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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. that breaking news we're following a shooting investigation in montgomery county. we're live on the scene where there are now two coroner vans. police are collecting evidence. >> community on edge. investigators say a pair of fake police officers are stopping and robbing people. >> climate change, 100 world leaders coming together with one mission, to reach a deal to stop what president obama call as global threat. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm keith jones. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley. a chilly start. >> yes, the climate this morning will require bundling up. we're down about 10 degrees for most of the area but it is dry. we're getting closer to sunrise. about an hour before the sun comes up. you'll see a bit of sunshine before clouds take over. right now getting colder by the
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minute. pottstown, 30 degrees, 32 in trenton, down a degree in the last hour. down to 33 in bronxboro and south philadelphia. we will see some limited sunshine to start with. 37 at 8:00 with winds out of the east-northeast. a breeze at 11:00 this morning. 44 degrees. and then into the afternoon, cloudy skies and 47, cooler than normal for this time of year. normally temperatures reach in the 50s. some spots will get warmer than others. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now katy zachry has traffic. >> people are back to work, back to school, and maybe even traveling back from their long thanksgiving plans we are seeing a lot of things pick up as we hit the 6:00 hour. starting in new jersey, 95 -- new jersey turnpike -- sorry, a new thing on 95 i'll tell you about.
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new jersey turnpike northbound north of exit 8, the outer roadway there was a fire that happened a vehicle fire and accident. so the left and center lanes are blocked there. the inner roadway, the right lanes are blocked. i'm keeping my eye on it. moving into bucks county in plumstead township durham road at stump road that intersection is closed to traffic because of an accident that happened involving a dump truck, two horses and a utility pole. i'm told it should be clearing soon. we'll get you a live picture of that. you can take route 611 around that. in montgomery county i have been following this, just cleared as i was walking out here, a crash at ridge pike and crosskeys road. we have debris, i'll get you a live picture coming up. >> thank you. in montgomery county police are investigating a deadly shooting at a home in hatfield that happened just before midnight along diamond street.
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matt delucia is live at the scene. police have been out there. what are they telling you? >> reporter: at this point they are saying that the district attorney's office will be handling this investigation, i can tell you in the past minutes one of the coroner's vans just left the scene. this is the scene on the 100 block of diamond street. it's the house with the christmas lights. this was a shooting there before midnight and we know of at least one zrim confirmed. and another coroner's vehicle out here as well. so there are at least one body, at least one body just removed from the house here. i spoke with a neighbor, not long ago. he doesn't know the people who live on this block but says that he also did not hear gun shots. he is still concerned and all of this police activity. >> it's a little disturbing to have, you know, knowing people have issues in your neighborhood
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and they don't get help for it. they resort to violence. violence is never the answer. >> live on the scene again, police have been out here for several hours tolding the scene. we're told that the district attorney's office is involved. the coroner's office is out here on the scene. there were two, now there is only one so one just left a fewments ago. there is no word of arrests at this time. we're trying to gather more information as this investigation unfolds. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> 37 degrees out. happening today. the trial for the man accused of murdering a teaching fellow for his ipod. prosecutors say he shot and killed beau zable. jones is serving a life sentence for killing his alleged get away driver to keep him quiet. zable was walking home when he was shot to death in south philadelphia. he had just moved to philadelphia to begin a teaching
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fellows program. >> two people are walking around pretending to be police officers. >> that's not all. they are also stealing money. investigators say the thieves star getted two people early yesterday and the first incident a man and woman flashed a badge. she ran away. a man was told he matched the description of a drug suspect. the pair demanded his identification and stole the cash in his wallet. they took off in a silver nissan. >> kind of scary. you don't know who is the who. >> it's carey because this is the usually a nice quiet neighborhood. you got kids out here and fg. >> police are looking at tlans into to see if they get a better description. >> recovering after a fire truck crashed into a line of parked
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cars. look at the surveillance video that shows the truck barreling down baltimore avenue before crashing. you can see the ruck with the firefighters fish tailing. spss say it sounded like ap explosion. >> he lost control again and they took all them cars. >> parked cars. >> one of them flew out the car. >> some witnesses were -- some were unconscious. no one on the street was hurt and investigators right now are looking for the cause of that. >> peco crews worked through the night to repair a power pole damaged by a tractor-trailer crash. you can see the sparks, smoke from the wires. it happened next to a car dealership about 100 customers lost power but only about five minutes.
