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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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told tests could take as long as one week. live in collegeville. mitch blacher. the end of the campaign trail for new jersey governor chris christie. the associated press reports christie will drop out of the presidential race and the announcement is imminent. in the last half hour, republican carly fiorina also dropped out of the race. >> news comes a day after both produced dismal results in the new hampshire primary. christie focused bulk of efforts in new hampshire and pulled in 7% of the vote last night. and remember, he came in next to last in the iowa caucus with 2% of that vote. nbc 10's lauren mayk following the developments. >> reporter: there has been silence from chris christie's campaign. but we know from our colleagues at nbc news he wanted to go home, make some calls, and decide what comes next. the associated press is reporting he will end his campaign citing people familiar
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with his plans. one thing is for sure. chris christie was supposed to be in south carolina now. he had a plane ticket and a scheduled event 15 minutes from now. instead, back in new jersey. his political future in question. at the new hampshire party, the governor's words confirmed things weren't going as hoped. >> we're going to go home to new jersey tomorrow and we're going to take a deep breath. >> reporter: the destination would be home to new jersey rather than the campaign trail in south carolina. at the silver dollar diner in new jersey, we talked to dieners who have watched the governor campaign unfold. >> i like christie i will be disappointed. >> reporter: george hadn't wanted his governor to run for president four years ago but this time enjoyed the campaign. why do you think he hasn't connected as much as he hoped to. >> obviously, there's the scandals that have happened in
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new jersey. there's those issues. politically timing it didn't work well for him. >> reporter: timing this cycle means running against another tell it like it is candidate, donald trump. >> already one loudmouth in the campaign. >> reporter: christie spent months on the trail in new hampshire but analyst joe watkins tells me it's hard to predict what voters, particularly those in the granite state christie was counting on, will do. >> he did all of the right things, show up, talk to the people, ask for the vote again and again and again ask for their vote. he did all of that. >> reporter: after that single digit showing -- >> money is prbly the biggest driver whether or not he can go forward. >> reporter: back in new jersey, some believe the governor's troubles elsewhere started here. >> i think that had he stayed in new jersey more he would have done better. >> reporter: christie, in fact, spent 261 days outside of new jersey last year when you include trips to pennsylvania and new york. past few months, dozens of town halls in new hampshire, work that did not pay off as hoped.
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live in the digital operations center, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> for the rest of the pack, a big night for the outsiders in the race. >> so-called establishment candidates finished far from first place in new hampshire's republican primary last night. donald trump picked up 35% of the vote. second place was huge surprise for ohio governor john kasich picking up 16%. ted cruz came in third with 12%. tied for fourth with 11%, jeb bush and marco rubio. trump told the "today" show he knew he would do well in new hampshire. he was asked if his rhetoric was statesman like including the profane word. >> i was a good student at best school, i know what to do, what not to do. but i will say this, as you get closer you act differently. we were having a good time. those people went out and voted for me, that's why we got numbers that we did. >> hours after yesterday's
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primary the top republican candidates were already on the ground in south carolina, jeb bush making a stop here in hilton head this morning. at the same time, ted cruz was speaking in myrtle beach, john kasich at an event in mt. pleasant and marco rubio campaigned in columbia. on the democratic side, landslide victory for vermont senator bernie sanders expected to win in new hampshire. he picked up 60%. 30% for hillary clinton. sanders made a stop for breakfast with al sharpton. he's been touting endorsements from key leaders. then-presidential candidate barack obama sat down with sharpton at the same restaurant. south carolina next february in, the same day democrats face off in nevada. >> now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> well, there are the sounds of the season. glenn side, montgomery county, workers cleared off the snow in the dealership. people in ardmore bundled up as they made their way through lightly falling flakes. now the snow's moved out and bracing for a cold blast as we ta take a live look. arctic air on the way. also looking ahead to the threat of a refreeze tonight. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a first look at the forecast. frigid forecast. >> yeah. it's going to gradually be getting colder. but tonight, just cold enough. we haven't been below freezing very much in philadelphia area. but that is starting tonight. we're not seeing any snow of any kind of significance around. it's just what is already on the ground and what has melted during the day today. that will refreeze tonight. leaving some icy spots for
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tomorrow morning. it's going to turn colder thursday and friday and then the dangerous cold arrives over the weekend. right now 35 degrees in philadelphia. it's just about freezing or above across most of the area. 27 degrees in mt. pocono. on the breezy side. this is nothing compared to what is on the way. temperatures dropping below freezing before midnight and so, by the time you get up, anything that was liquid is going to be ice because it's going to be well below the freezing mark throughout the area. nothing more than a couple of snow flurries as we go through the night and into the morning. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get when the cold is going to be and how cold it's going to feel in a few minutes. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with breaking news. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has survived a vote that could have removed her from office.
