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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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alert. within the past 30 minutes, oeg county authorities announced they are scaling back the search for the man you see here. we learn he spent part of time in prison for killing his own baby. he was spotted wednesday on surveillance video here at a cvs in ocean county, and tuesday, he escaped from the bayside state prison in atlantic county. he was locked up on assault charges. he was scheduled to be paroled later this month, and he previously served 12 and a half years for slapping his baby girl to death. >> whenever you have violence and somebody causing somebody a death, no matter how much you rehabilitate that person, they have done that before, and that could happen again. >> every time i'm looking, i'm thinking, did they catch him yet? you know, we were nervous last night, alarm on early and lights on outside that we normally don't do. >> originally from cliffton in
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north jersey and police are on alert there. also tonight, a teacher and basketball coach under arrest. police in montgomery county say he had a sexual relationship with a student. >> and now nbc 10 learn the school district is making some changes after noticing a disturbing trend. nbc 10 is joining us live now from pottstown with more details on this. randy? >> reporter: this baseball coach was arrested yesterday. the school board's telling me they'll implement a brand new policy to strictly regulate oh students and staff interact after four case in the past ten years or so of adults at potts grove high school having contact with students. he is accused of texting and 18-year-old student, bringing her to his apartment to have sex one night last yearment police say it happened in may while his feon say was out of town at her own bachelorette party.
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>> everyone is stocked, still shocked. >> reporter: people say the teacher waspopular. >> we liked the unfortunately, he was caught doing something inappropriate. >> and to have something like this happen just is disheartening. >> reporter: the school board president showed us the brand new policy that prohibits staff from having personal conversations with students over text or social media. >> electronic communications adds to the challenge because it's much easier for people to communicate. >> reporter: it's been a recuring problem here. since 2005, four adults arrested for having relationships with students including cheer mom volunteer iris accused of having sex with a soccer player. the school says this newest case is another distraction from the hard work teachers do every day and more training will be implemented. >> we certainly do everything we can to educate and remind, but at the end of the day, you know,
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sometimes people don't listen, unfortunately. >> and these allegations first surfaced back in january when another student reported the alleged crime to police. the teacher will be suspended at the time, and district tells me right now they are working to fire him. live in pottstown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, randy. how did they survive? skyforce10 captured a frantic rescue after a train slams into a car, and now we have new information about what led up to this crash. nbc 10 issing us now in riverton burlington county with the latest. lauren? >> well, rosemary, this new information is coming from new jersey transit. they are telling us this driver is being issued a summons for careless driving. we're working to find out exactly what that means, what happened here, but this is where it happened, intersection of broad and main behind me, and witnesses tell any when the car was hit, it was pushed down the
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tracks here, coming to rest pressed up against that train. if you saw the car from here, you might think it's a convertible that ended up on the tracks, but look at the view from skyforce10, emergency responders lifting the top off the station wagon. they have to get to the who appears pinned in up against the front of the train. >> turned my head for a minutings and next thing i know, boom, so, a loud thunder. >> we knew something happened because the car never jolts like that. >> reporter: train passengers describe calm in the back car, more frenzy in the front. >> everybody starts getting up, like, freaking out, you know, so -- >> reporter: across the street at orange blossom, there's a clear view of the track. >> customers saw exactly what happened, and seehe was freakin out and crying. we were crying when we saw that. >> reporter: they recognize the man and woman in the car as regular customers. >> i saw her when they took the
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first ambulance took her, i saw her shaking. >> reporter: both expected to be okay. you can see the man here communicating with workers. a crowd of them working to get him out of that vehicle. later, roof placed back on top, and it was towed from the scene. and service is back up and running here this evening, and i can tell you as we stood here and watched the trains coming by, they are not going particularly fast. there is a station right there they are heading towards when they are going southbound. that may be particularly lucky for the folks involved in this. in addition to the two people in the car who were taken to the hospital, two people on the train were also injured, but everyone issed to be okay. live in riverton, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. within the past hour, a judge rule all charges be held against the woman aed of kidnapping a baby from king of
