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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> carbon monoxide forces a couple from their home. hear what caused the spike and what rescuers say likely saved their lives. lawmakers will vote on a plan to fund pennsylvania schools. the bill would do away with using school property taxes. and make sure you grab the winter coat before you leave the house this morning. look at these people shivering in center city. temperatures are near freezing now. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill, i had to rummage for the gloves. it's chilly. >> you are absolutely right. you need the winter coat and the
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gloves, the wind is blowing and the temperatures are cold. look at the breeze at 8 miles an hour in philadelphia. a bit stronger in delaware, wilmington and dover. the temperatures, 20s in the pocono mountains, below freezing in allentown. middle 30s for interior new jersey and 35 degrees northeast philadelphia airports. so a cold start this morning, we have clear skies, the temperatures are fill falling and the wind will keep blowing. 38 at 9:00 and a chilly 42 degrees at noon time today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> an accident scene on 95, this is between cottman and bridge, only one lane getting by. you can see that here on the right-hand side. so, we do have police activity on the scene, a few vehicles involved and the left and center lanes closed right now on 95. so something to watch for. on the southbound side where we
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typically see more traffic for the morning hours. mass transit, no problems or delays. i'll come back in ten minutes with another check on 95. >> this just in. fire crews in manayunk tell us carbon monoxide detectors saved lives. a malfunctioning heater caused the poisonous gas to spread through this home, alarms went off. reminder to check your co detectors. lawmakers in pennsylvania will vote on a school funding bill that would change how schools across the state get their money. the plan also directly impacts everyone who works, lives and buys things in the state. katy zachry is live in our digital operation center with the proposal and what it means for your bottom line. >> there is a lot going on at our state capital regarding school funding. you have the budget battle which prevented getting the money for the last five months. now the call for no more school
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income tax. well, that's from senator david arguele. it would require a 12-plus billion state take over of school funding from school boards and maybe the biggest ever change in state taxation. so how could this all happen? there is a detailed plan laid out that involves an increased personal income tax. a lot of people wonder about that. i'll break it down for you coming up in the next half hour. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> from overnight, the mayor of new orleans is now asking witnesses to come forward and speak up after 16 people were shot at a play ground. police say they were on their way to break up a large crowd at the park when the shoot-out started. investigators say there were two groups at the park, one had gathered after a parade. no word on what started the shooting and if anyone was seriously hurt. today a teen who killed a student will find out how long he is going to spend behind
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bars. in december a 16-year-old was hit and killed in bensalem when michael shelly ran a stop sign. shelly was convicted of vehicular homicide and facing seven years in prison. >> burglaries in the bedroom. police in one camden county town are warning about a crime spree where the burglars sneak in through the bedroom. it's happening in voorhees township. police are asking neighbors to be on the lookout. investigators tell us the thieves are targeting mostly second floor apartments, they take cash and jewelry. police release add flyer asking people to stay vigilant and lock doors. from delaware routine traffic stop landed a man behind bars accused of impersonating a police officer. ward as pulled over. when they walked up to the car they saw he was wearing a shirt
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with police on it and they found handcuffs, a police radio and a loaded gun. >> today philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney will focus on his education plan and join darryl clark to discuss a recent trip to cincinnati where he met with leaders from community learning center institute. kenney is expected to talk about the importance of investing in community schools. the announcement will be at the tanner duckry school in philadelphia in north philadelphia. an nbc 10's katy zachry was with kenney on the trip. she will bring you all of the details on his plans for philadelphia and a special report tomorrow morning. so, the tampa bay bucs were too much for the eagles. the game ended with a 28-point loss at homt which is the worst loss at the linc in a decade. the sam bradford out, mark
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sanchez in, a lot of fans nervous to start with. it was a little hope that the eagles scoring on the opening drive. after that the bucs beat up the eagles. chip kelly was booed as he ran off the field. the players are as frustrated. >> we don't want to look like that. that wasn't fun. that really was not fun. it wasn't fun for nobody watching, wasn't fun for us playing in it. i know we are better. >> jameis winston threw for five touchdown passes, the eagles fall to 4-6 on the season. many fans are calling for a change at the top. the birds lost the past two games at home. fans believe both should have been easy wins. many fans said chip kelly needs to go. >> over it.
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listen. listen to us. do something or you got to go. >> you got to give him some time, like there's -- >> is two seasons enough or three? >> next up the birds play the lions in detroit on thanksgiving day. seven minutes after 4, the temperatures are coming down and the wind is blowing this morning. these are cold winds that are going to bring the temperatures down a bit more already. much of the area is seeing readings below freezing this morning. we will see bright sunshine but it's going to be a chilly day all day long. thanks to the winds which really won't set it down until tonight. but, later in the week, looking toward the holiday, got a holiday warm-up. we'll have temperatures above normal. a big turnaround from what we'll feel today. 30 degrees now in reading, philadelphia is down to 36 and 37 at cape may. it is clear and it is cold.