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nbc 10's keith jones joining us to explain the developments from the state house. >> a big win for kane who questioned the state senate's maneuver and called it unconstitution unconstitutional. it hadn't been used since 1891 but required a two-thirds majority vote. something they couldn't come up with. the senate was debating whether kane could do her job without a valid law license. the state supreme court suspended it october while she fights criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. her trial in montgomery county set for august. kane is in the process now of collecting signatures to get on the april primary ballot and run for a second term trying to unseat her so far, d.a. john morgan nellie, commissioner josh shapiro and allegheny county d.a. steven zappala.
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the state house of representatives approved a resolution to investigate whether kane should be impeached. keith jones, nbc 10 news. this just in. authorities have arrested a man they say set a gloucester county apartment building on fire yesterday. bryant is charged with arson. police sent us his mugshot a few moments ago. they say he started a fire at the chestnut lane apartments in deptford. 26 people left homeless. not clear what started the fire. new information on a deadly shooting involving police in chester. the delaware county d.a. says the officer's use of deadly force seemed justified. authorities say early monday, six officers fired their guns at 33-year-old longer. when the suspect pointed his loaded weapon, police tried to pull him over having a broken taillight and the chase began ending at keystone road. the suspect's cousin, riding in
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the car, says he was afraid of being aest ared. >> fear he was going to go to jail but had no basis. he was not going back to jail under any circumstances. >> a long criminal history, including robbery, drug and gun charges. the monsignor could seek bail after a court refused to review a ruling that throws out child endangerment convicts. he's been in and out of 0 prison as appeals court have been split on the validity of his conviction. he's the first supervisor charged in the role of a coverup of a priest child sex abuse. he's served two years of the acceptance. a bucks county man accused of raping and aku15 salting sevl people over second cades. accused of assaulting a girl as
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many as 50 times. it lasted for five years. cruz accused of assaulting i 13-year-old girl and two women in date back to mid 90s. skyforce 10 over montgomery county. crews worked to repair the damage in the water main break in pottstown. the busted line left the massive crater here. as a result, barton elementary school was closed today. nbc 10 on the ground at the scene. several customers in the area without water as the crews make repairs. not cheer how long this work is going to take. >> traffic is still being affected by the crash along route 1. tractor-trailer loaded with dog food toppled. skyforce 10 over the scene after noon. the driver had minor injuries. he will be cited for careless driving. the cruise ship battered at sea over the weekend is expect in new jersey in five hours.
