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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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again during the getaway. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. surveillance video shows the driver running into the boy backing up to see what happened then speeding off in reverse. nbc 10's drew smith live tonight in norristown. drew, this driver is still on the loose but police have an important piece of evidence, right? >> reporter: and they do, jim. they found the car just a few blocks away from the crash scene. they actually saw it on top of a tow truck here at the police station. right now, that driver remains on the run. a sign alerts drivers to watch for children on this section of oakwood avenue. today shortly before 4:00, a 6 -year-old boy was riding his bike coming out of this alley. >> i heard a loud crash and i looked out the window and i saw this gold colored toyota. >> reporter: sue and paul shared their surveillance video with nbc 10. it shows the boy running right into the passenger side of the car which keeps moving. about ten seconds later, it backs up, nearly hitting the boy
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again as he laid unconscious in the street. >> just threw itself in reverse and back down the alley it flew. >> reporter: they and others helped to run the boy. his teeth were busted up and blood was coming from the back of his head. >> that's horrible. i don't know how anybody can hit a child and just keep on going. >> reporter: police found the car on rosemont avenue. neighbors say it was driving erratically but after parking the driver casually walked away. up on the tow truck, see a dent in the side. >> to back off and take off in the alley without any care of running him over again, that's just no -- no regard for life whatsoever. especially a child's life. >> reporter: and we just got an update on that boy's condition. we're told he is stable at children's hospital in philadelphia. live in norristown, drew smith, nbc 10 news. breaking news right now. three people shot at a concert venue where music star t.i. was scheduled to play. the shooting unfolded less than
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an hour ago in irving plaza in new york city. this is video taken by someone inside. we don't know if t.i. had taken the stage yet and we don't know who the victims are or their conditions right now, but count on updates as we get them on air and through the nbc 10 app. to more breaking news. a restaurant worker shot in new castle county tonight. police say the gunfire erupted during a robbery. skyforce 10 was above the chinese restaurant on philadelphia back in claymont. police say the restaurant worker is expected to survive but the shooter got away. a dad rushing out of the house this morning accidentally put a loaded gun in his son's school bag. the second grader found that fun in class in grover cleveland charter school in tioga. he told his teacher and police were called. no one was hurt here. the father is a security guard with a license to carry. no charges will be filed. new at 11:00, firefighters put out the flames from this brush fire in west philadelphia
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tonight. nbc 10 at 36th and manchua, see the smoke billowing near the train tracks this evening. no one was hurt. a packed house filled the uptown beer garden in center city. guests at tonight's summer grand opening treated to new additions. on top of the menu of beer and cocktails, its brand new outdoor gri grill serving everything from spanish octopus to beef skewers. the great weather still with us. nbc 10 in yuuniversity city, people at outdoor tables enjoying this taste of summer, early taste of summer. meteorologist sheena parveen has your nbc 10 first alert weather. even hotter tomorrow? >> yes, even hotter tomorrow, jim. if you notice, you don't need the jacket tonight if you've been outside in the past couple of hours. you would really have felt how warm it is. philadelphia at 73 degrees right now. 71 wilmington. 72 degrees coatesville.
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73 in trenton. it is warm across the area at this hour. it's going be even warmer throughout the day tomorrow. also don't forget your seven-day forecast always at the bottom of the screen for you. tomorrow morning, here are your 8:00 temperatures. mostly sunny. we'll be around 70 degrees by 8:00 a.m. so a sunny, warm start to your day. by lunchtime, temperatures already in the mid to low 80s. if you're at the shore, low 70s and sunny. through the afternoon, we'll be topping out through most of the area around 90 degrees. some areas in the low 90s. we'll take a look at your neighborhood forecast temperatures for tomorrow and of course your memorial day weekend forecast. still going to be feeling like summer with the chance of showers. i'll show you that coming up. >> okay, sheena. see you in just a little bit. history in the making in the lehigh valley tonight. the solar impulse plane touched down a couple hours ago. it does not use fuel. runs entirely on solar energy. nbc 10's brandon hudson is live tonight in allentown with an up close look at this plane.