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prussia mall. authorities say she took a seven week old from the food court back in march. police found the baby several hours later at an apartment in chester county. nbc 10 is inside the courtroom for today's hearing. she will bring us more updates on nbc 10 news coming up at 6:00. now to our first alert weather. if you thought the last few days been damp and dreary, and they have. >> yes. >> brace yourself for tomorrow. >> glen "hurricane" schwartz has the forecast. glen, a lot of neighborhoods see a lot of rain? >> yeah. we didn't see a lot of rain during the day today. it's going to be a big difference even thoughs will be fairly similar. warmest, lehigh valley, today, 58 degrees there, ranging to 53 degrees. cloudy skies everywhere. shore has problems, temperatures are low, 52 in summers point, cape may courthouse and cape may
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point, 52 degree ocean temperature too. at the beaches, new jersey, and delaware, a coastal flood warning in effect for this evening's high tide, but especially tomorrow evening's high tide. moderate coastal flooding expected. we'll get into the specific is areas that will be affected a little bit later. we have nothing of csignificanc on the radar. just sprinkles out there now. more rain down to the south out into the ocean, some of this is coming up. some of that is coming in, and it's all going to combine right on top of us tomorrow. so this evening, it's just cloudy. it's generally dry. by the morning rush tomorrow, it should be raining and it should be pretty chilly. rain on the heavy side, lehigh valley at 4 the 9 degrees and heavier rain and stronger winds in new jersey and jersey shore. more on when this is going to improve with the full forecast in a few minutes.
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see you then, thanks, glen. >> skyforce10 over a serious crash in delaware, just about an hour ago. you see a dump truck collided with a car here. this happened along route 40. crews worked to free someone from the car. no word on how seriously that person was injured. we'll keep you posted. look at this. an unusual site at the base of the ben franklin bridge. a tractor trailer turned on its side. this is on the philadelphia side of the bridge headed westbound. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon no one here was hurt. another problem on the roads right now at 5:00, crews work to reopen a south philadelphia intersection after a water main break right there. skyforce10 at 63rd street and east wick avenue around 7:00 this morning. we had a crew on the ground. everyone now has their water back, but crews are making repairs, so the intersection is still shut down. new jersey's effort to help atlantic city avoid going broke
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seemed to devolve into chaos today. within the hour, the governor he hopes the failure of a bill to come up for vote today leads lawmakers to get beyond the political drama and support a measure he backs. the speak ser called off a vote on his bill late this afternoon. his is one of two proposed plans. the other from senate president steve sweeney has the backing of the governor. christie says laatlantic city could be out of cash in temperature days. pennsylvania's making money off your information, and now we're getting a closer look at who is buying it and why. >> trying to protect myself from outside sources that could do me harm. >> so is your information safe? we find out what's really being done to protect your privacy. and waiting for justice. hundreds of rape kits untested for more than a year. now victims are demanding answers. plus this --
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logan? >> daddy! [ cheers and applause ] >> you want to grab the tissues. more of this soldier's heart warming reunion with his family coming up.
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update on that breaking news we first told you about at the top of the hour. take a look. the car you see on the tou truck is the one police say was shot
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at in a road rage incident on blue route. this video, by the way, came into the newsroom within the past few moments. this is how it started. police say a driver fire a gun at that car along the blue route at 3:00 this afternoon. the bullet hit the car, but nobody was hurt. police are not sure what led up to the incident and they are still looking for the shooter. officers tell us he was driving a dark blue lincoln sedan. possibly a lincoln town car with tinted windows and red emblem on the body. police believe the driver was headed into conshocken. the information on your driver's license is a gold mine, and pennsylvania is cashing in. >> it doesn't belong to whoever runs penn-dot. that information is mine. >> reporter: the state earns more than $100 million, so your nbc 10 investigators went
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looking to see who buys your information and why. >> there's always risk whenever information is being exchanged. >> and, tonight, our investigation raised new questions about how much or how little is done to protect your privacy. >> investigative reporter mitch blacher went to the state leaders for answers. >> reporter: aloe pez goes out of his way to avoid solicitors. >> trying to protect myself from outside sources. >> reporter: address and phone number unlisted, but if a solicitor calls, he has a plan. >> it won't let the call come in. >> reporter: computer guarded by a popup and blocker, another program makes his browser history untraceable, but somehow he says since moving to pennsylvania, solicitors keep finding him. >> the only place you give up information is to broadwapply f driver's license? >> a pennsylvania driver's license. >> reporter: lopez like many drivers had no idea penn-dot sold the information on his license and driving history.
