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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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charm. lauren mayk is live in northeast philly and lauren, the folks at the church must be grateful to the officers for stepping in. >> reporter: they are. they were pretty frustrated, this was not a ton of money action maybe $150 but they didn't want anybody getting hurt. they didn't want it to keep happening. so, tell you what they did. installed that camera up there, then police, they came inside here and they waited. and waited and waited. till it happened. they rushed out the door chasing him, he wouldn't make it up the stairs. the two following him are police officers. >> we took it personal. >> reporter: to understand this struggle outside, you have to know what's been happening inside our lady of calvary church. >> very frustrating. you come in the morning you see the poor box broken into every day. >> reporter: the money includes a few dollars you might put in when light a candle, say a prayer. the officers on the case were
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determined to get it back. it took two days. >> first night the eight hours we were in there during a wind storm. i'd be lying if i told you we didn't hear strange noises. being locked up in a dark church for eight hours was quite an adventu adventure. >> the door opened, they ducked behind the organ. someone tried to pry open the box. >> that's when we swooped in. >> reporter: they chased him out of that church. >> i plan on being there every night until we got him. i did. >> reporter: you can see a little bit of congratulations to each other there at the end. this is actually right where that arrest happened. police say that man was fueling a drug addiction. they also say he claims he found the key to get in here in the church parking lot. live in northeast philadelphia, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> to decision 2016. an unexpected announcement in the race for president. >> new jersey governor chris christie is endorsing former
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rival donald trump. and christie's endorsement came at a rally in ft. worth, texas two weeks after the governor ended his bid for the white house. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is here with more on the announcement. a lot of people talking. >> certainly a shocker, the two seemed to be unlikely allies, chris christie argued that experience is critical to being president. but today without warning he showed up along side first time candidate donald trump in texas. >> he is looking at the five people on the stage last night, the clear standout, and the person who will do exactly what needs to be done to make america a leader around the world again. >> christie said the most important quality trump has is that he's the only one who could beat democrat hillary clinton. >> this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. chris is an outstanding man, with an outstanding family, he's done a great job. and i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very
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strongly about i wanted to get. >> today one of trump's rivals weighed in on this and continued to blast the republican front-runner. >> look, chris is an articulate guy. donald probably need as life line after last night. i respect that. he's a con man. he's trying to take over the conservative movement even though he is not a conservative. more importantly he is a con. >> up next for the republicans super tuesday showdown. if trump is the nominee might christie be his running mate. christie said he plans to remain new jersey's governor until his term ends in 2018. we're joined live by kristen welker live on the campaign trial in orangeburg, south carolina. was there talk of this or did this come out of the blue? >> reporter: jim, thanks for having me. this was a bombshell for the political world. it seemed to come out of the blue. what we're learning is that donald trump reached out to chris christie as soon as
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christie dropped out of this race and tried to get his endorsement. this is significant because christie is the establishment republican to back donald trump and he undercuts the argument we're hearing from marco rubio that he is the establishment favorite. that he has the best chance of taking on secretary clinton in a general election. the timing significant. think back to the debate. marco rubio hammering donald trump for the first time really ever and he got the upper hand a lot of people thought. this endorsement turns the page on what was a rocky night for donald trump. we know that there is a personal component. the relationship between chris christie, donald trump goes back decades, new york, new jersey, they have worked together before. so, that played a role we are told in christie's decision to endorse. but you can't undercut how significant this is, this is
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again the first establishment figure to endorse donald trump. it could add legitimacy to his campaign that he was lacking before that. jim. >> kristen welker in south carolina. going on behind you with gusto, hard to hear but we appreciate it. >> "nbc nightly news" will have much more. plus an investigation on trump tower and the undocumented foreign workers who helped build it. right now at 5:00, a philadelphia man is facing charges for the stabbing of a university student. police say 18-year-old robert turned himself in today. nbc 10 showed you this video of three men police were looking for in connection to the stabbing. it happened off campus last saturday. police say robert is not a student and was in town visiting friends. police don't expect the other
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men to face charges. right now at 5:00 a search is under way for a man police say sexually assault add 15-year-old girl on a trail in berks county. the teenager told police that she was attacked while walking on the sun trail near a foot bridge. a man came up behind her, grabbed her and physically and sexually assaulted her. the sketch is from her description of the suspect and if you recognize the man in the sketch, police want to hear from you. >> talk about a rude awakening, frustrated residents in new castle got up to find car tires slashed, 17 cars in total. some had all four tires flattened. it happened in the washington park neighborhood. police suspect it may have been teenagers seen in the area, they are now asking residents who have surveillance cameras to check their video. >> saw three teens attempted to kind of catch up to them and that was unsuccessful.
