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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the red umbrella about to steal a minivan with a baby inside. police released this video about an hour ago while they are still looking for the thief and the van, there you see the baby is safe and sound and back where he belongs. this ordeal began outside of a west philadelphia convenience store. >> we are learning the baby's father actually crossed paths with the thief. you can see it in that newly released tape. nbc 10's jacqueline london from our digital operations center. >> take us through the tape. >> you can see the thief step into the minivan with the baby still inside and then just drive off. watch, there he is with that red umbrella. he walks past the one white van and steps into the second one. the van's driver ran inside a store with his baby still in that van. the keys were also in the van and the thief drives off with the baby. the baby fortunately was later found along the street in
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germantown. turns out the boy's father also left his cell phone in the van. so he used another phone to text his cell phone and the thief actually texted back telling him where to find the baby boy. again, thankfully the baby is just fine. police say they got really lucky in this case. >> probably it's a rainy morning, sees the engine running, takes an opportunity. that's the reason we tell people leaving cars running for any moment can be very tragic. we're fortunate this kid is unharped. >> now watch another part of the surveillance. you see a man opening the convenience store door for the thief, the man opening the door is apparently the boy's father. he is unaware of the man he is holding the door for is about to steal his van with his baby inside. again, investigators are looking for the thief and the stolen van. call philadelphia police of course if you know anything about this crime. we can tell that you nbc 10's
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pamela osborne has been working on this. a complete report from her is ahead on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00. jacqueline london, "nbc 10 news." we are following even more breaking news. >> sources tell nbc a police officer killed during a shootout in maryland was actually killed by friendly fire. that officer has ties to our area. jacai colson was from delaware county. the 28-year-old graduated from chichester high school where he starred as a member of the football and basketball teams, also a member of the student council. his forrer teachers and coaches tell nbc 10 he was an exemplary student and leader. >> a-1 student, his personality electrified the classrooms. it's really -- like -- like a punch in the stomach when i got the news. >> i should say he is originally from boothwyn.
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colson fathered in his grandfather's foot steps going into law enforcement. police in maryland are holding a news conference about officer cols colson's death and the search for another suspect. >> investigators have taken three brothers into custody for the shooting, next to the police station in landover. tracy wilkins from wrc in washington has the latest. >> reporter: a lot unfolded since yesterday afternoon. prince george's county police are continuing their investigation into the shooting death of officer jacai colson. folks have been coming to the scene and leaving flowers in this officer's honor. police say they believe suicide by police may have been why the suspect who we are told is michael ford, showed up at the district 3 police station and opened fire. during that exchange of gun fire with police officer colson was shot and killed. we're also told that the suspect two of his brothers are in custody being head in connection
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to what happened here yesterday. sources have confirmed that at least one of the brothers videotaped the shooting as it happened. we've been speaking with people moved to come down to the scene and leave flowers, in officer colson's honor. >> it's truly unreal. especially the way it happened. i just feel so sorry for the family. >> reporter: i'm tracy wolkins, back to you. >> still more breaking news. this is the aftermath after a man was shot and killed in north philadelphia, this happened about an hour ago near 26th and toronto streets. the victim crashed that car into the pole there after he was shok'wñ he was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses say a man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt was seen running from the scene. there have been no arrests. other news a judge refused to cut the jail time for a woman
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convicted in attack on a gay cup. >> he said there was the a disconnect between her and the seriousness of the crime. she was sent to favre 5 to 10 months. her parents thought that was too much and hired a new defense attorney to have the judge reconsider her sentence. right now, deanna durante has reaction from both sides outside the courtroom. >> i represented abortion doctors, i represented funeral directors who stole body parts, vicious murderers, i have never seen the unanimity of hatred than i have seen. it's troubling. >> after spending a month in jail her lawyer says public opinion is not changing much when it comes to kathder rin knott. today was the day she and her lawyers would ask a judge to reduce her sentence, comments appeared on line, they call her names and we found others that called for her to be assaulted
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while in prison. >> it does no good to hate the hater. >> her lawyer says his client's time could be better spent repairing the damage she's done, rather than cleaning prison bathrooms and in confinement. he suggested knott be released early for outreach or to make a psa. the prosecution called the idea an insult. >> it's too little too late. when she cried at sentencing those were for hertz. >> the judge again brought up knott's posts. statements she made two years before the assault saying knott has never shown remorse for how offensive the statements were. >> it the man who actually delivered a punch that severely injured one of the victims. the judge says it's too late to turn back the clock and knott was offered that same plea deal. >> now to your first alert
