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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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20 degrees warmer in northeast philadelphia. mt. holly is 27 degrees warmer. millville, teen pocono mountains running warmer, which means the temperatures are in the 40s or 50s for most areas. a couple colder spots. pottstown with a light wind. it's actually warmer in the mountains. the 50s across delaware and south jersey. the wind will get stronger. you can see it in the hour-by-hour forecast. 11-mile-an-hour winds. up to 16 by 10:00 and 23-mile-an-hour winds at 1:00 this afternoon. the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first let's see how the traffic is moving with jessica boyington. >> you said it, bill. traffic is moving. we're not seeing a lot going on or a ton of increase. we're looking at around the schuylkill expressway. southbound from the v.a. turnpike to the school cull,
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speed in the 60s. we have some construction coming off the betsy ross bridge eastbound to richmond street. this is actually quite difficult to see. there we go. like clockwork right there. no problems in either direction and this is around the millville area. we start to see more delays once you head toward the freeway. right now we're doing okay. mass transit is running on or close to schedule. vai. >> thank you, jessica. neighbors in center city are worrying about safety after they were allegedly stabbed and killed a man. a philadelphia judge has ordered the delaware county man in the stabbing to stand trial. steven simminger is charged with
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a deadly stabbing over a baseball cap earlier this month. police say he stapped colin mcgovern earlier this month. neighbors who are worried following both those crimes packed a town hall meeting in center city last night. they discussed their concerns with law enforcement, homeless advocates, and mental health experts. >> i'm very concerned. we have two children. their day care takes them to rittenhouse square. >> you have to be a little more proactive in getting the people the help they need. >> police told the crowd they putmore police around the trouble spots and will work to combat violence on the streets. the vote to avoid a shutdown. atlantic city's plan to shut down the government could be on hold after a vote taken by city workers.
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monique braxton is live. good morning to you frm and what came out of this vote? >> reporter: hey, vai. we just arrived here in atlantic city. it's all quite here now. but in just a couple of hours we could learn more details about that plan that could avoid a city government shutdown in atlantic city. municipal workers in the city have voted on a temporary plan and we're learning the plan calls for paying city workers every 28 days instead of every two weeks. the union says it would help the city stay afloat while awaiting the quarterly tax collection that's due on may 1st. we did some digs and have learned more than $10 million in city expenses are also due to be paid in may. among them, the school board. city payroll, and a bond payment. some residents are calling on help from washington. >> we need federal intervention
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like yesterday. the federal government needs to come here and investigate how our civil rights and our human rights are being violate and they need to come today. now, atlantic city mayor guardian says he expects to have the votes from union members later today. now, the plan would start wednesday of next week and run through may 6th. so as soon as the mayor arrives here, we're going to ask him about that, and we'll have that for you as the day progresses. we'll be back in about 30 minutes. live for now in atlantic city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> a conversation about policing in our society happens today at the national constitution center, and a familiar face from the philadelphia police didn't will participate. former commissioner charles ramsey will join two other national experts in the field of pleegs. one of them sat alongside ramsey
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on president obama's task force on pleegs. some will focus on new technology like body cameras and how they may or may not infringe on personal rights. organizers say this is also an opportunity for the public to share their ideas and ask questions. >> that's what we were commissioned to do is be an open dialogue about the constitution, and we want to give as many opportunities as possible, so we're really encouraging people to come in and join in the conversation. >> the conversation begins tonight at 6:00. tickets are still available, but space is limited. march to victory now. the villanova wildcats are in houston as the final four tip-off is now two days away. >> excitement is building with the team and its fans. yesterday nova landed safely in houston. they received a military welcome as they touched down at the airport. we were there as they pulled into their hotel. during the day nearly a thousand people, here they are, came to the campus to see the team off,
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see their last practice on the home court, and they said good-bye in a they really moved head coach jay wright. >> they were like, we've got to kiss the "v" for our last practice. it was pretty neat. >> when those guys -- when they kissed the court, that just said it all to me. >> wow. it was a big day for nova nation. this is a time lapsed video as the team started their journey to houston yesterday. you can see a flood of fans coming together to send the team off. now, take a look at our team. this is our team. nbc 10's matt delucia, keith jones, john clark, they're all in houston. they'll start reporting later today on "nbc 10 news" and be sure to watch our team tomorrow night. we'll talk about the game, the players, which ones to watch, and we'll get the flavor from houston. it's 5:36.
