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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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waited a second to see if the person would come back and get it and i said i thought i was going to say something. i wasn't going to touch it. you never know. >> reporter: keenan did what law enforcement across the country hopes everyone does as they are traveling on trains, planes and other transportation. >> since friday there has been a dramatic upt tick in the number of calls we get or officers being approved by people who saw a suspicious package or a package left on a train. >> reporter: none of them have led to anything and septa's police chief says there's no threats in the region. still, he's shifted schedules at septa stations to increase visibility. >> we're taking some officers off of training tasks and administrative tasks. we're adding people and watching video systems. >> reporter: they want riders to see police. police to see riders, and riders to feel comfortable doing who jean keenan it. >> good that they have people
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walking aron. in this day and age we have to be very careful. >> reporter: passengers i spoke with today tell me they are glad to see this extra security. jean and her husband were on their way to see their daughter. she says it does make you a little nervous after what happened in paris, but you can't let -- let that keep you from living your life. you just have to keep your eyes open. live at 0th street state, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 0 news. >> reporter: and jim rosenfield is staying on top of the latest information from the overnight raid. he'll bring us updates live from paris throughout our evening newscasts. >> now to even more break news and a search for a missing college student from montgomery county who may be armed. within the last hour we learned affirmative actionor officials are closing the college she attends in maryland through thanksgiving. washington college has cancelled classes for the rest of the week and the week of thanksgiving. the campus will reopen sunday, november 29th with classes resuming the next day.
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ja jacob marberger, a sophomore at the college, the school first cancelled classes monday after marberger's parents called the college to say he had returned home to cheltenham township pand believe he may have taken a gun before leaving. authorities are still searching for the 19-year-old. across the river, look at this. police officers in delaware county say an employee at a pizza place was selling this marijuana while she was on the job. now that store is closed, and today radnor town ship shut down the pizza place on lancaster office. more live from the operations center with details on this story. >> reporter: keith, radnor police tell us two cops bought pot from the assistant manager on multiple occasions. investigators say she would walk outside, sell the drugs and then return to work. that's the reason why the health department in radnor has shut down the seasons pizza in waynes so the store can be sanitized.
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there's concerns over the possibility that the assistant manager was handy will the drugs and the food at the same time. we spoke to up with of the undercover officers about the bust on the condition of anonymity. >> she's dealing with food that's going to you and my kids, you and my mom and dad and that's unacceptable hy where but especially here in radnor township. >> reporter: take a look. the undercover officers say they followed her into the pizza shop after a drug deal last night and nabbed her inside the store. police tell us they found marijuana in her purse. now, i reach out to season's pizza via twitter to try to track down the owner of that wayne location. i have yet to hear back, but in the meantime radnor police say that the seasons pizza in wayne is being very cooperative and they expect it should be open very soon. reporting from the digital operations center, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> well, you can see right thereto line in the middle of
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the country, that line storms is moving our way and it's going to bring wet weather just in time for your drive to work tomorrow. >> good for us, right? >> let's get right to first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. how bad do you think it will be? >> the western suburbs is where the rain arrives first. the clouds arrive today no. rain around right now as you can see. we're still dry in that area of rain. it continues to get closer but it's still pretty far away. it's a solid area of rain and by the time it gets here we expect it to be a solid area of rain meaning hour after hour after hour of rain. some of it a little bit on the heavier side, and there we are as a part of a morning rush. that's rain and a lot of places, according to our computer modelch the temperatures now kind of mild. 61 degrees in philadelphia. close to 60 degrees north and west, and as high as 63 in wildwood, and it's going to be
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even warmer during the day tomorrow during that rape. so it's not really going to cool down much tonight. the clouds continue. no rain before midnight. more on the timing of that rain, how much to expect and how cold it's going to get over the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, looking forward that. now to a story you'll see only on nbc 10. we told you last week about a mystery at this montgomery county cemetery. someone was vandalizing the same grave over and over and over again. now police say they know exactly who did it. nbc 10's nina durante joins us from cons hockeyen with this information. police say this all started 56 years ago when the suspect was only 12. >> reporter: that's what they say where this alleged grudge comes from and they say the suspect has been holding on for this grudge for 56 years. in the last year and a half he's shown up here to st. matthew cemetery in conshohocken.
