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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> hello, everybody. it is tryday friday d november 27th and also known as black friday. hoda missed the memo. >> i did. >> so if you are hitting the malls out there, please be safe out there, and be very, very careful. this is "crazy beautiful" by skileer decker. >> it has a fun beat. we have a great show for you. guess who is here? >> i love him. >> a legend is in the house. nathan lane, and two-time emmy
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w winner and itony award winner has embarked on something new that the family is going to love >> yes, it is an adorable, adorable new book that he has written and we will talk to him in a moment, and in fact i will give him a little surprise. >> and i love surprises. and by the way, you are out of hummus. ow! that sis a good look. you missed it. >> welcome to the fourth-hour of "today" show. and even loves the choices so bobbie is buzzing with u all of the mustf-have options that you need. >> for what? >> gift giving. >> options for things. bobbie looks aadorable by the way. >> yes. >> and first they said their vows to music and the most beautiful song, and now the most cutest country couple haley and michaels are back.
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♪ i'm going to walk down aisle my whole life ♪ >> it is a beautiful song. and they will sing for us. >> and we are going to have something called the leftover pie is sunday. >> and so it has been thanksgiving and what do you do with all of the leftover things? it is called pie sunday. >> and so that is how i am going to surprise nathan. hi. >> well, thank you. it is getting lonely here in the kitchen. >> i know. so here, you can have have a little bite of that if you'd like. >> oh, great. well, it is hard to know where to start because there is so many things in there. >> well, these are old pies. >> and it is so healthy, too. >> yes. >> hmm, that is great. thank you so much. >> you are very welcome. i will see you in a few momts. >> and don't forget about me.
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>> i will bring more hummus here. >> and none of the drawers here ope open. >> yes, everything in here is fake including some of our bodies. >> don't you love nathan. >> it is made out of apple, butter, and various pieces, cranberries and graham cracker. and hoda says it is non-dairy. >> we will find out soon. >> and tryday friday is what we call around here. so there is a new craze in fitness. >> okay. we all know that running is good for you and we know that walking is good for you and there is a new craze called crunning. >> like an animal. >> and you run on the hands and
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the feet. and this is crazy. ta -- that is a record. >> and that is something we can't try right now, because we are in heels. but alex has been practicing. >> oh, wow. >> and alex has been practicing. and nathan is horrified. what is this called? >> i believe it is called doggie positio position, and i don't believe i should say anymore. >> well, that was awesome, and good try. >> thank you, alex. >> that was great. >> if you plan on shopping toda today. >> black friday. >> and this is where the best deals are. >> wallet hub. >> and this is where you will get the best deals. if you go the kohl's that is number two, but the number one best place to go get the best deals is jcpenny's because they offer the best overall discount, 68%. >> on everything? >> on whatever they are
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offering. 68% is crazy. >> and it depends upon how much you want something. and listen to, this 16% of shoppers would cut in line or e pretend to be a store clerk to get the last gift on the shelf. talk about the mollday spirit. >> pretend to be a store clerk. i have never heard of that. genius. >> and some would knock over people. and 7% would knock over elderly? >> yes. and have you seen those stampedes? >> well. >> and people have been killed. so, yes. >> put a damper on things. >> and i i believe we are getting a delivery. [ doorbell ringing ] >> oh, i think it is donna adorable. and she has a great song to
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enter into. it is off of my kathie lee cd. >> there is only one left. >> that is right. >> this is mine, but yours is over there. >> oh, we go over there? >> yes. >> you are leaving? >> bye. i have a lot of products to give. >> and here is what we should talk about what this is. let's do the reveal though. >> all right will. so these are the some of the things that we love. this is the must-haves that will hel youp to survive the holiday season. you can buy the box of goodies and keep it for yourself or give some away, and it is furnished by popsugar. eight things in total. >> u but we will show you four. >> and this is one of the best, and this is the dry textureizing spray that gives you height. it is awesome. >> i do. and what about this? lori uses that on us everyday. >> in is a great makeup, and
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this is the wine that we like in the box. >> yes, you can't beat that. >> the wine cup. yeah. look at how cute. so they are plastic, and isn't that interesting, nathan. a place for your actual thumb. >> there should always be a place for the thumb. in a glass, on a body, always should be a place for the thumb. >> and this is a big and grapefruit watch. >> and it is a total of $150, but you can buy them all for $75, and the shipping is free. shopping is not, but the shipping is. >> and this is or go to the klg and we will have a link. so take a picture of your box and we may show it on the show. >> and put hashtag popsugar so we can find it.