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brandon? >> reporter: jim, a crew just pulled the plane into this hangar behind me a little more than an hour ago. it has the wingspan of a boeing 747, but weighs just as much as an suv. the pilot told me that he put in about a 16-hour day today and actually that's a short day. the goal is to educate people on maximizing our energy-efficient technologies. after circling for more than an hour, the solar impulse made its grand entrance at the lehigh valley international airport from dayton, ohio. the plane is attempting to make a record-breaking trip around the world using only the energy supplied by the sun. an invite-only crowd which included people of all ages gathered to watch this moment. what's it like to see the plane up there? >> awesome. it's history in the making. >> we said it was a good opportunity to come out here and see the landing. >> a guy drove up from washington, d.c., today, to be able to see it. >> reporter: hugh said he's followed the solar plane for months. hugh believes this plane will
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change how we look at energy-efficient transportation. which has already carried over to electric cars. >> i think it's already changed the way people are thinking about solar. i think it's going to get greater. >> we always think about how to produce more and more energy and never think about how to use the energy we have or how to better use the energy we have. >> reporter: the plane started in abu dhabi last year and making its way around the world. andre is one of two solar impulse pilots. andre had the task of flying the plane across the pacific in five days without sleep. >> five days, five nights, a resting period of 20 minutes. >> reporter: that pilot elaborated saying he rested 20 minutes 6 times a day. as for this trip, the other pilot will leave sometime next week for new york city. make their trip to the -- over across the atlantic and then sometime circle around the statue of liberty while in new york city. live in allentown, brandon
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hudson, nbc 10 news. >> quite a journey. brandon, thank you. a local group wants to put a stop to a proposed septa natural gas plant in nicetown. the group 350 philadelphia held a rally and public information session tonight. septa wants to build a natural gas plant next to the bus station to supply electricity for the regional rail system. 350 philadelphia is concerned about the health, financial and environmental implications of that project. >> why are we investing $24 million on a natural gas power plant? we could be spending that money on wind or solar. >> the plan has not been given the go-ahead. septa's board is expected to make its final decision sometime this summer or early fall. new at 11:00, a quick decision is expected from governor chris christie on whether he will sign a bill to rescue atlantic city. the democratic-controlled legislature will consider the new legislation tomorrow. after it advanced this week. on his radio show today, christie stopped short of saying he'd sign the bill but says it
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gives him the authority he needs to help a.c. the deal stops the threat of a state takeover for now. [ yelling ] violence breaks out at this protest outside a donald trump rally today. police in riot gear confronting demonstrators in anaheim, california. inside the rally, only a handful of disruptions for thousands of trump supporters. this comes a day after protesters smashed barriers and jumped on cars at this trump rally in albuquerque. and tonight trump is hitting hillary clinton hard over a critical report by the state department inspector general. that report finds as secretary of state, clinton violate ed cyr security guidelines using a private e-mail account for state business and found no evidence clinton got approval to use her own blackberry as she claims she did. clinton denied any wrongdoing. the fbi's criminal investigation into the issue is still ongoing. here at home, jackie
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robinson's story of breaking baseball's color barrier is coming to the national constitution center and today workers put the finishing touches on the exhibit opening tomorrow. it features two contracts signed by robinson. one with the montreal royals in 1946 and the other with the brooklyn dodgers in 46. those signings came nearly two decades before the civil rights act. >> we think it's a great exhibit that helps us tell the story of civil rights movement from a different -- a very different perspective than we normally tell it. >> the jackie robinson contracts will be on display at the national constitution center until sunday, june 5th. too many freshmen heading to penn state university. so for the first time ever, the school is offering a special deal to some freshmen to get them to go to campuses other than the main one in state college. in-state students will get $10,000 off their tuition. out of state students get
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$15,000 if they go to one of the 18 other undergraduate campuses. and staying at one of the four campuses with available housing, that knocks an additional $5,000 off the bill. and some of the brightest young minds are in our nation's capital right now. they're taking part in one of the toughest competitions around. >> may i have the definition, please? >> this is video of the preliminary rounds of the 2016 scripps national spelling bee. what began as a competition of 285 spellers is now down to just 45. three of them from right here in our area. and we caught up with one of those kids who's an eighth grader in delaware county. she says a lot of work goes into being a good speller. >> should be a word nerd and you should, like, be prepared to study and, like, make sure and know the words and their definitions and things but most of all, you should like words.
