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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> you could see something was not right with the leg. it was all the way out, and the other was stuck. >> reporter: yeah, one of the disturbing things in the police affidavit is a statement from melissa saying she sometimes did things to the babies out of anger to get a reaction from her husband. now, these babies were evaluated in march, but they were just arrested. this couple just arrested yesterday. i spoke with the district attorney today, and he says this was the result of their investigation, but long before these charges were filed, the other children that twin and a 3-year-old were placed in protective custody. live in honey park, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. this just in, a man is wanted for taking pictures up a woman's skirt while she's in line. see it on video. the police say the man walked into the pretzel factory, takes
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two pictures up the dress, she con prompts him and looks like right there she slaps him, and she takes off running. thick black smoke and orange blames shot from the roof of the row house in honey park this afternoon. look at that fire. as we said, over the scene before fire crews arrived. they had the fire out in just a few minutes. and to this now, a complicated water rescue in delaware county, sky force 10 overhead as they pulled a person from the truck. the driver lost control here, hit a television pole, and drove right into the water. this was along stevens drive. they believe the driver was going too fast and couldn't make the turn. the driver was taken to the hospital. >> three counselors in place to help comfort students and teachers about the deadly post prom crash that killed two
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teenage girls. they died on the way home from an afterprom celebration early saturday morning. nbc 10 is live outside bridgetown high school where it was a tough day for everyone. >> reporter: that is an understatement. extremely tough as you might imagine. students and staff here are devastated. you can feel it in the community as students left an hour ago. they are wearing this, but attendance was not down at the positive. the student body came together to lean on one another during a tragic time. >> today at school, very cold and dry, nobody was talking. everybody was crying. i was crying because i miss them. >> reporter: this soft more can't believe it was happen. close with both girls. instead of a joyous monday at school -- >> the school had a dark, somber
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gray ora to it rather than the colorful, cheerful vibrant that it usually has. >> a lot of hugs, tears, consoling one another. >> reporter: there are more than 20 crisis and grief counselors and clergy from all over the county to console students and staff who are hurting. >> it's very difficult to, you know, instruct our students in our curriculum when it's a bleak and somber time for us all. >> reporter: state police have yet to finalize a cause of death, but it does not appear alcohol was a factor. they were with two others and veered across the center line of route 49, about a half hour from homecoming from an event after prom in ocean city and following friends. this weekend's tragedy follows another young female student who died in a car crash april 29th. >> this is the third tragedy in two weeks. it's very heart wrenching for us, and we certainly are going
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through everything that we need to provide that support to our kids. >> they were good students. they were just having fun, you know, everybody knew them. >> all we can hope for is to pray for the family. >> reporter: and the district right now is not only raising funds for both of these families who are organizing funerals for the young girls, but they say they may make changes to future proms and the activities that are held afterwards. more on that and outreach happening to remind new jersey's drivers of the rules of the road at 5:00. for now, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> at least it's warmed up since the record cold morning, but it was cool in the month of may today. the sun was out, but you needed a jacket walking on market street. it's windy out there. a live look outside at the building in philadelphia.
