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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news at 11:00, two separate chances for snow could impact your day tomorrow. this is a look at the radar. the first storm could bring snow to parts of the jersey shore in time for the morning rush. and then starting tomorrow night another storm should bring snow to most of our area. it's all clear now as we take a live look at center city tonight, but that will be changing. first alert's chief meteorologist joins us now with wind conditions could get messy. >> yeah, the first one is just going to be grazing portions of the jersey shore, places like cape may and up through atlantic city and ocean county as we see a coastal storm that is really
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strong, but it is mainly going to stay offshore. you can see how close the precipitation is already, and it's going to be backing up a little bit, but the main center of the storm as you can see, is moving straight to the east and is not coming up the coast. so it's just kind of the coastal counties that are in line to get some of the snow from that. this is the next system. this is going to be likely providing at least some snow to the area on tuesday. we see temperatures at or above freezing across jug about the entire area. that's going to be one of the issues too, that even though it may be snowing in the morning, right at the jersey shore, the temperatures may be above freezing and it would melt. that is not necessarily the case throughout the monday night/tuesday, tuesday night threat. more on the timing and amounts with that coming in the 7-day in a few minutes. i was like, wow, i'm going
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to die. kind of felt like i was going to die at that point. >> that boy and two others have hypethermia after they fell through thin ice today. witnesses tell nbc 10 the boys were riding their bikes and skateboards on the frozen pond off piper's place when they fell in. randy spoke to a good samaritan who stepped in to rescue those boys. >> reporter: these three boys are thanking their rescuers tonight. they thought they'd be able to walk out on to that pond, but the ice collapsed under their weight. meantime, their parents are saying those boys are lucky to be alive. 12-year-old collin orr is back on his couch huddled with his family watching the super bowl. his hands are still freezing. he's shivering, but alive. >> it was so, so, so, so cold. like, you couldn't even imagine how cold it was. >> reporter: he and his buddies
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ventured on the thin ice and it did not take long for it to crack under their weight. >> when it broke, i was the first one to fall in. >> reporter: collin pulled himself on to a metal drain but one of his friends was quickly going under. so collin jumped back into the frigid water. >> he was drowning at that point. and i hopped back in and i got him and i like, pulled him up on to the drain. >> that scream that you just know something went wrong. >> reporter: david bennett was sitting on his porch nearby. he and other neighbors ran over to help. >> i jumped in to try to get to them. as soon as you hit the water, the extension cord or a rope so we were able to swing it out to them. >> reporter: one of the boys was saved by neighbors. the other two picked up by a rescue boat. all three have hypothermia. >> obviously happy that he's okay. >> reporter: collin's family wants to thank the good samaritans knowing this could have been much worse. a close call and a tough lesson
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about the dangers of water and ice. >> do not ever, ever go on a pond that is frozen. you're going to probably regret it. >> reporter: we should mention there is a sign warning people not to play on that pond. meantime, all three boys are out of the hospital. nbc 10 news. in decision 2016 tonight the presidential candidates are traveling all around new hampshire with just two days left before the first in the nation's primary. tomorrow could be the busineest day in this campaign season. we tracked the candidates trying to win their support. george? >> reporter: here on the streets of manchester, you really do sense the buzz that grips this state every four years and as we get closer to tuesday's first in the nation primary, it's not just candidates on these streets, but also regular folks. here to campaign and political
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tourists of every stripe. it may be super bowl sunday, but inside manchester's thirsty moose tap house the most important names like rubio, trump, sanders and the like. >> i love football, but politics is much more exciting to me than football. >> reporter: more exciting even than the super bowl? >> absolutely. >> reporter: he's here to watch democracy unfold. a self-professed political tourist, but for many others here tonight, campaigning for their candidate is an investment of personal time and money like conny of ohio. >> coming from cleveland, i've never been here before so i was excited to be part of the process. >> reporter: and the candidates are here with them. donald trump rallying supporters and mocking jeb bush for bringing his mother on the campaign trail. hillary clinton making a breakfast stop at this manchester dunkin' donuts. marco rubio fighting back
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against criticism about his debate performance last night and bernie sanders speaking to a crowd of more than 1,000, working to distinguish his record from his competitor. >> this has been going on for a while. the hype for it, so it's a big deal. especially in manchester. >> reporter: a new hampshire college student witnessing the final stretch to this first in the nation primary for the very first time and watching as eager supporters strive to convince the remaining few undecided. >> i see that it's a friendly political discourse here, you know, republicans and democrats get along. they're willing to talk. >> absolutely. >> as you might imagine, the day before the primary day is perhaps the busiest day of the entire campaign season here in manchester. we counted nine different competing campaign events, many of them within just six blocks of this town center. reporting in manchester new hampshire, george spencer, nbc 10 news. and you can catch george's
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live report from new hampshire tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday on nbc 10 and nbc new at 11:00, a car jacking in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood and tonight the search is on for the suspect. we're on the scene tonight. police tell us the victim was car jacked here just before 9:00. and we just checked. there's no word on any arrests. stay with nbc 10 and we'll bring you updates on this story as soon as we get them. also new at 11:00, police are investigating after a man was shot and killed in camden this afternoon. it happened around 4:00 on the 1600 block of mount ephraim avenue. the victim was in his early 20s and so far there are no arrests in the case. new information about a traffic stop that led to a chase, a crash and a philadelphia police officer being dragged more than 20 feet. police now say there's only one suspect in the case and are no longer looking for a second one.