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>> the vandals also slashed the tires of a police cruiser in the neighborhood. >> a fast-moving fire destroyed a well known restaurant in germantown. crews in philadelphia spent an hour trying to control the blaze at the house of jin at the corner of chelten and pulaski avenues. it was clear that little of the restaurant could be saved. it's been opened in this neighborhood for about a decade. no one was hurt. >> dozens of people are scrambling to make repairs on an amish farm after wednesday's tornado ripped the roofs off of buildings. sky force 10 was back over salisbury township today, lots of progress here as volunteers and construction crews fixed the damage on this amish barn. this is what it looked like hours after an ef-2 tornado ripped it apart. nearly 200 were inside when winds up to 125 miles an hour whipped through the building. >> i'm amazed that no one was injured in this, just looking
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around and seeing the pieces of roofing still stuck in trees, and all of the potential for damage and potential for injury it's amazing no one was. >> the tornado damaged about 50 buildings in the county costing around $8 million. this just in. cyber attacks on the irs last year may have been much larger than initially reported. a new government review found that 390,000 more accounts had been compromised that would mean more than 700,000 accounts in total were impacted. privacy experts say this could lead to more fraudulent tax returns. >> coming up, somebody broke into his business action not once but twice. instead of getting angry a store owner took a different approach. we'll show you the unusual letter he wrote to his burglar coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 5. plus, a new jersey teacher caught on video accused of man handling a young child. now she is facing her punishment
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in court. let's take a live look outside now. the schuylkill river trail as you can see from the camera moving out there it's a little bit windy. it's cold out there. by the end of the weekend it's going to be perfect for a walk or run outside. we'll have details next.
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not many people would be willing to offer money to the person who keeps stealing from them. >> one business owner in philadelphia decided that was the right thing to do and he is hoping others follow his lead. >> this has been here. >> luke smiths looks at what is left of his germantown business, a fixer upper he bought a month ago. >> this is what used to be a cafe. >> he says in the past week a thief stole copper piping and tools and came back a second time days later to take what was left. >> for this to happen again is obviously very upsetting. >> if the thief strikes a third time he won't find anger or outrage at the door. only a note with a $20 bill attached. >> because it wasn't a natural reaction. it was a deliberate change in my outlook to not be angry about this. >> he starts the note with dear fellow human. and offers 20 bucks along with a
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job. p.s., i'm not a rich man and have many mouths to feed but you need this $20 more than i do. a gift of money and a job that smith hopes will turn one thief's life around. >> we don't get reminded enough that we all should do that. and i'm going to try and do it more often. >> smith has not heard from the burglar but hopes the thief takes him up on the offer. >> a woman is hail add champion of change by the white house. she serves as the president and ceo of the philadelphia youth network it's a nonprofit that helps young people succeed in school and in the work force. the champions of change program allows the white house things to inspire their communities. out of 700 nominations she was one of nine winners. >> we believe that all young people have the potential to excel but not enough of them
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have the opportunity to develop that potential. so summer jobs is a concrete way young people can learn and develop skills they need to succeed in school, work and life. >> the network created more than 150,000 summer and year-round jobs. for some of philadelphia's hardest to reach young people. >> even flow is recalling 56,000 booster seats, there is a concern that children can reach and loosen the harness. the recall involves evenflo three in one combination seats, the company says the problem only affects the seats when they are facing forward. they are sending a reremedy kit to registered owners. in the u.s. nine pregnant women infected with the zika virus. the agency says there are 10 other suspected cases. all nine affected women got the virus overseas and only three of those babies were born, one with a brain defect.
