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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at 87. either way, it's very warm. most of the area sitting in the 80s. 84, pennsylvania suburbs. but we have 90s on the map. here's new castle count any delaware. 90 in marshallton right now. 88 degrees harmony hills. closer to the delaware beaches, a bit of a difference with cooler water temperatures. rehoboth, a land breeze at 70 with the cooler ocean temperature, 68 degrees in dewey beach, inland, milton, 85, ellen dale, 85. certainly a summer-like day today. tonight's forecast. by 7:00 p.m., in the 80s. and still sunny, so it will be warm and sunny by 8:00 p.m. 10:00, temperatures in the 70s for most of the area. and look at tomorrow morning when you walk outside, it's going to be warm tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, mostly sunny skies. temperatures already in the 70s. and through your afternoon, take a look at this, mostly sunny, and then we'll see areas in the
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90s by the afternoon hours. we could see a few thunderstorms roll in, too. we'll take a look at that forecast. plus memorial day weekend coming up. today turned out to be a great beach day down the shore. but in some spots, noisier than normal. as we head into the memorial day weekend, construction projects under way on the beach. ted greenberg explains why some of the work will continue into the summer. >> we're a little shocked when we first got up here. >> reporter: the view on beach haven center street, wasn't quite as serene as lori mcdonald expected. but the construction under way here days before the unofficial start of summer didn't stop her from staking out a spot on the sand. >> we looked and we're like, no, should we go over someplace else. but then we're happy being right here at the top and enjoying it. >> reporter: the work is part of a massive federal beach
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replenishment and protection project on long beach island. after another week, it will head to hole gate. barbara stout and her family decided to find a quieter spot. >> we figured that's not what we want to today. we wanted to relax. >> reporter: the project set to move north to surf city in mid-june. local leaders are not too worried about it causing a disruption to the summer season. >> the army corps's adept at handling it and work 24 hours a day and work quickly. >> in avlon, public works crews racing to rebuild beaches, hit hard by fall and winter coastal storms. >> you're going to find beaches in really good shape from a tourism perspective. >> reporter: trucking 50,000 cubic yards of sand from the community's south end, washed by the ocean. back to where it came from in the north end. >> do it for a couple of weeks in june, that way we have a protective and recreational beach for summer 2016. >> ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> check out the nbc 10 app
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through the weekend. will have the latest updates to neighborhood weather. get traffic alerts before you head to your holiday destinations. >> a mom in chester county shaken up after a burglar choked her and held her down during a home invasion this morning. the woman just returned from taking her kids to school. she found the man inside her house. she believes other suspects may have been inside, too. no one's been arrested, she was not hurt. police have captured a man wanted for trying to run over a police officer at chester county with a stolen car. officers arrested tyrell win chester in philadelphia. they've been looking for him since last thursday since he tried mowing down a police officer. that took him to delaware county friday. skyforce 10 over philadelphia's section earlier today, where the tractor-trailer
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took a corner too sharp. it happened at bridge and james street off of i-95. one man went to the hospital. no one was seriously hurt. it's about time, that's the word from pennsylvania leaders making a new push to allow beer sales at gas stations. but not everyone is on board. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal explains. >> reporter: at the luke oil mini mart -- >> all kind of soda. >> reporter: shelves packed with soft drinks and gatorade. >> no beer. >> reporter: beer is currently banned at gas stations. that might be changing. you could soon pick up a six-pack after you fill up the tank. >> it's good business because people come, take the gas, and they take the beer and take my stuff, everything. >> reporter: liquor control board approved applications from nine gas stations across the commonwealth of governor wolf asked for the change, calling on
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them to free the six-pack. >> i think it's a great idea. it's easier. i've been to other states where you can do that. >> reporter: but this plan would have some major restrictions. in order to sell you a beer, gas station would be required to sell food and have serving space, up to 30 people. that means it's more likely places like wawa and sheets get a license instead of mom and pop shops on the corner. and there's big pushback from beer distributors worried about competition who say gas stations might not screen underage customers. >> underage drinkers, people flying by in a car, open a can up and drinking it. >> reporter: the issue is still in murky legal waters. it will face a challenge at the state supreme court. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> septa and uber are teaming up to try to ease parking problems. septa announcing details of a new partnership with the ride sharing service today. riders taking uber to or from 11