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weather behind all of those raindrops is the ben franklin bridge. hard to see there. >> where? >> a lot of the region saw rain on and off much of the dwa. >> rain brought cooler temperatures too. a live look at cape may. the question when is this going to head out of here? nbc 10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking that rain. >> glenn, good having you back. what a soggy way to start the week. >> i had nothing to do with it. my return did not make the weather turn bad. and we've had this all day, we're going to have it for much of the evening too because the wind direction is helping to cause all of this. here's the i-95 in south philly, and the roads are wet. visibility is reduced. the steadier more significant rain moved offshore. now we're mostly left with drizzle drops. as you can see that steadier rain moving away from the area. so, we're not really expecting
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any kind of significant rain overnight. just a little bit of patchy drizzle. then some fog. temperatures are in the mid-40s to near 50 degrees right now. and they are not going to be moving much during the night tonight. if anything they may go up a little bit as the wind comes down. let's talk about when the temperatures will go back up. significantly with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then. new at 5:00, families impacted by gun violence met with senator casey at temple university, they spoke about ways to try to fight the problem that's devastating communities in the commonwealth and across the country in addition to families former police officers and gun control researchers also joined the conversation, the group called on congress to get off the sidelines and take action. >> so important to look at this particular issue as a public health issue. and look at the impact it certainly has throughout our
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entire community. >> senator casey is pushing for expanded background checks, a ban on military style assault weapons and a limit on the number of bullets guns can hold. >> some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. philadelphia police say an argument over a hat led to a fatal stabbing in rittenhouse square over the weekend. steven simminger is charged with murder. police say he stabbed collin mcgovern after the two got into an argument over a cap. we're learning more about another stabbing, this one happened last night. police say three men got into a fight over a drug deal inside a mcdonald's at broad and arch. that moved outside where one of the men took out a knife and started swingth around. all three end upd with cuts but they are expected to be okay. no charges have been filed. >> and the mayor of chester, delaware county is asking for patience during the investigation of a
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police-involved shooting. saturday officers shotnd a killed a man and injured another after responding to reports of a stolen car. when captain davis approached the vehicle, police say someone in the car shot him. officers then fired back. chaos erupted at the scene as police or people rather demanded answers from police about what happened. >> right now at 5:00, new jersey lawmakers considering a bill requiring employers to offer employees paid sick time. if it passes that bill would require employers with fewer than 10 employees to allow 40 hours of paid sick time for companies with more than 10 workers it's 72 hours. businesses that oppose the measure say the policy will make it tough to do business in the state. also, on the agenda today, a voting session on gambling, the new jersey assembly will consider a bill asking voters to approve two casinos. those in atlantic city would get first dibs when applying for the
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licenses, supporters say the new casinos will bring in gambling money going to other states. some say it could be a death plo for some of atlantic city's remaining kansas cities. >> the fight for medical marijuana all the way to the state house. pennsylvania lawmakers weighing whether to allow the drug as a pain reliever. why supporters say legislation is long overdue. >> plus, it's tournament time. local basketball fans will be blewed to tv. a look at our three teams headed to the big dance. and decision 2016 coverage. why sarah palin canceled her appearance at a donald trump rally minutes before she was to take the stage.
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with this just in, a micht uber driver accused of killing six people has told authorities he was under the control of the uber app on his phone according to investigators in kalamazoo. jason dalton is accused of killing six people and wounding two in random shootings last mtd. this is video of officers arresting dalton. investigators say dalton told them the shootings happened when the uber be app turned from red to black. >> now to decision 2016, plenty going on as the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the east coast and midwest. >> it's the final day of
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campaigning before five critical primaries tomorrow known as mega tuesday. democratic senator bernie sanders is rallying supporters now in charlotte, north carolina. a live picture here. nbc 10's national correspondent jay gray who has more from miami. steve handelsman, i should say. >> reporter: marco rubio must win florida. he campaigned in his home state all day. >> i believe too. >> reporter: of the five mega tuesday states florida and ohio are winner take all for republicans. >> we're going to do what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here. >> reporter: at the green street cafe in miami the talk was of donald trump. >> you like rubio, kasich and cruz, so why trump? >> i like trump better. trump i think help make america great again. >> reporter: with a lead in florida polls trump was in north carolina, demonstrators again inside and outside.