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he's not the only one. the nbc 10 investigators found penn-dot sold millions of driver records to more than 32,000 private companies and government agencies. we tracked pennsylvania drivers' information to companies in every state in the country. credit agencies, insurance companies, and car dealerships. do you know why a car dealer in honolulu, hawaii needs access? >> we have 30,000 that i don't know specifically why each business on a particular case would ask for a particular record. >> reporter: penn-dot secretary deputy said they sign a contract agreeing to use the driver information for legal reasons like background checks. >> reporter: has any of the information been used for identity theft? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: used to solicit? >> no. not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: our investigation found it's unlikely penn-dot would be aware if driver information was misused.
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we found the state rarely tracks it once it leaves their control. the one time penn-dot checked, auditors found problems. why only one awe did completed? >> well, that's a good question, and the fact of the matter is that we are in the process of auditing our wholesalers. >> reporter: one is sterling info systems, the world's largest company focused entirely on background checks. they found there was inadequate security and use of controls of personal information and was reselling penn-dot driver records. >> their access to information was immediately taken away based upon the -- based upon the audit, so they still, to this day, do not have access to records. >> reporter: sterling information systems do not agree to the interview, but in a statement said these types of audits are typical and part of the ordinary course of business. due to the ongoing nature of the audit, sterling cannot comment further at this time.
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>> we don't feel like giving it all away. >> reporter: around the region, not every state sells driver records. delaware only shares with law enforcement. >> we consider their information their information and it shouldn't be spread. >> reporter: public records in new jersey showed that state did sell driver records to more than 1500 companies, no one from the new jersey motor vehicle commission spoke with us on camera, citing privacy concerns. >> there's always risk whenever information is being exchanged. >> reporter: the federal trade commission says drivers should have a choice. >> giving them notice allowing them the opportunity to opt out gives them a chance to take themselves out of that information loop. >> reporter: albert lopez says he didn't have a choice in pennsylvania. >> it doesn't belong whoever runs penn-dot, that information is mine. >> reporter: continuing to protect what he can and hopes penn-dot follows the lead. >> the state should not do this unless they can control it. >> reporter: in five years, the
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state made $157 million sells records, and how many records is that? each one costs just $9, that is more than 17 million records, guys. >> wow. so is anyone trying to stop them from doing this? >> reporter: a question we asked, and lawmakers, let's be honest, a lot of money is at stake here. they are interested in oversight. we went up to governor wolf's office, and they are putting auditors for oversight and have more audits to see what the companies do with our information. >> because at this point, there's just one audit we're talki ining about? >> one for 32,000 companies. >> mitch, thank you. >> thank you for that. >> remember, if you have a tip for investigators, e-mail us. let's go to the first alert weather. if you were hoping this rainy, dreary stuff was going to get out of here, well, we don't have great news here.
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friday is soggy. >> give us the bad news, glen. >> good news is it's friday and not mother's day. mother's day will be better than friday's weather, and i have found a peek of blue. it's up to 58 degrees. almost 60. boy, we're stretching. average high over 70 degrees now p. clayton, pitman, lumberton 57. hamilton pennsylvania 9. that's one of the warm spots. we have a place actually close to 60 degrees. we have been in the 50s all week. the average high, 70, and going up, and we may actually have temperatures close to 80 degrees
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next week. see a few showers moving east to west across the northern and western suburbs, a sign of things to come. you can see that we have a fair amount of rain. look what's happening here. this stuff is coming down this way, and this is coming up that way. there's a low pressure in the middle there, and that moisture's coming at us and moisture off the ocean. if you think it's been nasty so far, wait until you see this. the futurecast, not much rain during the night tonight, cloudy skies continue. here is comes. right during the morning rush, lovely. new jersey hit first by this. you're going to get hours worth of heavy rain. it continues to move to the north and west.