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regional rail stations throughout the summer will get 40% off the cost of the uber ride. the hope is that will cut down on a parking crunch at some of the busiest stations in the area. >> we want to give people an opportunity to try something they haven't tried before instead of driving the car into the city. figure out a way to come it a acce septa station. >> the septa/uber discount will be working from memorial day to labor day. it could become a permanent arrangement. three, two, one. yeah. celebration right there, chestnut hill, now that a major bridge makeover is finishes. willow grove avenue bridge opened. an antique car had the honor of being the first to drive over it. since 1894 it's been the gateway to chestnut hill. designated lanes for bike
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traffic. and there's a runner attacking advantage of the reopening as well. >> debate over soda plan. it was a packed chamber. jim kenney proposing 3 cent per ounce tax. also an alternative from one council member, a container tax of 15 cents, it would include bottled water. council members are considering both objections as funding measures to pay for pre-k in the city. today mayor kenney took a swipe at former pennsylvania governor ed rendell skeptical of the tax. recently, rendell asked whether sugary doughnuts would be taxed, too. >> so people say, former governor rendell, keep his mouth shut, saying tax doughnuts. you don't absorb all of the sugar in a doughnut. you absorb all of the sugar in a sugar-sweetened beverage.
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>> if the soda tax doesn't have enough support, he's leaving the door open for negotiation. final beeps swung into place, topping off one riverside and center city today. that's a new 22 story condominium project under construction at 25th and locust. one-bedroom in the high end building set you back about $685,000. that's for one bedroom. sales agent tells us one-third of the 68 units have sold signs on them. >> we're planning to be sold out before we can pay the first unit in march 2017. >> the agencies the neighborhood where the building sits is popular because of residential feel and closeness to several parks. >> must be nice. new name for old city, that's right. philadelphia launching a campaign to rebrand the city's historic district. ♪ >> and the philly pops festival
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brass quintet set the mood at the historic philadelphia launch. mayor kenney and council members helped reopen the second bank of the united states. newly defined district encompasses parts of the delaware river, waterfront, old city, society hill and independence mall. >> it's been quite a turn of fortune for a horse named lily. she was abused and shot dozens of times with paint balls. but now she's getting a new home and it's thanks to comedian jon stewart. we'll have more on her journey to recovery at 5:00. plus this -- >> i felt this poom, and i was flying with the pocketbook. >> a trip to the store took a frightening turn. her warning for other shoppers. plus, new video of the suspects who attacked her. and experts say, it's the time to fly. why airline prices are cheapest they've been in years. and how long that's going to
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last. first, a live look at ben franklin bridge. there it is. beautiful day out there to roll down windows and feel the breeze on the drive tonight. 87 in pennington, mercy county. 87 in bayer, new castle county. d
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plane on its way to lehigh
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valley as part of a trip around the globe. a look at flight tracker map. should be landing at lehigh valley international airport a few hours from now. it took off on a 17-hour flight from dayton, ohio this morning. the voyage began last year when it left from abu dhabi. the plane will head to new york before crossing the atlantic oceanen. you should think of booking a commercial flight, somewhere, anywhere, this year. >> that's because prices are at their lowest level in six years. but you'll have to enjoy them while you can. prices dropped because of the plunging cost of oil. but that's starting to change. the airlines will follow suit than will push prices higher by next year. there's a downside. we've been telling you about these long lines at the airport as tsa tries to keep up with the growing number of passengers. but one travel expert tells us, deals could start popping up as airlines make up for the bad
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publicity. long lines became the focus of a hearing in washington today as head of the tsa promised to add nearly 700 screeners. he blamed airport delays on dramatic increases in travelers coupled with the decrease in screeners. the agency will begin boosting some officers from part time to full time. one congressman pointing the finger at his own colleagues. >> this crisis didn't just come out of nowhere. airports and airlines have been sounding the alarm for months. >> congressman from texas said a bill to help solve the situation stalled in the senate months ago and calling on lawmakers to act. >> want to sell your stuff online but worried about meeting in person to finish the deal? police in south jersey created a safe place for residents to do that. pen sauken police designate two parking spots at headquarters as safe exchange zones.
