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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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perform. 58 is chilly. we have no cloud cover to speak of close by. things are going to be dry for a while. i'll let you know when showers are coming in and when the humidity's back. a shopper attacked in the parking lot of a chester county t.j. maxx as she made her way to the car. a man grabbed the purse and drag her. when she wouldn't let go. nbc 10's monique braxton is there. that woman took you through exactly what happened. >> absolutely. this is where it all went down. walking in the parking lot last thursday night as the sun was setting and says it happened so fast, she didn't realize a car was coming up behind her and the next thing she knew, someone yanking on her purse. >> such a shock. i'll never forget that pull.
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>> reporter: in an exclusive interview, the 65-year-old robbery victim says she feels violated. she relives her frightening encounter with the purse snatcher. i had blood all over my sweater. >> reporter: the victim, we're not identifying, says it happened so quickly, a man in a passing car grabbed her bag. she automatically held on, and dragged past two cars here at the gateway shopping center. >> a felt like a poom and flying with the pocketbook. >> reporter: she showed us bruises under her eyes, on her nose, chest and elbows. >> i hurt. >> reporter: police say two men inside a blue or teal car are responsible. investigators want you to take a closer look at the man they believe was the driver. police tell us surveillance video captured this man at wegmans in mel burn. he attempted to use the victim's credit card to purchase razor
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blades and teeth whitening strips but the card was declined. that didn't stop the suspect. target cameras show him casually walking around, shopping. look at his patriotic hat with three stars and shirt bearing the words "cali" here at target, the card was also declined. >> what do you hope happens to them? >> i hope they go to jail, just because i wouldn't want them to do it to somebody else. >> reporter: police tell us unfortunately, the robber was able to use the credit card out in lancaster at a turkey hill convenience store. they're asking if you recognize the man in the video to call them. live now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. developing story now in the pocono mountains, one person is did, another in the hospital after they fell while out hiking. here's where that deadly fall happened near he lie george
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state park in jim thorpe. esch rescue crews worked to extract the second person. no word on conditions. student back in rooms after a fire in mercer county. skyforce 10 over the campus of westminster choir college in princeton. it's part of ryder university. fire broke out in a dorm ceiling around 11:00. no one hurt. students evacuated. it's unclear how the fire started. >> look at this mess here. that car sandwiched between two parked cars. no the clear why but the driver crashed over that barrier wall this afternoon. skyforce 10 over the scene along bay berry park in glenn mills, delaware county. we're working to find out how the driver's doing after the attack. police announced charges against a suspected driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash in northeast philadelphia. john cook turned himself in eight hours after the crash cook
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accused of driving into a bus canopy yesterday morning. a man was waiting under the canopy, tossed more than 100 feet and killed. cook got out of the caring looked at the victim's body, and ran out. one woman's claim of being shamed for breast feeding in public is sparking a rallying cry from other mothers, she's not alone. >> a nurse-in at the spring valley ymca in montgomery county where the alleged incident took place. rosemary connors has more. >> reporter: so awesome she's getting so much support. it may be one of the more peaceful demonstrations around. mothers staged a nurse-in today after kate, mom to 19-month-old west, claims staff member told her she doesn't breast feed in a toddler's gym class. >> she's like, there's men in
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the class and they're uncomfortable if you nurse in here. i said that's illegal. i'm allowed to nurse in here. she said, no, you're not. >> it hit home with me. when i had my 5-year-old, i was covered in a restaurant and i was told to go to the bathroom and i didn't know my rights. >> reporter: nursing moms do have the right to breast feed in public places. whether covered up or not. the law has been on the books in pennsylvania almost ten years. >> please come on in. feel welcome. >> reporter: during the nurse-in, the staff invited the moms and babies indoors out of the hot sun. the ymca insists it's a misunderstanding that kate was asked to move because she was sitting on gym equipment that the class was ready to use. >> unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and she was breast-feeding at the time and she thought that we were saying she's not welcome to breast feed in our facilities. certainly that's not the case. >> i never had any trouble. i've nursed them through different sports classes, with