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police and the family were fed up and hid a surveillance camera in this tree. >> it's a long time and to have that bitter taste in your mouth and to wait to try to get back to someone and then only acting phone when you find out that that person is no longer alive. >> reporter: for a year and a half this grave was target the, red paint, tar and black spray paint defaced the gravestone. fed up, police and the family of the man buried here tried to diskurnlgt vandalism, a motion activated light was installed and it was sfoelen or defaced this started in 242014 and ended november 6 when black spray paint was sprayed over the family name >> the only grave marker in the whole cemetery that was vandalized, and the grave of their loved one was damaged. >> reporter: last year they aired these images and soon tips began coming in. police said tipsters identified this man paul donovan of phoenixville as the man behind the crime. police showed up to his home in
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phoenixville. donovan didn't answer the door for us today but last week investigators say he confessed to them. >> he claims that this subject stole money from him and 56 years later he was getting back at him. so for 56 years he's lived with this grudge, and this was his way to get back, not even really realizing that he wasn't getting back at that person. he was getting back at his wife and children >> reporter: wife and kids each time paid to figure the grave marker and donovan according to police has offered to repate family minus the money he still feels is still owed to him 56 years later. >> it's almost further insult uponled family. >> reporter: now police tell us that family is glad that this case is behind him. as for donovan we went to his home and don't have a comment from him and he's due in court sometime in the middle next month. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> deanna, thank you. a montgomery county high
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school was in a lockout this morning as police said someone made a threat against a student while-ins place. students weren't allowed to leave the building and the school released a statement saying a suspect was in custody and operations went back to normal by late morning. >> take a look at this fire that started this morning in overbrook that damaged three homes and left nine people in the street. the fire marshal tells us one firefighter ended up in the hospital from exhaustion but he is expected to be okay. the flames were so intense firefighters could only attack it from the outside. one resident believes the fire was started by a gas grill. >> i wake up and all i hear is the glass breaking, and it's the glass in the kitchen, and when i do come outside the grill is on the ground. >> right now there is no official cause. >> now watch this city of what philadelphia police say is an arsonist on the run with his arm on fire. he is taking off after setting several cars on fire at
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businesses in overbrook this month. watch again. you can see his left arm just in flames there. investigators released this video today. and nbc 10 was at the scene of the fire back on november 6th. police say the man you just saw torched 11 cars at superior automotive and towing. if you recognize him or knowing anything about the crime, as always they ask you to contact philadelphia police. >> only at 4:00, only on 10 investigators are there as delaware district attorney's office served a warrant on colwyn's fire company. allegations of misuse of public dollars are investigators looking for items that fire officials claimed to have purchased between august of 2012 and june of this year. >> were you able to find what you were looking for? >> we found the majority of the equipment we were looking for. we still had to compare the notes between the actual inventory we have and the items that were on the list. >> some of the items detectives
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were looking for included computers and tvs and generators. the fire company president says he believes the d.a.'s investigation will show no wrongdoing by the company. a new jersey trooper killed in the line of duty got a monument dedicated in his name today. werner foerster was killed 40 years ago during a traffic stop on the new jersey turnpike. today officials dedicated a memorial in east brunswick in his honor. this woman was convicted of murder and escaped a u.s. prison and remains on the fbi's most wanted terror list. officials are offering $2 million for information leading to her capture. neighbors in south jersey now have a crime-fighting tool in the palm of their hand. >> that's right. people want -- police rather want people to use their smartphones to help solve these crimes. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cidney long joins us live from cumberland county.
