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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> it's a chilly start and the wind will make it feel colder. look at doylestown, below freezing. 30 in pottstown at the freezing mark for wrightstown, it's 37 degrees at philadelphia
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international, it's middle 30s for northeast philadelphia. roxborough and south philadelphia at 34 degrees so bundle up if you're heading out the door. we're going to get sunshine, a little bit before clouds move in during the day. look at the wind at 14 miles an hour at 6:00 this morning. you know that's going to make 37 feel colder. 40 at 9:00. we'll see some sunshine, but you'll see an increase in clouds as we go through the morning by lunch time cloudy skies and 46 degrees. i'm back with your future weather and the hour by hour, neighborhood forecast, first it's katy zachry with a look at traffic. >> thank you, bill. good morning. good morning to everyone at home who is headed out the door. yesterday was a big travel day. we may see some residual effects this morning. for that reason penn dot and new jersey transit are not resuming construction zones until later this morning around the noon hour. that's good news for drivers. our drive times, 95 southbound typical trouble spot as we move into later in the morning.
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only about 14 minutes between woodhaven and the vine street. from the blue route about 12 minutes and 476 is looking free and clear of problems at this hour. a look at your new jersey roadways, 295 the turnpike and the 42 freeway all free and clear. as i said especially on new jersey roads near 295 and 42 there was active overnight construction that should be resumin resuming. >> thanks for that. to breaking news we're following for you from overnight. police in montgomery county are investigating a shooting just before midnight officers called to a house on diamond street in hatfield. we know at least one person was shot. matt delucia is live on the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: tracy, all of the details are unclear at this hour but police are telling us that the district attorney's office is involved in this case, more information will be coming from there. behind me you can see the scene is active, right down the road here on the 100 block of diamond street. there is the house where this happened. here is what we know at this
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hour. there was a shooting just before midnight, and we know of at least one victim who was not taken to the hospital. we're working to get more confirmation to see if any one else was involved. hatfield police have been out here for several hours holding the evidence for investigators, again we're told that the d.a.'s office is involved and that is generally done for more serious crimes. no word of arrests at this time. as soon as we get more information we'll be sure to pass that along. live in hatfield, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> today the trial begins for the man accused of murdering a philadelphia teaching fellow for his ipod. prosecutors say mar sell business jones shot and killed beau zable. zable was walking home when he was shot to death. he had just moved to philly to begin a teaching fellows program. today lawyers will begin selecting jurors.
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>> two people are walking around south philadelphia pretending to be police officers and then stealing money. investigators say the thieves targeted two people early yesterday morning, in the first incident a man and woman flashed a badge at a woman at fourth and jackson, she ran away as the man yelled that he was going to arrest her. two hours later a man was told that he matched the description of a drug suspect. the pair demanded his i.d., then stole all of the cash in his wallet. police say they took off in a silver nissan. >> kind of scary, you don't know who is who anymore. >> it's scary because this is usually a quiet neighborhood, then you know, you got kids out here and everything. >> police say they plan to review surveillance video to see if they can get a better description of the suspects. >> 4:04. coatesville high school is tightening security after rumors of a potential threat on social media. the school district says it's working with police, so far they found no direct threats of
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violence to students. recently there was a fight in the school cafeteria and involving students but officials insist violence is not escalating at the school. the district says it will continue to take all rumors of try lens on social media seriously, also if any of those rumors turn out to be true the district said it will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. philadelphia council members want you to weigh in on who should be responsible for covering the damage done by water main breaks. here is video from june when millions of gallons flooded a neighborhood in west willt philadelphia. the broken main damaged hundredsing of homes and businesses. there will be testimony and look at the responsibility. crews worked through the night to repair a power pole damaged in a tractor-trailer crash and you can see sparks and smoke from downed wires. after the truck hit the pole in southwest philadelphia, it happened next to a car
