to the vine from the schuylkill so parts of it are blocked. it's supposed to be lifted around 5:00 so they are in the process of lifting that. if you're heading out in the next 10 minutes or so you might run into construction vehicles. watch out in the overbrook section of the city. watch out for 63rd and lebanon avenue being blocked off. chris. gun fire, explosion, much more in a paris neighborhood that is still on lockdown. there are breaking developments. two suspected terrorists are dead after police raided an apartment building, searching for the mastermind behind friday's deadly attacks. let's go matt delucia live in the digital operations center monitoring that. all of the changes coming in now. >> a lot of changes, police are
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on the ground in a town outside of paris, and so far at least five people have been arrested and at least two are dead including a woman who blew herself up with a suicide vest. let's look now, a live picture from saint-denis in france. police have been out there about six hours raiding an apartment. inside authorities believe the mastermind of friday's attacks in paris was or is still holed up. and the standoff was intense. you still see a lot of activity right now. there was a dramatic scene as the gun fire erupted earlier this morning. a lot of gun fire. residents say they heard near constant gun fire for about an hour this morning. and as we saw in that live picture, a couple secondings ago, this neighborhood is still in the for kuls of this raid. francois hollande held an emergency meeting with senior ministers, doing that now to
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monitor this raid as it unfolds. schools and businesses in the area are closed because of this. and the official status of that suspected mastermind whether he is in fact still inside of that apartment is he alive or dead, a lot of unanswered questions at this hour. so of course i'm keeping my eye on the live pictures out of france and our international sources. also a lot of posts on social media. richard engel tweet add few minutes ago from the looks of what is happening out there in saint-denis, the police and soldiers came ready for battle. i'll have an update in about 30 minutes. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> a lot to keep track of. thanks, matt. two air france flights bound for paris, one departed from los angeles, another from washington, were diverted and forced to make emergency landings after someone called in threats against those planes.
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everyone on board made it off safely and the fbi says there is no evidence suggesting that either of the threats is credible. there are new developments this morning. more video coming out of paris in the wake of friday's attacks. coming up we'll get a look inside a hotel room believed to be used by one of the paris attackers who is still on the run. we'll tell you what experts found in that room and how it could help their investigation. >> at 5:04 following more breaking news from philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. a house fire damaged three homes and displaced some families. katy zachry is live on scene with more. >> reporter: that's new information i learned the last little bit that several families on this block of columbia avenue have been displaced. the fire marshal and the battalion chief, they have been busy inside the house investigating how this fire started. but i am told by some first responders that it may be an outdoor grill that started the
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fire which spread to three homes. here is a look at our video. you see how fierce flames were. it broke out on one side of a twin home on columbia avenue near 63rd street. columbia and a nearby intersection are still blocked off. we are told this house caught on fire around 1:15 this morning. there was one woman sleeping inside. i spoke to her. she said she woke up to glass breaking. hours before the fire one of the neighbors i'm told claimed that she was worried about the flames coming from the woman's outside grill. >> there was a grill in the yard and the grill was closed, covered you know. and i wake up and all i hear is a glass breaking. and it's a glass in the kitchen. when i come out the grill's on the ground. >> a difficult morning for that woman because she was inside sleeping at the time of this fire.
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she says this house has been in her family for decades. i'm trying to connected with the battalion chief on scene to learn his thoughts how the fire may have started and when this area and the nearby streets will get back to normal. >> 5:06. new from overnight police in montgomery county are looking for a robber who assaulted someone. it happened around 1:30 this morning in lower merion. police are still not sure what was taken. they say the victim was not hurt. today counselors will be at a middle school in delaware. >> they will address concerns after authorities arrested a former choir director for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student there. police arrested 43-year-old gary smith yesterday. he worked at h.b. dupont middle school. police say smith was involved in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student from 2010 through 2012. police say many of the offenses happened on school grounds.
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>> deeply disturbing. it is a very difficult time for red clay. >> smith is charged with 27 counts of parape and is on paid leave and is in jail on bond. >> this morning police say there is good reason to believe this missing student from montgomery county is armed. out of precaution officials have closed the college he attends in maryland. sources tell nbc 10 jacob marberger was last seen monday morning buying ammunition at this walmart in berks county. he is a sophomore at washington college in maryland. officials there say he previously told them he felt persecuted after students pulled pranks on him. three weeks ago they got a tip about him having a gun and found an antique rifle and revolver in a house. he was suspended until a psychologist cleared him to return. police say he left campus and
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went to his parents home where he took a rifle case. >> we do not have evidence that he has threatened students, the campus, the community here. he obviously is a troubled young man. we hope he comes home. we hope he calls his parents. >> washington college is closed until further notice. pennsylvania state police searched by air yesterday and turned up no sign of jacob. take a look at what happened to a family's car in north philadelphia. >> that was the scene near temple last night and this is the result. charred remains of a car after it unexpectedly exploded. three people including a young child were inside just seconds before. the driver explains the moments before the blast. >> as i come out the car is in flames on the right-hand side in the front. and i told him get out the car get out the car.
