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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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examiner found amy had a preexisting heart condition and that's why she died, but she would not have died had she not been assaulted. there was no evidence of significant blunt force injuries. i reached out to amy's family friend acting as spokesperson, and i have not heard back yet. i want to let you know we at nbc 10 is are not releasing the names of the girls charged because they are juvenile. is one is transferred to adult court, that could change, but for now, we are not naming names. nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. the presidential election takes over new jersey. bernie sanders rolled the dice in atlantic city and donald trump picked new jersey governor chris christie to lead the transition team if he becomes president. we begin with the democrats. >> bernie sanders campaign to the jersey shore took several shots at the republican nominee. the jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, is live in atlantic city.
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>> reporter: jackie and jim, in the second straight day of campaigning in new jersey, sanders told thousands of supporters that what we see in atlantic city capsulizes ugliness and greed seen all over the country. >> thank you, at lan tick city. >> reporter: inside next to the shuttered trump plaza casino. the senator used the resort's troubles to take aim the donald trump. >> oh, you know donald trump? [ audience reacts ] >> oh, i get it. you don't think he's a brilliant successful businessman? [ audience reacts ] who can bring the kind of prosperity to america that he's brought here to atlantic city? is that your point? >> we think bernie sanders is very honest politician. he believes in the things that we duo. >> before an energized crowd of
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2,000 supporters, the democratic presidential candidate sharply criticized another billionaire, carl icahn. >> we are going to tell the carl icahns of the world that that greed is not acceptable. >> reporter: icahn now owns the struggling trump taj mahal casino, locked in a issue over the benefit to slash costs. the union had a strong showing here today endorsed sanders. >> it is tragic when you are talking about workers seeing cuts in wages, pensions -- >> bernie, i know that. that's what i came out for. >> reporter: new jersey's june 7th primary is extremely important to his campaign. despite trailing hillary clinton, he told supporters he's fighting on along what he acknowledged is a narrow path. >> it is an uphill fight, but i have been used to uphill fights my entire life.
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>> he's not going to give up, so i don't think we should give up on him. >> reporter: sanders spoke far less of hillary clinton today than he did the trump and icahn. for him to succeed, he says new jersey needs to have the highest voter turnout in the state's history for a democratic primary. live in our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. hillary clinton is also coming to campaign in south jersey. the democratic front runner visits camden county college in blackwood wednesday afternoon. the campaign says she will talk about the plan to raise minimum wage in the public event. again, new jersey voters to the polls june 7. donald trump taps new jersey governor chris christie to lead the transition team if he wins the white house. the team searches for candidates to feel top level cabinet positions under the law, a presidential transition team is a separate organization from the campaign. sources close to him told us
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this new position shows the governor is trying to bring seriousness to trump's campaign behind the scenes. governor christie said, quote, i'm honored by the confidence being placed in my beplmplt trump and look forward to putting together a first rate team to assemble in the administration to best serve the president-elect and the nation. if trump wins in november, for coverage, make sure you have the nbc 10 appment the next primary is tomorrow night. prison escapee, buckel no longer on the run. he was arrested this morning in lacey township. he was spotted in the woods 15 miles from where he escaped. he eluded authorities since last tuesday. he was days away from parole eligibility hearing when he escaped and now faces an additional three to five years. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> finally, a day without rain and not a bad night. we saw 70 degrees today as well, but look at this, our eyes back on radar here. see that? more rain, and it could be another wash out coming our way. >> yes, the dry day short lived. our meteorologist joining us with our neighborhood forecast, glen? >> yeah, but unlike last week, this is not going to be day after day after day of this stuff. temperatures are way down tomorrow, and it's going to be wet, but the rest of the week is different. it's 65 and cloudy in philadelphia. up to 71. it's cloudy all across the area. temperatures are uniform because of all of the clouds. yes, we do see rain on the radar. it's on the light side coming in from harrisburg, and take the umbrellas with you later on tonight and into the morning. a right along the pennsylvania turnpike, and it took about all light -- even the stuff back in
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ohio and indiana is on the lighter side. let's see what is expected going through the night and the morning. the futurecast shows one computer model showing an increase in the rain. during the night, so it may be wet when you get up, at least in parts of the area. the best chances of it being wet in delaware and in south jersey. the rain could be even a little bit heavier. as you can see, clouds all over the place keeping temperatures down. we'll see when the sun comes back and temperatures go back up for the full forecast later. a serial rapist who targeted teenage girls will spends 40 years to life in prison. he was sentenced for the 2013 crimes. he raped four girls in separate incidents near his home in the germantown section of philadelphia. the victims were between 12 and 17 years old. philadelphia's streets commissioner faces assault charges this afternoon. the da says donald carlton punched a man several times at a
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party last december. that man had fractured ribs and bruised eye. the city says carltop is on leave until further notice. $6 turned into a winning $429 million jackpot. >> one person won the jackpot after buying two tickets at the 7-11 in trenton saturday, and turns out the person picked their own numbers, which is rare. they were 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the power ball was 9. as lauren mayk reports, the winner, eventually, has to come forward. >> reporter: until that winner comes forward, a lot of guesses going on and lot tickets being bought here hoping luck strikes twice. >> good luck. >> reporter: it happened here on shoulder street. someone bought the ticket causing the latest lottery frenzy. >> everyone is hopeful now. >> hopeful it happens to them, even if it didn't this time.