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males present, females present and felt like it's a supportive environment. >> reporter: moms report mixed experiences here, they say at the very least, this provides an opportunity to learn. >> we're feeding our babies. there's nothing wrong with that. i'm sure most people were fed that way when they were that little. and in the summertime, it is too hot to be covered up. >> reporter: rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> the law in pennsylvania that gives women the right to breast feed in public was passed for the purpose of protecting basic act of nurturing with the health of the mother and child in mind. septa and uber teaming up to try to ease parking problems. septa announced the details with the ride sharing service today. riders are taking uber to or from 11 regional rail stations will get 40% off of the cost of the uber ride. the hope is it will cut down a parking crunch at some of the busiest septa stations in the area. >> we want to give somebody an
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opportunity to try something they haven't tried before. figure out a way to come it a septa station without driving their own car, use the train to get into the city. >> the septa/uber discount will be in effect from memorial day to labor day. depending on how things go, it could be a permanent arrangement. a major bridge makeover is complete. >> three, two, one. yeah. the city of philadelphia cut the ribbon to reopen the willow grove avenue bridge this afternoon. antique car had the honor of being the first to drive over it. since 1894 it's been the gate with to chestnut hill. among the features, designated lanes for bike traffic. skyforce 10, live over breaking news in delaware county. crews on the scene of a school bus accident in springfield. that bus collided with a car
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here at north state road and golf view road. there were students on the bus but appear to be okay according to authorities. but there are injuries in that other car, that red car there, not clear how serious injuries are. we'll continue to work the story, bring you updated information as we get it. in the meantime, fill up yor tank, grab a six-pack of beer to go. that's the new plan here in pennsylvania. today, the state liquor control board proved nine new applications from gas stations and convenience stores across the commonwealth. none here in our area, though. it allows them to sell six-packs of beer as long as they also serve food and have ample seating. some beer distributors say that's a violation of the liquor code which prohibits beer and gasoline from being sold at the same spot. >> people underaged drinkers, people flying by in the car, open a can up and drinking it. >> it's a great idea. it's easier. i've been to other states where you can do that and it's a great
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idea. >> governor wolf urged the liquor board to approve the new applications. the issue faces a legal challenge at state supreme court. >> the soda tax debate is front and center before city council as they crunch numbers for the different ways they hope to generate cash for pre-k. nbc 10's lauren mayk stepped out of the meeting. where does the vote stand now? >> reporter: we have learned they will not be making a vote today, not on the soda tax or the alternative container tax. there are two primary plans out there, both of them would cost you money. but one of the big things they tackled today, they will not raise the same amount. on a hot day, cold drinks are the focus. at city hall, the debate is over tax options to pay for pre-k, community schools and rec centers. >> to tax or not to tax, that is the question. and we're running out of runway to make a decision. >> reporter: council got a little further today.
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inside council chambers a packed house with signs for and against the tax. mayor's plan to tax sugary drinks by less than 3 cents. also looking at a flat rate container tax. 15 cents if you buy soda, water or juice in a bottle. that got a closer look. >> we can't lend our support to the bill. >> reporter: the finance director testified the container tax won't make enough money, falling short by $27 million. the mayor prefers his 3 cent plan. >> you think you'll get nine votes for the 3 cents? >> i have faith. >> reporter: if it doesn't have enough support, mayor kenney left the door open for negotiations but warned -- >> if it's something less, we can live with it. but we'll live with less pre-k and less community schools and less parks and recreation center improvements. >> reporter: there did appear to be some wiggle room today with the finance director during his testimony, acknowledging a 2.5
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cent tax would raise sufficient funds. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10. more money troubles for chaka fattah revealed in federal court as his corruption trial continues. jurors heard from the owner of a south jersey advertising and marketing firm who says fattah did not pay his bills from 2007 mayoral campaign. he made fattah sign a personal guarantee for $200,000 for print materials but says that didn't happen. also, a man who plead guilty in the case is testifying right now. tbs 10's deanna durante is inside listening in. she'll tell us at 5:00. the head of the transportation security administration says the agency will add more than 700 new screeners by mid-june to deal with growing airport security lines. peter nefinger testified today. he says tsa officers are being