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and now the return of rain. >> looking ahead, not looking forward to it. >> we have the first alert forecast on monday and the rest of the week. i hope it's a good forecast. >> well, i have a couple days this week, it will take a little while. temperatures are below average with sunshine and the wind on top, fairly uniform, uniformly chilly. coatesville at 53 degrees, with 18 miles per hour sustained winds, 20 miles per hour in philadelphia. 16 in atlantic city. that's a land breeze which is why they have the same temperature as other parts in the area. no rain close by, but it is approaching from the west, and it's not a huge storm or anything like that, but it is moving in during the day tomorrow. not so much when you get up, and it's not going to be as cold as
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it was this morning in the pa suburbs where it was in the upper 30s in some places. tomorrow morning, 47, part of the reason is clouds start to move in, and in the lehigh valley where it was 37 degrees in allentown, tieing a record, 47 tomorrow morning. so it's cool, but not as cool, and substitute wet weather for that. more on the rain and even more cool weather with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> breaking news, live over a fire in a large chicken coop, along the highway in franklin township. the fire is under control, not sure if chickens are trapped. police say someone walked into a north philadelphia dollar store and stabbed the manager this morning. they are on the hunt for attacker this morning after
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9:30. the manager was stabbed in the right arm and is expected to be okay. the suspect got away with some cash. >> no parole for a former ivy league professor suspected of bludgeoning his wife to death while she wrapped christmas gifts. they denied him early release today meaning he's serving full ten years behind bars. a former penn professor serving the sentence for killing his wife in their upper marion home in 2006. >> it was clear not only to everyone in the courtroom, but to the jury of the peers that he was a murderer, that he premeditated and killed ellen. >> he's not expected out of prison until next year. the corruption trial began today for long time philadelphia congressman fattah. they told the jury he took an
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illegal loan to fund a failed bit for mayor, but they say the case rests on words of two convicted felons. we have more on the fight unfolding. >> reporter: allegations by prosecutors are nothing new here, but what we saw at the defense team made the opening case to the jury is how to use the prosecution's own witnesses for their benefit saying the former campaign advisers got a plea deal, and in exchange, they have to turn on the congressman. >> i'm thankful and grateful, but the love of my family, and appreciative of the great legal team from the firm that's leading the effort here. >> the smile never left his face as the lawyer told the jury the congressman is a dedicated public servant and never accepted bribes or illegal campaign loans. the case is about money and gifts for favors.
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a failed run for mayor, they say fattah borrowed a million dollars from a salliemae, and then when he couldn't pay it back, he funneled money. one lobbied for him as far as the white house and president obama himself, but lawyers say he's a dedicated friend who only wanted to help his other friend. that's when they say he paid college loans and provide other financial support for fattah's son and fattah himself. those in the fattah's inner circle, others were unclear of what they were doing, and others were just doing it as instructed saying none of them broke the law. the feds contain they are all willing participants in a case about theft, fraud, and deception. federal prosecutors objected a couple times in the opening statements by the defense team. the first witness to take the
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team, an fbi agent, job to show the jury where that loan money came from, and how it was funneled through other accounts including a nonprofit that fattah was involved in. a philadelphia man is held without bail accused of setting his girlfriend on fire and killing her in a bucks county motel. they arrested kevin smalls over the weekend and charged him with setting the fire in a lincoln hotel in bensalem that killed melissa. he threw gas on her while she was smoking. he confessed to the crime and the preliminary hearing is set for may 25. the singer found safe, but call police to check on the irish singer. this was after she did not come back from a bike ride yesterday. within the last hour, though, we learned o'connor is no longer
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missing, was staying with friends, it turns out, near chicago. decision 2016 coverage tomorrow deadline for new jersey voters to register if they want to cast their ballot in next month's primary. you also must be a registered democrat or republican to vote. as of the end of april, half the voters were not affiliated with any political party. new jersey's primary is june 7. hillary clinton is preparing for tomorrow's primaries in kentucky and oregon. this is a live look at the rally for a campaign in kentucky. clinton leads sanders by nearly 300 delegates. sanders continues to win contests and pledges to stay in the race until july's convention here in philadelphia. the vermont senator held a town hall today in puerto rico ahead of the primary next month. meanwhile, the gop nominee is tied up in another war of words, but not with a fellow
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presidential candidate. trump said he's already predi predicting a poor relationship with prime minister david cameron. he previously suggested a ban for all muslims entering the u.s. cameron criticized that proposal calling trump stew tid, devicive, and wrong. for complete coverage including tweets directly from the trail and list of upcoming primaries and caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. the fight between faith based groups and obama administration over birth control will not be decided in the supreme court. they sent the affordable care act contraceptive challenge back to the lower court, asking them to search for the compromise. groups that object based on religious believes said they should not have to provide coverage to their employees. the obama administration says a group's religious freedom does not include right to restrict access to health care for employees. >> employers have to pay workers
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$2 more per hour. that measure would increase the current min wage to $8.38 to $10.10 and increased annual the following four years. the president and assembly speaker plan to put the bill on governor christie's desk. they can iron out differences on taxes and spending. the governor and legislature return today with a july 1st deadline looming for the new fiscal year. they propose more than $2 billion in tax increases to wipe out a deficit and fund increases for public schools, but republicans are not on board. breaking news, sources say nbc 10 news that investigators believe the amtrak engineer involved in last year's deadly derailment was distracted by radio traffic. last week marked the first anniversary of the crash that killed eight people and injured
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dozens of others. this is engineer bostian. they will release the report tomorrow in washington, d.c. mitch will be there, and we'll have reports tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. to other news now. died in a shootout with robbers in a game store, and today, president obama recognized a fallen philadelphia police officer for making the ultimate sacrifice. sergeant wilson iii was his name, and he was awarded the medal of valor. keith jones is live in the digital operations center with this high honor today, keith? >> reporter: a big honor, one of 13 officers recognized today, he was the only one to receive the award pos chtmousily. >> his grandmother accepted the award, and wilson's brother and sister attened. president obama thanked her for
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strength and service and sacrifice, and hard to believe more than a year has past since he died doing what he loved. >> like it just happened today. always thinking about him, you know, but a big hole in my heart when he lost his life, but loved his life and did what he was trained him, and i miss him a lot. >> she said it was a sad occasion that brought the family to the white house, but she was happy to accept the honor. wilson walked into a game stop store in north philadelphia march of last year to buy a present for his young son, but walked into a robbery and died after exchanging gunfire with the suspect. over the weekend, the national police organization recognized his partner officer who received the honor of top cop in the first annual banquet in washington, d.c. on saturday. nbc 10 news. >> keith, thank you.