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but completely dry. there is not a cloud around. we'll see plenty of sunshine. the temperatures will be warming up. not a big warm-up this afternoon. 40s for today when normally we would warm into the low 50s. so this afternoon we'll be running about 10 degrees colder than normal. and look, we're 15 degrees colder than it was yesterday morning. atlantic city at the airport is down 21 degrees. off by 12 in allentown. plenty of cold around. pottstown, 29 degrees, wilmington now just 1 degree above freezing. and you go into montgomery county a degree above freezing for glenn side and willow grove. north and west, collegeville is below freezing at 30 degrees. the 20s now at pottstown, so bundle up if you're heading out. and take your sunglasses. look at that, no clouds, we're in the clear. that's not going to change today. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calleding for bright sunshine, 35 the high temperature in the pocono
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mountains, low 40s for allentown, and reading. in spite of sunshine struggle to get above 40 degrees in doylestown, 41 today. warming to 43 in trenton and 42 in mount holly. nothing but sunshine at the shore for rehobeth, cape may, low 40s this afternoon, and that chilly wind will be blowing for philadelphia. that means a high temperature of 44 degrees along with wilmington and swedesboro. there is a warm-up ahead and it starts tomorrow. look at the extended future weather when i'm back. >> thanks for that. nine minutes past 4. your ride to work, let's start with 95. jessica boyington has a look. >> right, tracy. an accident on 95 now where we only have one lane getting by on the southbound side. right around bridge street. one lane is in the right side. you can see here police activity, taking out the left hand shoulder and the next two lanes over. no huge backup now because it's so early we don't have tons of traffic but something to watch for. you can see all of the flashing
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lights and the heavy police presence now as well. we'll keep you updated. watch for the construction on the vine street expressway so both directions you can see in here still closed, the red between broad street and the schuylkill expressway that will be out there until about 5:00. about another hour of cleanup. was it or was it not a crime? the nbc 10 investigators obtained video showing a man breaking into a home. pennsylvania state police are investigating the incident and their own state troopers might be their best witnesses. harry hairston is here with a preview today only on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. >> a man takes an object and throws it through a glass door of a home. feet away state troopers. >> to protect us, in this case it didn't work. >> the homeowner wants the troopers and the other people involved held accountable. >> did your client do anything
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wrong? >> the attorney for the woman says there is morethe story than this video. >> this is the not a black and white situation where you can say that this is clear. >> the investigators want to know why the troopers watched the break-in and if they acted appropriately. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." >> across the country and here in our area police are under fire about how they react to violent situations. matt delucia is live right now in camden. >> reporter: tracy, now some police departments in our area think they may have the answer to make things safer for everyone. i'll have the details next. >> also, brand new video showing one of dozens of raids across belgium. the international search for the remaining terror suspect.
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>> >> new video this morning of raids in brussels. prosecutors said police detained 16 people in 22 raids. belgian will maintain the highest terror alert today which means there is a serious and imminent threat of attack. schools and subways are shut down. >> this news just crossing the wires now. british prime minister david cameron will seek approval for britain to join u.s.-led air strikes against islamic state extremists. cameron met with francois hollande, both are calling for greater european union wide efforts to share intelligence to stop the extremists. they also visited the concert venue.
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french police release add picture of another man believed involved in the terror in paris. they say he is one of the three bombers who died in the attacks outside the national stadium where the game was played november 13. police want anyone with information about him to come forward. we have new video showing the rescue at the bataclan concert hall. the video captures some of the drama and the horror of the massacre. you can see a close-up view of police right before they go in. some of the hostages escaping. in the meantime, members of the band eagles of death metal playing that night are speaking publicly for the first time. >> several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed everyone of them except for a kid hiding under my jacket. >> the killers got in your dressing room. >> yeah. people were playing dead and they were so scared, a great reason why so many were killed is so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> 89 people were killed at the
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concert hall. >> the new york police commissioner says that city's very well prepared in the wake of this month's deadly terror attacks in paris. hundreds of responders simulate add subway terror attack. remember, we're days ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the long planned drill at manhattan station got a last minute update in the wake of the paris attacks, adding a simulation where an attacker was wearing a suicide vest. it's 4:16. today marks a year since a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. dozens gathered where 12-year-old tamir rice was killed. last year he was outside holding a pellet gun. a police officer showed up, saw the gun, shot him, two reports found the officer shooting was justified. the officer was never charged. >> at this point i thank everybody for coming out and showing support for justice for
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tamir. i thank you for standing for me when i can't stand to give me strength. >> the family is still fighting to have the officer indicted. >> the tamir rice shooting the one of the countless deadly encounters that have prompted a change in how officers nationwide are trained to respond to potentially violent situations. matt delucia is live in camden where the county police force is learning to use deadly force as a last resort. and matt, you watched one of these training sessions yourself. tell us about it. >> reporter: i did. this is all about trying to prevent any situation, a traffic stop, a domestic violence case, you name it, from getting worse. the initial training that the officers got five, 10, 20 years ago isn't cutting it. so here's a look. an inside look at one of these training sessions. some of these departments in our area are doing this. a group of officers from camden county police, pine hill and toms river spent three days in what's called a reboot camp.