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boom. the loud boom. >> all three passengers managed to get out safely. >> nine minutes after 5:00. the temperatures have been dropping overnight. we have a colder morning but in spite of clouds that will be increasing today, it will be warmer than it was yesterday. we will warm into the 60s. today, clouds. tomorrow, rain. i'm tracking rain that will be arriving tomorrow morning and staying for most of the day tomorrow. this morning, 37 now in reading, down to 43 in philadelphia. cape may is the 54. most pli clear skies right now. dry on beach avenue. the view we'll see increasing clouds as the day goes on. you can see high clouds in the area. but what's coming our way during the day today is in the ohio valley and what we'll see tomorrow is moving into the midwest and the deep south. this is where severe
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thunderstorm warnings are in effect for northeastern mississippi, and wet weather is heading into alabama this morning. so during the day today we stay dry. but the sunshine fades. we'll see a riddle bit. 57 in bethlehem, upper 50s for fleetwood and pennsburg. some areas will treech 60s. bordentown, abington in the 60s. didn't see that yesterday. clouds will take over later for avalon, millville, 65 degrees this afternoon. a warm up there. philadelphia up to 64. it's right at 60 degrees for thorndale and malvern and low 60s in wilmington. a look at the arrival time when i'm back in ten. there was a situation on the atlantic city expressway and maybe things are getting cleared up. >> let's find out. jessica boyington has new information. >> right. so, that's a big thumbs up icon
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for you, chris. in hamilton township that investigation has cleared out of the way from the expressway so all lanes open, no problems there. vehicles, clearing out of the way. you should be good heading out the door. watch out just in case. 422 is great around trooper road. back here. through that construction lane restrictions, we have no problems with our drive times to the schuylkill expressway still eight minutes. the p.a. turnpike is okay. we have construction eastbound between valley forge and norristown. you can see our drive times are great also westbound or eastbound 22 minutes at the most from route 1 to valley forge. when i come back we'll do another check on mass transit. >> 11 past 5. we're following new developments in the terror in paris. what happened while you were sleeping during a raid. attack aftermath. we have video from minutes after the gun fire inside the bataclan
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it's 5:14. we follow breaking news out of paris. a live picture of the paris suburb of saint-denis. a standoff between police and at least one terror suspect.
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french media reporting that the suspect inside the mastermind of friday's attack. this is going on since 10:30 our time. you can hear how it began. take a listen. the sound of gun fire pierced the neighborhood during a police raid. two suspects are dead. one of the suspects blew herself up with a suicide vest. four officers were hurt. police made five arrests. s.w.a.t. teams tried to form an apartment where the suspected mastermind was believed to be hiding out. again, paris, french media reporting that the mastermind is inside. also french president francois hollande is holding emergency meeting now with his ministers monitoring the situation and considering extending the state of emergency for france. now, you may find this new video we're about to show you chilling. >> it's cell phone video.
