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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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showers are timely moving out now as you can see on the radar your friday night plans won't be a washout as we look live at conditions in cape çómay. the good news, it's clearing out now. the bad news, that rain comes back tomorrow. good evening, we're pin pointing rain where you live with the nbc 10 first alert;çó neighborhood forecast. 'a parveen. >> you can enjoy most of the saturday and all of sunday, but another round of thunderstorm, that moves in tomorrow. here's a look at the current 3rto moveñi ñrovershore. there is one areaçó we are watching closely in atlantic county, but that's about to slide offshore. as we zoom in [g, you see the showers moving through egg har gor township to ocean city. these are moving out soon along with the rest of the rain you see, but what we're watching is we goñi into saturday afternoon and that's this area of rain approaching chicago. showers and storms and that
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moves in later in the day tomorrow. for tonight, though, by 9:00 p.m., we'll be dry. we see the clouds starting to break up, temperatures mostly in the mid to low 60s, and quakertown, and wilmington 64, and tomorrow morning, sunny, plenty of sun. tr trenton at 57 degrees, and in the afternoon, we see storms approaching again. by noon tomorrow,sjáñ around 7m degrees, clouds increasing, andx"7>-hrough the afternoon, , temperatures start to dropúah thunderstorms move in, so there you see an afternoon forecast tomorrow calls for thunderstorms, andno carrierrin
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one of googles street filming cars. a spokesperson says no one was authorized to do this, and that it appears officers were being creative. the department found out about it wednesday and removed the decal that day. quote, by hiding mass government surveillance under a fake google logo, the philadelphia police
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department further jeopardized police community relations at a time when they are already fragile. tonight, a family is dishing on their plans to spend a $284 million power ball prize. they told the media today they are still in shock over their life changing win in saturday's jackpot. >> is this real? is it real? is it real? i can't believe it. >> oh, it's real. nbc 10 introduces us to the family and their big dreams of their huge jackpot. >> hello. i'm valerie author, and you'll thinking you wish you was me right now, right? >> reporter: meet the smith family, the newest power ball millionaires, splitting a $284 million cash prize. >> marsha called me on the phone, and said, guess who won the power ball? i said, who? she said, we did. i i said, well, stop april fooling me, and get off my
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phone. >> reporter: it was not a joke. their mother, pearly, a regular where she bought the ticket for her and seven adult children. they picked the numbers themselves. they said someone in the group had a dream. >> we had devine intervention that gave us the numbers. that's the only way you can explain that. >> reporter: the family ranges from 38 to 70 years old. in an instant, lives changed. up until now, it's been a secret. they spent the week going to work and seeking guidance from legal and other advisers before coming forward. >> it was, like, an affirmation from god because we have dreams that we want to fulfill in life, and dot/lxhçju our community an for each other and our families, and it was, like, well, we have been funded to do that. >> reporter: paying off mortgages and student loans a part of the plan, and so is giving to the church and bulkering katherine's mentoring program. they have the freedom to do
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whatever they want, they say this gift is not getting to their heads. >> if it does change me, i think it would change me for the best. >> reporter: in lawrenceville, nbc 10 news. >> a blessed family, good for them. today, federal officials are advising public schools to let transgender student use bathrooms matching their gender identi identity. there's letters to schools sent across the country warning them to comply with rules that prohibit sex discrimination. the letter states that schools must recognize a students' chosen identity after the school is notified by a parent or guardian that the child is transgender. locally reaction among parents is mixed. >> it's going to confuse them. to me, it's going to confuse them. >> if it is truly america, this should be no problem. >> the letter sent today advises students must be allowed to participate in any
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sex-segregated school activities consistent with their gender identity. a presidential honor for a fallen philadelphia police officer. president obama will award sergeant wilson iii the medal of valor. he was shot in killed during a robbery in a north philadelphia gamestop store in march of last year. the family is expected to attend the white house ceremony monday. newcastle county police looking for victims of an accused thief posing as a utility worker. baker is accused of twice coming into victims' homes offering to upgrade services, and one time, she accepted money for the fake service. the other, she allegedly stole from an 84-year-old victim's home. police warn to ask for id anyone calling themselves a utility worker. new information in the deadly market street building collapse. today, a judge rejected an appeal from the contractor convicted in the case meaning