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the virus is spread main by by mosquito bites and officials in brazil are investigating whether it causes babies to have brain defects and abnormally small heads. >> several women now have renewed hope that they will one day become pregnant. this week doctors at the cleveland clinic performed america's first womb transplant. the procedure lasted nine hours and the first patient is recovering well. doctors hope to perform the surgery on nine other women born without a uterus. once they have given birth they will be removed. >> now on the shooting spree at a kansas manufacturing plant. the search for answers continues after a man killed three co-workers and injured more than a dozen others. tonight the governor of kansas is calling the officer who shot and killed the gunman a hero. chris pollone has the story. >> reporter: as investigators try to figure out why a worker
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at this lawn equipment factory opened fire thursday, they are learning more about how the attack unfolded. kansas governor says it was the rapid response of police that saved lishs. >> the police chief went in immediately to address the situation rather than even waiting on backup. he went right in and didheroic duty and service. >> a police officer went in the building, he confronted ford, then shot and killed him. deputies soyshed ford with an order to stay away from his girlfriend hours before. >> he dins display anything outrageous. he just displayed a little upset he was getting this. >> police say ford armed with a rifle and handgun shot two people, apparently random victims, stole a car and came to xcel. >> pop, pop, i'm going i start running too. >> in moments the shooting was
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over and ford was dead. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> as the small community mourns those lost, we're starting to learn about the people taken in this mass shooting. one of those killed was a man, josh higby, two other families feel the same pain. today president obama called the mayor to offer condolences for all of the lives lost and gratitude for the first responders who put their lives on the line. chris pollone, nbc news. >> the man known as the no nonsense trainer in the first six rocky movies has died. >> i know you're going to have to do almost everything alone up here but you know i'll be with you. >> tony burton's wife said the actor died of pneumonia. in the first two movies burton actually trained apolo creed and he became the corner man.
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burton was 78 years old. burton's failing health prevented him from appearing in the seventh rocky installment but his character duke is mention mentioned. sylvester stallone is a favorite to win best supporting actor at the oscars. we've had more than our share of rain during this week, and we could use some more time to dry out. and we've got it. but we also have the cold air. feeling like winter out there. we have a cold night and a cold morning ahead. by the end of the weekend, though, sunday afternoon, it's going to be incredible. the temperatures going back up near 60. but winter is not over. by the end of next week, much, much colder and chances for snow. we've had a lot of bright blue skies. 40 degrees, still windy.
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20 gusting to 30 miles an hour. this is like the third day in a row with wind gusts of at least 35 miles an hour. it's 24 in mount pocono now. in the mid 30s. north and west. some of those places will be getting down in the teens. and it's down even to 39 in atlantic city and dover so philadelphia's the only place as warm as 40 degrees. and we continue to see that wind. the sustained wind still 20 miles an hour in philadelphia and wilmington. 21 in northeast philly, 20 in lancaster. the sustained wind, you figure in that with the temperature, you get wind chills in the 20s. so, we have these strong winds coming over the lakes but not strong enough, not enough moisture to bring any of that in to eastern pennsylvania. western pennsylvania gets that along with the great lakes. so it's basically a cold but dry pattern that is going to last
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for the weekend. clearing and much colder tonight with the wind diminishing, 25 for the low in philadelphia, 18 northwest and during the day tomorrow, sunshine again, it's going to be cold again but not as windy as what we saw today. only a 10 to 15-mile-an-hour wind. not a lot of wind on sunday but look how much warmer it gets. up near 60 degrees. still relatively warm on monday, just a slight chance of a shower, so it's basically a pretty nice pattern all the way till tuesday. then wednesday things change. the rain comes in, the wind, then the colder air sets us up for possible snow later in the week. >> technically it's still winter. >> the rain in there. >> wish it were spring. it's a "leap year" and there is a special celebration on the "today" show this morning. >> savannah, matt and al gave away five tickets for a trip to california. >> jennifer and rebecca.