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cyd, how will this work. >> reporter: i can show you, keith, the app is called ccpo tips. it's a free download, by the way, but as we zoom you can see right here police in vineland hand also bridgeton have been using it for three years and now they hope that more residents will soon get their hands on it. solving crime is now at the fingertips of residents and witnesses in cumberland count de, and it's anonymous. >> we've have h information come in, something as serious as a homicide to neighborhood nuisances. >> reporter: prosecutor jennifer web mccrae is expanding the tip app to include the prosecutor's office, state police, port norris and vineland barracks along with the sheriff's office and millville pd and won't replace 911, but when you open it you can submit what you know to authorities discreetly. they are looking for info on drug dealers, outstanding warrants and cold cases. we're told the software out of state removes any phone number
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or e-mail footprint from the server. >> many times the victims need people to come forward on their behalf and tell us what they saw. >> reporter: kristina says that she witnessed victims of a crime getting hurt she would record video or photo on her phone and send it to police right away. >> trying to save their life or trying to save the people in their environment because if they are not in a good environment you can share it and then go and try to get them help. >> reporter: investigators say tipsters do use it, but with only 500 tips over three years it's only generating one tip every other day. >> this is a tool that allows people to come forward aftering fact or in realtime in a safeway and giving as much information as they feel comfortable. >> now we asked specifically in light of two police in custody deaths here in cumberland county, the shooting of jerome reid in bridgeton back in december, also the philip light
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case here. do communities feel comfortable and trusting police to use this type of tip application, and we'll share with you what they shared with us at 5:30. live in vineland, i'm cidney long, nbc 10 news. >> delaware bureau now. police want to the crack down on a spree of robberies that may be relate. they all targeted food delivery drivers in the newcastle and bear area. in all five cases the suspect pointed a gun and made demands as the drivers pulled up the delivery addresses. if you know anything about these ropries call police. and the university of delaware is getting a new president. today the school's board of trustees elected dennis assanis who comes from new york's stonybrook university where he serves as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. he'll take office at university of delaware next july. nancy target, a former dean of the college, will continue to serve as interim president until then. it was announced in march the
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delaware president was stepping down to become head of the federal reserve bank of philadelphia. we are following new developments in the paris terror attacks. the french prosecutor says overnight raids stopped a terror cell that was planning another attack. during the raid officers fired 5,000 rounds of ammunition and left two people dead. and president francois hollande is asking his country to get back to normal. french authorities say the mastermind of the terror attack in france was not among eight people arrested after that steej siege outside paris. >> but he could be one of the people killed during the raid. nbc's erica edwards reports. >> reporter: everything started at 49:23 a.m. local time. >> heard some gunshots and explosions. >> reporter: a press conference was held here and we've learned a lot from it. we've learned about not only raids here overnight and in the early hours of this morning but also three attacks in paris on friday night. we learned there were in fact
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three teams, three cars and that they were all coordinated. we also had confirmation there were reports of a cell phone found in a trash can outside of the bataclan with a text message about getting ready. we're going in. in terms of the raid here overnight what we did learn is they went into two different apartments. we know there were eight arrests, seven men and one woman. there are at least two dead. not everyone has been positively identified at this point. there was a belief that perhaps the man called the mastermind of these attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud, could be in that apartment. >> i must say that abaaoud and salah abdeslam are not part of the people -- are not part of the people in custody. >> reporter: there was also a police-controlled explosion while this press conference was on the air just behind us. we did confirm with the police that's exactly what it was. it was a bag that had been left and so as often happens in situations like this in the united states as well, that bag was blown up for security
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purposes. back to you. >> erica hill reporting. nbc 10's jim rosenfield has been monitoring these breaking developments from the streets of paris. >> and joins us live once again. >> jim, what do we know about the apartment where the suspects are staying? >> reporter: british television spoke with the owner of the apartment, and he was heard saying that he was asked by a friend to rent the apartment to another two friends, and he claimed that he didn't know anything about who those people, so a friend of a friend is apparently how that all came together. >> jim, i know you also have some new information about what it took for the suspects to pull off that attack. >> so nbc news is reporting that it's a relatively low-cost operation about the equivalent, as they say, of the cost of a fancy french handbag. about $10,000 is they say what
