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tv   NBC News Special Super Tuesday  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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it is super tuesday and the headlines are race. a big night for donald trump, and ted cruz wins two states, including the biggest prize of the night. texas. 12 states, two epicbattles, and the clock ticking down. after a brutal fight on the stuff. >> we will not accept a race economy. >> we don't need to make great again, america has never stopped being great. >> i'm not a politician, i guess now i am, but i'm not. >> you are a president thinking about donald trump. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> if you want someone to stand up to washington, ask yourself who has stood up to washington.
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>> tonight the battle lines get drawn all over again. in nbc news, decision 2016, super tuesday, here's lester holt. >> good evening, good to have you here with the polls closed in almost all the super tuesday states, i'm joined by my colleagues. we want to get straight to the results, starting with the gop race and the biggest prize tonight, the state of texas. on the republican side, ted cruz wins in his home state. nbc news projects he will win texas. in oklahoma tonight, cruz also the projected winner. in georgia, donald trump is the projected winner. also in the trump column is virginia tonight, a win for trump there. and massachusetts, donald trump also the projected winner. let's move over now to the democratics, let's go to chuck todd before i move on to the
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democratic side about what we've seen here right now. cruz picking up two important wins. especially texas. does that change the dynamics of the republican race? >> i think it does. i think here's what we can definitively say. a very good night for donald trump, a very bad night for marco rubio, and a survivor night for ted cruz. he had to win his home state. oklahoma was tailor made for him. one of the few primary states where no independents could vote. the big story is marco rubio got his one on one opportunity with trump over the last 72 hours. and it failed miserably. >> we're going to get to the democratic proprojections. donald trump is speaking at a news conference in florida. let's listen to what he has to say. >> all talk, no action. you have to win something. he hasn't won anything. and he actually hasn't come very close. so we'll see what happens. yes, go ahead. go ahead.
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>> we're going to monitor that news conference, let's take you through the democratic results. and we'll start again in the state of texas where nbc news projects hillary clinton wins tonight in texas. in virginia, the democratic primary there, another one for hillary clinton tonight. in georgia, clinton and her southern firewall holding together, she wins in georgia as well. in vermont, bernie sanders home state, he is property jektproje also oklahoma, bernie sanders the projected winner. aerowe are going to go to savannah guthrie to understand what's happening in that race. also i mention the southern firewall is holding together. bernie sanders, two important wins. how much does this make his path to the nomination difficult? >> it's tough because he has this great strength in the demographic roots that are a part of democratic party going
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forward. already we've heard from her spokes american tonight saying how can you try to seek the nomination of the democratic party by all but ignoring the diverse states, which bernie sanders did. he didn't compete in the southern states, but look, he won oklahoma. that is where he felt like he might have a chance. he won. obviously in his home state of vermont. so he will continue to go after the nomination. he will continue to try to accumulate dell galegatesdelega. it's tough on the democratic side. there's something called super delegat delegates. they're not pledged to any one candidate. most of them are going for hillary clinton. and that makes that potentially an insurmountable lead. >> but he has a lot of donations, a lot of money in the bank and continues to contest. >> he has an ability to raise money that hillary clinton is probably envious of. he raised like $5 million in one day this week. and a lot of them are small donations which means we can go back again and again and again to the donors to ask for more
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money. >> we've heard hillary clinton begin to pivot her remarks toward donald trump now as not the presumed democratic nominee, but beginning to act like that. let's go back to the trump news conference right now and listen to more of what he has to say. >> i don't know that she's going to be allowed to one. what she did is a criminal act. if she's allowed to run. i would be very, very surprised, but if she's allowed to run, honestly, it'll be a sad day for this country because what she did was wrong. and what she did -- let me just tell you, what she did was wrong. and they paid a very, very big price. okay, one or two more questions. go ahead, jeremy. where did i say that?
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where, where, where? -- >> i didn't say that. i'll negotiate. if the walls going to be 50 feet, i'll take two feet off the wall. you didn't listen, jeremy. >> would you allow them to stay in the country? >> at this moment, absolutely not. no. we have a country or we don't. we have a country or we don't. we have borders or we don't have borders. and at this moment, the answer is absolutely not. okay, how about one or two more questions, david, go ahead. make it a nice question, david, please. >> some people inside the republican national committee are monkey wrenching with the delegates trying to clear you a way? >> i thinkdown -- okay, go ahead.