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>> president obama is in paris for the start of the global change conference. looking at theful earlier today. francois hollande greeted him. shortly after he arrived president obama remembered the victims of this month's are the attacks. the french president and the mayor of paris joined him. they placed flowers at a makeshift memorial and paused for a moment of silence to honor the victims. >> happening today, philadelphia city council members want you to weigh in on who should be responsible for covering the damage country by water main breaks. millions flooded a neighborhood in west will will. at a hearing lawmakers heal hear testimony and look at the water department's responsibility in that and others.
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happening right now, the country's largest single location food droyv is under way. >> it's capp out for hunger, we want to take you live out there right now. it's the the food drive that is held. that is where press on the and bieber continue camming out and helping bring in donations. it's to benefit abundance. until 11:00 a.m. on friday. this is the 18th year of camp out for hunger which provided over a million families in need. >> 8 minutes after 6:00. we have a cold start this morning. there is a cold breeze blowing,
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the wind is steady out of the northeast and the wind will stay with us. clouds, they are on the increase. we're starting to see high clouds in the area right now. but rain producers will wait until tonight. i'm tracking some rain but the first raindrops set to appear during the evening hours, them it's going to be a rainy day tomorrow. dry with clouds over philadelphia 37 degrees and millville is in the upper 30s at 38. it's cold enough in the mountains, back to making snow at shawnee. the temperatures will stay in the 30s for many of the mountains with camel back in the low 40s. look at the breeze at 14 miles per hour in philadelphia and wilmington and that is going to keep it, us, chilly. some high clouds so far. the kicker rain producing clouds are to our south. you don't need anp umbrella today. that changes. in the low 40s for camel back,
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46 in fleet wood. clouds increasing for new hope, bordentown and abington. at the shore into the 50s, barely for ventnor and cape may. and the clouds will take over in philadelphia. philadelphia, woodstown. 51 and new york at 46. with the rain, will come milder temperatures. i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back. >> 6:10. we want to tell what you you can expect when the hit the roads. >> including that accident in bucks county. katy. >> it is unusual. it happened not too long ago dealing with a dump truck. a dump truck hit two horses that had escaped from a farm. so the road just reopened. we had a photographer at the scene since soon after it
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happens. if we go to my maps i had been telling you to take 611 around there. as you saw they just cleaned up the scene, a you dilt pole was also a casualty but seems toing fixed as well. there something for everyone this morning as people are getting back to work and school and maybe traveling back from their thanksgiving holiday. there was an accident north of exit a both in the outer roadway, the left and center lanes are lock blocked because of an accident and vehicle fire. the right lane is blocked because of an accident after that outer roadway accident. a live look now at 95. our camera has zamed in to what you can see, remnants of hay bales all over the road. and the exit for the vine street expressway chiening that up.
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in baltimore today the trial begins for an officer accused in the death of freddie gray. gray died in april of being arrested. his death sparked massive protests. william porter is the first officer to be tried. five others will be tried separately. they are charged with involuntary manslaughter and second degree assault. >> also today, a chicago police officer accused of murder will be in court, by now you have probably seen the dash cam video of the shooting.
6:16 am
if you haven't, we warn you it is disturbing. dash cam video shows mcdonald being shot 16 times. some shots fired after the saep-year-old fell to the ground. the release of that sparked protest in response to last year's shooting. officer jason van dyke says he feared for his life when he saw mcdonald had a knife. >> flags flying at half-staff in honor of a police officer killed in a line of duty in western pennsylvania. officer lloyd reed was responding to a call saturday night in new florence. investigators say the 20-year veteran died at the hospital. ray shetler junior ran after the shooting and arrested later. he was shot in the shoulder and faces criminal homicide charges. police will release new information later this morning. a weak for reed will be thursday. his funeral is scheduled for friday. >> she wanted him to put a cigarette out so he shot her.
6:17 am
that's what police say happened inside a waffle house in mississippi. johnny mount lid up a cigarette in a waffle house. julie brightwell, a waitress, asked him not to smoke inside. that's when mount pulled out his gun and shot her in the head. her boyfriend is in shock. >> serious for someone to take your life over a cigarette of all of the things. >> mount is being held on $2 million bond charged with murder. down in texas heavy rain continues to flood the dallas area. look at these shots. officials are urging residents of a mobile home park to evacuate. many roads remain under water. crews are still saving drivers who ignored signs and barriers only to get their cars stuck in high water. >> proproblems like that on the roads now. but there are a couple of accidents including the new jersey turnpike. >> katy zachry has the details.