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the anthem of the seas was damaged after sailing into a storm off the coast of north carolina sunday. the ship was on its way to the bahamas but turned back to its home port in new jersey. the boat is scheduled to arrive there 9:00 tonight. some reassuring words from delaware officials today who shared information about the state's first confirmed case of zika virus. a woman contracted vehiczika traveling to an area where the disease is widespread. they're not revealing what part of delaware she's from. the woman is fine and she's not pregnant. zika of course, mosquito-borne virus linked to severe birth defects. it spreading through latin mark. two women from pennsylvania tested positive for the virus. doctors tonight will talk to women's u.s. soccer team about its zika confirms. the briefing comes after hope solo said the virus could keep
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her from going to summer olympics in rio. solo said if the games started today she would not attend. the goalkeeper is the first high profile athlete to comment on the threat of zika at summer games. olympic officials plan to address zika concerns in the coming weeks. college students from our area plan to travel to zika-infected areas in the coming weeks as well. nbc 10's doug shimell talks to students whether they going to change their plans because of the outbreak. one of philadelphia's most iconic spots including a face-lift. a brief reprieve for skateboarders. >> one, two, three. >> the city broke ground on a project to redesign love park. work slated to begin in spring. love park will close at that point. and when it reopens next spring, here's what it's expected to look like. more green space, a new fountain
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and dining as well as renovated welcome center. the project expected to cost $20 million. next few days skateboarding will be legal in love park. a premier destination for borders in 1995. the mayor today said the skateboarding ban will temporarily be lifted until monday. >> this particular period of time, before we get into the ground, we want people to come from around the country, hopefully around the world, come back for one more spin on your board here in love park. >> for the love sculpture, where is it going? well, for now, moving to dill worth park through the summer. local catholics recognizing beginning of lent today and receiving ashes. nbc 10 at ash wednesday services in the chapel at cathedral bacile lay ka of saints peter and paul. the ashes reminds catholics to
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turn away from sin and be faithful it the gospel. catholics in atlantic city attended services at our lady star of the sea, one of two parishes opened from a recent downsizing. pope francis distributing ashes at the vatican. in his homily he said lent presents occasion to practice simplicity and sharing. he's proclaimed this year as holy year of mercy. >> now nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. snow moved out and now it's time to talk about the temperatures going down. first thing that happens, whatever melted today refreezes tonight. we've got dangerous cold heading through the weekend and the windchi windchills, as low as 15 below zero in philadelphia in some parts of the area, lower than that. a lot of clouds now. but no snow. 35 degrees, wind is west at 18
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miles an hour. it's been gusting up close to 30 miles an hour. colder than it's been lately. the temperature tonight, going gradually down. by tomorrow morning, we're talking about 24 degrees at 4:00 a.m. and a little bit of wind on top of that, feeling like teens. we haven't seen temperatures and windchills that low for a while. it's 30 in kenneth square. 32 chester springs. self-places in chester county got 5 or 6 inches of snow and lesser amounts as we head toward philadelphia. less than one inch officially at the airport. 35 degrees now. 32 in washington. township and wilmington. trenton, northeast philly already below freezing but barely. redding, pottstown, doylestown, 31. allentown, 32, blue bell 32 as well. but these temperatures are going to be dropping through the night, 34 millville, atlantic city airport, mt. holly,
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middletown delaware. that's what happens when you get clouds and wind on the same day. nothing more than a couple of light snow flurries out there. but the big change is going to be this cold air coming in and it's going to be much colder over the next two days and then it gets seriously cold. as the arctic air comes down and it's actually beyond arctic. as we go through the weekend, these are the high temperatures in philadelphia and the low temperatures in blue. 4 degrees sunday morning. that would be close to a record. and the air that is coming this way, going from north pole and beyond. it's coming from siberia. we called this the siberian express. it does not happen often. but we're getting it this weekend. how cold? atlantic city, 13-degree temperature. 30 mile an hour win. feel like minus 9. millville, 10 degrees. 25 mile an hour, feeling like minus 11.
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wilmington, 7, 20 mile an hour wind. this is for sunday, the coldest period of this blast. 15 below in philadelphia. 17 below in plymouth meeting. doylestown, 18 below. the way it's going to feel to exposed skin. allentown, close to a record low of 1 below zero. feeling like minus 20. feeling like minus 25 in the poconos. tonight, nowhere near that. but it's cold enough for anything to refreeze. 23 for low in philadelphia. 18 north and west by morning. during the day tomorrow. colder today and wendy. 15 to 25 miles an hour, gusts up to 40 miles an hour. and then the seven-day forecast. another cold day on friday. chance of snow flurries friday night. not so concerned about snow, it's just going to frigid over the weekend. as you saw.
