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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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that's what it is. >> when you are inciting mob violence, which is what trump is doing, people remember mob violence that led to lynching. >> this guy is a pathological liar. it's hard to fact check them because he never has any facts. another critical tuesday for the presidential elections with some of the most important states up for grabs today. and aç driver's hospitaliz after crashing into a police cruiser on i-95. you'll hear why the driver could be facing charges. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m. right now. and a misty morning, maybe some fog in some areas. let's check with meteorologist sheena parveen, find out what you'll face as you head out the door. >> good morning, vai and tracy. not a good hair day when you step outside. it is misty. the umbrella not going to help you. we have the rain and fog, low clouds. here's a look at the satellite. you see the clouds moving in. we'll have clouds for a good portion of the day. if you're in delaware and new
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jersey, you could see some of these showers trying to move in here very soon. maybe a few sprinkles trying to move into parts of lancaster county soon. for the majority of the afternoon, big improvements from yesterday. visibility is about 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia, also pottstown. 1 3/4 mile in wildwood, below 2 miles in that area. as we go through the rest of the day today, improving conditions. here's your bus stop forecast. by 7:00 a.m., 42 degrees, cloudy, areas north and west of philadelphia. mid-40s in new jersey and delaware, the best chance for maybe a light shower by 7:00 a.m. through the afternoon, we'll be topping out closer to about the mid to upper 50s and we'll still see the clouds around. i think some of the area could see breaks in the clouds. maybe a little bit of sunshine. not a completely sunny day, just a warmer day as we go through the afternoon. warmer tomorrow, more rain chances this week. we'll take a look at that coming up. let's get a check on the roads
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with jessica boyington. >> we're watching that diner fire. we have closures in the area of edgemont avenue, blocked from 15th street to providence avenue right now because of that fire. also, 295, here it is in west deptford, new jersey around route 130. no problems in either direction. we're still at a 23-minute time southbound from the 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge. average speeds into the 60çs. still so we're moving along. here's the pa turnpike, still in the green, no problem. road work cleaning up and getting out of the way, considering it's around the 5:00 hour, westbound and eastbound from route 1 to valley forge is a 22-minute trip. another update when i come back in the next ten minutes. we're following breaking news out of chester, delaware county. where a diner caught fire and forced evacuations in the area. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on scene. katy, what do we know right now? >> well, tracy, since we last saw you at 4:30, this is what's changed. take a look at the roof of the
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grape leaf diner. there are no longer firefighters on the roof having to cut through the damaged area and spray water on hot spots. it looks like they turned over the diner to investigators who got on scene within the last half hour and are currently looking into the cause of this fire. the greape leaves diner was closed at the time the fire broke out. it broke out just before 3:00 a.m. fortunately, the closest fire department is sewnly about a block away. as soon as the call for smoke in this area came in, firefighters nearby looked outside their station, saw smoke and got here as fast as they could. while all this was happening, dozens of people were sleeping inside the adjacent hotel. we have video of the scene outside the day's inn while firefighters were attacking the smoke and flames. we've spoken to some of those guests who were forced from their rooms, forced to go into the lobby area and the property,
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because they say smoke was filling their rooms. the fire chief tells me he knows it could have been a lot worse. >> the fact there are no injuries, considering how many people -- >> we lucked out. somebody had to see it. luckily they saw it soon enough before it got worse than it is. >> reporter: just to reiterate my question to the chief, there were no injuries. the firefighters or the dozens of people staying here at the day's inn. coming up at 5:30,ç you'll hea directly from some guests about the alarming way they were woken up and told they had to evacuate. reporting live in chester, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. decision 2016. welcome to another super tuesday. today's primaries could be key in deciding delegates. the biggest battles are in florida, home to republican senator marco rubio and ohio where gop candidate john kasich is the governor. nbc 10's matt delucia is here