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>> we don't know how the find things. >> we don't. >> and this is stella the dog. we have naughty mabel the dog, but this is stella. >> all right. she is taking a nose dive into the leaves with a go pro. >> look at how happy. no fear. so adorable [ laughter ] >> you really could watch it all day. >> well, that dog is nowhere where nearly as naughty as nathan's mabel is. >> we will talk about that in a minute. and we are going be playing in game, and sometimes there are odd coupling, and i'm not saying that blake and gwen are an odd coupling, but, some people feel tha that. >> and why is a rock star doing with a country star and i don't want to think about it, because lot of people do. >> and so we will talk about a celebrity and you guess who he
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dated. matthew mcconaughey, and he described this lady as a sweet lady who he met at the 1982 grammys. i am going to say mariah. >> i am saying janet jackson. >> and the correct answer is janet. and she later said that the relationship was short lived. or lived if you are a grammarian. >> and barbra streisand. >> andre agassi. >> is that michael bolton? >> yes. >> and i didn't have good eyesight anymore (and we all love kim and who did she date in
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2006. >> i am going with nick cannon. no, nick lachey. >> the answer is nick cannon and they broke up -- no -- >> this is the last one. >> okay. brooke shields. >> dated this action star in 1987. >> not sly, not bruce willis. it i'm going nicolas cage. >> nick cage. >> they met on the set of "moonstruck." i loved that the movie. >> and i have to give this to nathan, because he is about to fall asleep. >> we have something called the friday funny. >> i will be the judge of that. >> and we need sound effects when -- what sound does a turkey's phone make? wing-wing. you get it? now i need some help. >> what is he supposed to do, because he doesn't know the
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answer answers. >> why did the scarecrow win the nobel prize? >> why? >> because he was outstanding in his bill. >> oh, god. these are terrible. >> this is the worst friday funny. >> why did the police arrest the turkey? >> why? >> because they suspected him for foul play. >> is this for a children's birthday party. this is bad. this is very bad. >> we will get you. why did the turkey cross the road twice? >> why? >> to prove it is not chickenment. >> we are bombing. no! >> i don't write this stuff. i am doing my best here. i would like some mercy. wa happened when the turkey got into a fight. >> what? >> he got the stuffing knocked out of him. >> that is -- >> i know. i know. mercy over there. >> nobody appreciates me.
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>> it is black friday and we will have more to help you. >> and over there is nathan lane who has something to help your children celebrate the holidays. >> cheers. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them.
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it's the holiday season so who better to stron show than the actor who is a right co combination of naughty and sometimes nice. >> nathan lane. and you may remember his work on the stage and screen, but you may remember him as adam goldman in "birdcage." or another fill tham was tum th into ammy an emmy in 2005 >> and now he is an author of a new book called "naughty mabel." >> thanks for coming in.
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>> and you are guys are so great. i am really happy to be here. >> you are so lying. >> and so this is the first book? >> yes, it was sort of inspired by our own french bulldog mabel. >> how old is she now? >> nine. >> so you have gotten to know her personality? >> yes. >> they have the -- look at that, the hottest dog main the world. >> they are. >> and you got it before it was the hottest dog in the world. >> because they also we thought it would be funny to have an eloise character in the form of a phrfrench bulldog because the are so popular and famous more the snoring and the flatulence. >> flatulence. >> yes, sut li shg, it is like
10:17 am
danny da veto. and we know how people treat their dogs like children, es h especially if they don't have children of their own. so we thought that it would be a fun character, and so we worked on it for a few years, and then that the's how it was born. >> and so i saw you with mabel adorned with the pearls and the tutu. >> that is what she is going to wear in the book. >> a lot of the beautiful out t outfits. >> and we say, beware of the dog first thing in the morning before her morning drink. >> look, she still drinks out of
10:18 am
a toilet bowl, but it has two olives. >> and so, this is your first book? >> yes. and it is almost met with a lot of hostility like a kevin james' movie even before it comes out. >> what do you know about writing or parenting? >>le well, i have been a writer since i was a kid. devlin is a writer, and so it is not like we did it as a whim and tossed it off over the weekend. >> and congrats again and recent marriage. when did you officially tie the knot. >> thanks for the garlic bread. i would have invited you, but it was just close friends and family. we had fun though, didn't we, hoda? >> i sent two. one to your husband in the hampson -- hamptons. >> well, we were dating for
10:19 am
seven years so we were like the gay oprah and stedman. and so i told him, he is just the starter husband, but we will see how it goes. i am kidding. i am kidding. oh, it is the wine. >> are you enjoying that? >> from the vineyards of mount claire, new jersey. that is good. and it helps to take the nail polish off later. >> e e y. glad you enjoyed it. >> and now, coming up is bobbie's buzz with our favorite products. >> and you can choose what to use. >> thank you, nathan. >> you are too much.