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parents with custody agreements can use them when dropping off their children. >> we look forward to utilizing this space. i've also already invited the residents to also use this space, or anyone who wants to utilize this space, is more than welcome. >> the police chief tells us the zone is well-lit, has a camera rolling 24/7, and there's always police officers inside the building. the chaka fattah corruption trial revealed more money troubles for the pennsylvania congressman. a former ally who took a plea deal was on the stand today. nbc 10's deanna durante following the trial from the beginning. the latest on what happened in court. >> reporter: craig not only knew there were money problems in chaka fattah's run for mayor, he helped cover them up, creating fake documents to hide illegal loan. greg says he's known the congressman and his family for
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years. when the congressman's son chaka fattah jr. had debts to drexel university, it was nailer who used to pay them down. he made it look like chaka fattah jr. was working for his company when in was not. he was candid, telling the jury he lied to investigators to protect those involved including the congressman. he told the jury the failed bid for mayor was expensivexpensive. he used illegal campaign loan to set up accounts. he had been contacted multiple times by a strategist who secured illegal loan and needed to be paid back. he says the congressman admitted the loan was repaid with federal grant money funled through a private business. he didn't ask any more questions because he felt he didn't need to know anymore. also on the stand today, a vendor to the fattah for mayor
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campaign who says the campaign racked up a significant debt. though the congressman signed a note he says that debt was never fully repaid. he has made a plea deal with federal authorities and yet to be sentenced. deanna durante. nbc 10 news. now nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. beautiful, warm day out there right now. it's still very warm across much of the area. and here's a beautiful look out at cape may. we have sunny skies. this beach is going to be very packed this weekend because we do have more summer warmth in the forecast for memorial day weekend. seven day scrolling at bottom of the screen with neighborhood weather. now let's take a look at the shore temperatures. everybody's in the 80s. but if you're along the shore now, you have a bit of onshore wind in some areas.
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ocean city at 79. cape may courthouse at 83. cape may, cape may point 73. may's landing in the mid-80s. 86 there. 88 egg harbor. 76 atlantic city. a difference closer to the water. but still a really nice day. and that's going to be packed as we go into the weekend. we have an air quality alert for the entire area because of the sunshine and warm temperatures. with that, we have unhealthy ozone levels or pollution levels for sensitive individuals like the elderly, children, and those with asthma. that will be the case as we go into tomorrow. big area of high pressure responsible for keeping us dry. and also for keeping us so warm today. this is future weather, so as we go into tomorrow afternoon, notice we don't have rain through the day. looking dry by 12:30. that's because of the high still sitting down to our south. as we go through the later evening hours, there's a chance we could see a couple of
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thunderstorms try to move in. it's not widespread. best chance west of philadelphia. that's by 8:00 in the evening. and then we'll see things quiet down going back into friday. friday looks good. but afternoon, another chance of pop up scattered thunderstorms. keep that in mind. we're still going to be warm, still 90s but better chance of thunderstorms starts to move in. tomorrow, highs. temperature for the day. millville 88. sunny along the shore. 78 degrees for a high. atlantic city 80. wildwood sunny skies there. morristown, 90 and sunny. sunny, philadelphia. temperatures low 90s tomorrow. so another summer of-like day. 90 in wilmington. for the philadelphia neighborhoods, 92 fox chase. could see a thunderstorm move in. afternoon storm possible. 90 allentown.
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best chance of late day thunderstorm tomorrow. mostly in our philadelphia areas and also through pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. take a look at next five days. compare philadelphia to the shore going into your montgomem day weekend. if you're at the shore, 78. still warm for what we've seen lately. saturday, 79, sunny. sunday cooler, 73, chance of showers. as we go into memorial day monday, better chance of rain. we'll take a closer look at all of the neighborhood weekend forecasts coming up. if you're planning to pick up lottery tickets, buy them in new jersey. why lady luck seems to be working her magic in the garden state. and, moms in montgomery county protest their right to breast feed in public. why they staged a nurse-in, as they call it, at a local ymca.