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dealership on efington avenue. about 100 customers lost power but only for about five minutes. >> five firefighters are recovering after a fire truck on its way to a call crashed into a line of parked cars. take a look at this surveillance video from yesterday morning. it shows the ladder truck barreling down baltimore avenue before crashing in west philadelphia. you can see the truck with the firefighters in it fish tailing down the street almost flipping. witnesses said it sounded like an explosion. >> he lost control and they took everybody, i don't know, all them cars. >> parked cars? >> and two of the firemen, one flew out the car. >> witnesses rushed to help the injury ed firemen. some were unconscious. one is still in the hospital but expected to be okay. no one on the street was hurt and investigators are looking for the cause of that crash. >> it's 4:06. if you want to get a good feel
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for how philadelphia's next mayor will be running the city tonight is your chance to find out. kenji holding four houn meetings, the first tonight on west olney avenue. the others, tomorrow, thursday and friday. log on to or our "nbc 10 news" app for times and locations. seven minutes after 4:00. the temperatures are dropping, it's a cold start. to make matters worse there is a cold wind blowing that is going to be steady. we should see sunshine coming up around 7:00 this morning. but it's going to be fade as clouds increase and yes, that will lead to rain. i'm tracking for rain for overnight tonight and tomorrow. and it may last into wednesday as well. right now completely dry and look at the cold. mount pocono, 25 degrees. trenton is 33, and 36 degrees at
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wilmington. and making it feel colder is the steady northeasterly wind, that wind now tracking in philadelphia at about 15 miles an hour. just up, it came down to 10 last your it was 15. a little stronger in wilmington and dover. just enough to make it even colder. a lighter wind at 5 miles an hour for allentown and pottstown, we'll give you wind chills in the 20s to start with. so it's a bundle up kind of morning. satellite showing high clouds that have started to move into the area. no rain with these first clouds but look at all of the cloud cover to the south. and with that, the rain falling from west virginia to virginia, north carolina. should stay to our south today. that changes later tonight and tomorrow. today, the clouds, thicker clouds increasing by later in the morning. 11:00 this morning, the hour by hour futurecast showing 42 degrees in philadelphia. still in the 30s in allentown and 50s at cape may. the sunshine on hold, the temperatures are not going to
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see much of a warm-up during the day. upper 40s in allentown and reading, mount pocono a high of 38 degrees with clouds and sunshine. clouds increasing for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. up to 50 degrees but not that warm for doylestown and norristown. at the shore a bit of sunshine this morning before the clouds take over completely. there will be filtered sunshine. dover a high of 49 degrees this afternoon. and increasing clouds for west chester, drexel hill all getting close to the 50-degree mark later today. clouds today, it's rain tomorrow. back with a future cast to show you when the first raindrops will be falling when i return. >> bill, we'll see you then. 4:09. let's check the roads. sometimes people wait after the weekend to get an early start to get where they are going back home today. let's check the roads, katy has a look at the vine street expressway. >> that's a good point because penn dot, new jersey transit i talked to spokespeople with those before the holiday rush
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and they said that they are halting all of their construction until noon today. so that's good for drivers. a look at the vine street expressway your average speed both direction sgs 57 miles an hour. we're looking good through center city if you take the vine to your destination. no issues there. and typically overnight we saw there was construction that was closing the vine street expressway but that has not happened since wednesday. it will resume tomorrow morning. taking a look at our cameras along i-95 near the philadelphia international airport where traffic is moving smoothly. if you are headed to the airport and curious about delays, there are no delays being reported at this time. your area bridges looking good as well. tracy, back to you. speaking of travel, home sweet home where millions find themselves after wrapping up travel over the holiday weekend. philly international handled 100,000 people yesterday, most departing flights took off on time. the only impact over the weekend was from arriving flights from other parts of the country.