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only nbc 10 was there as officers handcuffed the driver in east falls. but it all started with a traffic stop early this morning in overbrook. police say the driver suddenly took off. he ran over the officer dragging him as he sped away. police later spotted the driver near the target on city avenue. it ended when the suspect crashed on the bridge heading toward kelly drive. well, it turns out a good samaritan who fought off a raccoon who attacked a little girl last week was not exposed to the rabies virus. a second man jumped in to help. the victim was walking home from school thursday when the raccoon lunged at her. not one, but two men helped save that little girl. they fought off the raccoon with a hockey stick. the animal tested positive for rabies but neither man touched the raccoon so there's no danger of exposure. doctors gave the girl medicine and she's expected to be okay.
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tonight the denver broncos are crowned super bowl 50 champions. peyton manning and crew take down the panthers and we're joined with what went down. danny, number 18 on top. >> no doubt about that, denise. whether it was beyonce, cold play and bruno mars at half-time. super bowl 50 really left its mark. cam newton sacked by von miller. bron dcos up. they trailed 16-10. close game at this juncture, but carolina tried to take the lead but newton attacked by miller again. the broncos eventually recover the fumble and c.j. anderson, the denver runningback plows his
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way into the end zone. broncos win. we'll have extended super bowl highlights and reaction from both sides a little bit later on in sports. back to you. >> we'll see you in a bit. tomorrow is your chance to weigh in on the proposed football stadium at temple university. plans call for $100 million stadium to be built on campus in north philadelphia. the school's board of trustees will hold a special public meeting tomorrow. a meeting for students last week ended early when protests broke out. right now the owls play their home football games at lincoln financial field. up next, the red cross out in north town trying to help other families stay safe after a 12-year-old boy died in a house fire last week. we'll check in on their efforts and talk to the boy's loved ones. and some police officers get called to an emergency in
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burlington, but end up getting lessons behind a sewing machine instead. we'll tell you why. >> i'm tracking two chances for snow plus an arctic blast and possible coastal flooding. it's all straight ahead in the first alert forecast.
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an emergency meeting today calling for action in north korea's missile launch. the launch used illegal technology prohibited by
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multiple security council resolutions. u.s. secretary of state has called the foreign ministers of south korea and japan to discuss north korea's missile use. >> he's always been very brave, and really caring and he loved his parents. >> tonight family members are remembering a heroic young boy killed when he ran back into a house fire to try to save his father. 12-year-old sanford harrelling died friday and as his family honors his memory the american red cross is trying to help other families learn from the tragedy. >> reporter: the red cross canvassed the neighborhood and reminded residents to have working smoke detectors and a plan. although it's unknown if any of that would have made a difference here. >> it's the first time back to the home, but it's the site of a makeshift memorial.