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>> good morning. new accidents and updates. there is a lot going on. new jersey, the new jersey turnpike northbound north of interchange 8 which is the exit for route 33, the outer roadway, the left lane is blocked because of an accident. that's new. earlier the left and center lanes were blocked. if you go further into the inner roadway, the right lane is blocked because of a sect accident with 15 after the first one. so a lot going on there. in bucks county we've been following an accident on durham road, that has cleared. so durham road at stump road free and clear. a live look outside at 95 and south philadelphia at tasker avenue. this is between the walt whitman bridge. there were bales of hay.
6:19 am
crews are trying to clear that up. as i'm seeing traffic is moving by fine. so be aware of that the right lane and the shoulder, there were bales of hay. got new information that there is a crash on 95 southbound at exit 30. we hope to get a live picture of that in the next few minutes. 19 minutes after 6:00, bundle up. getting ready to head out the door it is cold start this morning. it is dry, we have rain in our future, right now 37 degrees in philadelphia. with the wind at 14 miles an hour, it feels like 28 degrees right now. the wind chill is a factor. here come the clouds, this is the camera on top of the studios. the cloud cover and the breeze, the clouds will take over during the day after some limited sunshine this morning. don't look for a quick warm up. below freezing right at 32 degrees for coatesville and
6:20 am
trenton, and nicely above freezing but chilly especially when you factor in the wind for wilmington and millville. and camden couldn't at 35 degrees and sen sauken. audubon at 35. cold all around but also dry. until what you see to the south starts moving in that's going to happen this evening. then tomorrow, against, count an bringing your umbrella with you. the future weather shows rainfall will be light by this evening. just 100th of an inch. this time tomorrow morning we could see less than a quarter inch on the ground but by lunch time tomorrow approaching a third of an inch in philadelphia and the rain continues during most of the afternoon. starting to trail off by 7:00 tomorrow evening. by then looking at a half inch on the ground in philadelphia but more at the shore. more rain is on the way for
6:21 am
wednesday. today clouds increase, breezy and chilly. a cloudy afternoon with the rain moving in and tomorrow rain but 56 degrees the high. the temperatures go warmer on wednesday. clearing out thursday, a healthy breeze will keep us in the low 50s thursday afternoon, then here comes the sunshine for friday and the weekend. morning temperatures in the 30s for friday, saturday and sunday. enough sunshine to warm us into the 50s. >> looking for more deep discounts to complete your shopping list? it's time to surf today. before you log on we have suggestion spegss to help keep your identity safe. >> it's two months since the pope visited.
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we have new information on a story we told you about last week. a bust of abraham lincoln stolen outside a museum in gettysburg has been found. officials say visitors spotted it in bushes at a cemetery. it was stolen just days after the 152nd anniversary of the gettysburg address. it will be cleaned and placed back on its pedestal. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry. it's monday, back to school, back to work. for some back home after the long thanksgiving break. a live look outside at new jersey roads, route 38 and 70,  see traffic is moving fine on these two stretches. no incidents to report there. but unfortunately, a new crash just occurred on 95 southbound at cottman. i'll have delays coming up. first we'll go outside and bill, what's it like today? >> we've got a pretty good breeze, that's a cold breeze, katy. the temperatures are in the 30s
6:26 am
but the wind chills for much of the area dropped into the 20s, as clouds start to move in. feels like 28 in philadelphia, 24 in trenton and wilmington wind chill of 28 degrees. >> i'm matt delucia live in hatfield. what we learned about this case, i'll have that coming up. >> a man accused in a deadly planned parenthood shooting. learning more about what he told police after they arrested him. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern.
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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we're following breaking news in montgomery county. a deadly shooting and the past 30 minutes a coroner's van left
6:30 am
the scene but the road is still closed as police continue their investigation. >> it's time to hang up the shoes. nba champion kobe bryant is calling it quits. how you can be there for his last on court visit to his hometown. >> the cold blast is back so bundle up. we're tracking showers. we'll get you the timing of that wet weather shortly. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm keith jones. >> i'm tracy davidson. 37 degrees, there is a cold blast with the wind making it feel colder. let's get the details with bill henl henley. >> we're about -- we'll see limited sunshine, you can see the clouds have started to move in. this is a view from here to the nbc 10 studio. the wind has died down for now but that's a temporary condition. we've seen a pretty good breeze to make it feel like it's in the 20s. it is below freezing in pottstown and allentown, dropped in the 20s at 27 degrees, it's above freezing and in the 30s in delaware and south jersey, millville, 38.