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it took to pull this operation off, and for comparison sake it was about half a million dollars to pull off the 9/11 terror attacks, so relatively inexpensive operation doing as we now know devastating damage to so many lives. >> interesting perspective there. nbc 10's jim rosenfield in paris providing really great insight. jim, thank you very much. meanwhile, also today, authorities say they have identified all 129 people killed in friday's attacks. at least 350 more were injured, some of them critically so there's a chance that the death toll will rise if any of the wounded don't recover. so far only one american victim is confirmed dead. she's 1-year-old nohemi gonzalez, and she was a student at cal state university. the school says she was spending a semester abroad studying in paris. >> the american band that was on stage at the french concert hall where 89 people died is home safe tonight and speaking out. members of the eagles of death
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metal say they are horrified and still trying to come to terms with what happened. the band was performing at bataclan concert hall last friday when the attack happened. they are back home in california now and say all their shows are on hold. now the band released a statement that reads in part, although bonded in grief with the victims, the fans, the families, the citizens of paris and all those affected by terrorism, we are proud to stand together with our new family, now united by a common goal of love and compassion. >> well, our extremely mild november continued today. the next change that's going to happen, some rain just in time for the morning rush. at least in part of the area. it's going to be another warm day tomorrow, even warmer than today and wet and windy, and then by the time the eagles are playing on sunday the birds are going to be playing in some
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pretty cold weather. we've got cloudy skies and had cloudy skies just about all day. they thickened up pretty early at 61 degrees. that did not prevent the temperature from going above average. winds east southeast at 10 miles per hour right now. we're in the upper 50s north and west and into the low 60s in much of delaware and extreme south jersey, and, again, just about everywhere is above average with close to 7 degrees above average for the month of november as a whole, and here we are, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday, and tomorrow we'll be warmer than today. here are the clouds thickening up, and there's the rain. it's still in central ohio so it has a ways to go before it gets here, but it's a solid area of rain. we have thunderstorms on the leading edge of that, and it's all moving straight to the east. a lot of moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico. by the time it gets here, some atlantic moisture gets in, but
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it's a southerly wind and so it does not cool down tonight. look at the temperatures in this computer model. it doesn't even go below 59. the average high for this time of year is 55 so by tomorrow morning when you get up it's going to be pretty mild and it will be mild all day, but definitely the rain gear in store. here's 8:00 a.m. and during the morning rush so at least from philadelphia westward we've got a steady rain. not necessarily all that heavy, and here we go later in the day and there may be another round of rain coming in later in the day or even into the evening hours that could become heavier. this stuff would be heavier and with some thunderstorms that's the one area that we're especially going to watch, and then it gets colder behind that. for the rest of the night tonight, well, we have the cloudy skies. we have a chance of some rain by sunrise, especially in the western suburbs. 57 for the low.
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so it's not very cold tonight at all. tomorrow it's a warm day, but it's rainy and a chance of a thunderstorm, especially in delaware and south jersey, especially late in the day and into the evening hours. then on friday it's windy and somewhat colder. it's still not all that cold. even saturday is not that cold at 56 degrees. sunday, yeah, that's when we get it. 46 degrees for the high, plus it's going to be kind of windy, so it will be a lot colder for this weekend's eagles game, and then chilly weather stays for the next couple of days after that. >> thank you. we'll go live to sky sports 10 and breaking news in montgomery county. there's been an explosion inside a home here in douglas township, and you can see right there haz-mat crews, police, they are on that scene. we're told it was a chemical explosion that did this here on rhodes avenue and that a man was burned. we're still working to find out how seriously. it's not clear yet what
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chemicals are involved either. we'll continue to montorlt situation. >> a baby just 3 weeks old trapped in a burning building. how firefighters brought him to safety as smoke and flames filled the home. >> and amazon is rolling out details of its black friday deals. we'll explain why you'll have to make quick decisions to keep up with their discounts. and it's not a jail break but a zoo break. see what z coopers found at ends of the footprints. >> i don't want sub-opening up a credit card and stealing my identity. >> posted on a government site for anyone to see. >> clear public search. >> tomorrow at 4:00, only the investigators knock on doors warning you. >> that scares the hell out of me. >> what you can do now to keep your personal info safe. >> and when they are put on that document, privacy is gone. >> and how we're getting action before you even see this story. >> thanks to you bringing this to our attention.