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best part of my week, finding out who is wednesday's child. he's a bright, athletic kid, a lot of love to give. looking for a forever family to help dreams come true. vai sikahema introduces us. >> expand arms. >> we first met him four years ago. back then, even as a 9 or 10-year-old, he wanted to train to be a professional athlete. now he's in eighth grade and dreams haven't faded. we took him to the health and racquet club, one of the best trainers in the area. he has wanted to be a pro
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athlete as long as he can remember. he's a good athlete. name it, football, basketball, baseball, he plays it. not only does he love to play, but loves the work. but as much as he loves sports, not as important as having a forever family. >> being there for me, making sure i don't do things as well as getting me to go forward, positive things. >> reporter: he's exceptionally bright, talented, and articulate. he's an artist and loves to paint and make things. and he knows what he wants from his forever family. >> being here for me, being open to new things. >> reporter: he cares about self-improvement. >> i'm always looking for imperfections and flaws, just so that i have something to focus my mind on, try to fit, become or better myself. >> reporter: this week's wednesday's child. >> if you like to make his dream
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come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday. child. also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. useless at best, harmful at wo worst what experts have to say about stress tests. the tests commonly give tonight screen for heart disease are over used because they're not accurate and can lead to unnecessary and expensive procedures for one reason. one man thought he passed with flying colors. but got a result he never expected. >> i got the results back from the doctor and they said there was an abnormality in my heart, which was, you know, a bit of a shock to me. >> but a follow-up exam proves johnson was fine. his inaccurate results what experts are warning about, for more details on the effectiveness of cardiac stress tests tune into nbc "nightly
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news" with lester holt. following breaking news in port richmond, philadelphia police are on the scene of a suspicious death. skyforce 10 over that scene right now along memphis street. you can see police cruiser, crime scene. the victim found this morning with bruises on his face and stomach. we'll follow this story. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it to you. two robbers took a woman on a violent ride. >> the thieves dragged her through the parking lot of a shopping center. next, she tells her story only to nbc 10. the thieves still on the loose. plus, gabby giffords hits the presidential campaign trail. who brought her to south jersey and her message or voters. plus, new at 6:00, victory for a local battleship. what's planned to brighten up the" uss new jersey." first, a live look at 8th and market in center city on the
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bright, sunny day. great night to take your dinner outside. it's 90. it's 89 in atlantic county. 88 greenville, new castle county. warm day out there.
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all i felt was a poom, and i was flying with the pocketbook. >> a slopping trip took a frightening turn for this woman in chester county. two men robbed her, and then dragged her through the parking lot. >> she thinks she's talking to nbc 10. monique braxton with the story. very frightening. >> reporter: absolutely. the victim tells us, it was dusk, people all around her, here in the parking lot, as she left t.j. maxx yet her purse was grabbed from a passing car. >> i thought my arm went out of my socket. >> reporter: the 65-year-old victim says she's shocked and feels violated. her face, chest, and elbows are banged up, injuries suffered when a purse snatcher attacked. >> i felt like a poom, and i was flying with the pocketbook.
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and all i remember was hitting my face. >> reporter: the elderly victim, we're not identifying, says it happened so quickly. a man in a passing car, grabs her designer bag. she automatically held on and was dragged past two cars here at the gateway shopping center. >> our advice would be always just give them what they're asking for. we would like for you to be the best witness you can. >> reporter: take a look at one of the men police believe was the driver. surveillance video captures him at wegmans in malburn. he aterped terterp tempted to d but the card was declined target cameras show him shopping. look at his hat and shirt. here at target, the card is also declined. investigators say, they're always concerned about shoppers who may have a false sense of security. >> be aware of surroundings all
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the time. >> reporter: you refuse to live in fear? >> yes. it could happen anywhere, anytime. >> reporter: investigators do believe the two suspects are from lancaster because they successfully used a stolen card at a turkey hill in lancaster county. police say if you recognize the one suspect, don't hesitate to call them. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. police announced charges against this man coming up here in a deadly hit-and-run crash in northeast philadelphia. john cook turned himself in eight hours after the crash. cook accused of driving into this septa bus canopy early yesterday. a man was waiting under the canopy. he was tossed more than 100 feet and killed. cook got out of his car, looked at victim's body, and ran off.