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a rare sighting county to county in the pa suburbs. another bear spotted over the week in a chester county country club. yesterday, the bear scare comes after the bear was spotted taking a dip in the creek in philadelphia friday. the pa game commission says they are not sure if it's the same bear or multiple bears. the game commission does not know if they stay in one place for too long. a shoutout to the finest from the creator of runway megahit in the commencement address at penn. >> you can have soft pretzels and hoagies whenever you want, you win every time. >> best known for the hamilton address in franklin field, the university's main commencement was today after trump and biden attended last night's ceremony as parent and grandparent.
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>> sponsorships in sports are nothing new, but the sixers are taking it a step further, the first team in the nba to put a sponsorship logo on player uniforms. the team struck a deal with the ticket selling site, stubhub, appearing on the front left of the jersey in the 17-18 season as a three-year trial period. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> finally saw sun shine, but the temperature is not going up a lot. 65 degrees in philadelphia. that's the warmest it's been so far. camera's shaking because it's so windy. fairly similar temperatures in the area, delaware nice and clear, and it's a great night for baseball as you can see. the temperature now, 65,
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dropping to 655 at 9:00. the clouds coming in, and that's a sign of things to come. there's going to be changes here. nothing on radar close by, but there's an area of rain that is back in missouri and into illinois, moving straight east in our direction, and there's just no way for it to miss. the clouds are out there by tomorrow morning. as ewe saw with the forecast, but the rain comes in later, and mainly late morning or into the afternoon, and it's patchy, kind of light, and then there's another little wave coming in, perhaps, tuesday night, and into wednesday, and that moves out for thursday, weather gets nice, but in the meantime, it's cool and windy. 2 the 9 miles per hour in philadelphia, and in atlantic city. 22 miles per hour in allentown.
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temperaturings not going as low, and tomorrow, the clouds and rain keep them cooler today, 59 degrees yesterday after a high of 76 saturday. see the seven-day forecast if you want to on the bottom of the screen. it gets ugly after thursday. this is the way it looks tomorrow. a lot of clouds around, not a lot of rain, but it's the rain gear with you, lansdale 62 degrees. you notice the low temperatures not in the 30s like this morning. allentown 41 and down to 37 this morning. periods of rain tomorrow, at the shore too. 59 in atlantic city, and avlon beach at 60 degrees. and then some more rain wednesday, especially in the morning, and by thursday, we really improve. temperatures up into the 70s
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again. that's true in the pennsylvania suburbs. we have cloudy skies tomorrow with periods of rain, and lehigh valley gets up to 70 degrees on thursday, and at the jersey shore, we may have a sea breeze, so it may not get to 70 degrees then. it will be getting into the 70s in many parts of area for friday. then the weekend. boy, that's another story. i'll have that ugly forecast a little bit later. >> okay. >> this is not promising. >> i heard groans from the weather center. >> it's still early. >> exactly. uncle sam needs help fighting the zika virus. >> how to defend and battle back against infected mosquitos. the rescue that was anything but the excuse one man gave police spotting a baby bison in the backse backseat. >> how doctors say a father's age and actions impact his
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unborn baby, and this -- >> reporter: a close encounter with dozens of dolphins captured on camera at the jersey shore. >> really amazing interactions happen. >> reporter: ted green berg with warning to others who are tempted to get closer. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow closing up, triple digits, good day across the board.