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>> the heebs 10 investigators, count on it. para
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did you see this? new york city firefighters carry a baby into an ambulance after rescuing the child from a burning home. people outside the home were overcome with emotion. firefighters rescued the baby from an upstairs bedroom and say they were simply doing their jobs. >> i don't know if hero is the right word. that's just what we do, you know. that's what we're trained to do, and i'm glad that it worked out.
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>> looks like these guys are heros. the baby is in stable condition this afternoon. it's not clear yet how that fire started. did you hear about this. isn't waiting for black friday. >> starting earlier the giant retailer starts rolling out its holiday promotions in just two days, starting friday. amazon will offer deals every five minutes through the real black friday. there will be more deals on thanksgiving, including limited time only specials on its mobile app. the company promises deep discounts on electricics. >> here's something completely different. you'll love this. a couple of cute animals made their debut at the philadelphia zoo today. >> 5-month-old red pandas at the zoo tell us they are doing great. red pandas are actually endangered and now they need names and soothe is asking for your suggestions. are you creative? go to the nbc 10 news app for information on how to submit your ideas. >> adorable. >> so cute.
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>> a pack of penguins are attracting plenty of attention at at zoo in denmark for a failed escape attempt. >> this is a great story here. the big mistake was forgetting to cover their tracks, of course, quite literally. a zoo worker captured the footage of a trail of wet footprints after the penguins escaped their enclosure the trail leads them right to the culprit, runaway penguins. this video has more than 1.2 million views since being posted last week and they are still running. the penguins reached a dead end and tried to turn around and then they realized, the fugitives realize their escaped is futile and they waddle back down the hall. perhaps they could have learned something, got to point this out from the z brass, the pair of them that escaped from a circus in west philly last week. the animals got loose from the universol circle going on during the eagles game. police eventually core rammed them.
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video and pictures postedon social media show them trotting down city streets. log on to our website and the universol circus and the penguins are in north carolina tonight. >> stories keep getting better. david beckham was named "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. 40-year-old beckham, becks, tells "people" he never feels like he's an attractive person, really? beckham does say his wife victoria beckham agrees with the title, of course she does. >> let get on back to the animals though first. >> safer territory. >> yeah, exactly. you may not have a very high opinion of let's say pigeons, right? >> some doctors do though. why they say pigeons have a unique skill that could help diagnose a serious disease. authorities say a man ripping off businesses at the jersey shore and beyond is a
4:28 pm
master at art of confusion. >> he's a con man, and he's doing this scam all along the east coast. >> i'm ted greenberg with how police say he's pulling it off.
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doing this scam all along the
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we're following the latest developments on the terror attacks in paris. the paris prosecutor says dna analysis of the two people killed in overnight raids will determine their identities. police arrested eight other suspects overnight. investigators say the terror sell they took down in saint-denis was ready to act again. and french police have banned any public demonstrations in paris and surrounding towns until sunday. >> president obama says the u.s. will steadily take in more syrian refugees despite heavy pushback from the majority of state governors. the president says tin tends to block entry of some refugees and it's against american values.