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>> be a word nerd. love that. a cherry hill fifth grader and newark, delaware, sixth grade student will compete in tomorrow's semifinal round. well, do you know where your tax dollars are going? the nbc 10 investigators found public housing officials with pay hechecks thousands of dolla above the federal guidelines. what happened when we began asking questions. also, hit the jackpot at revel without even going to the casi casino. how you could earn $10,000 just for a good idea. jon stewart to the rescue. how the comedian and his wife are giving a second chance to an abused horse from our area.
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an update on our breaking news out of new york city. three people shot at a t.i. concert there in the city. this is video from inside the venue. now police are saying two men and a woman have been shot. one of the men we're told has life-threatening injuries.
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officers have not made any arrests at this shooting scene. t.i., of course, a grammy winning rapper known for hits including "whatever you like." again, three shot at a concert there in new york city. now, at 11:00, the nbc 10 investigators track your dollars from washington to public housing paychecks. >> it's way out of line. it's a racket. >> we find top executives making more than congress authorized. >> this is by no means an easy gig. >> those living here believe there are better ways to spend the money. >> we have got to do something to protect our children. >> the nbc 10 investigators first exposed some people living in public housing earning six figures. well now we've uncovered the people in charge of some housing authorities are making more than the federal salary limit and right now it's all legal but there's a move to close what some call a loophole that wastes your money. here's investigative reporter
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mitch blacher. >> reporter: we're in philadelphia public housing. >> salaries are ridiculous. >> reporter: showing residents what those in charge make. >> i didn't know that, firsts of all, and it raises a significant concern. >> reporter: greg brinkley is the president of the homes leadership council. he had no idea public housing executives were earning more than the federal limit. >> i respect mr. jeremiah, but i am alarmed at that. i am. >> reporter: adds president of philadelphia's housing authority, calvin jeremiah earns $243,000. the federal government gives philly's public housing authority most of its money but the feds cap how much federal money can be used to pay all government executive salaries. the limit is just over $157,000. anything above that and the housing authority has to come up with it on its own. >> philadelphia's housing authority goes over it in eight cases. >> absolutely. >> reporter: our investigation found those eight salaries will cost the philadelphia housing
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authority an extra $146,000 this year. it's what the feds won't cover. >> you have to pay them a rate that would attract and retain them. >> reporter: and $157,000 wouldn't do that? >> not in philadelphia i don't think. >> reporter: the housing authority provide e ed documentn showing it will use obsolete equipment sales to pay part of the salaries. the houses authority sold sidewalk sweepers, duct tape rolls, electrical wire and earned nearly $25,000. jeremiah said investment income will cover the rest but did not provide documentation showing the source of that money. the housing authority's 2015 financial audit shows it earned $14.1 million from investments last year from account interests in the stock market. >> use it for what the purpose of public housing is for safe, affordable housing. >> reporter: senator chuck grassley has introduced legislation to stop housing authorities from paying over the federal limit. when we showed him what
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philadelphia's housing executives were earning, he said it violated the spirit of the cap. >> if it's a good salary here in washington, d.c., it ought to be a good salary in philadelphia. >> reporter: philly hasn't been alone in paying over the limit sala salaries. according to the department of housing and urban development's most recent records, last year 302 public housing authorities paid above the federal limit including trenton and wilmington. but our investigation found trenton and wilmington housing officials now earn under the federal limit. philadelphia housing officials say they have no such plans. if you have a core mission to help low-income families find housing, couldn't you use that extra money to do that? >> i suppose we -- i suppose we can. it would be disingenuous to say if we have an extra $140,000, i cannot put it to any good use. >> and during our investigation, we also learned that some public housing authorities got caught paying excess executive salaries
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with federal tax money. six of them including three in northern new jersey had to give the money back. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. some of philadelphia's finest police officers were recognized for their contributions tonight. the annual police month order of police awards were held. jesse hartnett one of several officers honored who continues to recover after the ambush attack by a man who allegedly pledged allegiance to isis. the owner of the former revel casino needs your help to complete its revival and willing to pay up for it. considering a $10,000 reward for a person who can rename the casino. however, he tells nbc 10 he hasn't officially launched a way to submit your proposals. he says 40% of the resort will re-open by june 15th. a horse once paint covered and headed for slaughter is getting a fresh start thanks to comedian jon stewart. he's bringing lily the horse
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from chester county to this new animal sanctuary in new jersey. lily was found abandoned at an auction in march emaciated, blind and covered with welts from an apparent paint ball attack. doctors at the university of pennsylvania's new bolton center in kennett square treated her and she's headed for a new life thanks to stewart and his wife. the hit nbc show "american ninja warrior" shoots a qualifying round tomorrow and friday at the generating station in port richmond. this is a look at the beginning of the course. you'll have to wait to see the new obstacles but we can tell you nbc 10's keith jones got a chance to run the course today. you're going to see keith's run after the philadelphia round airs on june 22nd. right here on nbc 10. go, keith! here's a hint. he did get a little wet and it's not because of the rain, right, sheena? >> i was worried about the rope.