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now to decision 2016. president obama has weighed in on the race to replace embattled attorney general kathleen kane. >> the county has endorsed josh shapiro in the three-way democratic primary race. he says his relationship with the president dates back more than a decade it's mean rare for him to engage in a state race, not a federal race, so early on here in a primary, and that's not lost on me, and it's something that i am deeply gratified by, deeply humbled and proud of. >> he hopes to replace kathleen kane who's not seeking re-election in november. meantime john morgue nelly is launching an ethics committee meeting.
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>> joining shapiro and morgan nelly is. you can watch it right here on nbc 10 or the nbc 10 app. voters will also choose the republican a.g. nominee during the april 16th primary. the candidates are peters and john rafferty. the white house has also announced it in the vice president rate. ma beginty face others on next month's pry may ballot and the winner will go on to go against
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pat toomey. officials have identified another one of the four americans killed in tay tacks. gail martinez was traveling with her husband and four children when she was killed in the air force blast. her husband is in the military. meantime the isis target list might include world leaders. >> he had a floor plan and pictures of the belgian prime minister's office on their laptop. the computer was left in a trash can after the attacks. 5:39 and a warmer morning, and the temperatures are only going to get higher as the day goes on. right now with clear skies, we see the numbers drop into the 40s and 50s.
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50s in nooeft philadelphia. look at that. that's 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. and the winds, they'll get stronger to help with the warmup. for most of the area at the shore, it's going to be a southerly wind. it's already 15 miles an hour. the wind coming off the ocean will keep much of the coast line colder today. as we go into the afternoon the winds will really be ramping up today and will blow clouds into the area. clouds coming in from the west. you'll see more of those tomorrow with a chance of showers and thunderstorms but will be dry today. much warmer. neighborhood-by-neighborhood neighborho frachlt trenton and norristown will help to warm temperatures in the 70s. there you go, at the coast, cooler. 55 degrees. it will be up to 74 for dover and vineland and warming into the 70s for swedesboro here.
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a track of the showers and thunderstorms when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. we'll see you. it didn't occur to me because i don't have any more kids at home. traffic is light. >> families are or easter break. a little bit light irthis week. >> we still have things going on, but a lot of kids are not in school. they're on vacation. right now we're doing okay. this is round 1 right around wissahickon avenue. no problems here. you can see north or southbound, we're doing okay and all lanes are open right now. not all lanes are open in bryn mawr. there is an accident scene on bryn mawr in both directions eastbound and westbound in between county line road. here's 295 over in new jersey
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right around 230 in wealth stepford. if you're headed toward delaware, toward the delaware memorial bridge or so, to that point, still a 23-minute trip. we'll have updates for you when i come back in the next ten. bye >> if you're flying somewhere this summer, you can expect some extremely long security lines. plus, a koug, hear why he's being called the life saving dog.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. quarter to 6:00. good morning, philadelphia as you take a look at the aramark building in center city. right now it's 51 degrees. 52 perhaps in some places. but we're in for a windy warmup with temperatures going up into the 70s. new jersey governor chris christie is making it easier for homeless families to find some place to live. announced plans to issue 500 vouchers. 100 of those vouchers will be
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used to help homeless veterans. he says they're essential to help people get back on their feet. >> i think it's allowed us to make incredible progress to get homeless people into homes. >> the homeless population is trending down in new jersey. in 2013 there were 12,000 compared to 10,000 in 2014. they would not reconsider their ruling to throw out charges. the charges stem from the officials' handling of the sandusky scandal. formers for former president gram spangl graham spangler and others. they could fooid file with the state supreme court or move for
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trial on the remaining counts that include endangering the welfare of children. meantime the judge has delayed bill cosby's testimony. in a sexual assault lawsuit and civil suit until he resolves his criminal lawsuit in that area. judy huth says he forced her to perform sex acts on him in 1974. president obama is welcoming world leaders to a nuclear security summit. they'll talk about how to prevent nuclear terrorism around the globe. the leaders will also discuss a local strategy to battle isis. former chicago police officer drew peterson will have a chance to have his case overturned.