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>> wish it was me. >> reporter: he's a little jealous. >> where do you play now? >> here. >> reporter: like it's lucky? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, you got to. you got to follow the money trail. >> reporter: the trail ended here is a bit unble to the owners here. >> we have 900 people a day, and of the 900 -- >> 80% is just repeat customers. just coming -- >> reporter: there's a good chance you know this person? >> yeah, yeah. >> a good chance we know them. >> reporter: they are excited for the big winner and a community that could use a boost of good news. >> whoever it is, someone from around here, it's probably well deserved. >> reporter: there is good news for those owners, too. they get $30,000 in their part for selling the winning ticket, but half goes to 7-11, and as for the winner and their $284 million, they have a year to come forward. in trenton, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, the franklin
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institute will have to change some of its policies after a federal judge's ruling today. the judge ruled the museum violated rights of disabled guests by forcing them to pay an extra entrance fee for the caretakers. he said the policy takes away the right to full and equal access. the court ordered the franklin institute to waive double entrance fees for disabled guests and their caretakers. a landmark down the jersey shore in cape may county about to reopen. the golden inn in avlon finished a $15 million renovation and rebuilding project. our partners at the business journal reports they hope to reopen in the middle of june. they bought the land mark back in december. teenagers in delaware could soon need a doctor's note to buy popular cough syrups. it bans medicines containing dxm banned to minors without a prescription. according to web md, that includes nyquil and more aimed
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at teenagers who abuse this to get high. the state house passed the bill unanimously last month. we have a first alert traffic warning for drivers who use 676 in philadelphia. the road will be closed overnight in both directions starting tonight through thursday. the expressway is closed between interstate 76 from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 in the morning to replace seven structurally deficient bridges between 22nd street and 18th street. a former philadelphia employee faces 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to making and selling counter fit septa passes. he worked for phillie 311. they sold more than 2,000 forged passes. he will be sentencesed in august. next at 6:00, she's back,
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the shark with a tale returns to the jersey shore. plus new at 6:00, digging through garbage. neighbors are willing to do anything to see who is tossing trash on the highway. that story's straight ahead. yeah. a return of the rain. how long is it going to last this time around? forecast for your neighborhood is next at 6:00.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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> . the great white is back to the shore weeks before memorial day. >> mary lee spotted friday near ocean city. the great white was tagged by a shark research organization. mary lee generated a buzz on social media, a twitter account and mary lee shark quickly gobbled up 100,000 followers. new at 6:00, neighbors fed up. someone's tossing garbage along the highway. >> they are. that trash trouble is happening on route 52 from the chester county line through centerville to greenville. there's a page on social media focused on catching those litter bugs. our delaware reporter is talking about what's causing the big
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stink. >> reporter: one the delaware's main roads, route 52 from the chest county line, centerville to greenville lined with farms, quaint home, and shops, but for some time now, someone is throwing bags of trash along the road. who does this? >> we have no idea. it's a charming community. a beautiful area. the people who live here take great pride in the community, and it makes us sad to see on a weekly basis that someone is consciously making an effort to spoil the neighborhood. >> we have a real tough time understanding why they are doing it. >> reporter: george started a camp the trash bomber facebook page and reward offered for information. he posts picture of the trash and see in anyone can see who is leaving it. >> reporter: neighbors have other strategies here, and they will not say too much, though, because they don't want to off the trash bomber assay they have got some information from receipts found among the trash. >> personal papers cut up,
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envelop envelopes, mailing items. >> reporter: any relevant addresses were cut off. they are beginning out of their way to dump trash without getting caught. >> it's hard to believe it's not intentional. >> reporter: neighbors called the county about this, and they are now watching the early morning hours. if you have any information about the trash bomber, you should call the police. in centerville, nbc 10 news. the monster mile has a new look. work has just been completed to extend the safe road barriers at dover international speedway, adding 500 feet of the foam block bare yoriers to the inside wall of the back stretch. they expanded pit stalls by two feet each laying down new concrete and asphalt to the track just in time for this week's nascar triple header. we had a lot of sun yesterday, some early today, but not anymore.