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the accident that happened friday, that tractor trailer rolled over the middle of traffic, hauling scrap metal lost control before it falls on its side. this was drurg the morning rush. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> two park tourists tried to take home a wild soouf souvenir. >> they wrangled this in the back of the suv because they thought the wild animal was too cold. it's a federal crime to get closer 5 feet to wild animals in yellow stone park. they were ticketed, and rangers had to put down the bison because the mother rejected when
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they tried to reunite the two. how sad is that? >> oh, boy. >> calling on citizens to fight this zika virus. they are uploading data for an online map, giving realtime information on hot spots. several high school students and science teachers signed up for the task. money is paid up front, and contract failed the work. next, see what happens when nbc 10 responds to help a newly engaged couple left with a mess. also, arrested. with an arsenal. where police found this white sue prep cyst and convicted felon hiding out. ♪
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breaking news now, sources tell nbc news they believe the amtrak engineer involved in the deadly derailment was likely distracted by radio traffic. last week morninged the first anniversary of the crash that killed eight and injured dozens of others. engineer pictured here told investigators there were several gaps in the memory and did not remember what happened between pushing the train's throttle up and going around the curve at 106 miles per hour. the ntsb officially released the report tomorrow in washington, d.c. mitch blacher will be there with reports at 4:00. now to nbc 10 responds. a newly engaged couple ran into
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costly trouble when they bought their first home together. >> they hired an unlicensed contractor off craig's list to help with renovations. guess what, didn't go as planned. they reached out to harry hairston. >> a couple paid hundreds of dollars up front for some home repairs. problem is, the repairs are not done. the contractor has not come back. >> come here. >> reporter: they say getting their dogs to do what they want is no problem. getting the contract they hired to finish repairs on the house is another story. >> three days to get the job done, turned into -- bad weather, give you that, but it turned into being over a month. >> reporter: he says the contract, nick, did complete most of the work. what do you think about the work? >> horrible, absolutely who. >> some of the work neetsds to
4:32 pm
be redone like gaps in the wood work. >> he charged 1650. total cost for everything. >> reporter: he hired him after seeing an ad on craig's list. >> did you do research on him before you hired him. >> no, that i did not. >> he thought he would return because he left a ladder in the backyard. turns out, these text messages from late march would be the last time they would communicate. >> i said finish the job or not? it was blank. >> didn't get back to you? >> no. >> reporter: he says that's why he reached out to nbc 10 responds. he did not answer our phone calls, but he returned our text messages, said he would finish it, and decided to return $200 so he could hire someone else. that satisfied the couple, and they sent us to nbc 10 message. >> thank you, harry heirston. >> we got our money!
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>> all right. well, things worked out for them, and, folks, nick says next time he'll take a look at contractors and check references and examples of work before hiring them. as for the ladder at the house, the contract says they can keep it. we'll add the $200 to the total money and covered, and we're at $13,606. if you have complaint, head to, click on the responds page, and fill out the form or call us at 610-668-eresp. this is a case of the contract not licensed, best advice, check with the consumer protection agency in your state and make sure that person's licensed. >> you can find that online?
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>> easily. >> you make a lot of people happy, harry. >> i hope so. >> getting them their money back. >> love the responds cam moments. they are priceless. string them together at the end of the month. upcoming promo. tomorrow, a man reaches out after seeing our story about a woman having an issue with the same utility company he's battling. see what happened when nbc 10 responds got involved tomorrow at 4:00. we are live over a house fire in the park section of philadelphia. see the smoke there from the roof line, and crews are battling flames on honey park avenue. checking to see in anyone is in the house or has been hurt. we don't have information on that as of now, but stay with us for any updates on this breaking story. a house fire in junita park.