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moved to staff checkpoints at busiest airports at the busiest times. but one congressman says airports and airlines have been sounding the alarm about the crisis for months. >> the agency struggled to keep up with the high demand and has been unable to put the right people, the right place, at the right time. >> we have a challenge this summer which we are aggressively meeting head on. >> he also said a new incident command center will track daily screening operations and shift officers and resources to shorten lines. 11 states are suing the obama administration over the controversial transgender mandate handed down this month. texas became the first state to file suit today. that mandate says pub luck schools across the country should allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identity. schools that fail to comply risk losing federal money for education. texas governor dan patrick said today, his state is willing to
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forfeit $10 billion in federal education funding rather than comply. decision 2016 coverage. democratic presidential kand hillary clinton broke federal records rules through her use of private e-mail server when secretary of state, according to an audit released from the state department. it said clinton disregarded guidelines and that she never sought approval to use personal, mobile devices for official business. the report also analyzed the weak communication practices of the last five secretaries of state but said clinton's failures were bigger during her tenure. a romanian man who claim his broke into clinton's private e-mail server could spend up to seven years in prison. he pleaded guilty today. prosecutors said he broke into e-mail and social media accounts of 100 americans, including members of the bush family. presumptive gop nominee
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donald trump isn't slowing down. a live look at rally for his campaign in anaheim, california. now, police warned protesters at this event violence would not be tolerated after last night's chaos in new mexico. >> here it is. anti-trump protesters and police clashing outside the trump rally in albuquerque last night. demonstrators new yorked down barriers, threw rocks and police ronded with pepper spray and smoke grenades. trump said the rally was peaceful but referred to the protesters outside as criminals. for complete decision 2016 coverage including a match quiz to find out which candidate best stands with your views, tap the nbc 10 app. happening now, a solar powered plane is on its way to the lehigh valley during its trip around the globe. you can see on the flight
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tracker map, it's around hershey now. it took off on a 17-hour flight from dayton, ohio, this morning. the voyage began in march last year when it took off from abu dhabi. it should be landing at lehigh valley international airport. after allentown, it should move on to new york before crossing the atlantic ocean. a new name for old city. >> philadelphia's launching a campaign to rebrand the city's historic district. ♪ >> philly pops festival brass quintet set the move at launch. mayor kenney and city council members helped reopen the second bank of the united states. the rebranding comes just in time for the busy summer tourist season and the dnc. >> make people feel they will never forget the feeling and they will go back to st. louis and texas and florida and tell friends what a wonderful time
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they had in philadelphia. >> the newly defined district encompasses, old city, society hill, independence mall. as summer tourism season approaches, it's starting to feel the part outside. >> many neighborhoods hit 90. tim furlong spent the day outside. people enjoying the day that feels like summer. >> now that's the sound you like to hear in late may. but for the regulars at the golf club in wilmington, guys that try to play every single day, today has been a buzz kill. >> terrible. terrible. brutal. >> it's not squishy. it's nice and sunny. >> reporter: today's weather is a hole in one. the sun is hot but feels nice. the swim club and other local pools are about set for the busy memorial day weekend. folks are eating outside the logan house and bernie's in little italy.
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the ladies are getting arms into form. customers are already showing up. >> it's beautiful. imjoen-iin enjoenjoying it. >> it's great. >> tim furlong. >> it's that water ice season. >> we've waited a long time, glenn. >> right. air conditioner season, get them ready. humidity today incredibly low. >> great. >> that's why it feels fairly comfortable, even though we're close no 90 degrees. it's not going to stay like that. >> technically it's not summer yet. that's what june 23rd, that's mid to late june but we've been in doldrums of the gloomy, rainy chilly we want something nice. >> average high only 77. so we're talking about temperatures into the 90s and higher humidity as we go into the next couple of days. so it's going to get more uncomfortable. you see high, thin clouds now. it's a beautiful looking day. with humidity of 18 to 25%, that
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makes these temperatures not feel quite so hot. 88 degrees in philadelphia 87 lehigh valley. 86 in delaware. we've got uniformed temperatures for most part during the day today. even toward the beaches. highest reading in delaware, marshallton, 91. 89 in harmony hills. 88odessa. 85 in georgetown. it was in the 80s at delaware beaches but gotten into a sea breeze. it's down to 69 at dewy beach and 73 degrees at rehoboth. the big story is heating up, 83 degrees yesterday. so far, 88. tomorrow gets hotter. friday even hotter than that. and humidity starts coming up as well. so, we're going to be feeling that. you can see the temperature changes in your area, bottom of the screen. any time during the weather.