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>> well look, after i lot of respect for the group. and i like the rnc. and i don't know that i've been treated fairly or not. i really don't know. i can't tell you that, but i can tell you that i do respect them what i really have is a great number of people. exactly where we were before we started speaking. i was amazed at the numbers. the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. and people are making the statements they've never seen in modern times, a party that was so energized. i think if somebody is doing as well as i'm doing, and i'm not just speaking for myself. whether it's me or anybody else. but if i'm going to win five, i've already won five, but maybe it could be six, seven, eight, nine, it could be nine, i could win nine states tonight. if i'm going to win all of these
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states with tremendous numbers, and if i'm going to come in the worst is second. in the two or three that i might not win, i think, you know, we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. it's very hard. but i really think it's a great question, david. because i really think that one of the biggest things that everybody is seeing happening, and everybody is the republican party has become more dynamic, its become more diverse, we're taking from the democrats, from the independents. we have a lot more people. we have a lot more people. i mean, take a look at south carolina, look at the numbers. look at the numbers from four years ago. when nobody even wanted to waste their time and vote. and then you look -- i was there. and you had lines that went a mile long. and it was virtually more than doubled. so we have a very, very dynamic -- >> donald trump not going the usual route of a victory party tonight, but rather a news conference with governor chris
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christie looking on behind him. you heard him going after hillary clinton a moment ago. we talked about the fact that clinton is beginning to pivot some of her attacks towards clinton. here's some of what she said earlier this evening. >> america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. and we know we've got work to do. but, that work, that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. we need -- [ applause ] -- we have to make america whole. we have to fill in -- fill in what's been hollowed out -- [ chanting usa ] >> let's go to nbc's andrea mitchell, she joins us live from miami. andrea, we've heard her make
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that remark a couple of times over the last few days. at the beginning of the, her campaign against donald trump if it becomes that? >> reporter: absolutely. she is pivoting towards donald trump, assuming that he is going to be the republican nominee. and assuming frankly that she will nail down this nomination. perhaps later in march, although bernie sanders certainly said tonight after his big win in vermont, his home state, and then later he won oklahoma that he will go on all the way to june and in the convention. he has the money to do that. but as you can hear them breaking down this watch party, the victory party here, hillary clinton certainly big over the firewall, the southern firewall with her large margins of african americans states with majority african american votes, her large minority votes. she won across the board and in virginia, sle won the white vote as well. she didn't do that well in oklahoma, which he won because
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fewer minority. according to her spokesman, you can't win the nomination if you can't win in more diverse states. bernie sanders top spokesman and strategist had to respond and we'll see who wins by the end of june and who has the nomination. the campaign's going at each other. she and sanders have not speaok tonight. >> back to the republican side, ted cruz who won in texas and oklahoma is talking right now. let's join his speech in progress. >> this is a man who loves his wife and loves his children, and loves our constitution, and loves our country, and did long before he was -- >> obviously, obviously ted cruz not quite at the podium. we expect to hear from him momentarily. maybe this is part of the introduction. savannah, while we wait, let's go back and listening to hillary clinton, eight years ago, we were talking about wow, we may see the first african american president. after tonight, will people begin to talk in terms of wow, we
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might see the first female president? >> i don't know. it doesn't seem to have resinated that much. you know, eight years ago, after she lost the nomination to barack obama, there was some hand wringing in clinton's quarters about maybe we should have played that out more. played that female card. she's dabbled with it. its been overtaken by events. and by events, i mean donald trump. i think what people are really going to be talk aboing about i wow, we have a former reality star, megabillionaire, donald trump, who is redefining the republican party for a generation. this is where they start talking about the wigs and how the republican party is fundamentally changing. and we're seeing -- we're witnessing this tonight. this is history. >> let me support what donald trump said tonight about turnout. record turnout by 300,000 of all-time in virginia. 300,000 more people voted tonight, nearly a million people, than anybody had ever