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but trump today was gentle after days of confrontations that critics charge trump encouraged. >> because of that people say well, if there is violence, there is a love fest. >> reporter: in ohio governor kasich campaigned with mitt romney. >> he has the kind of record that you want in washington and that's why i'm convinced that you're going to do the right thing tomorrow. agreed? >> reporter: kasich vowed to beat trump. >> i think we're ahead and we're going to win tomorrow. >> reporter: winning ohio and illinois is democrat bernie sanders goal. >> if you want a candidate who will defeat trump or some other republican you are looking at him right here. >> reporter: in total delegates hillary clinton still figures to best sanders in the five states. >> that's extending our message that loves. >> donald trump looking at a big delegate haul with john kasich and marco rubio facing what
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could be their last day in the race. and here's a look who will go to the polls tomorrow. both parties hold primaries in ohio, illinois, florida, missouri and north carolina. florida and ohio are winner take all for the republicans. and to follow the results tomorrow as they come in, and for complete decision 2016 coverage, just tap the nbc 10 app. sarah palin appeared at a campaign event for donald trump this afternoon. this after her husband was being treated for injuries from a snowmobile crash in alaska. a source tells nbc news that todd palin is in the intensive care unit. the trump campaign announced that sarah palin was returning home to be with her husband. however, she appeared at the trump event in florida ahead of the state's primary tomorrow. one of the victims of an ambush killing at a cookout last week is being laid to rest. 26-year-old shada mahone's
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funeral. police continue to search for two gun men who attacked the cookout in wilkinsburg last wednesday night. one fired shots from a pistol forcing the guests to run toward a house where they were gunned down by a man with a rifle. >> investigation is under way in kansas to find out what caused an amtrak train to derail. a train was traveling from los angeles to chicago. eight train cars derailed. four ended up on their side. 11 people suffered minor injuries. three amtrak trains derailed last year. last october a train from vermont to washington, d.c. derailed when rocks fell on the tracks. last may, eight people died and more than 200 hurt when an amtrak train derailed here in philadelphia. and in march, 55 people were hurt when an amtrak train collided with a tractor-trailer in north carolina.
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we've been pretty lucky at the pump for months now but we're starting to see gas prices inching up. we got a closer look at gas prices. we pulled up to this sunoco. a gallon of regular there, $1.89. and here is what aaa says you'll pay. in philadelphia, the average is $1.99 for a gallon of regular and in delaware it's $1.85, in new jersey it's 1.67. the gas prices going up, the temperature's going down. kind of a nasty way to start the week. damp and chilly. it's that way today. it's that way tonight as well. and tomorrow morning we add some fog into the mix. and making it affect the morning rush. then on wednesday that looks perhaps the warmest day of the week. the fog, low clouds as you can see. you can see across the delaware
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river so. the visibility itself is tolerable. 46 degrees certainly affecting aviation for example, but the traffic, more fog than that. feels like 40, the wind 15 miles an hour gusting to 25. and we see cloudy skies across much of the area. so it looks worse than it really is. and in some places you get a little drizzle. the steadier rain has moved out. you would be seeing the raindrops here. these are the actual weather conditions at the top of the hour. the temperatures are in the 40s for the most part. 50 in dover, 43 in allentown, one of the cool spots, of course the poconos, 36 degrees, that's pretty cold. the visibility is low, but not terrible. it's below 2 miles, mount pocono and pottstown and coatesville down close to a mile. blue bell, below two miles.