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don't have to wait until the end. it not just for philadelphia. for tomorrow. you see thunderstorm symbols. this is a chance and it's generally late in the day or into the evening hours. so we've got the temperatures into the 90s. fox chase 92, east falls 91. new town, bucks county, 92. lands dale, 91. best chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow would be in redding at 89 degrees allentown with 9 on so the south, these neighborhoods you don't see thunderstorms. not predicting any to reach into new jersey or delaware. hatten field, 90. jersey shore, avlon, 81. not quite as warm as it was today. a southwest wind in atlantic city. 78 as opposed to temperatures in the 80s. rehoboth beach, southwest wind is a land breeze. so, delaware beaches are pretty warm. we've got nothing going on close
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by but there why are you tomorrow. isolated shower to the north and west. going into the evening hours. and then that moves out. so, we're not talking about any prolonged type of precipitation. but we are talking about hot. here's saturday at 94 degrees. sunday, 88. still pretty warm with a chance of a shower. better chance of showers on monday, memorial day. but we're not talking about a washout. in any of those days, any places. it's jersey shore, not quite as warm because we're talking about the sea breeze. but still, saturday, 79, sunshine. that is looking pretty nice. love it. newly built bridge in delaware already needs a major fix. >> because it was built too short. still ahead -- the six-inch mistake becoming a very expensive inconvenience for state taxpayers. plus, fbi deploying its newest tool in the fight against
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crime. how these dogs are sniffing out high-tech trouble and keeping us safer. >> and the new option that might be the next big thing in weight loss. how balloons could help you lose weight. first, a look at closing bell on wall street. good day across the board.
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whoa, close call for the firefighters in florida. watch as they were responding to smoke coming from the manhole. seconds latter blew up, inches from their feet. no one was hurt. the energy company's blaming the explosion on transformer troubles. when it comes to sniffing out crime, one of the newest members of the fbi has a low tech way of doing it. >> a big, wet, cold nose. meet iris, she's the fbi's first electronic detecting canine. iris is based in newark, new jersey. trained to detected chemicals used to cool memory chips on electronics. she can sniff out the chemical. there are seven dogs in the country trained to do what iris can. >> all while wagging her tail.
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>> you think your golden retrievering can do that? >> the contractor did not finish the be. >> reporter:. so she called nbc 10 responds. see how harry hairston got help for her family. months after a south jersey beauty queen found dead in her new york apartment, new developments in the case. who was involved in her death. and rescuers found this horse starving and covered in paint ball markings. now a famoufamous, new owner. >> reporter: onstewart is taking her in. live look at boathouse row. 88 degrees now in philadelphia. new castle.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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right now, 4:30. nbc 10 responds, where no consumer complaint goes unnan unanswered. >> the team zeros in on a contractor. helping the woman who tried almost nine months to get the home repaired. >> an 80-year-old woman reaches out to us, her own desire was to v have her home repaired to spend the remaining years of her life in the home where she was born. >> it's my life. >> reporter: this is the only home mary has ever known. she almost lost a lifetime worth of memories when her laundry room caught fire last february. >> a want to open the door and the thing blew and next thing you know, it was all black inside. >> reporter: oh, man. it's just a shell here.
