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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, caught in the cross fire. nbc 10 has learned that two teenagers shot last night in chester were hit by stray bullets. one of those teens later died. thanks for joining us. i'm denise nakano. chester's mayor is calling for calm after last night's triple shooting saying violence will not be top rated in this city. nbc 10's drew smith has been following the story since it broke last night and drew, you spoke to one of the shooting victims. >> denise, we just sat down with janeane shipley who just got out of the hospital. she still has a bullet lodged in her shoulder. she was very emotional about all of this and she also brought us to the family of the victim, the
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youngest victim here, the 14-year-old who died. we have this picture and you can see her posing with his cousin who was also shot in the shooting last night. the victim who died, his name is naz nichols and his cousin is recovering at the hospital. the family says the teens were going to the corner store last night on pine lane and it was around 8:00 when police said dozens of bullets began flying this and the intended targets were believed to be adults sitting in the car and the boys were also hit asand so was janee shipley? they didn't have remorse and they didn't stop shooting and i got underneath the depth or i wouldn't be alive today. they shot, shot, shot, shot. it sounded like they even loaded back up or something. >> whoever did that -- because i know my baby did not deserve that. he was a good boy. he was only 14 years old and my other nephew was only 16. please just turn yourselves in. >> reporter: there is a
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surveillance camera posted right on the side of that corner store. we went inside to see if they could give us a look at it. they said the police had taken all of their hard drives down. police are not releasing those surveillance images right now. they also have not made any arrests and they're also not offering a reward for any information. this just in, we now know the identity of the 17-year-old hit and killed in burlington city early this morning. which is a photo of the victimantwan timbers, jr. he was a senior at burlington city high school. they're charging him with dui. he was walking with a friend around midnight when he was struck. and now to power problems in philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. neighbors woke up to a loud boom near sixth and pine streets and lost their power for most of the day. andrea klein thomas is live at
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the scene. where do things stand right now? >> denise, take a look behind me. more than ten hours later the light is still out at sixth and pine and 50 homes were without power and pico said that number was down to just six. this is what the area looked like early this morning and our crew saw half a dozen homes with shattered windows, glass covered and the sidewalk and according to pico an underground cable was burning causing pressure to build up and that pressure forced it to pop off. the pico representative said it was not an explosion, but residents say it certainly sounded like one. >> there are firemen and the pico people, but -- so we didn't see anything, so we came home and about 45 minutes later, just as i was getting in bed i was just -- boom! and despite the power outage, a society hill and open house and
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garden tour still went out a hitch and pico says that a handful of homes that still do not have power and that power should be restored by early tomorrow morning. reporting live, andrea cline thomas, nbc 10 news. turning now to the weather, not the best day outside for a car wash, but that did not stop this group from getting to work in bala kinwood. taking a live look at boathouse row and it's a cloudy and gray day outside today, but is there any relief from the dreary weather headed our way? let's check in with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glen, what can we expect? >> denise, we got a clue with what's ahead tomorrow with what we're seeing in the levi valley and 66 degrees while other parts of the area are cooler and it's only 62 in philadelphia and the p.a. suburbs and delaware 63 and south jersey, 59 and we actually have had part of the lehigh valley very close to 70 and
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easton, 69 degrees and bethlehem, 67 and a little bit of sunshine and fewer showers as we head toward brooks county and warnersville, 59 degrees and like you saw even colder farther to the south. we have showers especially toward central pennsylvania. we have some in delaware and south jersey, so it will be a little while before we clear out of this weather system, but we are. things are going to change. you might see a little bit of sunshine in the morning and that may be the first sign to change. i do not expect you to be totally dry a bibit of an improvement tomorrow. more coming up. >> thank you, glenn. from the delaware bureau, our prayer service to remember, high school freshman brandon wingo was the second student at the school to die in just the past
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few weeks. laurenmaker repo laur lauren mayk reports on the shooting. >> a memorial remembers brandon wingo and you can see his name and candles and balloons over there. those who knew him and those who didn't finding ways to deal with what happened. >> reporter: at nativity preparatory school in wilmington, they remember the teenager who loved basketball and family. >> we're hurting, but we're together. >> paul webster is the principal here where brandon wingo went to middle school. on this sunday, students and parents gathered to remember and to heal after the 15-year-old was shot and killed. >> this is, i guess, a safe place to feel all of the things and be with each other especially in the face of a city that isn't safe or doesn't feel safe at the moment. >> reporter: on the block where the shooting happened the memorial for brandon wingo is steps away from lynette shorts