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there's the midday hours, raining practicically everywh e everywhere. we may see drier air come in in the afternoon, peeks of sun at the shore. you see in the seven-day forecast, and it's not going to stay like this through the next seven days, but it's going to be nasty tomorrow, and the heaviest of the rain occurs in the morning. now, the other issue that we have at the shore aside from the cold and damp weather is coastal flooding. not just minor this time. this may be moderate coastal flooding, tomorrow evening, especially the coast and back bays and we have some significant issues with that. in delaware, temperatures still in the 50s, most the rain coming during the morning hours. and over the next few days, quite a difference in the next three days, and, obviously, mother's day is better than
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saturday, significantly warmer, not much sunshine saturday, and some more rain, but nothing like tomorrow. lehigh valley up to 60 degrees saturday, but look at jersey shore, only 54 degrees. there's going to be a tremendous difference between saturday and sunday at the jersey shore. more with the ten-day incoming 80 degrees later. >> i like the sound of that. thank you. still ahead, how some of the republican parties biggest names are still snubbing donald trump. speaking of trump, who is he going to pick for a running mate? a trump-christy ticket?
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today, the fda announced sweeping tobacco regulations, banning kids from under 18 to buying cigars and pipe tobacco as well as electronic cigarettes. under the rules, manufacturers have to submit new products to the fda for a safety review. the ban on sales to minors goes into effect in 90 days. he says he used e-seg represents a year ago. >> i used to chew tobacco. i use it as an alternative to that. i think it's safer. >> the trade association is
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criticizing the plan. in a statement, the group wrote in part, it pulls the rug out from the 9 million smokers who have switched to vaping, putting them in jeopardy of returning back to smoking. speaking of smoking, new rules in effect, parks in montgomery county, may 15th, no smoking in county parks, trails, or historic site, however, alcohol will be allowed. you have to have a permit and insurance. that's mainly for events like weddings and family reunions. drones are off limits except in posted areas. robbed and beaten, a new jersey homeowner reliving the deal. >> just cocked me. i vaguely remember being dragged and they duct taped me into a plastic outdoor rocker. police uncovered new clues about the attackers. that's next at 5:00.
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also, the plan to sell alcohol at penn state games new at 6:00.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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news just in about traffic on ben franklin bridge. a live look at the bridge. at 6:30, authorities divert westbound traffic off the bridge. this is so they can remove a
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tractor trailer that toppled at the base of the bridge. we were over that scene this afternoon. no one was hurt here. crews still need to lift that rig up and get it out of the way. at 6:30 tonight, all westbound traffic on bridge will be diverted to fifth street exit and all access to vine street and i-95 closed during that time. not clear how long this is going to take, but drivers should expect some delays there. also tonight, battered and bruised. a jersey shore homeowner telling nbc 10 about his night of terror after burglars broke into his house. >> and now police are hoping some new surveillance video helps them the violent criminals and our jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, has more. happened so unexpectedly and quickly. >> reporter: when it was over, this 63-year-old was left with cuts and bruises on face and arms. the retired an thesologist says
5:31 pm
robbers forced their way in his home and attacked him while sitting at his kitchen counter. >> they came cold cocked me, dragged me over here. >> reporter: mid night wednesday, they bound his arms and legs to the rocking chair with duct tape and ransacked the house, making off with tvs, electronics, and his car keys, leaving him restrained. it took him hours to free himself from the tape and go to a neighbor's for help. >> probably one of the most traumatic things i've been through in my life. >> reporter: have you seen the people before? >> no. >> looks like there's marks over here. >> reporter: police only have a vague description of the intruders, a woman and one or two men. investigate rs say they may have been traveling in this dark fourfour dour car, possibly a cadillac. >> looking for neighborhood assistance. >> reporter: police don't
5:32 pm
believe they went strait to the victim's house, but say it appears they spent some time driving through the neighborhood. >> there is a bunch of dead-end streets, and they drove through a couple blocks prior to this incident here. >> reporter: authorities want to hear from anyone who recognizes the car. he did not go to the hospital, and he said he was better off nursing his wounds at home. >> i'm tearing up a little bit now, but all things will pass. i will get past it. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. a man charged with stealing a bag that had $25,000 worth of stuff inside an unlocked car. philadelphia police arrested the suspect. after this video shows the thief there checking car doors along katherine street in queen village, gets away with the bag
5:33 pm
holding undisclosed items valued at $25,000. detectives recognized the man, arrested yesterday, and charged with theft. now to our first alert weather. okay. we have good news and bad news. bad news first? >> yes. >> tomorrow it's going to be a wash a. very wet. things are looking up for mother's day. >> glen hurricane schwartz is breaking it down for us in the first alert neighborhood weather. glen. >> just about every neighborhood is going to see lousy weather tomorrow. cloudy today, but not much in the way of rain. not much on radar now across the area, but what you do see is through the north and west, and it's also moving towards the northwest. that means the air's coming in from the ocean. >> you don't see the radar echoes doing that very often. that means this stuff is coming up.