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her son jim showed us indecide of the home th. they paid contractor 22,000 to make repairs but mccabe didn't finish the job. >> he called up and told her, i'm not doing it. >> reporter: he gave your your money back, right? >> no. >> reporter: that was back in october. >> he disappeared. we couldn't find him. >> reporter: so they contracted nbc 10 responds. when we asked the state of new jersey to mccabe, it told us mccam mccabe is not licensed. we found mb kab's south jersey office. we did reach him by phone. mccabe acknowledged he owes the meade 18,000 for work he didn't do. he promised to explain why on camera at his office. you scheduled a meeting with me today at 9:00. he didn't show up. saying he changed his mind. the state says you're not authorized to do construction wore or contracting work in the
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state of new jersey. after that conversation, he returned $10,000 by cashier's check. but that would be too little, too late. >> never see her home. she'll never see it done. >> reporter: mary passed away before getting the remaining $8,000 needed to repair her home. her son says, his mother deserved more in her final days. >> she says, i don't have my home, all i wanted was my home to go back to. >> the family tells us, mary planned to throw a party once her house was done. the family still hopes to collect the remaining cash. it's a story that breaks my heart. >> that took our breath away. >> we were watching that. you interviewed her. we didn't realize that that was the ending that she passed away. poor lady. all she wanted to do was live in the home where she was born. . yeah. almost had all of the rest of the cash. another $8,000, they would have been able to get another contractor go in and get it together for her. she could have spent her remaining years there in the
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home she was born in. >> that's not one i'm not going to forget soon. >> thanks. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, head to, click on the page, fill out a complaint form, or call 610-668-7377, we will respond to you. tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, it's a month since our big launch, nbc 10 responds recovered more than $30,000 so far. we'll look back at highlights for you. that's tomorrow nbc "nbc 10 new 4:0 4:00". now, you're nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> that weather beginning to feel a lot like summer. nbc 10 near independence hall. gorgeous day to sit back, let someone else do the driving. we caught visitors taking the horse and buggy ride through the city. live look at ben franklin bridge. just a couple of days from now, this time that bridge is probably going to be packed with people making their way to the
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shore for memorial day weekend. hard not to think ahead to the holiday weekend with the great weather. >> i'm already there. on a beach, sombrero. i'm not here. >> focus a couple more days. >> i'm on the beach. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us with a look at all-important holiday weekend. >> it's going to be unusually warm for memorial day weekend. more like july 4th weekend. a lot of people will be happy about that. ocean, though, still cold. it's not a july ocean. it's a may ocean, which a lot colder. temperatures uniform across the area. 88 in philadelphia. near that lehigh valley and even toward the jersey shore. we have found a couple of places that have hit 90 degrees. but most places are just short of that. west callen township, 85. malburn, 87. collegeville, 89 degrees. that's warmest temperature in
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chester, bucks, montgomery, and delaware counties. north whales at 87. warrington, 87. new hope, 88. humidity's very low. it does not feel all that hot. temperature's been climbing and climbing. and it's got more climbing to do. we'll see how hot it gets throughout the weekend in a few minutes. a camden county apartment complex badly damaged after a fire here. skyforce 10 over the complex on la -- what is it? >> lacaskita, just a guess. >> no one hurt. no clear how the fire started. no new information in the death of a new york city doctor and south jersey beauty queen. two men are charged with supplying the drugs that killed
4:36 pm
her. she overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. originally from washington township in gloucester county. police found her unconscious in the doorway of a new york city apartment building. that was back in october of last year. this afternoon, mark johnson and james holder face federal charges in connection with the death. pictures show the men being taken into custody. authorities say the two dumped the body in the doorway after she overdosed in holder's apartment. ford issued a recall for one of its most popular vehicles. >> next, brake problem that could keep drivers from slowing down. new tool in the fight against obesity. how doctors say it's possible to lose weight with the help of balloons.
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students have to hang out on the ground from now on. the college town is banning all rooftop activities, located in burkes county. more and more students were lounging on rooftops.