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when it gets below a half mile we start to talk about significant fog. not bad in philadelphia or mount holly, wrightstown. obviously more fog up to the north and also extreme south. georgetown, delaware and atlantic city, less than two miles so keep monitoring that. those should be way down by tomorrow morning. here is the area of steady rain that has moved away. the clouds continue and then here's another little disturbance moving in our direction that could be affecting us tomorrow. and the temperatures tonight not really moving much. not moving much during the morning tomorrow. but once this little disturbance moves through, we get a little bit of sunshine, temperatures should get up to 60 degrees tomorrow. 46 for the low tonight. 42 north and west. with the fog developing toward daybreak, should last for the first few hours tomorrow. then in the afternoon it gets
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warmer. especially as we get a little bit of sunshine as the wind turns into the northwest. try to break things up a little. by wednesday with a little more sunshine, we get up to 71. st. paddy's day. 62 degrees, a chance of showers, and then we're going down with these temperatures and don't put the winter coats away because by the time you get to the weekend it's going to be cold and we have a storm developing on sunday. so at the very least it's going to be cold and rainy and windy day. >> talking about the cold but right now we're talking about sun, sand and swim suits and signs. the scenery is changing down in delaware this summer. why delaware's beach towns are changing the way they do business. the patients that could benefit from a potentially life seiching surgery and what makes this so unique.
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another philadelphia hospital can now perform hiv positive to hiv positive organ transplants. the hospital was given approval to perform these procedures. z obama paved the way for people with hiv to donate organs to other patients with hiv. >> we have one of the largest in
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the world, we've done 111 transplants so far and have 45 people listed or in the process of being listed so we have the largest wait list in the region. >> several other hospitals in the area have been performing these same transplants. today is national pi day. not the kind you eat but the celebration of the mathematical formula. what better way to honor the day than eat pie, not the kind in math but yeah, that you eat. celebrating with slices of its signature butterscotch bourbon pie, have you had that? >> no, i haven't. >> that sounds good. cost $3.14. tomorrow is one of the busiest for pie retailers, i should say today. tomorrow that i'm going to bring you a piece of that. >> we celebrate pi day on march 14. >> there you go. this caused a security scare at
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philadelphia international airport. >> a pilot's gun stolen out of a men's restroom. new, what we learned about the janitor who police say pulled off the crime. >> reporter: he sacrificed his life to run to a stranger's rescue. thousands come to honor the humor and the hard work of a fallen hero, trooper sean cullen. details next. >> a wild ride on the streets of philadelphia when a septa bus crashes into a bank. the latest on what went wrong.
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a somber and heartfelt good-bye to fallen new jersey state trooper sean cullen. cullen was hit and killed a week ago responding to a car fire along i-295. >> today thousands came to say farewell. governor chris christie ordered all state build l buildings to fly flags at half-staff. >> cydney long joins us live. >> reporter: denise and jim, trooper cullen as you know was raised in a laupt family. so they know the risks of entering this profession. but it doesn't make the hard
5:31 pm
reality of today any more bearable. a sea of red and blue flashing lights lit up route 130, thousands of police came to say farewell to trooper sean cullen. it began with a touching mass inside st. charles church where cullen's pregnant fiance was comforted by family. >> i'm here today to honor a very brave young man. >> reporter: from sea isle city where sean began his police career. >> he was a fun loving guy and did an excellent job for us when he was in sea isle city and went on to become a model trooper. >> to relatives from ireland to everyday citizens whose children grew up with sean. officers stood at attention as the procession drove cullen's casket past his childhood home and the one he shared with his family. >> sometimes when we don't always see the support of the community in law enforcement in
5:32 pm
general, we see it at times like this. >> it helps us through these times and puts in perspective how dangerous our job is. it makes you appreciate when i go home and i kiss my kids and my wife tonight. i'm very thankful. >> reporter: they say for his human e his silly antics to make others laugh, thankful for his selflessness in his sacrifice. what the outpouring meant. >> they are mourning but when -- within the days and weeks to come, when they see the video footage and so forth and the pictures, they are going to realize how much you know, helps them heal. >> reporter: and trooper cullen was born in dublin, his family moved here when he was just three but those loved ones who still reside in ireland, they are here in new jersey, here for him today as he was laid to rest. live, cydney long, "nbc 10
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news." >> this just in. new jersey lawmakers just authorized a statewide referendum on the november ballot asking voters whether to approve two casinos in northern new jersey. those already operating casinos in atlantic city would get first dibs when applying for the licenses. supporters say they would bring in money that's going to neighboring states. oppose nens say it could be a death blow for some of atlantic city's remaining casinos. to the weather now. we're tracking a rainy evening commute across a lot of the area. here is a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. wet road, headlights on. that way all day. >> sure is dreary. nbc 10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain. >> the rain doesn't amount to a lot as far as the quantity is concerned, it's not heavy or anything. but it's persistent. just enough to make things damp.