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kornegay. >> it just hurts a little more because it happened here, and it's difficult because when you close your eyes that's what you see. so what we saw that day, and i'm -- i hope that picture goes out of my head. >> reporter: kornegay say writer who recently published a book of poems. >> it's a poem for brandon wingo. >> reporter: she wrote one for brandon. >> take care of those i left behind because they never had a chance to say good-bye. >> reporter: and his family. >> because right now, i too, got my wings so i'll see you when you get here. take care for now. i'm resting easy. rest in peace, brandon. >> reporter: she also wrote a poem for another teenager from the same school amy joyner francis who died after being beaten in a bathroom. this one, though, hits close to home. in will mingtop, i'm lauren
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mayk, nbc 10 news. now to central p.a. where a bucks county girl is dead after falling off the roof of a house. the incident happened friday night at 6:00 in state college, pennsylvania. >> officials say 21-year-old shannon mathers died after grabbing a high-voltage wire before she fell. autopsy results say she died from electrocution and her death is being called an accident. in camden county, dozens spent a rainy sunday paying respects for the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. neighbors joined volunteers from the american legion to place american flags on the graves of veterans at the locust wood cemetery in cherry hill. in all, they placed more than 1600 flags today, it's a longstanding annual tradition in the week leading up to memorial day. >> the graves that i've seen today, nobody has been there in
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years. so they're due their respect. they fought for their country and they died for their country. >> the flags will remain on the graves at least through memorial day. a tightening race. what was once a wide lead is now schranging. we'll show you just how close the race for president has gotten between hillary clinton and donald trump. plus, their dream wedding, how a local couple is not letting cancer stand in the way of their big day.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. >> president obama arrived in vietnam today. it is the first stop on his week-long asia trip. he's the third sitting president to visit vietnam since the end of the war. the president's trip is focused on building stronger, economic and security ties with asian-pacific allies. now to decision 2016. hillary clinton's lead over
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donald trump is shrinking when it comes to the general election. she's now just three point ahead of trump in the latest nbc news wall street journal poll. just last month clinton held an 11-point lead over trump, but in a matchup between trump and bernie sanders, the vermont senator leads trump by 15 points. this morning on nbc's "meet the press qwest ", hillary clinton said confidently she will win the democratic nomination for president and after that, she expects rival bernie sanders to help unite the party. >> i did that when i lost a much closer race to senator obama because i knew that whatever our differences were, just as our differences are between me and senator sanders, they pale in comparison to donald trump and the republicans. >> clinton said she wants to keep her focus donald trump and he said the presumptive nominee's ideas are dangerous for america. glenn? >> can we finally get a break
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from this wet and cold weather? i'm tracking some dramatic changes in my seven-day forecast.
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it's graduation day at lasalle university. more than 1100 students receive their undergraduate degrees at the university's mccarthy's stadium in alney. a separate ceremony was held for students holding masters and doctoral degrees. >> terminal cancer did not stop a couple from tying the knot. lonny brown and karen frazier had a free dream wedding thanks to wish upon a wedding. the couple said their "i dos" at the top of the tower in center city. it wasn't an easy road to the altar. back in 2014 a year after they got engaged lonny was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy and through it all karen has been his rock.
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>> i had a person to lean on and cry on and talk to, and i had the shoulder to lean on just makes it so much beautiful. it makes me stronger to have that. lonny says their special day is something his sickness cannot take from them. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. it's not as chilly and wet as it was yesterday in most of the area, but it's still kind of cloudy and chilly for this time of the year. the average high is 76. it's only 62 in philadelphia. we only got up to 66 today. 64 in new jersey and 66 in the lehigh valley. that's the area that had some of the warmest weather today. we showed you some places near 70 and some of the coolest read negligence delaware and the farther south you got the colder it was and 65 in wilmington, and it's 60 in desa and glasgow and
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farther to the south, millsboro and georgetown, 58 and the northeast wind with rehoboth beach, 66 degrees and just a nasty day and you can see in the seven-day forecast, temperatures will really be jumping and you can see that all of the time in the bottom of the screen and not just philadelphia and you don't have to wait until the end. here you are with the radar and there is a lot of rain around and not necessarily all that heavy, but it continues to be a pain and it's a little bit heavier in new castle county than in other parts of the area right now. you can see with a live radar, we have some patches where it's not raining, but in most places we do have a little bit of light rain along with the chill and you can see kind of a little swirl here with the radar echoes and there's an upper air, low pressure center right on top of it and that's going to create more showers.