5:34 pm
this is going to be coming in. everything converges. we are going to get a good bit of rain. 58 degrees in allentown. a warm spot, a peek of sunshine mount holly at 56 degrees. here's the story for tomorrow. it is wet. the worst of it will be in the morning, especially in new jersey. midday hours, philadelphia, early afternoon north and west. and, again, periods of heavy rain, newtown 53 east, and the temperatures will be fairly uniform, but we're going to see uniformly better weather as we go through the weekend. details on that in a few minutes. in decision 2016, this evening, high profile republicans skip the party's convention this summer now that trump is the nominee, and former
5:35 pm
presidents will be skipping the rnc along with former presidential candidate mitt romney and senator mccain. house peeker paul ryan, chairman of the convention is encouraging republicans to attend but says he's not ready to support trump as the nominee. other members of the party are threatening to revolt, some saying they'll support hillary clinton. brian moore reports from washington. >> reporter: now unchallenged, trump has to find a way to win back republicans who jump ship. house speaker paul ryan who gavels in the convention tells cnn tonight that he may not be able to support trump. >> at this point, i'm just not there right now. it's time to go channel anger into solutions. >> reporter: as the establishment snubs pile up, trump is looking for a vice presidential pick who will win back trust. perhaps one of the 16 candidates
5:36 pm
he defeated in the primaries. >> caller: i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people, and, i guess, perhaps, enemies with a couple, but friends with quite a few. >> reporter: romney and both bush say they are skipping in july, and if trump can't connect, senators like mccain brace for a rough ride. >> there's enormous challenges because of the turbulence we see in the political arena. >> reporter: a new hillary clinton web ad rolls out who's who of trump haters p. >> this guy is so unfit to be commander in chief. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. >> reporter: reaching out to her base, winning over disaffected republicans and independents this fall, but still faces one big hurdle, bernie sanders. >> the only way change takes place, people come together, stand up, and fight back. >> reporter: exactly what sanders says he'll do until the last vote counted.
5:37 pm
brian moore, nbc 10 news. >> and you heard brian mention importance of trump winning over hispanic voters. he sent out a tweet today of him eating a taco bowl, and, quote, happy cinco de mayo, best are made in trump tower grill, i love hispanics, end quote. ton campaign referenced the interview with lester holt saying he stands by the promise of deporting undocumented immigrants. speaking of polls, majority of republicans in new jersey believe trump would be making a mistake picking governor christie has the running mate. 41% of gop voters in the garden state say he hurts trump in november, and just 15% say the governors, and another 37% say kristie would not impact either way. democratic national convention is giving philadelphia something the city
5:38 pm
can benefit from long after july's main events is over. the convention committee partners with credit unions to create a health and wellness garden in philadelphia. the garden provides young rehab patients with a safe outdoor space to recover and promote physical activity. kids can get their hands dirty and enjoy the fruits of their labor. >> it's a way to teach children how to grow healthy fruits and vemg tabs and cook them here in the care center. >> the garden opens for parents the week of the convention, july 25-28. the police officer ambushed opens up about the fateful night. plus, a soldier gives his kid a wonderful and unforgettable surprise. don't miss the rest of the reunions.