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first alert forecast. feeling like beach weather outside today. nbc 10 in surf city in ocean county, few people soaking up the sun along the shore today. philadelphia, steamy for tourists visiting independence hall. folks got off their feet, took a horse and buggy ride, enjoying sunny skies. >> horse moving kind of slowly there. if you thought today was warm, get reddy for the next few days. sheena parveen warm details in your neighborhood forecast. >> that's right. feels like summer today. it's going to keep feeling like that tomorrow. temperatures in the 80s in some spots. still warm outside. 87 philadelphia. 84 pennsylvania suburbs. everyone's in the 80s in delaware. 85 wilmington. and sunny, across the area that's giving us all of the heat as well as wind direction. it's a warm wind direction. mostly in from the west. 90 degrees in pens port now.
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here's your neighborhood temperatures through the philadelphia area. philly international at 87. but other areas sitting warmer, west mt. airy, 88. fox chase 88. summerton, 88 degrees. so, it is going to stay warm for the rest of this evening. even overnight. by the time you walk outside tomorrow, notice it will feel very warm in morning, mainly 70s by the time you walk outside. big area of high pressure. that's the reason for the summer like warmth. sitting down to our south. wind direction's bringing in that warmer air from the south as well. and that's why we're going to stay this way into tomorrow. so we have two things here. keep heating up and then into your memorial weekend, stay warm but also with humidity. coming up, a look at the holiday weekend for cast and also thunderstorms possibly over your weekend. we'll take a look at that with neighborhood weather straight ahead. new information in the death of a new york city doctor and south jersey beauty queen.
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two men charges with supplying the drugs that killeder 4. she overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. she was originally from gloucester county. police found her unconscious in the doorway of a new york city apartment building in october of last year. this afternoon the two are in custody and face federal charges in connection with the death. the two dumped the body in the doorway after she overdosed in holder's apartment. a brand-new law in pennsylvania will try to deter people convicted of drunk driving for the first time from doing it again. today governor wolf signed a bill to require ignition interlock for first-time dui offenders with high blood alcohol levels. the device is a breathalyzer that keeps the engine from urn turning on if over the legal limits. city officials tell us
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25,000 businesses in philadelphia owe back taxes to the tune of $70 million. today, city officials took the first step towards recouping some of that cash. the mayor announced fees ability study to look at selling debt city's owed to collection agencies. the study will look at how to collect debts that go back decades. and also, from businesses that no longer exist. philadelphia city councilman says the money collected could go toward philadelphia's underfunded pension funds. when it comes to winning the lottery, it's all in the numbers. >> lately, it seems to be paying off big time to buy your tickets in new jersey. this is charles and mary of cape may. they are $1 million richer. ticket matched all five balls in last wednesday's powerball. they bought a tick the at i convenience store near their home. charles is a retired truck driver. mary is semi retired and a full-time grandmother to ten
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grand kids. when it comes to big lottery games, new jersey players have seen a lot of luck this month. three tickets worth a million dollars sold in the garden state. one the monster powerball worth $429 million. six smith sisters, brother steven and mother pearly, split that jackpot. pearly spent $6 on two tickets at 7-eleven in trenton. they plan to use the money to give back to charities and also their church. how nice is that? >> friends and co-workers say they're the kind of people who deserve this. a horse in chester county getting a new lease on life. new owners today. >> they happen to be celebrities. >> >> reporter: onstewart and his wife wanted to give lily a new home. a woman's claim saying she was shamed for breast feeding in public has become a rallying cry in montgomery county. the law in pennsylvania that protects them.
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tomorrow the summer months are coming up. one of the biggest health concerns could be buzzing in our region. >> we're talking to health experts in charge of protecting us against the zika virus. >> join us tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m.
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a group of local ploms rallying behind a woman shamed for breast feeding in public. they held a nurse-in at spring valley ymca in montgomery county where the alleged incident happened. this, after kate claims a staff member told her she couldn't breast feed in the toddler's gym class the ymca says she was asked to move because she was sitting on gym equipment that the class was ready to use. >> there seems to have been miscommunication and that she was breast-feeding at the time and she thought that we were saying she's not welcome to breast feed in our facilities. certainly that's not the case.