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wi with a closer look at the candidates. >> it will be an interesting day to say the leet. it's the first time we see winner take all states. the candidate who wins gets that state's entire delegate count. winner take all states include florida, ohio and missouri. and donald trump is leading the polls in the sunshine state. >> if you go to your doctor and he tells you you're over, it's over, it's just done, you're done, you'll be dead in three weeks. doesn't matter. get out tomorrow and vote. >> now, ohio governor john kasich said he'll get out of the republican race if he loses his home state to trump. analysts expect marco rubio to do the same if florida also goes trump's way. >> i don't think there's anyone in the history of american politics that compares to the vulgarity of a donald trump candidacy. >> most polling shows rubio, ted cruz and kasich all trailing donald trump by double digits in florida. as for the democratic race, all the delegates will still ab
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warded proportionately today. front-runner hillary clinton could move closer to the nomination but bernie sanders is looking for more upsets like the one he pulled in michigan last week. >> i proudly stood with the workers, secretary clinton stood with the big money interests. >> we have the way forward, to be able to start talking about not only unifying the democratic party but unifying our country. >> analysts say unless sanders wins big today,ç clinton will maintain or increase her lead in delegates. coming up at 5:30, there's been a lot of talk about the possibility of an open convention for the republicans. we'll look at how historians are watching the key primaries tonight. vai? >> matt, thank you. stay on top of the latest 2016 developments by downloading the nbc 10 app. use it to find the latest delegate counts and information about upcoming primaries and caucuses. new jersey governor chris christie is taking some heat for
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where he was and what he was doing during a funeral of a state trooper. yesterday, the governor was cam paning with donald trump in north carolina at about the same time mourners attended a funeral mass for state trooper sean cullen in cinnaminson. the president of the state trooper's fraternal organization accused christie of selfish political opportunism. neither christie nor his office would comment. papers covered this morning reads chris' dead cop diss. philadelphia police blame a dui driver for crashing into a patrol car. the officer was not hurt. the driver of the white vehicle went to the hospital with injuries. this happened along i-95 south near academy road in northeast philadelphia just after 1:00 this morning. we're still trying to find out about any charges. today, septa will hold its third and final public meeting on its king of prussia rail project. two information sessions are set for today at the double tree
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hotel in king of prussia. septa wants to hear from people about its planned extension of the norristown high speed line. the route would bring people to and from the king of prussia mall, hotels and business centers. septa says the service is at least ten years away. a father explains what it was like to discover his mini van was stole within his 4-month-old baby inside. yesterday, this father feared what would have happened to his baby boy. baby boy. an running with his 4-month-old in the back seat. when he came outside, the vehicle and the baby were gone. >> i came outside, i was holding the bags. i just dropped them. i was like, somebody just hit the flush on the toilet and everything flushed down out of me. >> he texted his cell phone which was in the van. the suspect texted him back and told him where to find his baby on a germantown street.
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this is surveillance video hoop here he is holding the umbrella. the van has not yet been found. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, this morning we have some fog out there. it's not very dense but it's giving us mist it conditions. low clouds around, so you'll need to use the wind shield wipers for parts of the area at least this morning. otherwise, the afternoon is going to be warmer. we're not going to see a lot of sunshine today. at least we'll be warmer than yesterday. it will continue even tomorrow. warming trend in the forecast. we do have more rain chances before the week is over. hold on to the umbrella for the rest of this week. allentown, cloudy, 44 degrees, atlantic city, clouds are locked in with temperatures in the mid-40s. we have fog around, too. the warming trend i mention, today 60 degrees, yesterday we were only in mostly the upper 40s. we go into tomorrow, low 70s but then we drop back down, going into the weekend. we'll be back into the 50s.
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so after a quick warmup this week, it's going to get colder for the weekend. i'll show you that in just a minute. visibility about 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia, 1 3/4 mile visibility in wildwood. it's not dense fog at all. at least you know this morning we don't have driving problems because of the weather. some of the roads might be wet because it's misty out there. as far as the rain is concerned, that's still to our south. we have showers moving into maryland. some of those could move into new jersey and delaware in the next couple hours. not going to be heavy but we can't roll out a few showers south ofphiladelphia. this is future weather, 7:00, 8:00 this morning. we could see light showers try to move into new jersey and delaware. temperatures in the mid-40s. by lunch time, can't rule out a couple light showers. overall through the afternoon, bigger improvements, highs around 60, could see a couple breaks in the clouds. we could see sunshine. but it's not going to turn completely sunny. tomorrow will nicer than today, too.