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the drizzle drops. we see some of that at lake wallenpaupack, it's cloudy all day, a little bit of drizzle as well. and on the radar you see a few returns with the very, very light rain or drizzle well the steadier heavier rain that moved offshore. that's what we saw in parts of the area this morning. right now the temperature holding fairly steady. 46 in philadelphia, 43 in allentown, 36 in mount pocono. but up to 50 degrees in dover. it's not really that cold for this time of the day. if anything the temperature creeps up a little bit as the wind goes down. but it stays cloudy all night. let you know when we'll see the sun again when the temperatures go back up with the seven-day in a few minutes. back to more breaking news now in the past minutes police in maryland confirmed that police officer jacai colson was killed in friendly fire.
5:35 pm
these are inyou developments and this here a live look at a news conference from prince george's county, maryland with police officials there and the officer's parents. let's listen in now. >> can you characterize a little better how officer colson came to the scene, how he was dressed and perhaps might have been misidentified in the chaos? could you help us with that? >> i've seen this scenario played out on a couple of different recordings, and as detective colson is arriving he is arriving in because as we know, he was a detective in the narcotics enforcement division so he doesn't want to look like a police officer. he arrives in a vehicle that we use for those purposes. he immediately engages with the shooter as he exits that vehicle.
5:36 pm
he's dressed in civilian clothes, not wearing body armor, not prepare forward a fire fight he has arrived at. but he takes action drawing that fire. and in moving down barlow road allowing our officers to see that motion move up, they now are in position of advantage but they don't know, because of where they were, when they began, exactly what they are facing. and it is in this confusion we believe that the errant round struck detective colson, again circumstantially that's our belief. but until i have forensic evidence to offer i'm not going to draw conclusions which officer may have fired that round. >> you are listening to a live news conference from prince george's county, maryland, updating us on the circumstances that led to the death of 28-year-old officer jacai colson who had tied to our area. he is originally from boothwyn. graduated back in 2005.
5:37 pm
the new development is that in the chaos of this apparent ambush, the officer was killed by friendly fire. we'll continue to monitor developments and bring you new information as soon as we get it. a tough case facing philadelphia police. look at this robbery caught on surveillance video at a sunoco. the robber was wearing a mask when he walked into the gas station yesterday. he demanded moyp, got away with what he came for, if you know anything about this robbery you are asked to contact police. new information this afternoon about a(6q custodian accused of stealing a pilot's gun at philadelphia international airport over the weekend. police identified that custodian as victor sheard. police are telling us that an armed flight officer left his bag with the gun inside in the men's restroom saturday. when he realized he told police and air marshals which led to
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flight delays. police say sheard took the gun, put it in a custodial closet. >> a crowd gathered in pennsylvania's capital to call on the state to end a statute of limitations of sex abuse cases. several lawmakers joined victims and embattled attorney general kathleen kane in the call for action. representative mark rossi who says he was abused by a priest as a boy is also pushing for a two-year window to allow past victims to come forward and sue alleged abusers. >> you want the truth to come out. >> this comes a few weeks after the attorney general announced a grand jury report detailing the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by 50 priests assigned to the diocese of altoona johnstown. from our delaware bureau, you don't need to rely on a blimp to advertise at the delaware beaches because state
5:39 pm
"parks and recreation" officials are offering local businesses the chance to advertise on lifeguard stands. beginning monday businesses can purchase space on stands at delaware seashore park beaches and fenwick island, the third year for the program. how much green do you dole out to celebrate st. patrick's day. the impact the hom day has on your wallet. and cancer survivors dealing with debt. the battle at home after beating the disease.