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>> we are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack we descend into fear and panic. >> anyone fleeing syria or another country facing war and who is invited to live in the u.s. is considered a refugee. the u.s. plans to accept 85,000 people in 2016, and about 100,000 in 2017, most of them syrian refugees. meanwhile republican presidential candidate ted cruz is bashing the obama administration's plan. he had this message to say to the president. >> i would encourage you, mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. let's have a debate on syrian refugees right now. we can do it anywhere you want. i would prefer it in the united states and not overseas where you're making the insult. >> more on the local reaction to taking in syrian refugees coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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the. >> the clouds have been thickening up all day and rain is on the doorstep. not that close. it's going to take a little while, but it's getting closer. it's starting to get near west virginia now. it's a solid line of rain, and it will stay intact by the time it gets here and the timing of it in general starts to bring if at least into the western suburbs by the morning rush tomorrow and then it get a little heavier later on during the day. this is not just a couple of showers here. we're talking about many hours worth of rain before the day and the night is over. it's going to be a warm rain. temperatures are now well above average, and it's going to be even higher tomorrow. 67 in philadelphia now and 63 in wildwood, and as we go through the night tonight, temperature really is going to drop. we have a southerly wind so we're going to stay fairly cloudy through the night and
4:33 pm
there's 57 degrees at 11:00, and by morning the wind is picking up and the rain starts to moving in, but that's a pretty mild temperature. it is going to be getting a whole lot colder over the weekend. that as well as time on the rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we have new video and new information about the dwi arrest of a new jersey state trooper. police records show sergeant michael roadside had a blood-alcohol level at 0.16. that's twice the legal limit. he was arrested last month after crashing into a woman's car at a rest stop on the garden state parkway. the report also says sergeant roadside offered the woman $1,000 to keep quiet. an open container of actual was recovered from roadside's patrol car and he was immediately taken into custody and remains suspended without pay. happening now. some philadelphia students are staging a protest. this is a live picture from
4:34 pm
outside samuel huey elementary school in copps creek. the school district wants to convert it to a charter school meaning it will be run by an outside organization. the protesting student have promised civil disobedience every week until they save their school. also today the children's scholarship fund philadelphia released applications to parents and students. csfp will hand out 2,000 scholarships for the next school year for kids in grades 1 through 8. all scholarships are need-based and awarded through a random lottery. applications are available online through march 1st. the csfp called on parents today to demand answers from pennsylvania governor tom wolf on the budget stalemate saying the very scholarships are in jeopardy if action is not taken to save them. philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenny is making good on his promise to bring more diversity into city government and today in city hall he named his chief
4:35 pm
diversity and inclusion officer, the first for the city of brotherly love. the division was created to reduce racial barriers in the city's workforce. he also named as chief inspector general. and also today, the lehigh valley is marking the 20th anniversary the hand scape altering event. on this day 20 years ago bethlehem steel's main plant closed after nearly a century running. the site is now home to an arts and entertainment district as many of us know called steel stack. a passenger under fire for what airport security found in his underwear. that's next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and pigeons diagnosing cancer. that's right. why doctors say they could have a unique skill to pull that off.
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listen to this. passengers accused of trying to sneak a knife on to a flight by hiding it in his underwear at airport in newark. it was a small pocket knife. authorities say the passenger tried clearing security on monday. the man is from arkansas and they found the weapon at a checkpoint after the tsa told him he couldn't have it in his carry-on bag. the man is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. a massive recall involving defective japanese air bags is shifting into high gear. u.s. government officials have set a list of vehicles with takata air bags to be found first. honda hats most high-risk models. cars and trucks from the 2008 model year or older or in higher humidity areas are getting priority. this is the largest recall in u.s. history. helping new mothers and their newborn babies. a philadelphia hospital has a new way to make sure babies are getting the breast milk they
4:40 pm
need, even if mom cannot provide it herself. >> well, we've got some rain moving in for your morning commute. i'm tracking the radar and how it could affect your drive to work. >> and all new tonight at 5:00, a father starts shooting at two robbers who broke into his burks county farmhouse. why police say the burglars accidentally targeted the wrong person, and as they got arrested when they tried to get help.