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these are friends, they drove from delaware, 1:00 a.m., jennifer is a cancer survivor. >> you heard matt mention the first winner was a couple from delaware. and they drove up to new york at 1:00 this morning. they had to have a poster that described what they would do with their time if they won that vacation. all the winners left right after the show and boarded a plane for a three-night trip to los angeles. >> you asked so we got you answers. after pennsylvania governor tom wolf announced his diagnosis with prostate cancer action we wanted to get you our viewers more information. so we invite add doctor to the studios and gave him yourp questions. here is his responses including if this cancer is genetic. >> it's a real charge. >> look out behind you even a baby in there. how a local congressman wound up in the middle of this elephant encounter.
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i recently found out i have a mild case of prostate cancer. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf opened up about his battle with prostate cancer. that raised questions about the
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disease. so nbc 10 wanted to help you and your family get the answers. we brought a doctor from m.d. anderson cancer center in, here is how he answered some of your questions. >> dozens of questions came in on the nbc 10 facebook page. dr. jeffrey, oncologist at the prostate cancer center at cooper answered some questions earlier today on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00 a.m. the first came from laura who wants to know, what are the symptoms of prostate cancer? >> oftentimes in prostate cancer is in early stages there are no symptoms why it's important for men to get screened with a blood test and a rectal exam. >> gary asked is the aggressiveness hereditary? >> yes, it can run in families. you have a first degree male at less than 65 you should be screened at an earlier age than if you have no family history.
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if one of your family members has prostate cancer doesn't necessarily mean you will have prostate cancer but you are at an increased risk compared to somebody else who does not have a family history. >> and penny wants to know of the different stables. >> the stabling system is important not only for prostate cancer but all cancers. basically in prostate cancer your stage depends on your psa, a blood test to monitor. how far it invades an if it spreads. so roughly stable 1 is early stage cancer, stage 4 is disease all over the body. so your stage is a very important thing to ask about if you are diagnosed. it very much dictates the treatment you need to have. >> and you can see more from today's web i nar right now on ebwith web and on the nbc 10 app. >> coming up next, more from today's surprising announcement on the campaign trail. chris christie endorsing donald trump for president.
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but is he hoping for something in return? our political expert weighs in. >> you can hear that's a lot of change. one group of kids is hoping all of those pennies add up to a new improved play ground. we'll show you their final total coming up. plus, a cause for concern, a building could crumble and it wouldn't be the first time. what's being done to keep people inside safe. that will be new at 6:00.
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well, we have a surprise announcement for the race for president with four days until super tuesday. new jersey governor chris christie threw his support behind donald trump. for more on that we bring in our legal and political analyst jim schultz. >> first let's talk about the implication of this kind of endorsement and the impact going into super tuesday. >> this is a huge win for donald trump. not only does he get main stream support from a national political figure, that's going to assist him in getting otter support around the country. the timing was genius. after marco rubio's big performance last night during the debate now comes christie
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once again raining on marco rubio's parade. and finally christie is a tenacious campaigner. he has been known around the country as the leader of the republican governors association and the leader who could help win blue states. and win those governor mansions in those blue states. >> jim, what is christie's reason? does he want the vice presidency or going for another position? >> i know even says this is a surprise. maybe the timing was somewhat surprising but chris christie and donald trump have a long relationship. they have known each other for a number of years, they come out of the same media market, both have similar styles in tell it like it is. chris christie has been time and time again saying that they need executive experience, that is needed in the white house. the only executive left in this race that can win is donald trump. as it pertains to perhaps some other opportunity down the road, they both downplayed that today but make no mistake chris
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christie is a public servant and we could see him in some type of public capacity should dwt become president whether it's a.g., secretary of state, department of homeland security head, that remains to be seen but i don't think chris christie is going anywhere. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> now let's talk about the democrats. tomorrow hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the south carolina democratic primary. right now clinton is leading sanders in the polls there. let's take a live look at originalsburg, south carolina. bernie sanders is expected to take the stage not too long from now campaigning in south carolina. earlier the senator was in mississippi where he criticized clinton for not releasing transcripts of her speeches. >> she also received many millions of dollars in speaker fees. she is a very good speaker i admit that.