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>> this is where her baby, his life ended and she just wanted to come out and just you know, feel his spirit. >> reporter: her 12-year-old son died after reentering the burning house in an attempt to rescue his father who he thought was trapped inside. his father managed to jump from a window. >> it's hard to see anybody's life change so dra mat click so quickly. >> reporter: today she and other red cross volunteers return to the neighborhood along with firefighters. this time they're reminding residents to have working smoke detectors and an evacuation plan. >> you should create a safety plan so that when you do get out of the house you have a meeting place. >> reporter: authorities cannot say how or if the fire could have been prevented. what they do know is that this incident hurts deeper than most and they're working to make sure it never happens again. >> you never know when a tragedy is around the corner.
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you never know. >> the family tells me that they are grateful for the outpouring of support. tomorrow, authorities hope to interview them to further along the investigation and help figure out what caused the fire in the first place nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, what started as a call for a medical emergency in burlington county ended with police officers making quilts. officers were called to old city quilts in burlington city after someone there got sick. fortunately that person was okay, but it all happened in the middle of a quilt making class. so the two responding officers pulled up some chairs and joined right in. old city quilts posted the video on facebook of the officers showing off their new sewing skills. chosen 300 ministries held the super bowl party for the homeless tonight.
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the guests were treated to pregame meals and a chicken wing dinner at half-time. chosen 300 serves meals to the homeless in our region every year. and now that super bowl 50 is officially in the books, the national council on gambling is bracing for what it says is the busiest time of the year. calls to its gambling addiction hot line surge in the hours and days following the super bowl. the group says it sees an arch of an extra 1,500 calls on its national help line during this month of february. the gaming association says an estimated $4.2 billion will be wagered on the game this weekend and almost all of that will be done illegally. a lot of people only watch the super bowl to see all the commercials and this year advertisers paid up to 5 million bucks for a 30-second ad. in case you missed any of the
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best commercials, we have you covered. you can catch all the ads on the nbc 10 app. >> and the rocket's red glare -- >> of course the commercials weren't the only entertainment. lady gaga kicked things off with a stirring performance of the national anthem that had people buzzing on social media. ♪ >> and then it was a triple threat at half-time. coldplay was joined on stage by beyonce and bruno mars. beyonce debuted a new song. it also included a montage of past half-time shows. well, we've got a lot going on in the weather over the next week including the coldest weekend of the winter coming up.
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we've got a close call for the morning rush, at least at the shore for some snow, but as we go into monday night, tuesday, tuesday night, snow becomes more likely throughout the area and also coastal flooding becomes pretty likely. >> like i said, a lot going on. 41 degrees. the wind is northeast at 17 miles per hour. just the beginning of like three days of on shore winds and that's never a good thing. we've got 32 degrees in allentown now. 34 in pottstown, but 41 in philadelphia. the temperatures are going to be high enough so that a lot of the snow that would fall by the morning rush toward the shore would melt because the temperature would be above freezing. the hourly forecast in philadelphia shows temperature does not get to freezing and then by 11:00 it's back up to 39. not exactly a warm day. this is a huge storm. you can see it so clearly, the
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center of it moving straight to the east but it's pulling some moisture back toward the coast. so there is the chance that some of that snow does make it up as you'll see. this is the next system. it's not as well organized, but that's the one that's coming right at us. the three days of on shore winds going to create at least minor, perhaps some moderate coastal flooding. these are the times of high tides so we'll have multiple times to be looking at this about every 12 hours or so. so there's that coastal snow, but look at the temperatures, generally above freezing. we get into the 40s without the snow in the philadelphia area. that's during the day. then at night some of that western system starts to come in and you can see some of this snow here. again, temperatures are fairly marginal, so some of this is going to melt unless it all gets together and gets heavy. some of the models make it significant enough to accumulate
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several inches. others keep it fairly weak as you can see this one coming through tuesday and tuesday night. and at least one of the models here, this is kind of an arverae showing potential for a few inches. but some of that would be melting. 32 degrees for the low in philadelphia during the day tomorrow cloudy and cooler. we've got snow coming in generally at night. temperatures during the day into the low 40s. and the 7-day forecast, there's the snow. a little bit of a mix south and east. the wet snow again. windy and turning colder wednesday and thursday and now watch. yikes. temperatures down into the single digits. windchills below zero over the weekend. >> hey, we'll have complete highlights and reaction from super bowl 50 coming up as peyton manning ready to ride off into the sunset and a frustrating weekend for the
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flyers. what went wrong in washington today when we come back.