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paepgs we spoke with said their trips went smoothly. >> there were a lot more people at tsa than ordinarily, and there were multiple lines and you were able to go through reasonably. i feel comfortable. >> the tightened airport security because of the worldwide terror alert, officials reported no issues. yesterday was a busy day on the rails as well. amtrak added extra trains on several routes to handle the post-holiday rush. as you can see 30th street station was buzzing with people. final numbers aren't in, but last year amtrak carried a record 72,000 passengers. the most ever for that holiday season. >> it's 11 minutes past 4. we're learning details about the man who breached white house security on thanksgiving day. the fence jumper is due in court today. next, why his lawyer says the man wanted to see president obama. also ahead, the artistic side of pope francis, two months after his visit here.
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how the pontiff and this philadelphia mural will make history later today.
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happening right now world leaders arriving in paris for the global climate change conference and here is a live look at world leaders arriving at the summit. we've been watching this for the last 30 minutes or so. president obama is in paris, arrived last night and will join dozens of world leaders. shortly after the president arrived last night he remembered the victims of this month's terror attack. he paid a late night visit to the bataclan theater, the scene of the deadliest attack. the french president and the mayor joined him, they placed
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flower it at a makeshift memorial and paused for a moment of silence to remember the victims. yesterday protesters in paris clashed with police the day before the start of the climate summit. officers used tear gas to break up the crowd, many protesters upset about french security canceling their marches. actress emma thompson spoke during a climate change march in london. >> all countries in the world are there, because of the popular movement that is forced the leaders to come together and actually start to agree on things. >> tomston and fellow environmentalist urge world leaders to reach a binding agreement at the talks. >> 4:15. chicago police officer accused of murder will be in court. by now you have probably seen the dash cam video. if you haven't we warn you it's disturbing. dash cam video shows laquan
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mcdonald being shot 16 times. some shots were fired after he fell to the ground. the release of that video last week sparked protests in response to last year's shooting. officer jason van dyke says he feared for his life when he saw mcdonald had a knife. >> in baltimore today, the trial begins for an officer accused in the death of freddie gray. gray you remember died in april after being arrested, his death sparked massive protests. william porter is the first officer to be tried. five others will be tried. they are charged with involuntary manslaughter and second degree assault. >> a bus load of college students heading back to campus after the thanksgiving break flipped 18 t ed flipped. many parents got terrifying phone calls. >> all the kids were saying the bus was driving fast. i couldn't understand what she was saying. and i had to try to get her to calm down. the next thing you know she
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tells me the bus flipped over. >> they were from the university of virginia and virginia tech, the driver is charged with reckless driving. >> she asked him to put out a cigarette, so he shot her. that's what police say happened inside a waffle house in mississippi. john mount lit up a cigarette inside a biloxi waffle house, julie brightwell, a waitress, asked him not to spoke inside. investigators that's when he pulled out his gun, shot brightwell in the head. her boyfriend is in shock. >> serious, take her life over a cigaret cigarette. of all of the things. >> mount is being held on $2 million bond. he is charged with murder. the man who jumped over the white house fence prompting a lock down on thanksgiving says he only wanted to give the president a message. we'll find out more in court later today. caputo was wearing an american
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flag. his lawyer says caputo was trying to deliver a message about issues with education and the legal system. activists climbed onto the roof of an art gallery at buckingham palace yesterday. two men used a ladder to climb up the roof after another demonstrator created a disturbance. they put up a banner reading "i am harry's dad." the protest was part of a campaign calling for equal rights for fathers. >> did you see the adorable pictures of princess charlotte? the palace released them yesterday morning. kate snapped the pictures. the princess is six months old. coming up on 19 minutes after 4:00. the temperatures keep coming down and the wind making it feel colder. it is dry this morning in philadelphia. by this time tomorrow that will have changed. right now 37 degrees in
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philadelphia. that's 11 degrees chillier than yesterday when we had a steady wind at tep miles an hour. that wind will stay with us much of the day. you can see in the flag on top of the aramark building. temperatures have dropped into the low 30s for pottstown and doylestown. wilmington is above freezing at 36. a little warmer in millville. 38 there. some spots right at the freezing mark. chadds ford 34. phoenixville is at freezing. you might find frost on the windshield. bundle up if you're heading out. it is dry, however, radar shows nothing in the immediate area but look to the south, you see the rain that is going to stay to our south during the day. but we'll get the clouds that will be increasing tonight and the first raindrops at 9:00 this evening, you see some light rain falling in delaware, south jersey toward philadelphia at that hour. the showers come through