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but to get $225,000 for a speech to goldman sachs you got to be really good. i don't know that she's that good. >> tomorrow sanders will be back in minnesota where he is hoping to win the democratic caucuses on super tuesday. clinton began her campaigning in charleston today visiting a cafe she ran into a groom and 10 groomsmen in town for a late afternoon wedding. clinton posed with the group and later held a rally in atlanta where she took a swipe at her opponent's votes on gun immunity laws. >> we need to strip the immunity that the congress voted for including my opponent, giving gun makers and sellers immunity from any liability. >> clinton will be in south carolina again tonight. she and senator sanders will attend a democratic fish fry. >> to find out what unfolds in the democratic primary tomorrow download the nbc 10 app.
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count on us to send you the latest results. >> we have breaking news out of washington state. it involves another mass shooting. a gunman shot four people and his family before killing himself. this is the scene from bellfair, washington about 25 miles southwest of seattle. here's what we know. the gunman reportedly called 911 to say he shot and killed his family, a s.w.a.t. team tried to negotiate with the shooter for about three hours before he shot himself. one girl survived the shooting and was taken to the hospital. we are working right now to learn the ages of the victims and how they may be related. >> a former high school teacher and wrestling coach in delaware is facing at least six years in prison after pleading guilty to child sex abuse charges. police arrested richard howell ii last year after a 17-year-old student told authorities that howell had sex with her over
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several months. investigators say they found graphic photos and videos of howell on the girl's cell phone. a former day care worker will spend four months behind bars, kelly dugan pleaded guilty to child endangerment. video shows her holding a young child by her legs. she is seen yelling at the child and swinging her over a fence. in court today, she admitted to holding the child upside-down, putting her hands around the child's neck and dragging her. >> struggling with this one from day one. i think she's handled with dignity. we're glad that the plea is over and the sentence is april. and then we'll be done with this case. >> where dugan works runs 17 schools. they say they are retraining staff and strengthening child
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safety protocol. >> two members of philadelphia's city council want to help residents with a new form of identification. it would be a municipal i.d., members hope the cards would help the documented and undocumented. >> live in a time and day everyone needs i.d. entering a library, a building, you need some form of i.d., so this is going to make it easier for philadelphians to be able to access the services. >> the goal is to work with local banks so folks can open accounts and maybe register their children at school. >> do you know what's really in your cheese? did you ever think wood pulp would be one of the ingredients. it's not illegal. we'll show you what to look out for. plus, camden lost its oldest canine officer and now a restaurant is paying tribute to zero and his partner. their special thank you is coming up next.
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>> i'm jim rosenfield. at issue, embarrassing and insulting to philadelphia voters. strong words from a local watchdog group about the man who heads the city commissioner's office. why the committee is so angry. plus, allegations of voter fraud. are your lawmakers voting or is someone else? >> i watch representative shlosberg push the button. >> i watched it happen. >> a unique program that connects job seekers to jobs that pay a living wage. >> coming up sunday morning following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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>> you think it's pure cheese, you're putting on top of your pasta, but some say not so fast. two cheese making plants in western pennsylvania have admitted to mislabeling grated
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parmesan and romano containers. they admit to including other cheeses and even filler made from wood pulp. the cheese was sold at target and about 3500 other stores. walmart is getting sued for claiming its great value brand grated parmesan is pure. the suit alleges that walmart's cheese contains a filler from wood pulp. walmart is reviewing the allegations. for its part the fda says its job is make sure food doesn't hurt you and theysh not here to police the labels so what can you do if you are concerned about the food and pantry. experts say the best course of action is buy products with a name you trust. there is no easy solution to food mislabeling. the food and drug administration is working on increasing the regulation but they are overwhelmed so the onus is on you the consumer. coming up, bill cosby's
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legal battles continue. a local college says enough is enough. new at 6:00.