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. congratulations to the springfield high school varsity cheerleaders. they are the uca national champ. this is video from a previous competition. the squad captured the crowd today following a weekend of competition in florida. the squad finished sixth.
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leading up to the super bowl most of the talk centered around the quarterbacks. peyton manning versus cam newton, but the defenses dominated. broncos up 3-0 in the first. a fumble recovered in the endzone. bron does lead 10-0. panthers driving jonathan stewart with some air. eat your heart out as he skies into the endzone. panthers punting meanwhile. jordan norwood catches it in traffic. got some room down the sideline. 61-yard punt return, the longest in super bowl history. broncos add a field goal. mcmanus, panthers kicker, not so much. the 44-yarder is wide as it bangs off the upright early in the third. it's now 16-7 broncos.
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check out the catch by the cardinal o'hara product. kind of banged his head on the grass there, left with a concussion and he didn't return. but cam makes a mistake. his pass picked up by ward who fumbles it. luckily a teammate is there to pounce on it. we got to the fourth, peyton manning going for the kill. that led to a panthers' field goal. carolina now 16-10. release the hounds. guess who? it is miller again. your super bowl mvp with the strip sack, ward recovers, broncos with the dagger here. anderson pounds his way into the endzone. broncos win 24-10. manning wins his second super bowl title but there is one burning question. >> so is this your final game for your career? >> you know, i'll take some time to reflect. i've got a couple of priorities first. i want to go kiss my wife and my kids.
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i want to go, you know, hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, i promise you that and i'm going to take care of those things first and definitely going to say a prayer and thank the man upstairs for this opportunity. i'm very grateful. >> i'm so proud of my guys. it's been every last one of the guys in the locker room that got me to right here. they kept being the type of guys that keep you going. happy for bronco nation. we're going to celebrate this one. >> all right. closer to home, the flyers trying to make it a supersunday. the flyers trying to salvage a wind in back to back weekends. they did get simmons back. he was not suspended for his penalty against the rangers. throwing a couple of right hands here in a scrum. first period action, the flyers up 1-0. goes to the point in eight straight games. a franchise record.
11:29 pm
flyers down 2-1. they win the faceoff and nick schultz catches it in the shot from the point. but the flyers' defense falls apart. skates through everyone and beats mason. flyers lose 3-2. out of a possible four points they got just one over the weekend. coming up later we'll here from cam newton who abruptly ended his press conference early. and john clark sits down with new eagles defensive coordinator. see what changes are in store for that unit. we're coming right back.
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celebrating a philadelphia first today in cobb creek. they cut the ribbon on the children's church. it is the only inner city church in the history of philadelphia for children. it will serve with afterschool programs, summer camps and boys and girls club. the archdiocese says five
11:33 pm
local parishes will take part in the planning initiative. they'll enter the program. the enunciation of the blessed virgin mary, sacred hard in cliffton heights and others will take part in that planning initiative. the program helps decide how those parishes will operate going forward. a delaware county parish wins a national award for its commitment to worshippers with disabilities. st. john's received the opening doors award. st. john's was chosen for demonstrating a deep commitment for those with disabilities and providing access for full participation in all aspects of parish life. >> it is a real joy and an honor to be with our brothers and sisters that have disabilities, and it helps us to recognize
11:34 pm
that in fact, we all have disabilities. >> last summer the church launched a monthly mass of welcoming and inclusion and a modification for those with disabilities and an interpreter for the hearing impaired. it was preacher versus preacher in the super bowl style church service in cincinnati, ohio. two preachers went head to head in a battle of sermons in this unique service. one preacher was wearing a panthers' jersey. the other in a denver broncos jersey. organizers say the super bowl of preaching is one of their highest attended weekends of the year. what does republican presidential candidate marco rubio have in common with the band one direction? one crying teenager and big rubio fan explains and one little girl hoping to become our first female president doesn't want hillary clinton to get there first. hear clinton's response when her
11:35 pm
decision 2016 coverage continues from new hampshire next. your heart loves omega-3s.