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griffin campbell will continue to serve the 15-30 year prison sentence. it was in june 2013 when the building collapsed on market street killing six and injured more than a dozen others. people accused of drunk driving in new jersey do not have the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. the state supreme court ruled in a case this week that punishments for repeat offenders are not serious enough to trigger a jury trial. dwi is not a criminal trial, but repeat offenders can be sentenced to jail time. senator bob casey of pennsylvania is happy with the improvements that have come as a result of last year's deadly amtrak derailment, but says it's still not enough. casey, a regular amtrak rider, addressed the issue at 30th street station this morning saying no transportation system should be forced to choose between funding for infrastructure improvements and the implementation of safety systems like positive train
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control. >> we need more doers on this when it comes to congress. we don't just need people giving speeches. we need people voting the right way. casey says of the final report on the crash calls for congress to act. it should do so. nbc 10 will be in washington, d.c. tuesday when the report is released. we'll have reports on air and online. 3300 rowers from 125 colleges will race to the waters of the river over the next two days. about 25,000 spectators should be out there, even through the rain for the 78th dad vail regatta. but soon the river may be too clogged to row in it safely. the river is clogged with sediment from here to the twin bridges in east falls. it has not been dredged since 2000. that task falls to the army corm of engineers. the mayor says it should have been done years ago. >> we need to address it now because it's becoming critical,
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and working with congressman brady and army corp. of engineers, we're confident to get it done in a relatively short period of time. >> the process takes $3 million, and the congressman brady is promising to find that money. next at 6:00, a black bear spotted in a philadelphia park for the first time ever. as far as officials have on record. we'll tell you where there is a search for that bear. and new at 6:00, phillys make a local teacher feel like a hall of famer today. how one local elementary school worked with the team to surprise one beloved and die hard phillies' sports fan.
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tonight, a small black bear is proving to be an escape artist in philadelphia's woods. the bear was spotted in the woods near philadelphia's chestnut hill. this picture snapped along forbid p drive in the valley green inn. we show you there's excitement over this bear that even gave wildlife officials the slip. >> running in there. >> reporter: news to ryan. >> where? >> reporter: one of the few people we caught up with who had not heard of the small black bear seen swimming in the creek this afternoon. >> everyone else is, like, a bear, scared.
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>> reporter: a member of the friends of the park were fishing today when the bear went after its own fish. the man snapped the pictures of the bear and called the offices. >> they decided it was too exciting to pass up the possibility, so we drove down into the park, and missed seeing the bar. >> reporter: they saw something wr rustling in the woods. this park has been sheer since the 1860s, and this is the first documented sighting. they tracked the bear to a wooded area, but they lost sight of the bear. they say right now, they are not going to actively hunt for the bear, but relying on sightings and come back out, tranquilize the bear and move to a less populated area. in chestnut hill, nbc 10 news. a special needs teacher who is a die hard phillies fan got the ultimate surprise at work today. take a look. >> surprise! [ cheers and applause ] >> students and staff at
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mayfield elementary joined the philadelph phillie fanatic. she's honored as one of the phillies' ten all-stars. it's part of teacher appreciation night at tonight's game. a live look at citizens bank park, phillies taking on the reds in 30 minutes, and sheena, conditions looking much better, right, compared to earlier? >> oh, yeah. we had rain earlier, steady in the area, some fairly heavy, but now look what's happening. here's a live look out at center city, clouds are slowly starting to break up. you see more sunshine actually coming, and we have very light showers trying to hang on to the shore, but mostly in cape may and atlantic counties, mostly along the shore there. we're not going to see too much more through the rest of the area, especially now clearing out a bit, but zooming into atlantic and cape may counties
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in the beaches there, avlon, atlantic city, light rain still around, and tonight, even more improvements. now, if we look back off to the west, though, because we're not going to see improvements for the entire weekend, we're going to see showers and storms thrown in there, this is our next round of rain for tomorrow. mostly in the afternoon. it's not going to be a wash out all day, but we'll see thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow. temperatures right now, though, they are starting to jump up a bit now that we're seeing a little bit more in the way of sun. philadelphia 68 degrees. areas in delaware, wilmington at 70 degrees at the moment, but if you're headed out this evening, temperatures fairly comfortable right now. 67 degrees, society hill with the neighborhood weather, 66 degrees west mount arie and chestnut hill. for tomorrow, next round of rain, and until then, we stay dry. tonight, rain continuing to move away, nice and clear, especially by 9:30, more clouds breaking