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person, and as they got arrested person, and as they got arrested
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accidentally targeted the wrong a heads up if you're doing any home improvement projects before the holidays. today the government issued a warning saying home depot continued to sell more than 2,000 recalled products it stores after the recalls were issu issued, everything from ladders and outdoor lights from sold
4:44 pm
under recall with risks ranging from lacerations to fires. we have a list of all the affected products online the just head to nbc1.cole. we reached out to home depot for comment. they tell us in part, quote, this involves 1,800 transactions out of 4 billion over the past three years. that said we take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and apologize for the error, end quote. >> and an unusual milk bank opened today inside children's hospital. the mother's milk bank takes donated breast milk and pasteurizes and processes it at the hospital. in the past it the had to be sent somewhere else to be prepared for babies who need it. the new milk bank makes it easier for women and employees to donate their milk. eventually the hospital will accept breast milk from mothers in the local community. and research suggests babies who get breast milk have a lower risk of several conditions, including asthma, childhood leukemia, obesity and ear
4:45 pm
infections. >> calling your doctor a bird brain isn't very nice, unless, of course, they really are one which could actually be true. listen to this. researchers have trained pigeons to tell the difference between cancer and benign breast tissue on mammograms. the birds had some mistakes but also some surprising successes. the doctors are really looking for helping to refine the image quality of slides and x-rays. the pigeons are able to distinguish between a wide range of images. who knew. closer to home, a bucks county state park is closing for one day next month. reason, a massive deer hunt. tyler state park in new town and northampton townships will close deese 2nd. 150 hunters will be allowed inside the 1,700 acre park to thin the deer herd. in the past the hunt has drawn protests.
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>> the mild november continues, and we're going to add some rain to the mix. it's going to be a warm rain tomorrow but some of it should come in for the morning rush, especially in some of the western suburbs, like chester county and delaware county and burks county and even newcastle county and delaware. a wet and windy day tomorrow, and then the cold air gradually comes in. by sunday the birds are going to be pretty cold. we've got cloudy skies right now. it's relatively mild. 61 degrees. the wind east southeast at 10 miles per hour. seven degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. remember on monday we were 70 and then tuesday only 57 and today about 67. tomorrow about 68, and we're going to start going back down as we head towards the weekend and early next week it's going to be, yeah, pretty cold, but it's not going to stay that way. 61 degrees in philadelphia now and close to that in south jersey and delaware, a little cooler than that to the north and a lot colder than that by sunday when the eagles are
4:47 pm
playing kickoff. 44 degrees with a wind on top of that making it feel like it's in the 30s, and the wind could conceivably affect the kicking game and passing game so definitely a colder game than what we saw this past sunday. we have clouds in there right now and here comes the rain right behind it, and it's a solid area. it goes from the gulf of mexico all the way up to canada without a one-mile break. it is a continuous area, and that means we're going to be getting hour after hour of rain and everybody is going to see rain tomorrow. 59 degrees by 10:00. so it's a warm night sore this time of the year, and by tomorrow morning, 62 degrees at 6:00 a.m. now here comes the rain. generally towards the latter portion of the morning rush and especially in the western counties and getting a little bit heavier but not especially heavy during the morning hours. if we do get heavy rain out of this it's likely to come in the
4:48 pm
afternoon and may be a surge in the evening. look at temperatures all throughout area, way up in the 67s. the average high is now 55. now, that's some heavy rain and that's probably with thunderstorms that would be during the evening hours. not every computer mod sell showing this, but it does show the potential of at least a round of some showers and thunderstorms before we get into the drier and colder air. how much rain? this later computer model not showing much by 8:00 tonight and by friday morning some places are getting over one inch of rain and some places even two inches of rain, but we have other models that are not showing quite as much. all the models are showing this. the colder air is coming in, especially on sunday, and holding in there on monday. but watch what happens as we go towards thanksgiving. by wednesday the mild air is starting to come back and the
4:49 pm
cold air retreating, so thanksgiving day does not look especially cold. 57 degrees in philadelphia and 53 north and west and the rain coming in by sunrise during the day tomorrow and a rainy day. hours and hours of it and a chance of some thunderstorms and a warm day. and then it's cooling off on friday and still not that cold, not that cold saturday evening. sunday, that's when it's cold and then it's cold on monday, even colder monday, and it's cold on tuesday, but look at wednesday when we start warming up, and even though thanksgiving day is beyond the seven-day, it does look like generally dry weather and fairly mild for this time of the year. >> don't forget your umbrella tomorrow. >> yeah. >> good point, exactly. >> absolutely going to need it, no doubt. >> glenn, thank you. authorities say a man ripping off businesses at jersey show is an expert at art of confusion. we'll show you how he's pulling off his alleged scam.