6:31 am
sunshine, in the pocono mountains we'll see clouds increasing. the temperatures climb into the middle 40s by 11:00. you're on the chilly side today. right now katy has your first alert traffic. >> i'm keeping my eye on a couple of things. something for were this morning unfortunately. we'll start out with drive times because there is a crash on 95 southbound near cottman avenue that is slowing things. between woodhaven and the vine, 34 minutes, that creeps up every few seconds. 76, slow traffic. and in the blue route looking good. hopefully i didn't kicks it. moving into -- at i-295 traffic is picking up. no accidents to report on any stretch of route 30 or 295.
6:32 am
for drivers on the new jersey turnpike northbound just north of exit 8, the exit for route 33 the outer roadway is blocked because of an earlier vehicle fire and accident. soon after there was one that is the blocking the right lane now. >> thanks. we continue to follow breaking news out of mown county that happened before midnight at a loam along -- matt delucia joins us live from the scene. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: we saw a lot of the police and investigators leave the scene but there are a couple of police vehicles here. behind me we're looking at the 100 block of diamond street in hatfield. some of the police vehicles are still out there. the house to the left that's where the shooting happened. this happened just before midnight. we know of at least one victim, the coroner removed a body and
6:33 am
left the scene. i spoke with a mayber, he tells me he doesn't know the people who lived in that house but the fact that this happened he is concerned and it happened around the corner from him. >> people that live in this neighborhood. we look out for each other. we don't go to each other's houses per se and everybody but you know, it's quiet, nice neighborhood. >> back out live, police have been out here for several hours, a lot of evidence out here that they are holding for the investigators. we're fold that the district attorney's office is involved in handling this case. we're trying to get more information from the district attorney's office as to what happened here inside this house, a lot of unanswered questions at this hour and no word of arrests but as we get new information
6:34 am
we'll be sure to pass it along. >> 6:34, 37 degrees. ha man accused of filling three people is scheduled to be in court. we may never know why the alleged incident happened. he allegedly opened fire because the warrants related to the case against robert dear are sealed. a law enforcement source said that dear said no more baby parts after he was arrested. one of three killed is the officer garrett swasey. swasey was a former champion figure skater and a kert. he rushed in. >> knowing, no one would have faulted him for not going. he laid down his life for others. that doesn't surprise me at all.
6:35 am
>> planned parent presidents' day came under fire after undercover videos suggesting that the group sells fetal organs. >> the man who jumped over the whus fence prompting a lockdown on thanksgiving says he wanted to give the president a message. he was care wearing an american plague. his lawyer says he was tieing to deliver a message about education and the legal system. classes at the hyde park campus are canceled because of an online gun threat. they are working with the fbi to vet gates. someone posted a threat of gun violence on line, mentions the. >> tightening security after rumors of a potential threat.
6:36 am
the school district says it's working with police so far they found no direct threats of violence to students. there was a fight in the school cafeteria and off-campus fight involving students but officials insist that violence is not escalating at the school. >> in a letter to the parents the coatesville school district says it will continue to take all you'llers of violence on social media seriously. >> philadelphia will dedicate a mural honoring this year's world meeting of families. a ceremony scheduled at 11th and thompson in north philadelphia. pope francis signed the work. the record was more than 2700 countntribution contributions, the northeast a paint by numbers yurl. >> the largest single location
6:37 am
food drive is under way. >> the camp out for sunger event. we're going to take you live there. that's where wmmr is continuing the tradition of parking out in. everyone in the area is asked to donate nonperishable food. this is the 18th year camp-out for hunger which provided over 1 million meals to families in need, i like to say this our own tracy davidson, vai sikahema and sheena parveen will be at the food drive tomorrow at 8:00. >> tomorrow at 8:00 they need their rain gear. rain on the way but this morning it is a cold breeze that you'll have to deal with. bundle up. the temperatures feel like they
6:38 am
are in the 20s for most spots. clouds increase during the day today. should stay dry during the day but i'm tracking rain for this evening and for tomorrow. and possibly for wednesday. 30 right now in read, clouds started to move into philadelphia and cape may. there a cloudy view but the roadway is drying up. this evening when the first raindrops will start to fall. the clouds started to move into philadelphia. to the north some sunshine in the pocono mountains. even that will be fading. to the south as where the rain is, this morning west vast, north carolina, that's the rain that's going to start moving into our area tot. increasing clouds, 47 in allentown and reading. 50 degrees for mount holly. temperature toyns 40s with a pretty good breeze to make it
6:39 am
feel even chiller. clouds increasing and sunshine will fade for philadelphia. you'll get some filtered sunshine, a high of 48. just 45 in williams town looking at cloudy skies. by the time we get to the weekend sunshine is back in full force. 50s for saturday and sunday. before we get there we have to deal with the rain. >> thanks. 6:39. we had a number of incidents to tell you about, to get you to work. the latest coming in on route 1. >> so we check in. >> it has been busy. we have a new accident you can see, this is a seen on route 1 southbound near acberd valley road. the crash happened just north. you can take route 13 southbound around this, that involves several vehicles on route 113 in
6:40 am
falls township. you are going to want to avoid that area. there's a crash on 95 and you can see your drive times. speeds in the mid-20s. it's going to take you over a half hour to go that stretch. it's slow going but no accidents to report and 476 is good. we have a crash northbound, north of exit 8. the outer roadway, the left lane is blocked because of a vehicle fire and accident there. >> looks like endorsement of donald trump is not going to happen. we'll tell you why the expected endorsement from 100 religious leaders is called a missed communication. >> we had to accept the fact, i don't want to do that.