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>> demonstrations around, mothers staged a nurse-in at spring valley ymca today. pennsylvania allows women to breast feed in public whether they are covered or not. the law has been on the books for nearly ten years now. a lot of us have plans for memorial day, barbecuing, down the shore, in the mountains but it's time to pause and remember throws who have played the ultimate sacrifice for our country. the past weekend a group of veterans marked the holiday with a trip of a lifetime. honor flight philadelphia works to honor sacrifices of veterans and they took vets from world war ii and korean war to washington to visit the memorials dedicated to service. >> i never had the opportunity before. i was really quite impressed. i really -- i was impressed with them all, particularly, particularly one, the vietnam which was important, that be
5:42 pm
erected first and then korean and then world war ii. >> i got a chance to speak to george today. he tells me he's heading to normandy this weekend. he does it every year ahead of the memorial day holiday. if you'd like more information about honor flight philadelphia, go to check out the nbc 10 app. get ready to test your spelling skills. it's time for the national spelling bee. see how our local contestants are doing next at 5:00.
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great to be back in new jersey. i'm from new jersey. >> with her husband former astronaut mark kelly, former congresswoman gabby giffords participate in the a discussion in cherry hill to stop gun violence. surviving a mass shooting that left several dead in january 2011. kelly and gifford and steadfast in standing up to the gun lobby. they believe one candidate is doing the same. >> hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby. that's why i'm voting for hillary. >> today's discussion was not considered a formal campaign
5:46 pm
event, an official campaign event. it was held in the sanders' boardroom. hosted by the jewish community relations counct together with hillary clinton supporters. report critical of hillary clinton today by the state department inspector general, concludes that clinton violated cybersecurity guidelines by using a private e-mail account. that report finds no evidence that clinton got approval as she claimed to use her own blackberry and e-mail server. other secretaries of state used private accounts but the report says clinton's failures were more serious because the state department hat more guidelines during her tenure. donald trump jumped on that report today. >> inspector general's report, not good. she's got bad judgment. she's got horribly bad judgment. >> clinton denied wrong doing or deception. today's report is separate from the fbi probe into a possible criminal violation. how much money should a public housing executive make?
5:47 pm
congress set a limit but mitch blacher found some in philadelphia are making more. >> it's way out of line. it's a racket. >> reporter: this u.s. senator helped set the federal executive salary limit at $157,000 per year. we found philadelphia public housing executives making over that amount. >> salaries are ridiculous. >> it raises concern. >> reporter: as president of philadelphia's housing authority, calvin jeremiah earned $243,000. >> this is by no means an easy gig. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, where the extra money is coming from, and the salaries are needed and a call for a stricter limit. for the investigators, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, the summer-like warmth is going to continue as we go into tomorrow. and even into memorial weekend. that's good news especially for
5:48 pm
those of you who plan on being outside. don't forget with our neighborhood weather, seven-day forecast scrolling at bottom of the screen, no matter pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware. temperatures now in the 80s. look at south jersey, mid-80s. some spots close to 90. 87 philadelphia now. south jersey neighborhoods real quick, some spots are in the upper 80s. medford, 90. we've seen very warm temperatures today with a warm wind direction. 85 washington township. 86 vineland. 85 pine n. hollow. 87 in florence. 86 lumberton. princeton 84. a tad bit cooler but very warm. with the warm air, air quality alert, counties shaded in gray. what that means with the sunshine and warm temperatures that interacts with air pollution and creates higher levels of ozone. it's unhealthy for the elderly,
5:49 pm
children, those with asthma. you don't want to be in the weather exercising where you have to take in a lot of air. just be cautious of that. as we go into tomorrow, though, we're going to keep warming up. and if you compare it to last weekend, this past weekend we had. we're seeing temperatures 30 degrees warmer. so last saturday, look at the temperature rise. this is for the philadelphia area. we were at 62 on saturday. they just kept going up and as we go through the rest of the week, we'll be in the 90s. mid to low 90s. and average high is actually 77 degrees. we'll be way above normal as we go through the rest of the weekend into the week. 90 grow temperatures by the afternoon. a look at neighborhood weather. tomorrow, redding, sunny, 88. bethlehem, 90. late day thunderstorm through the lehigh valley. phoenixville 90. west chester 91. late day thunderstorm. 90 mt. airy.