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early fog this morning, clouds, warmer this afternoon. temperatures around 60 grows. as we keep on warming tomorrow, right around 71 for a high. late showers tomorrow evening. but then we cool back down, st. patrick's day we have a chance of showers, low 60s. going into friday, though, look at that, mid-50s, 49 saturday. it's going to get colder, morning lows in the 30s. spring officially starts sunday. that's our next storm system. looks like rain could have a chance of rain/snow mix areas north and west. >> thank you, sheena. 5:11 this morning. sheena just confirmed not as bad as it was yesterday. the roads are still wet and it requires you to be cautious. >> take it easy. jessica boyington is watching the roads for your morning commute, including the schuylkill expressway. >> we want to avoid some of the problems we had yesterday as well. so far, we are. pretty quiet so far here at the schuylkill around spring garden street. we have an eastbound drive time that's doing great from the blue route to the vine street expressway into center city is a
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13-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s right now. just outside of center city, there is some utility work, closing 34th street between walnut and spruce. we'll keep you updated as soon as that becomes open again. out over in new jersey we'll head on over the other side of the bridge in cherry hill, route 70 around king's highway. damp here, especially through this intersection. that's where you want to watch out for when you're making turns through intersections and on and off of the ramps on any of the major roadways. back in the next ten minutes with a check on your morning drive. the flight for 15 hits çho. workers say they're barely making ends meet. plus, remembering officer colson. this morning we're learning about how a police officer was killed in maryland and his strong connection to our area.
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a homeless veteran will face murder charges in a deadly stabbing in philadelphia's rittenhouse square. police tell us simming er is accused of pulling out a knife and stabbing mcgovern in the stomach. he showed up at a hospital yesterday morning with a cut on his hand which helped lead to his arrest. 5:15 and 46 degrees outside.
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today michigan's governor will face questions from congress about the water crisis in flint. governor rick snider is scheduled to testify at a house committee hearing. the panel is investigating what went wrong with flint's drinking water and what's being done to help the people and fix the problem. flint switched its water source in 2014 to save money. officials say the water was not treated properly. now they're blaming lead that was in the water for learning disabilities in children and other problems. family and friends in maryland and in delaware county are mourning the loss of a police officer killed in an ambush at his police station. now we've learned that it was a friendly fire that took officer first class jacai colson's life sunday. police tell us one man opened fire while his two brothers videotaped the attack.ç colson who worked in narcotic was in street clothes and was not wearing a bulletproof vest but did not hesitate when he pulled up to the station while the gunman was relooing. >> his actions allowed officers to take a position where they
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could intervene and neutralize the threat. >> colson was accidentally shot in exchange and killed by one of the officers also trying to stop the gunman. the suspected gunman, michael ford and his two brothers, elijah and malik will be charged with second degree murder and attempted murderer. colson graduated from chichester high school in 2005 and was a member of the student counsel and an athlete. >> a-1 student, academically and personally. it was like a punch in the stomach when i got the news. >> colson fathered his grandfather's footsteps and decided to enter law enforcement. the day before colson was killed he and a friend celebrated their four-year anniversary as police officers and this thursday would have been colson's 29th birthday. this morning, investigators will be back on the ground at the amtrak derailment in kansas. reviewing rail conditions and
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other factors. the accident happened early yesterday morning. eight train cars derailed and four other cars ended up on their side. at least 32 people were hurt, some critically. >> felt a jolt. we stopped in a big hurry. a lot of break smoke t. started tipping over. you could see people falling. they were going around like rag dolls. one government source says an engineer hit a bend in the rail and hit the brakes just before the derailment. investigators are trying to determine if speed, track maintenance or weather may have been a factor in the derailment. "the wall street journal" reports the deal includes a 21% raise for workers over the next the union's hammered out the contract with management on friday night just a day before the strike deadline. 18 past 5:00 a.m. this
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tuesday morning. time to get a check on traffic, specifically 95. >> jessica boyington has that. >> vai and tracy, around route 413, you can see flashing lights behind me. that's a tow truck on the scene there. we do have an accident scene that's pretty active. it is over into the shoulder. traffic still moving by that scene quickly. parts of the road actually blocked off right now. something to watch out for, especially considering we do have people walking around over into the shoulders with these vehicles blocking out the right. it looks like actually just approaching that off ramp as well. 95 northbound to cottman avenue, that ramp was closed earlier, re-opened around 5:00 this morning. watch out for crew in the area just in case. 95 southbound around aramingo avenue and 95 northbound to girard avenue is also closed for construction. the drive times in total southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, 13-minute trip. more updates when i come back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we don't have the rain around this morning like we did yesterday but it's a little bit foggy out there. we have misty conditions. you may need to use your windshield wiper this morning. the umbrella is not going to help you with the mist, though. this afternoon you'll notice the difference compared to yesterday. it's still chilly this morning. later on today, it will be warmer. tomorrow will be ten degrees warmer than today. a nice warming trend. otherwise we have more rain chances in the forecast. keep the umbrella around. visibility has improved through parts of the area. three miles in pottstown and coatesville. 2 1/2 in mount holly. this is not dense fog. it just shows i don't you we have the low clouds out there and that's contributing to those misty conditions. here's a look at the bus stop forecast, 7:00 a.m. if you're nort& and west through philadelphia. low 40s by 7:00 a.m. cloudy skies, philadelphia mid-40s, same thing new jersey and delaware.