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voted in a virginia republican party. we're on track for a record turnout in georgia and oklahoma. on track for a record turnout in tennessee. it is not because of ted cruz or marco rubio, it is because of donald trump. he is bringing in the different voters. and it is, you know, we looked at it, he is winning tonight because he is the candidate that these voters say will bring needed change. i think we have boards up to here to show folks. he dominated in alabama, tennessee, georgia, every state that he won. he got well over 50% among voters who said i need to bring needed change. georgia, 51, he is the candidate of change inside the republican party. not ted cruz, not marco rubio. >> we are going to take a break. you mentioned marco rubio, we're going to speak to him live in just a moment. we'll ask him what he sees is his path forward after tonight's losses. we'll be right back. we will not allow the next
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welcome back to our super tuesday coverage, we are joined now live from miami by senator marco rubio. senator, good evening, nice to have you with us tonight. >> good evening. >> so you have far have not wins in your column tonight, are you disheartened? >> no, of course not. first of all, let's understand where we are in this campaign. we're still in the proportional state. i mean these states are awarding delegates on the percentage of votes you get. we're going to have significant number of delegates out of every state of tonight. in the state of virginia, where we were trailing by 15 points,
10:18 pm
we basically have as many delegates at donald trump. smn still out, we're doing well there and feel good about tobacco. so usually in a traditional race, when you have someone like donald trump in the lead in some of the states, you would have everybody coming back together and saying all right, it's time for everyone to rally around for trump. what's happening is the opposite. on the contrary, people are saying you have to fight on because what's at stake is the soul of the republican party. and i asked people to join us at we cannot allow the republican party to be led by someone who refuses for example to condemn the kkk as donald trump did. >> you went after donald trump hard this week. and a lot was schoolyard things, spray tans and the size of hands, do you think voters rejected that? do you think that worked against you? >> no. first of all, donald trump has been insulting people for the last 12 months. every now and then, everyone deserves to get a taste of their own medicine. second, i would say look at every state tonight that's on the board. he will underperform every public poll that was taken, especially for example in virginia.
10:19 pm
ahead of us by 15 points, no one expected that to be competitive. we've only had five days now to explain to people what a con artist donald trump is. and you're seeing the impact across the country. i can't wait to make the case, we'll see what happens on saturday, again on monday there's voting going on in america. and then again, the following week on march 15th, where then you have to start winning states. winner take all. and that's where we feel great. tonight was supposed to be ted cruz's night. the night he swept all the southern states, the most conservative part of the country. he leads in texas, and a win in the neighboring state of oklahoma and he doesn't take all the delegates. tonight, i never said we were going to win or close out this campaign on super tuesday. ted cruz did. i can tell you our best states are yet to come, including home here in florida two weeks from tonight. >> senator rubio, chuck todd here, mass is your challenge at this point. has your campaign come to the assessment that there's only two outcomes here for you, either you don't catch donald trump and he becomes the nominee or you have to take this all the way to
10:20 pm
the convention. there does not seem to be a mathematical path for you to clinch the nomination before cleveland. have you come to that conclusion? >> no, i don't believe that. i think especially once you get to the winner take all states, it gets friendlier for us, especially as the race narrows down. if people weren't on the ballot, we would have won virginia and a couple other states as well. we feel good as we get into march 15th about that. the question is how does donald trump get to 1,237 delegates. chuck, usually in the campaigns, you have a front runner and the party says let's rally around john mccain or mitt romney, that's not going to happen with donald trump. they know that the nomination of donald trump means the end of the modern conservative movement, and the end of the modern republican party, and a very devastating way. we cannot nominate someone in our party who in addition to being a con artist and sharing all these opinions with the democrats on planned parenthood, rally, and you name it, someone who this week repeatedly refused
10:21 pm
to condemn the clue klux clan, that means devastation in november. a vote for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> it's savannah guthrie in new york, ted cruz was just speaking and said to those who haven't won any state, by which he's referring to you, i wish you would prayerfully getting out of the race and uniting to try to stop donald trump. obviously, that is not your plan, but how do you argue that you're not just an agent of the nomination of donald trump, if this party continues to be divided with all of these candidates? >> yeah. i understand ted's spin on this. here's my answer. ted was supposed to clean up tonight. his entire campaign was built on winning iowa, south carolina, and sweeping the southern states, and tonight was a night he was going to claim victory. that didn't happen. ted cruz basically won his home state where he's not going to get the majority of delegates or he's not going to get all the delegates and he won the neighboring state of oklahoma where he's going to share