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a suspected white supremist was heavily armed and wearing combat gear when arrested yesterday. bruce post iii faces charges after investigators found him hiding out in the woods with an ak-47, handgun, and stockpile of ammo. verizon and union officials remitting thousands of striking workers set to head back to the bargaining table this week, 39,000 landline and interpret cable workers walked off the job a month ago, been without a contract since last august. this is video of the efforts to get this resolved. long security lines cause travelers to miss flights to the nation's busiest airport. this was the scene at chicago's o'hare this morning. yeah. dozens of passengers forced to sleep on cots in the terminal after they missed their flights.
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the culprit? long tsa lines. that's it right there. some stretching more than two hours. yesterday's backlog of passengers make things worse for travelers trying to get out today. >> we hope it's not as bad as it looks. maybe. >> no. he thinks we're going to miss the flight. >> people said it was a three-hour line, and we didn't make it. >> the department of homeland security said relief is on the way. there's a promise to hire 768 new screeners starting next month. >> in the height of summer travel season. >> right. longest line i saw was last weekend in chicago at o'hare, and that's where the pictures were too. long lines, 15 minutes to get through, but not nearly as long as that. >> okay. going to church could save your life, literally. >> up next, what research says
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about women who go on a regular basis. also, dazzled by dolphins, a paddle border floated into this at the jersey shore when nbc 10 news at 4:00 comes right back. flr
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. a cancer patient received the first penis transplant in the united states. the doctors say the recipient is recovering well from the surgery, and the 64-year-old had the 15-hour procedure last week. the organ taken from a dead donor, doctors say they are cautiously optimistic he'll regain full function and hopeful this ground breaking operation may help u.s. veterans maimed by roadside bombs. men are not off the hook when it comes to the health of their future children. new research reveals a father's age and lifestyle affects his offspring as well as future generations. older age is linked to higher rates of mental illness, autism,
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and birth defects. it increases risk of diabetes and brain cancer. going to church is good for the soul, and now there's evidence it's good for the body too. the study from harvard found women attended religious services cut the risk of dying from cancer or heart disease by about a quarter. the results, though, don't apply to everyone. women in the study were white christians and all were nurses. next, when barbara stops here on the summer tour. a first for philadelphia, how the city teams up with google to put the city's attractions on display in a new way. plus, clouds moving in later tonight, ahead of the next round of rain, and i'm tracking when the wet weather's going to begin and if it's going to impact your morning commute.
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barbara's back launching a nine city tour this summer including philadelphia performing songs from the sixth decade career visiting wells fargo center august 20th, and tickets on sale next wednesday. here's a philadelphia first. >> a new partnership allows people from around the world to see the city's parks and sights in the new way. philadelphia is the first major city in the u.s. to partner with google to capture images of hundreds of miles of trails, parks, and cultural attractions. staff from parks and recreation are borrowing google's equipment, hiking miles capturing beauty in pictures. the images are sent to google's team in the google street view
4:46 pm
map. >> we're looking to map and make it visible to everyone around the world all amazing things that the park system here in philadelphia has to offer. the historic houses to the works of public art and trails here. >> data will be gathered between now and end of october. >> okay. so don't mess with mama here. >> not at all. a squirrel found that out the hard way when he tries to steal a baby bird's food. take a look. the squirrel chased down the baby bird, and the baby was desperate to get away, not able to fly. next thing, the squirrel takes off when he sees mama coming. then watches over as he thinks about his bad behavior, and mama bird swoops in to save the day and feed her baby. oh. >> just out there on the animal beat today. >> nbc 10 cameras do not miss a beat. they catch it all. glen? >> yeah.