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right now on nbc 10 news at 11:00, tracking two chances for snow. first a storm could impact parts of the jersey shore overnight tonight. and then much of our area will see snow in a storm that moves in starting tomorrow night into tuesday. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist joins us with the forecast. so glen, the better chance for snow starts tomorrow night? >> yeah. the better chance for snow starts with the weaker storm. the strong storm is mainly going to be staying offshore. we have cloudy conditions in much of the area, but it's dry at the moment. look how close the precipitation is on the northern edge of this. of course when it moves up into the cold air it would be changing over to snow, but this is a huge intense storm, almost hurricane force winds down there. it's going to push some of that moisture back in our direction. the area that is going to be affecting us in the middle of
11:39 pm
the country now and that's got a nice swirl to it as well. temperatures generally in the 30s to the low 40s, so we have temperature issues too. so even if it does start to snow toward the morning rush, atlantic city up toward ocean county especially, it is generally above freezing and during the daylight hours the snow would melt but it could reduce visibilities. more snow is likely, starting monday night. we'll have the timing and amounts on that with the 7-day in a few minutes. in decision 2016 every presidential candidate will be campaigning nonstop tomorrow ahead of tuesday's first in the nation primary in new hampshire. nbc 10's george spencer joins us from manchester, new hampshire, where he's tracking the mood of voters. >> tomorrow may be the very busiest day of the entire multiyear campaign season here in manchester. nearly every presidential
11:40 pm
candidate scheduled to make some appearance here at some point during the day as the first in the nation primary finally nears. you might say the streets of manchester are lit up with av avenue politicals. >> i've been interested in grass roots politics for about 20 years and i've been doing my best to bring truth to the american people. >> reporter: she drove across the country, first to the iowa caucuses and now here to the nation's first primary election. she's just one among the thousands descended on the granite state. >> i'm a life long political june kie so i just love this stuff. i came up to see as many candidates as i could over the weekend. >> reporter: marco rubio fighting back against criticism of his debate performance last night. bernie sanders speaking to a crowd of more than 1,000 working
11:41 pm
to extinguish his record against his competitor. donald trump rallying supporters and mocking jeb bush for bringing his mother on the campaign trail. hillary clinton making a breakfast stop at this manchester dunkin' donuts. >> i'm here to see the show. i was here working for john kerry in 2004 and i had so much fun i came back. >> reporter: bill wise drove in from ohio to watch democracy in progress here. >> you know, it's very exciting. everybody's eager to talk about politics so you -- not even somebody that you necessary canvassing that you have on your route, but you're having a conversation with them and you're talking about politics. >> reporter: on these streets you do sense the buzz that grips this state every four years and visitors tell me new hampshire is living up to its reputation for thoughtful political discourse. reporting in manchester, new
11:42 pm
hampshire, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> and george spencer will be live in new hampshire with a busy day of campaigning tomorrow. then the primary on tuesday and the aftermath of wednesday. catch live reports on the air and on nbc well, there's no crying in politics unless you're a first time voter and get a hug from your favorite candidate. republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio met with his supporters following a rally in new hampshire today. he shook hands and brought them to tears literally. >> i just like 97% of his policies and i don't care about the other 3%. >> when asked about her shared moment with her favorite candidate the 18-year-old said the senator's good looks were just an added bonus. >> hillary clinton ran into some stiff competition this morning. a little girl's mother told her
11:43 pm
her daughter didn't want her to become president because she wants to be the first female president. >> i'll make it easier for you. >> clinton told the family when she wins the election it will be that much easier for the little girl to hold the office in the future because she won't have to break the glass ceiling. and clinton also took a break from campaigning in new hampshire today to visit with people in flint, michigan. she spoke to a church congregation about the lead poisoning crisis calling the lack of clean water both unacceptable and immoral. now for a look at some of the stories we're following tomorrow on nbc 10. former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey assumed his new role as public safety consultant in delaware. he signed a 7-month contract with wilmington to help the city get a handle on the gun violence there. chicago hired ramsey in a similar capacity. and back to court for a bucks county woman convicted of playing a role in the beating of
11:44 pm
two gay men in center city. she'll be sentenced tomorrow. she was acquitted back in december, but could still face jail time. two others who have pleaded guilty are serving probation in the crime. officials will be on high alert at a high school this week after messages surfaced on social media of an impending brawl week at the school. officials say they've collected several posts where students threatened to engage in random fights this week. safety officers will be on hand from 6:30 in the morning until 11:00 p.m. it's expected to be a similar situation at another high school as well. this after several videos surfaced last week with the hash tag fight week. a school board meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow night to address the situation. well, party with a purpose tonight in montgomery county. dozens of students came together to help their teacher who suffers from a rare disease. nbc 10 at the pub and grill in
11:45 pm