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it shows injured people who escaped the gun fire in the bataclan theater. some are helped. others sprawled on the sidewalk. toward the end of the video you'll see police arrive on the scene there and take command. look at this video here. pizza boxes and syringes, this is what police found in two hotel rooms reportedly used by one of the suspects in the attack now on the run. authorities say salah abdelslam used his credit card to pay. >> germany is on edge following the attacks and now they had a bomb scare. in hanover, germany cancel add soccer game. officers had concrete evidence of someone wanting to set off a bomb in the stadium. germany's national team was playing in paris when explosions went off outside that stadium. ♪
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>> the french national anthem echoed at a soccer game in london. security was tight. the english and french teams set aside rivalry to unite in a show of solidarity. british fans say it was the right thing to do. >> people in a big way about this being about showing the fraternity with france. >> the heavy security presence around the stadium did not keep fans from showing their true colors for england and france. for updates you can tap nbc 10 noou news app or go to stick with us for more details as we get them from the raid in france and the search for the mastermind of the attacks. 5:17. terrorism will no doubt dominate the national agenda on national security. cyber security and radicalization are expected to
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be major components of the council briefing. secretary of state john kerry and secretary jeh johnson are both expected to speak. >> ferguson, missouri, the site of protests after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager last summer now has a new city manager. the council chose decarlon seawood to replace john shaw who resigned after a report by the department of justice over racial profiling and other alleged city corruption. that was spurred by the fatal shooting of michael brown by ferguson officer darren wilson. that shooting triggered protests in ferguson and across the country. wilson was cleared of wrong doing by the justice department and by a st. louis county grand jury. >> four years in prison the sentence for 24-year-old raymond carter, the man who set fire to a pharmacy during the unrest in baltimore earlier this year. carter has to pay $500,000 in
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restitution after pleading guilty to a federal charge of rioting. the fire was on april 27, prosecutors say carter intentionally set that fire while it was being looted. this was right in the middle of the unrest. after the funeral of freddie gray, gray, suffered a spinal cord injury and died in police custody. six baltimore police officers are charged in connection with his death. this morning police in maryland are looking for the guy who harassed a man through his apartment window and flashed him. >> the victim didn't sit there, he jumped into action to find the man. this is the suspect's photo. the victim was able to snap right after he was harassed allegedly by this man. police say the man walked up to the victim's sliding door, asked for his phone number and made inappropriate gestures and exposed himself. the suspect walked away from the home. police are hoping that evidence there will help them find the man. >> getting ready to head out the door, let's get you updated on
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your ride to work. >> hopefully no problems to greet you. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will let us know if there is good news on the roads. >> good news here on 202, chris. right around the schuylkill expressway. no jam ups now. a 7 minute drive time from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. we're moving along. average speeds 62 miles per hour. so everybody still moving. also watch out for this house fire in the 6100 block of columbia avenue. lane restrictions therend a also 63rd and lebanon is currently being blocked off. mass tran sis, no problems or delays for septa, dat, new jersey transit and the speed line. when i come back we'll check in with more drive times around the philadelphia area. an hour and a half before
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sunrise. we have clouds starting to move in. high clouds. this morning it is cold. you'll notice it as soon as you go out the door. 43 degrees, that's 6 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. that's at the airport. most of the area is in the 30s right now. so you probably need the winter coat to start with. but in spite of clouds moving in during the day. we'll see the temperatures climb. we'll wind up in the 60s today. radar, completely clear for our area. but look to the west. you see the line of rain from the midwest, wisconsin into illinois. and into the deep stout, kentucky, tennessee, mississippi seeing some of the heaviest weather. that's a line of wet weather that the futurecast shows arrives here tomorrow morning. during the day today we'll get the clouds, tomorrow that rain sweeps through and then by tomorrow evening it's pulling away. from a third of an inch to just over an inch of rain is possible. then our attention turns to another weathermaker. snow in the midwest, that snow
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will be in the move and over the weekend, parts of pennsylvania will see some of that snow. there is a pretty good chance now that it is going to miss the immediate philadelphia area. for today, clouds increasing, the temperature also increasing. into the 60s. easterly winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow here comes the rain. and wind too. it will be warmer, 66 degrees. cold front comes through, that will clear the rain out of here and bring the temperatures back down to normal for friday. a breezy 56 degrees with plenty of sunshine on friday. clouds increasing on saturday. if there is precipitation with that next system, it will be off to the north and west. the pocono mountains might see snowflakes. then clear of philadelphia. but the cold, that is not going to miss us. look at saturday afternoon. 44 after morning low of 38 degrees. then colder monday morning in the 20s. >> okay. 20s. all right. thank you for the warning, bill.
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>> we're a little more than a week away from one of the big shopping days. amazon will offer black friday deals faster than ever. landon dowdy is here to explain. good morning. >> hey, tracy, good morning. keep hitting that refresh button. amazon will roll out deals every five minutes starting friday and through black friday, last year promotions were launched every 10 minutes. they will host up to 10 deals on thanksgiving and 10 more on black friday and limited deals on its mobile shopping app. deals up to 45% off samsung and lgtv's and half off toys including barbie and hot wheels. stocks under pressure following a mixed session. futures are lower, look for data on new home construction and the minutes from last month's fed meeting when the central bank
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signaled it could ratz rates in december. also earnings from target. the dow rising to 17489. back over to you. >> a lot to watch. thanks. 42 degrees, it is colder outside. the 42 is in the city. in the suburbs 30s and the wind is blowing to make it feel colder. that's a live view from center city. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> that's right. watching 78 in the lehigh valley. no problems there. east or westbound. i'm matt delucia live in the digital operations center following new developments out of france. raids, gun fire action and suspected terrorists are dead. i'm gathering new details now. i'll have that in a few minutes.
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we're following breaking news in france after a deadly raid overnight. we'll tell you what happened while you were sleeping, they are targeting the man police believe was behind the


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