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diagnosis or treatment. 20% worried about their paying their bills. 7% were in debt and 1% had declared bankruptcy. when it comes to helping patients prepare for surgery, videos may help more than a doctor's consultation, according to a new study by australian hospital. a group of patients discuss their operations with their doctor and watched a video narrated by a physician. 80% said they preferred the video to the face-to-face meeting. i'm john clark. three philly area teams are going dancing in the ncaa tournament. you can hear it in the office. talking about it. they will all play on friday. they are hitting the courts for practice, we'll hear from villanova coming up next. >> damp and chilly tonight but warmer weather is on the way. i'm tracking how high the temperatures are going to climb this week. >> then at 6:00, off the ballot,
5:43 pm
if one republican rival gets his way pennsylvanians won't be able to cast a vote for john kasich in the primary. the reason behind the ballot battle.
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5:45 pm
it's tournament time for three local college basketball teams. >> villanova, st. joe's, temple invited to the big dance. john clark joining us with a breakdown of friday. >> basketball fans glued to their tvs. >> yeah, there may not be a lot of work done friday afternoon in the philly area. may want to get out after lunch. villanova and temple play in the afternoon. st. joe is at night. nova has the best chance making it to the second weekend but they haven't been too good in
5:46 pm
years past. they are trying to live up to expectations as one of the top seeds, they have not been to the sweet 16 since the final four run in 2009. the last two years they have been one of the top and gone home early during the first weekend. jay wright said the players and coaches have to own that and find a way to make it through this year. >> probably won't hit me until we're probably practicing at the barkley center on thursday. hopefully we can just -- it won't be my last game and hopefully win a couple and get this going. >> ryan is a senior. here is the schedule. nova, followed by temple and iowa at 3:10. st. joe's meet cincinnati, all the way out in spokane, washington, that is friday night around 10:00. we're going to hear more from nova plus temple and st. joe's
5:47 pm
coming up at 6:00. i'm john clark. see you then. >> are you working friday, john? >> yeah, i actually am going to have to work. we're going to brooklyn. >> we'll see how productive you are. >> what will you do? >> that's part of his job. >> it is. >> filling out the bracket right here. >> okay. >> see if i can get it right. usually no. >> me either. thanks. >> don't forget the big dance coming to philly, the wells fargo center hosting the sweet 16 and elite eight for march 25. to 27th. by the way, this comes as the ncaa is investigating a leaked bracket before the selections were announced. that turned up on twitter as the selection show was airing on tv don't you know. the ncaa said it regrets what happened and it's taking the matter seriously. >> st. patrick's day is almost here but how much green do you dole out to celebrate? a new survey finds we'll spend
5:48 pm
$4.4 billion on st. patrick's day this year. that averages out to about $35 a partier. 13 million pints of begin guine the pot at the end of the rainbow and the gold is worth about $1.2 million. here are some irish eyes that are hard to pass up. the pennsylvania spca is getting into the st. patrick's day spirit with a promotion to save you green. all week long it's st st. 4[n pettrick's day. anybody adopting an animal gets to pick a lucky charm. they are good for discounts up to $50. one lucky person wins a free adoption. and it's going to be a whole lot warmer for st. patrick's day than it was today. temperatures barely getting to 50 degrees.