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by the afternoon we'll top out with temperatures about the mid-50s to upper 50s for the afternoon bus stop time. currently we're in the mid-40s for most of the area. chilly with the mist around this morning. damp and chilly. clouds are locked in and it's going to stay that way through most of the day. we could see a couple breaks in the cloud cover later on in the afternoon. the showers down to our south could be moving into new jersey and delaware the next few hours. it's weakening at this point. don't be surprised if you run into light rain this morning. future weather, closer to 8:00 a.m., sprinkles, light showers in new jersey and delaware. otherwise, clouds stick around. we'll see breaks later on today. it's not going to turn into a completely sunny day but at least it will be warmer than it was yesterday. take a look at temperatures by the afternoon, today near 60 degrees for a high. but wait until you see tomorrow's high temperature. closer to 70 degrees as we go into your wednesday afternoon. that's wednesday 5:00 p.m.
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a lot of the area upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. coming up, we'll take a look at the rest of the rain chances as we go through the week. our me. chance for more rain as we go into the weekend. that's straight ahead. all right, thank you, sheena. 22 minutes past 5:00 a.m. this tuesday morning. 46 degrees through most of philadelphia. a call for peace. >> bury the hate. >> bury the hate. >> bury the hate. >> bury the hate. >> neighbors come out in support of a woman killed on her front porch. we'll tell you what her mother is asking from the killer. plus, a king's ransom. mi the estate of pop legend michael jackson cuts a deal with sony. hear what the company just bought for $750 million.
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a mega deal will help solve some problems for the former king of pop's estate. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you as well. michael jackson's estate strikes a deal to sell the rest of its music publishing venture with sony to the company for $750 million. this includes rights to songs from the beatles, bob dylan, take love swift and others. it's the latest blockbuster deal for the king of pop, erasing millions in debt for his estate. on wall street, it gets the week off to a mixed start. investors are looking ahead to
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the fed meeting which starts today. the fed is not expected to raise interest rates could keep drop hints as to when they will. landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, we have some fog around this morning. nothing too dense, but misty conditions. you might need the wiper as you head outside. it's breezy. there you see the flag blowing on top of the aramark building. make out the mist in this image here. it is chilly and misty. this afternoon we will be warmer. i'll show you that forecast, coming up. and time for traffic this morning. we're also watching 95 right now around route 413. you can see we have tow trucks on the scene, trying tou! get ts vehicle out of the way.
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updates when i come back at 5:30. and some hotel guests here in delaware county make up to smoke filling their hotel rooms. coming up after the break, i'll have an update on this fire in chester.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news on "nbc
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10 news today," a total loss, that's what the chester fire chief is saying about this diner after it caught fire and forced evacuations. we're live on scene. make or break. it's another critical day for the 2016 presidential race. it could mean the end of several campaigns if they don't win some states today. >> right now, a misty morning outside. 46 degrees. we're tracking some rain showers later this morning and warmer temperatures today. it's 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen here with the first alert forecast. seems like the mist is mostly going to be annoying for most of the day. >> especially for girls, vai, not you. >> i have bad hair days. >> sometimes. i've seen it. just kidding. the umbrella is not going to help with the mist. it's one of those things you need a jacket and a hood. you're probably going to be


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