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philadelphia, cloudy. cloudy. cloudy. cloudy. cloudy. everybody's cloudy. temperatures are in the 60s across the area right now. now, the wind has kept things on the warmer side, even at the shore. it was well in the 60s in atlantic city, but they are now down into the low 60s, and the wind direction is going to be critical as to what happens over the next couple of days much. cool and damp weather returns, but it's not going to return for a long period of time. we're going to be seeing the temperatures go down one day and then up the next day. you can see some light rain coming across pennsylvania turnpike right now, and that is just the beginning of the winter weather coming into the region. as you can see, over the last several hours, starting to increase back to the west, and that will increase even more as we go through the night tonight,
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there's more rain back to the west in ohio and indiana and illinois. it's all moving west to east. a the surface winds turn east, we have cooler air, moisture comes in from the west, and it all adds up to a nasty day. not as bad as friday was. more rain in delaware and south jersey than what we expected further north. everybody's going to be cloudy in the day tomorrow. everybody has at least a chance of some rain. you can see on the seven day forecast, the bottom of the screen, improvement coming after the day tomorrow no matter where you are. temperatures going back up into the 70s, but cloudy skies tomorrow is a sure bet, and then it's a question of how much sun we get wednesday and thursday to allow temperatures to go back up into the 70s. through the next few days, philadelphia, 58 degrees, periods of rain, and some
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drizzle. it's not an all day thing. it's certainly going to keep the temperatures down. wednesday, thursday, a little sun returns. that would allow temperatures to go up in the 70s. safe for the pennsylvania suburbs. temperatures back in the 70s. lehigh valley, 50s tomorrow, 70s go up. at the jersey shore, we go up to 61 wednesday because of the onshore wind, thursday, more of a land breeze allowing the shore to be warmer. the ten-day outlook, not such a great day tomorrow, right? 58 degrees, it's not a stretch like last week where it was four days in a row of highs in the 50s. wednesday and thursday, nowhere near highs in the 50s. friday another system comes in, and there's a good chance of rain possibly showers lingering into saturday. as we go through the rest of the ten days r you don't see anything like tomorrow with high temperatures in the 50s, another shot of rain by next tuesday.
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i'm john clark. coming up, sam bradford working for the eagles. what do they say about it and which player are the sixers going to visit overseas?
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we want him here. all the guys believe in him. i'm one of the main guys who believe in him, so if he decides to come back, i'll be the first guy to be really excited to work with him. >> that was jordan matthews, sam bradfo bradford's teammates ready for him to come back to work.
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today is that day. two weeks after sam requested a trade, he's back. this is sam out on the field for workouts this afternoon. eagles' player told me it was like a normal day at the office. no speech, no announce. . the player said everyone is happy to have sam back. he is the starting quarterback again. he and his agent wanted to force a trade during draft week. it did not work. here's sam in a statement saying, i'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammates and coaches. the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on participation and preparation for a championship season. i am committed to my teammates and eagles' organization for nothing less. hear from ron on that at 11:00. sixers travel to turkey to see if a first round pick from dtwo years ago is joining the team next season. who remits the sixers? not this guy, remember pat 20
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years ago. he was twieted. it's the coach brown this year. they could have four picks. brett says he's not as pumped up as he was. >> i think inside i'll be jumping. i feel that just the city with all the things we have gone through and to go into a arena and see 19,000 passionate fans over the past three seasons supporting a bunch of 20-year-olds, you look up and think, wow, when we get this right, imagine what city is going to be. >> can't wait for that. can you believe sam finished 11th in the nba executive of the year voting voted on by the executives. phillies off today, starting a series with the braves tomorrow in atlanta. check this out from yesterday's championship. first castro's approach shot in the gallery, hits a fan, ricochets off, and somehow the
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ball ends up a fan's shoe. up real jason on 18 hits it into the grand stands, a beauty of a shot from between the tables. on to the green. drinks are on him, jim. back to you. >> if i play, that's how i play. goes everywhere. >> miniature golf. >> yep. all right, john, thanks. >> all right. now for a look as what's coming up at 11:00. governor christie the head of the transition team for trump, what's it mean for christie's political future? explore that tonight at 11:00. flr
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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. all right, 71 today, sunny in the morning, and clouds. by comparison, obviously, tomorrow is going to be cooler, periods of rain, but nothing like last friday, and then a couple days with sun and temperatures in the 70s, and another day with some rain coming by on friday.
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at least it's not every day. >> okay. for us here at nbc 10, the news continues now with nightly news with lester holt. surprise medical bill, and how to avoid them. breaking news tonight. potentially catastrophic tornadoes exploding on the ground right now. a major new outbreak caught on cameras with millions on high alert again. the feds go to war on a blockbuster battle over north carolina's controversial bathroom law. a governor refusing to back down. the u.s. attorney general invoking jim crow in a passionate response. getting personal. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton over her husband's past. and trump caught in a web of shifting positions on taxes. and hospital shock. you think you're covered by insurance and the bill comes, and you're on the hook for thousands. the questions and answers every patient should be asking. "nightly news" begins right now.


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