10:22 pm
delegates, and that's it. where does he win from here? that's the question ted has to ask. he can't unify the republican party and he can't grow it. i'm the only one in this race that consistently beats hillary clinton in every poll. i'm the only one that has a chance to unite the republican party and the math only gets worse for ted cruz. tonight was supposed to be the night, you've heard his campaign say that. they were going to sweep the southern states, he basically got beat in every single one except his home state and the neighboring state of oklahoma. that's it. on the other hand, look at virginia, that's indicative of the broader country, and we basically have tied donald trump there, andest that despite having to share the ballot with four or five other candidates. >> senator marco rubio, thank you for taking time with us, we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. >> and as we're having that conversation, some breaking news. we've got the results coming in now from arkansas. and nbc news projects that donald trump will win in arkansas and rubio in fact will likely come in, at least right
10:23 pm
now, he is in third place. in arkansas. we to want go right now and check in, ted cruz we're told has finally made his way to microphone. let's hear what he has to say after his wins tonight in texas and oklahoma. >> donald trump pledges to be neutral between rally and the palestinians. as president,ly not be neutral. america will stand, unapologetically with the nation of rally. donald trump says he will keep in place the iranian nuclear deal to try to renegotiate it. i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office. if you're angry with washington,
10:24 pm
i understand. but donald trump has been part of the washington corruption for 40 years. he's harry reid's favorite republican candidate. and jimmy carter's. just yesterday, it was reported that the "new york times" had the secret tape recording of donald saying that he doesn't mean what he's saying on immigration. that it's all -- >> we're listening to ted cruz speaking in texas right now. he won tonight in texas. he won in oklahoma. howie jackson is there at his headquarters. halle, clearly he wants to see this two-man race after tomorrow. we heard him making remarks about marco rubio, tell us more about that. >> reporter: really, lester, this is the crux of cruz's argument that he's trying to make the republican base. he's the only candidate who has
10:25 pm
beaten donald trump. and you heard him say a couple minutes ago, he said i beat donald trump not once, not twice, but three times, and putting pressure on other candidates in this race, specifically marco rubio to essentially clear the way. the campaign feels that if marco rubio stays in this race, they believe that rubio's supporters simply will not go to trump, that it'll hand trump the nomination basically. the question for cruz now is can he coalesce conservatives around his candidacy? we saw him do well with white evangelicals in oklahoma, and if he won, he picks up the states, but he lost that assignment group. that very conservative white evangelical group in georgia to donald trump. the question now, how much more work does he have to do to bring people behind this candidacy? and move forward in this race? where does he go? states like kansas and louisiana that voted. march 15th now the next big day
10:26 pm
for this republican race, lesser. >> >> halle jackson, thanks so much. we're going to take a break. we're going to look at what the super tuesday results mean for the deeply divided republican party after a short break. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. aso when your symptoms start.... ...doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin
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i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night, but he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight, as i've
10:30 pm
said many times before. but you know what, we're going to go to florida, we're going to spend so much time in florida. we have about a 20 point lead. >> donald trump a sort while ago, holding a news conference after a big, big night. he's got six wins right now. arkansas or virginia, georgia, alabama, massachusetts, and tennessee in his column tonight. and let's look at some of the races. we're still watching that we don't have polls on, vermont, the republican race too close to race as you can see. governor kasich is second place there right now. this is minnesota we're also watching this very closely. too early to call. and in massachusetts, democratic race between hillary clinton anne bernie sanders right now. that is too close to call. looking at our nbc political analyst, eugene robinson, also an associate editor and columnist looking like this is a race going to be a race between trump and clinton. nicole, let me again with you,
10:31 pm
we talked about trump deniers in the republican party. new believers when we wake up tomorrow? >> listen, i'm going to call it the chris christie affect, i think we saw both hillary clinton and donald trump really turn toward a general election posture. and in hillary's case, more to do with message, but in trump's case, it had to do with tone and demeanor, i think he reassured republicans. big chunks of the establishment he'll never win over. instead of a election party instead of a election demeanor. >> stage craft is not an easy thing to pull off as a candidate and i thought he did. the message was toned down a bit from the bombast of the last seven days. >> you think, stage craft? if it had candy colored lighting behind the colored flags. more than any president would ever have because he's donald trump. it's got to be, and they've got
10:32 pm