4:50 pm
>> plus, police in one south jersey county want people to use a new anonymous app to report crime but residents say they just don't trust him. only nbc 0 is digging into the issue coming up at 5:00.
4:51 pm
off his alleged scam.
4:52 pm
>> plus, police in one south >> plus, police in one south
4:53 pm
sky force 0 is over breaking news in west philadelphia. crews are on the scene of a gas leak. this is happening along vine street. we do know that several homes have been evacuated. we'll let you know when people are being allowed back in. >> switching gears now. when you buy something from a store that you typically walk out with a little less money depending on what you pie, but that wasn't the case for one alleged scam artist at jersey
4:54 pm
shore. >> police say the culprit is confusing cashiers and walking away with extra cash. nbc 10's ted greenberg shows how he's pulling it off. >> reporter: detectives say he's a master of confusion and distraction. the man seen in this surveillance video alledgedly uses both to trick cashiers into giving him more money than he came in with. >> that's really bad. >> you can't trust anybody. >> he's a con man, and he's doing this scam all along the east coast. >> the police say he hit this chick-fil-a and a neighboring rite aid on the black horse pike just minutes apart on november 5th, a store in york pennsylvania the day before and another in virginia back in march. >> he does have a way with words. he's very aggressive about it. >> you really have to be careful in this day and age because there's so many scam artists out will. >> it's called a quick change scam, a crime carried out while a clerk is giving change, a
4:55 pm
fictional swindler pulls it off in the 1972 film "paper moon." >> can you break a five. >> if i give you five ones back you give me the dollar bill. how many grandchildren. why don't you give me a $10, and give meet five. >> y'all come back. >> that doesn't seem quite right somehow. >> police say this guy usually buys something for less than five bucks and tries to pay with a $200 bill which he end up getting back along with another 97 or so dollars. authorities say in at least one incident he was seen leaving in this dark colored sedan believed to be a ford focus, possibly with maryland plates. >> there is money, a lot of money being transacted during this holiday season so we hope that businesses and people are a little bit more vigilant. >> give police a call if you recognize that guy. detectives tell me they are pretty sure he isn't working alone. they say in at least one of the incidents he was seen in a store
4:56 pm
with another man who was committing the exact same crime. ted greenberg, nbc 0 news. >> what a craze scheme. >> makes mow want to rent that movie. >> i know. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> and here's rosemary connor. >> next at 5:00, hunting the mastermind. a live report from paris after police say they raided another terror cell today and stopped another deadly attack in the city of light. plus, another ripple effect of the terror in paris that could impact you. the messaging apps the terrorists used to be on your phone right now. >> and we have a lot of rain heading our way just in time for your thursday so coming up i'll show you the timing and what you can expect for your morning and evening commute and a much colder weekend. >> plus, a burks county father tries to protect his wife and baby when he shoots two intrude errs who allegedly broke into his farmhouse. why police say the suspects
4:57 pm
meant to attack somebody else. it's all new at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
. all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a burks county father shoots two burglars who break into his farmhouse the we'll tell you why police think the suspects meant to target someone else. >> also new at 5:00, a woman in court today accused of starting this fire in an officer's home because he was generally angry at police.
5:00 pm
we'll take you inside the trial. but first, another terror plot thwarted in france as police hunt for the rick leader of friday's attack. authorities raided his suspected hideout. two people were killed but was the mastermind among them? we're live in paris with the late-breaking details. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us this afternoon. i'm rosemary conors. >> and i'm keith jones. more on what wehe about the overnight raids in paris. the mastermind of friday's attack and another fugitive were not arrested, but the prosecutor did not eliminate the possibility that he is one of two men killed. he said dna anail sis of the two people who died will term their identities. investigators say the terror cell that they took down of the raid was, quote, ready to act again. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield has been monitoring today's developments from the streets of paris. >> he joinss


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