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i'm glad he made it through part of the course. we're very interested to see how keith did. as we go into tomorrow, the weather is warmer than today. we also have an air quality alert for the entire area because of that. it's actually a code red which we don't see very often. what it basically means with the warm temperatures and not a lot of wind around the area, too, and such dry air in place for most of the area, that sunshine is going to interact with some of the pollution in the atmosphere creating higher levels of ozone. so in this case, we are, in fact, looking at those ozone levels being high enough to be unhealthy for the general population. in this case, you want to avoid strenuous activity outdoors such as exercising. so just be aware of that as we go through the day tomorrow. also don't forget your seven-day forecast is always on the bottom of the screen with our new neighborhood weather as well. now tomorrow will be warmer than today. like i mentioned. but this is a big temperature jump from what we had this past weekend. take a look at the temperature trend in philadelphia. last saturday, 62 degrees. we're going to be 30 degrees
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above that as we go into tomorrow and even for your friday. we're going to keep warming into the 90s. normal high, 77 degrees. so we are well above normal for this time of year. it is going to last into your memorial day weekend. tomorrow, though, we're going to keep those 90s in the forecast. bethlehem, 90 degrees tomorrow. could see a late-day thunderstorm. not very big in coverage. not very widespread. 91 phoenixville. 91 degrees westchester. tomorrow if you're in the philadelphia area, 91. 89 degrees in trenton. mostly sunny. along the s'morhore, temperatur around 87 degrees. delaware, temperatures close to 90. wilmington. mostly sunny skies. friday also very warm day in the 90s. the holiday weekend so far is actually looking pretty good. saturday we'll be in the 90s. mostly sunny. sunday a slight rain chance. temperatures in the 80s. a better rain chance as we go into monday and we'll be in the 70s by then.
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stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagle fans, you'll be able to see two training camp practices at the linc. eagles coach doug pederson says sam bradford is his starting quarterback, but coordinators seem to be saying, hey, keep the competition open. here's frank wright today. >> as coaches you have to establish a culture of competition. this is one of the most competitive industries in the world and to say there's not competition is, i mean, there's just -- that's the furtest thing
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from the truth. >> it's a competition. phillies manager says today ice win in detroit was a must-win. they did not want to get swept heading into chicago. they do salvage the final game. herrera at the plate. how about a double steal? blanco home. herrera, two on in the fourth. look at the big-time bat flip on the flee-run homer. 5-1 phillies. in the seventh, more power. pet peter borgess gone. they beat the tigers 8-5. second most runs they've scored in a game all season. franco left a game after hurting his ankle here but he said it's mild, he expects to play friday in chicago. phillies off tomorrow. how about the minor league manager at it again? minor league affiliate of the texas rangers going off on the umps because they ruled up of his players out on a new slide rule so he's going to show how
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it's done. safe. and he always likes ripping the bases out. here we go. take the base. what he's goiis he going to do ? not throw it. drop kick it. the hat is going to do, too, right there. we love him. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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you know group that's making a difference in our area could be worth $50,000. the wawa foundation launching its first ever hero award for local non-profits. one group will win a $50,000 grant. three others will win $10,000 each. the checks will be presented on the fourth of july during wawa welcome america which, by the way, watch live right here on nbc 10. the deadline to enter monday may 30th. for more information visit another warm day tomorrow. >> yeah, another warm day feeling like summer. again, tomorrow, we're going to be in the 90s.
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let's jump to the weekend forecast because the weekend actually looks really good. 90 saturday. looking good sunday. monday, more rain chances. >> then we'll cool off later. >> yeah. >> that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. thanks for joining us. good night.
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