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so, the borough decided a ban was the way to go. violators face a fine up to $600 and the ban comes two weeks after penn state student died after falling from a roof in state college. more delaware schools expanding their language immersion programs. by the fall, 3,000 students in kindergarten through fourth grade will be spending half of each school day learning in mandarin, chinese or spanish. the governor hopes to have 8,000 students enrolled in the next decade. recall news to warn you about. ford motor company recalling 271,000 f-150 truck for a brake fluid leak. the recovers from the years 2013 to 2014. owners will be notified in july. dealers will replace the
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cylinder for free. patients use them lost 7% of the body weight. the balloons look like capsules. you see it on the left. they're swallowed and filled with gas. you see the finished producten 0 the right. and once the filled balloons are in the stomach, researchers found patients ate less. the treatment still needs fda approval. eagles fans can show up for free for free fun this summer. >> next, see the team in action at the link without paying for tickets. plus, the popular summer convert venue making an invisible change to give music lovers a better experience. >> feels like summer outside already. and it's only may. i'm tracking more near 90-degree days and when humidity's going to crank up next in first alert forecast. a live look from our cape may camera. even people down the shore are enjoying the warmer temperatures. it's 85 in ocean city. 78 in rehoboth beach.
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cooler, gorgeous in poconos at 75.
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eagles head to training camp in two months but today we learned summer's camp will feature two open practices for fans. live look at lincoln financial field. two open practices held morning sunday july 31st and evening sunday august 14th. both practices are free, no tickets required. seating first coing seating first coin first come, served. have fun out there. it just got easier to tweet, like, post favorite moments from some of your favorite concerts. >> comcast installed free xfinity wi-fi hot spots ahead of the saturday's memorial salute concert from the philly pops. concertgoers asked to share their favorite moments. for every post, comcast will
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donate $1 to travis man ion foundation. police officers and firefighters can see the show for free with families. all philadelphia public school students, teachers and administrators get free tickets as well. again, this saturday, 7:00 p.m. head to our website, or check out nbc 10 app. comcast and nbc 10 proud sponsors of the memorial salute this memorial day weekend. our own glenn "hurricane" schwartz is the emcee. >> he's going to have to have red, white, blue bow tie ready to go. >> as a matter of fact, i do. >> perfect. >> i have red, white, blue bow ties, american flag bow ties. not sure which one i'm going to be using. but you folks that are go to be there, it's going to be hot and humid. dress accordingly. we're already in the mid to upper 80s akrcross the area.
4:47 pm
a lot of sunshine, lehigh valley easton 87. 74 by 9:00. 63 by 7:00 tomorrow morning. and it's going to be more humid. in the city of philadelphia itself. we have reached 90 degrees. society hill, penn's port, 89. park side 88. 89 winchester park. officially at airport still 88. of course, that's the official reading. that's what we put down on these maps. heating up. these are official high temperatures in philadelphia. started off at 62 on saturday. and it's going up every single day. 88 so far today. and then looks like we're going into 90s for some and friday and probably saturday as well. kind of hot and humid for memorial day weekend. take a look at this forecast here. 94 in philadelphia on saturday. probably dry. mostly sunny. lehigh valley 91.
4:48 pm
jersey shore, close to 80. that's a beautiful temperature. with sunshine, that's going to be the best day of the weekend, i think. we cool off a bit on sunday, partly because more clouds, because of onshore wind. and just a chance of a shower. that shouldn't ruin anybody's activities. greatest amount of clouds, best chances of showers, on monday, memorial day. but that's not a washout. temperature 78 degrees in philadelphia. 76 in lehigh valley. 66 in jersey shore. and delaware, 72 degrees. as we go through the night tonight, into tomorrow, look how hot it gets. just a chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm. lands dale, same story, 91 degrees. but as we go over into the new jersey, delaware, we don't have the shower chances. we have a lot of sunshine. hatten field 90. galloway 85.
4:49 pm
inland at beaches tomorrow, cooler than today, more of a southwest wind instead of west wind. dover, 87 degrees. probably without showers and storms. this is a system we're watching over the next several days, maybe become a tropical depression or storm. it does look like it's going to head towards southeast coast and not come up this way. but some clouds could come up from that system and that is what we're going to be watching as we go through the weekend. 93 friday, chance of afternoon thunderstorms. generally dry saturday. 94 and humid. 88 chance of showers on sunday. better chance on monday. and then, temperatures are back down a little bit. closer to the average of 77 for this time of the year. >> all right. next at 4:00, half million dollar mistake. >> a local bridge built too short. now taxpayers have to cough up cash to fix it.