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it not going to last that long. you can see temperatures jump up next week, chance of snow late monday. and it warms up enough to be a chance of rain or snow by tuesday. following breaking news on the outbreak of a stomach illness on the campus of the ursinus college, 96 students sick. you see deanna durante also on campus at collegeville moip county. she's talking to students and officials about the outbreak. she's going to have a live report at 5:00. returning to our decision 2016 coverage as we told you, end of the campaign trail could be near for governor chris christie. the associated press reports christie will drop out of the presidential race, imminent. >> kelly o'donnell, big decision, why is it taking so
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long to make that announcement official? >> reporter: well, i think one of the rea reasons when people a campaign to a conclusion they have been expecting that their time in the race was over. for christie he had a strong belief that hess performance in the debate and his devotion to new hampshire would actually move his campaign forward. that did not happen. so taking time, this is an opportunity for christie to talk with friends, allies, supporters, members of the campaign team, one longtime ally tells me that he will suspend his campaign later today. but others in his inner sickle say he's not quite prepared to make that public yet in terms of a final decision. there is always the tune to rethink this but the facts, as they stand, in terms of money, polling, results, certainly add up to chris christie not having a future in this particular race. part of it, too, sitting governor, there are current day
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political considerations and trying to find the proper way to explain the end, talk about it, and describe his sort of path forward politically regardless of the gop nomination. it's part of what's happening today. some of it is just human, the needing a chance to catch a breath, take it all in, and come to a conclusion. jim, jacqueline? >> if he does drop out, what would this mean for the rest of the field? >> reporter: it would certainly consolidate the lane that we've been calling the establishment or the governors' lane. john kasich of ohio, also a sitting governor, had a very big night. for jeb bush, former governor of florida, he had a showing that really surpassed what many suspected, giving new life to his campaign to the next contest, south carolina, well-financed and the bush family has deep ties including former president george w. bush expected to campaign for jeb bush next week.
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it narrows the feel. we learned that carly fiorina suspended her campaign and it gibbs voters a narrower field of choices and may help to try to carve out who is in the outsider lane opposite donald trump of course, who is holding that ground evangelical lane ted cruz has had and traditional republican fight is where there's a lot of action and unknowns. >> kelly o'donnell, thanks from trenton. more on nbc "nightly news." appreciate it. irs says thieves are trying to steal tax returns. >> still ahead -- how you'll know if your refund was targeted. twitter tweets, the changes you could see on your time line. plus -- blame the boss. the note a father sent to class with his tardy children and his explanation why his kids didn't make it on time. ♪ let it go
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>> i hear the children running to the tv now. coming to life in the big apple. when you'll be able to take the kids to see "frozen" on broadway.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ let it go let it go♪ >> do your kids love this? do they make you watch it over and over? if you thought time to let it go, think again. blockbuster hit "frozen" making a play to broadway. it will utilize many of the same people who worked on the film including the writers. the show will hit the stage spring 2018 in new york. new york dad claims bruce springsteen made his kids late to school. take a look at this note. patrick wrote to his kids' teachers he took his 7 and 12-year-old kids to a springsteen concert monday
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night. when they didn't get home until early tuesday, dad let the kids sleep in and gave quite the explanation for theirneear tard >> three rules, be kind, help as many people as you can, when the boss brings the band to town, be there. >> one of the kid's teachers also at the concert. the kid's mother is also a teacher and not thrilled with the whole situation. that excuse won't work if you're heading to see the boss in philly. you'll have the weekend to recover. bruce springsteen will bring the river tour to the wells fargo friday. that is sold out. >> might take all weekend and into monday to recover. >> never know. it's interesting. his kids 12 and 7 and you wouldn't think they would be bruce springsteen fans but plays it over and over and love it. >> all right. bitter cold air about to move in, bring us the coldest weather
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we've seen this season. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the arctic blast. >> no doubt about it. today could be the last day to make it above freezing for a while. when the colder winds move in and when it's going to start feeling like below zero. video you'll see only on nbc 10 news that shows a new view of the hit-and-run that injured a mom and two children in south philadelphia. we'll take you through it. n.