to be big and shiny. but, it clearly that whole event was to send, send this image was to imprint this image of donald trump acting presidential. secretary clinton had to act like the presentative nominee to match some of that you are a rap. >> i think she's sounding like the presumptive nominee now. she doesn't want to sound prumps issue and sound as if she's sort of writing off bernie sanders because in fact, to win the white house, she's going to have to have the enthusiastic support of bernie sanders supporters if she gets the nomination. but, i thought you heard in her message, a more general election kind of message. a bit softer, a bit more, you know, let us all come together. we've come too far. we're not tired. we keep marching on. >> but nicole, interesting to hear you say tonight the tone and tenor presidential, but savannah this morning, savannah and i this morning, we were
10:33 pm
talking about how unpresidential he had become and how frustrating it had been. i guess my question is, okay, every time you he takes one step forward -- >> it's like a minute. it's not a step, it's like a minute. >> and then tomorrow or the next day, it's unloading on whoever is in his way. and it's the bull in the china shop again. >> i have my deniers, my truthers, and my believers. so right, this is all the therapy. we're all in therapy. we have a group rate. this is this group that is writing on the wall. we believe he'll be the nominee. mathematically impossible for the other guys to win. i told you how you have a minute of hope when you say too close, but really can't catch up. when he acts the way he acts the last seven days, taking, i think he took four news cycles to just say the kkk is evil, i disavow them. he just -- you know, our blood runs, it terrifies rams. when he takes the stage and pulls it back a little bit.
10:34 pm
this is how easy we are. we are momentarily reassured. >> do you really think the republican establishment is ready to wrap its arms around donald trump? >> they're in my deniers and believers. >> can we survive this? meaning can the republican party survive this? is this about a where we're about to go. when you say survive it -- >> speak in 1800s. >> and the senate is very much at risk. and i heard from someone today who's work on the campaigning for two decades who thinks the house is at risk. from his perspective, looking at the arc of his performances, tonight was an improvement for the last seven days. >> walk me through what it would look like, a trump/clinton contest. have we seen anything yet? >> no. race to the bottom. >> i agree with you actually. a dive, a plunge, plummeting you know any sort of -- >> the clintons aren't afraid to go low either. they will fight, you know, the other democrats are afraid of
10:35 pm
fighting dirty. they never have been. so they'll throw. >> you know, if that's the match-up, they will have to i think because, and trump is signaling that. he's going to go after everything. going from everything that bill or hillary clinton has ever said or done. >> practically put her in jail not his press conference. >> presidential looking press conference. >> increasingly doing that and imparting on this idea that, indictments coming and might not make it -- >> i can make you one prediction. whoever wins that contest l win, coming out of the election, will be the most unpopular new president in history of the country. they will have an unfavorable rating, unfavorably, way above 50%. >> we know she has struggled with women voters up until this point. will that carry her? >> i think he's going to have -- i think this will be the real fight of his campaign. i think that he's got men, he's got right leaning men, republican men, he will win or
10:36 pm
lose based on whether or not he can get sort of the mom vote. married women, when they side with the republicans, republicans win. george w. bush was able to narrow the gender gap. that's how he won in 2004. mitt romney and john mccain were not able to do that. that's in part how they lost in '08 and '12. if trump can foot in narrow the gender gap, he will have a very hard time winning. >> conversation earlier about, about whether she will stand up and go, i could be the first woman president. that has not been played out there in a large way. >> no, and i don't that that has turned out to be that compelling of a reason for females to vote for hillary clinton. i don't think they're necessarily making that assessment. there doesn't seem to be that excitement about that issue alone. there are a lot of reasons why women may want to vote for hillary clinton, but the fact of her femaleness does not appear to be the main driver. >> it seems to me though, if she gets to the general election, that the potential for a historic moment kind of dawns on
10:37 pm
everybody. it becomes more real. and i think that does become an element of the campaign, even. she doesn't have to come back to it exclusively. i think the other potential in the general election between trump and clinton would be for latino voters to turn out for clinton in historic numbers. in breakthrough numbers. in numbers that more approximate their weight in the population because, you know, usually the latino's the biggest minority group in the country. usually the african american vote is often greater than the latino vote in sheer numbers, and it's equal in weight. i think the latino vote against trump could be huge. >> i'm with you, i think it's going to be the way african american vote was for obama is what the latino vote could be against. >> nice too talk to both of you. she quit a high profile position in the democratic party
10:38 pm
and threw her support if i bernie sanders. how does she feel about the decision now? we will be joined after this break. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que?