6:41 am
>> drawing to a close. lower merion high school kobe present's 20 year career in the nba will soon be history.
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>> cyber monday, this is a busy place. officials say this is the peak shopping day for the popular website. they expect this year's holiday orders to total more than last, with the cost to the average purchase about $124 last year. >> before you log on to deals, you should take precautions. there are several things to make sure that your online buying is secure. first, experts suggest you use a separate credit card. that way if hackers get your information the rest of your
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credit line, bank accounts, they will be safe. also pay attention to your statements after your purchases for unusual micro charges. hackers hope you won't notice or maybe 1 or $2 missing. for getting the best deal, experts say plan ahead. >> they look through e-mails or ads and give you a head on what to expect. find out what you like, at tootd your cart so when that deal is available you have it available to check out faster. >> that's a kb tip. cyber monday sales expected to hit $3 billion for the first time according to a forecast by adobe. you can get more tips with the help of the "nbc 10 news" app. >> new jersey governor chris christie has the endorsement of the only state wide newspaper in new hampshire. christie's campaign is banking on new hampshire which holds the first in the nation primary in
6:46 am
february. donald trump's white house campaign is the dealing with what one pastor called a missed communication. the republican front-runner canceled a news conference in new york where he expected dos dozens of black clergy members to endorse him. many said they had no intention of backing trump. a pastor who served as a go between blamed a missed communication. that just one issue. yesterday on "meet the press" chuck todd challenged trump's claim that thousands of muslims in north jersey celebrates the nine attacks. there were plenty -- >> did it happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. this is -- >> the president of the united states your words matter. truth matters. fact of -- >> take it easy, chuck. play cool. >> over the weekend trump again
6:47 am
denied mocking a "new york times" report wer a disability saying he doesn't even remember the man. >> a final call for facial hair today. to honor an emergency services worker in burlington county. paramedic becky scott passed away. all these months the city and fire police officers have been growing facial hair to raise money. they made a final push yesterday at city hall. the fund is at almost 18,000. >> more trouble for jaleel okafor. he tweted apologies after the 19-year-old was pulled over on the ben franklin bridge for driving 108 miles an hour. tmz released this showing oak a
6:48 am
fe okafor. police are looking into both incidents. staying on the hardwood. okafor tweeted quote i'm 100% focused on my responsibility to the league, my teammates and fans, he added, quote, i don't want to be a distraction for my team, and am grateful for the support and guidance those close to me are giving. >> kobe bryant calling it a career after this season. >> an nba great who got his start in our area. said this season is all i have left to give, my heart can take the grind but my body knows it's time to say good-bye. the kid will make his final trip to the wells fargo with the lakers tomorrow night. night. he has five nba titles, and two olympic gold me gals over 20
6:49 am
year career. he said the time is right to call it quits. >> i honestly feel at peace with it. you know, excited for what's to come. >> kobe is the third leading scorer but he is 10 points below his average. >> that won't overshadow his career. >> a preview from matt and savannah. good morning. >> good morning. >> hope you had a good holiday. coming up this morning what we're learning the about the suspected gunman in the planned parent who had attack. also ahead we have your complete guide to cyber monday including the websites too make sure you are getting good deals. we're going to take a good long look. we'll have the great shave off.