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>> skyforce 10 live over breaking news at suburban station in center city. crews responding to a report of a man hit by a train. but septa says it's unclear if the man was hit by a train or injured falling on to the
4:31 pm
tracks. he's been taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. we'll continue to monitor the situation. also now at 4 ooh. 30, new video on nbc 10 that shows moment a speeding car ran a red light, ran down a woman and her two small children in south philadelphia. that video comes from a man who was driving through the intersection just as the hit-and-run crash happened. >> cydney long walks us through what it shows. >> reporter: look closely to the right of your screen. a mother and her two children ready to cross dickinson near broad. this red honda mows all three down. debris flying. the driver who gave us the video has been haunted for more than a week. he wanted to provide video so the public would see the car again and see the fact that the driver who he is certain is a female clearly ran a red light. it happened at broad and dickinson last tuesday. she struck the mother, her 5-year-old daughter and baby in her arms. that driver and the red honda
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still a mystery. another aspect of the video, not revealing, the audio, the shock and despair in voices of both the driver and his passenger as he watched the family fall to the ground, and good samaritans rush to their side. video police provided last week with the side view mirror collected as evidence. police tell me they've followed up several leads to locate the car but no arrests. police are interested in any new evidence and new perspective to solve the case. honda is cherry red with a p.a. tag, hood damage, and missing the passenger side mirror. cydney long, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> chilly afternoon on the slopes but skiers and snowboarders don't mind conditions. they've got snow, right? in the poconos. first alert chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with his first alert forecast. >> i was thinking how cold it was but realizing, well that's going to be nothing compared to this weekend. >> yeah. jacqueline, you're going to long for the days of the temperatures of today. by the time we get to the weekend, at least the bitter dangerous cole is not going to last you can see the camera shaking here. the first batch of the colder air. we have snow flurries generally north of the poconos. of course could be some into the mountainous areas later tonight and tomorrow. temperatures, below average for this time of the year. but again, nothing compared to the next several days. 31 in pottstown, redding, 30 in lancaster, cool spots outside 27 degrees in mt. pocono. as we go through the night tonight, temperatures dropping below freezing mark. and that means whatever melted today is going to refreeze and
4:34 pm
so there may be icy patches for tomorrow morning. like in the driveway, sidewalk, some streets untreated. watch out for that. and you're going to watch out for the temperatures over the weekend. you'll see that with the seven day in a few minutes. >> here's some stories making headlines. 96 students at ursinus are sick with a stomach illness. officials are trying to pinpoint what's causing the sickness. whatever it is, it's spreading quickly. six students reported being sick this morning. now that number's up to 96. huge drujump. >> the end of the campaign trail for governor chris christie? associated press reports he'll drop out of the presidential race and that announcement is imminent. christie finished yesterday in the new hampshire primary and
4:35 pm
has not picked up any delegate. >> big win for kathleen kane. the senate did not come up with two-thirds majoritied needed to remove her from office. kane's law license suspended while she fights criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. the latest in the assault case involving lesean mccoy. no charges filed but hearing from the victim's attorney, representing two of three off-duty philadelphia police officers seen being beaten in this tmz video here. a source tells nbc 10 the delay in charges could come from several factors including the lack of a 911 call and the fact that no on-duty police were called to the scene. the attorney for the victims says his clients were trying to enjoy a night out in the town they protect. >> it's very unfortunate. they've suffered serious, maybe permanent injury involving facial fractures and things
4:36 pm
we're still evaluating. >> espn reporting mccoy hired jack mcmahon to handle the case. gm says some of its vehicles have a problem with the brakes. >> we'll tell you which trucks and suvs a part of a new recall. apology for slavery. the state that's recognizing its wrongs during the jim crow era.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it.
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but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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general motor recalling 470,000 trucks and suvs sold in the u.s. and canada. brake pedals can come loose and fail to work properly. this involves 2015 and 2016 chevy silverado hd, gmc sierra hd and chevy tahoe police vehicles. the company will contact owners. irs says identity thieves managed to breach its computer systems to try to steal your tax refunds. hackers used taxpayers' personal data stolen elsewhere.