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they learn about the ethics of protecting and serving the community and also work on verbal de-escalation along with physical fitness. jack led classes like this around the country and says the buzz words we're hearing now about community policing or 21st century policing they need the training to back it up. >> lecturing officers that they should be 21st century police men or win the hearts and minds without the skills and the physical self confidence, without that training, they are not going to be able to do anything that they haven't been doing. >> reporter: camden county police have been doing this since last april. how does the force think this is working? that part of the story when i see you again at 5:00. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." tonight, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will address those new challenges facing police officers. ramsey will touch on community relations with police and balancing crime fighting with
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constitutional rights. ramsey has been commissioner since 2008. he announced his retirement last month. >> 52 years ago today president john f. kennedy was shot and killed in dallas. dozens gathered, hosting signs and pictures. on november 22, 1963, lee harvey oswald shot and killed kennedy. a moment of silence was held at the exact time of the shooting. >> think about the consequences of the turmoil at the time, an american president assassinated on the streets of a major city like dallas, texas. shocking. >> that man who traveled from out of town was gratified by the number of young people there. it took seconds to bring down a hospital in dallas, crews imploded the old st. paul
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university hospital yesterday. hospital officials decided it was too expensive to renovate so voted to demolish it. 28 minutes after 4:00, we're less than a month away before winter starts and feels wintry this morning. under clear skies, great view of venus there. not a cloud in the sky. look at the wind blowing at the nbc 10 studios. the wind out of the west-northwest so that's dry air coming which will allow 36 degrees to get colder before the temperatures start climbing. humidity nonexistent. we're chillier than yesterday. look at this. making snow in the pocono mountains, a view from blue mountain, the guns going, it's plenty of cold weather the next couple mornings for snow making. right now 31 degrees in allentown, 25 in the mountains and wilmington is 33. but with the wind blowing, it feels like in the 20s for many locations. read, pottstown, trenton,
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northeast philadelphia at the airport. wilmington a wind chill of 24 degrees right now. so bundle up if you're heading out the door. plan on sunshine, the radar is clear in our area. but you don't have to go far to find the natural stuff. snow, very light snow northwestern and north central pennsylvania will not be coming our way. those clouds will steer clear of us. over the next couple days, a warming trend after a cold morning tomorrow morning. that's 5:00 tomorrow morning, just below freezing. another cold start. but today will be the coldest day of the week. tomorrow a little warmer in the afternoon. by 3:00 in the afternoon, 47 degrees, likely see very low 50s for tomorrow. but today, lower 40s. sunny skies and a chilly wind blowing. the winds out of the northwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour. we'll be warmer for thanksgiving day. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then. 4:21. let's check the ride to work. we continue to monitor that
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accident on 95. jessica boyington has an update. >> so we're starting to see a little relief on 95 with looks like at least two lanes getting by or more vehicles getting by for now. this is on the southbound side right around bridge street. so police activity on the scene. taking out the left-hand lane, shoulder, and part of that center lane as well. at least traffic is moving through the area. no huge backup yet but that's just because we're dealing with the early morning rush which we don't have much of traffic right now. p.a. turnpike great at 22 minutes, 23 at the most eastbound between valley forge and route 1. watch out eastbound between valley forge and norristown the right lane is closed with construction. i'll have another check on traffic when i come back. >> in society hill a pre-thanksgiving meal came with a side of current events. see how a night of cultural diversity served as a backdrop to discuss the debate over refugees and security. before you shop till you drop
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celebrating a thanksgiving tradition, nbc 10 where people gathered for the may fair holmesburg thanksgiving parade. santa's elves collected letters to santa. thanksgiving dinner came early in center city. septa at jefferson station, the goal is to provide a meal to hundreds who might spend the holiday alone. the girl scouts and the penn jersey roller derby pitched in to make the dinner happen. time is 4:26. 35 degrees. it is a late november day and certainly feels like it this morning. to make it feel colder the wind is blowing. heading out the door, bundle up. don't forget your sunglasses. we are clear but the roads different story. jessica boyington tracking traffic troubles. >> that's right, bill.
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95, the southbound side, you can see some heavy police activity there, only one lane getting by. right around bridge street. >> roller coaster of emotions for the football team after a perfect season they lost out on a trip to disney world. how they ended up all smiles.
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school funding a top priority in harrisburg. lawmakers will vote on a plan that could change the way school districts get money and how your tax dollars will be used. >> click it or ticket, the law
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and starting today police will be out checking to make sure you have your seat belts buckled. and sweater and jacket weather officially here. temperatures near freezing in many parts of the area right now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley bill henley with his first alert forecast and near freezing but feels like freezing. >> yes, and parts of the area are below freezing even in philadelphia. the wind only making matters feel colder this morning. that's a steady northwest wind that's going to be here all day long. so plan on a chilly day. look at the numbers, 20s north and west for pottstown, 29 degrees, doylestown, below freezing there. philadelphia international is at 36 degrees, look at south philadelphia at 31 and roxborough is not far behind. so it's a cold, windy morning. that's what we're going to see during the day. we'll get enough sunshine to see temperatures climb a bit. 38 degrees at 9:00. not a big warm-up. then low 40s at noon time. this afternoon tempere


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