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for tomorrow, we can't get out of the system very quickly. as the sun goes down tonight, a lot of these showers are going to dissipate and we could even see sunshine tomorrow, but as we start happens as we start moving on, and by afternoon they're scattered around and not as much activity as we're seeing today and some of them could be on the heavy side at least briefly, but here comes summer. look at these temperatures, tomorrow up near 77, wednesday, 84 and i'm going for 90 on thursday. you wanted warm weather, you're going to get it, and let me show you this in the ten-day forecast. those temperatures just shooting up. a chance of a shower on tuesday afternoon ask jnd generally dry wednesday and the chance of summertime showers and storms and thursday into friday and for the memorial day weekend and
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we're talking warmth, it might even feel hot compared to what we've seen and fair amount of sunshine those days and then we start cooling down a little bit more next week. i'm danny pommelo from comcast sportsnet. it was the kind of things you dream of as a kid and how two rookies couldn't picture a better day. >> the home team showed some karic at the plate, as well and we'll head to the ballpark on getaway day next.
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hey, danny pommells witness again. you would figure they would
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continue to cruise with the atlanta braves in town, but after the bravos, the phillies hoping to avoid a sweep this afternoon and tommy green catching the ceremonial first pitch from elmo. tomorrow will be the 25th anniversary against the expos. when it was in his last six and it was seven scorelessinings and that's for the offense, phillies up 3-0 and they hit the blooper that drops in and the 2-1 score and they can't catch up with the phillies up 5-0 and cesar hernandez flies in safely. look at this, a screamer right back at ian. what a catch that was. look at it again. some serious reflexes as they turned the glove off and they turned the double play. the phillies get the victory with a sigh of relief winning 5-0. >> we play together and we do
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everything together today, so we have 13, and like i said everybody do something for the team and you lost two tough games here against the braves and to get back in the right track is on the winning side and it's a great feeling and you get a happy flight going here. >> to football now, was there a chance carson wentz would end up in los angeles before the rams selected jared golf and when they made their way to tinseltown, and wendell smallwood were among the 40 players at the nfl's players association and both players were excited to one of the first milestones in their pro careers. >> as a kid you collect all sorts of trading cards and you love trading with your buddies and everything and to finally see myself on a panini card is truly special. >> i've been collecting since i was a young guy and now i get to pick myself up and get to look
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at my own actual card. it's definitely a blessing and i was very excited when i got one. >> that is your look at sports and dane pommells. >> time to check in with kate snow for a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." good evening, kate. >> nice to see you. our new nbc news poll shows hillary clinton ask donald trump going neck and neck as it heats up between clinton and bernie sanders. we'll look at what that means. also tom brokaw from paris on how the city is coping six months after the deadly terrorist attacks there and the return of grizzly bears to yellowstone and the debate over whether they should still be on the endangered species list when we see you on nbc nightly news. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:30 and we'll be right back.
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art for a cause today in west philadelphia. dozens turned out to malcolm x park to paint a mural. the behavioral and wellness department were on hand to help educate the public and they gave information on mental health resources and the arts program hosted the event and the rain held off mostly for the outdoor event today and now it seems to be back. >> we have those afternoon showers all over the place, you can see on the live radar, and a little bit heavier and new castle delaware, and tomorrow, most of the day is dry, but we're going to be seeing temperatures get into the low 70s and a chance of afternoon showers. that's nbc 10 news for now and for glenn, and all of us here i'm denise nakano. we'll see you at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, dead heat. donald trump and hillary clinton now neck and neck, the key results of our new national poll while the feud intensifies between clinton and bernie sanders. search for answers as the victims are remembered. authorities step up the hunt for that doomed egyptair jet andmportant black boxes. >> terror target. confirmation that the leader of the taliban was killed in a u.s. drone strike as we hear more tonight from a young american who joined isis. call of the wild, with yellowstone's grisly bears back in healthy numbers, the debate grows over whether they should be called threatened. class of 2016, the inspiring story of main who went from college custodian to


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