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peterson's attorneys argue he was denied a fair tree due to hearsay statements. the centers for disease control says portions of our area could see the mosquitos that carry the zika virus. there ee a new map that shows the mosquitos may have spread from the southern part to the midwest and northeast. the new area including all of delaware, new jersey, and most of our pennsylvania area. that doesn't mean it will cause the spread of zika here. federal officials point out they have air conditioning and window screens to keep out zee kachl most people who get infected experience mild or no symptoms at all. well, if you're planning to travel this summerall, listen to this. >> you may have to contend with new checks. it was meant to cut down on long
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lines but not enough people signed up to make any different. some airports are already recommending passengers arrive at least two hours early the avoid missing a flight. the tsa hoped 25 million would sign up. only a million. now, we checked with philadelphia international. they tell us about 30% of the passengers receive a precheck screening and they believe it's a worthwhile program. they also want to remind people who can't sign up for the precheck at the airport, that you have to do it yop line before you arrive. meanwhile villanova is on its way to the final four tournament. kinder academies are behind the push. nbc 10's katy zachry was invited
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to read to a class yesterday. community members and police officers have stopped by to promote the performance of parents reading to kids. teachers say this kind of interaction doesn't always happen at home because many parents don't have the means to buy the books. >> pride coming in and telling the teachers how many books that they have read, new books that they red. some parents read books to their child that they read. >> they loan books out to families. a dry view from comcast center. a little bit of a breeze blowing at 10 miles an hour.
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you can see there's not much wind at all at the nbc 10 studios. skies are nice and clear. once the temperatures come up, they will. it was in the 20s this time yesterday. so we're warmer this morning in wilmington and millville. both at 48 degrees and college ville has dropped to 39. at the airport it's 39. downtown pottstown. 47. a few thin clouds. they've been blowing through the area. this wet weather to our west will wait until tonight and tomorrow. extreme northwest pennsylvania is going to take all day for those clouds to move in and the wet weather doesn't look impressive even as we head into the evening hours. hour by hour futurecast shows 66 degrees at 11:00. look at all the arrows lining up. those are the southerly winds.
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a couple scattered clouds during the day today, gusty winds, warm, sunshine, and we'll see temperatures climb into the low to mid-70s this afternoon. but winds could gust as high as 40 mile an hour. tomorrow, that's when we'll get the showers. it won't be an all day rainfall. that's when the temperature will pop up. another windy day on friday and winds will blow a few showers in the area saturday but you'll really feel the wind and cold on sunday. 49 after a low of 38. a decent warmup. maybe even snowflakes mixed in. but the temperatures expecting to stay above freezing on
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tuesday. that changes wednesday morning as we drop into the 20s. >> so bottom lierng enjoy today. thanks, big. seven minutes before 6:00 right now. let's see if you can enjoy your ride to work if you travel the schuylkill expressway. >> jessica boyington with more on. what are you seeing on the schuylkill? >> right now we're a little early for that. here's the schuylkill around spring garden street if you're heading out the door in the next couple of minutes. we put up the drive time for you. al 13-minute trip. one lane getting by on walnut street. around 49th street and the entire block is closed starting at 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. tonight. your alternate is turn down 47th street. that will take you westbound in the same direction as walnut.
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we'll have another update for you when i come back in the next ten minutes on your morning drive. >> we'll see you then, jess kachlt still ahead on "nbc news today." the iron bigs will be playing like the big boys in the mlb thanks to the new agreement. we'll tell you all about it.
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it's about three minutes before 6:00. the iron pigs will be the first and only minor league team to wear the official uniform of major league baseball made by majestic. team officials say the uniforms are state of the art. they include five new generations. tomorrow they'll play an on deck game against the orioles at citizens bank park. they arrived home. they finished the spring with a 15-10-3 record. the phillies' home owner is just around the corner. nbc 10 has got you covered.
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we'll air a special pregame show on april 11th at 2:00 p.m. first pitch at 3:00 p.m. that day right here on nbc 10. a pooch is receiving some extra national attention. >> very sweet. this dog's name is chopstick. he's the partner of fifth grader of colin studs iflach. he keeps an eye over colin. he assists with his needs like dropping items and alerting the family when colin has a trouble getting up. >> all right, chopstick. good for you. >> are you ready to have fun in the summer? >> up next, which local beaches are lists. plus, a tonight tears through oklahoma. severe storm blasts the soublt, and we've got new video of this. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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