4:40 pm
that allowed them to generate pin numbers to file fraudulent returns. the irs says none of its computers disclosed personal information. affected tax players will get a letter in the mail from the snirs new stirs. washington loss surgery can help peel live longer. it looked at 8,000 people, they found the surgery was associated with longer survival rates for people over 35. the life-prolonging benefits weren't the same for younger patients, especially women. >> twitter tweaking its time line. the site is letting people turn on a new setting. the setting allows popular tweets retlitweet s related you follow show up first and the rest appears as it always does in reverse chronological order. twitter says the change will make it easier and faster for people to catch up on what's happening now. burger king putting something new on the grill.
4:41 pm
the fast food chain announced hot dogs to menus. bk has been testing hot dogs at se select locations. expect to see them in all restaurants february 23rd, that's two weeks away. both a classic and a chili cheese version. >> yes? would you try? >> no. >> burger king. there's a reason there's burger in the name? good luck. next, reunion more than 70 years in the making. >> such a nice story. just in time for valentine's day. man flies around the world to reconnect with a girl he met during world war ii. guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings straight ahead. plus, dangerous cold like we've yet to see so far this season. it's moving in for valentine's day weekend. how far below freezing it could go next.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪
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this is nbc 10 news. >> governor apologizing for a resolution. lawmakers passed the resolution last month which recognizes the wrongs committed against blacks during the jim crow area. he signed it today in dover. he also presented a proclamation recognizing black history month. >> a candid acknowledgement and acceptance of our past is the only way to understand our presence and take full responsibility for our future. >> markell and the president of delaware state university unveiled the exhibit for the 125th anniversary of the historically black college. after more than 70 years
4:46 pm
apart a world war ii veteran from the u.s. is reunited with his wartime girlfriend. >> norwood thomas met joyce durant morris in australia this morning. there they are together. thomas 21-year-old paratrooper, morris 17-year-old from great britain when they met in london in 1944. they lost touch after the war. of course, life went on. but last year they reconnected via skype. there was a fund-raising campaign to raise money for thomas to travel to australia to see her in person finally. he talked about how he was feeling just before the meeting. >> a little nervous. >> what's the first thing you're going to do? >> i'm going to give her a squeeze. >> there you go. and there they are smiling during their reunion. morris says they're going to have a wonderful couple of weeks together and celebrate valentine's day together as well. how sweet is that.
4:47 pm
>> both available. >> right. his wife passed away self-years ago. she's divorced. maybe it will be more than a couple of weeks. >> yeah. maybe more squeezes to come in the future. love that. >> need to cuddle up with someone this weekend, right? >> yeah. a lot of indoor activities in store for this weekend because outdoors, it's go heing to be painful. when it starts feeling like it's below zero, that's much for me. refreezing tonight. whatever melted during the day, refreezes tonight. dangerous cold coming over the weekend. windchills averaging about 15 below by sunday morning across our area. some places going to be lower than that. we've got cloudy skies now. it is 35 degrees. wind is 18 miles an hour. gusting up close to 30. feels like 24. remember those feels like windchill temperatures? that's based on the sustained wind not gust.