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across the country, more than 100,000 jobs about to open up to veterans and their spouses. it's part of first lady michelle obama and biden's joining forces initiative 40 companies signed on to hire former military members and spouses leading the way, amazon. the ceo says his company is hiring 25,000 veterans in the next five years. tonight, one new jersey's family happy to have dad home from a nine-month deployment in iraq. >> the u.s. army sar shent harington henry surprised his kids with three welcome home classroom visits. take a look. [ applause ] >> daddy! [ applause ] >> that's his dad! >> okay. to walk through it, the manchester police department helped take sergeant major henry
5:42 pm
first to manchester high school to surprise his 16-year-old daughter, amaris, and then the elementary school to surprise his daughter, logan, and his kinder gart ner son, aaron. he was been helping the iraqi army in efforts to defeat isis. also an emotional gathering today in north philadelphia. >> a surprise party for a man a voice for abused and abandon animals in the region. dozens of people with spca honored george today in north philadelphia, the direct of humane law enforcement for ten years and now battling terminal cancer. the group surprised george with song and dance number and lots of hugs. before he began saving animals, george was in the military and was also a philadelphia police officer. is justice being denied for rape victims? pennsylvania reveals how many rape kits have been untested for more than a year.
5:43 pm
what's being done to fix the problem? [ soft music ] e.t. phone home.
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victims of rape in pennsylvania getting justice deserved? the state health department says hundreds of rape kits have gone untested for over a year. now state officials are trying to figure out how to get rid of the backlog. we are joined live in the digital operations center with a look into the problem. fill us in. >> reporter: rosemary, police agencies are required to report how many untested rape kits they have sits in their laboratories. that's because of a law from 2015, the first statewide study under that law shows the state had a backlog of more than 1800 rain kits that needed testing as of the end of last year. now majority untested kits were
5:46 pm
in philadelphia, about 1300. these backlogged kits are one waiting to be tested for more than 12 months. the state's auditor general says the problem includes not having enough space at state laborat y laboratories lacking technical expert, and not having sufficient funding. they say the backlog works against keeping serial rapists off the streets. he estimates up to 90% of attackers are repeat offenders. people that are willing to do that usually are willing to do it more than once. getting all of these kits tested can help not only catch the bad guy here, but also future crimes. >> reporter: the state is now working on a special report to get the backlog down to as close to zero as possible. the federal government is spending $420,000 on philadelphia to help speed up that process. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news.
5:47 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> clouds thinning out in the area, but don't let it fool you. it's only getting worse. cloudy conditionsed everywhere. the highest temperature in the lehigh valley at 58 degrees with a little of sunshine in parts was area. it's 58 in bustleton in northeast philly, so that's a warmer spot. 57 in philadelphiay airport. 56 in parkside, and 55 in andora. there's a coastal flood threat, one of the big problems coming in the next 24 hours. this is a moderate coastal flooding event that's going to happen tomorrow evening. okay. we generally show you this wider view. this is neighborhood weather, let's go in the neighborhoods, the flooding, the blue areas flooded more than the purple,
5:48 pm
and between 11th and 24th street, getting some flooding tomorrow evening. later in the back bays, route 30 and route 9, also pleasantville, summer's point getting flooding. tomorrow evening and some more evidence of that north and west wildwood, also ocean city, stone harbor, sea isle city, and in avlon, also flooding in delaware. we have been unseasonably chilly and it stays that way through tomorrow. temperature, the high today, 57, about 56 degrees for the high tomorrow. the average high's now up to 71, and friday, that will be the nastyist of all the days this week. it's been pretty nasty. let's show you. see all that moisture.
5:49 pm
some of the offshore moisture, out of the atlantic, that's coming here as well, adding up to this. the futurecast, through the night, not much in the rain, not this evening, but coming in tomorrow morning, morning rush, especially in new jersey is going to be a mess, and there's going to be a little coastal flooding, heavy rain, and streets may be flooded tomorrow morning at the shore. then, look at this heavy rain coming in from new jersey in through the philadelphia area at 9:00 a.m., continues to spread westward. the whole thing expands so much of the area is going to be getting heavy rain in the middle of the day, later in the day, it's more to montgomery county, a break or two at the shore, but more is coming in. here we go, friday night, we can't get rid of this thing. not for a while.