fort washington tonight. students from the children's house held a fund raiser for teacher vanessa potnicky. it's a rare condition that gave her her first stroke at the age of 26. her students with help from their parents organized this benefit hoping to find a cure. >> really, i'm so blessed to have such amazing families. i love the kids so much and i mean, there's no cure or treatment, but these kids are the best i could ask for. they really make me so happy. >> the pub will donate some of tonight's sale to the association. well, hundreds of south jersey students, teachers and volunteers turned ho gis into hope today. the volunteers prepared nearly 2,000 hoagies and all the money
11:46 pm
raised from the event goes to help three students pay for much needed medical expenses. the aecevent raised nearly $10, last year. >> the kids are always looking to do a great thing. sunday morning, 6:45, not a time that most kids are willing to come out and hang out at school, so i couldn't be more proud of them. >> even if you missed out on today's event you can still contribute to the cause. we've provided a link over at nbc up next on nbc 10 news at 11:00, the search for survivors continues right now after an earthquake rocked taiwan. we'll check in on crews working to pull people including small children from the rubble. >> and i'm tracking chances for snow at the shore tomorrow morning, plus an archiblatic bl that will bring temperatures into the single digits. details next.
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the number of people killed in that powerful earthquake in taiwan rose to 36 tonight. more than 100 are still trapped in a collapsed apartment building. tonight crews pulled a number of survivors from the rubble including a baby and a little girl. more than 170 people have been rescued alive so far. it takes nearly 10 hours of digging to rescue one person. when no one seemed to be listening to residents' complaints over health and safety concerns, those residents contacted the nbc 10 investigators. we went to check out the issues and here's a preview of a story you'll see tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: from boil water warnings to the demolition of a moldy mobile home, residents say they've had enough. >> our home is only feet away from this home.
11:50 pm
>> reporter: they asked nbc 10 investigators to step in when their voices weren't being heard. >> we need help. >> reporter: we found numerous violations against the management company and the township having trouble holding them accountable. >> we get reassuring statements that seem to satisfy us. but then when it comes to implementation on the ground, they fall short of that. >> reporter: tomorrow at 4:00 you'll hear more about the problems and now that the investigators got involved, how the management company plans to fix them. i've got a lot of weather changes going on during this upcoming week. a couple of chances of snow and a certainty of some really, really cold air toward the weekend. a close call for the morning rush. generally for the shore areas, with some snow. snow is likely for much of the
11:51 pm
region monday night into tuesday night with some accumulation likely. coastal flooding is also likely with three days of on shore winds and the arctic blast by the weekend is pretty much a sure bet as we take a look outside, mostly cloudy. 41 degrees. winds northeast at 17 miles per hour. feels like 32, but that will seem balmy compared to what you're going to see for the weekend forecast. temperatures not dropping much overnight because of all the cloud cover and then they don't rise very much during the day tomorrow because of all the cloud cover. and the northeast wind. we're in the 30s most of the area, 41 degrees in philadelphia right now. this is a -- just a monster storm out off the east coast. hurricane force winds, but you can see the center is clearly moving to the east, but it's so strong it's pushing moisture back toward the coastline and it's getting pretty darn close to atlantic city right now and
11:52 pm
as it pushes in to the colder air, it may change over to some snow. but wet snow that generally melts. this area is more likely to affect the entire area, but it's not well organized and not likely to be organized, the first storm may prevent it from being organized. these are the high tides. we've got several of them coming over the next couple of days. coastal flood advisories, at least minor flooding, perhaps some moderate flooding in some areas. by 6:00 a.m. about the only significant threat for snow is close to the coast, but it could be briefly heavy, reducing visibility but the temperatures are generally above freezing. we get into the 40s across much of the rest of the area and then we wait for this second system to come in, generally monday night and into tuesday, again, not well organized. it's got potential to produce some accumulation, not so much by tuesday morning, but by
11:53 pm
wednesday morning, this is one of the models kind of in the middle showing more snow to the west than to the east down the shore. 32 degrees for the low in philadelphia tonight with a chance of some shore snow bidet break. during the day tomorrow, we have cloudy, cooler conditions. the snow generally coming in at night and a lot of it melting because the temperatures are kind of marginal. big wet sticky flakes again. then it starts to get colder toward the end of the week and by friday and into the weekend, it is just brutally cold. high saturday of only 18 and windchill is getting below zero over the weekend. >> coming up in sports, john clark goes one on one with new eagles defensive coordinator and we'll hear from cam newton who didn't have much to say after the panthers lost in super bowl 50. rt loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed
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super bowl 50 turns out to be a defensive battle. look at cam newton's sack by von miller. broncos led 13-7 at intermission. panthers took a field goal. we got a game. they trail 16-10. carolina trying to take the lead on a td but again, miller, the strip sack of newton. he's your super bowl mvp. the broncos recovered the ball and anderson pounds into the endzone. broncos win 24-10. cam newton not happy after this one. >> can you put a finger on what -- why carolina did not play the way it normally plays? >> got outplayed. >> anything you can change defensively to take away your running lanes? >> no. >> i know you're disappointed not just for yourself but your teammates, you guys talked about a band of brothers coming in.