4:50 pm
nbc 10 is finding out who dropped the ball and making sure it does not happen again. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise
4:51 pm
toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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so this is a major mistake, going to cost taxpayers big money after a bridge project bungled. >> the new bridge standing 6 inches short. the bridge in question is in newport, new castle county, it goes over the railroad tracks on new worth road. tim furlong went out to see where the project went wrong. >> certainly a pretty $5 million bridge and it's only a few years
4:54 pm
old. but the surveyors who planned this out, well, they made a huge mistake. >> yeah, exactly what it is. >> reporter: almost a decade ago, csx told they planned to double up container onlz the freight trains. dell dot had to make it 21 feet, 6 inches high. they didn't. i'm on a closed off safe piece of track to explain what happened. i'm told in 2007, the original surveyors measured from the bottom of the deck of the bridge down to the bottom of the train track down to the gravel beneath the rail but didn't account for the rail itself. you see rails sit up about 6 inches high, which means when the train rolls through, the train sits up 6 inches higher which means it's 6 inches closer to scraping the top of the bridge. that's too close for comfort. >> it was a big deal. it was inconvenient. >> reporter: mr. wallace remembers the road being shut down in 2011. the repair, it's going to cost
4:55 pm
taxpayers a half million dollars. >> as a taxpayer, you okay paying for this? >> no! i don't mind paying for improvements but i don't like doing the same work twice because somebody was unefficient. >> it pains me as much as anybody else to spend money to raise a bridge that was built five years ago when i have other needs to spend the money on. >> reporter: the surveyors weren't fired but left on their won't and deldot says it changes its own policies. every survey has three different looks to make absolutely sure they get it right before construction begins. >> for the next bridge, we'll definitely do better. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> let's hope so. nbc 10 ne"nbc 10 news at 5:00" >> next at 5:00, the battle over beer in pennsylvania. there's a new push to let customers buy six-packs at gas stations. find out who could stand in their way. and it's going to keep getting warmer this week. i'll show you what the warmest day will be and it will go into
4:56 pm
your memorial day weekend. we'll look at that forecast. plenty of people heading to the jersey shore. travel rers need to watch out f construction zones. but the beaches. why some destinations are a work in progress.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
at 5:00, turning up the heat. you're going to notice a big change in the weather. by this time tomorrow, it's really going to feel like summer. >> all happening as millions get ready for the memorial day weekend, whether headed to shores, poconos or in between. only nbc 10 has your first alert memorial day forecast. >> the unofficial start to summer and it's going to feel like it. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us now. talking temperatures in the 90s. >> yes, we are. temperatures in the 90s. even right now across part of the area. so, definitely feels like summer outside. here's a live look out. center city. a lot of sunshine out there. and a west wind. so that's really helping to warm things up. also, with your new neighborhood weather, seven day scrolling at bottom of the screen. winds sustained 16 miles an hour from the west. we were at 88 a minute ago. but the new updates putting us
5:00 pm
at 87. either way, it's very warm. most of the area sitting in the 80s. 84, pennsylvania suburbs. but we have 90s on the map. here's new castle count any delaware. 90 in marshallton right now. 88 degrees harmony hills. closer to the delaware beaches, a bit of a difference with cooler water temperatures. rehoboth, a land breeze at 70 with the cooler ocean temperature, 68 degrees in dewey beach, inland, milton, 85, ellen dale, 85. certainly a summer-like day today. tonight's forecast. by 7:00 p.m., in the 80s. and still sunny, so it will be warm and sunny by 8:00 p.m. 10:00, temperatures in the 70s for most of the area. and look at tomorrow morning when you walk outside, it's going to be warm tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, mostly sunny skies. temperatures already in the 70s. and through your afternoon, take a look at this, mostly sunny,


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