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called the nippies and this is to help the girlfriends up top. and it is a nipple e e re-- e e luns and it happens when you walk into a cold room, and out in the cold. >> do they stick? >> yes, and what i love about these is that there are three different skintone shades. and so somebody like me who is nursing, needs them in a larger size, but it will help if you are breastfeeding. >> and isn't it amazing how your nipples morph. >> i can't even talk about it. >> and the framery, and so you get your prescription, and you can pop them in and out between the sun prescription and the reg you lar prescription, and build
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your wardrobe, and men and women. >> i have never seen you in glasses. >> schoolgirl there. >> and this is the tre chic, and this is a female-founded beauty brand. if you love the pencils, you customize the end. and you can click between the sponge and the blunt or the car fwon blot. you can kcustomize it to have te lip gloss and the eyeliner and so many great magnetic options to the try. it is online. >> and not the mention that whoosh is pretty wild. >> say hello to your beautiful mile miles for us. >> and haley &michael are going to sing for us coming up. ♪ fto the ones they really want.
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remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. we have have to be ready. >> you are not alone. no, thank you. no, no, i don't want to play. good morning, it's 10:26, i'm katy zachry. thanks for joining us. black friday shoppers are out grabbing good deals. a number of stores opened
10:27 am
yesterday evening, another wave opened at midnight and most malls welcomed shoppers starting at 6:00 this morning. monique braxton is live at the king of prussia mall. monique, have the crowds been picking up. >> oh, my goodness, katy, take a look at this. in the past six hours the crowd has grown by leaps and bounds. more people are carrying several bags at this point. we've also noticed shoppers are coming in groups. we're seeing families like mothers and daughters or groups or friends. the national retail federation estimates shoppers will spend about $630 billion during the holiday shopping season. we've also checked on the likelihood of people sharing gift cards. the national retail federation tells us 80% of the folks plan to purchase at least one gift card. count on us, nbc 10, to help you navigate the crowd and get the best deals. we'll be back at 11:00. thank you, monique. now let's get a check on traffic heading to those malls. hi, jessica. hi, katy. we've had smooth sailing all
10:28 am
day. this is the schuylkill expressway around the king of prussia area. no problems westbound or eastbound from the blue to the vine. a 12-minute trip. and a quick check of your weather for today. hi, brittney.+si we will have brittney coming up in just a short bit. looking live outside it's a beauty, it was warm yesterday, warming trend continues today. we'll be back in 30 minutes. we return you to the "today" show.