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overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. this hour tomorrow morning some light rain on the radar. little steadier for the western suburbs into delaware and northeast maryland. the showers on and off during the day tomorrow, could see brief downpours in the afternoon before we get a break in the rain, later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. but that may not be the end of the rainfall. today you'll see clouds increase, definitely breezy with temperatures climbing into the 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. that's a little on the cool side for this time of year. usually we reach around 53 degrees for a high temperature which is very close to where we'll be coming in this weekend, the weekend forecast is calling for the temperatures to climb into the lower 50s. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> bill, thanks for that. 20 minutes past 4. 295, katy has a look at that. >> we're going to start things off in hadden heights, new jersey, a look at 295, you can
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see both lanes of traffic on both interstates rather or routes are looking good in new jersey. so taking a look at some of the other roads in new jersey, 295, traveling between route 38 and route 168 on 295 that's only going to take about 13 minutes. the 42 freeway is looking great going northbound on route 55, on 42 between 55 and the walt whitman bridge only about five minutes. no problems there. moving into new jersey, 95 southbound, 76 eastbound, headed into center city philadelphia, then 476 southbound between 76 and 95 all free and clear of issues and that last stretch is going to take you about 15 minutes to do. and then this is not the right graphic but in center city there is no issues and no parking bans. >> katy, thanks for that. from lower merion to los angeles kobe bryant is calling it a career. next, hear from the lakers star about his retirement plans and how you can be there for his
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last on court visit to his hometown. two months since the pope's visit in philadelphia. he continues to make history. find out the role he played in this mural destined for the record books.
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happening today philadelphia will dedicate a mural honoring this year's world meeting of families and its record piece of art work. the ceremony is scheduled for later this morning in north philly. the mural is called the sacred now, faith and family in the 21st century. pope francis signed the artwork during his visit in september. the mural set a guiness world record for the most contributions to a painting by
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numbers. >> the retirement tour of nba superstar kobe bryant will begin tomorrow night here in philadelphia. kobe announced retirement yesterday saying this season is all i have left to give. my heart can take the pounding my mind can take the grind but my body knows it's time to say good-bye. the kid who lit up the scoreboard in the 90s will make his final trip with the lakers. kobe has five nba finals, and two olympic gold medals over a 20-year pro career. he says the time is right to call it quits. >> i honestly feel good about it. i feel at peace with it and you know, excited for what's to come. >> kobe bryant is the third leading scorer in nba history. this year he is 10 points a game below his career average. >> people packed into the movie
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tavern to see the new rocky movie "creed." last night it hosted a screening for 150 local cast and crew including the trainer. the film is about the son of rocky's rival. creed wasn't exactly a knockout this weekend. the movie came in third behind "the hunger games" and pixar's movie the "good dinosaur." it's a chilly start this morning, the temperatures have dropped into the 30s for most of the area with the wind blowing it feels colder. but it's dry right now. boathouse row, a live view in center city. 37 degrees at 4:26. katy zachry in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning. things on the roads are good in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. a closer look now in camden, this is 76 at market street. free and clear really of issues.
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coming up i'm going to draw your attention to an accident we have in durham in bucks county. >> happening today the next big thing in holiday bargain shopping. hear what you should be doing to make sure online deals don't cost you your identity.
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late night gun shots in montgomery county. police in hatfield are investigati investigating. we'll take you live to the scene. more trouble off the court for a young sixers star. hear what happened to jaleel okafor along the ben franklin bridge and what he is saying. we're off to a chilly start as
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we head back to work and school after the holiday weekend. ahead rain is also in the first alert seven-day forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the chilly start and when and if we'll get a warm-up with bill henley. >> the temperatures came down overnight. we are running about 12 degrees colder than yesterday. and you have to deal with this, too, a steady breezehwlzno carrg


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