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[ applause ] >> it was a round of applause for a police lieutenant today who received a surprise honor. mcdonalds recognized his deceased canine partner for work in the city. zero was rewarded with 20 piece micken mcnuggets. >> we went out and made that impact where the children, when
5:44 pm
we were on the street would call his name and they wouldn't know who i was but know who he was so i have been officer zero for eight years. >> the mcdonald's is part of all of this. the lieutenant was given the flag that adorned zero's casket. >> the play ground needs tlc. >> a group of kids in philadelphia took matters into their own hands. and deanna durante joins us live with their story. >> reporter: look, this is children's park on the grounds of the john jenks elementary school. kids are playing here after school today. but it does need work. and the park which was built entirely with donations, not school funds, not city fund, the group again is looking for help from the community. they emptied piggy banks.
5:45 pm
dumping pennies action nickels and quarter into the counter. >> i have $23.28. >> when you ask them what the money's for. >> we're donating it for charity and stuff. >> not any. the kids are paying it forward and thanking those who did the same for them 20 years ago. >> $153. >> dennis donated $153. he was a student at john jenks elementary in chestnut hill. >> the playground, we live like two block away so it's a fun place to go to. >> the park may be on the school grounds. >> did you assume the school to pay for it. >> i assumed it was the school's park. i didn't know it was supported by some external source. >> reporter: the kids know they are lucky to have a play ground built before they were born. and the kids who go to school here i collecting change too. skbr i think it's amazing how people can like put up a new thing and people use it like it's one of their own.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: before spring the park will need about 4,000 in improvements. organizers worked all day to get to 2,000. despite. >> $71. >> $32. >> reporter: the fundraising came up short. is that the ending you were expecting, here is good news. td bank donated $2,000 so the total for the entire day's fundraising was $3253.43. there is better news now. if you are out in the area this weekend you can make donations at td bank and the tellers will continue to count them out and donate them to this park. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> keep that change coming. all right. thank you so much. it's a moment several u.s. senators will never forget. >> they became the focus, the target really of a chase right in the middle of an african jungle. take a look. >> go.
5:47 pm
it's a real charge, guys. >> you hear them tell the driver go, go. a group of elephants charging after a car of sightseers. guess who was in the jeep, senator chris coons. he was part of a group of lawmakers visiting to learn about the impact of wildlife trafficking and poaching. also the dangers of getting too close. after the fear sort of dissipated two senators were able to laugh about it. republican senator jeff flake tweeted these ellie fapts have no respect for a fellow republican. >> not nearly as frightening but startling nonetheless. this deer somehow found his way into and inside of a school in new jersey. he was contained to one room in north arlington middle school. workers with an animal shelter
5:48 pm
were able to get in and help the deer get out. >> now to a story right out of the child story book. >> a unicorn loose on a california highway. take a look at juliet. a 20-year-old pony who spends her days posing as a unicorn. she got loose while still wearing her horn. residents tried to catch her as she ran close to traffic. finally a resident the pony was familiar with managed to bring her home. >> i think it's going to be a while before that little girl realizes that downa corns do not exist. >> winter fest is gliding into its final days. there are a lot of fun events, they have games, arts and crafts, face painting and interactive performers. also free samples. glenn, look likes a decent weekend for anybody out and about. >> absolutely.
5:49 pm
tomorrow is going to be the cold day if you are interested in that. and sunday is going to be the warm day. and unseasonably warm. we had a number of days of 60 plus this winter and we're going to add to that as we go into next week. we've got a cold night, morning ahead, it's going to be below average for the temperatures. and then as we head to sunday it's going to be warming up pretty significantly. but got to remind you winter is not over. we each have some snow in the seven-day forecast. and not just flurries. we have sunshine out there excuse me, we had it all day. 40 degrees the wind 20 gusting to 30 miles per hour, yet another windy day out there. making it feel like it's 30. of course they are going to be able to make snow, this is camelback, in the poconos, they had too much warm weather, they had too much rain. and so, they have got catching up to do. but they may actually get some
5:50 pm
natural snow before the end of next week. temperatures are in the mid 30s to near 40 degrees across the area. 24 degrees in mount pocono right now. and the wind gusts still to 30, 31 miles an hour around philadelphia, wilmington at 31. that will be coming down as we go through the night. by late this earning it's not going to be gusting like that. but the feels like temperature, the wind chills, in the 20s. except for mount pocono at 11 degrees. we have a northwest wind but it's a dry wind. lake effect clouds and snow showers not making it over the mountains. and so the the overall pattern is cold and dry one. to start the weekend, and then a warm and dry one for the second half of the weekend. clearing tonight, much colder, the wind diminishing. 25 for the low in philadelphia. 18 north and west.