5:50 pm
saturday, starts off cloudy. we have a few showers around. it's not as miserable as friday, but it's not exactly a pretty day. the improvement is sunday. especially at the jersey shore. 54 saturday. 70 sunday. delaware, 63 to 72. much more sun on sunday than on saturday. so on mother's day, that's going to push the temperature up a bit. monday, it may be dry, and then tuesday, we could sigh the temperature up near 80 degrees. same thing on wednesday. we have showers and storms in for many of the days, but it's not going to be a steady rain. chilly rain like it has been. lester holt joins us now from new york. >> good evening, lesting. what's coming up on "nightly news." >> hi, ahead for us, the government steps in to regulate e-cigarettes amid popularity with kids. the most powerful republican in
5:51 pm
washington says he's not ready to support trump. the other big gop names on the sidelines. and our exclusive interview with the man who says he hacked hillary clinton's private e-mail server. that's all back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." back to you. >> thank you. next at 5:00, he survived being shot three times and fired back. >> the officer says he's not dwelling on the past. >> i'd have to say i don't sit and replay it. i'm sleeping well. >> next at 5:00, talks to nbc 10 about the road to recovery and what saved his life that fateful night.
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5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a night jessi will never forget. the 33-year-old police officer was on patrol in west philadelphia when a man ambushed him, shooting into his marked cruiser at point-blank range. the officer used his left arm to shield his face. despite the injuries, the officer followed and fired back helping to stop the suspect. that suspect has been charged with attempted murder. as for officer hartnett, he's on the road to recovery with a tremendous amount of support from his brothers and sisters in blue. last night, he received the man of the year award from the national police defense foundation during a ceremony in new york. he couldn't talk about the case, no specifics, but he still had
5:55 pm
plenty to say in an exclusive entire. ♪ >> man of the year. >> it's to be recognized, especially after something tragic like that. split seconds to react to something where lawyers can just attack it for months, sometimes years. you know, and you have seconds to respond to something. it's just -- i think you're your training kicks in at that moment, muscle memory, absolutely. my military experience absolutely had a key factor as well as, you know, multiple police academies, training, stuff like that, i would say that all took place that moment and helped me out that evening. i don't sit and replay it in my mind. i'm sleeping well. right now, just started physical therapy last week. it's been slow going. we're working on stretching and
5:56 pm
just i really look forward to getting my hand back. it's difficult. you don't really -- you don't realize, i think, what you have or i don't want to say take for granted, but it's a real eye opener when you lose something, especially your hand that functions and your daily routine and changes, and it's an eye opener. i love policing, and it's -- if you ask my family from, you know, toddler, what did i want to do when i grew up, and it was to be a police officer. so i wouldn't change a thing. >> the officer went through both delaware county and philadelphia police academies. recently, he met with the new recruits to share his story in effort to help them realize the commitment they are making. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. here is jim. >> thank you. next at 6:00 -- new information about what happened inside the king of
5:57 pm
prussia food court when a child was kidnapped. a live report next. and cloudy skies tonight and then comes the rain. i'll have the timing and morning rush hour rain next in the neighborhood forecast. plus, a father's public plea to help save his life. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
road rage on the blue route,
5:59 pm
a driver fired a shot at another vehicle and now that victim's car is on the back of a truck. >> this road rage incident played out at 3:00, and we are joined live now with a search for the shooter. andrea? >> reporter: well, state police are about to give us an update in just minutes, but what we know right now is that they still haven't been able to catch up with the driver of the car. take a look at this view from skyforce10 we shot a little bit ago. you see traffic is moving slowly, northbound just after the 76 split, according to state police, a driver of a dark blue lincoln sedan fired at a lanser, struck with one bullet. no one inside the car was injured. police say the driver of the lincoln fled possibly towards conshocken. the car believed to have a red emblem and may have pennsylvania tags. back out live, just learning
6:00 pm
that the suspected firearm use in this case is a chrome semiautomatic handgun. police, again, are saying this is a road rage incident. we're going to go and talk to them and get updated information. when we get that, we'll bring it to you. live outside the state police barracks, nbc 10 news. new information tonight in the baby kidnapping case of the king of prussia mall. the suspect and mother came face-to-face in the courtroom, and we also watched new video of that abduction. >> nbc 10 is joining us live from the courthouse now with more on what we found out about the suspect today. >> reporter: well, first, i have to address the fact they came face-to-face, two families did not interact, but a heavy police presence here just in case, and that new video we're told the mall supplied hours of video to investigators. what we saw was a paired down version edited for court. it shows what


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