4:48 pm
sometimes it feels even colder than that. 31 in west chester. pottstown, redding right now. got a nice snow cover in those areas. and so that's going to help it be colder over the weekend. sunlight bounces off of that white snow in space, doesn't allow the ground to warm up. wilmington and glassboro 32. 36 dover. warm spot. and it's probably going to be the highest temperature we're going to see for quite a while. tonight, the temperature going down gradually. but going down and up by 4:00 a.m., 24 degrees. and that's without the wind with a little bit of wind there, it's going to feel like in the teens when you get up. and not really warm up a whole lot after that. just a few little snow flurries around on the radar. it's not going to harm anybody. look at temperatures. going below freezing. we'll start to get that iceover
4:49 pm
as we go through the late evening hours, flurries coming through the area. by 6:00 a.m., temperatures in the teens in allentown, redding, pottstown. and again, wind on top of that. windchill may be in the single digits by morning in those areas and then it doesn't warm up much. we don't get close to the freezing mark during the day tomorrow. and then, by the weekend, this is going to seem relatively mild. that arctic air that's coming down tomorrow is going to get more serious. look at the colors here. purple colors, rarely see on this kind of map coming down for sunday morning. near record cold across a good bit of the area. it's not going to last. by monday we're already starting to warm up fairly significantly. and so it's just over the weekend, just get through the
4:50 pm
weekend, we'll be okay. 23 degrees in philadelphia. 18 north and west. breezy conditions all night. and windy day tomorrow. gusts 40 miles an hour, high temperatures in the upper 20s. and seven-day forecast, average high up to 43. boy, we're nowhere near that. lowest temperature, sunday morning, that's 4 in philadelphia. that's close to a record. and feels like temperature down to 15 below. by monday, up to the freezing mark. by tuesday, it's in the 40s with a chance of rain or snow. >>confirmation, chris christie pulled out of the race for president. he put so much effort in new hampshire a lot of time and money spent there. and 2% from the iowa caucuses. chris christie pulls out of the race for president. speaking of changing plans, zika virus spreads concern for people planning trips to affected countries. >> with spring break
4:51 pm
approaching, some are re-evaluating the plan. how the virus could affect students ready to go on vacation.
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4:54 pm
breaking news on the cam .trail. nbc news confirmed chris christie is suspending his presidential campaign. announcement coming after a projected sixth place finnish tuesday's new hampshire primary. we'll have live coverage and analysis at 5:00. zika-en affected mosquitoes aren't an immediate threat here in our area but they are having a widespread impact as people try to plan trips south of the border. doug shimell spoke with students at west chester. they're worried they won't be able to go on the annual spring
4:55 pm
break trip. >> you'll have a fantastic time. we had a great time. >> reporter: last year, geology grad student beatrice o'hara witnessed an earthquake and volcano eruption in costa rica. >> i'm excited to go. >> reporter: but this senior says this spring, it's a mosquito. >> is school going to cancel the trip or am i still going? because i'd rather still go regardless. >> reporter: travel advisories for the zika virus in the caribbean and central america have college administrators looking at their spring break trips. >> we don't want to put students at risk at all. >> reporter: this doctor oversees west chester's study in other country. >> we're not saying no, you can't go. we don't do that unless there's a severe kind of alert or warning or outright travel ban to that area. >> reporter: some students say, you cannot be ruled by what ifs. >> that occurs as soon as you walk out the front door. you take the same risks anywhere you go.
4:56 pm
you're not guaranteed safety as you walk across the street. >> reporter: at west chester university, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. we posted a lot of information about the zika virus online. what to do if you have a trip planned to a zika affected country and the latest for a push on the vaccine. tap the nbc 10 app. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> breaking news just in to nbc 10, nbc's kelly o'donnell confirmed governor chris christie is suspending his bid for president. live updates next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." >> what has made 100 students sick at a local college? live on campus with the latest details.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news, in the past 15 minutes, nbc was confirmed chris christie officially suspended his presidential campaign after a disappointing finish in new hampshire primary. he made that decision after returning home to new jersey, where he is right now. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk following developments for us. didn't pan out for governor chris christie. >> no, keith. governor christie is not where he hoped to be. instead, if he stayed in the race he'd be one of two can candidates running who earned no
5:00 pm
delegates. fellow candidates are fighting for votes in south carolina. christie is not. he's back home in new jersey. >> unfortunately, doesn't look like it's going his way. >> reporter: day after a disappointing primary election night for governor chris christie who held dozen of events trying to win over new hampshire voters. we asked diners for their rev reviews. >> i think he didn't appeal to the majority of the middle of the road voters. i think he sparks an interest in people intent on speaking your mind but i don't think he's got the majority behind him. >> reporter: joe smith doesn't live in new jersey but likes christie. >> i think he's a straight shooter. >> reporter: jeanne wall also does live here and not thrilled with christie's absence during the campaign or his reaction to being challenged over it during the blizzard. >> i'm reminded of the thing about the mop, what do you want me to do? come mop for you? i thought that was not good. >> ror


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