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up, and tomorrow, now we're going through time here, not too much happening. tomorrow as we start your saturday, we have sun in the forecast, but then we go into the afternoon, 4:30, showers and storms already developing, and later in the evening, now looking at 6:30, showers and potentially strong thunderstorms through the philadelphia area, and pennsylvania suburbs into new jersey later on in the evening, and then clearing for your saturday night. we are going to have more thunderstorms in the forecast later in the day tomorrow, and before they get here, though, we'll see sunshine and nice conditions. 70 degrees bethlehem, and 71 degrees in reading tomorrow. westchester 72, philadelphia area at 73, and afternoon storms around. if you're in new jersey, 7 it 2 haddonfield and if you're along the shore, cooler, 69 degrees. 67 in atlantic city late evening thunderstorms there. and in delaware, 72, dover, 73 degrees, and wilmington, if we look at the entire weekend,
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well, saturday, we have the afternoon storms, and the first half of the day looks good, around the low 70s to mid-70s, and sunday, everyone is dry and sun sunny, but cooler, highs in the low 60s, and it'll be windy too. seven day forecast is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. john? sheena thanks. carson wentz and first throws at the first rookie camp with the eagles, and hear from the latest prospect phillies called up and who is sent down that's next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net, all eyes at eagles rookie camp on wentz, first workout with the birds, second overall pick in the draft, future franchise quarterback, but the birds don't want to throw him in the fire just yet. >> i'm really excited for it. >> carson wentz made the first throws as an eagle. he has heard from some of the teammates, but he has not spoken to sam bradford. >> personally, i don't think there's going to be a lot of tension. i think people make it out to be, but i think the coaches and every will be on the same page, and it'll be a good working relationship for sure. benefits the team because we'll compete and, really, everybody in the quarterback room, everybody in the entire organization's going to compete and push each other. >> reporter: if the eagles decide to sit carson the entire season? >> all i care about is winning, if the team's winning, you know, i'll do what i can to help the team whether it's for a third stringer to a starter, doesn't matter, you know, do what i can
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to prepare and just help the team and we'll see how it plays out. >> even with bradford here, when the time comes, he'd like to earn his teammates' respect as a leader. >> earn it with hard work, building relationships, being around the guys, and it doesn't happen overnight. nothing's handed to you here, earn the respect, and i'm looking forward to doing that. >> reporter: after signing the $26 million deal, what's the first thing he's going to do with his money? >> i'm going to pay dad back for the pickup i bought not too long ago. >> got to love carson. the phillies home after the longest road trip of the season hosting the reds, and there's another prospect make his major league debut. tommy joseph called up, he's tearing it up in aaa, so darren r ruff was sent down. he's batting sixth anyone plays first with ryan howard for now. he came in the hunter pence trade, battling concussions, but
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his time has finally come. >> pretty awesome. i think because of the future stuff we had here earlier in the year made it easier to walk in the clubhouse because i knew where things were, but to walk in and for it to really matter this time and really be a part of the team is cool. took a lot longer than people expected. took longer than i expected to go, you know, through the windy road i did, and to end up here, makes it worth it. >> how he did coming up at 11:00. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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friday night clearing out. >> yes. finally. if you're headed out tonight, you're not going to need the umbrella, things are really improving. here's your weekend forecast. so nice the first half of saturday, the highs mid to low 70s, and some storms are strong, sunday, clearing out, cooler, windy, highs in the 60s, and looking good, watch for storming
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tomorrow afternoon and evening, but we'll track them for you. >> thank you. for us here at nbc 10, the news comets now with nbc nightly news and thomas roberts filling in for lester holt. tonight, caught in a lie. a bizarre bombshell. apparently donald trump posing as his own publicist, bragging about his business success and hisrelationships with famous women. trump denies it was him. bathroom fight. the obama administration sends a sweeping message to schools across the country. let transgender kids use the bathroom of their choice, or else. alarming rise in murders in some big american cities. what the fbi director thinks might be behind it. emergency room shocker. first, a medical crisis. then a crisis from the bill. how to protect yourself from a painful surprise. and a dream come true for a woman and her


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