5:51 pm
and at least we're not going to be dealing with wind chills tomorrow morning. not as much wind during the day. mostly sunny skies, temperatures below average. but at least you don't have the wind chills. look at sunday. spring-like. lots of sunshine. and it's going to feel like spring through tuesday. no doubt about that. could see a shower on monday but generally kind of pattern a lot of people like. and if you are still looking for some wintry weather, that may be coming too. rain followed by wind and then cold during the middle of the week. a chaps of snow later in the week. >> lester holt joins us live from los angeles with a look what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> good afternoon, lester. >> good afternoon. coming up on nightly news reaction to the bombshell endorsement of donald trump by former rival chris christie. did an order of protection from the girlfriend set off the work place shooting in kansas. we'll look at that. and troubling news about the
5:52 pm
zika virus, cases involving pregnant travelers in the u.s. that and more on a busy friday when we see you at 6:30. back to you in philly. >> see you shortly. thanks. >> it's been anything but a day at the beach for crews at the jersey shore. >> hard at work building attractions. the sights and sounds planned along the shore coming up next at 5:00. >> all new at 6, why women are going to this woman to win. tonight we continue our black history month series and showcase a local woman making things happen.
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>> it's not just about the beach. >> this spring there will be new attractions that take visitors to new heights. ted greenberg has more. >> reporter: what was a vacant lot is nowing hammered into history. >> it sat idle for a number of years. >> reporter: work to transform the plot across from the wildwood board walk into a new 27-hole golf course. a company is behind the attraction. >> it's at a gateway location so
5:56 pm
we're so excited right now. >> reporter: play land cove in ocean city will reach new heights this summer. with a trio of new roller coasters coming to the boardwalk amusement park. >> it's unreal and what amazes me how they are going to have three coasters in this area. >> the biggest and fastest, gale force at its highest 125 feet tall and blast riders with speeds reaching 64 miles an hour. >> it's really going to be a great attraction for the eastern coast here in new jersey. >> reporter: they don't want to get specific but the folks say the cost to add these new rides is in the millions of dollars. >> biggest investment we made. >> reporter: the hope is to have gale force ready to take the board walk by storm in time for memorial day weekend. john is capturing its progress in pictures for his grand children, ahead of their visit
5:57 pm
this summer. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> you're going to be first in line. >> cannot wait. >> "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 is next. >> you won't find me on that thing. up next, a local building could crumble and wouldn't be the first time. all new at 6, what's being done to keep people inside safe. also ahead. >> how would anyone vote for a man who couldn't even keep his own business under control. now trying to run the whole country. >> people at the jersey shore weigh in on donald trump's run for president and chris christie surprise endorsement.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we need to have a leader who will stand up for the american people first, not rest of the world first, america first, donald trump is that man. >> it's a major endorsement for donald trump, new jersey governor chris christie says he picked the only person he believes can beat hillary clinton and he is throwing support behind the leading candidate. >> good earning. i'm jim rosenfield. donald trump and chris christie kept today's announcement a secret until this afternoon. today's event in ft. worth, texas. >> america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore american confidence and donald trump is just the man to do it.
6:00 pm
america needs someone who is going to make sure that hillary clinton doesn't get within 10 miles of the white house. donald trump can do it. we need a first term u.s. senator in the white house? do we need a u.s. senator for florida who doesn't show up for work? let me tell something to marco rubio. president of the united states is not a no show job like you treated the united states senate. simple fact is this. america wants strong, tough leadership, america is tired of being walked on. america is tired of being treated second class around the world, we need a first class president and we're going to have it in donald trump. >> it's amazing when you are number one place for a long period of time the endorsements are coming in but the one i really was happy with is this one right here. chris, thank you. we love you,


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