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at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain. and let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. >> bernie sanders a bit earlier speaking in vermont. he has two victory tonight to hillary clinton's six, but still plenty of heart and plenty of money for him to move forward. >> and right now we have congresswoman of hawaii who just
10:43 pm
resigned as vice chair of the dnc to put her support behind bernie sanders and joins us now. good evening, it's good to have you with us. >> aloha, good evening. >> good evening, let's look at this map. it is a tough one for bernie sanders, he all be conceded the south to hillary clinton, was that a strategic mistake? >> bernie sanders, i think has been very clear about his mission. and the issues that really come from his heart that he cares about, about bringing tonight to people who don't have, you know, whose voices have not been heard about bringing justice in all the ways that you just heard coming from him. i am proud to endorse senator bernie sanders because of the issues that are most central to me as well as the issues that have not yet been talked about in a way that they deserve in this campaign. and that is the issue of war and peace. >> but tonight, congresswoman, hillary clinton's spokesperson brian fallon said you can't try to win the democratic nomination by writing off a whole sector of the democratic electorate.
10:44 pm
if you look at exit polls out of alabama, arkansas, georgia, oklahoma, clinton is beating sanders in the black vote by 80 points in some cases. how does he go forward with numbers like that? >> well, look, there are many states that are yet to vote. there are many people who are still looking at this election and considering who they will choose to be our next president. who they will choose to be our next commander nor chief. i can tell you for myself as a soldier and war veteran and as someone who during my first deployment to iraq, i served in a medical unit where i saw firsthand, daily, the very high human cost of war. but to speak of the cost that these interventionist regime change wars have had on our economy and our ability to invest here at home through a variety of different programs, my endorsement for senator bernie sanders is based on this central point. on this question of war and peace. on this question of who will be that qualified commander in
10:45 pm
chief to take us down a path towards peace and prosperity, versus continuing down this interventionist wars of regime change policy that secretary clinton has championed and supported and advocated for both in iraq, in libya, and now in syria. >> let me just ask you, bernie sanders has made some big promises. he's talking about government run health care, he's talking about free public college tuition, and he acknowledges that that's some tough sledding in washington. he says, of a revolution is needed, a political rev luck and yet we're seeing that the turnout is actually down among democrats. how do you get this revolution if democrats aren't showing you want to polls? >> i think by having these conversations, by engaging people who have not yet felt that they have a voice being heard in the political process. i think as you're seeing what's happening on the road, you're seeing a lot of excitement coming from places where people may not have been involved yet or involved for a very long time
10:46 pm
because there is an honesty being addressed here about these issues that are important and affecting people every day lives. on these issues of war and peace, they're directly connected to those programs that senator bernie sanders is talking about. that hillary clinton is talking about, and if we allow this interventionist regime change policy that secretary clinton has championed, we will see how those resources of which trillions of dollars have been spent overseas continue to stand in the way of us as a country actually investing here at home. so we cannot look at these issues as separate things. this issue of war and peace and what kind of commander in chief we will have is central and core to how we can plan a future of success for us here at home. >> congressman, got to leave it there, thank you for your time tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and we're going to take a break and we're looking beyond tonight through the general election when we come back. when your type 2 diabetes numbers
10:47 pm
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welcome back. joining us here in the studio, the former governor of michigan, a hillary clinton surrogate and republican strategist and nbc news political analyst, and before, i had something else i was going to talk about. you have breaking news. >> apparently republican lindsey graham supposedly on another network said the following. we may be in a position where we have to rally around ted cruz.