5:50 pm
warmer than today. we keep on rising. 90 for hattenfield. 89 in trenton. closer to the shore, mid-80s for galloway township. atlantic city, 78. for delaware, 87 in dover. 90 in wilmington with plenty of sunshine. then we go into your holiday weekend. looking good but we have a chance of showers, at least as we go into sunday and monday. so here it is, memorial weekend forecast, saturday, 90s. heading to the shore, 79, sunny, showers 73 degrees. rest of the area in the 80s on sunday. by monday, little bit cooler. watching those rain chances closely. but expect showers later in your holiday weekend forecast. glenn will be back at 6:00. lester holt joining us new york. >> what's coming up on nightly news. >> inside the new report putting hillary clinton's e-mail problem
5:51 pm
front and center at a critical moment of the campaign. with the president overseas as he gets a public scolding from a world leader and makes a public apology. our stress tests always necessary? new medical view about that when we see you at 6:30. back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks, lester. if you had to spell the word oriforous. >> could you spell it? >> o -- >> no. >> i couldn't do it. i bet there's a group that could. >> yes. >> local spellers from across the country. they're in maryland tonight. 285 young people compete in the spelling bee. nine spellers representing pennsylvania, south jersey, philadelphia. what it takes to win. >> i am nervous.
5:52 pm
all of the wordize memorized went blank. i didn't remember anything. >> if you want to participate in the national spelling bee you should like words, you should be a word nerd. >> the semifinals and finals tomorrow. if you want to test your spelling skills, head to for interactive online quiz. i guess that word will be there. >> a-u. >> yeah. come on, jim. you can try to spell the words that knocked out past consi contestants. >> did you know jon stewart is an avid support or of animal rights? >> i've been learning that. a horse in chester county got his attention. "nbc 10 news at 6:00," a sweet treat and science. this new partnership straight ahead.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck.
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it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. rescuers found this horse starving and covered in paint ball markings. now getting a new and famous owner. jon stewart is bringing the horse to his new animal sanctuary in new jersey. nbc 10 news tim furlong has more. >> he's the sweetest horse i've ever met. and we're excited. he's going to have a beautiful life. >> reporter: lily the horse will have a happy ending to the
5:56 pm
story. the middle was rough. march found an auction, emaciated, blind, and covered with over 130 stinging welts from an apparent paint ball attack. >> she was headed for slaughter. >> reporter: as doctors treated lily, a man was charged with animal cruelty crimes but investigators don't have the backstory. they think the next chapters are going to be pretty good for her. she's put on 150 pounds and has new celebrity parents. >> no demands we'll make on her. >> reporter: tracy and her husband. >> yes, that jon stewart, adopted lily and her new also blind horse friend anita from the horse rescue. they will live at the stewart's new sanctuary in new jersey, hang out with the barnyard buddies. lily will be able to greet the public. she's an older horse who will get to live the life every horse deserves. >> this really being outside,
5:57 pm
eating grass, being with friends and living the good life. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> good way to put it. here's jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> next at 6:00, school leaders say there's no excuse. >> there was an omission something went wrong. >> two police departments did not show up when 911 was called about a threat near a school. plus, the green light to spruce up the world war ii battleship new jersey. next at 6:00.
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5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, nbc 10 getting action. days after we uncovered a slow police response to i drive-by threat to the school, because of the report, high ranking officers met with school leaders late this afternoon. their aim to make sure this never happens again. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. urban promise acad pli sits on border of camden and pen socken. there was a question which police department was responsible for it. >> cydney long broke the story. because of her roberts, officers are making sure the lines are drawn more clearly now. >> how did today's meeting go?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: well, i can tell you, the meeting did unfold behind closed doors and we are told that there was some tension inside. we did learn, however that that 911 call that was placed from urban promise academy last monday when students were threatened on the playground didn't come from a cell phone after all. and that land lines on campus are also not to blame. >> when you call the police, say a man with a gun and a child, police should come. >> reporter: only after our exclusive report monday about the lack of police response to the urban promise academy did top brass at county dispatch and two police departments meet with school leaders. why was the meeting imperative. >> you had a small group of children who were put in a very, very scary situation. >> reporter: camden county's director of public safety called a special meeting to investigate what went wrong. a passenger who pulled a


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