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we are back on the black friday and if jammed parking lots and crowds are not your thing, you are one of the 83 million people who plan to hit the keyboard to shop on cyber monday. >> you don't have to scour the web for the best deal, because we have done it for you. and so here for the best sales and to protect your credit card here is cyber guy curt knuteson. >> and i love how you say it like it is a har pi guy -- party guy. >> and do you have so wait until cyber monday to do it? >> are you on the new trend here? that is what is it called. >> and not just monday. >> right. a lot are of the stuff will start on monday and continue on,
10:31 am
and then there is stuff happening on black friday is related to cyber monday, so it a giant gimmick from the people who would love to get into our wallets to the take the money out for the holidays, and we can still win in the process. >> does that mean that you don't, cyber monday is stealing some of the black friday thunder? >> could be or maybe they are sharing the holiday love going around. >> i like spanky tuesday. that is my favorite. >> you don't want to know, curt. trust me. you don't wa you don't want to know. >> and so we have some of the great apps that you want to tune into, and the one thing for cyber monday is to make a list. find out what you want, and when you have that list are and organized, you will win out. buy via is one of the great apps. it is available on fios and
10:32 am
android. it has a lot of the scyber mondy deals and the local coupons to show you what is right around your house where you can see exactly what is for sale near you. then also, it allows you the make your own shopping list with this and even with the phone or the ipad and you can go into the store and scan with the scanner of the camera, and the upc code on the product and it is going to make the list for you, and so when the price drops down, it is going to alert you. they have come out with their own cyber monday version of the app. and it takes you straight into the cyber monday deals. >> perfect. another one? >> yes, this is the granddaddy of it all, scyber, ad that is the one that will take you into the stores that will have deals coming up, because it is friday now, and we will hit monday and you want to be at the
10:33 am
computer or the tablet or the phone and ready to go, because they will hit. >> and limited quantities of things? >> many time, and this is why you want to the go on twitter and facebook. so let's say that you are looking for the particular item. >> such a headache. >> no, no, it is not. this is honestly easy. and so on the facebook or twitter search for the things that you already know that you want, the brand names or the toy names. and so i put up doc mcstuffin's vet and clinic scenter. so this going to show me the places it is available for sale. >> and the different prices? >> yes, and you have to poke around and do some work here, but people are talking about where the deals are, and they will go really, really fast. so you want to go to get in on that immediately. that is on twitter and facebook, and then retail me not has to be one of the absolute winners. we know it as a website that started for the coupons, but now they have really shown you nearby. and look at the map n.
10:34 am
this is going to be showing you the sales in nearby places. and this is going ging the show you certain percent off. >> well, that is a huge amount of jeans there. and you know what you want, and then -- >> and try to find cheap jeans. >> i will give you my old ones, but they are going to be short on you. >> they are more val uuable whe they are beat up, right? >> and that is fup. so you are going to be keeping our information safe and so people do get a feeling that they won't take your credit card. >> well, if you go to the apps, it is safer than the website, because they have been vetted by googol or apple, and when it
10:35 am
comes to storing the credit card, and suppose it is going to be stolen, because it is going to be one day. it does. >> i know. ah, don't worry about it. >> and you are not responsible for the bill, so you are protected through the banking laws that say, look, you don't have to pay that the bill. the big takeaway is that you don't have to -- what are you doing? >> we have to hurry, curt. >> and you have to check your credit card statement every single month. >> all right. >> and i have never been so excited to shop on cyber monday. >> and we will have some tips to decorating when we come back. what should we name him? (gasps) can we keep him? -please? mom, can we keep him? ahh! (both) pleaaaase? new pet? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs,
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to the little ones that mean everything. get the perfect gift for everyone and share wonder on christmas day. walmart. believe me, i put this hair through a lot, every day. that's why i need total repair. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system with ceramide fights 5 signs of damage. weak, dry, dull, rough hair - and split ends... no way! with l'oreal total repair 5 my hair feels strong... healthy...from root to core to tip. and look at this shine ... crazy! i'm telling you, this works! 5 problems, 1 solution. l'oreal total repair 5 shampoo. that's the power of beautiful hair. every day because you're worth it. if you are putting up a christmas tree this year, tradition says most of us do it this the weekend. while decorating can be a struggle, perfecting it may be more of a struggle.
10:40 am
>> so from fresh to faux, here to help us for december issue of "better homes and gardens" david stark. >> hello, david. >> so good to be here. >> this is the weekend? >> pretty much. this is the time, and we are back at this time again. >> and a lot of people start out with the lights, and you want to make it look evenly distributed like this, but often, it does not end up like this. is there a trick to this this? >> yes, a lot of the people make the mistakes of wrapping it around the tree, and that makes it messy when you take the tree down after the holidays so one of the tricks is to put it up and down and do a zigzag behind the tree and so when you go the take them down, it is easy. and you put some of the lights inside and some on the surface, and that is the trick, to have layers of lights. >> and how many strands for a tree like this. >> and we have all stood there in the store and said, how many lights should i buy? >> well, you don't know, because
10:41 am
some like a lot. >> well, there is a formula, the height of the e tree and multiply it by eight and that is going to give you what you need. >> okay. a six-foot tree. >> and this is a 6 1/2-foot tree by 8. >> round it off by seven. >> 6 1/2 times 8 is 56. >> yes. >> that is the linear feet. >> and how about the ornaments, and some people overpower and sometimes not enough. >> and i am a big believer to have small, medium and large and evenly distribute amongst the trees. >> so you tuck it insooide? >> yes, and again, the layering is very, very important. and this is also the formula how many ornaments. so the same thing, height of the tree times 14. this tree has 92.