10:51 pm
this is a man looking at the delegate count. you know the delegate count, it is clear, trump's the leader, cruz is second. there's no ambiguity between second and third as marco rubio would like to have us believe. do you believe the republican party is ready to rally around cruz? >> i think that's a march 15th decision. i think right now the math looks like donald trump will get about a half the delegates tonight. that still may not be enough given the winner take all states and the turn in calendar to larger industrial states, bluer states. i think it's not until after march 15th that it comes. >> that's amazing that lindsey graham is saying. not a ted cruz fan. >> die by shooting or poison, that's between cruz and trump. for him to say that, it's earth shattering. >> i think it tells you the kkk thing did have impact on the senators. >> it really did. and i think they'll now move the potentially to consolidation, but they're going to give both
10:52 pm
cruz and rubio a chance to make their case. >> governor, his opponents couldn't put a move in his armor. where is there a vulnerability? >> she's building a coalition that looks like america. all the people that he's been insulting, the swaths of demographics, she is going to embrace. when she talks about making america whole and filling in the hole, to be able to bring people together to break down barriers, well he's talking about building walls. that is a message that will resinate far large group. >> that's warm and fuzzy, but with trump, you're going to have to go straight at him. >> off positive and go for the throat as well. there's plenty of ammo. we know that there are people both on the democratic and the republican side who have some binders that are, that people are waiting to unload. >> but donald trump is bringing new voters. donald trump is bringing what the reagan democrats were invented in your home state of
10:53 pm
michigan. donald trump, those folks are coming and voting in republican primaries, and he could overperform in michigan, couldn't he? >> he could, he could. he actually could, he's talking about the thing that people in michigan care about most, which is jobs going overseas. but, he is extremely vulnerable on the fact that he's got -- he can't be railing on china when he's making his clothing line in china and in mexico. hello, those are fighting words. >> but the this is interesting and complexing for people in this race, there is a certain overlap, if you were doing a vin diagr diagram, you might get a sanders and a trump voter. how many anecdotes in places like new hampshire, i'm torn between sanders and trump. and you think how can that be? but both are tapping into this anger on the side. >> there's also a vin diagram that allows for her to be able to go after the people who are saying, no way in hell am i going to vote for donald trump, and so those potential folks are
10:54 pm
prospects. >> we've got to take a break. i'd like to keep the conversation going. we'll be back -- darn, final thoughts -- i'm with you. in
10:55 pm
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we have another call to make from the democratic caucus in colorado. nbc news projects that bernie sanders wins the caucus in colorado. his third victory of the night. before we close out this hour, chuck todd, you've been looking at the delegate breakdown here in both races. >> it is, but i'm going to show you the republican race obviously is where it matters most. and i'm going to circle these three guys here, trump, cruz, rubio. when the night began, cruz and rubio had 18 each, donald trump sat at about 80. donald trump added over 100. we expect him to possibly pick up maybe another hundred when we allocate all of them. cruz is in a solid second in delegates. rubio, in a distant third. although it is a solid third for him. and look, this terms you the night. big night for donald trump, bad night for marco rubio -- >> what's the point of no return? >> march 15th. march 15th, if donald trump sweeps those five states, not just florida and ohio, aillinoi,
10:58 pm
missouri, north carolina. if he wins them all, there's no stopping him now. >> left the irony is the republican party leadership front loaded this calendar, okay, they've got 60% of the republican delegates spoken for by the end of march. why? because they didn't want a repeat of 2012, they wanted to wrap this up. they thought they'd wrap it up for the establishment candidate, and instead, donald trump purposes. there's a lot of people saying, how did we let this happen? and what is the republican party stand for now? is this trump party? we talked about the different lanes over the last few years, you have with the establishment wing of the republican party, you have the conservative, the one thing that unites those two factions is being against donald trump. but is that enough to stop him? >> does the general election more or less start now? >> i think you're going to start seeing hillary clinton trying to do both. she still has to beat sanders woul alieniating supporters but
10:59 pm
attack towards trump. i think you're going to see trump fight a two-fight war. he knows he needs to go after rubio and finish him off in florida. best shot to clear rubio out because ultimately, i think he thinks he has a better shot in a one on one with cruz than rubio. >> that is going to conclude this hour of coverage. chuck and savannah, always good to work with you. you get some rest. we'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." and we'll have full coverage on nbc and tomorrow night on nbc nightly news. i'm lester holt, nbc news new york, have a good night everyone. america never stopped being great. we -- we have to make america whole. >> make america great again is
11:00 pm
going to be much better than making america whole again. >> a super skirmish. donald trump and hillary clinton win big victories on super tuesday and turn attacks on each other. less than an hour ago trump wrapped up the victory speech. he's won the most republican contests at this point including alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee and virginia. senator marco rubio won oklahoma and home state of texas. on the democratic side, hillary clinton picked up six states so far including alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas and virginia. while senator bernie sanders won colorado, oklahoma and home state of vermont. so what's all of this mean? lauren megan is here with a breakdown. lauren? >> reporter: the front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump they're even


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