5:49 pm
damp and chilly and that's the way it is for the evening too. and we add the foggy morning rush to that mix. but by wednesday yeah, it's going to be pretty warm out there. it's not warm now. it's not dry. and it is still a little bit windy. 14-mile-an-hour wind gusts at 25, feels like 40 out there. 46 degrees with some drizzle. because the radar is not detecting any kind of significant rain. we got 69 on friday, after a couple of days. then 61 saturday and sunday, 50 today. back up to 60 tomorrow, near 70 on wednesday. you can see, temperatures fairly uniform when we have the cloudy skies and the windy conditions, 43 in wrightstown, trenton, washington township, kennett square. 43 inmméñ allentown and blue be. 44 in pottstown. you can see fairly uniform
5:50 pm
temperatures further south too. the warmest is 50 degrees in dover. a steady rain has moved offshore. we have clouds around, low clouds and a little patchy drizzle along with that. the next area that we're watching is in the ohio valley, tennessee valley, moving in this general direction. some of that could be with us potentially later tonight or into the morning hours. as we go through the night tonight one thing you won't see is temperature going down. the remnants of that cincinnati area. possibly producing a shower. you can see the temperature going up to 60 degrees. could see a little sunshine late in the day. and remember, the sunset is coming after 7:00 now. so we've got a little more sunshine after 5, 6:00 at night. by 11:00 tomorrow night it's pretty warm. temperatures in the 50s. and by wednesday we're starting off pretty warm and the
5:51 pm
temperatures going up to near 70. 46 the low in philadelphia, 42 north and west. tomorrow, we have fog in the morning, a lot of clouds, possible shower. then warmer weather in the afternoon. high temperatures averaging around 60 degrees. average closer to 70 on wednesday. then st. patrick's day into the 60s with a chance of showers. temperatures continue to go down, down, down. and as we head through the weekend, only in the 40s, by sunday it's cold and windy and wet. >> let's stop there. 46. that would be -- that's enough. glenn, thanks. lester holt joining us from nbc studios in new york. >> what's coming up on nightly news? >> ahead for us more fallout from violent trump rallies including what could be a criminal investigation. a look why russia is pulling
5:52 pm
forces out of syria and we're going to tell you wa women should know about migraine headaches especially as they grow older, all coming up at 6:30 for nightly news. back to you. >> thanks. we'll see you at 6:30. we apologize for the audio problem there. one more rally before one more vote. >> supporters of medical marijuana in pennsylvania taking the fight all the way to the state house. who i the battle between lawmakers is personal for one mother. we'll share her story next. >> then coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 6, remembering a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. how two local lawmakers want to forever memorialize trooper sean cullen.
5:53 pm
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>> pennsylvania could join delaware and new jersey when it cups to legalizing medical marijuana. >> state lawmakers considering a new bill that could be passed as this week, the state senate passed the bill last year, if it passes the house, a state board would be set up to begin licensing growers and dispensaries. matt from our sister station reports from harrisburg. >> reporter: one more rally before one more vote and jennifer may finally be able to get her daut ter medicine she
5:56 pm
needs. >> we don't want to start over if they vote against this. we want this to be approved now. >> reporter: her daughter suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, one of the many medical conditions that could qualify for medical marijuana treatment. but first, the state house must approve it. >> this is what we've been waiting for. >> this afternoon house members started sifting through amendments, advocates hope they do not derail the progress. >> i'm confident that those that blocked the bill before will see the light. >> that was matt. "nbc 10 news" at 6 is next. coming up next, breaking developments in the shooting death of a maryland police officer from our area. plus, take a good look at the man with the umbrella. he is wanted by philadelphia police for stealing a minivan with a baby inside.
5:57 pm
find out how officers tracked down the infant. >> the damp and chilly weather isn't done. i'll let you know when the temperatures are going to rise coming up in my first alert forecast. >> and the proposed wage hike could put money in workers' pockets. how a plan to increase the minimum wage could wind up costing you the next time you head down the shore.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
an abduction caught on camera. police are searching for this man with the red umbrella. he is seen hopping behind the wheel of a white minivan in west philly. in the back seat a 4-month-old baby. the boy is safe with his parents but the search continues for that wanted carjacker. the infant dropped off a short time later. >> we're told he is doing fine. it started just before 8:00 this morning at 49th and walnut in west philadelphia. ended several miles away when the child was left on the road in germantown. pamela osborne has been following this case. >> she joins us live with more on how police knew where to find that baby. pamela. >> reporter: police believe that boy was left outside for about 15 minutes. they were able to track him down
6:00 pm
because of a cell phone and a text message. in this newly released surveillance video from a corner store on west 49th and walnut you see the suspect with a red umbrella and khaki pants. >> at one point you see the father walk past this individual as he's standing in the rain. >> what you don't see is what was inside of the 2013 white town and country minivan, a 4-month-old baby boy, his faeft left him and his cell phone in the running vehicle. when he steps out and back to the van, the suspect is watching. >> he probably doesn't want to wait for a bus, it's a rainy morning. sees the engine running. >> as the father walks back in the store for a second time his van with his sleeping infant is driven away. it was a frantic few moments for the father. once he realized his child was gone he used a traininger's phone to text his. >> gets a text back to a phone he


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