11:57 pm
>> no matter how mad you are you've got to face the music better than that though. but since the defense dominated the super bowl it makes sense we hear from the new leader of the eagl eagles' defense. recently we sat down with him for a revealing conversation. >> when you come here and you look at the film from last year and all the games, what do you see in this defense in the different parts where you feel you can be successful? >> you know, i think the biggest thing is trying to accentuate the talents of the players. i really don't bring a scheme. what we did in buffalo a couple years ago is different than what i did in tennessee and different than what i did in detroit. you know, just have an eye toward what are these guys good at. i don't know if you ever look on social media but some of your guys like fletcher cox went on there when they heard you were hired and they were excited about the prospects of a 4-3.
11:58 pm
in your conversations with these guys are they really excited about what you're bringing? >> in the last 15 years of my career or so, you don't see a lot of productive defensive linemen. you know, kyle williams and you know, the guys that we had in buffalo, you know, so i think -- i think that's an attractive thing. those guys recognize that history. they recognize that you know, those guys are put in positions to be able to make plays so i'm sure that excites them. >> you just mentioned some great players that you had. when you look at fletcher cox and you see what he brings to the table and watching him on fill, where do you put him? where do you put him watching him on film? how good is he? >> he's a good player. probably even better than that, he was playing in a different system last year. he was playing at the line system. he wasn't asked to be a pen traitor. he wasn't asked to be a pass
11:59 pm
rush mode. he was eating up blocks and falling off on tackles. i remember him a couple years ago when the eagles drafted him and he was an attack player and he was tough to handle. >> that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
12:00 am
12:01 am
the philadelphia international auto show came to a close tonight and this year's show was one of the biggest ever. this year's event could be one for the record books. they tell us some 250,000 people
12:02 am
came to the pennsylvania convention center over the past nine days. car enthusiasts of all ages had a hands-on experience with more than 700 makes and models from all over the world. and glen's back with a last check on the forecast and we've got some snow moving in. >> yeah, and some of those fancy cars may have to be driving through a little bit of snow. >> no tops down. >> not a good idea. monday night through tuesday night is the main threat for snow, but it does not look like a huge storm. the huge storm that's out in the ocean now is generally moving away from land. so you see that snow on tuesday, mainly. there could be some accumulation, could be enough to shovel a bit, but some of it is going to melt, so we've got these temperature issues with it. the other temperature issue in the 7-day, look at the end of it. saturday, a high of 18. >> the lows in the single digits?
12:03 am
>> yeah. >> thank you so much. that's nbc 10 news for now. thanks for joining us. have a great monday.
12:04 am
12:05 am
lewis. a few of the big names in football, synonymous with super bowl sunday. this week we look back on nfl greats featured on our show and unforgettable memories etched in history. i'm graham bassinger. and this is "indepth." ♪ ♪ on a special episode, of "indepth" the biggest names share their greatest super bowl memories. >> nothing can replace that. >> the victories that mark the end of the career. >> turns out. >> you won the super bowl. >> the triumphs in the face of personal struggle. >> what was the difficulty like for you? >> i would have much rather been


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