10:42 am
91, excuse me. 91. >> don't confuse us with the fancy math. >> call my accountant that who have to figure out my tree. >> and we will goef are will go so you don't have to. >> and white trees are a trend this year. so you combine the white tree and the black and metallic ornaments and plaid garland. this is a paper punch, and you can get it are from the craft store, and you punch out the star from paper and put a hole on each end of the star and put it together with thread and you have made a cool garland. so if you want to take the garland. >> you wrap it around or zigzag? >> well, you wrap it around but
10:43 am
just on the end of the boughs. this is the cherry on the sundae. very, very easy. >> don't mess with me, david. it can does not matter about the back, right? >> well, it depends where it is. >> if it is up against the wall. >> well, your backside always matters, right? >> and don't mind me david. >> you need this. >> i have waited all of my life. it is so cute. >> if you don't have a lot of space in your house or you don't want to clean up, you take insulation foam from the hardware store and we stretched fabric around it, and finished it with some ribbon and with the tea pins, you can draw the tree with the garland and pin the ornaments directly on.
10:44 am
>> look. there you go. >> and all righty, lots of great ideas. >> perfect. >> all righty. lots of christmas songs rolled into one. >> a merry medley to get you into the spirit. >> hailey and michael. >> we love them! h, interception! that's because at, we can shop over 350,000 items and growing. with brand names like xbox, keurig and fisher-price. go to to get low monthly payments and the credit you deserve. and get great stuff like this awesome flat screen tv. [doorbell] fingerhut man's here! oooh! maybe he brought you some defense. 'cause that's a touchdown buttercup! ♪ oww! ♪
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back in september this k country couple made their national tv debut right here. singing their hit song "giving it all to you." >> and everybody loved them so much that we had to bring them back. ta ri nashville-based newlyweds shannon haley and john michaels. and they are here to share some christmas melodies. and hoda found you on pandora.
10:50 am
>> when i heard that song, i fell in love with you. has your lives changed at all since you were here last? is. >> yes, completely. thanks to you. >> and this is a med ily of christmas songs. >> and you will know them all which is nice. >> here they are haley and micha michael. ♪ have yourself a merry merry merry little christmas ♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ and the weather is so delightful ♪ ♪ since we have no place to go ♪ let it snow ♪ let i know ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby is cold outside ♪ i have to go to away ♪ baby it's cold ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ sleigh bells ring are you
10:51 am
listening ♪ ♪ in the lane snow is glistening ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight we are happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ singing jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all of the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ singing jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can count on me ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ if only in my dreams
10:52 am
♪ and so i offer you this simple phrase ♪ ♪ this simple phrase ♪ for kids from 1 to 102 ♪ although it's been said ♪ many times ♪ many ways ♪ merry christmas ♪ merry christmas ♪ merry christmas ♪ and have yourself a merry merry merry little christmas now ♪ we are back with more in a moment. >> but first, this is "today the" on nbc.
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have you noticed that a lot of the celebrities like to throw lavish birthday parties whether it is for themselves or someone else? >> yes, and chris kardashian kid, and simon cowell almost spent $1.6 # million on his 50th birthday bash. >> so this is what we had to say about extravagant birthday parties. this is what we said. >> and so people have a right to spend their money any way they want well, it is okay to have a extravagant party, if somebody is throwing it for you. >> well, you would do it in a heart beat if you had the money. >> you would, hody. >> and we have the count down to christm christmas. >> and so we are counting it down from the food to the clothes for the kids. >> and we will also have leeann
10:57 am
rhymes. >> and we will be seeing you funday monday. >> and that is cyber monday. >> be careful, fsh.
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and right now at 11:00, one of the busiest shopping days of the year is under way, but this year black friday is not the only day for you to get a great deal. here's a live look from skyforce 10 at the scene around the king of prussia mall. a very popular destination this time of year. the surrounding stores, the plaza, the court always a big destination for shoppers the day after thanksgiving. good morning, i'm katy zachry, thanks for joining us, hope you had a great holiday. with so many stores opening on thanksgiving, scenes of frantic pre-dawn crowds are becoming a thing of the past, but bargain hunting is still definitely a reality. for that, we goo


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