6:50 am
>> i may keep it. i'm not sure. it's going to be a last minute decision. time of game decision. >> we'll see what happens. see you at 7:00. 10 minutes before 7:00 and we're heading toward a no sun monday. we'll see limits sunshine as clouds have moved in. you'll see the sunshine this morning, then the clouds take over this afternoon. 37 degrees. look at the wind out of the northeast at 14 miles an hour. giving us a chill that's in the 20s, feels like 28 in the city. and look at lake wallenpaupack. cold this morning. temperatures are cold enough for snow making. again other areas cold enough for show. no sign of the white stuff.
6:51 am
at freezing for trenton. above freezing in delaware and south jersey. through montgomery county, lafayette hills, dropped to 32. a little colder at 30 degrees. it is driveway, in spied of the clousds it will stay dry. the rain will start moving in. the clouds take over. by late there is a -- will continue through the night and into tomorrow morning. 7:00 tomorrow morning tracking rain showers that will continue into the afternoon and still in the evening hours that's tomorrow evening at 9:00, you might start to caper off in areas but another round of wet weather is coming in for wednesday. we're feeling that. 40 to near 50. northeasterly winds to 12 miles an hour. in spite of the rain the
6:52 am
temperature will be -- 56 in the afternoon. rain again. we cool. here comes the sunshine. in the 30s in the morning, the temperatures in the middle 50s by sunday afternoon. >> timing is everything where those suns are. eight minutes before 7:00. we have lanes blocked on route 1 southbound because of an incident we with havev gotten in the last 15 minutes. >> what can you tell us? >> multiple vehicles, this is a quick look at route 1 southbound at trenton avenue. you can take route 13 around it. several vehicles involved. a business i spot as the commute picks up. you might want route 13 southbound to get around that. a yash at cottman avenue was
6:53 am
significantly slowing things between wood saven. 76 we're seeing a lot of volume and 76. am staying clear for us this afternoon. in new jersey we're following an accident out there for some time, they are trying to clean it up. knock turnpike, the outer roadway, the left lane is glaked because of an accident there around the 5 lock clour. we're seeing wol building between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. >> reporter: i'm live, inside a home overnight one final update before the end of the show coming up after this weak r break.
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cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. i'm matt delucia live in hatfield, montgomery county. new information, confirmation that two people were found dead in this home behind me on the 100 block of diamond street. we'll give you a better look at the house there with the christmas lights. police in the corner, they have been on the scene for most of the morning. police tell us the shooting happened just before midnight but a lot of questions remain at this hour. including what happened in the moments leading up to this shooting. i've been talking with neighbors, one tells me he did not hear the gun toyr. that this was a quiet neighborhood and unusual to see police activity. another live look here. the montgomery county district attorney's office we're told is handling this deadly shooting investigation. i have calls out to the coroner
6:58 am
for an update and hat feld police are watching the scene though most of the activity has left in the past few minutes. we expect more details from the d.a.'s office as the day unvolds. we have not heard word of any arrest. >> a look at traffic, it's back to work, back to school after your long thanksgiving holiday and there are issues on the road. we're going to start in new jersey where you can see a lot of red, a lot of delays on the 42 northbound from route 55 to the walt whitman bridge. about 17 minutes to go that stretch. average is 15 miles an hour so. pack your patience for that one. northbound right north of exit 8 there is an accident. a vehicle far, an accident affecting the left lanes.
6:59 am
into pennsylvania now there was a crash but i'm seeing from this yellow it is clearing, it was happening at cottman avenue southbound on 95 and was accounting for significant delays throughout the morning. >> it's a breezy morning. look at the turbines on top of the linc blowing in the steady breeze that is going to make things feel chilly all day long. 13-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. stronger in wildwood reporting 15-mile-an-hour winds there. in addition to the wind, the clouds have arrived in cape may. that's sealing in the cold, 29 in pottstown and doylestown. it's 37 degrees in philadelphia, at the shore it's warmer thanks to clouds and in the 40s there. a billy day ahead. rain holds off.
7:00 am
>> bill, thank you. good morning. breaking overnight. solemn ceremony. president obama lays a single white rose outside the paris theater where 89 people died in that terror attack. security extraordinary with more than 150 world leaders in the city for a historic conference on climate change. environmental activists already clashing with police. due in court. the shooting suspect who killed three people and injured nine others at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado facing a judge for the first time today. this morning we're learning more about the alleged gunman's unusual life as relatives of the victims speak out. >> he took my only brother from me. that's the only b


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