4:47 pm
and i'm surprised the bird wasn't blown around by all the wind here that we've seen in the last couple of days. been kind of brutal, and temperatures way below average too, and ten degrees below at 65 degrees in philadelphia now, and the wind is still pretty gusty. take a look at this. 29 miles per hour gusts in philadelphia, and in atlantic city, 26 miles per hour in millville, almost calculating wind chills around here. temperatures in the mid-60s, but the wind direction is from the west, a land breeze, which ocean city is 66 and atlantic city 64, and every bit as warm as the inland areas. it's about wind direction at the jersey shore, and, of course, get your forecast, your seven day, right at the bottom of the screen any time we're doing the weather, you don't have to wait until the en. it's not just for philadelphia. satellite and radar not showing much across the area now, but there's moisture back to the
4:48 pm
west. it's not a big storm here. there is moisture. there is rain. it's going to be coming. it's been unseasonably chilly around here. there's only 59 degrees yesterday after 76 on saturday. we have a lot of wind on top of that. so far around 66 today. 62 tomorrow down because of the clouds. wednesday is cool as well. and then there's rain coming in. so there's not going to be a lot of happy people about the forecast in the next couple days. here's the future cast. we start off the day tomorrow with clouds. i'm not expecting any kind of precipitation during the morning rush. morning rush is dry, and most of the rain tomorrow will be on the light side, patchy, not everybody's going to be seeing it, and then another round wednesday, especially in the morning. when that moves out, we finally
4:49 pm
see some nicer weather for thursday and friday, but that's not going to last either. tomorrow forecast, 63, periods of rain and showers, not an all day rain or heavy rain, butfectionville at 62, and newtown at 62 for the high, and not much of a temperature contrast tomorrow. just about everybody, though, getting some rain. that's wednesday into thursday. thursday, finally, the sunshine, you can see that pushes the temperatures into the 70s. we're going to have another day in the 70s friday. all right. don't hold this against me, please. saturday, 66 and rain. sunday, 62 and rain. monday, 62 and rain. tuesday, 68 and rain. clears out later next week. >> boy.
4:50 pm
>> it's not your fault, thank you. paddle border at the jersey shore got an up close and perm encounter with nature. >> check it out, a school of dolphins circling his board next and why experts say there's more right now.
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more and more dolphins are spotted right off the jersey shore. look how many there are there. a man in cape may county proves it with a video of a close encounter with a pod of dolphins. >> experts admit images are amazing, but getting too close to the creatures can be
4:54 pm
dangerous. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter, ted greenberg, has the story for us. >> they just popped up not too far away from me. >> reporter: first, a few, and then nicholas says at least 30 dolphins were all around him and his paddle board. >> there were dolphins everywhere bubbling and jumping out of the water. >> reporter: he recorded this video of his extremely close brush with nature. it began soon after he poodled into the ocean after avlon's 44th street beach early thursday morning. he recognized markings on some from past encounters, but this was unique. >> came underneath me and side of me, just kind of jockeying for position underneath my board r and they were bumping each other out of the way. it was incredible to watch. >> reporter: the operators of the research center say they see
4:55 pm
more than usual for this time of year. they are arriving from warmer southern waters. >> if the food comes up north earlier, they follow the food. >> did my best to stay out of the way and be respectful of their space. >> reporter: experts say if you're approached by dolphins like that, it's crucial that you don't try to get in the water with them. >> one of the things we're worried about when people get too close is that the mothers are very protective of the babies. they may take a tail slap and break your leg. >> i try to be very careful out there. >> reporter: after spending close to four hours with the dolphi dolphins, he says the animals eventually scattered, the end of a visit filled with curiosity that came from above and below the water. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> looks beautiful and peaceful. >> it does. >> all right. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> next, breaking news on the
4:56 pm
deadly derailment. >> new details on what caused the train to crash and involves the train's engineer. well, today, sunny, dry, but also windy. there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow, though. the timing coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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breaking news, sources tell nbc news that ntsb investigators believe the amtrak engineer involved inned deadly derailment was likely distracted by radio traffic. >> our investigative reporter is live in the digital operations center with the latest. mitch? >> reporter: guys, the ntsb releases the report into the investigation of the derailment tomorrow in washington, d.c. this is the train's engineer, says he does not remember the derailment, placed on leave, and has not returned to work since the accident. he's facing lawsuit as is amtrak, the train going 106 miles per hour, more than twice the speed limit. last week marked the first anniversary of the crash that killed eight people and injured more than 200. again, the ntsb will officially release its investigation into the derailment tomorrow in washington, d.c., and we'll be there to cover it all.
5:00 pm
also, a day of grieving, not studying for students in bridgeton high school. they lost two of the classmates in a deadly car crash over the weekend. they had just been at the prom when their car crashed in cumberland county. we are live in bridgeton high school with more on how the school is trying to console stups. >> reporter: i can tell you, sheer heart break here today, all energy focused on healing and praying, and this community comes together. the mayor, albert kelly, a member of the local clergy, and we asked, what can you say to the young people when this pain and grief feels inconsolable? >> just devastated. >> reporter: students and staff at bridgeton high leaned on more than 20 faith base and crisis counselors today remembering and


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